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After a series of important experiences in Europe, including exhibitions in public and private spaces and
participation to art fairs that led him to show his works in Paris, Vienna, Basel and Madrid, and simultaneously
with his first collective exhibition in New York, young Sicilian painter Simone Geraci (Palermo, 1985, lives and
works in Palermo), renews the fruitful association with Turin based Burning Giraffe Art Gallery.
On Thursday, September 19, starting at 6.30 pm, his new solo exhibition will be inaugurated, consisting of a
collection of seventeen brand new works of art created especially for the occasion, entitled Oreads, in honor of
the Nymphs of the Mountains of Greek mythology, beautiful young virgins devoted to the goddess Diana, lovers
of hunting, of nature and, like the maidens protagonists of the paintings on display, of solitude.
The stylistic code that most distinguishes Geraci's art is the use of monochrome, which gives a bewitching
enigmatic and highly up-to-date character to a classical style characterized by a great talent in the pictorial
rendering of the female figure and the delicate and engaging portraits of his mysterious muses. If in the previous
solo show, held three years ago at Burning Giraffe Art Gallery, the protagonist was the color red, now the artist's
palette turns towards the exclusive use of a dreamlike blue, which wraps the bodies and faces accentuating their
state of suspension and giving an existential depth to the void that surrounds them.
Joining a rich tradition of ex-votos on slate kept in numerous churches in Palermo, Geraci chooses to use the
same support for his smaller paintings, translating it into an essential part of the works, both in terms of color –
maintaining sections of the surface of stone unaltered by the pictorial intervention, thus exploiting the
fascinating natural gray combined with the different shades of blue of the figures and their neutral backgrounds
–, that in terms of texture – playing on the strong contrast between the extreme opacity of the slate and the
brightness of oil painting.

Simone Geraci obtains a Bachelor's Degree in Painting and a Postgraduate Diploma in Graphic Arts from the
Academy of Fine Arts in Palermo. Painter, engraver and illustrator, he actively collaborates with national and
international galleries exhibiting in Italy and abroad on the occasion of solo and group exhibitions and art fairs.
Among the most recent ones, we recall: Alone Together, George Billis Gallery, New York (September 2019);
Echos, curated by Cristina Costanzo, Quam, Scicli (2019); Women in Red, Salamon Fine Art, Milan (2018); Faire
Apparaitre, Teodora Galerie, Paris (2018); Komm Mit Nach Palermo, curated by Synne Gezmer, Italian Institute
of Culture, Vienna (2018); Dialogica 14, curated by Francesco Piazza, Regional Museum of Palazzo Bellomo,
Siracusa (2017); ROT, Burning Giraffe Art Gallery, Turin (2016). With Burning Giraffe Art Gallery he took part to
the following art fairs: JustMad Art Fair, Madrid (2019); The Others Art Fair, Turin (2017); YIA Art Fair, Paris
(2017); SetUp Contemporary Art Fair, Bologna (2016). Since 2015 he is the artisti director of “Il Palidromo”
publishing house.


from September 19, to November 9, 2019
exhibition opening: Thursday, September 19, h 18:30 – 22:30
opening hours: Tuesday - Saturday, h 14:30 – 19:30 (mornings on appointment)


Via Eusebio Bava 8/a, 10124, Turin, Italy | | t. +39 (0)11 5832745 | m. +39 347 7975704
Simone Geraci, Stille, 2019, oil on slate, cm 20 x 30
Simone Geraci, Echos, 2019, oil on slate, cm 40 x 30 (diptych)
Simone Geraci, Das Fenster, 2019, oil on canvas, cm 100 x 100
Simone Geraci, Echos, 2019, mixed media on wool paper, cm 50 x 50

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