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Servo, Main Spindle Monitoring Module

or Induction Motor
611-A “I / R” Mod. ( if used )
(6SN1145- 1B . . . ) ( 6SN1118-..... ( 6SN1112-.....)
6SN1121-..... Next Module
6SN1122-..... ) ( if any )
Note 1.: Connect Preceding Following
Ribbon Module
M600 link to resistor Cable Module
This connection
provides a reference R
DC Link
through 100 k ohms P600 Connections
for M600 to earth to / from next
ground. Do not See Note 1. Module ( if any )
connect M600 direct
to earth ground!
U1 V1 W1 X131 PE1 U2 V2 W2 PE2 PE1 PE1 X131
Note: Mount Reactor
as close to “I / R”
Module as is
Motor Power
1U2 1V2 1W2 Connections

1U1 1V1 1W1

Earth Ground To CNC Ground
To Earth Ground
Commutation Star Point Star Point
Star Point
6SN1111-..... 611A System: To CNC Chassis ( O Volt Reference)
(not required 611D System: To Earth Ground Star Point
for 10 / 25 KW)

400 VAC + / -10 %, 50/60 Hz., 3 Phase. Page 1 / 4

480 VAC + 6% / - 10%.

Lines should be balanced referenced to Ground. Siemens Energy & Automation

Machine Industry Business
Size Fuses to I / R Module requirements Drawing for ; 611-A , General Wiring for
(see “Project Planning” Tech. Data ) Note: If a Line Contactor or Disconnect is used, Power, Grounding and Module
it must not open until = / > 40ms after Interconnection
Term. 63 or 48 is opened ! Date Revision Drawn by
Section C - Non CE Configuration shown
8/13/98 Rev. A-5 de/sc/dk
X111 (6SY9896) S1 Bit Definitions
X121 (6SY9897) NOTES:
74 625 V 1 600 V I2T & Motor 1 These functions are not included on the
1 DC Link Voltage 1 5.3
Over Temp. 10,28 KW Unregulated Modules.
Ready / Fault 2 Ready / Fault Relay Fault 2 Ready
No 3 Yes
5.2 Monitoring
Status Relay 2 This Optional Input is used only when
73.2 Output 3 Regenerate to Lines 1 480V 4 400V 5.1 (30 V / 1 Amp. )
line voltage is supplied separately to the
73.1 (250VAC / 1 Amp. 4 480 V operation 5 No 5 Yes 63 Pulse Enable the L. V. Power Supply. (1 place)
30VDC / 1Amp.) 5 Controlled Infeed 1 Sine 6 Trap 3 FR+ & FR- are internal supplies to be
72 6 Current control mode 6 9 FR+ 3 used as a power source for the drive’s en-
Front & top ables(3 Places). If using an external +24V
of Module 64 Drive Enable source for controlling enables, connect the
X141 (6SY9898) 19 FR- 3 external source’s P. S. common to Term.-19
On - Off 4 NS1 & NS2 are provided for non-
7 P(+)24 Switch “S1” located
Drive’s Internal Power Source for electronic control of the drive’s internal
45 P(+)15 on TOP of Module the Drive’s Internal Contactors power relays. They can be used in the
44 Power E-Stop circuit or in a lock-out circuit to
N(-) 15 (6SY9433)
10 Supplies provide a direct interruption of the power
N(-) 24 X171
15 4 # supplied to the internal relays. NOTE:
Terminal X161- 48 MUST be opened prior
# 15 M (P. S. Common ) 6SN1145-1B... NS1
to or at the same time as NS1 & NS2, to
NS2 provide internal shut down of the drive
R Reset circuits. ( 1 Place )
Supply Infeed
Internal Electronic Relay 5 Adapt to line voltage. Standard setting
Module Control (via X161- 48 ) is for 400 V operation.
X161 6 Sets type of current control mode.
# FR+ 3 Internal Standard setting is Sinusoidal.
9 Drive
112 Set-Up / Standard Operation Contactors
48 Internal Line Contactor Control (Precharge) ( Line)
(6SY9433) 1 General Notes
111 X172
Status of the Internal Set-up mode. Closed with power Items shown on the left side of the
213 off, or terminal 112 open.
Line Contactor AS1 connectors are external connections
113 AS2 ( 250 VAC / 50 VDC / 2A Max. to be supplied by the installer.
X172 5 VDC / 10ma Min.)

(6SY9900) # Connections shown with a “ # “ and

LED Status Overvoltage X181 not connected are Optional - the one’s
shown connected are Required for
Indications Module M500 drive operation.
See Page 3/4 # P500
15V(Red) 5V(Red) For additional information on terminal
2U1 definition, use and operation see the
1U1 “Planning Guide” (Sect. 3.7...).
63,64 or 48(Grn) Ready(Yel.)
(not enabled) 2 2V1 Indicates Factory supplied
DC Link 1V1 “Jumper”
Line(Red) Over Volt.(Red) 2W1
Siemens Energy & Automation
D C Link 1W1 Machine Industry Business
Drawing for: Interface connections
for Supply Infeed Modules
DC Link Cover Shield wire ( 16, 36, & 55 KW)
connected to bottom of module
Section C Date by Revision
Page 2 / 4 8 / 13 / 98 de/dk Rev. A5
NE Module except 5 kW

Overvoltage “Varistor” Module


The Overvoltage Module is plugged into

X181 on the “NE” Module, excepr 5 kW.
Interface connector X181 is fed through
the Overvoltage Module pin for pin.

Page 3 / 4

Siemens Energy & Automation

Machine Industry Business
Drawing for ; 611-A , General Wiring for
Power, Grounding and Module
Section C Date Revision Drawn by

8/13/98 Rev. A-5 de/sc/dk

611-A Power Infeed Module(I/R and UE) Start Up Procedure

Caution: During this procedure High Voltages will be present. Power must be removed from the drive unit
(I/R or UE Module) before connecting or disconnecting the P600, M600 DC Bus bars, power connector X181 or
equipment bus ribbon cable X351. THE DC BUS VOLTAGE ACROSS BUS BARS P600 AND M600 CAN TAKE UP
connections drawing for terminal locations etc. which are mentioned in the following procedure. Terminal
X161.48 must always be disconnected at least 10 ms before power down.

A) Be sure power is off and the DC Bus is fully discharged. Disconnect the P600/M600 DC Bus Bars, Connector
X181, Equipment Bus Ribbon Cable X351, Enable Interface connectors X121 and X161. Check input power connections
on Power Transformer, Line Reactor or filter module, External Fusing and I/R Module. Check machine and modules for
proper grounding and transformer neutral connections.
B) Check DIP Switch settings on top of the I/R Module. Factory setting is Bits 1 through 5 all in the off position and Bit
6 in the on position. Caution: some settings depend on line voltage! Bits 5 and 6 are not present on the 5kW unit.

C) Power-up, Check line voltage across U1, V1 and W1. Voltage levels must be 3-Phase 360 to 455 VAC or 480 VAC
(+6%/-10%). Check line voltage U1 to Gnd, V1 to Gnd, W1 to Gnd. Voltage must be symmetrical (Line to Line Volts /
√3) Check voltage across terminals L1 and L2. L1 must be in phase with U1, L2 must be V1. Terminals L1 and L2 are
only present on 80 and 120KW units!
D) POWER DOWN, wait for the DC Bus to discharge(about 5 minutes). CAUTION: Be sure that there is no
voltage across terminals P600 and M600 before proceeding.
E) Connect the suggested enabling circuit or equivalent for terminals X121.63, X121.64 and X161.48. Do not
enable 63, 64 and 48 at this time! Plug in connectors X121, X161, X171 and X181. Note: X171 has factory installed
jumpers between terminals NS1 and NS2 and X181 has factory installed jumpers between terminals
(1U1-2U1), (1V1-2V1) and (1W1-2W1). If X171 and /or X181 are used in the machine interface, it is suggested that the
factory jumper configuration be used at this time.

F) Power Up. The green LED should be on, indicating that the Pulse(X121.63) and Drive(X121.64) enable signals are
OFF. Auxiliary voltages, (except 5kW unit), should be present at X141 terminals 7(+24V), 45(+15V), 44(-15V) and 10(-
24V) all with reference to terminal 15 indicating that the low voltage power supply is functioning. Enable supply
voltage(+24V) should be present at terminal X121..9 with reference to terminal X121.19. The yellow LED should be off
because terminal 48 is not enabled.
G) CAUTION: There will be approximately 500 to 620 VDC across the DC Bus terminals P600 and M600. Enable
terminal 48. The Yellow LED should come on, indicating that the internal circuits are OK and the internal DC Bus
contactor has closed. Ready/Fault relay terminals X111.72 and 111.73.1 will remain open if S1 Bit 2 = OFF(if S1 Bit 2 =
ON the relay terminals will close indicating “no fault”). Overtemperature relay terminals 5.1 and 5.3 will remain closed
indicating “no overtemperature” and auxiliary contacts X161.111 and X161.113 should close indicating that the main
internal DC Bus contactor is closed.

H) Enable terminals 63 and 64. For I/R Modules, the DC Bus Voltage Regulation function will begin. If S1 Bit1 = off and
Bit 4 = off, the DC Bus voltage across terminals P600 and M600 will be 600 VDC. If S1 Bit1 =on and Bit 4 = off, the DC
Bus voltage will be 625 VDC. If Bit 4 = on, the DC Bus voltage will be the line to line voltage * √2. For UE Modules,
(unregulated 5 kW, 10kW and 28 kW), the DC Bus voltage will be the line to line voltage * √2. The green LED will go
OFF indicating that the I/R Module is enabled. The Yellow LED should remain on, indicating there are no internal
problems. If S1 Bit 2 = OFF, the Ready/Fault relay terminals X111.72 and X111.73.1 will now close.
I) If all steps were successful through step H), the I/R Module is functioning properly. Disable terminals 48, 63 and 64
M600 TO DISCHARGE TO A SAFE LEVEL BEFORE PROCEEDING. The Discharge time can be up to 5 Minutes.
After the DC Bus has safely discharged, the machine interface can be connected and tested.

Suggested Enabling Circuit

X161.9 SIEMENS Energy & Automation

X161.112 Machine Industry Business
Drawing for: 611-A, General Wiring for
Note: X161.48 Power, Grounding and Module
NE = Supply infeed modules Interconnection - And Quick Start-Up
I/R = regulated NE X121.63
Date Revision Drawn by
UE = non-regulated NE 8/13/98 A-5 de/dk

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