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Its year 2025. Describe what success would look like for Mantra4Change.

Being considered, our nation as a democratic country we are proud to have

diverse cultures, traditions and languages; but at the other side we can witness
poverty, unemployment, illiteracy, social injustice, inter-caste differences, lack of
women and child security, inequalities etc for all those problems there is only one
solution which is meant to be providing standard and quality education for the
kids to extend their abilities and to incorporate moral values.India, as a
developing country, it is trying its best to incorporate the quality education in the
society. Despite of this, it is evident that it has a low literacy rate when compared
to the other nations, this may be due to many reasons followed by parents having
less motivation to send their kid to the school, poor socio-economic status, less
investments towards education by the government, no proper facilities, lack of
quality education and so on. It’s high time, and it is very much necessary to realize
the importance of educating the child, which leads in building the healthy and
prosperous society. It is anticipated that due to many growing problems in the
society by 2025, some million children will enter into work-force will no proper
equipped knowledge. Further support and systems need to be developed to
improve the quality of teaching and learning.
MANTRA, as an organization to address the issues in the education sector, in the
year 2013 initiated a step to improve the quality of education for children. For
every organization or institute, it is very important to build a strong realistic vision
and make attempts to achieve it, so that it enhances the spirit of that particular
institution. MANTRA worked with a vision – “to provide quality and equity in
education”. It came up with different programs like STEP, PACE, EduMentum,
EXCEL, Alumni Leadership Incubator, and ShikshaKalp Fellowship to encounter the
issues relating to the education. It is like a tiny seed grown into a mighty banyan
tree, where it started with 2 schools and now it is successfully dealing with more
than 400 schools around the cities.Through this 6 years(2103-2019) of MANTRA,
it followed the rigorous way, to bring about change in the education sector and to
enhance the quality of education by assessing the basic needs that are required
for each schools and always been striving to identify and expand the horizon of
children’s potential by challenging themselves and pushing boundaries to get
better each year.
By 2025, for MANTRA with its consistent vision and goals, success would look like
being able to provide the best and quality education to every child, it builds the
strong school environment that enhance the student skills, abilities, and
outcomes through improving the efficient resources at school or utilizing the
available resources to the maximum level, enhancing the professional skills of all
teachers, improving the infrastructures (libraries, toilets, food), community
engagement programs, incorporating innovative learning techniques. It will be
able to get powerful and impactful differences in the in the way of education with
its efficient change makers.