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Copyright Agreement

Publisher : Faculty of Humanities, Universitas Andalas

Publication : Arbitrer
Menuscript Title :
Agreement date :       (date format dd/MM/yyyy)
This is an agreement under which you, the author, assign copyright in your article to Faculty of Humanites Universitas Andalas to allow us to
publish your article, including abstract, tables, figures, data, and supplemental material hosted by us in journal Arbitrer for the full period of
copyright throughout the world, in all forms and all media, subject to the Terms & Conditions below including my author warranties, and have
read and agree to comply with the Journal’s policies on peer-review and publishing ethics.

Statement of Agreement
I/we have read and agree with the terms and conditions stated on page 2 of this agreement and I/we hereby confirm the transfer
of all copyrights in and relating to the above-named manuscript, in all forms and media, now or hereafter known, to the Faculty
of Humanities - Universitas Andalas, effective from the date stated below. I/we acknowledge that the Faculty of Humanities -
Universitas Andalas are relying on this agreement in publishing the above-named manuscript. However, this agreement will be
null and void if the manuscript is not published in the Arbitrer.

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On Behalf of the Publisher:

Arbitrer Editor Office

Faculty of Humanities, Universitas Andalas
Padang, West Sumatera Indonesia

Accepted for publication  Signiture:____________ Date:

PLEASE NOTE: The accepted manuscript cannot be processed for publication until the publisher has received this signed form. If the manuscript is not published in the Journal, this
release will not take effect.

The sole responsibility for the whole content (s) of the article remains only with the corresponding author. However, Editor would reserve the right to adjust the style to certain
standards of uniformity before publication.
Subject of Agreement
 The Author and each co-authors shall transfer and sell to the Publisher for the length of the copyright starting from the
moment the present Agreement comes into force the exclusive rights to the publisher, including the rights to translate,
reproduce, transfer, distribute or otherwise use the manuscript or parts (fragments) contained therein, for publication in
scientific, academic, technical or professional journals or other periodicals and in derivative works thereof, worldwide, in
English, in print or in electronic editions of such journals, periodicals and derivative works in all media or formats now existing
or that may exist in future, as well as the right to license (or give permission to) third parties to use the manusript the right to
adapt the presentation of the manuscript for use in conjunction with computer systems and programs, reproduction or
publication in machine-readable format and incorporation into retrieval systems.
 Reproduction, placement, transfer or any other distribution or use of the manuscript, or any parts of the manuscript
contained therein, in any way permitted under this Agreement, shall be accompanied by reference to the Journal and
mentioned of the Publisher, namely: the title of the article, the name of the Author (Co-authors), the name of the Journal,
volume/number, copyright of the publisher.

Rights of Authors
 Patent and trademark rights and rights to any process or procedure described in the article.
 The right to photocopy or make single electronic copies of the article for their own personal use, including for their own
classroom use, or for the personal use of colleagues, provided the copies are not offered for sale and are not distributed in a
systematic way outside of their employing institution (e.g. via an e-mail list or public file server). Posting of an article on a
secure network (not accessible to the public) within the author’s institution is permitted.
 The right, subsequent to publication, to use the article or any part thereof free of charge in a printed compilation of works of
their own, such as collected writings or lecture notes.

Note: All copies, paper, electronic or other use, of the information must include an indication of the Faculty of Humanities,
Universitas Andalas copyright and a full citation of the journal source. Please refer requests for reprints to the corresponding
author, and requests for all other uses not covered above, including the authorization of third parties to reproduce or otherwise
use all or part of the article (including figures and tables) to: Faculty of Hmanities Universitas Andalas, Padang, West Sumatera,

 If the article was prepared jointly with other author(s), the signing author has informed the co-author(s) of the terms of this
copyright transfer and is signing on their behalf as their agent and represents that he or she is authorized to do so, then
please confirm by checking the appropriate box following the signature line. The signing author shall bear the responsibility
for designating the co-author(s) and must inform the Formosan Medical Association and Elsevier (Singapore) Pte. Ltd. of any
changes in authorship.
 If copyright is held by the employer, then the employer or an authorized representative of the employer must sign. If the
author signs, it is understood that this is with the authorization of the employer and the employer’s acceptance of the terms
of the transfer. Please confirm by checking the appropriate box following the signature line.

Warranties: The author(s) warrant(s) that the article is the author’s original work and has not been published in any form of
publicationbefore. The author(s) warrant(s) that the article contains no libelous or other unlawful statements, and does not
infringe on the rights of others. If excerpts from copyrighted works are included, the author(s) has (have) obtained or will obtain
written permission from the copyright owners and will credit the source in the article.

Preprints: The author(s) must agree that if a prior version of this work (normally a preprint) has been posted to an electronic
public server, they will not update and/or replace the prior version in order to make it identical in content to the final published