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Diah Ayu Aguspa Dita, S.Kep., Ns., M.Biomed

Departemen Fisiologi
Fakultas Kedokteran dan Ilmu Kesehatan
Universitas Indonesia
Capaian Pembelajaran
• Hormon adrenokortikal utama (C2)
• Fungsi mineralokortikoid (Aldosteron) (C2)
• Mekanisme selular kerja aldosterone
• Pengaturan sekresi aldosterone
• Fungsi glukokortikoid (C2)
• Fungsi kortisol terhadap metabolisme karbohidrat
• Fungsi kortisol terhadap metabolisme protein
• Fungsi kortisol terhadap metabolisme lemak
• Fungsi kortisol pada stres dan peradangan
• Efek lain kortisol
• Pengaturan sekresi kortisol dari kelenjar hipofisis (C2)
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Physiology From
Cells To Systems 8e,
Sherwood Human
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Cells To Systems 9e,

❙ Figure 19-8 Steroidogenic pathways for the major steroid hormones. All steroid hormones are produced through a
series of enzymatic reactions that modify cholesterol molecules, such as by varying the side groups attached to them. Each
steroidogenic organ can produce only those steroid hormones for which it has a complete set of the enzymes needed to
appropriately modify cholesterol, after first converting it to pregnenolone. The active hormones produced in the steroidogenic
path- ways are highlighted by screens. The intermediates that are not biologically active in humans are not screened.
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approach 6e, 2013
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Cells To Systems 9e,

❙ Figure 14-16 renin–angiotensin–aldosterone system (rAAS). The kidneys secrete the enzymatic hormone renin in
response to reduced NaCl, ECF volume, and arterial blood pressure. Renin activates angiotensinogen, a plasma protein
produced by the liver, into angiotensin I. Angiotensin I is converted into angiotensin II by angiotensin- converting enzyme
(ACE) produced in the lungs. Angiotensin II stimulates the adrenal cortex to secrete the hormone aldosterone, which
stimulates Na1 reabsorption by the kidneys. The resulting retention of Na1 exerts an osmotic effect that holds more H2O in
the ECF. Together, the conserved Na1 and H2O help correct the original stimuli that activated this hormonal system.
Angiotensin II also exerts other effects that help rectify the original stimuli, such as by promoting arteriolar vasoconstriction.
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Cells To Systems 9e,

❙Figure 14-22 Dual control of aldosterone secretion by K+ and Na +

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approach 6e, 2013
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Silverthorn Human Physiology From
Physiology an Cells To Systems 9e,
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approach 6e, 2013

❙Figure 19-9 Control of cortisol secretion

Peran Kortisol terhadap metabolisme
• Efek terhadap metabolisme KH
• Merangsang glukoneogenesis
• Penurunan kecepatan pemakaian glukosa oleh sel
• Peningkatan kadar glukosa darah

• Efek terhadap metabolisme protein

• Mengurangi penyimpanan protein diseluruh tubuh.
• Meningkatkan protein hati dan protein plasma
• Meningkatkan asam amino darah

• Efek terhadap metabolisme lemak

• Meningkatkan mobilisasi lemak dari jaringan lemak
Peran Kortisol terhadap stress

❙Figure 19-10 Patient with Cushing’s syndrome.