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September 6-12, 2019

CA 91910

China rejects UK, France, Germany call to respect SCS ruling

by Pia Lee-Brago, |

Filipino-American musical Felix Starro MANILA, 9/4/2019 —

China has rejected as “unwel-
premieres off Broadway come” the call of the United
Kingdom, France and Germany
The GNP Team | 9/2/2019 — on the South China Sea claimants
Felix Starro, the first off-Broad- to respect the arbitration rul-
way musical created by Filipino- ing of 2016 and the rules-based
Americans, is set to premiere this framework laid out in the United
September at Theatre Row in Nations Convention on the Law
Manhattan. of the Sea (UNCLOS).
The Ma-Yi Theater Company’s The Chinese Foreign Ministry
production opens its 30th anniver- said the situation in the SCS
sary season with the new musi- remains stable and is improving
cal created by award-winning because of the concerted efforts
Filipino-American artists, writer of China and ASEAN countries.
Jessica Hagedorn, composer Fabi- “We, the regional countries, have
an Obispo, and Ma-Yi Producing the will, wisdom and capabil-
Artistic Director Ralph B. Peña. ity to properly resolve the South
Choreography is by Brandon China Sea issue and achieve long-
Felix Starro is the first musical cre-
Bieber. term stability, development and

Meeting the Parents

ated by Filipino-Americans about their
Felix Starro is based on a short heritage. Credits to Ma-Yi Theater. prosperity in this region,” said
( Continued on page 9 )
Foreign Ministry spokesperson

Warships and aircraft ready for

Geng Shuang in a press confer-
ence in Beijing on Friday.

first US-ASEAN maritime drills

While implementing the Decla-
Chapter 107 of “Destiny” by Simeon G. Silverio, Jr. ration on the Conduct of Parties

I | BANGKOK, Thailand, stepped-up US engagement in the in the SCS in a comprehensive
9/5/2019 — region and tensions between Bei-
t took Dante almost a week to decide whether to marry Apple so he could and effective manner, China and
Eight warships, four aircraft and jing and Southeast Asian nations petition her to migrate to America. In the end, the better side of him prevailed. ASEAN countries have vigorous-
more than a thousand personnel over the South China Sea, parts Though he had been tricked into impregnating her, her motive was somehow ly advanced and made important
from the US and ten Southeast of which are claimed by Brunei, noble. She wanted to get out of poverty to provide a better future for her family. progress in the consultations on
Asian countries will join mari- Malaysia, Vietnam and the Philip- a Code of Conduct (COC) in the
time drills kicking off Monday, as pines. “Okay, I’ll go home and will marry,” he told her the next time she called. South China Sea, he added.
part of a joint exercise extending Co-led by the US and Royal Apple was beyond relief. She was happy that there appeared to be a silver lining in the horizon. “On the other hand, however,
into the flashpoint South China Thai navies, the exercises will Things were falling into place. some non-regional countries
Sea. stretch into "international wa- One late afternoon, during her fifth month of pregnancy, her younger brother Beto came calling made unwelcome remarks and
The first Asean-US Maritime ters in Southeast Asia, including out loud. deliberately highlighted tensions
Exercise (AUMX) between the the Gulf of Thailand and South “Ate, Ate, may dumarating (Sister, Sister, somebody is coming),” he shouted. in disregard of the efforts by
regional bloc and Washington China Sea" before concluding in Apple stood up to look at the direction where Beto was pointing. She was washing clothes beside regional countries to safeguard
lasts for five days, starting at the Singapore, according to a state- their artesian well. She wiped her brow with her soapy hand and looked at the horizon. With the peace and stability in the South
Sattahip Naval Base in Thailand ment from the US embassy in light in the background, two shadowy figures approached. It took a while before she recognized China Sea. China opposes that,”
and ending in Singapore. Bangkok. Dante and Frankie. Geng stated.
The drills come at a time of ( Continued on page 6 ) ( Continued on page 6 ) “We urge those countries to
look at the South China Sea issue

BPP: Panelo referred Sanchez’s Baybayin, native scripts preserved online with
objectively, stop making negative
comments, and create an enabling

bid for clemency smartphones’ Gboard

environment for regional coun-
tries to properly handle maritime
by Maila Ager, | MA- Philippines Los Baños students —GNP Team disputes and advance coopera-
NILA, 8/30/2019 — Eileen Sarmenta and Allan Go- Google added Baybayin and tion,” he said.
Presidential spokesperson mez. 3 other Philippine indigenous In a statement, the UK, France
Salvador Panelo had referred to During Senator Richard Gor- scripts to the Gboard, bringing and Germany or E3 said they are
the Board of Pardons and Parole don’s questioning, BPP execu- up the total to 23 local languages concerned about the situation
(BPP) the request of former Ca- tive director Reynaldo Bayang available on the virtual keyboard. in the SCS, which could lead to
lauan Mayor Antonio Sanchez’s revealed that Panelo was among Credits to Gboard. insecurity and instability in the
family for executive clemency. those who wrote his office a letter The Philippines’ indigenous region. They called on all coastal
This was disclosed during the on behalf of the family. writing systems – the Baybayin, states of the SCS “to take steps
ongoing Senate hearing on the (L) Good News Pilipinas writer and social media manager Atom Pornel tries his and measures that reduce tensions
Bayang then read Panelo’s letter Buhid, Hanunuo, and Tagbanwa hand at writing Baybayin by hand and thru the Gboard. (R) Baybayin smartphones’
controversy on Tuesday involving to the BPP dated February 26, – have been preserved online Gboard Credits to the author. and contribute to maintaining
the early release of heinous crime 2019. through the Google Gboard for in the latest update on its Gboard already supports 19 languages and promoting peace, security,
convicts, including Sanchez. “We write in reference to the let- smartphones. virtual keyboard for Android from the Philippines, now also stability and safety in the region,
Panelo happened to be part of ter dated February 8, 2019, from Google announced on Thursday phones. allows users to discover and write including as regards the rights of
Sanchez’s legal counsel in the Ms. Marie Antonelvie Sanchez the inclusion of the native scripts The virtual keyboard, which ( Continued on page 13 )
coastal States in their waters and
1993 killing of University of the ( Continued on page 9 )
( Continued on page 10 )

圀䔀 氀攀渀搀 礀漀甀 䴀伀刀䔀℀

Operations Manager Authorized Agent Authorized Agent Authorized Agent

San Diego Office: Main Office/Warehouse:

550 E. 8th St., Suite 6, 20604 Belshaw Ave., OTI#019339N
National City, CA 91950 Carson, CA 90746
㔀 瀀洀
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Manny Pacquiao is world’s first celebrity with a cryptocurrency

Manny Pacquiao very own cryptocurrency called kens” are backed by investments
cryptocurrency “Pac Tokens” during his Concert The “Pac” token will be listed on from Pacquiao, Owen, and Abu
The GNP Team | MANILA, for Champions event on Septem- Singapore’s Global Crypto Offer- Dhabi’s Sheikh Khaled bin Zayed
9/2/2019— ber 1 held at the Smart Araneta ing Exchange (GCOX). al-Nahyan.

Coliseum in Quezon City.
nternational boxing “It is the world’s first celebrity Asia’s Game Changer of the
legend Manny Pacquiao The 40-year-old Filipino cham- cyrptocurrency,” noted Reuters Year has built a worldwide audi-
is adding another first pion, who recently defeated in a report that also cites tennis ence from his live boxing battles
30-year-old Keith Thurman to champion Caroline Wozniacki, and has served as inspiration for
to his achievements with his claim the unified World Boxing soccer star Michael Owen, and video gaming characters and a
setting up of the world’s first Association (WBA) Welterweight singer Jason Derulo as among the Pacquiao robot.
celebrity cryptocurrency. Super Championship in Nevada, personalities who intend to follow
announced the availability of suit and launch their own celeb- Manny Pacquiao spreads his wings
The only 8-division champion “Pac Tokens” for fans to use in rity crypto tokens. further and gets into the cryptocurrency
in the history of world boxing, buying his merchandize and inter- industry. Credits to Manny Pacquiao.
Manny Pacquiao launched his act with him on social media. Manny Pacquiao’s “Pac To-

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California Communities
California sends Urban Search & Rescue Task Forces, allied personnel Disappearance of Pinoy firefighter
to assist in response to Hurricane Dorian in California treated as homicide
by Bryan May, OES, 9/3/2019 — specialists, including K-9s and medi- and rescue operations in support of head personnel have been deployed ABS CBN News | CALIFORNIA, They also located surveillance foot-
8/28/2019 — age showing a man leaving from the
At the request of the Federal cal personnel. They will serve as a local authorities. to numerous other state, national,
part of the National US&R Response and international disasters includ- US authorities are investigating car and walking away from it.
Emergency Management Agency
System assisting local first respond- During the hurricane seasons of ing Hurricane Iniki (1992), the the disappearance of a Pinoy fire- The video led the West Covina
(FEMA), Governor Gavin police to the house of Rouse in the
ers in Hurricane Dorian’s impacted 2017 and 2018, Cal OES supported 1994 Northridge earthquake, 1995 fighter in West Covina, California
Newsom, through the California 1400 block of Third Street, La Verne,
areas. Cal OES is also sending an the deployment of all eight Califor- Oklahoma City bombing, the 9/11 as a homicide.
Governor’s Office of Emergency assistant chief from their Special Op- nia-based state/national US&R Task attacks on the World Trade Center where a search warrant was served
Services (Cal OES), has approved erations Unit for coordination and to Forces collectively to North Carolina and the Pentagon, 2004 Hurricanes The police arrested on Tuesday 2 by a SWAT team.
the deployment of five Urban act as a state agency representative. for Hurricane Florence; Texas for Charlie, Frances, and Ivan, 2005 men in connection with the disap- Lopez said the evidence connected
Search and Rescue (US&R) Task In addition to this large deployment Hurricane Harvey; Alabama and Hurricanes Katrina, Rita, Wilma, pearance of 28-year-old John Brian to the search warrant led investiga-
Forces and two California-based of US&R personnel, the activa- Florida for Hurricane Irma; Hawaii and Dennis, 2007 Hurricanes Ike and Mananghaya Aguila. tors to believe the case could be
tion will include two Water Rescue for Hurricanes Lane and Olivia; Gustav, 2008 Hurricane Dolly, 2010 West Covina Police Department connected to a burned body found in
US&R Water Rescue “Mission Upland City, San Bernardino County.
Ready Packages” (Teams) to sup- Teams and equipment from the Los Florida for Hurricane Michael; and Haiti Earthquake, 2011 Christchurch spokesperson Rudy Lopez said
Angeles County Fire Department and Florida, Puerto Rico, and the U.S. Earthquake in New Zealand, 2011 Elijah Thomas Rouse, 18, and Shaun "The ongoing investigation and the
port search and rescue operations Orange County Fire Authority. Virgin Islands for Hurricane Maria Japan Earthquake and Tsunami, 2011 Cardarelli, 37, are held in suspicion evidence connected to the search
as Hurricane Dorian approaches (and concurrent to hurricane search Hurricane Irene, 2012 Hurricane of murder and on $1 million bail. warrant served at the residence
the coast of the US mainland. Last week Cal OES coordinated & rescue operations in the U.S., Sandy, 2014 Oso landslide disaster Aguila was last seen by his family yesterday have led West Covina
with FEMA to pre-position two California US&R Task Force 2, in Washington State, 2014 flooding on August 22 and has not reported to Detectives to believe our missing
As a component of the National US&R Incident Support Teams L.A. County Fire Department, also in Colorado, 2015 Nepal Earthquake, work or returned home since. persons case may be connected to the
US&R Response System, the person- from the Menlo Park Fire Protection was deployed to the Mexico City and 2016 Hurricanes Earl and Mat- "The family said this conduct is body discovered burned at the fire
nel hail from the Menlo Park Fire District and the Orange County Fire earthquake, known as the Puebla thew. very uncharacteristic of him," Lopez that occurred in the City of Upland
Protection District, the Sacramento Authority in San Juan, Puerto Rico in earthquake, in September 2017). In said in a statement. being handled by the San Bernardino
City Fire Department, the City of anticipation of Dorian making land- July 2019, Cal OES supported the The State of Florida is also receiv- CBS Los Angeles reported that County Sheriff’s Department," he
Oakland Fire Department, Los Ange- fall there. During the deployment of deployment of California-based ing US&R resources from Virginia, the victim worked as a part-time said.
les City Fire Department, San Diego the US&R Task Forces, specialists US&R Incident Support Team mem- Tennessee, Maryland, Ohio, Indiana, firefighter with the Bureau of Land Police have not yet provided a mo-
Fire-Rescue Department and Cal will use their knowledge, skills and bers to Louisiana for the landfall of Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Texas, Management. tive into the case while the coro-
OES Fire & Rescue. disaster response experience to assist Hurricane Barry. New York, Missouri, Massachusetts, Lopez said investigators located ner has yet to identify the charred
Each Task Force consists of 35 in the coordination of state/federal Since 1992, California-based Utah, Nebraska, Colorado, Arizona Aguila's white 2017 Honda Civic in remains.
highly trained search and rescue US&R teams, and conduct search US&R Task Forces and/or over- and Nevada. San Dimas City, where gloves and
clothes with blood were found inside Read more on Balitang America.

Cal OES announces selection of vendors to modernize the car's trunk. —With report from Steve Angeles,

State 9-1-1 System Ticks test positive for tularemia,

by Robb Mayberry 8/20/2019|
SACRAMENTO – The Califor-
California’s outdated 9-1-1 system
to a Next Generation 9-1-1 platform.
network to better support dispatch-
ers, emergency responders and to
Increase resiliency by hardening
the system to withstand natural and county urges hikers to protect
themselves and pets
nia Governor’s Office of Emer- The effort to modernize the 9-1-1 ultimately save lives.” human-caused disasters;
gency Services (Cal OES) today system across the state will introduce The 2019 budget act invested nearly Allow agencies to re-route 9-1-1
proven state-of-the-art technology to $1 billion in funding for emergency calls to each other during disasters; By Gig Conaughton, County of San most common way for people to be
announced an important step ensure California is better prepared preparedness and response – which Reduce 9-1-1 system outages and Diego Communications Office exposed to tularemia is through the
forward in making the state better to assist those in need during emer- included a new, permanent funding downtime; County environmental health bite of infected ticks. The ticks feed
prepared to assist those in need gencies and natural disasters. source to transform the state’s 9-1-1 Allow a statewide common delivery officials are reminding people to off infected animals and pass it on to
during emergencies and natural “In a smartphone-connected system to better interface with digital system for alerts and warnings; people by biting them when people
world, it’s essential that our public information systems and cell phones. Ensure emergency calls are quickly protect themselves and their pets
disasters. and pets hike or walk through grassy
safety capabilities keep pace with the In addition to transforming the and accurately delivered; when hiking after they trapped
ticks infected with tularemia backcountry areas, on trails and in
Cal OES has selected four contrac- technology people are using every state’s 9-1-1 system to better inter- Support text to 9-1-1; the wild.
tors (Atos, CenturyLink, NGA 911, day,” said Cal OES Director Mark face with digital information systems Deliver increased location accuracy along Lopez Canyon Trail in Sor- The infected ticks collected in Sor-
and Synergem Technologies) to Ghilarducci. “Today marks a signifi- and cell phones, Next Generation for wireless calls. rento Valley. rento Valley are the sixth reported
partner with Cal OES in upgrading cant milestone in updating our 911 9-1-1 will: Tularemia, also known as “rabbit finding of tularemia in the county
fever,” is a bacterial disease that
Governor Newsom highlights emergency preparedness,
this year, all near the Lopez Canyon
can be passed to hikers and pets by Trail area. County Vector Control
infected ticks when they bite.
additional resources for this year’s fire season
found numerous infected ticks there
Officials said the best way people last year as well.
can protect themselves is by wearing The County’s Vector Control
Today, Governor Gavin Newsom The additional seasonal firefighters region or regions to combat; and use such funding as follows: insect repellent and proper clothing Program monitors the population of
will produce efficiencies in wildland WHEREAS live fuel moisture 1. Hire and train additional seasonal and by using insect control products vectors—animals like ticks, rodents
kicked off the first in a series of on their pets that kill fleas and ticks.
press events highlighting emer- firefighting and enable additional levels are decreasing across the state firefighters to suppress wildfires, and mosquitoes—that can transmit
shift rotation. CAL FIRE engine under arid conditions, approaching a staff fire lookouts, and take other Tularemia can be successfully diseases to people.
gency preparedness during the fire treated with antibiotics and there has
crews also conduct fuels manage- threshold wherein vegetation easily needed actions for the protection of Ticks are tiny, eight-legged para-
season, signing an executive order ment. In addition to the added ignites and sustains fire; and health, safety, and the environment not been a human case of tularemia sites related to spiders. They “quest”
announcing a surge in nearly seasonal firefighters, the Governor WHEREAS successive fire seasons during this time of high fire risk. reported in San Diego County since for food by crawling out on leaves
400 seasonal firefighters to the added 13 new fire engines through in California have required firefight- 2. Assign a crew of four firefighters 2005. However, tularemia can make and vegetation and extending their
California Department of Forestry this fiscal year. ing professionals to spend con- to selected CAL FIRE fire engines people extremely sick and even kill hooked front legs to latch onto pass-
and Fire Protection (CAL FIRE) The state budget, passed by the secutive weeks on-duty and without as warranted based on fire threat them. Tularemia can be found in San ing animals and people to bite and
Legislature and signed by the respite during high fire risk; and conditions. Diego County in wild hares, rabbits feed on their blood. Ticks have been
for this year’s fire season. The ad- and rodents.
ditional firefighters will be placed Governor last month, invests nearly WHEREAS the efficacy of wildland 3. Preposition resources to suppress known to carry other diseases in ad-
$1 billion in emergency prepared- firefighting is enhanced by assign- wildfires and take actions to reduce The national Centers for Disease
statewide. ness, response and recovery to help ing a fourth crew member to fire the threat of large and devastating Control and Prevention says the ( Continued on page 7 )
“Climate change has created a new
California communities prepare for engines; and fires through fuels reduction and
reality in California with catastrophic
disasters. WHEREAS coordinated fire pre- defensible space inspections across
fires, and there is nothing more criti-
The full text of today’s executive vention, aggressive fuel reduction the State Responsibility Area.
cal for my Administration than to
order is below: programs and strong initial attack IT IS FURTHER ORDERED that
ensure we are investing in resources
WHEREAS California experienced resources are essential to protect as soon as hereafter possible, this
that can help our firefighters and
the deadliest and most destructive lives, property and the environment Order shall be filed with the Office
communities prepare and respond to
wildfires in its history in 2017 and in California. of the Secretary of State and that
fires and other natural disasters,” said
2018, devastating areas throughout NOW, THEREFORE I, GAVIN widespread publicity and notice shall
Governor Newsom.
California; and NEWSOM, Governor of the State be given to this Order.
The Governor made the announce-
WHEREAS a State of Emergency of California, by virtue of the power This Order is not intended to,
ment while touring the site of a fuel
has been proclaimed to exist in and authority vested in me by the and does not, create any rights or
management project in the Colfax
California due to a vast tree die-off Constitution and statutes of the State benefits, substantive or procedural,
area, which he last visited in January
throughout the state, which has con- of California, do hereby issue the enforceable at law or in equity,
during his first full day in office, and
tributed to worsening forest condi- following Order to become effective against the State of California, its
laid out a series of actions to prepare
tions, creating extremely dangerous immediately: departments, agencies, or other enti-
for the risk of wildfires. In March,
fire risk; and IT IS HEREBY ORDERED THAT ties, its officers or employees, or any
Governor Newsom also proclaimed
WHEREAS an effective response the Department of Forestry and other person.
a State of Emergency to immedi-
to the catastrophic wildfire risks Fire Protection (CAL FIRE) work IN WITNESS WHEREOF I have
ately expedite 35 forest management
created by these forest conditions with the Department of Finance to hereunto set my hand and caused the
projects, including the North Fork
is likely beyond the capacity of any identify the funding available for Great Seal of the State of California
American River Fuel Break near
single local government, and requires 2019 emergency fire suppression and to be affixed this 31st day of July
Colfax, to better protect 200 commu-
the combined forces of a mutual aid detection costs, and to immediately 2019.
nities most prone to fire risk.

Drag Queen Story Time moves to Chula Vista Civic Center Library
More space needed to accom- ber of registrants. The event will and reflects the diverse communi- Space still is available, and par-
modate expected attendance on be held on Tuesday, September
September 10 10, 4 p.m., 365 F Street, Chula
Vista, CA 91910. dren
Asian Journal
ties the libraries serve. Hosting drag
queens to read and relate with chil-
promotes reading and literacy
ticipants may sign up fro the Drag
Queen Story Time by calling (619)
397-5740. Additional parking is
First Asian Weekly Newspaper and sends a positive
in Southern message&of
California available
San Diego’s at the free
Most Widely public Asian-Filipino
Circulated parking Newspaper
The Chula Vista Library is mov- acceptance and tolerance. The Drag garage on F Street (less than one-half
ing the Drag Queen Story Time 550 East
The Chula Vista Public Library 8th Street, Suite 6, National City CA 91950 • Tel. (619) 474-0588 • Fax (619) 474-0373
comes everyone, and programming Queen Storytimes is sponsored in block from the library), or at City
to the Civic Center Library on F partnership with San Diego Pride and Hall at 276 Fourth Avenue.
at the City’s three libraries includes
Street to accommodate the num- South Bay Alliance.

Volunteers needed for 17th Annual Beautify Chula Vista Day!

There’s still time to register for Chula Vista City Council, in col- own transportation, wear appropri- individuals or groups, please visit
Beautify Chula Vista, the popular laboration with I Love a Clean San ate clothing and shoes, bring work All
neighborhood clean-up event! Diego, is scheduled for Saturday, gloves, refillable water bottle, and volunteers must register prior to the
This year’s 17th annual event October 19, from 8:30 a.m. to noon snacks or lunch. This is a great event. Make a difference by register-
at each location. More than 600 vol- opportunity for students to earn ing today! For registration questions,
offers three Chula Vista locations unteers are expected to turn out this community service hours and for please contact I Love a Clean San
for volunteers to choose from: year to pick up litter, clean up graffiti residents to get involved by lending Diego at or
Memorial Park, 373 Park Way, and assist with landscape mulching. a helping hand in their community. call (619) 795-1060.
Loma Verde Recreation Center, Participants must provide their For more details and registration for
1420 Loma Lane, and the Chula
Vista Golf Course at 4457 Bonita

Provide leadership for accounting functions. Call (619) 699-1900 or visit Open Until Filled. EOE.
Call the Asian Journal at 619.474.0588 for
The community event, hosted by
Mayor Mary Casillas Salas and the
your advertising needs.
Page 4 Asian Journal San Diego | 619.474.0588 | September 6-12, 2019

Health & Wellness

Diet's effect on gut bacteria could play role in Higher vitamin A intake linked to lower
reducing Alzheimer's risk skin cancer risk
— — long-term observational studies: The team also found that the ma-
the Nurses' Health Study, which jority of vitamin A came from the
Could following a certain type People whose diets included followed 121,700 U.S. women from participants' diets, particularly from
of diet affect the gut microbiome high levels of vitamin A had a 1984 to 2012, and the Health Profes- fruits and vegetables, rather than
-- the good and bad bacteria that 17 percent reduction in risk for sionals Follow-Up Study, which from animal-based foods or vitamin
live in the gastrointestinal tract getting the second-most-common followed 51,529 U.S. men from supplements. Plant-based sources
1986 to 2012. of vitamin A include not only sweet
-- in ways that decrease the risk of type of skin cancer, as compared potatoes and carrots, but leafy green
Alzheimer's disease? to those who ate modest amounts Between the two studies, some vegetables and fruits like apricots
According to researchers at of foods and supplements rich in 123,000 participants were white (and and cantaloupe. Milk, some types
Wake Forest School of Medicine, vitamin A. thus had significant risk of develop- of fish and liver are rich sources of
that is a fair possibility. ing skin cancer), had no prior history animal-based vitamin A.
That's according to research- of cancer and completed the dietary Cho cautioned that too much
In a small pilot study, the ers from Brown University, who reports multiple times. Among these vitamin A, particularly from supple-
researchers identified several unearthed that finding after ana- individuals included in the team's ments and animal sources, can lead
subsequent analysis, a total of 3,978 to nausea, liver toxicity, increased
distinct gut microbiome signa- lyzing data from two long-term cases of squamous cell carcinoma risk of osteoporosis and hip fracture,
tures -- the chemicals produced observational studies. were reported and verified within the and even birth defects. Side effects
by bacteria -- in study participants 24- or 26-year follow-up periods. from high levels of plant-based vita-
with mild cognitive impairment Cutaneous squamous cell car- min A are minimal, she added.
(MCI) but not in their counter- cinoma is the second-most-com- Both studies also asked the partici- The researchers also found that eat-
parts with normal cognition, and mon type of skin cancer among pants about hair color, the number of ing high levels of other plant-based
found that these bacterial signa- people with fair skin. Vitamin A severe sunburns they had received in pigments similar to vitamin A -- such
tures correlated with higher levels is known to be essential for the their lifetime and any family history as lycopene, commonly found in
healthy growth and maturation of skin cancer, and the researchers tomatoes and watermelon -- was as-
of markers of Alzheimer's disease adjusted for these and other factors. sociated with decreased risk of skin
in the cerebrospinal fluid of the of skin cells, but prior studies on The studies did not, however, ask cancer.
participants with MCI. its effectiveness in reducing skin participants about their avoidance of Because the analysis was based on
cancer risk have been mixed, mid-day sun, known to be a major studies surveying a large number of
Through cross-group dietary in- said Eunyoung Cho, an associ- risk factor for skin cancer. people about the foods they ate and
tervention, the study also showed ate professor of dermatology and observing whether or not they got
that a modified Mediterranean- epidemiology at Brown. After grouping the study partici- skin cancer, rather than a random-
ketogenic diet produced changes pants into five categories by vitamin ized clinical trial, it cannot establish
"Our study provides another reason A intake levels, the researchers cause and effect. It's possible that
in the gut microbiome and its found that people in the category another factor may have led to the
The randomized, double-blind, al and clinical studies can be based to eat lots of fruits and vegetables as
metabolites that correlated with part of a healthy diet," said Cho, who with the highest average daily total differences -- such as the fact that
reduced levels of Alzheimer's single-site study involved 17 older on," Yadav said. "Determining the
is also an associate epidemiologist vitamin A intake were 17 percent people who consumed more vitamin
markers in the members of both adults, 11 with diagnosed MCI and specific role these gut microbiome
at Brigham and Women's Hospital. less likely to get skin cancer than A also tended to drink less alcohol.
six with normal cognition. These signatures have in the progression
study groups. "Skin cancer, including squamous those in the category with the lowest As a next step, Cho would like
participants were randomly assigned of Alzheimer's disease could lead
cell carcinoma, is hard to prevent, total vitamin A intake. to conduct a clinical trial to see if
to follow either the low-carbo- to novel nutritional and therapeutic
The study appears in the current but this study suggests that eating a vitamin A supplements can prevent
hydrate modified Mediterranean- approaches that would be effective
issue of EBioMedicine, a journal healthy diet rich in vitamin A may be Those in the highest category squamous cell carcinoma. However,
ketogenic diet or a low-fat, higher against the disease."
published by The Lancet. a way to reduce your risk, in addition reported eating on average the she added, conducting a dietary
carbohydrate diet for six weeks then,
to wearing sunscreen and reducing amount of vitamin A equivalent to clinical trial is quite challenging on
after a six-week "washout" period, The research was supported by
"The relationship of the gut micro- sun exposure." one medium baked sweet potato or a technical level, as is ensuring that
to switch to the other diet. Gut grant P30 AG049638 and award
biome and diet to neurodegenera- two large carrots each day. Those in participants actually stick to the diet.
microbiome, fecal short-chain fatty R01 AG055122 from the National
tive diseases has recently received The findings were published on the lowest category reported eating "If a clinical trial cannot be done,
acids and markers of Alzheimer's, Institute on Aging, Department of
considerable attention, and this study Wednesday, July 31, in the Journal a daily average amount of vitamin A then a large-scale prospective study
including amyloid and tau proteins, Defense grant W81XWH-18-1-0118,
suggests that Alzheimer's disease of the American Medical Association equivalent to one-third cup of sweet like this is the best alternative for
in cerebrospinal fluid were measured National Center for Advancing
is associated with specific changes Dermatology. potato fries or one small carrot, studying diet," Cho said.
before and after each dieting period. Translational Sciences grant UL1
in gut bacteria and that a type of which is still above the U.S. Rec-
The study's limitations include TR001420 and a grant from the
ketogenic Mediterranean diet can The research team led by Cho ommended Dietary Allowance of Materials provided by Brown Univer-
the subject group's size, which also Hartman Family Foundation. sity. Note: Content may be edited for
affect the microbiome in ways that looked at the diet and skin cancer vitamin A.
accounts for the lack of diversity in style and length.
could impact the development od de- terms of gender, ethnicity and age. Materials provided by Wake Forest results of participants in two large,
mentia," said Hariom Yadav, Ph.D., "Our findings provide important Baptist Medical Center. Note: Content
assistant professor of molecular information that future intervention- may be edited for style and length.
medicine at Wake Forest School of
Medicine, who co-authored the study
with Suzanne Craft, Ph.D., professor
gerontology and geriatric medicine Call the Asian Journal at
at the medical school and director
of Wake Forest Baptist Health's Al- 619.474.0588 for your
zheimer's Disease Research Center.
advertising needs.


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September 6-12, 2019 Asian Journal San Diego | 619.474.0588 | Page 5

Chinese face-swapping app goes viral, sparks privacy concerns
ABS CBN News | Shanghai, 9/4/2019 too complicated to do all by myself," could endanger them. Zao said on Weibo that it would
— ZAO - a new Chinese app that she told Reuters. One section of the user agreement address those concerns.
lets users swap their faces with "This app gave me a chance to try stated that consumers who upload "We thoroughly understand the
celebrities, sports stars or anyone a totally different style from my their images to ZAO agree to sur- anxiety people have towards privacy
else in a video clip - racked up normal life." render the intellectual property rights concerns," the company said. "We
As the app went viral, some users to their face, and permit ZAO to use ( Continued on page 6 )
millions of downloads on the complained that its privacy policy their images for marketing purposes.
weekend but swiftly drew fire
over privacy issues.
The app's surge in popularity and

The Gospel in the Book of Matthew

sudden backlash from some users
highlights how artificial intelligence
(AI) technologies bring about new
By Zena Sultana Babao the flight of the disciples, Peter’s concerns surrounding identity veri-

denial, the trials before Caiaphas
ZAO was uploaded to China's iOS
n Matthew 5:17, Jesus and Pilate, Jesus’ final words on the
App Store on Friday and immedi-
said: “Don’t misunder- cross, and His burial in a borrowed
tomb. But the story did not end ately went viral. According to a post
stand why I have come there, for the Messiah rose from the from the app makers on China's
– it isn’t to cancel the laws dead – conquering death and then Twitter-like Weibo, ZAO's servers
nearly crashed due to the surge in
of Moses and the warnings telling His followers to continue
His work by making disciples in all
of the prophets. No, I have nations! According to App Annie, a firm
come to fulfill them.” The Jews waited for a leader who that tracks app downloads all over
had been promised centuries before the world, ZAO was the most-down-
The clear message of the Book by the prophets. They believed that loaded free app in China's iOS App
of Matthew is about our Lord this leader – the Messiah or Anointed Store as of Sept. 1.
One – would rescue them from their Consumers sign-up for ZAO with
Jesus Christ, the King of kings their phone number and upload im-
and Lord of lords. Written not Roman oppressors and establish a
new kingdom. As their king, He ages of their face, using photographs
as a chronological account, the taken with their smartphone.
would rule the world with justice.
purpose of the Book of Matthew But Jesus did not come to reign They can then choose from a range
is to prove that Jesus is the Mes- over people’s land but to rule in of videos of celebrities on which to
siah, the Savior and the Eternal people’s lives. His kingdom would superimpose their face, and share the
King. This gospel forms as the be much greater than David’s, videos with their friends.
In addition to Chinese celebri-
connecting link between the Old because it would never end. Even at
ties, other famous faces on the app
and the New Testaments because His birth, many recognized Jesus as
a king. Herod, the ruler, as well as include Leonardo DiCaprio and
of its emphasis on the fulfillment Marilyn Monroe.
of prophecy. Satan, was afraid of Jesus’ kingship
and tried to stop Him, but others Gu Shi, a 21-year-old student in
worshipped Him and brought royal Shanghai, downloaded ZAO after
Matthew, who used to be called seeing her friends post clips on their
Levi, was one of Jesus’ 12 disciples. gifts.
Later, when Jesus started His min- WeChat feeds.
Once he was a tax collector, but his "I've never tried using Japanese
life was changed by the man from istry, He told parables between His
kingdom and the kingdoms of earth. makeup and hairstyles because it's
Galilee. Matthew begins his account
by giving Jesus’ genealogy, the child Forgiveness, peace, and putting
Jesus’ birth and early years, includ- others first are some of the character-
ing the family’s escape to Egypt istics that make us great in the future
from the murderous Herod, and their Kingdom of God. And to be great
return to Nazareth. Then he contin- in God’s Kingdom, we must live by
ued his account of Jesus’ baptism by God’s standards.
John, Jesus’ defeat of Satan in the Jesus cannot be compared with any
desert, and the beginning of Jesus’ person or power. He is the supreme
public ministry with the “Sermon of ruler of time and eternity, heaven
the Mount.” and earth, men and angels. We
Despite opposition from the should give Him the rightful place as
Pharisees and others in the religious the king of our lives. Only then can
establishment, Jesus continued His we enter the kingdom of God.
teachings about the Kingdom of The way to enter God’s kingdom
Heaven. During this time, Jesus is by faith – believing in Christ to
spoke with His disciples about His save us from our sin and change our
imminent death and resurrection, and lives. We must do the work of His
revealed His true identity to Peter, Kingdom now to be prepared for
James and John. Near the end of his His return. Jesus’ teachings show
ministry, Jesus entered Jerusalem in us how to prepare for life in His
a triumphant procession. Kingdom by living properly right
But soon opposition mounted and now. His life was an example of His
Jesus realized that His death was teachings, as our lives should be.
near. So He taught His disciples When Jesus rose from the dead,
about the future – what they could He rose in power as the true king.
expect before His return, and how to In His victory over death, He
live until then. In the final chapters established His credentials as king
of the Gospel, Matthew focused on and His power and authority over
Jesus’ final days on earth – the Last evil. The resurrection shows Jesus’
Supper, His prayer in the Garden of all-powerful life for us – not even
Gethsemane, the betrayal of Judas, ( Continued on page 13 )

Jose Mari Chan
at the
Jacobs Center,
San Diego on Saturday,
October 26th, 7pm.
Jose “Joe” Mari Lim Chan is a Chinese Filipino
singer, songwriter and businessman in the sugar
industry. He is currently Chairman and CEO of
Binalbagan Isabela Sugar Company, Inc. and A
Chan Sugar Corporation. He is also the Chairman
and President of Signature Music, Inc. He was
born on March 11, 1945 (age 74), Iloilo City,
Philippines. He has 5 children.
He had the natural talent for music since his
childhood. He wrote his first song at age 13.

Famous songs:
A Love to Last a Lifetime
Beautiful Girl
Please Be Careful with My Heart
Be Gentle
Can’t We Start Over Again
Tell Me Your Name
Stay, My Love
Christmas in Our Hearts
Perhaps Love
A Perfect Christmas
Let’s Stop And Talk A While
Thank you Love
Too Beautiful To Last
A Wish On Christmas Night
Page 6 Asian Journal San Diego | 619.474.0588 | September 6-12, 2019

to America),” Apple told them.
Fortunately for Apple, Dante had
the common sense to ask for their ( Continued from page 1 )
blessings. "AUMX builds greater mari-
Mang Usting had to agree with time security on the strength
the decision. Although he did not
approve the circumstances of his of ASEAN, the strength of our
daughter getting pregnant without navy-to-navy bonds, and the
first being married, it was the best strength of our shared belief in a
outcome. free and open Indo-Pacific," said
They set the wedding for the fol- Rear Admiral Joey Tynch, who
lowing Sunday since Dante had to oversees the US Navy’s security
return to his job in the United States
Destiny: Meeting the Parents Culture shock
cooperation in Southeast Asia.
as soon as possible. Since there were
no longer karetela to take them back The joint drills have come under
to a hotel in town, they agreed to criticism for looping in Myanmar's
( Continued from page 1 ) himself since he had met everyone stay the night. Visiting the Philippines for a or a relaxing shower, you handed out
Navy in a rare show of inclusion de- the pasalubong(gifts). Most likely
“Sino iyan (Who are they?),” her before. Apple then led Dante away “Beto, pumunta ka sa tindahan ni spite Washington imposing sanctions few weeks is a lot different than
father asked. from the group where they could talk Aling Akang at bumili ka ng sam- deciding to reside there for good. you were taken to a well-known
on top army brass over the Rohingya restaurant so the entire party can
“Si Dante ho at si Franke (It’s in private. pung sardinas (Beto, go to the store crisis. You were born and grew up in
Dante and Frankie),” she replied. “Sorry ha (I am sorry),” was all of Ms. Akang and buy ten cans of have a feast while exchanging news
All ten members of the Association the islands before migrating and family updates. Since you are
“Eh, bakit nandito (Why are they Apple could say. sardines),” Apple’s mother ordered of Southeast Asian Nations will take to the U.S.A. but, many things
here)?” “Nandiyan na iyan (It’s already her son. “Ilista niya kamo (Tell her the VIP, you paid the entire bill as
part in the exercises which include have changed. You have changed expected.
“I told Dante my situation. I called there). There’s nothing we can do,” to put in our tab).” the boarding of target vessels to
him by phone.” he coldly replied. Both Beto and Frankie felt the too and the way you treat other Planning to retire in the islands is a
simulate search and seizure. different story. Do your homework
It was an awkward moment. Apple “Payag ka ba na magpakasal tayo saliva flowing in their mouths, as They are unfolding as a Chinese
and Dante didn’t know whether they (Are you willing for us to get mar- they knew they were going to eat a or research before making a big deci-
survey ship remains in waters sion. Do you plan to reside in the
would hug each other. Although they ried)?” she asked again, although he delicious meal that evening. Still some of us especially those
claimed by Vietnam, prompting the city, the suburb or in your home-
made love the last time together, it already agreed to do so the last time “Pag natikman mo ang lutong sardi- who arrived here on their senior
Pentagon last week to accuse Beijing town? Are you buying a real estate
was strictly professional. She was a they spoke. nas ni Apple na may sibuyas, araw years, switch back to their old at-
of efforts to "violate the rules-based property or build your own retire-
prostitute whom Dante had hired. “Okay na rin (It’s fine).” araw mong papaluto pag nagsasama titudes quickly. For a few, it happens
international order throughout the ment home? Check immigration
“Hi,” was all Apple could say. Dante looked at Apple. She looked na kayo (Once you have tasted as soon as they boarded the Philip-
Indo-Pacific." laws or apply for dual citizenship.
“Hello,” Dante said without smil- stressed with her overwhelming Apples sardine’s dish with onions, pine Air Lines flights to Manila.
China claims the majority of the After many years in the U.S.,
ing. problems. Her hair was tightly knot- you will ask her to cook it for you Somehow they forgot what they
South China Sea, often invoking most of us adapted the American
Apple sensed he did not go there ted into a bun, she wore no makeup, every day once you are already liv- have learned in the U.S. They can
its so-called nine-dash line as a way of life. We are spoiled by the
willingly to see her. He was forced and her face was sweaty. But to ing together),” Frankie whispered to no longer follow simple instructions
supposed historic justification to the convenience of daily living, straight-
by circumstances. With nothing else Dante, she looked beautiful. This his friend Dante. – AJ from the flight attendants or keep the
waters, which are a key global ship- forward business transactions and
to say, Apple decided to introduce was the first time he saw her natural restroom clean for the next person
ping route. mostly great customer service. We
her family. beauty, one he did not fully notice (To be continued) after using it.
On a trip to Thailand last month, value time so, we keep our appoint-
“These are my parents,” she when they were in a dark nightclub Anyway, you’re excited for the
US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo ments and follow the unwritten rules
pointed at them. due to her false eyelashes, heavy trip and could hardly wait to reach
urged Southeast Asian nations to of conduct.
“And my siblings,” she added. mascara and lipstick. In fact, had he your final destination. You wanted
push back against Chinese "coer- A short vacation will only give you
The children, ranging from four to met her outside of the club with no to see your family, friends and visit
cion" in the sea. a snapshot of daily living in the is-
sixteen were gawking at them. Some makeup, he would have pursued her. some tourist places you’ve seen on

were dressed in tattered clothes. “Would you like to feel it?” Apple Youtube. Ideally you wanted to relax lands. Staying for a longer time will
Dante sensed right away their pov- looked at her large tummy. and enjoy your vacation time. open your eyes to reality. You will
erty. When Dante did not reply, she held ( Continued from page 5 ) During that long flight, you may notice the intense humidity even on
If Dante were serious, so was his hand and placed it on her stom- not get enough sleep in the crowded rainy days. Traffic in most cities is
ach. Dante felt the movement of the have received the questions you have economy section. The airline food often crowded and some traffic lights
Apple’s father, Mang Usting. He sent us. We will correct the areas
was still mad that the man who had baby inside. He was overwhelmed was so so and your neighbors annoy- and signs are just for decorations.
with emotion, excited by the life we have not considered and require ing. You had much time to think of Are you brave enough to drive your
impregnated his precious daughter some time."
outside of marriage stood there inside Apple’s stomach that was a what will happen upon your arrival own vehicle?
before him. If he knew she was a part of him. Yet, he was too proud to in Manila. At the shopping malls and grocery
show his glee. ZAO was published by Momo Inc, Well, you finally arrived at your stores, the customer service is mostly
prostitute who had sex with multiple best-known as makers of a dating
men daily, perhaps he would con- “Can I tell my parents about out final destination with your luggage terrible. Line cutting is normal and
plan?” Apple asked. app that later transformed into a intact. Before you can get some rest ( Continued on page 7 )
sider Dante as a saintly savior. livestreaming service. The com-
“Kumusta po (How are you)?” “Yes,” he replied.
pany listed on the New York Stock
Dante extended his arm to the old They walked back towards the
group gathered beside the house. Exchange in 2014.
Mang Usting reluctantly accepted “Tatay, Nanay, magpapakasal ho
Momo did not immediately respond The original and first Asian Journal in America,
his greetings. kami ni Dante bago siya bumalik sa
America (Father, Mother, Dante and to Reuters' requests for comment. it is the leading Filipino American newspaper
“I am fine,” he said.
Frankie didn’t need to introduce I will get married before he returns in San Diego, California

just e-mail or write a letter to the

Simeon G. Silverio, Jr.
than you will ever know.
author. Send it to the publisher and Now I know a few editors (hey, it’s Publisher & Editor
the publisher will then forward it on. my profession after all) and most
You may be surprised at how many are terrifically good at their job. A Genevieve Tagudin Silverio
replies you get from the authors. couple are absolutely brilliant. One
Every single writer I know re- editor I know passed brilliant far
Associate Publisher & Managing Editor
sponds to messages and letters. behind in the dust. She’s stunningly
They are always appreciative of the brilliant. She’s had best-selling Miles Beauchamp, Ph.D.
time someone took to correspond authors work with her. Authors wait Associate Editor
and invariably will answer. Editors in line – sometimes for months – to
are also like this – they love it when be able to work with her. Yep, she’s
someone notices the work that went that good. She can help a writer take Writers: Zena Sultana-Babao; Ofelia Dirige, Ph.D.; Dinggol
into something. Aren’t we all like a good idea and a few hundred pages Araneta Divinagracia; Virginia Ferrer; Msgr. Fernando G. Guti-
this? Don’t we like it when some- and turn it into something people errez; Rudy Liporada; Marjon L. Saulon; and Marjorie Villareal
one tells us what a great dinner we will willingly pay money to read.
Tran. Contributors: Ernie Delfin; Dr. Ed Gamboa; Atty. Rogelio
It’s time to be nice cooked, what a wonderful job we Now THAT’S an editor.
Karagdag; and Bill Labestre, MBA.
September is Be Kind to
did painting our kid’s swing set, how I’m certainly not in her league
wonderful we did at work? but she puts up with me and we’re

Writers and Editors Month

friends. Once every few months we In Pursuit of Excellence:
A break in the communications manage to carve out enough time to
have lunch together. We talk about Eugenio “Ego” Osin, 1946-1994
The problem with telling a writer writers and politicians and other Joe Cabrera, 1924 - 1996
Finally, it’s my month. Yep, writers and editors among us have
been some of the unsung heroes
something is good is often distance. shady people. Yep, writes and editors Soledad Bautista, 1917 - 2009
September is Be Kind to Writers Most of those things mentioned are my kind of people.
and Editors Month. Luckily for of the human race. All of us know Dr. Rizalino “Riz” Oades, 1935 - 2009
above are said from person to
me, I am both a writer and editor. most of what we know due to the person. With a writer or editor, you
I’m not sure if that means that
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and editors.
people must be doubly kind to Don’t believe me? Then just pic-
where the writer is that wrote the of General Circulation in the State of California. It is au-
book you just finished? Or, even if
me or not, but I’ll take whatever ture a world without books, maga- we know how to get a message to a
thorized to print official legal notices of all types including
kindness I can get. zines, films, musical lyrics, science writer, for instance sending e-mail Liens, Fictitious Names, Change of Name, Abandonment,
What? You didn’t know that (someone wrote all those science to a newspaper or magazine, it still Estate Sales, Auctions, Public Offerings, Court Ordered
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Kind to Writers and Editors message. And let’s face it; we’re
The Asian Journal is also available in digital form.
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Journal is not responsible for unsolicited manuscripts and
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thing, but I have always felt that the helpful). If it’s a book you like The author will thank you for it more
September 6-12, 2019 Asian Journal San Diego | 619.474.0588 | Page 7

Culture shock
( Continued from page 6 )
ni Joe Cabrera
most locals never complained. It
don’t bother them to be late for
appointments either and even your
relatives will make you experience
the “Filipino Time”.
In the U.S. we are used to the
equal treatment among the citizens.
The Class System still exist in the
islands. Some of the rich treat the
poor like dirt. Can you afford to let
your household help or driver eat
"Guinisang Kabuti"
separately? Would you require your
child’s nanny to wear a uniform? Todos los santos noon, nang mamasyal ako
So, you might be in for a “Culture Loma at del Norte, ang aking tinungo
Shock”. Pa relax relax lang, lakad, masid kamo

Ang puntod ni inang, ang siyang pakay ko

( Continued from page 3 ) Sa 'king kali-linga, ako'y may napansin

dition to tularemia, including Lyme Tatlong puntod ito, isang hugis mandin
disease and spotted fever illnesses, Kulay at disenyo, kay gandang malasin
although tick-borne diseases are rare 'Sang luksang babae, ang syang tumitingin
in San Diego County.
County public health officials said Lagay ng bulaklak, sindi ng kandila
anyone who is bitten by a tick should
not panic, but carefully remove it.
Ang sa babaeng 'to, "routine" ginagawa
They said if a person develops a Dasal nya'y malalim, at sa 'king akala
rash or fever within several weeks of Ang buntong hininga, abot-abot yata
being bitten they should see a doctor,
tell them about the tick bite, when Kaya't napilitang, ako ay magtanong
they were bitten and where they "Mawalang galang na," medyo ko pabulong
think it happened. "Patay nyo bang lahat, 'yang tatlong pulutong?"
Here are seven easy tips to help you "Mga mister ko pong, tagal nang yumaon."
protect yourself, your family and
pets from ticks:
For more information about ticks "Sus Maria Santiago," ang naisagot ko
go to the County of San Diego De- "Hwag ninyong sabihing, tatlo'ng asawa nyo."
partment of Environmental Health’s "Di po sabay sabay, sagot sa 'kin nito
Tick webpage, and the National Na-biuda po ako, nang maka-ka-itlo."
Centers for Disease Control and
Prevention’s Tick webpage. You can "Hindi po naman sa, 'koy nakikialam
also watch this County News Center Pagkamatay nila'y, puede bang malaman?"
TV video, “Tick Talk.”
"'Tong una'y nalason, sa kinaing ulam
Guinisang kabuti'ng, kanyang nasarapan"
Download the
Asian Journal "Itong pangalawa, pagkamatay nito
digital edition Ano naman baga*ng, nakatodas dito?"
from Dropbox "Nalason di po sya," ang sagot nya kamo
or read "Gaya din ng una, kabuting guisado."
it online at "Kabute po pala'ng, lahat ang may gawa
Baka di sariwa, o may bukbok yata
lyan pong pangatlo, pagkamatay kaya
Kabute din po ba, ang kanyang sakuna?"

"Ito pong si Enteng, iba'ng malas nito

Pinalo sa ulo, at binaril kamo"
Sindak na tanong ko, "pano nangyari 'to?"
"Ayaw pong kainin, kabuting luto ko!"

Stephen Hawking's advise to those

dealing with depression
At a packed lecture theater at the you feel you are in a black hole,
Royal Institution in London, on don’t give up – there’s a way
January 7, 2016, Stephen Hawk- out…”
ing had this to say for those deal-
ing with depression: “Remember to look up at the
stars and not down at your feet.
“The message of this lecture is Try to make sense of what you
that black holes ain’t as black see and wonder about what
as they are painted. They are makes the universe exist. Be
not the eternal prisons they were curious. And however difficult
once thought.” life may seem, there is always
something you can do and suc-
“Things can get out of a black ceed at.
hole both on the outside and pos- It matters that you don’t just
sibly to another universe. So if give up.”

Foot race
Two employees for the gas compa- man kept up with the younger man
ny were at a house call. The younger around the first corner, the second
man said to the older one, "Geez, corner, the third corner. As they
you're old!" come up on the last corner, the
younger man sees an elderly woman
"Yeah, that may be so, but I can running as fast as her legs could
still outrun you," replied the older carry her. Puzzled by this, they both
employee. stop ask her why she was running
"How about a foot race to see behind them. The old woman caught
if your'e right," said the younger her breath and said, "Well, you were
employee. at my home checking my gas meter,
With that they start running at full and when I saw you running away, I
speed around that block. The older figured I'd better run too!"

Call the Asian Journal at

619.474.0588 for your
advertising needs.
Page 8 Asian Journal San Diego | 619.474.0588 | September 6-12, 2019

Spiritual Life
A Catholic school removed Harry Potter from the library.
Should Catholics read the books?
By Christine Rousselle, Catholic News very real. He’s very pernicious.
Agency | Washington D.C., 09/03/2019 He’s also very sly. We need to be
— sober about his present action in the
A Catholic elementary school in world.”
Nashville has banned the seven
books of the Harry Potter series Our mission is the truth. Join us!
As a CNA reader, you know our team is
due to concerns the books pro- committed to finding, reporting, and publish-
September 8th, 2019: The 23rd Sunday in Ordinary Time mote witchcraft and black magic. ing the truth. Like you, we know that Jesus
Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary An exorcist and a Catholic author Christ is the way, the truth, and the life.

True Martyrdom talked with CNA about the Harry

Potter books and the Catholic
Generous donors have given to make sure
that all the news you read at CNA is always
faith. free of charge—not only for you, but for
Joke of the week: Three men – a a cross to bear, an act of martyrdom. millions of readers each year. But this kind of
surgeon, an engineer, and a politician Reginald Fuller wrote, “Martyrdom “These books present magic as
support takes monthly, faithful contributors.
were arguing about whose profes- is discipleship to its ultimate conclu-
sion was the oldest on earth. “Mine sion. Hence, the honor the Church both good and evil, which is not Will you consider joining them and becom-
is,” said the doctor. “Remember that has always paid to its martyrs.” God true, but in fact a clever decep- ing an ongoing supporter of CNA at just $5,
$10, or $15 a month?
Eve was carved out of Adam’s rib.” and Jesus should mean more to us tion,” Fr. Dan Reehil, pastor at from the library was a “prudential sort of dabbling with the occult or
“Maybe,” said the engineer. “But the than all else that we have, possess Saint Edward School in Nash- judgment.” witchcraft. Your monthly donation will help our team
earth was created out of chaos in six and love, even more than our life. ville, said to parents in an Aug. 28 “I think that in times like these we “Once you’re into actual witchcraft continue reporting the truth, with fairness,
days. That obviously was an engi- The way of the cross, of martyrdom email. need to be extra cautious, and so as a you are in the dark side, since there’s integrity, and fidelity to Jesus Christ and his
neering job.” “Yes,” said the politi- and of following Jesus is a treacher- general rule I’d support it, but I think nothing of God in this. It’s a viola- Church. Thank you.
cian, “but who created the chaos?” ous, challenging and less traveled “The curses and spells used every individual parent would have tion of the First Commandment,” he Yours in Christ,
road, so he cautions us to initially in the books are actual curses to work with their own kids on these said.
Scriptures: First Reading: Wisdom “calculate the cost” and always rear- matters,” Pope said. “I mean, I’ve had to look this devil JD FlynnCNA Editor-in Chief
9: 13-18b. The Book of Wisdom is a range our priorities. and spells; which when read by Pope told CNA that he has not read in the face,” the priest added. “He’s Catholic News Agency
collection of sayings, proverbs and a human being risk conjuring the Harry Potter books nor seen the
prayers believed to be Solomon’s. Bernard Mischke tells this story on evil spirits into the presence of movies apart from “some excerpts,”
The author teaches that the will of
God can only be discerned through
how we look at the cross of our life.
“Whether it grows or not depends
the person reading the text,” the and said with a laugh that the series DIVINE MERCY CHAPLET
priest added. is “way past (his) age.”
a wise decision-making. Decision- on us, the ground. Take an example. Rosamund Hodge, an author of
making is very hard, but even harder A young couple just had their first Reehil said that the books “glorify young adult fantasy novels and a How to Recite the Chaplet of
is how to discern God’s will. It is child. Unfortunately, the little boy acts of divination; of conjuring the lay Dominican, told CNA she thinks
possible to accomplish both with was born terribly deformed, without concerns about the “magic” in Harry Divine Mercy
dead, of casting spells among other
ease with the help of wisdom that either his arms, just two stumps at acts that are an offense to the virtue Potter are overblown.
comes from above. Second Read- the shoulders. The child’s father of religion — to the love and respect “The magic in these books is The Chaplet of Mercy is recited
ing: Philemon 9-10, 12-17. This went into black despair, cursing God we owe to God alone. Many reading about as ‘real’ as Cinderella’s fairy using ordinary rosary beads of
letter clearly clarifies to Philemon, and fate and his doctor for having let these books could be persuaded to godmother singing ‘bibbidi- bobbidi- five decades. At the National
the owner of slave Onesimus, the child live. The father saw only believe these acts are perfectly fine, boo,’” she told CNA. Shrine of Divine Mercy in
who became a Christian, that their the dark side. But the mother’s at- even good or spiritually healthy.” “While [Author J.K.] Rowling does Stockbridge, Massachusetts the
Christian faith has transformed their titude is worthy of note. She looked Reehil told parents he made the occasionally draw from actual occult
relationship as master and slave to at her child and said, ‘Poor little folklore for some of her world-build- Chaplet is preceded by two
decision to ban the books after con-
a transcendent level breaking down fellow. He’s going to need a lot of sulting exorcists in both the United ing...the spells her characters use are opening prayers from the
any social division between them. help. Thank God we’re able to give States and Rome. usually just fake Latin describing Diary of Saint Faustina and
Gospel: Luke 14: 25-33. Jesus chal- it to him’ … the seed was falling on Saint Edward teaches students from what they’re supposed to do.” followed by a closing prayer.
lenges his followers about the priori- good ground.” pre-K through eighth grade. Hodge does not believe there is a
ties and demands of discipleship. The Harry Potter books have been risk of children accidentally conjur- Optional Opening Prayer
Making a decision to follow Jesus Quotation of the week: In God’s controversial since the first book was ing evil spirits through repeating the
is difficult, but obstacles along the house we must try to accept any job: published in 1997. The American “spells” used in the books.
way make it more difficult to stay cook or kitchen boy, waiter, stable You expired, Jesus, but the source
Library Association listed the Harry “Children are about as likely to
committed to him. Every prospec- boy, or baker. If it pleases the king to Potter series as its first-most chal- summon demons by play-acting of life gushed forth for souls,
tive disciple must initially “calculate call us into his private council, then lenged books in 2001 and 2002. The Harry Potter as they are to acciden- and the ocean of mercy opened
the cost” and constantly reassess his we must go there, but without being books were challenged due to claims tally sell their souls by proclaiming up for the whole world. O Fount
priorities and choices. No matter too excited, for we know that our of being “anti-family,” contain- ‘Abracadabra!’ while performing of Life, unfathomable Divine
how difficult and daring the task of reward depends not on the job itself ing “occult/satanism” content, and card tricks,” Hodge said. Mercy, envelop the whole world
following Jesus may be, it is possible but on the faithfulness with which violence. Hodge said that while Rowling and empty Yourself out upon us
to accomplish it with the help of we serve him. — St. John Paul II. Series author J.K. Rowling has “does not write with a Catholic
divine wisdom. O Blood and Water, which gushed Jesus, I Trust in You!
rejected the idea that her books imagination,” she is not concerned
forth from the Heart of Jesus as a
Experienced in
contain anti-Christian messages. In a with the allegations of “occult” con-
Reflection: In the Middle-Eastern 2007 interview, the author said that tent in the Harry Potter books. fountain of Mercy for us, I trust in You!.
culture, the family takes priority over
she believed there were parallels
and above everyone and everything between the series’ title character, The author told CNA that Catholic Begin with the Our Father, the Hail Mary and the Apostle's Creed:
else. As opposed to modern nuclear Harry Potter, and Jesus Christ. children might learn something from
families, a Middle Eastern family is Meditation: Monsignor Charles Pope, a priest the books, even though the series Our Father
a clan or a group of people united by Jesus, Savior, who have and exorcist of the Archdiocese of characters do not possess a Catholic Our Father, Who art in heaven, hallowed be Thy name;
actual or perceived kinship and de- deigned to come into my heart, Washington, told CNA that “it’s worldview. Thy kingdom come; Thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven.
scent. It included the father, his wife/ drive away these distractions always good to err on the side of
wives, children, married sons and Give us this day our daily bread; and forgive us our trespasses as
which are keeping me from caution in these matters,” adding that “I think the proper response is
their wives, grandchildren, slaves, the decision to remove the books not to ban the books, but to discuss we forgive those who trespass against us; and lead us not into
talking to You. temptation, but deliver us from evil, Amen.
cousins and uncles. The family them,” she said. “If children learn
members’ identity is distinguished
Jesus answered me, I want
how to cope with Harry and his
you to become like a knight
Act of Consecration
by the name or trade of the patriarch friends sometimes believing the Hail Mary
or father, such as Abner, son of Ner, experienced in battle, who wrong things, perhaps they'll be Hail Mary, full of grace. The Lord is with thee. Blessed art thou
can give orders to others
to the Immaculate
Jesus, the carpenter’s son. prepared for the Thanksgiving dinner amongst women, and blessed is the fruit of thy womb, Jesus.
amid the exploding shells. In where their favorite uncle announces Holy Mary, Mother of God, pray for us sinners, now and at

Heart of Mary
Choosing Jesus is to leave behind the same way, My child, you that euthanasia should be legal.”
one’s biological family, to prefer and Pope told CNA that, no matter the hour of our death, Amen.
should know how to master
form a fictive family with his other yourself amid the greatest dif- their decision about Harry Potter,
disciples. Preferring Jesus and his VIRGIN MARY, MOTHER OF Catholics should guard against any The Apostle's Creed
group over and above one’s biologi- ficulties, and let nothing drive
GOD AND OUR MOTHER, to I believe in God, the Father Almighty, Creator of Heaven and
cal family ties is like signing one’s you away from Me, not even
Prayer to St. Joseph
your Immaculate Heart we conse- earth; and in Jesus Christ, His only Son, Our Lord, Who was
death warrant, a martyrdom. In a your falls (Diary, 1823). crate ourselves, in an act of total conceived by the Holy Ghost, born of the Virgin Mary, suffered
close-knit environment, like that of My Prayer Response: entrustment to the Lord.
By You we will be led to Christ. under Pontius Pilate, was crucified; died, and was buried.
the ancient Middle East, severing Lord Jesus, Your coming into
one’s connection with his family or By Him and with Him we will be Saint Joseph, you are the faithful He descended into Hell; the third day He arose again from the
my heart by Holy Communion led to the Father. protector and intercessor of all who
renouncing father, mother and cher- dead; He ascended into Heaven, sitteth at the right hand of God,
strengthens me to enter into the We will walk in the light of faith, love and venerate you. You know
ished possessions in favor of God’s the Father Almighty; from thence He shall come to judge the
battle of promoting Your mes- and we will do everything so that that I have confidence in you and
kingdom involves a major decision the world may believe that Jesus living and the dead. I believe in the Holy Spirit, the holy Catholic
and entails a grave sacrifice. Jesus’ sage of the Divine Mercy. Help that, after Jesus and Mary, I come
me to become experienced in Christ is the One sent by the Fa- to you as an example for holiness, Church, the communion of saints, the forgiveness of sins,
demand then to his disciples was a ther. the resurrection of the body, and the life everlasting. Amen.
tall order and still is true today. battle. May I always be faithful for you are especially close with
With Him we wish to carry His
to You. Love and Salvation to the ends of
God. Therefore, I humbly commend
It is inconceivable even to con- * The words of Jesus appear the earth. myself, with all who are dear to me Then, on the large bead before each decade:
sider that Jesus wants us to hate our in boldface type -- Diary of St. Ma- Under the protection of your Im- and all that belong to me, to your in-
parents and siblings in his favor. ria Faustina Kowalska: Divine Mercy maculate Heart, we will be one tercession. I beg of you, by your love Eternal Father, I offer you the Body and Blood,
This is not the case. He wants us in My Soul © 1987 Marian Fathers People with Christ. We will be for Jesus and Mary, not to abandon
Soul and Divinity, of Your Dearly Beloved Son,
instead to calculate very well the of the Immaculate Conception of the witnesses of His Resurrection. By me during life and to assist me at
B.V.M. Excerpted from Divine Mercy Him we will be led to the Father, the hour of my death. Glorious Saint Our Lord, Jesus Christ, in atonement for our sins
cost of discipleship. When following Minutes with Jesus: Praying Daily for the glory of the Most Holy and those of the whole world.
Jesus would truly mean preferring Joseph, spouse of the Immaculate
on Jesus' Words from the Diary of St. Trinity, Whom we adore, praise
him over one’s family relationships, Faustina by Rev. George W. Kosicki, Virgin, pray for me to have a pure,
and bless forever. Amen. humble, charitable mind, and perfect On the ten small beads of each decade, say:
even over one’s life, then it is really CSB © 2010 Marian Press
-- Adelina Moore & Ines Toribio resignation to the divine Will. Be
my guide, my father, and my model For the sake of His sorrowful Passion,
Sweet Mother through life that I may die as you did
in the arms of Jesus and Mary. Lov-
have mercy on us and on the whole world.

ing Saint Joseph, faithful follower of
weet Mother, unite my soul to Jesus, be- Jesus Christ, I raise my heart to you Conclude with (Say 3 Times):
cause it is only then that I will be able to implore your powerful interces-
sion in obtaining from the Divine Holy God, Holy Mighty One, Holy Immortal One,
to endure all trials and tribulations, and Heart of Jesus all the graces neces- have mercy on us and on the whole world.
only in union with Jesus will my little sacri- sary for my spiritual and temporal
fices be pleasing to God. Sweetest Mother, welfare, particularly the grace of a
Optional Closing Prayer
continue to teach me about the interior life. May happy death, and the special grace I
now implore: (Mention your request)
the sword of suffering never break me. O pure Vir- Guardian of the Word Incarnate, I Eternal God, in whom mercy is endless and the treasury of
gin, pour courage into my heart and guard it (Diary feel confident that your prayers on compassion inexhaustible, look kindly upon us and increase
915). my behalf will be graciously heard Your mercy in us, that in difficult moments we might not
before the throne of God. St. Joseph despair nor become despondent, but with great confidence
Source: Diary of St Faustina Kowlaska, Divine Mercy in My Soul Most Just, Pray for us! Amen.
Photo: Image from Grotto of Our Lady, Divine Mercy #shrine Encinitas
submit ourselves to Your holy will, which is Love and Mercy itself.
September 6-12, 2019 Asian Journal San Diego | 619.474.0588 | Page 9

Arts & Culture

A Glimpse of “Kain Na!” a visual illustrated book
feast of Filipino cuisine
Ilonggo History
by Dinggol Araneta
Dinggol is an Ilonggo Historian of modern times.
He is a Lover of Nature by profession; a Genealogist
by avocation and an Advocate of Federalism.

Kapag Hinayaan Kita (2)

The Enterprising French Brothers
in the City of Iloilo, Philippines Kapag hinayaan kita'y nais kong pangalagaan
ang lahat ng sa iyo pati ang iyong kapakanan
maligaya akong makita kang naliligayahan
at tinatamasa ang sarap kung paano mabuhay.

Kapag hinayaan kita ay hindi para mag-ayos

kung anuman gulo itong sa iyo ay bumabalot
The first illustrated book about the Philippines’ diverse food offerings, written by sa halip damayan ka, alalayan sa mga gusot
Felice Prudente Sta. Maria (R) and Bryan Koh (C) with illustrations by Mariel Ylagan
Garcia (L), is now available online. Credits to RPD Publications sa gayon ay makaahon ka sa masamang bangungot.

—The GNP Team the flavor of Filipino cuisine so very Kapag hinayaan kita, hindi kita sinisisi
“Kain Na (Let’s Eat)!”, the first unique. manapa'y ang nais ko'y pag-isipan mo nang mabuti
illustrated book guide to Filipino Kain Na! starts shipping in Sep- dahil isa kang nilalang may damdaming pansarili
food, is a visual feast of regional tember 2019. Credits to The Kitchen
Bookstore. kung anong nararapat gawin ng walang atubili.
flavors. The book writers shared the
backstory of “Kain Na!” and what Kapag hinayaan kita ipalagay mong wala ako
Asia Society Philippine Foundation it hopes to achieve, saying, “Fili- na siyang nag-aayos ng lahat ng para sa iyo
Inc. recently launched the new book
written by veteran culinary histo-
pino food plays a critical role in the hahayaan ko ngayon na mag-isa kang magmaneho
foundation and imminent education kung saan ay nanaisin na dalhin itong buhay mo.
rian Felice Prudente Sta. Maria and of Philippine history. While there are
Prologue: “Sometime in 1873 three married to Curita Bamba of Orani, Singaporean cookbook aficionado
Frenchmen established the widely Bataan. many well-known dishes beloved by Kapag hinayaan kita'y para matuto kang ganap
Bryan Koh, with illustrations by wa- the populace, little is known beyond
successful merchandising enterprise Manuel, an inspector for the Bureau tercolor and oil painting artist Mariel mabuhay nang nag-iisa dito sa ‘sangmaliwanag
“La Estrella del Norte” along Calle of Fisheries, and his wife Curita, the usual favorites like Adóbo, Sin-
Ylagan Garcia. maging tapat na kaibigan at harapin ang bukas
Real in Iloilo City, Philippines. The 3 a wholesale fish dealer settled in igáng, Lechón.”
“Kain Na!”, published by RPD talagang ganyan ang mabuhay, masarap at mahirap.
brothers were sons of Jewish parents Tondo, Manila where they raised “Kain Na!” was launched non-
Publications, is described as a book profit Asia Society on August 31 and
Nathan dit Moise and Louise Levy, their nine (9) children, selling sea- that “explores the diverse variety
namely; Adolphe Blum Levy, the food in Divisoria. starts shipping this September to Copyright 2019 by Virginia Ferrer. All rights reserved.
of cookery and dining essentials
eldest and his two brothers Charles Their second child was Manuel the Philippine market and globally
spanning different regions of the
online through Anahaw Books and
China rejects
and Raphael. They sold jewelry, and “Manny” Villar, Jr., a bright and country.” Former foreign affairs secretary Al-
trinkets, Swiss-made wristwatches; resourceful young man with business The Kitchen Bookstore.
The illustrated Filipino food guide bert del Rosario said that accepting
Gramophones and fine perfumes; acumen who would eventually marry Asia Society has been known
has 12 chapters of in-depth views ( Continued from page 1 ) China’s rejection of the Philippines’
imported clothing and many other the former Ms. Cynthia Ampaya to honor young leaders from the
into the Filipino food from the the freedom and rights of naviga- arbitral win might constitute betrayal
novelty items.” --dinggol.d~~~ Aguilar who belong to the wealthy Philippines with its Asia Society 21
regions with a short explainer about of public trust.
and politically influential Las Piñas- the section and accompanied by
program. tion in and overflight above the “For the Philippines to have been
The arrival of the Levy brothers: Muntinlupa family in the Metro Ma- The book release coincides with the South China Sea.”
hand-painted illustrations. asked to agree that it will not bring
The three (3) brothers arrived in nila area. (Last mid-term Senatorial Philippines’ new campaign focusing
The chapters delved into a diverse up the issue again is to effectively
Iloilo City from the French region election Cynthia Aguilar-Villar was on culinary offerings of the country “As State parties of the United Na-
cross-section of Filipino food for accept without equivocation that
of Alsace-Lorraine by way of San the Number one winner). with “Eats More Fun in the Philip- tions Convention on the Law of the
breakfast and snacks, from home China is above the rule of law. This
Francisco, fleeing the Franco-Prus- Likewise, the two daughters pines” featuring celebrity chefs JP Sea, France, Germany, and the Unit-
cooking to street food to festival would be so wrong. It would be a
sian War of 1870. They brought with of Manuel Montalban Villar, Sr. Anglo and Jordan Andino, with ed Kingdom underline their interest
favorites, from bar chow, to desserts, betrayal of the trust we have placed
them a stash of precious diamonds, married the two (2) sons of Jose Filipino celebrity YouTuber Mikey in the universal application of the
beverages, rice treats, bakery finds, in our governance,” he stressed.
and five (5) crates of religious icons, "Pakloy" Divinagracia of Dumangas Bustos. Convention which sets out the com-
sauces, and ingredients that make The country’s former top diplomat
medals, gold chains, and many gilt in Iloilo; Jessie Divinagracia married prehensive legal framework within said the public “must convince our
which all activities in the oceans and
eyeglass frames that they were un- to the eldest Odette Villar, while his Ryan James Ortega, and Obie and Lortel leadership that we need to strengthen
able to sell in California but were brother Paolit (Paolo) Divinagra- award-winner Ching Valdes-Aran. seas including in the South China our resolve, and not have it weak-
quite popular by then in the Philip- cia also married Odette's younger Ariano’s debut with Ma-Yi is the Fil- Sea must be carried out and which ened.”
( Continued from page 1 ) provides the basis for national,
pines. sister. Both are the sisters of Manuel Am actor’s first time to play a Filipino But House Deputy Speaker LRay
Their business venture became ex- "Manny" Villar, Jr. who served as story by Whiting Writer’s Awardee role. His theater credits include The regional and global co-operation in Villafuerte said Duterte did the right
tremely successful that the brothers Senate President of the Philippines Filipino American writer Lysley King and I, Miss Saigon, and more the maritime domain. They recall thing in raising the issue of overlap-
opened branches in Escolta-Manila, for quite some time. Tenorio. The play is described by recently Mamma Mia. in this regard the Arbitration Award ping claims in the SCS.
Hong Kong, Singapore, New York, The Sonora Sisters of Bacolod City: Ma-Yi as an exploration of “issues of “This is a blessing for me, to be able rendered under UNCLOS on 12 July
to do this.” Ariano said in an Asian “Our President has been bold
and in Paris, France. Later, they Meanwhile, Adolphe Blum Levy’s faith, family, love, loss, betrayal, and 2016,” their joint statement read. and forthright enough to assert the
what it means to be an undocument- Journal interview. “We don’t see a lot In a landmark ruling on July 12,
expanded into watchmaking, to phar- son Francisco Enriquez Levy mar- of representation, we don’t see Filipinos Philippines’ legal victory over China
maceuticals, bicycles and ultimately ried Luisa Gallo of Iloilo and their ed Filipino immigrant in America.” 2016, the Hague-based Permanent in the arbitral case before the Per-
on stage all the time so to actually find
automobiles dealership and cargo children were Purificacion, Ramon, The play synopsis: Felix Starro, a
out that there’s a new, original musical
Court of Arbitration found no legal manent Court of Arbitration in The
shipping under the new business Alfredo, Vicente, Nestor, Luisa, Car- famous faith healer from the Philippines basis for China to claim historic
whose clients once included Hollywood written for Filipinos, about Filipinos, by Hague in July 2016,” he said, adding
trade name of Levy Hermanos. men, Rosendo, and Francisco Jr. Filipinos, that’s great news.” rights to a “nine-dash line” in the that the move shows patriotism.
celebrities and the most powerful politi- SCS and that Beijing had breached
Adolphe Blum Levy married Benita Their eldest child, Purificacion cians, has returned to San Francisco for Felix Starro opens on September 3 and Presidential spokesman Salvador
Enríquez of Iloilo with whom he married Dr. Jesus Sonora of Bacolod is scheduled to run through September the sovereign rights of the Philip- Panelo earlier said the two Asian
one last healing mission to cure ailing
had a son named Francisco Enriquez City who belongs to the Locsin Filipino Americans in the Bay Area. 15 at the Theatre Row, 410 West 42nd pines, which brought the case. leaders agreed that “the conflict issue
Levy. Clan of the Negros branch. They Unbeknownst to Felix, however, Junior, Street in Manhattan. The E3 welcomed the ongoing ne- should not be the sum total of the
While his brother's families were blessed with two (2) beauti- his nineteen-year-old grandson who has Stories of Filipino-American experi- gotiations between ASEAN member
ence recently made a film debut with relationship between the two coun-
eventually returned home to the ful daughters; Jesusa Purificacion been acting mysteriously, has a mission states and China for a rules-based, tries” and that both countries should
of his own and the choice he makes the screening of Yellow Rose starring co-operative and effective Code of
United States and France, Adolphe's Sonora, a.k.a. Susan Roces and Broadway royalty Lea Salonga and Eva “continue with the dialogue peace-
descendants stayed in the Philippines Rosa Maria Sonora, a.k.a Rosemarie could rip their family apart forever. Conduct consistent with UNCLOS fully on that issue.”
Broadway and Off-Broadway actor Noblezada.
after his death in Manila of Cholera Sonora. Another feature film, Nanay Ko, will in the South China Sea and en- Surigao del Norte Rep. Francisco
on June 13, 1888. A relative, Charles The former movie actress Rose- Alan Ariano leads the cast of Felix Star- courage progress towards its early
ro along with Nacho Tambunting, Diane soon be released in American theaters. Matugas II hopes China would
Weil, took over management of the marie Sonora and her estranged conclusion. respect the Philippines and that one
Phelan, Caitlin Cisco, Francisca Muñoz, During a meeting in Beijing on
Levy Hermanos business after Adol- husband Jesse Cruz also known as way of doing this is by informing
phe’s demised. actor Ricky Belmonte has a daugh- Thursday, President Duterte raised Filipinos what the “armed warships
The U.S. Invasion of Iloilo: ter named Ms. Sheryl Cruz, also a to Chinese President Xi Jinping the and survey ships were doing in Phil-
The U.S. invasion of Iloilo headed movie actress. 2016 arbitral ruling invalidating ippine territorial waters.”
by Gen. Marcus Miller began on While the former celebrity movie Beijing’s excessive and expansive Earlier, the military and the Depart-
February 7, 1899 --with the continu- actress Susan Roces who married claim in the South China Sea and ment of National Defense raised
ous naval bombardment of Iloilo Ronald Allan Kelley Poe; dubbed as reaffirming the Philippines’ maritime their concerns on the incursions of
City for about a week that brought “Ang Panday” and the “King of Fili- entitlements. the Chinese ships in Philippines wa-
irreparable damages and demolished pino movies” as Fernando Poe, Jr. Duterte said the arbitral award is ters without first informing authori-
the historic “Fort San Pedro“ citadel. (FPJ) is the legally adoptive parents final, binding and not subject to ties of their presence. – With Delon
A week later, the American troops of an Ilongga foundling, an infant appeal, but Xi reiterated his position Porcalla
led by Gen. Robert Hughes landed at girl found at the Jaro Cathedral in against recognizing the ruling.
Fort San Pedro and stormed the city Iloilo City, and was christened as
where many villages were razed to Mary Grace Poe. The couple's “Di-
the ground and hundreds of innocent vine Grace” who grew up in Manila, DIVINE MERCY
civilians were brutally killed.
Just like all other City residents
later married Neil Llamanzares at
age 22 and immigrated to the U.S.A.
Adolphe Blum Levy
zares. The other indirectly, from
and businesses, La Estrella del Norte
lost a substantial amount worth of
to raise their family. However, after
the demised of “The King”, she
loyal employee Catalino, with his
grandson Manuel “Manny” Villar,
Save the Date:
properties and assets equivalent to
multi-million US Dollars today dur-
returned with a purpose to the Philip-
pines --to carry on the failed political
Jr. who is still shining brightly in the
political firmament of the country Sept 13, 2019,
ing the conflagration. dream of FPJ. She won in her first
On February 22, 1899, Iloilo City
fell to the American forces and
attempt inside the political arena
topping the senatorial slate. Thereaf-
Epilogue: “Interestingly, many Friday
believe that in the very near future, GPS 701 Encinitas Blvd, Encinitas 92024
there was relative peace. Hence, La ter, she was one of the unsuccessful one of these two “shining stars” is
Estrella del Norte (LEDN) resumed candidates for the Presidency during or google “divine mercy shrine encinitas”
destined by fate to enter the halls of email:
its normal operation in Iloilo City the last 2016 national election. Malacañang. Shall it be the Mon-
during the American regime. The Frenchman Adolphe Blum FB @divinemercy724
eyed-Guy who styled himself with
Villar, A Trusted LEDN Employee: Levy who ventured in Iloilo City his “from rags to riches” fame; or
One of the trusted bookkeepers of 146 years ago, and established “La the Ilongga foundling who projects
La Estrella del Norte was an unas- Estrella del Norte” or the Star of the herself as the “epitome of sweet
suming man named Catalino Villar North, left shining stars from the
Divine Mercy Shrine

Divine Mercy Shrine


innocence” always wearing an im- JOIN US FROM 2:00 TO 4:00 PM ON THE 13TH
of Tanza in Iloilo City who married south of the Philippines. In the Silver maculate white attire?
Vicenta Montalban of Cabatuan in Screen, a direct descendant, the teen- OF THE MONTH TO: 1) OFFER THE ROSARY,

Jesus I Trust In You!

Jesus I Trust In You!
Iloilo. The couple had eight (8) chil- age movie idol of the yesteryear’s 2) PRAY THE DIVINE MERCY CHAPLET AND
May the best one wins! ... Padayon! 3) WALK THE WAY OF THE CROSS
dren, the eldest of whom was named “Susan Roces” and her adopted --dinggolSDname~~~ Descendants of the sun Dingdong Dantes
Manuel a.k.a. “Maning” who was daughter Mary Grace Poe Llaman- A project of the Divine Mercy Hills Foundation of Southern California (DMHFSC), a 501(c)3 non profit.
Page 10 Asian Journal San Diego | 619.474.0588 | September 6-12, 2019

Complicated Affairs Chinese shoppers Websites have been quietly hack-

pay via facial rec- ing iPhones for years, says Google
ognition in cash- ware
Websites delivered iOS mal- model used is not something a typi-

His Cop Friend

to thousands of visitors in cal hacker or small company could
less drive the biggest iPhone hack ever. afford to run.
There’s no telling who was in- The revelation instantly made
— GMA News fected—or who was behind it. waves throughout the cybersecu-
No cash, no cards, no wallet, and rity industry. "This is the first time
by Patrick Howell O'Neill, MIT Tech
Chapter 17 of "Complicated Af- But Danny was helpless. He could After two days, he called up Ray- no smartphones: China's shoppers Review
evidence has been found of such
fairs" by Simeon G. Silverio, Jr. not do anything. mond to follow up on his request. are increasingly purchasing goods exploits being used massively, indis-
“What about the baby?” he asked. “Pal, it’s bad news,” Raymond told with just a turn of their heads as criminately as ‘net fishing’ against
The largest ever known attack whatever unsuspecting individuals
“Sino iyang kausap mo (Who “She’s with my parents. I need to him. the country embraces facial pay-
go home; my parents do not have against iPhone users lasted at end up visiting the infected web-
are you talking to)? Danny ment technology. least two years and hit potentially sites," says Levin.
money to feed and take care of her.” (To be continued)
was surprised to hear his wife Her parents were poor and depend- thousands of people, according to
Mindy’s voice from behind. She China's mobile payment infrastruc- One of the most notable victims of
ed on their daughter Margie. ture is one of the most advanced
research published by Google.
had surreptiously snuck behind “Don’t worry, I will get you out as iPhone malware ever is Ahmed Man-
( Continued from page 11 ) in the world, but the new systems soor. Mansoor, a world-renowned
him while his girlfriend Margie soon as possible,” he promised. -- which require only face recogni-
The malware could ransack the
was frantically telling him on the Danny called up a friend to get a called Baguio Old Timers. entire iPhone to steal passwords, human rights activist imprisoned for
tion -- being rolled out nationwide criticizing the United Arab Emir-
phone she was in jail. lawyer to bail out Margie. For that, Most of these memories were encrypted messages, location, con-
could make even QR codes seem ates government, is nicknamed “the
he needed the money he had spent depicted in one of the activities of tacts, and other extremely sensitive
old-fashioned. million dollar dissident” because of
for the trip to the U.S. Swallowing the Baguioites. The organizers had information. The data was then sent
Danny didn’t have time to con- made participants sketch on paper
Customers simply make a purchase the high cost of the malware used to
his pride, he approached his son JR to a command and control server
tinue the conversation. He turned by posing in front of point-of-sale hack his iPhone and spy on him.
and asked for help. The young man what they remember most about which the hackers used to run the
off the cell phone, afraid Mindy (POS) machines equipped with cam-
did not hesitate helping his dad, Baguio. There were drawings of the operation. The scope, execution, and
might grab it and rail at Margie at eras, after linking an image of their Until now, the implication of the
although both agreed to keep the Burnham Park as they remembered it persistence of the unprecedented
face to a digital payment system or high prices had been that deploying
the end of the line. matter between them so their wives as truly a family’s haven, of the truly
bank account.
hacking campaign points to a poten-
“Nobody,” he told his wife. would not find out and nag at them. religious Cathedral, not cluttered tial nation-backed operation but the these weapons is rare and tightly
"I don't even have to bring a mobile targeted. Exploiting Apple’s iOS
“Anong nobody (What nobody)? Danny sent the money to Margie’s Mines View Park, and the like. identity of both the hackers and their
phone with me, I can go out and do operating system, the software that
Kausap mo na naman ang kulasisi sister, giving her instructions on how While the urban sprawl, however, targets is still unknown.
shopping without taking anything," powers both the iPhone and iPad, is
to contact a friend who would know could no longer revert to the old Ba-
mo ano (You are talking again to a lawyer. guio, it could be abated. The BLIST
says Bo Hu, chief information officer
“The data taken is the ‘juicy’ data," a complex and expensive process.
your girlfriend again)!” of Wedome bakery, which uses facial "iOS exploitation requires sidestep-
He also called his friend Raymond, (Baguio, La Trinidad, Itogon, Sablan says Jonathan Levin, an author
payment machines across hundreds ping and bypassing Apple's formi-
the chief of police of another town. and Tuba) designed after the 1990 of three books on the internals of
But Mindy didn’t have the time of stores. dable defenses, in multiple layers,"
The two had met when Raymond earthquake has only to be imple- Apple's operating systems. "Take all
to nag at her husband. The airline "This was not possible either at the says Levin. Google’s discovery
was attending police training in Los mented. It is supposed to decongest the passwords from the keychain,
personnel announced it was time to earliest stage of mobile payment -- throws some of those assumptions in
Angeles years ago. A mutual friend Baguio by decentralizing resources location data, chats/contacts/etc, and
board the plane, and they had to fall only after the birth of facial recogni- the air.
had introduced them to each other, of the adjoining communities. It was build a shadow network of connec-
in line. Inside the plane, Danny took tion technology can we complete the
and Danny helped show Raymond a concept for a general urban guided tions of all your victims. Surely by
the aisle seat so their daughter Carol payment without anything else," he It will also upend perceptions of
around the city. The two became plan to ease development among six degrees of separation you'll find
would be sitting in between him explains. the security of iPhones. High-risk
fast friends as they shared common the areas. However, with the lack of interesting targets there."
and his wife; thus, Mindy would not The software is already widely individuals including journalists,
interests: gambling and women. political will and empire building
be able to nag at him. Besides, the used, often to monitor citizens -- it lawyers, activists, and more use
Whenever he would go to the Philip- among government functionaries, Sign up for The Download — your
window seat was always reserved has been credited with nabbing jay- iPhones in the hope that the devices
pines, Danny would ask his cop the plan never took off. daily dose of what's up in emerging
for passengers travelling for the first walkers and catching criminals. will provide a real defense against
friend what he wanted him to bring Abatement, nonetheless, appears technology
time, so she could see the view from But authorities have come under hackers who, in some cases, can be a
for him. Sometimes Raymond would again with a flicker of light with
above the clouds - a unique experi- fire for using it to crack down and genuine life or death threat.
ask for a police vest, other times newly elected Congressman Mar- Apple patched the bugs quickly
ence for first timers. He had brought monitor dissent, particularly in
a gun holster. Danny did not mind quez Go on the helm. He said that “ in February 2019 so everyone who
Carol to the United States before, China's surveillance-heavy region of “Real users make risk decisions
spending his own money for the gifts “We are beyond the original design has updated their iPhone since then
and she was no longer as excited as Xinjiang. based on the public perception of
as he considered it as an investment. of Burnham … We generate more is protected. Rebooting the iPhone
her mom, who was riding a plane for "There's a big risk... that the state the security of these devices,” Beer
In return, Raymond, who rose in the waste, spend more water, more wiped the malware but the data had
the first time. could use this data for their own wrote. “The reality remains that
ranks to become a police chief, gave electricity and use more fossil fuel.” already been taken. Exactly who
But it was a 12-hour flight from purposes, such as surveillance, security protections will never elimi-
him his card with his signature in it. Something must be done. He said, was infected remains an open ques-
Manila to Los Angeles for Danny. monitoring, the tracking of political nate the risk of attack if you're being
“Pag-nahuli ka sa traffic (If you got “the city government would organize tion. iPhone users themselves likely
He was dying to know what Margie dissidents, social and information targeted."
caught for a traffic violation), just several technical working groups to wouldn’t know because the malware
meant when she told him she was control, ethnic profiling, as in the
show it to the cop. He will let you address not only Baguio’s reduced runs in the background with no vi-
in jail. “How did she end up there?” case with Uighurs in Xinjiang, and
go.” tree population of 2.5 million but sual indicator and no way for an iOS
Danny asked himself. The last thing even predictive policing," says Adam
Indeed, Danny tried the magic card also human activities that affected user to view the processes running
he knew was Margie was supposed Ni, China researcher at Macquarie
three times already - it worked each the environment, such as the grow- on the device.
to go to a Cavite town to meet the University in Sydney. ( Continued from page 1 )
time. ing waste generated by its 350,000
prospective buyers of his club. There "This is certainly one of the more regarding the application of her
When one of Danny’s friends found residents.” In January 2019, Google’s Threat
was nothing illegal about it that contentious aspects of the gathering
about his close ties with the chief of Go’s vision is shored up by Senator
of facial recognition data and the Analysis Group (TAG), the tech father, Mr. Antonino L. Sanchez,
could land a person in jail. police, he looked for ways to take Panfilo Lacson who was the guest giant’s counterespionage specialists,
usage of them." for executive clemency,” Panelo
advantage of it. He found it in a speaker during the Charter Day first found hacked websites that were said in the letter.
IT WAS DAYS LATER WHEN The newest payment systems be-
group of jeepney drivers parked at a Commemoration program. He said, delivering malware to thousands
DANNY RECEIVED A CALL ing rolled out across the country
busy intersection to pick up passen- “You need to nurture your home.” of visitors per week. The tactic is “In line with the President’s com-
FROM MARGIE AGAIN. They only require a person's face to make
gers. The cop assigned on the beat He noted that Baguio was also his known as a watering-hole attack: mitment for good governance, trans-
were staying in the house of JR, his purchases -- no mobile, no cash, no
would harass the jeepney drivers, home for four years when he was a attackers lace carefully selected parency and immediate action on
son, and he could not contact Margie wallet. Nicolas ASFOURI / AFP
telling them not to stay there as they cadet with the Philippine Military websites with malware and wait matters that affect the welfare of the
after several attempts. Her cell phone The newest payment systems be-
were causing a bottle neck and con- Academy. He laments that, “the for expected visitors to arrive to be people, we are referring this matter
simply would not ring. ing rolled out across the country
tributing to heavy traffic in the area. Baguio mountains are balding, and infected. Just visiting the site was to your good office for evaluation,
“Why have you not been calling only require a person's face to make
“Sabihin mo sa kaibigan mong the Department of Environment and enough to download the malware. and whatever appropriate action you
me?” he asked Margie. purchases -- no mobile, no cash, no
police chief the jeepney drivers are Natural Resources cites the con- may want to undertake under the
“Bawal ang cell phone dito sa ku- wallet. Nicolas ASFOURI / AFP
willing to pay 20,000 pesos a month struction boom and urban sprawl as Google’s discovery included, over premises.
lungan (Cell phones are not allowed pabayaan lang silang pumik-up ng reasons for the decline of the city’s a period of years, five so-called
here in jail),” she replied. Inmates Enormous growth
pasahero doon (Tell your police pine trees.” "exploit chains" with 14 vulner- “We request that your good office
were allowed only to make calls chief friend to let the jeepney drivers Lacson further said that should leg- abilities including at least one active
once a day. Despite the concerns over data se- update us for record purposes and for
pick up passengers in that area; they islation be passed for the reshaping zero-day vulnerability, the term whatever action this office may want
“Are you are really in jail?” he curity and privacy, consumers seem
are willing to pay 20,000 pesos a Baguio’s direction, ”the city govern- used to describe an exploitable bug to undertake consistent with law and
asked in disbelief, although she had unperturbed as facial recognition
month),” the friend told Danny. ment may access up to P300 million undiscovered by a company like the policy of the President for good
already told him about her situation payment hits the high streets.
Danny relayed the information to to fix its urban decay issues on top Apple. When one exploit chain was government,” the letter further said.
the last time they talked. “How did Alipay -- the financial arm of ecom-
Raymond, who accepted the offer, of the P150 million to which Baguio rendered useless by an Apple patch,
you end up there?” merce giant Alibaba -- has been lead-
and for a while the two enjoyed was entitled as its share from internal the hacker quickly implemented the Gordon, who was presiding over
Margie said she went to the Cavite ing the charge in China with devices
pocketing the bribes at fifty percent revenue allotments (IRA).” Lacson next one. the hearing as chair of the Senate
town with the prospective buyer of already in 100 cities.
each. Their bounty did not last long, anchored his statement on a measure justice committee, immediately re-
the club to meet his partners. While The firm is predicting enormous
however. After a few months, the called the Budget Reform Advocacy TAG passed the intelligence to jected any malice on his questioning,
waiting for the partner to arrive growth in the sector and recently
jeepney drivers would no longer give for Village Empowerment (BRAVE) Apple, who issued iOS patch 12.1.4 noting that Panelo merely referred
inside the restaurant, her companion launched an upgrade of its "Smile-
him the bribe. that should be passed by Congress. on February 7 with a fix, as well as the letter of Sanchez’s daughter to
excused himself to use the restroom. to-Pay" system, using a machine
“Why,” he asked. Go is expected to file the supplemen- to others within Google. Google’s the BPP .
“Bantayan mo ito (Watch this),” he roughly the size of an iPad.
“May mas malakas sa iyo at ang tal corollary bill within the week. Project Zero, the company’s security
told her, pointing to the small bundle Alipay will spend three billion yuan
kaibigan mong police chief (Some- Meanwhile, newly elected Mayor analysis team, has spent the last “Wala hong malisya sa tinatanong
he left on the table. ($420 million) over three years on
body else is more influential than Benjamin Magalong is initiating seven months dissecting these bugs. ko dito, no. Kaibigan ko si Sal Pan-
After a few minutes, two policemen implementing the technology.
you and your police chief friend). Sa changes in the City. In his proclama- elo… Totoo naman ‘yan e …hindi
approached her and asked: “What is Tencent, which runs the WeChat
kanya na kami nagbibigay (We are tion interview, he said, “it is time to "There was no target discrimina- naman dinidiin,” the senator said.
this?” app with 600 million users, unveiled
giving him the bribe instead).” deliver results…for breath of fresh tion; simply visiting the hacked site
They were pointing at the small its new facial payment machine
“Who?” Danny asked. He could not air… The people have a high ex- was enough for the exploit server to “Ang sinasabi ko lang , sumulat,
bundle. called "Frog Pro" in August, while
see anybody more influential than pectation, so we really have to start attack your device, and if it was suc- nilapitan niyo. In other words, ni-
“I do not know,” she told them. a growing number of start-ups are
the police chief. hitting the ground…We are so lucky cessful, install a monitoring implant. refer,” he said.
“My companion left it there.” trying to tap into the burgeoning
“Iyong tatay ng mayor (The father that the clamor of Baguio is change. We estimate that these sites receive
“Where is he?” one of the cops industry.
of the mayor),” the representative of At the end of the day, we just simply thousands of visitors per week," But despite Panelo’s letter and other
asked. "(Facial payment) certainly has the
the jeepney drivers replied. have to deliver results. Rest assured Google’s Ian Beer wrote. recommendation letters from certain
“He went to the restroom.” potential to become popular with
that I won’t fail you.” government officials, including
The other cop went to the restroom the wide push from major mobile
AFTER A FEW ATTEMPTS, The Baguioite celebrants in It’s not clear who was infected. former Ilocos Norte Representative
and came back empty-handed. payment players," says Mengmeng
DANNY finally connected with Ray- Oceanside are part of those who Google's Project Zero did not release Imelda Marcos, Gordon noted that
“Nobody is there,” he said. Zhang, an analyst at Counterpoint.
mond. clamor for change and are really ex- key information including which the BPP had turned down the peti-
The policemen opened the bundle "Alipay is spending (billions) to
“Pal, help me,” he said. “I am here pecting delivery of results. After all, websites were infected. It seems tion for Sanchez’s clemency.
and saw a heap of powder in it. popularize facial payment technol-
in America, but my girlfriend is in come what may, they still consider likely that neither Apple nor Google
“Drugs ito, ha (These are drugs),” ogy through giving out subsidies for
jail. Help me release her.” Baguio as their home and they love would have a full accounting of “So walang tumalab. Walang
they told Margie. “You are a drug vendors and rewards for consumers
“No problem,” Raymond said. “I the City for better or for worse but victims but there could be other kamandag sa inyo ‘yung sulat…” the
dealer.” that use facial payment," she adds.
will call up the station chief there; for better is best. clues, including which populations senator pointed out. /je
“No, I do not know anything about At the IFuree self-service super-
her case will be dropped as if noth- Organizers for the mini-reunion typically visit the infected website.
them. They’re not mine,” Margie market in Tianjin, a 3D camera scans
ing happened.” dubbed Baguio Peeps Manen include
protested. the faces of those entering the store
Danny was relieved. Finally, his in- Susan Flore-Fine, Jocelyn Ribaya, So, who is behind it? There is an
But her protests were futile, for the -- measuring width, height and depth
vestments in his friend were paying Arnella Valencerina Giron, Lilian entire offensive hacking industry
cops would not listen to her. She was of the faces -- then another quick
arrested and brought to jail.
off big time. Once his problem with Ares, Macrina Perez, Jeannette
scan again at check-out.
that creates and sells hacking tools to Call the Asian Journal
Margie was solved, he could finally Damasig-Thommes, Mike Pearson, governments and companies around
“Help me get out,” she pleaded attend to his business in the United and, for a golf tourney: Leonardo Es-
"It's convenient because you can
the world. NSO Group is the most at 619.474.0588
to Danny. “Masikip dito, marumi, buy things very quickly," says retiree
mabaho, mainit at malamok (It is
States: helping his wife Mindy and pinosa, Delfin Lapid, and Fernando
Zhang Liming after using facial pay-
famous but their tools have report- for your
daughter Carol get settled so he Biscocho. edly been tightly targeted. But Levin advertising needs.
crowded dirty, smelly, hot and full of ment for her groceries.
could return to the Philippines and -30- thinks the signs point to a nation
mosquitoes here).” enjoy his carefree life once more. ( Continued on page 14 ) state being behind this attack, as the
September 6-12, 2019 Asian Journal San Diego | 619.474.0588 | Page 11

As the League of Califor- ICE HSI, Marshall University Medtronic EVP

nia Cities applauds partner to fight opioid crisis & CFO Karen
Bamboos passage of Senate Contract to fund development HSI, through the Operational
L. Parkhill to
by Rudy Liporada Bill 5 by Assembly
of investigative cybersecurity
and forensics tool
Technology and Cyber Division
(OTCD), Cyber Crimes Center (C3),
the Washington, D.C. Office of the speak at Morgan
Read previous articles by Rudy Liporada Appropriations U.S. Immigration and Customs
Special Agent in Charge and the
Charleston Office of the Resident Stanley Global
at Enforcement’s (ICE) Homeland
Agent in Charge will oversee the
Security Investigations (HSI) partnership and work closely with

Celebrating Baguio’s 110th Charter has awarded up to $4.25 million

Marshall University to continuously
Bill will Establish State-Local to Marshall University for the inform ICE’s efforts to investigate,

Day Anniversary development and implementation disrupt, and dismantle criminal ac-
Partnership and Ongoing tivity related to the opioid epidemic
Funding that’s Desperately of a tool to aid in opioid investi- DUBLIN, Sept. 03, 2019
in the United States.
As the Bamboos Sway from the foot of Kennon Road, the Needed to Build Housing for gations. (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) --
By Rudy D. Liporada residents have to bear the toxic smog Medtronic plc (NYSE:MDT), the
those Most in Need OTCD supports ICE and the De-
borne from diesel spewing vehicles The statement of work identifies partment of Homeland Security by global leader in medical tech-
In spite of Baguio City now and often uncollected garbage. And the need for a solution to aid HSI improving methods for managing nology, today announced it will
Sacramento – The League of in the investigation, disruption, and
tagged to be in ‘urban decay,’ can one imagine flooding at the cen- different types of information and participate in the Morgan Stanley
ter of the city during storms? California Cities today thanked dismantlement of criminal activ-
former residents of the City cel- operational technology, and direct- 17th Annual Global Healthcare
members of the Assembly Appro- ity fueling the opioid crisis. The
ebrated her 110th Charter Day at ing how these tools are shared with Conference on Tuesday, Septem-
Thus, the Baguioite celebrants at priations Committee for passing Marshall Digital Forensics Informa- other agencies and organizations.
Oceanside, California last Sept. 1, ber 10, 2019, in New York City.
Oceanside could only dwell in their Senate Bill 5 (Beall, McGuire, tion Assurance program’s students, Programs and projects under OTCD
2019. Hosted by David and Angie happy memories of their beloved faculty and facilities will spearhead
Portantino). SB 5 establishes a focus on merging methods and
Macayan-Iheinfeld, more than a City. Their collective stories preserve the effort. Karen Parkhill, executive vice
state partnership with cities and technology that result in better law
hundred Baguioites reminisced in their minds those times when the president and chief financial officer
counties to provide an ongo- enforcement operations.
on the Baguio they used to know, strong scent of pine trees livens one “We must continue to remain one of Medtronic, will answer questions
to know that you are about to reach ing, sustainable and accountable step ahead of the various adversar- about the company beginning at
love, and could only, wistfully, C3 was established in 1997 for
the summit as you start to ascend source of funding that will help ies that threaten our neighborhoods, 10:35 a.m. EDT (9:35 a.m. CDT).
wish for her to revert to her glori- the purpose of combating crimes
Kennon road, where sparse of people build affordable housing to ad- our communities, and ultimately our
ous past. committed on, or facilitated by,
Session Road was not only a thor- dress the housing shortage and nation,” said HSI Washington, D.C. the Internet. C3 brings together A live audio webcast of the session
Chartered to be a city in 1909, the oughfare but a pleasure in itself to homeless crisis. The bill next Special Agent in Charge Raymond highly technical assets dedicated to will be available on September 10,
Americans officially designated drive through or just to amble about; goes to the Assembly floor. Villanueva. “To develop new tech- conducting trans-border criminal 2019, by clicking on the Investors
Baguio as the summer capital of the where caterpillars abound feasting nologies and leverage the full weight investigations of Internet-related Events link at http://investorrela-
Philippines to serve as the R&R of on flower stems; where one could “We urge all Assembly members of the research and development crimes within the HSI portfolio of An archived
their troops to escape the enervat- race with bees to suck at nectars to pass this important legislation to capabilities available to us means immigration and customs authorities. audio file will be available for replay
ing heat from the lowlands specially from Gumamela flowers; where help fund affordable housing to ad- that our efforts to stop this lethal C3 is responsible for identifying and on the same webpage later in the
during the scorching humid sum- one traces spider webs to their dried dress homelessness and the shortage epidemic come from all angles of targeting any cyber crime activity in day.
mer. Nestled among undulating hills leaf hibernations and transfers them of housing for low-income families,” this critical threat to the American which HSI has jurisdiction.
at over 4,000 feet above sea level, to matchbox dormitories, awaken said Carolyn Coleman, executive public.” About Medtronic
she was called with the monikers only when they are transformed director of the League of California Medtronic plc (www.medtronic.
Simla of the Philippines, Cloud Kist into gladiators across reed arenas; Cities. “In communities throughout com), headquartered in Dublin,
City, Pine Scent City, and others to where one could scoop tadpoles in the state, cities simply do not have Ireland, is among the world’s largest
connote a restive mood, tranquility, nearby streams; where one could enough affordable housing avail- medical technology, services and
and just plain fresh air for one to compete using marbles, flash cards, able to low- and very- low income solutions companies – alleviating
rejuvenate. rubber bands, spinning tops, or households. We need more supply pain, restoring health and extending
simple soft drink bottle caps before and to do that, we need ongoing and life for millions of people around the
Not anymore. and after school; where there are sustainable funding. SB 5 creates a world. Medtronic employs more than
grassy hills where one can slide with much-needed partnership between 90,000 people worldwide, serving
Designed by Daniel Burnham for simple cardboards lined with candle the state and local governments. We physicians, hospitals and patients
25,000 residents, Baguio has burst its sticks; where blades of grass teem will work with the broad coalition in more than 150 countries. The
mountains to contain a current popu- with grasshoppers we could catch, of labor, local government, busi- company is focused on collaborating
lation of 400,000. This has caused skewer with reeds, singed with fire, ness, housing and other advocates to with stakeholders around the world
mountains to lose thousands of trees and eaten – crunchy and proteinous; encourage the Assembly to pass this to take healthcare Further, Together.
supplanted with houses, paved roads, where a kumare knows the kumare vital legislation.”
and sky reaching structures that of another kumare; where one can Established in 1898, the League
make her skylines come to naught. sit on the sidewalks of Session Road of California Cities is a nonprofit
Congestion would be an understate- even at wee hours munching on pan- statewide association that advocates
ment as traffic crawl almost always de-sal lined with butter from Baguio for cities with the state and federal
to a halt and pedestrians bumped Superett; where one could meet at governments and provides education
shoulder to shoulder as they huff to Dainty, Star Café, or other iconic and training services to elected and
wherever they are going. Apart from place; and many more memories appointed city officials.
missing the pine scent which used to that just now exist in the minds of so
be ushered upon ascending the City ( Continued on page 10 )
Page 12 Asian Journal San Diego | 619.474.0588 | September 6-12, 2019

______________ 1100 Union St. ORDER TO SHOW CAUSE FOR circulation printed in this county. Asian Petitioner Michael Wilkinson on behalf
San Diego, CA 92101 CHANGE OF NAME Journal: Date August 19, 2019 NOTICE OF HEARING of Landon David Coppin filed a petition
FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATE- A copy of this Order to Show Cause CASE NUMBER: 37—2019 – Peter C. Deddeh 11/21/19 with this court for a decree chang-
MENT NO. 2019-9019460 shall be published at least once each 00043703-CU-PT-CTL Judge of the Superior Court 9:00 AM, Dept. 903 ing names as follows: Landon David
FIXAUTO CHULA VISTA, FIX AUTO week for four successive weeks prior to TO ALL INTERESTED PERSONS: AJ 140 Superior Court Coppin to Landon David Wilkinson.
NATIONAL CITY located at 1814 the date set for hearing on the petition Petitioner Charish Anne C. Espinosa, on 8/23/30 09/06/13/2019 1100 Union St. THE COURT ORDERS that all persons
Roosevelt Ave National City, CA 91950. in the following newspaper of general behalf of a minor child filed a petition ______________ San Diego, CA 92101 interested in this matter shall appear
Registrant: Greenwalds Autobody & circulation printed in this county. Asian with this court for a decree changing A copy of this Order to Show Cause before this court at the hearing indicated
Frameworks Inc, 1814 Roosevelt Ave Journal: Date July 29, 2019 names as follows: Jaylein RaeAnne FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATE- shall be published at least once each below to show cause, if any, why the
National City, CA 91950. This business Peter C. Deddeh Espinosa Hayes to Jaylein RaeAnne C. MENT NO. 2019-9020174 week for four successive weeks prior to petition for change of name should not
is conducted by: Corporation. The first Judge of the Superior Court Espinosa. THE COURT ORDERS that Gemmae Bake Shop Incorporated, the date set for hearing on the petition be granted. Any person objecting to the
day of business was 12/1/16. Signature: AJ 128 all persons interested in this matter shall Gemmae Bake Shop Inc. located at in the following newspaper of general name changes described above must
Daniel Greenwald, CEO. Statement filed 8/16/23/30 09/06/2019 appear before this court at the hearing 10606 Camino Ruiz Ste. 7 San Diego, circulation printed in this county. Asian file a written objection that includes the
with Recorder/County Clerk of San Di- ______________ indicated below to show cause, if any, CA 92126. Registrant: Gemmae Bake Journal: Date August 29, 2019 reasons for the objection at least two
ego County on August 8, 2019 AJ 121 why the petition for change of name Shop Incorporated, 10606 Camino Peter C. Deddeh court days before the matter is sched-
8/16/23/30 09/06/2019 FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATE- should not be granted. Any person ob- Ruiz Ste. 7 San Diego, CA 92126. This Judge of the Superior Court uled to be heard and must appear at the
______________ MENT NO. 2019-9018572 jecting to the name changes described business is conducted by: Corporation. AJ 145 hearing to show cause why the petition
MY HOUSE IS YOUR HOME, INC. above must file a written objection that The first day of business was March 30, 8/30 09/06/13/20/2019 should not be granted. If no written
FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATE- located at 3130 E. Division St. National includes the reasons for the objection at 2019. Signature: Aurora Santos, Presi- ______________ objection is timely filed, the court may
MENT NO. 2019-9019164 City, CA 91950. Registrant: MY HOUSE least two court days before the matter dent. Statement filed with Recorder/ grant the petition without hearing.
ALLIANCE GUEST HOME located at IS YOUR HOME, INC., 3130 E. Division is scheduled to be heard and must ap- County Clerk of San Diego County FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATE-
1525 Oleander Ave, Chula Vista, CA St. National City, CA 91950. This busi- pear at the hearing to show cause why on August 15, 2019 AJ 141 8/23/30 MENT NO. 2019-9021298 NOTICE OF HEARING
91911 and mailing address at 3815 Val- ness is conducted by: Corporation. The the petition should not be granted. If no 09/06/13/2019 So Sweet Dessert Bar located at 7380 10/17/19
ley Vista Rd Bonita, CA 91902. Reg- first day of business was January 1, written objection is timely filed, the court ______________ San Pasqual St. Lemon Grove , CA 9:00 AM, Dept. 903
istrant: Henrietta Pineda Chong, 3815 2019. Signature: Jorelle Deloeste Sosito, may grant the petition without hearing. 91945 and mailing address PO Box 686 Superior Court
Valley Vista Rd Bonita, CA 91902. This CEO. Statement filed with Recorder/ STATEMENT OF ABANDONMENT OF Bonita, CA 91908. Registrant: Francisco 1100 Union St.
business is conducted by: Individual. County Clerk of San Diego County on NOTICE OF HEARING USE OF FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME Raul Estrada, 7380 San Pasqual St. San Diego, CA 92101
Signature: Henrietta Pineda Chong. July 29, 2019 AJ 129 8/16/23/30 11/07/19 ( B & P Code 17922) Lemon Grove , CA 91945. This business A copy of this Order to Show Cause
Statement filed with Recorder/County 09/06/2019 9:00 AM, Dept. 903 FBN# 2019-9020811 is conducted by: Individual. Signature: shall be published at least once each
Clerk of San Diego County on August 5, ______________ Superior Court Fictitious business name(s) to be aban- Francisco Raul Estrada. Statement filed week for four successive weeks prior to
2019 AJ 122 8/16/23/30 09/06/2019 1100 Union St. doned: THE CROWD COLLECTIVE with Recorder/County Clerk of San Di- the date set for hearing on the petition
______________ FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATE- San Diego, CA 92101 Located at: 7414 ALSACIA ST., SAN ego County on August 29, 2019 AJ 146 in the following newspaper of general
MENT NO. 2019-9020102 A copy of this Order to Show Cause DIEGO, CA 92139 09/06/13/20/27/2019 circulation printed in this county. Asian
FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATE- New Massage Eden located at 1745 shall be published at least once each The Fictitious Business Name Referred ______________ Journal: Date July 30, 2019
MENT NO. 2019-9019553 Eastlake Parkway #105 Chula Vista, week for four successive weeks prior to to Above was filed in San Diego County Peter C. Deddeh
PAC UR BAGS located at 946 Donax CA 91915 and mailing address at 557 the date set for hearing on the petition on: 01/23/2017 and assigned File no. FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATE- Judge of the Superior Court
Ave. #1383 Imperial Beach, CA 91933. Telegraph Canyon Rd. Chula Vista, CA in the following newspaper of general 2017- 001942   MENT NO. 2019-9019750 AJ 152
Registrant: Elsa Sifontes, 946 Donax 91910. Registrant: YuanLin Corp. , 998 circulation printed in this county. Asian Fictitious Business Name is being Inhale Smoke Shop, Spring Valley 09/06/13/20/27/2019
Ave. #1383 Imperial Beach, CA 91933. Silver Oak Pl, Chula Vista, CA 91914. Journal: Date August 20, 2019 Abandoned by: NEIL JOHN SANTOS, Smoke Shop, The Valley Smoke Shop, ______________
This business is conducted by: Indi- This business is conducted by: Corpora- Peter C. Deddeh 7414 ALSACIA ST., SAN DIEGO, CA  Valley Smoke Shop located at 1355
vidual. The first day of business was tion. The first day of business was June Judge of the Superior Court 92139; JOENEL BUGAYONG SINLAO, Broadway #S Chula Vista, CA 91911. ORDER TO SHOW CAUSE FOR
August 1, 2019. Signature: Elsa Sifontes. 1, 2018. Signature: Jun Deng, Manager. AJ 137 3942 PALM AVENUE, SAN DIEGO, CA Registrant: Blooming Enterprises, CHANGE OF NAME
Statement filed with Recorder/County Statement filed with Recorder/County 8/23/30 09/06/13/2019 92154; FROILAN APOLO LABACO, JR., Inc., 2760 Lake Pointe Dr #205 Spring CASE NUMBER: 37—2019 –
Clerk of San Diego County on August 9, Clerk of San Diego County on Aug. 14, ______________ 6801 BULLOCK DRIVE, SAN DIEGO, Valley, CA 91911 . This business is 00039459-CU-PT-CTL
2019 AJ 123 8/16/23/30 09/06/2019 2019 AJ 130 8/16/23/30 09/06/2019 CA 92114 conducted by: Corporation. Signature: TO ALL INTERESTED PERSONS:
______________ ______________ ORDER TO SHOW CAUSE FOR This Business Is Conducted By: Gen- Randy Sadiq, CEO. Statement filed with Petitioner Michael Wilkinson & Bethany
CHANGE OF NAME eral Partnership Recorder/County Clerk of San Diego Wilkinson on behalf of Jay Alquist filed
FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATE- FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATE- CASE NUMBER: 37—2019 – I declare that all information in this County on August 12, 2019 AJ 147 a petition with this court for a decree
MENT NO. 2019-9019525 MENT NO. 2019-9020100 00042640-CU-PT-CTL statement is true and correct. (A regis- 09/06/13/20/27/2019 changing names as follows: Jay Patrick
California Affordable Builder Construc- New Massage Eden located at 557 TO ALL INTERESTED PERSONS: Pe- trant who declares as true any material ______________ Alquist to Jake Michael Wilkinson.
tion Co. located at 5350 Baltimore Dr. Telegraph Canyon Rd. Chula Vista, CA titioner Nina Hyun Millar filed a petition matter pursuant to Section 17913 of the THE COURT ORDERS that all persons
#72 La Mesa, CA 91942. Registrant: 91910. Registrant: YuanLin Corp., 998 with this court for a decree changing Business and Professions code that the FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATE- interested in this matter shall appear
Jose J. Ochoa, 5350 Baltimore Dr. #72, Silver Oak Pl, Chula Vista, CA 91914. names as follows: Nina Hyun Millar registrant knows to be false is guilty of a MENT NO. 2019-9020858 before this court at the hearing indicated
La Mesa, CA 91942. This business is This business is conducted by: Corpora- to Nina Hyun Roberts. THE COURT misdemeanor punishable by a fine not to Laundry Time located at 6271 Impe- below to show cause, if any, why the
conducted by: Individual. The first day of tion. The first day of business was June ORDERS that all persons interested in exceed one thousand dollars ($1,000).) rial Ave San Diego, CA 92114. Regis- petition for change of name should not
business was July 10, 2019. Signature: 1, 2018. Signature: Jun Deng, Manager. this matter shall appear before this court Signed;  JOENEL B. SINLAO trant: JX3 LLC , 1310 N Creekside Dr be granted. Any person objecting to the
Jose J. Ochoa. Statement filed with Statement filed with Recorder/County at the hearing indicated below to show This statement was filed with the Chula Vista, CA 91915. This business is name changes described above must
Recorder/County Clerk of San Diego Clerk of San Diego County on Aug. 14, cause, if any, why the petition for change County of San Diego on AUG-23-2019. conducted by: Limited Liability Com- file a written objection that includes the
County on August 8, 2019 AJ 124 2019 AJ 131 8/16/23/30 09/06/2019 of name should not be granted. Any AJ 142 8/30 09/06/13/20/2019 pany. Signature: Georgina Tsutsumi, reasons for the objection at least two
8/16/23/30 09/06/2019 ______________ person objecting to the name changes ______________ Managing Member. Statement filed with court days before the matter is sched-
______________ described above must file a written ob- Recorder/County Clerk of San Diego uled to be heard and must appear at the
FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATE- jection that includes the reasons for the ORDER TO SHOW CAUSE FOR County on August 26, 2019 AJ 148 hearing to show cause why the petition
FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATE- MENT NO. 2019-9020101 objection at least two court days before CHANGE OF NAME 09/06/13/20/27/2019 should not be granted. If no written
MENT NO. 2019-9019488 New Massage Eden located at 738 the matter is scheduled to be heard and CASE NUMBER: 37—2019 – ______________ objection is timely filed, the court may
Thriven Supply Company, Thriven Otay Lakes Rd., Chula Vista, CA 91910 must appear at the hearing to show 00040549-CU-PT-CTL grant the petition without hearing.
Clothing located at 6980 Ramfos Lane, and mailing address at 557 Telegraph cause why the petition should not be TO ALL INTERESTED PERSONS: FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATE-
San Diego, CA 92139. Registrant: Canyon Rd. Chula Vista, CA 91910. granted. If no written objection is timely Petitioner Anthony Gilbert Garcia filed MENT NO. 2019-9021144 NOTICE OF HEARING
Froilan Apolo Labaco Jr , 6980 Ram- Registrant: YuanLin Corp. , 998 Silver filed, the court may grant the petition a petition with this court for a decree Laundry Time located at 550 E Eighth 10/17/19
fos Lane, San Diego, CA 92139. This Oak Pl, Chula Vista, CA 91914. This without hearing. changing names as follows: Anthony Gil- St. #3-5 National City, CA 91950 and 9:00 AM, Dept. 903
business is conducted by: Individual. business is conducted by: Corporation. bert Garcia to Anthony Gilbert Bautista. mailing address at 550 E Eighth St. #5 Superior Court
The first day of business was August 8, The first day of business was June 1, NOTICE OF HEARING THE COURT ORDERS that all persons National City, CA 91950. Registrant: JX3 1100 Union St.
2019. Signature: Froilan Apolo Labaco 2018. Signature: Jun Deng, Manager. 10/31/19 interested in this matter shall appear LLC , 1310 N Creekside Dr Chula Vista, San Diego, CA 92101
Jr.. Statement filed with Recorder/ Statement filed with Recorder/County 9:00 AM, Dept. 903 before this court at the hearing indicated CA 91915. This business is conducted A copy of this Order to Show Cause
County Clerk of San Diego County on Clerk of San Diego County on Aug. 14, Superior Court below to show cause, if any, why the by: Limited Liability Company. Signature: shall be published at least once each
August 8, 2019 AJ 125 8/16/23/30 2019 AJ 132 8/16/23/30 09/06/2019 1100 Union St. petition for change of name should not Georgina Tsutsumi, Managing Member. week for four successive weeks prior to
09/06/2019 ______________ San Diego, CA 92101 be granted. Any person objecting to the Statement filed with Recorder/County the date set for hearing on the petition
______________ A copy of this Order to Show Cause name changes described above must Clerk of San Diego County on August in the following newspaper of general
FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATE- shall be published at least once each file a written objection that includes the 28, 2019 AJ 149 09/06/13/20/27/2019 circulation printed in this county. Asian
FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATE- MENT NO. 2019-9019961 week for four successive weeks prior to reasons for the objection at least two ______________ Journal: Date July 30, 2019
MENT NO. 2019-9019490 Center for Exceptionally Capable Chil- the date set for hearing on the petition court days before the matter is sched- Peter C. Deddeh
The Crowd Collective located at 3942 dren, The Bridge of San Diego located in the following newspaper of general uled to be heard and must appear at the ORDER TO SHOW CAUSE FOR Judge of the Superior Court
Palm Ave, San Diego, CA 92154. Reg- at 15870 Camino San Bernardo Apt circulation printed in this county. Asian hearing to show cause why the petition CHANGE OF NAME AJ 153
istrant: Joenel Bugayong Sinlao , 3942 156, San Diego, CA 92127 and mailing Journal: Date August 15, 2019 should not be granted. If no written CASE NUMBER: 37—2019 – 09/06/13/20/27/2019
Palm Ave, San Diego, CA 92154 and address PO Box 500691, San Diego, CA Peter C. Deddeh objection is timely filed, the court may 00046219-CU-PT-CTL ______________
Froilan Apolo Labaco Jr., 6980 Ramfos 92150. Registrant: Josephine Harper- Judge of the Superior Court grant the petition without hearing. TO ALL INTERESTED PERSONS:
Ln San Diego , CA 92139. This business Thornton, 15870 Camino San Bernardo AJ 138 Petitioner Bui, Tung Son & Pham, Anh FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATE-
is conducted by: General Partnership. Apt 156, San Diego, CA 92127. This 8/23/30 09/06/13/2019 NOTICE OF HEARING Thi Tram on behalf of Minor Bui, Huy MENT NO. 2019-9021677
The first day of business was August business is conducted by: Individual. ______________ 10/24/19 Quoc filed a petition with this court for Concrete Coordinators Inc. located at
8, 2019. Signature: Joenel Bugayong The first day of business was January 9:00 AM, Dept. 903 a decree changing names as follows: 2140 K Avenue Unit A, National City, CA
Sinlao. Statement filed with Recorder/ 15,2008 Signature: Josephine Harper- FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATE- Superior Court Bui, Huy Quoc to Bui,Daniel Huyquoc. 91950 . Registrant: Concrete Coordina-
County Clerk of San Diego County on Thornton. Statement filed with Recorder/ MENT NO. 2019-9020341 1100 Union St. THE COURT ORDERS that all persons tors Inc., 2140 K Avenue Unit A, National
August 8, 2019 AJ 126 8/16/23/30 County Clerk of San Diego County on Shirt x F located at 424 Shell Ave. San Diego, CA 92101 interested in this matter shall appear City, CA 91950 This business is con-
09/06/2019 Aug. 13, 2019 AJ 133 8/16/23/30 National City, CA 91950. Registrant: A copy of this Order to Show Cause before this court at the hearing indicated ducted by: Corporation. The first day of
______________ 09/06/2019 Domingo Rainier Almazan Fernandez shall be published at least once each below to show cause, if any, why the business was Sept.5, 2019. Signature:
______________ III, 424 Shell Ave. National City, CA week for four successive weeks prior to petition for change of name should not Shy Sanchez, CEO. Statement filed with
FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATE- 91950 and Ray Almazan Fernandez, 811 the date set for hearing on the petition be granted. Any person objecting to the Recorder/County Clerk of San Diego
MENT NO. 2019-9019882 FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATE- Olive Ave. National City, CA 91950 This in the following newspaper of general name changes described above must County on September 05, 2019 AJ 154
Mesa Farms located at 5155 Del Mar MENT NO. 2019-9020118 business is conducted by: Co-Partners. circulation printed in this county. Asian file a written objection that includes the 09/06/13/20/27/2019
Mesa Road, San Diego, CA 92130 San Diego Scenes and Styles located Registrant first commenced to transact Journal: Date August 05, 2019 reasons for the objection at least two
and with mailing address at 5187 Del at 7007 Friars Rd#2 San Diego, CA business under the above name on Peter C. Deddeh court days before the matter is sched-
Mar Mesa Road San Diego, CA 92130. 92108 and mailing address at 4420 08/19/19. Signature: Domingo Rainier Judge of the Superior Court uled to be heard and must appear at the
Registrant: Gerald Charles Mc Caw, Delta St. Apt. 2 San Diego, CA 92113. Almazan Fernandez III. Statement filed AJ 143 hearing to show cause why the petition The Asian Journal is a legally ad-
5187 Del Mar Mesa Road San Diego, CA Registrant: Ahmad Khalid Khaliqyar, with Recorder/County Clerk of San Di- 8/30 09/06/13/20/2019 should not be granted. If no written
92130 and George Sands Slayter, 5155 4420 Delta St. Apt. 2 San Diego, CA ego County on August 19, 2019 AJ 139 ______________
judicated newspaper of General Cir-
objection is timely filed, the court may culation in the State of California. It
Del Mar Mesa Road, San Diego, CA 92113. This business is conducted by: 8/23/30 09/06/13/2019 grant the petition without hearing.
92130. This business is conducted by: Individual. Signature: Ahmad Khalid ______________ FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATE- is authorized to print official legal
Co- Partners. The first day of business Khaliqyar. Statement filed with Recorder/ MENT NO. 2019-9020947 notices of all types including Liens,
was August 8, 2019. Signature: Gerald County Clerk of San Diego County on ORDER TO SHOW CAUSE FOR Marble Produce located at 5663 Fictitious Names, Change of Name,
Charles Mc Caw. Statement filed with August 15, 2019 AJ 134 8/16/23/30 CHANGE OF NAME Balboa Ave, #230 San Diego, CA 92111. 9:00 AM, Dept. 903
Abandonment, Estate Sales, Auc-
Recorder/County Clerk of San Diego 09/06/2019 CASE NUMBER: 37—2019 – Registrant: Ping Lu, 5663 Balboa Superior Court tions, Public Offerings, Court Or-
County on August 13, 2019 AJ 127 ______________ 00043381-CU-PT-CTL Ave, #230 San Diego, CA 92111. This 1100 Union St. dered publishing, etc.
8/16/23/30 09/06/2019 TO ALL INTERESTED PERSONS: business is conducted by: Individual. San Diego, CA 92101 To advertise, call (619)-474-0588
______________ FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATE- Petitioner Michelle Espejo filed a petition Signature: Ping Lu. Statement filed with A copy of this Order to Show Cause or send message to asianjournal@
MENT NO. 2019-9020529 with this court for a decree changing Recorder/County Clerk of San Diego shall be published at least once each The Asian Journal is also
ORDER TO SHOW CAUSE FOR High Vibing Life, High Vibe Granola names as follows: Michelle Espejo to County on August 26, 2019 AJ 144 week for four successive weeks prior to available in digital form. Visit our
CHANGE OF NAME located at 2902 Jarvis St. #2, San Diego, Michelle Espejo-Vera. THE COURT 8/30 09/06/13/20/2019 the date set for hearing on the petition website at www.asianjournalusa.
CASE NUMBER: 37—2019 – CA 92106. Registrant: Clarisse Live Well ORDERS that all persons interested in ______________ in the following newspaper of general com. A multi-award winning news-
00039074-CU-PT-CTL LLC, 2902 Jarvis St. #2, San Diego, CA this matter shall appear before this court circulation printed in this county. Asian paper, the Asian Journal is published
TO ALL INTERESTED PERSONS: 92106. This business is conducted by: at the hearing indicated below to show ORDER TO SHOW CAUSE FOR Journal: Date Sept. 04, 2019 weekly every Friday and distributed
Petitioner Maha Allapitan Macanas filed Limited Liability Company. Signature: cause, if any, why the petition for change CHANGE OF NAME Peter C. Deddeh all over San Diego County. Advertis-
a petition with this court for a decree Clarisse Jereza, Owner CEO. Statement of name should not be granted. Any CASE NUMBER: 37—2019 – Judge of the Superior Court ing deadline is every Wednesday at 5
changing names as follows: Maha filed with Recorder/County Clerk of San person objecting to the name changes 00045462-CU-PT-CTL AJ 150 p.m. prior to the publication date. For
Allapitan Macanas to Maha Allapitan Diego County on August 20, 2019 AJ described above must file a written ob- TO ALL INTERESTED PERSONS: 09/06/13/20/27/2019 advertising and subscription informa-
Fernandez. THE COURT ORDERS that 135 8/23/30 09/06/13/2019 jection that includes the reasons for the Petitioner Toraj Orodpour and Ra- ______________
all persons interested in this matter shall ______________ objection at least two court days before heleh Bafiantousi on behalf of minor
tion, call (619) 474-0588 or send an
appear before this court at the hearing the matter is scheduled to be heard and child filed a petition with this court for email message to asianjournal@aol.
FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATE- com. The Asian Journal is not respon-
indicated below to show cause, if any, FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATE- must appear at the hearing to show a decree changing names as follows: MENT NO. 2019-9019504
why the petition for change of name MENT NO. 2019-9019414 cause why the petition should not be Mohammadnikan Orodpour to Nicholas sible for unsolicited manuscripts and
Shi9 located at 10066 Baffin Dr. San
should not be granted. Any person ob- CLEANAIR BENEFITS located at 4002 granted. If no written objection is timely Orodpour. THE COURT ORDERS that phtographs but welcomes submis-
Diego, CA 92126 . Registrant: Pro Pool
jecting to the name changes described Calmoor Street, National City, CA 91950. filed, the court may grant the petition all persons interested in this matter shall Route Service Inc., 10066 Baffin Dr.
sions. Entire content is copyrighted
above must file a written objection that Registrant: Mirafe De Leon Manlutac without hearing. appear before this court at the hearing San Diego, CA 92126 This business is material by Asian Journal. Materials
includes the reasons for the objection at and Edilberto Guiao Manlutac, 4002 indicated below to show cause, if any, conducted by: Corporation. Signature: in this publication may not be repro-
least two court days before the matter Calmoor Street, National City, CA 91950. NOTICE OF HEARING why the petition for change of name Eric Thomas Kummero, CEO. Statement duced without specific permission
is scheduled to be heard and must ap- This business is conducted by: Married 11/07/19 should not be granted. Any person ob- filed with Recorder/County Clerk of San from the Asian Journal publisher.
pear at the hearing to show cause why Couple. Registrant first commenced to 9:00 AM, Dept. 903 jecting to the name changes described Diego County on August 08, 2019 AJ
the petition should not be granted. If no transact business under the above name Superior Court above must file a written objection that 151 09/06/13/20/27/2019
written objection is timely filed, the court on 08/07/19. Signature: Mirafe De Leon 1100 Union St. includes the reasons for the objection at ______________
may grant the petition without hearing. Manlutac. Statement filed with Record- San Diego, CA 92101 least two court days before the matter Call the Asian Journal
er/County Clerk of San Diego County A copy of this Order to Show Cause is scheduled to be heard and must ap-
NOTICE OF HEARING on August 07, 2019 AJ 136 8/23/30 shall be published at least once each pear at the hearing to show cause why
at 619.474.0588
9:00 AM, Dept. 903
week for four successive weeks prior to
the date set for hearing on the petition
the petition should not be granted. If no
written objection is timely filed, the court
CASE NUMBER: 37—2019 – for your
Superior Court in the following newspaper of general may grant the petition without hearing. TO ALL INTERESTED PERSONS: advertising needs.
Asian Journal
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The Gospel newspaper website launched in

1995, reach a combined 6.6 mil-

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death could stop His plan of offering
lion readers daily. USA TODAY is
a leader in mobile applications with HONEST WHITE CHRISTIAN GENTLEMAN the City of San Diego (City) is
seeking to receive Electronic
Chua, Tinsay, Vega
Law Office
more than 16 million downloads Bids for the below named 1901 First Ave, # 302
eternal life. Those who believe in
Jesus can hope for a resurrection like
on mobile devices. USA TODAY is Healthy, financially/emotionally secure, Public Works project. The San Diego, CA 92101
His. Our role is to tell His story to
owned by Gannett Co., Inc. (NYSE:
GCI). accomplished, humorous, kind, romantic, solicitation, including plans
and specifications, may be
all the earth so that everyone may
sincere, reliable, and faithful. I enjoy Tel. 619) 955.6277
obtained from the City’s web-
share in His victory.
Christ has no use for those of us giving flowers, candy, and little site at: https://www.sandiego.
gov/cip/bidopps Contractors DeBenedetto
who call ourselves Christians but do
nothing about it. Like many people
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gift-wrapped surprises. intending to submit a Bid Law Offices
Atty. Michael Yap
during that time who were God’s using the country’s ethnic writing Dancing, dining out, parks, tourist sites, must be prequalified. Please
refer to the solicitation for (619.696.6294)
people in name only, we are of no
value if we are Christians in name
Good News Pilipinas learned in walking handing-hand, all leading instructions. Project Name:
Clay Avenue Mini Park
2655 Camino Del Rio
only. If others can’t see our faith the media presentation at Google to a long-term relationship. Project Number: K-20-1854-
North #446 San Diego, CA
in the way we live, we may not be
God’s people at all.
Philippines’ headquarters in Taguig
that the Gboard update is part of the I am 5’9”, 150 pounds, and enjoy DBB-3 Estimated Value: $
692,100.00 Bid Open Date: Tel. (619) 696.6294
To be productive for God, we must company’s efforts to help preserve vibrant good health. 10/16/2019, at 2:00 P.M .
obey His teachings, resist tempta-
tion, actively serve and help our
the local languages. Google notes
that 175 out of the 185 officially- 110-pound, affectionate, fit and healthy lady License Requirement: A It is
the policy of the City of San
Law Office of E.B. Alejo
240 Woodlawn Ave., # 14
fellow man, and share our faith. listed languages in the Philippines wanted. Any age, but close to 44 is preferred. Diego to encourage equal Chula Vista, CA 91910
When we become a Christian, we are
baptized as a sign that we had asked
are indigenous. Eleven of these are
in danger of vanishing. Call me at 619.792.2270. Thanks! opportunity in its Construc-
tion and Consultant contracts.
Tel. (619) 203-5782
God for forgiveness and been given “At Google, we are committed Bids or proposals from local
to helping preserve the country’s firms, small, minority-owned, Law Office of
a new purpose in life. But baptism
is an outward sign only. The real local languages and scripts through disabled, veteran-owned, and Rogelio Karagdag
sign of our repentance was whether relevant technology. Adding more women-owned businesses 10717 Camino Ruiz # 102
our lives have changed for the bet- Filipino languages and scripts on Work for the San Diego’s are strongly encouraged.
Contractors are encouraged
San Diego, CA 92126
ter. It is not the water of baptism helpful products like Translate and Tel. (858) 348-7475
to subcontract with and/or
that changes our lives, but the inner Gboard is one of the ways we show Top Home Care Agency! participate in joint ventures
attitude of our heart. Everyone will this commitment,” Google Philip- with these firms. The City is Law Office of
one day be baptized – either now by pines Marketing Head Gabby Roxas committed to equal opportu- Susan V. Perez, APC
stated during its office celebration of
God’s Holy Spirit or later by the fire
of His judgement.
Matthew is a great example of a
Buwan ng Wika in the Philippines.
Roxas also encouraged the gathered
Now Hiring nity and will not discriminate
with regard to race, religion,
color, ancestry, age, gender,
1901 First Ave # 108/110
San Diego, CA 92101
person who was willing to lose some media to learn to use Baybayin and Exerienced Caregivers disability, medical condition
of his status for the benefit of many. the other native scripts. To initiate or place of birth; and will not
More than any other disciple, Mat- the media’s learning process, Google for Live-In & Hourly Shifts do business with any firm that
Tel. (619) 819-8648
thew had a clear idea of how much Philippines had calligraphist and discriminates on any basis.
Reyes and Teodoro
it would cost to follow Jesus, yet he Baybayin advocate, Taipan Lucero, Top Pay • Flexible Hours • Great Benefits Bids shall be received no
later than the date and time Law Offices
did not hesitate a moment. When facilitate a workshop on writing
the indigenous script, by hand, on noted above at: City of San 2240 E. Plaza Blvd, # P
he left his tax-collecting booth, he
guaranteed himself unemployment. paper. Google officials also had the
Requirements Diego’s Electronic Biding Site National City, CA 91950
For several of the other disciples participants use the Gboard to send • 3 professional references PlanetBids at: https://www. Reyes
information using Baybayin.
there was always fishing to return to, • Proof of eligibility to work in the US tal.cfm?CompanyID=17950
Tel. (619) 259-6464
but for Matthew there was no turn- The Google Gboard, a mobile app that
enhances the keyboard of messaging James Nagelvoort, Director
ing back. Department of Public Works CAREGIVERS
Two changes happened to Matthew apps and devices, allows for internet
searching and sending information,
Call for an appointment September 4, 2019 Home Care Assistance
when he decided to follow Jesus. Tel. (760) 635-3646
First, Jesus gave him a new life. He
emojis, and access to Google Translate – Monday - Friday, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. 9/6/19
directly from the keyboard. CNS-3290004#
not only belonged to a new group; The internet industry giant had previ- ASIAN JOURNAL CARGO SERVICES
he now belongs to the Son of God, ously called for the preservation of La Jolla Apply Online! 4 A’s Cargo, Inc.
accepting to do His will! Second,
Jesus gave Matthew a new purpose
Puerto Princesa Underground River and
continues to showcase the Philippines 858-842-1346 Democracy Works c/o Nonong Roxas

and the Ad Council

for his skills – skills to be used for though the Google Doodles. Tel. (858) 221-3088
the good of many. Google Philippines also recently

partner to conduct
When he followed Jesus, the only brought together a select group of news CASINOS
tool from his past job that he carried organizations for a Google News Initia- Jamul Casino
tive session on newsgathering using

research on attitudes
was his pen. From the beginning, 14145 Campo Road,
Jesus made him a record-keeper. Jamul, CA 91935
Jesus’ call eventually allowed him
and perceptions
to put his skills to their finest work. H Mart is seeking Stocking Clerks
Matthew was a keen observer, and
for Seafood, Meat, Produce,
around voting
he must have mentally recorded Sycuan Casino
5468 Casino Way
what he saw going on around him.
The Gospel that bears his name came Grocery, and other departments. El Cajon, CA 92019
as a result. (Full Time and Part Time) Research to focus on Generation Tel. (619) 445-6002 ext 1215
Matthew’s experiences points out Z, Millennials, Generation X, and
that each of us, from the beginning, Baby Boomers and will include DENTISTS
is one of God’s works in progress. message testing to inform com-
God gave us the tools for our work Visit our stores , munications programs designed (James) Jamshid Khazian
with Him long before we conscious-
ly respond to His call. He trusted email or call to increase voter engagement 727 E. Grand Ave, # C
Escondido, CA 92025
us with skills and abilities ahead of
schedule. He has made each of us
(562) 879-8591 to apply New York, New York - Democ-
racy Works and the Ad Council Dr, Myrna Lazaga
capable of helping Him spread His
word. announced a partnership to 914 East 8th St, #208
Locations: conduct research on attitudes National City, CA 91950
Temecula 9440 Mira Mesa Bl.,
San Diego, CA 92126
and perceptions around voting in
an effort to increase U.S. voter
Tel. (619) 477-0570

( Continued from page 16 ) Dr. Ronaldo Saldana

Tel. (858) 577-0060 engagement in 2020 and beyond. 665 H St, Suite E
About The research, which will be Chula Vista, CA 91910
conducted over the summer with provides users with 7725 Balboa Ave, San Diego, CA 92111 results announced in an exten-
original, unbiased, and experiential Tel. (619) 422-7252
travel content of top attractions, Tel. (858) 836-9230 sive report this September, will
things to see and do, and restaurants include various research methods DRIVING LESSONS
for top destinations in the U.S. and and message testing among Gen-
around the world. The core of the eration Z, Millennials, Generation Michael V. Aguilar
site's uniqueness is its team of local X, and Baby Boomers. Tel. (619) 370-8493
travel experts: a well-traveled and
well-educated group who are not The insights will provide evidence-
only experts in their fields - and their JEWELLERS
based recommendations on messag-
cities - but discriminating in their ing in order to support future voter
tastes. These local experts live in the engagement efforts for the field,
Daniels Jewelry
city they write about so the con- including non partisan organizations,
tent is constantly updated. 10Best. public officials such as Secretaries of Tel. (800) 819-8000
com averages 5 million visitors per State, and corporations.
month. It was acquired by USA “Democracy only works if the RESTAURANTS
TODAY in January of 2013. people vote. Marrying our technol-
ogy-driven approach with the Ad ONAMI Seafood Buffet & BBQ
About USA Today Council's exceptional storytelling 1640 Camino del Rio North
will invite millions of voters into #206, San Diego CA 92108
USA TODAY is a multi-platform elections and materially strengthen
news and information media
Tel. (619) 295-9774
our democracy.” – Seth Flaxman,
company. Founded in 1982, USA CEO, Democracy Works
TODAY's mission is to serve as a The new research will also probe atti-
forum for better understanding and tudes, perceptions and messages among
unity to help make the USA truly several voting populations including San Diego Gas & Electric
one nation. Through its unique visual Hispanic Americans, rural Americans, To learn more about assis-
storytelling, USA TODAY delivers African American, Asian Americans, and tance programs for those
high-quality and engaging content veterans. Additionally, the research will with limited income, visit
across print, digital, social and video provide insights on the current mindset
of Generation Z voters who will be vot- or call 211
platforms. An innovator of news and ing in significant percentages in 2020 for ____________________
information, USA TODAY reflects the first time and compare their perspec-
the pulse of the nation and serves as tives among Millennials, Generation X,
the host of the American conversa- Asian Journal regular
and Baby Boomers. It will also look at
tion — today, tomorrow and for the most current insights from the most advertisers get a free listing in
decades to follow. USA TODAY, recent elections, the 2018 midterms. the Classified Directory which
the nation's number one newspaper Following the initial study, the Ad makes it easier for people
in print circulation with an average Council will identify the most resonating to find and avail of their
of more than 1.6 million daily, and messaging insights and narratives to test
in the fall.
products and services., an award-winning
Page 14 Asian Journal San Diego | 619.474.0588 | September 6-12, 2019

Rappler’s Patricia Evangelista is 2019 Marshall McLuhan fellow

Walk With Me
A journey from birth to eternity
Evangelista is lauded for her Jun Veneracion (GMA-7)
investigations into the Duterte Chiara Zambrano (ABS-CBN)
administration's war on drugs,
Broadcast journalist Christian Es-
by Paulina Evangelista where she found strong indica- guerra received the award of distinc-
tions that local police had out- tion from CMFR.
Paulina Evangelisga is a feature writer and colum- sourced killings to vigilantes Esguerra earned praise for his
nist of the Asian Journal San Diego. This part of a explanatory journalism as a writer
series of articles that will be publsihed in book form. — for ABS-CBN online and as the host
MANILA, Philippines – Rap- of ABS-CBN News Channel’s Early

pler multimedia journalist Patricia Edition.
Evangelista was named Marshall During the panel discussion, the
McLuhan Fellow on Thursday, journalists lamented the deteriora-
Chapter 8 of "Walk With Me" There was a Miss Universe pag- August 29. tion of press freedom and discourse
eant, and my family decided to go to under the Duterte administration, no-
by Paulina Geniza tably how it had restricted the access
our cousins’ house and watch it. It The Marshall McLuhan Award is
was an exciting time, watching the presented annually by the Center for of critical journalists and how it had
Miracles do happen every day, become submissive to China in its
contestants from all over the world. Media Freedom and Responsibility
and we take them for granted. We saw all their beautiful costumes claim over the West Philippine Sea.
and the Canadian Embassy in the MODEL JOURNALIST. Patricia Evangelista is the 2019 Marshall McLuhan fellow.
How many of us appreciate the in color for the first time Philippines to a Filipino journalist The journalists also noted attacks
little miracles we enjoy every day Does the good Lord know how who has exhibited excellent work in against journalists, both online and fellows, including Sheila S. Coronel O. Arguillas (MindaNews), Cheche
for free? The sunshine we get color makes a difference in our the preceding year. offline, as threats to press freedom. (Columbia Journalism School and Lazaro (ProbeTV), and Rappler edi-
every day and the moon we en- lives? Of course he does! He knew Evangelista was lauded by the Ca- The Marshall McLuhan Fellowship Stabile Center for Investigative tors Glenda M. Gloria and Miriam
from the beginning that our eyes nadian embassy for her investigative was first awarded in 1997. Twenty- Journalism), Yvonne T. Chua (VERA Grace A. Go. –
joy looking at night—have we one journalists have been named as
would see the beauty of the world in stories on the Philippines govern- Files), Ed Lingao (TV5), Carolyn
said a little prayer of thanks for
Duckworth visits Vietnam & Thailand as part of Armed
them? Thank you, Lord! The free color! ment's bloody anti-drug campaign.
I came home from watching that In her Impunity Series, Evangelista
air that we breathe, the water that
Services Committee Congressional delegation
pageant and realized how color tele- unveiled how drug suspects were
we drink, and the food that we vision was different from black and summarily executed by vigilantes,
eat—have we ever wondered who white. Had I not seen it on television, which, in some cases, were identi-
is behind all these miracles I would never have appreciated the fied by the families of the victims as [WASHINGTON, D.C.] — Combat as the United Nations delivering Duckworth’s trip began in Ha-
fact that our eyes have tele-cameras cops. Her investigation continued Veteran and U.S. Senator Tammy humanitarian aid in the region after waii, where she was briefed by the
I remember one Franciscan priest from the day we are born that give with the Murder in Manila series, Duckworth (D-IL) last week visited he served in the U.S. Armed Forces. Defense POW/MIA Accounting
who was teaching religion when I us pictures in living color! where she found strong indications Vietnam and Thailand as part of a Photos from Senator Duckworth’s Agency (DPAA), U.S. Pacific Fleet
was in high school. He talked about Nothing comes free in this world, that the killings of drug suspects U.S. Senate Committee on Armed Congressional Delegation visit to (PACFLT) Command, U.S. Indo-
the miracles of nature. The topic even if nature has provided it at no were outsourced by local police to Services delegation, where she met Southeast Asia are available here. Pacific Command (INDOPACOM)
that really stayed with me was the cost. Rain comes from the sky, and vigilantes. with top government officials, deliv- “This trip to Southeast Asia allowed and others. Duckworth then travelled
chicken and the egg. it is always free, but when we use it The award was presented during the ered an address on the importance me the opportunity to speak to Thai to Vietnam, where she visited U.S.
He said, “My mother cooked in our houses, we pay our water bill. 2019 Jaime V. Ongpin Journalism of serving one’s nation to a group of military cadets, visit with wounded Senator John McCain’s Memorial
chicken, and I always wondered who The sun shines every day for free, Seminar (JVOJS), which gathered 7 Thai military cadets as well as re- warriors, see Senator McCain’s Statue, attended a roundtable with
made the chicken? My mother is but we pay the electric company, journalists “chosen on the basis of ceived an audience with the Princess Memorial Statue and be granted an disability advocates and met with
a very simple lady who can’t even which provides electricity and power the quality of their reports in print, of Thailand, Her Royal Highness audience with Her Royal Highness Vietnam’s National Assembly Vice
make an egg.” Where do the egg and in our homes. We breathe the free television and online.” Maha Chakri Sirindhorn to discuss Sirindhorn,” Duckworth said. “It’s President, Deputy Minister of Na-
chicken come from? It’s that never- air every second, but when we need The panelists in this year’s JVOJS bilateral relations between our two critical that we strengthen our alli- tional Defense, National Assembly
ending question of which comes it in the hospital or have a breathing were: nations. ances and continue our military and Foreign Affairs Committee Chair
first. problem, we pay for it in the form of Christian Esguerra (ABS-CBN) non-military leadership in the Indo- and Vice Foreign Minister in Charge
Another topic that he mentioned oxygen. Patricia Evangelista (Rappler) Duckworth was born a United Pacific region, and I look forward of American Relations.
was the miracle of the human body. We don’t thank the utility provid- Ed Lingao (TV5) States citizen in Thailand and lived to working with the leaders of these In Thailand, Duckworth delivered
He talked about our eyes, which give ers because we pay for their services Malou Mangahas (Philippine Cen- in several different Southeast Asian two nations on finding common- an address to cadets at the Chula-
us pictures in color! Have we ever thought of giving ter for Investigative Journalism) nations while her father worked at sense solutions that benefit the
( Continued on page 15 )
I was sixteen years old and had thanks to God for all the free things Rambo Talabong (Rappler) multinational corporations as well hardworking people we represent.”
enjoyed the beauty of a color televi- he has given us from birth? I do and
sion. Our first television was black everyone should do the same thing.
and white back in the 1960s. Having
one at all was already a privilege in (To be continued)
our neighborhood.

Filipino Martial Arts Program at

The Filipino School
Dear Community Member: Regular Class Schedule:
Every Thursday
Starting September 05, 2019, Doce All ages | 6 p.m - 8:30 p.m
Pares - San Diego will be offering Venue:
Filipino Martial Arts Classes. You The Filipino School, 9845 Erma
can contact Rd., Suite 200,
for more information. San Diego, CA 92131

( Continued from page 10 )
Center for the Governance of AI at
Oxford University.
The technology also feeds into
"It's different from the payment in a broader state drive in China for
the traditional supermarket, in which smart tech and Artificial Intelligence.
you have to wait in the checkout "Implementation (of facial pay-
line and it's very troublesome," she ment technology) at scale would fit
argues. with government's broader plan to
develop facial recognition as one
Vanity trumps privacy of the pillars of the AI industry by
providing tech companies with huge
Bo Hu says 300 of his bakeries amounts of data -— the faces them-
have facial payment systems, and he selves and use cases," says Adam
plans to introduce them in 400 more. Segal, director at the Council on
He believes it makes the checkout Foreign Relations.
process more efficient, but concedes Supporters of the technology wave
the numbers using the new technol- aside privacy concerns.
ogy are still modest. "The facial recognition technology
The new technology also offers a helps to protect our privacy," ex-
way to collect more data. plains IFuree engineer Li Dongliang.
"Much of the smart retail trend is "In the traditional way, it's very
company-driven for two ends in par- dangerous to enter the password if
ticular: to prevent shoplifting and to someone stands beside you. Now
get better data on consumer prefer- we can complete the payment with
ences for analytics and marketing," our faces, which helps us secure our
( Continued on page 15 )
says Jeffrey Ding, researcher at the
September 6-12, 2019 Asian Journal San Diego | 619.474.0588 | Page 15

Pia Wurtzbach KathDen’s Hello, Love, Goodbye, makes Filipino movie history, breaks record
turns vlogger and continues to screen and premiere
in theaters worldwide.
where Alden Richards recently
received his Asian Star Prize, during
Pinoy International Film Festival at
Arirang Cine Center on September

for first YouTube HLG will premiere in South Korea, a special screening at the 1st Korea 28-29.


Pia Wurtzbach joins the YouTube

community as a content creator. Credits
to Pia Wurtzbach.

— GNP Team
Hello Love Goodbye Kathryn Bernardo Alden Richards
Filipina Miss Universe Pia
Alonzo Wurtzbach is the newest — GNP Team The blockbuster tandem of Kath-
content creator for video sharing Den was a casting coup as the
platform, YouTube. KathDen is the newest block- first movie pairing of top talents
The Filipina beauty queen who buster tandem of Philippine from rival networks – Kathryn
received worldwide attention and cinema. Credits to Alden Bernardo of ABS-CBN of the
fame during her dramatic crown- Richards. blockbuster on-and-off-screen
ing as Miss Universe in 2015, loveteam KathNiel with Daniel
started vlogging on September 1. The Kathryn Bernardo and Al- Padilla, and Alden Richards of
The first Pinoy to be honored den Richards (KathDen) tandem, GMA Eat Bulaga’s phenomenal
with a wax figure at Madame “Hello, Love, Goodbye (HLG)”, AlDub tandem with Maine Men-
Tussaud’s Hong Kong published made Filipino movie history and doza.
her first YouTube video log (vlog) broke box office records within
with a Day-in-the-life theme. weeks of its release. Bernardo now holds the Philippine
In the 12-minute-plus debut cinema record of being the female
YouTube video, Pia can be seen ABS-CBN’s Star Cinema lead in two highest-grossing films,
declared the KathDen-starrer the KathDen’s HLG released on July 31,
figuring out how to use her vlog 2019, and The Hows of Us (THOU)
camera, sans makeup at home, highest-grossing movie of all
time for grossing worldwide Php with her regular love team partner
on her way to meet her glam Daniel Padilla (KathNiel) released
team for photoshoots and events 880,603,490 as of September 3. in 2018.
and even noting Most Beautiful The ABS-CBN film production
Face in the World awardee Liza house announced the milestone Director Cathy Garcia-Molina
Soberano’s beauty saying, “What during the Thanksgiving Party for directed both blockbuster movies for
its cast and crew. Star Cinema.
do you do when your peg is Liza
Soberano? Nothing. You just HLG soared to the top 2 spot of
Kathryn Bernardo thanked the
pray.” highest-grossing films on August
HLG team and acknowledged
23, just Php77 million shy of the
Wurtzbach, who has spoken out the value of the project saying, record set by THOU. The production
against cyberbullying, was also seen “Binuo nya pagkatao ko. Ito ang claimed the top spot after account-
playing with her niece Lara and pinakamahirap na ginawa ko ing for ticket sales from different
enjoying her day off from work. (This completed me. This was the parts of the Asia Pacific region such
hardest thing I’ve ever done).” as Australia, Brunei, Guam, Hong
Pia Wurtzbach received the Walk Kong, Malaysia, New Zealand, and
of Fame Award from the Philippines’ Alden Richards thanked the Star Saipan.
entertainment industry in 2018.
Cinema team for working with
him and shared, “This project “Hello, Love, Goodbye” is a ro-
Pia Wurtzbach joins a growing
619 931-0170
mantic drama between two overseas
YouTube community of Filipino made me realize na there’s beauty Filipino workers in Hong Kong. The
celebrity vloggers that include Gold in collaboration and unity.” movie has received massive support
Play-Awardees Mikey Bustos and among Filipinos around the world
Heart Evangelista.

Dental Implant Centers

( Continued from page 14 )

account," he insists.
But for many consumers, it is van- DENTAL IMPLANT CENTERS® is the leading provider of comprehensive dental implant treatments in San Diego.
ity rather than privacy that puts them
off using such systems.
A poll by news portal Sina Technol-
ogy found that over 60 percent of
respondents said scanning their faces
for payments made them feel "ugly."
In response, Alipay pledged to
introduce "beautifying filters" into
all the Alipay cameras.
The tech giant says: "Now your
face will be more beautiful than
using a beauty camera!" — Agence
Dr James Khazian DMD, AFAAID, FICOI
Duckworth ❁ Advanced Dental Implant Education: ❁ All your implant treatment in one office, by one doctor.
( Continued from page 14 ) Howard University, Loma Linda University, UCLA, USC No referrals.
chomklao Royal Military Academy, ❁ 25 years hands-on dental implant experience
met with the nation’s Prime Minister,
❁ 2 convenient locations in Hillcrest and Escondido
the Speaker of House of Representa- ❁ Fellow, International Congress of Oral Implantology ❁ Tagalog speaker
tives, the Minister of Foreign Affairs
as well as representatives from the ❁ Associate Fellow, American Academy of Implant Dentistry ❁ Watch Dr. Khazian on TV at
Thai National Council on Social
Welfare and National Council of
Women Representatives. Duckworth
also visited wounded warriors at a
Thai military hospital.
Duckworth served in the Reserve
Forces for 23 years before retiring
Call for a FREE CONSULTATION: UE Graduate 1987 Manila
from military service in 2014 at the
rank of Lieutenant Colonel. She was
among the first Army women to fly Fluent in Tagalog
combat missions during Operation
Iraqi Freedom before her Blackhawk
helicopter was hit by an RPG and
she lost her legs as well as partial use Two convenient locations
of her right arm. The Senate Armed
❁ 727 E. Grand Ave, Escondido 92025 ❁ 3969 4th Ave. Suite 205, San Diego 92103
Services Committee (SASC) has
jurisdiction over our nation’s com-
mon defense, military operations,
servicemember pay and retirement,
military family benefits and the 866.469.7645 •
selective service system.
Page 16 Asian Journal San Diego | 619.474.0588 | September 6-12, 2019

Temecula Valley lands in Top 3 USA Today's 10Best THESE TIPS ARE
Readers' Choice as Best Wine Region JUST IN TIME
by Annette Brown, VisitTemecula Val- IT’S TIME TO THINK ABOUT
Temecula Valley Southern
California Wine Country has been
named by USA Today as a 10Best
Readers’ Choice for “Best Wine
Region.” Out of 20 nominees
across the United States, Temec-
ula Valley Wine Country ranked
number three in the country by an
expert panel and the public.
“This recognition is a testament tional dining. Less-busy weekdays tion and assistance, please call (888)
to the hard work and passion of our provide potential opportunities to 363-2852 or go to VisitTemeculaVal-
winegrowers and winemakers. Our converse with talented winemakers
wine region is beginning to get the and friendly winery owners. Hotels,
recognition it deserves for its award resorts, bed and breakfast inns are About Temecula Valley Wine-
wining wines, dining, and experienc- available among the vineyards, in growers Association
es,” says Kimberly Adams, President and near Old Town Temecula, within
and CEO, Visit Temecula Valley. the canyon, and along hotel row in Temecula Valley is the largest
“From our talented winemakers to Uptown. and most commercially successful
chefs to tasting room staff and ev- For more information about Tem- winegrowing region in the South
eryone in between, Temecula Valley ecula Valley Southern California Coast AVA, the viticultural zone
is filled with passionate people who or to start planning your trip, go to spanning more than 2 million acres
work tirelessly to make the region so from Riverside County to the San
special,” said Krista Chaich, Execu- Diego border. The Temecula Valley
tive Director of the Temecula Valley About Visit Temecula Valley Winegrowers Association has long
Winegrowers Association. “We are served as a steward of the South-
delighted to be counted among so Laid back, picturesque Temecula ern California wine community.
many other great wine regions in Valley Southern California Wine Comprising 38 wineries and more
this 10Best list, and that visitors Country welcomes more than three than 60 winegrowers, the Temecula
everywhere have fallen in love with million visitors each year. It is a Valley Winegrowers Association is
our community and our world class year-round vacation destination, a nonprofit regional organization
wines, just as we have.” located 60 minutes from San Diego, dedicated to increasing awareness of
Temecula Valley Wine Country Orange County, and Palm Springs; the quality wines and wine grapes
is located in the center of Southern 90 minutes from Los Angeles. grown in the Temecula Valley and
California, just 60 minutes from San Temecula Valley Wine Country South Coast Appellations. Estab-
Diego, Orange Country, and Palm is widely recognized for its scenic lished in 1984, the Temecula Valley
Springs, and 90 minutes south of vineyards, award-winning wines, AVA consists of 33,000 acres, of
Los Angeles. There are now nearly and experiential wineries. The popu- which approximately 2,600 acres
50 wineries in the significant and lar boutique destination includes the are currently planted to commercial
diverse Temecula Valley AVA, a Temecula Valley A.V.A. (American vineyards. Known as Southern Cali-
major AVA in Southern California. Viticulture Area) as well as historic fornia's wine country, the Temecula
The wine region continues to gain Old Town Temecula, and Pechanga Valley is located in Riverside County
recognition for its award-winning, Resort Casino. It also was named just one hour from San Diego, Or-
premium varietal and proprietary as a 2019 Wine Enthusiast 10 Best ange County and Palm Springs and
blended wines. Wine Travel Destination. 90 minutes from Los Angeles. For
More than three million travelers Visit Temecula Valley is the re- more information on the Temecula
visit Temecula Valley to enjoy the re- gion’s official tourism marketing or- Valley Winegrowers Association,
gion's welcoming wineries, learning ganization and resource for visitors. visit
experiences, concerts and signature The Visitors Center is located in Old
events, outdoor activities, and excep- Town Temecula. For visitor informa- ( Continued on page 13 )

Here are a few of my favorite summer tips to help you save

between 4pm and 9pm when energy prices are highest:

Use a portable or ceiling fan to save big on AC.

Keep blinds and curtains closed during summer days to block

out direct sunlight and reduce cooling costs.

Pre-cool your home until 4 then set AC higher until 9pm.

Charge an electric vehicle before 4 or after 9pm.

If you have a pool, run the pump before 4 or after 9pm.

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