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Sunday, September 8, 2019 at 7:55:44 AM Australian Western Standard Time

Subject: RE: Hugo

Date: Monday, 5 August 2019 at 4:01:47 pm Australian Western Standard Time
From: Josh Jones
To: Rebecca Vester

FantasHc, see you there.

Mr H. Josh Jones | Materials Design and Technology Teacher

T (08) 9722 6129

5 Allen Road, Gelorup WA 6230 | PO Box 1198, Bunbury WA 6231

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Thank you.

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From: Rebecca Vester <>
Sent: Monday, 5 August 2019 3:49 PM
To: Josh Jones <>
Subject: Re: Hugo

Hi Josh,

Thank you for your reply Josh. Let’s book in a meeHng for Friday 3:30 Friday afernoon in the classroom.

Kind regards,

Miss Rebecca Vester | Year 1 Teacher

T (08) 9722 6100

5 Allen Road, Gelorup WA 6230 | PO Box 1198, Bunbury WA 6231
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On 5/8/19, 7:37 am, "Josh Jones" <> wrote:

Hi Rebecca,

Yes Hugo is voicing concerns and has had not shared anything posiHve about his whole school experience,
including recess and lunch Hmes. Whether or not this is a correct reflecHon of when he is at school and during
play Hme I’m not sure. However he is in tears every night worrying about the next day of school.

I am available Friday afernoon afer school finishes to meet.


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> On 4 Aug 2019, at 8:19 pm, Rebecca Vester <> wrote:

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> Hello Josh,
> I appreciate you sharing your concerns regarding Hugo. UlHmately, his wellbeing is my highest priority before
any concern for his grades. Is Hugo voicing any specific concerns? Does he speak posiHvely about recess and
lunch Hmes or are there social difficulHes that he menHons?
> I would like you to know that all of the students have regressed in their academic abiliHes over the holiday
break. This is normal and was to be expected. IEPs are reserved for students with diagnosed disabiliHes; Hugo has
a Documented EducaHonal Plan which recognises he requires adjustments to be made to the curriculum to
support him in specific areas of need. This plan is sHll in place from the beginning of the year and Hugo will
conHnue to receive support with his learning.
> If you could please reply to me ASAP to let me know if Hugo is experiencing social concerns, I will take this
week to conduct some assessments. Would it then be possible to meet on Friday afernoon to have a discussion?
> Kind regards,
> Miss Rebecca Vester | Year 1 Teacher
> T (08) 9722 6100
> 5 Allen Road, Gelorup WA 6230 | PO Box 1198, Bunbury WA 6231
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> CRICOS 00431K
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> On 2/8/19, 5:02 pm, "Josh Jones" <> wrote:
> Hi Rebecca,
> I’m not sure how Hugo is going when he is at school but we are having a big ba[le to get him to school and
do any of his homework. Partly this is likely due to having a long and enjoyable holiday, but he started to get very
worried about going back to school towards the end of the break.
> He really struggled with his spelling this week as the words seemed to be well above his level. Do you think
that we need to make a formal IEP for him?
> I feel the next 2 weeks will be a big test to see whether he is going to be able/willing to engage with what
he is learning. I fear that he will end up closer to an E than a D for English.
> Josh
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