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My Lovely Pet

I have a pet. It is a cat, its name is Sweety.

Sweety is a German breed. It is small, fluffy, and cute. It has got thick white fur. When I cuddle
it, the fur feels soft. Sweety likes bones. Everyday it eats soft food like steamed rice, fish or
bread. Every morning I give her milk and bread. When I am at school, Sweety plays with other
cat. They get along well, and never fight maybe because Sweety is not wild. It treats the other
animals in our house gently, and it never eats shoes. Sweety is really a sweet and friendly

My Sister
In my family, I am the first kid and I have two siblings, one sister
and one brother. I will describe my sister to you. Her name is Nita
Noviani. She is a lovely sister that I have ever had and I love her so

Nita is my sister. She is 3 years old younger than me. She was born
in Bandung, on 28 November 1998. She is about 18 years old now.
She looks beautiful, even more beautiful than me. She has black
long straight hair and also black eyes, like me. Her height is about
165 cm and she is taller than me! She has Asian-type skin which is
not-too-dark skin.

She studied in the same elementary school, junior high school, and
senior high school as me. She just enrolled in the same university
as me, but we are in different department. She is taking elementary
school education department while I choose English department in
university. She has the same hobbies as me as well. We like
watching movies. We like to watch action and comedy movies. We
also like to cook together even though sometimes our food tastes
unique. Besides, she also likes to read novels whether it is
electronic novels or novels in the form of book.

She is my nice sister because she likes to help me whenever I need

a help. She likes to hear my stories and likes to give any advices
when I have problems. She is a sympathic person. However, there is
a side of her that I do not like. She is a lazy person. Even though
she likes to read novels, she is very lazy to read her school books.
She is also lazy to make up her room and to wash the clothes.
Sometimes I wonder why she likes to see her room messy. But,
afterall, Nita is my cute and lovely sister. She is a nice girl who is
helpful, friendly and talkative sometimes. She is my place to share
my stories with and I love her.

My Lovely House
I have a house. It is actually not my house officially, but it can be
said as a family house. It is a big and lovely house where my family,
my grandmother and grandfather, my cousins, and also I spend our
time together, especially in a big events, such as Eid or holidays.
My house is located in Bogor city. I really like my house because
from my house I can see how beautiful the view of Bogor city.

My house is not a big one. The area of my house is only about 200
meters square and the house itself is about 180 meters square. The
design of my house is minimalis as many of houses out there, but it
is also combined with a little details of old memories there, such as
the windows in my house are old-fashioned ones. Sometimes, it is
good to combine the old things with the new ones as the freshment.
My house has two floors. The first floor has some rooms. It has
living room for my family members or I welcome the guests. The
living room has two big sofas, one big wooded table, and one big
vase of tulip flowers, the floers that I like the most. Then, there is a
family room. It is the biggest room in this house because it is the
place where all if my family members gather. In this room, there are
one big television hanging on the wall, one big couch and a
standing lamp for those who like to read, and one big carpet. There
is no sofa in this room because my parents want all of their children
and also all of family members to gather and talk together in this
room. This is so warm. Then, there is two bedrooms: the main
bedroom for my parents and one bedroom is for my grandfather
and grandmother when they come or for the guest when they want
to spend the night here. The kitchen and the dining room are also in
the first floor.

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Whereas in the second floor, there are three bedrooms, a mini

music room, a mini library, and a mini office. The bedrooms are
made not as big as the rooms in the first floor because the rooms in
the second floors are for me and other siblings and cousins. The
mini music room is made because most of our family members like
to play music. There are drum, guitar, and also a set of karaoke
things. A mini library is place where I and other family member can
read our favorite books in the spare time. While office room is the
place where my father or I do our works without any disturbance
from others.
This house is not really big, but I feel really warm here with many of
my family members gather and laughs together as a strong bond.

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Rumah Saya Tercinta

Saya memiliki rumah. Sebenarnya rumah tersebut bukanlah rumah
saya secara resmi, namun dapat dikatakan sebagai rumah
keluarga. Ini adalah rumah besar dan indah di mana keluarga saya,
nenek saya dan kakek, sepupu saya, dan juga saya menghabiskan
waktu kami bersama-sama, terutama dalam acara-acara besar,
seperti Idul Fitri atau hari libur. Rumah saya terletak di kota Bogor.
Saya sangat suka rumah saya karena dari rumah saya, saya bisa
melihat betapa indahnya pemandangan kota Bogor.

Rumah saya tidak besar. Luas rumah saya hanya sekitar 200 meter
persegi dan luas rumah itu sendiri adalah sekitar 180 meter
persegi. Desain rumah saya minimalis seperti banyak rumah di luar
sana, tetapi juga dikombinasikan dengan detail kecil dari rumah
tua, seperti jendela di rumah – rumah kuno. Kadang-kadang,
menggabungkan hal-hal lama dengan yang baru sebagai
kenyamanan yang baru adalah hal yang baik. Rumah saya memiliki
dua lantai. Lantai pertama memiliki beberapa kamar. Terdapat
ruang tamu untuk anggota keluarga atau saya ketika menyambut
tamu. Ruang tamu memiliki dua sofa besar, satu meja kayu besar,
dan satu vas besar berisi bunga tulip, bunga yang paling saya suka.
Kemudian, ada ruang keluarga. Ini adalah ruang terbesar di rumah
ini karena itu adalah tempat di mana semua jika anggota keluarga
saya berkumpul. Di ruangan ini, ada satu televisi besar tergantung
di dinding, satu sofa besar dan standing lamp bagi mereka yang
suka membaca, dan satu karpet besar. Tidak ada sofa di ruangan ini
karena orang tua saya ingin semua anak-anak mereka dan juga
semua anggota keluarga untuk berkumpul dan berbicara bersama-
sama di ruangan ini. Ini begitu hangat. Kemudian, ada dua kamar
tidur: kamar tidur utama untuk orang tua saya dan satu kamar tidur
untuk kakek dan nenek saya ketika mereka datang atau untuk tamu
ketika mereka ingin menghabiskan malam di sini. Dapur dan ruang
makan juga terdapat di lantai pertama.

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Sedangkan di lantai dua, ada tiga kamar tidur, kamar mini musik,
perpustakaan mini, dan kantor mini. Kamar tidur yang dibuat tidak
sebesar kamar di lantai pertama karena kamar di lantai kedua
adalah untuk saya dan saudara lain dan sepupu. Ruang musik mini
dibuat karena sebagian besar anggota keluarga kami suka bermain
musik. Ada drum, gitar, dan juga satu set benda-benda karaoke.
Sebuah perpustakaan mini tempat di mana aku dan anggota
keluarga lainnya dapat membaca buku-buku favorit kami di waktu
luang. Sementara ruang kantor adalah tempat di mana ayah atau
saya melakukan pekerjaan kami tanpa gangguan dari orang lain.

Rumah ini tidak benar-benar besar, tapi aku merasa benar-benar

hangat di sini dengan banyak anggota keluarga saya berkumpul
dan tertawa bersama-sama sebagai ikatan yang kuat.

Demikianlah contoh Descriptive Text mengenai rumah. Semoga

bermanfaat bagi kalian semua. Terima kasih.

Contoh 1
Ir. H. Djuanda Forest Park
Bandung is a recommended city to spend our weekend. It has many
places with beautiful scenery. One of them is Ir. H. Djuanda Forest
Park. It is located at Dago. It is about 526,98 hectare. Here, we can
feel the fresh air and natural beauty of Bandung. The forest park is
surrounded by pine trees. Besides, it has many interesting spots
such as Curug Dago, Batu Prasasti Kerajaan Thailand, Panggung
Terbuka, Kolam PLTA Bangkok, Monumen Ir. H. Djuanda, Museum
Mini Taman Hutan Raya, Play ground, Goa Jepang, Goa Belanda,
Curug Lalay, Curug Omas Maribaya, Panorama Alam Taman Hutan
Raya, jogging Track to Maribaya, and Patahan Lembang. Since this
forest park is very large, it can be accessed through some

The ticket price to enter Djuanda Forest Park is Rp 11.000,- for one
person. It is considered as cheap price since we can explore and
enjoy the whole things in the forest park. For the first time I visited
it, I entered the forest park through Dago Pakar gate. I was directly
welcomed by pine trees which were very refreshing. Here we can sit
for a while and enjoy it. After that, we walk more for some meters
and then we saw the area of play ground and Ir. H. Djuanda
Monumen. If we go straight and pass the monument, we will find
Japan cave. We need to walk and go down stairs to arrive at this
spot. This cave is one of tens which are spread throughout
Indonesia. It was built in 1942-1945 by Indonesian people who
became Romusha, people who worked under Japanese troops’
control. This cave was used by Japanese troop to keep their storage
of ammunition, logistic, and radio for communication during the
world war II. The Japan cave has four doors and four rooms. Since
this cave is treated well, it doesn’t have any mystical atmosphere.

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From, Japan cave, we continue to Netherlands cave Curug Omas

Maribaya, Panorama Alam Taman Hutan Raya, and Patahan
Lembang. But we need to rent a motorcycle to reach those spots.
The rent cost is about Rp 100.000 and it seems quite expensive.
Nevertheless, if you want to continue your journey to those places,
you can bargain the rent cost. If you want to reach it by feet, it
seems far and it can take two hours. If you want to stay for some
days or nights to explore the area of the forest park, you can book
the hotel room around it through travel agents. There are many
services that you can get and you will not regret it.

Contoh 2
Armor Coffee Shop

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Armor Coffee Shop is one of hits Café now in Bandung for people
who love coffee. Armor stands for Arabika Multi Origin. It is located
around Dago and the forest park, Bandung. The building is at the
parking area of Ir. H. Djuanda Forest Park. So that, you need to pay
for Rp 10.000,- to enter it. It has been established for about a year.
People will be interested to come to this coffee shop since it is also
near the other tourism places, such as Dago Pakar, Tebing Keraton,
and Bukit Bintang.

Many people who come from outside Bandung will visit this places
since it is popular for the quality of the coffee and the scenery. But
the most interesting one from this coffee shop is the design of the
room. It uses wood as the material and some ornament made of
wood, too. It has two areas, i.e. indoor and outdoor areas. For the
outdoor area, you can feel the sensation of drinking coffee in the
middle of pine forest. This is actually the most favourite spot to take
picture and feel the fresh air and scenery.

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At this café, you will also find the traditional menu from Bandung,
i.e. cireng or Aci Goreng (fried tapioca flour). It is served with spicy
sauce. The taste is hot and crispy. The other food that you can order
are named by unique writing such as pishang gowreng, Bitterballen,
bala-bala, Cabe-cabean si engkong, Choco pudding dingin, ibu-ibu
sauna, cyirweng Rujak sauyunan, risolinda, etc. For the coffee,
Armor Coffee Shop serves three kinds of special coffee such as
Robusta, Arabica and Liberica. You can choose the way in serving
the coffee, whether it is French Press or V60 which are popular
nowadays. Besides, it also serves tea, such as Black Tea, Honey Milk
Tea, Oolong, and Green tea. For the food and drink, the price are
started from Rp.10.000 to Rp.30.000.

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