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Philippine Institute of Chemical Engineers – Metro Manila Academe Chapter

In cooperation with
Philippine Institute of Chemical Engineers – Tacloban Chapter
and Chemical Engineering Department, Eastern Visayas State University (EVSU)

Activity Evaluation Summary

Name of Activity: Meet Your Chemical Engineers

Date/Venue: July 6, 2018 / Eastern Visayas State University

3. How Would you rate the activity in terms of the following, if applicable?

poor Fair Good Very Good Excellent
Average response
f % f % f % f % f % f
Itinerary / Sub-activities 1 0.71 15 10.71 48 34.29 56 40.00 20 14.29 3.56 140
Time allotment 9 6.43 21 15.00 57 40.71 35 25.00 18 12.86 3.23 140
Coordination with concerned
1 0.71 3 2.14 49 35.00 50 35.71 37 26.43 3.85 140
Venue 1 0.71 7 5.00 33 23.57 63 45.00 36 25.71 3.90 140
Speakers 0 0.00 3 2.14 19 13.57 53 37.86 65 46.43 4.29 140
Overall 0 0.00 2 1.43 41 29.29 50 35.71 47 33.57 4.01 140
AVERAGE 2 1.43 8.5 6.07 41.2 29.40 51.2 36.55 37.17 26.55 3.81 140

4. On a Personal level, how important was the activity?

No. of Response





Very Important Somewhat Niether Somewhat Very
Important Important nor Unimportant Unimportant

5. Please rate how well this session's learning objective were met:
poor Fair Good Very Good Excellent
Specific Learning Objectives Average
f % f % f % f % f % f
Objective 1. To promote the chemical
engineering profession to the Senior 0 0.00 1 0.71 27 19.29 61 43.57 51 36.43 4.16 140
High School Students.
Objective 2. To show the students the
activities in the life of a chemical 0 0.00 2 1.43 19 13.57 64 45.71 55 39.29 4.23 140
AVERAGE 0 0.00 1.5 1.07 23 16.43 62.5 44.64 11 37.86 4.19 140

6. What value did you get from this activity? (Lessons learned)

* The persistent to be a chemical engineer.

* It game a wider perception towards chemical engineering and this might help me in deciding to be.
* I learned that chemical engineering is interesting because it applies in all fields and it is widespread and
* I learned that everything (especially Chemical Engineering) takes a lot of time, effort, and perseverance.
* Chemical engineering is an intimidating profession but it is also a versatile one. The hard work you put in
will surely pay off.
* That Chemical Engineering has a very wide range in terms of work.
* The 3-hour seminar enabled me to be enlightened with what path and pursuit should I take. Perseverance
and choosing passion is mostly, if not always the key to success.
* I learned that chemical engineering is an interesting course.
* Chemical Engineering is a good career choice for it offers a wide variety of work to be chosen what to
* Never give up! Have courage to take all the challenges.
* That hard work will get you to where you dream to be.
* Chemical engineering is broad. That is why it is important to decide carefully on your concern.
* Have courage and trust yourself to strive more towards success.
* All we need is courage and give passion to our dreams.
* That Chemical Engineering isn't all about chemical, but they also deal with sales and products. Even
artificial organs came from raw materials which the chemical engineers can deal with or work with.
* I learned that chemical engineer tackles a lot of subjects and has a wide variety of jobs related to it. I also
learned that chemical engineering is a very complex and important course but also be fun.
* Based on the presentation given by the speakers, I've asserted how chemical engineering is significant in
the field of science and improving human quality.
* I've learned that chemical engineering was a very important role in our lives. We gain lots of benefit and I
believe that truly it is a universal job offer.
* The benefits of being a chemical engineer.
* I've learned that being a chemical engineer has a lot of opportunities and also helps the environment in
many ways.
* The importance of a chemical engineer to the society's needs and respond to the people's life.
* I have learned that being a chemical engineer requires a lot of hard work just to help people improve their
lives as well as to better develop the progress of the country.
* I learned that chemical engineering is a branch of engineering of physics, chemistry and mathematics.
* No matter how hand the obstacle is you can overcome it.
* Get an idea about engineering.
* To give another idea for students to what should they take up on college.
* They give idea to what course will you take.
* The importance of studying the course and working hard for your dreams.
* I've learned that chemical engineering does not only deal with mathematics but also knowledge in life
science, physics and economics --- concept of coming up with a product with achievable price.
* Taking up chemical engineer is a challengeable course but once you've already finished studying you'll
already appreciate how worth it your efforts were/
* How versatile chemical engineers are.
* Chemical Engineering is a tough course. But at the same time it is enjoying in knowing things about
science and is worth it at the end.
* Chemical Engineering is a challenging set worth the stress course.
* Chemical Engineering is interesting and is a profession that changes the world.
* How versatile chemical engineers are; in what particular field you can work as a chemical engineer.
* Chemical Engineering may be a challenging and hard course but a great future ahead.
* Work hard, be fearless.
* There are various choices but passion and practicality meets.
* Chemical Engineering is a versatile course which can change the world.
* It s not about the money, its all about the work you will get.
* I learned a lot of how the chemical engineers met their chemical engineering life through facing their
passion and their future life.
* It is not easy to achieve in this course because there are lots of challenges that you will encounter. Being a
Chemical Engineer is not easy, you need to be patience at all time.
* I learned that no matter what the challenges its really about the determination.
* Well, based on the speakers, I learned that being a chemical engineer is not easy out somehow, it shows
the importance of being a chemical engineer.
* What it is like to be an chemical engineer in the future.
* I've learned about what chemical engineering is all about, also what tissue engineering is all about. I also
learned about the notable tissue engineers.
* Accept every challenge.
* Chemical Engineering is a versatile and interesting. I learned it's significance in our everyday life.
* Why would I choose Chemical Engineering?
* Choose wisely and accept challenges
* I found out the benefits of Chemical Engineer. I learned how versatile a Chemical Engineer is.
* I learned that a chemical engineer possess variety of skills. It is a high demand job and offers you exciting
career opportunities.
* I learned that Chemical Engineering offers many exciting career opportunities so it develops one's skills. It
is also very high demand in the country.
* Learn no to fear your fears.
* No doubt to try to be a Chemical Engineer.
* The value of Chemical Engineering.
* Your grades don’t define you. You don’t have to be good in everything. You just have to be fearless and
brave enough to face difficulties.

7. What is the best idea you learned in this activity that you plan to apply? (Action Plan)

* When one of the speaker said that when you take chemical engineering your will be having a lot of
opportunity to earn money and different field of career.
* That chemical engineering is a way to have a successful life.
* Converting raw material into useful product, that is the main idea of chemical engineering. Now, I may use
it to apply in society.
* That I'll probably immerse myself more with science.
* Tissue Engineering is very interesting and that it has a significant role in the medical field advancement in
treating diseases and transplants.
* To work in a government agency for there are a lot of benefits that we can get like health benefits, and in
the retirement.
* Chemical Engineering has been an easy course to take. But, if by given a chance to take up, it would be
one of my choices in the future.
* To engage more in chemistry, so I can decide if I really want to be a chemical engineer.
* Is to work hard and have passion in all we do.
* Be fearless in making decisions and facing challenges.
* Take the DOST scholarship exam and take BS Biology.
* Be confident and never let fear to get the better of you. Never waste an opportunity.
* Do not put yourself on limitations, instead extend your knowledge to different fields, try to get out from your
comfort zones and explore things with great courage.
* The best idea I've learned in this activity that I want to apply is to become a researcher about organ
malfunction, solving them using my course.
* The best idea I've learned is that chemical engineering is a fun and complex course that I want to pursue
this and be a chemical engineer that can contribute to the development and betterment of our society and
our country.
* As said by one of the speaker, in order to achieve your goals and pass in any exams, you should posses
the undying determination and perseverance to arrive your highest peak of success.
* To pursue my intention and know the things I am better to suit in.
* The idea that lingered in my mind was the fact that chemical engineers have something to do with organ
* Research or study the value of things or application about raw materials that can turn beneficial to our life.
* The best idea that I have learned is that a chemical engineer needs extra time and effort for studying
which I want to apply while I am still having for me to grow and to enhance my skills.
* Study hard, don’t give up, and do whatever you want.
* Next to hardships are blessings that were patiently earned.
* We have to study hard.
* In any courses all have to do is study hard and have determination to succeed.
* Study hard and don't give up. Be fearless.
* To achieve greatness I must be fearless," an idea that says that we have to go out for our comfort zones in
order to grow and improve ourselves.
* I was very amazed by the involvement of chemical engineering or bio engineering towards tissue or organ
fabrication that longs to save more lives in the field of organ malfunctions.
* Considering chemical engineer as one of my options in college.
* At some point, I will consider taking up chemical engineering basing on its advantages.
* To consider taking up chemical engineering as one of my probable course, or future. And that I should
never give up because "failure is when you stop trying."
* To think about or to consider being a chemical engineer.
* They motivate me to take up chemical engineering, though I still want to take up this course.
* How interesting chemical engineering are.
* To achieve greatness, be fearless.
* Study hard.
* Chemical Engineering is a difficult course but the most interesting one.
* The best idea that I learned in this activity is to enhance the capabilities of everyone especially to students
and their career.
* I have learned what all products have an engineer behind them, and to not quit even when things on
getting hard because an easy life follows.
* The best idea that I've learned in their activity is to have a dedication to finish this course because with
great power, comes with a great responsibility.
* To study more about chemistry and associate it with my desired future career.
* The best idea that runs through my mind based on what I learned is that I need to work and study hard in
order to be successful in my studies and to my future career.
* To take up a medical course that focuses a lot n chemistry.
* To be a chemical engineering student.
* Through this activity I became more interested in chemical engineering. I plan to research more about it.
* The quality of chemical engineering, being versatile and practical.
* To study serious on Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics and Physical Sciences.
* To save your passion for learning and to trust yourself that you can do it.
* I think Chemical Engineering is a job I should consider. It offers a wide range of knowledge and is high
* I learned that you should be fearless and you should never quit achieving your dreams.
* Hard work, Patience, Focus and overall interest to a particular profession.
* Give your best and hard work
* To have determination and the decision to strive hard.
* Chemical Engineering is not a bad choice instead it is an interesting choice to purse in college.
* To try to understand other career and not just my chosen course.
* Stop procrastination and have passion in learning.
* Chemical Engineering offers a lot of opportunities. It might be uneasy but you just have to enjoy yourself to
love it and that’s what I'm going to do.

8. Reflection. Discuss briefly how the activity will help develop your school's Engineering Program.

* It can be used in our future career. Before then, we can use this learning for the school research.
* It will serve as a motivation for me to do better.
* Chemical Engineering mostly works as frontline, base on the activity it will greatly change the culture of
research, instead of working on those existing things why not on those things that don’t yet discover. By this
we can expand our knowledge.
* Well, just stating the vastness and versatility of chemical engineering, research would give the students a
whole perspective to view products and chemicals together.
* This seminar was very enlightening. As the speakers shared their experiences, this gave students a few
ideas that which they can expand on. The project regarding the tissue engineering is an inspiring and
ambitious research venture showing that Filipino's STEM students are capable of achieving and making
medical advancements on a global scale.
* The activity may help improve the research culture of our school by addressing the pressing problems
pursuit in our school/environment.
* With this activity, many things were briefly discussed. So, if the students really absorbed those
information’s, they will surely apply it to their activities and researches in school.
* It will help students to take research seriously and not look at is as a requirement only for passing.
* This activity helped in a way that student we're able to open their eyes about the importance of research
and that students should take research seriously.
* It will serve as an inspiration for future research topic.
* The activity will help my school's research culture through the knowledge gained in this activity. Knowledge
such as being patience and culture thinking skills when it comes to research was learned.
* This activity really help us, most especially to us STEM students to know more about what chemical
engineering is and how interesting it is to become a chemical engineer someday.
* Because of this activity, I got inspired to pursue my dream, which is to become an engineer.
* It helped me to become more competent in doing research with the shared information. I now know how to
do research and what are some strategies when though it wasn't mentioned.
* With the shared information that many things can be created from basic raw materials, we can create and
develop old and new products that can be done with thorough searching and application of the knowledge
with research.
* It will aid our school in providing and promoting new ideas and knowledge concerning the field of Chemical
* That indulging a research plant involves hard work, perseverance and patience.
* Chemical Engineering doesn't only involve in chemicals, it has also various involvements in different
industries and I consider it as a good guide in our school's research culture.
* This activity will help us in a lot of ways because it has given us a lot of information in every aspect about
chemical engineering.
* The activity can help by the application on research about raw materials which can help improve and gain
more knowledge on things.
* The activity provides a lot of information about chemical engineering which will help develop the research
culture of my school by following the best guidelines that be better improve oneself which then can improve
the school.
* Chemical Engineers can change the world.
* Strive hard to reach your dream.
* The activity showed us that research can be interesting once the subject being studied is meaningful and
works toward progress.
* I think, versatility as one of a key characteristics of a chemical engineer is a great help in conducting
researches that longs to change the world through the field.
* The seminar help me develop my school's research culture as a student by giving insights and motivating
us to choose and consider chemical engineer as one of the course that will take up this coming college.
* The seminar was helpful to us student. It will develop our schools research culture in a way that it will give
us more insights as to what chemical engineering is.
* Through the seminar and through each content of each speaker, we should decide courses that can help
us in the future, worth it in the end, and that we should do it or take a course with determination and will all
* The knowledge that I have learned today can help me and research institute or culture of our school
improve and develop. It can help us make practical decisions especially when it comes to chemicals.
* This seminar is helpful for the students who still do not have an idea on what to take up on college and to
those who are considering taking up chemical engineering.
* It helped us consider in taking up the course Chemical Engineering. Also, it was discussed how interesting
chemical engineering is. Throughout the seminar, it will help us develop in writing research.
* This activity helped me realize that working hard brings positive effects.
* Our area of study will expand.
* This activity was pretty interesting, it gives me more idea on how can I live without this chemicals, I cannot
actually imply how it can develop our school's research culture but I'm very sure it can enhance it, because
I'm not originally from LNHS. Nevertheless, all that has been said had a great impact on me.
* With the help of this activity that we are dealing with is to give a very big improvement on different schools
research involving the correctness and developing our own understanding on research including strategies.
* For me, this activity will help one to develop some new techniques in this course and help me to learn
more about chemical engineer.
* This activity opens the topic for the trends in the chemical and medical world and new, we can give ideas
to recent world problems/crisis.
* According to the lessons discussed, the activity can help in our school by teaching them on how or what is
chemical engineering can help in our lives and to do some research on focusing the given topics.
* On how to change in this world of chaos. That helps and integrates the quality of life and non-living things
for the better world.
* It'll help to motivate the students in choosing chemical related topics as a research subject.
* The activity gave me a bigger view about chemical engineering.
* The activity widen my knowledge about the diversity of science and if will help us develop research studies
that are relevant.
* It is very much essential, for it does not only involve the survival of me but also the survival of the world.
* The activity enlightened me about the different fields of science especially on how we must apply our
knowledge and skills.
* It was quiet essential for your research projects.
* Chemical Engineering is a great help in developing research culture science it deals with the discovery of
products that can be helpful in the society. Learning this, our ideas are enhance are widened making
research evolve to its better version.
* This activity will not only develop our school's research culture, it can also help the students in deciding on
what career they're going to take. It also helps in developing the research culture since it deals with different
* In my opinion our facilities and instruments are not that advance and that we should have better equipment
that could help students search more about a particular thing.
* Believe yourself no matter what happen and study hard.
* The symposium really helps a lot. Through the discussion of the speaker, I learned how things happen or
made just by using the raw materials that we seen in our surroundings. And how chemical engineering
important to our lives.
* This activity will help us develop our school's research culture by improving our ways in research and that
will help us grow.