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Knowing all the philosophers with their own ideas and theories that makes everyone think

carefully on what their purpose in living. Socrates quote and theory in life reflect me most in
my life experience, happy, sad, or unforgettable experience I’ve had in life. Socrates
believed that a living life where you live under the rules of others, in a continuous routine
without examining what actually want out of it is not worth living. I know many of us,
including myself, are always questioning our purpose. Throughout our lives, we are
continually discovering what, and who we are.

When I was a kid back then, during elementary days, I was a shy type person.
Entering high school in Leyte National High School, I was first year when I start to bloom
myself ,make myself comfortable when meeting people, started to discover my talent. Show
who I am, what I can do, like my skills and talents. Making friends with people even if I was
not that sociable type of person. But being a senior high school students I started to recite
and with the help of reporting, I started to be confident in standing in front. And being in
grade 12 was my best of all my year experience, I meat people who influenced and
encourage me to do the thing that I’m not used to. Reporting confidently in front of my
classmates, while days, weeks and almost a year have past, I wasn’t believing that I did
those things that I wasn’t expecting to. And that time, I did give my best and was my first
time to be an achiever in class. I was expecting that all of my grades to all subjects was
high, but I did failed on one subject in class.I did have a failing grade without knowing the
reason why, I put my efforts on that subject, but why did I. I did learned on the failing grade
that I have, the thing that I realize in life, expecting too much will hurt you so much. Do all
your best without expecting something, all you have to do was study hard and continue
your goal. I believe on myself on that time, I failed, but rise up again. I focus on my studies
without minding other things, little by little, the result was good. As time passes by I learned
to be confidently beautiful with a heart.

Finding and knowing myself was the best thing in my life, in that way I discovered what my
happiness was. Doing crazy stuff with my friends, having fun with them. Knowing myself
well. I learned to focus on one thing, I learned to plan, on what path will I take for my future,
I learned on how to learn from my mistakes in life. We have different perspective and plans
in life. We know what we are going to do, we know whom we are going to be with, we will
know if we suit in in a one place, we will also know the people surround us. That people
shape the process in a way that will help us to realize our strengths and weaknesses. All
the memories, either good or bad was the best, was an extraordinary experience in my life
learning from your own mistakes, doing your best, achieve something, and fail once in life.
Knowing your worth and yourself was vivacious. Making our lives worth living was finding
our own purposes in living, we can do a thing if we take actions. We can be an author with
our own book, the chapters in our life will start as we start our journey in our life. It can be a
happy nor a tragic ending if we want to, we are the one who make choices in our lives.
The ability to define who you are and how you will make decisions can help catapult you to
a level of professional practice that will continually be grounded by the sense purpose. It is
the prior experiences, roles, and the people that influence your work that will help to
develop enough awareness to determine and define what truly matters. Having a greater
purpose than oneself becomes a catalyst for initiating needed change.