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Lebanon American Club News – September 2019 Page 1

22 West Street, Danbury, CT 06810

Phone: 203-743-5828 / Email:
1 resident’s Corner
Dear Members,
I hope that the past two summer months brought fun, and excitement to you and your family. Happy Labor Day!
Club Officers Now with September upon us I just want to remind everyone that Monday Night Football and Dinner begins
September 9th. There will be 6 Monday Nights scheduled every other week for dinner. You receive 2 boxes this year
Mike Caravakis on the board! Please help support this annual event. If you have any questions on participating, please call Jimmy or
President David Glynn or Viny Digilio.
Ghassan Najm The next important item is the dinner in October honoring our two recipients of The Persons of The Year Award,
Vice President scheduled for October 30th. I want to congratulate both Ruth Ashkar and William A. Asmar for their awards of
recognition and for all that they have done in our community. I also want to thank the committee headed by Ghassan
Jimmy Glynn and Betty for all of their time and input. I would like to see all of you including their families at the dinner October
Secretary 30th at The Amber Room
Lou Najamy In addition to the above-mentioned events, following is the list of the remaining committees/programs and their leads
Asst. Secretary House Committee: John Ashkar; Membership: Lou Najamy; Pasta Night: Lou Najamy & Lou Scalzo;
Friday Night Dinners: Recently assigned to House Committee Chair, John Ashkar. Special thanks to Ghassan who
William Asmar
lead it for past several years. 50/50 Raffle Dec.28: Bill Asmar, Hall Rental: Ghassan Najm.
Ladies Auxiliary Taste of Lebanon, Sept. 13: Mary Salame and Scholarship Fund Raiser Oct.10: Randa Antous
Mark Chory If you have any questions on anything, please try to attend our next meeting, see any of the chairs listed above, or I
Asst. Treasurer can be reached at 203-512-7251 or email me at
Directors Sincerely.
Mike Caravakis
Happy Labor Day
Ray Antous
Vinny DiGilio Inside: 2019 Person of the Year Reservations and Program Book Submissions due Fri. Oct. 18 - Page 5
Eddie Essa - Ladies Auxiliary events: “Taste of Lebanon” Spirits and Mezza & Scholarship Benefit - Page 5
- Community Events: St. George Kibbee Dinner and St. Ann’s Hafli. – Page 4
David Glynn - Vacations Stories & Member’s Daughter Winning at Lebanon Swimming competition – Pages 2 & 4
Nidal El Khoury
2019 Bond Repayments:
Joseph Rya During the last bi-weekly membership meeting in July, 3 bonds were selected randomly for repayment this year -
Two were for Gary Michael Sr. and One was for the late Raymond Beylouni Family. We greatly appreciate the
John Ashkar
Qawa continued support of the membership, especially those that are bond holders.
Former President
“Person Of the Year” Award Banquet – Wednesday October 30
The Person of the year committee is pleased to announce the selection of Ruth Ann Askar and William A.
Ladies Auxiliary Asmar of Danbury from a list of outstanding nominees, as the honorees for this year’s awards event that will be
Officers held on Wednesday October 30th , at the Amber Room Colonnade in Danbury. Ruth is former President of the
Betty Najm Ladies Auxiliary, and lifetime member of St. Anthony church. William (Billy) has served as treasurer of the
President Lebanon American Club for over 35 years, and lifetime member of St. Anthony’s church. They both have had a
lifetime of contributions to the advancement of the Lebanese and Arabic Speaking Community in Danbury and
Victoria Beylouni the greater Danbury Community. Congratulations to both Honorees.
Vice President Formal invitations will be mailed to Club and Ladies Auxiliary Members in early September. Those who plan on
attending the event and/or submitting an ad for the Commemorative Program Book should send the invitations
Stacey Glynn responses and program book submissions by Friday October. 18th. For those who are non-members, you may use
Secretary info. posted on page 5,or access the Club Website or FB page. For questions, you may send an email to
Randa Antous or call Ghassan and Betty Najm at 860-350-9740.
Monday Night This year’s event begins on Monday Sept. 9th and will alternate every other week until
Newsletter Football: Monday November 18th. Only 50 participants can sign-up this year as they will get 2
Editor boxes ea. In addition, each Participant can expect dinner and 10 chances at prizes ea. week
Ghassan Najm that is held. To sign up, please send an email to Jimmy Glynn at
or Vinny DiGilio at, or by writing your name on the big board on 2
Contributors boxes in the grill room. Please make a check to LAC for $125 (members) $150 (Non-
Louis Najamy members), and send it to LAC Address, MNF. If you have any questions please contact
Mike Caravakis any of the co-chairs Jimmy Glynn at 203-994-1817, or Vinny DiGilio at 203-788-7916.
Betty Najm Guests are welcome to participate.
Lebanon American Club News – September 2019 Page 2
22 West Street, Danbury, CT 06810
Phone: 203-743-5828 / Email:
Newsletter Staff Corner:
Finally, a break in the heat and humidity and a bit of autumn in the air as well as the color fading from the green trees lets us
know summer is coming to an end. In the past several newsletters we have been asking for short narratives about vacations,
family happenings, or whatever you would like to share. So now it is my turn to “put up or shut up”. My wife and I needed a
short “getaway” to kind of recharge our batteries. So off we go to Ipswich Mass. a lovely B&B. The Rogers & Brown House
was built in the 1670’s and furnished with period authentic items. Adjacent to the B&B is a converted barn turned into a gift
shop and an artist’s gallery. It is located in the north eastern part of Mass. with quick access to Boston, New Hampshire, and
Maine. In fact, during our three night stay we were able to travel to Gloucester, Essex, Portsmouth, and Newburyport
Of course, one of the main reasons for this destination was to enjoy the famous Ipswich clams. Well, that went to sh***, the red
tide saw to that, so we settled for fresh haddock and lobsters. Not a bad consolation in fact we had great meals at several
different eateries. On our trip to Gloucester we met and were invited aboard the F/V Falcon. This boat is featured in the TV
series Wicked Tuna. Captain Dave Maresano owner of the Falcon welcomed us aboard and took pictures with my wife and me,
then signed photographs as souvenirs. We spent over 40 minutes talking and listening to the facts and issues concerning the
Giant Bluefin Tuna fishing industry, a nice unexpected experience to a great getaway. Needless to say, home again with full
bellies and tons of pictures.
Now, how about you members sharing something with the rest of us? You can send your written pieces to
attention LAC Newsletter or mail your written piece to LAC 22 West Street, Danbury, CT 06810 attention LAC Newsletter.
Thoughts to Live By:
“The ultimate test of a moral society is the kind of world that it leaves to its children.” Dietrich Bonhoeffer (1906-1945)
“Trouble is a part of your life—if you don’t share it, you don’t give the person who loves you a chance to love you enough.”
Dinah Shore (1916-1994).
A Little Humor:
“The trouble with this country is that there are too many people going around saying, “The trouble with this country….”
Sinclair Lewis, American author (1885-1951).
“There is no adequate defense, except stupidity, against the impact of a new idea.” Percy Williams Bridgeman, American
scientist (1882-1961).
Member News:
It is time to have a friendly reminder to our members, old and new, of some of the general rules and etiquette of our club.
1. Friday Night Dinners are a club function and therefore members that come to the club are expected to participate by
having dinner offered by the club and not to order food from the outside.
2. There is no smoking in the club’s bar room while meals are being served and while members and guests are still eating.
Smoking may start after people have finished eating.
3. There is no smoking in the main dining room as well as the upstairs hall.
4. Smoking is permitted in the card room, as long as no food is being served from this room and the same for the bar room.
5. Any time a member takes a beverage from the bar, a customary donation for such beverage is to be deposited in the
corkage box located on the bar or on the back counter. Please honor this system except when included in a club function.
Finally, please clean up after yourselves. Dirty dishes, cups, glasses, ash trays, utensils can be placed in the kitchen next to the
sink. If everyone could do this the bar room and the card room would be cleaner and less messy as well as reducing the chance
of unwanted guests at our facility! Those who already follow these general rules and etiquette, we thank you!
Congratulations to Jeff Hull who welcomes 2nd granddaughter, Louise Piper on August 1st, to his son Jason & wife Alana.
Health and Welfare:
Please keep in your prayers our ill members and/or their family members and wishing them speedy recovery. Please notify Pres.
Mike Caravakis, whenever a member falls seriously ill by sending an email to

Lou Najamy and Pat Najamy with Captain Dave Maresano, of TV Show Wicked Tuna
(see Staff Corner Above)
Lebanon American Club News – September 2019 Page 3
22 West Street, Danbury, CT 06810
Phone: 203-743-5828 / Email:
Ladies Auxiliary News by President Betty Najm
The Ladies Auxiliary will meet Tuesday, September 10 at 7 PM.
We will be discussing the upcoming fundraiser the “Taste of Lebanon” Wine, Beer and Spirits to be held on
Friday, Sept. 13 at the Maron Hotel’s private room from 7 to 9 pm. The cost will be $30 per person for delicious
hot and cold appetizers featuring the Lebanese “mezza” and a sampling of Lebanese spirits! Vivo Bar & Grill is
serving dinner from 5 to 11 PM!
This new fundraiser will allow the Ladies to raise more funds to help with some of our new charity events, like the
St. Jude Run/Walk and other community programs. Please call Mary Elisabeth at 203-417-4997 to make your
reservations now! We need a count to prepare a wonderful spread! Reservations will be taken the night of the
meeting bring your check or cash.
The Ladies of the club will participate in the 2019 fundraising effort for the St. Jude Walk/Run to End
Childhood Cancer happening on September 21 in Stamford, CT. September is also Childhood Cancer Awareness
Month. Lisa Antous has signed up once again to be the Team Captain for this great event! I’m inviting you to be a
part of this great cause! The Ladies Auxiliary has voted and it will match donations made by its members up to
$250. Please check with your employer to see if they MATCH your donation.
Every single gift matter and makes a difference in saving a child’s life. This is something that’s dear to the club’s
heart, and we would be so grateful for any donation that you see fit to make towards our team campaign. Please go
to website:
Please tell Lisa if you would like to walk or run at the event. If you would like to meet the runners at the Finish line
to show your support, we will collect a list of names at the Sept. meeting
The Middle Eastern Buffet benefiting the Scholarship fund will be held Thursday, Oct. 10 at 6:30 PM. Please
bring your friends and family. A donation of $25 is appreciated. Members interested in donating food or money
please contact Randa Antous, the chairperson at (203) 501-5637. Sign-up sheets will be passed at the Sept. meeting.
I look forward to seeing all of you on Tues. Sept. 10 at 7 pm at the meeting. Please contact Patricia Najamy, if
you would like to volunteer to bring dessert or soft drinks for the meeting.
1. Special prayers and a speedy recovery to our ill members.
2. Please remember to support our advertising sponsors.
3. Special Friday night dinners. Ladies are welcome to attend.
4. If you have a special church or community event coming up, please let us know in time to publish it for you.

Club Events - See all Calendar on the last page as well.. Please note that for all Dinners BYOB.
. 17 – Tues. 7pm & 8pm Board and Membership Meetings respectively.
Sept. 3,
Sept. 6 - 7pm Fri Night American Buffet Dinner, $25/Person.
Sept. 9 - 7pm Monday Night Football Start
Sept. 10 - 7pm. Ladies Auxiliary Monthly Meeting
Sept. 11 – 6:30pm Pasta Dinner by Lou Scalzo and Lou Najamy. $12/Person.
Sept. 13 - 7-9pm, “Taste of Lebanon” Wine, Beer and Spirits at the Maron Hotel, By the Ladies Auxiliary. See Page 5.
Sept. 13 - 7pm, Fri Night Buffet Dinner, Lebanese Specialty Dinner with Mezza - $25/Person
Sept. 18 - 7:30pm, Wed. Texas Hold’Em Tournament ($50/person). Dinner and Prizes. Members and their guests only.
Sept. 20 - 7pm, Fri Night Grill Dinner by Chef Elie Taweh, featuring Lamb & Chicken Kebabs, Steaks & Fish. $25/pp
Sept. 21 – 9am Sat. St. Jude Research Hospital Walk & Run, Stamford, Join Lebanon American Club Team or Donate.
Sept. 27 - 7pm, Fri Night Dinner, Lebanese Buffet by Hanna’s Restaurant, Featuring Kibbee Nay, $30/Person.
Looking Ahead:
Oct. 10 - 6:30pm Scholarship Benefit by the Ladies Auxiliary. More details to come in.
Oct. 30 - Person of the Year Dinner at the Amber Room. For Details see Pages 1 and 5.
Community Events –
Sept. 21 – St. George Church Kibbee Dinner, Oct. 5 – St. Ann Church Hafli, Nov. 1&2 – St. Ann Holiday Bazaar.
Nov. 23 – St. Anthony’s Gala at Amber Room.
NY Consulate Cultural Journal...see several events in Tri-State area are listed at the Club Web Page
Lebanon American Club News – September 2019 Page 4
22 West Street, Danbury, CT 06810
Phone: 203-743-5828 / Email:
By Tom Saadi - On Thursday Aug. 22, I returned from an amazing trip to
Lebanon with my son Jacob and my sister Ann Marie. I had not been to
Lebanon in 15 years, my sister in 20 years and this was Jacob's first trip to the
land of his grandfather's birth. From the moment we landed in Beirut until the
4am trip back to the Airport 10 days later it was nonstop visits with family,
touring the country and, of course a few days at the beach. The first couple of
days we walked the entire village where my father was born and visited with
family. Jacob was amazed that we could pick figs, almonds, pomegranate and St. George Orthodox Antiochian Church
apples as we walked. We toured the Jeita Grotto which is an unbelievable site 125 Kohanza Street, Danbury, CT
with massive stalagmites in a 9-kilometer-long interconnected cave complex
(the largest in the Middle East). Later that day we took the cable cars to Join us for our famous Kibbee Dinner;
Harissa. My son loves history as I do so we could not pass up a visit to the Saturday, September 21th at 7 pm
Phonetician, Roman and Crusader ruins and castle in Byblos (the oldest
continuously inhabited city in the world) and then we shopped in the Old Souk Kibbee (Nayeh & Baked), Rice & Green Beans, Garden Salad,
(Market) haggling with vendors to get the best price on souvenirs. After a day Coffee & Dessert
of rest in the village our journey took us to the spectacular Roman ruins of
Baalbek (Heliopolis in Roman times) in the Bekaa Valley and the following Donation $35 Per person, Kids under 10 FREE! Cash Bar
day to the Cedar of Lebanon. To book a large group,
While we enjoyed seeing the sites it was the connection with family that please call Nidal Khoury 203-512-9179
warmed our hearts with love each day. Their love and affection were unending
and for my son it was an experience of a life time. I often became emotional
watching him as it reminded me of when I was his age in Lebanon. And, while
many physical changes and updates have taken place in the "Old Country" the
essence of Lebanon and what it means to Lebanese has not, to quote my son:
"Dad, Lebanon is beautiful, and the Lebanese are such a loving people."
Lebanon is in our hearts more now than before we made the trip and we look
forward to going back soon. Below is a family photo taken at the Cedars. St. Ann Church Annual Hafli
Lebanese Foods by Hanna’s Restaurant
and Music by George Maalouf Ensemble
Saturday October 5th at 7pm
Donation $50pp, or $20 for Children under 12 BYOB,
For tickets: Hanna’s International Delight in Danbury,
Noujaime’s Bakery in Waterbury, or at the Church after Mass

By Leon Istambouli: My daughter Leiya had an amazing end of 2019 Long

Course Season with outstanding results at the Lebanese National Swimming
Championships 6 Golds, 3 Silvers & 3 Lebanese Records (100 Free,100 Breast
400 Free Relay).Hard work, modesty & dedication are paying off. Congrats.

Thank you for a wonderful 2019 Festival!

Lebanon American Club News – September 2019 Page 5
22 West Street, Danbury, CT 06810
Phone: 203-743-5828 / Email:
Submit by Friday, October 18th
Please check your choice of Ad size:
Full pg._____$100 Half pg._____$60 Quarter pg._____$35
Name: __________________________________________
Address: _________________________________________
Street:________________________________________ ___
City: ___________________State _______ Zip code______
Phone:________________ email: _____________________
Include either your camera-ready ad or print message below.
You may also reference reuse of last year’s ad or email to it


RSVP by Friday, October 18th
Number of people attending ______ at $55/Person Total
($65/Person for Walk-ins and late reservations)
Names of People Attending
Dinner to be served - Surf & Turf of NY Strip Steak and Shrimp
** Vegetarian Dinner available upon request

Your Name___________________________________
Address: _____________________________________
Phone: _______________________________________
email: ________________________________________
Please Make checks payable to: Lebanon American Club
And mail to 22 West Street, Danbury CT 06810
Lebanon American Club News – September 2019 Page 6
22 West Street, Danbury, CT 06810
Phone: 203-743-5828 / Email:
Yamin & Yamin, LLP Integrity Motors DANDY
ATTORNEYS & COUNSELORS Auto Repair you can trust
Attorney Dianne E. Yamin Tony Elhayek, Owner Total Food Service Distribution
Attorney Robert J. Yamin 20+ Years of Experience.
Attorney Raymond P. Yamin All Makes and Models 80 Mill Plain Rd
Services include: Certified Subaru Specialist P.O. Box 4400
Real Estate; Wills Danbury, CT 06811
217 White Street
4 Moss Ave, Danbury, CT 06810 Danbury, CT 06810 Tel: (203) 792-7000
Tel (203)744-7090 Fax (203)744-7044 Next to WSCU Midtown Campus Fax: (203) 797-9940
Email: Phone: (203)744-2277 Toll Free (800)-49-FRUIT (37848)
Catering For All Occasions Family owned and
“Our Mini Trucks are perfect for
Small and Hard to Reach Jobs” operated since 1921
HANNA’S Lightweight Trucks,
91 South Street
Middle Eastern Less Yard Damage,
Homeowners and Contractors Danbury, CT 06810
Restaurant & Market By Gabriel
Tel: 203-744-7661 Tel (203)743-HOME (4663)
72 Lake Avenue Cell: 203-948-7574
Danbury, CT 06810

Residential - Commercial
31 Pecks Lane Scraping – Taping - Staining
Newtown, CT 06470 Power Washing - Repairs
(203) 304-9208 Full Phase of Decoration
Nabil Atallah 860-945-1122 Fully Insured Cell: (203) 910-4946
CT LIC.#575056

Classic. Elegant. Unique

Placing an Ad? LAC
CREATIONS, LLC Send an email with ad info to Hall Rental?
Kitchen Counters, Vanity Tops, Fireplaces Available only to members or
Include Business WebSite Address. co-sponsored by a member, for business
Tony Haddad, Owner meetings or special catered events.
493 Danbury Road And mail a check payable to LAC
New Milford, CT 06776 For availability and rates,
Tel: 860.350.1306 Fax: 860.350.1307
For $125/Yr/This Size Ad
please send an email
By Appointment Only To the attention of Louis Najamy to
Email: Lebanon American Club the Club email address. 22 West Street
Danbury, CT 06810
Lebanon American Club News – September 2019 Page 7
22 West Street, Danbury, CT 06810
Phone: 203-743-5828 / Email:
Daniel P. Jowdy Mutual Motors Ed’s Barber Shop
Treasurer Family Owned & Hair Salon
City Of Danbury & Operated since 1958
Makes House and
Used Cars, Sunoco Oil Products Business Calls!
City Hall
Full Service Gas, Repairs, Tires Open 9am-6pm
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Fax: (203) 796-1526
Danbury, CT 06811 Danbury, CT 06810
e-mail: Tel: (203) 744-5388 Tel: (203) 794-0067
Thomas J. Saadi, Esq. Maron Hotel & Suites Alarm King, Inc.
Commissioner of Veterans Affairs Edward J. Essa
State of CT Full Service Hotel
Justice of Peace Security and Fire Alarm systems
& 42 Lake Avenue Ext. Mill Plain Rd Camera*Access Control
Notary Public Danbury, CT 06811 Medical Alert * Stereo systems
Tel: (203) 791- 2200 16 Lake Ave Ext.
24 Tobins Court Fax: (203) 791-2201 Danbury, CT 06811
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9-11 Granville Ave 125 South Street
Family Owned & Operated since 1991 Danbury (203)743-6321
Danbury, CT 06810 126 Federal Road Danbury, CT and
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Daniel P. Jowdy e-mail:


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Danbury, CT 06811 2 Old New Milford Rd. Suite 1F 23 Stony Hill Rd,
Tel: (203) 748-5346 Brookfield, CT 06804 Bethel, CT 06801
e-mail: Tel: (203)740-1991 Tel: (203) 617-0604
september 2019
Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
1 2 3 4 5 6 7

American Buffet Dinner

7pm Board Mtg.
8 9 10 11 12 13 14
Specialty Lebanese
Dinner at Club & LAX Sept. 18 - Sept. 25, 2019.
6:30pm Pasta Taste of Leb. Spirits JACOB
Monday Night 7pm Board Mtg. Dinner By Chefs Lou and Mezza at Maron BURNS FILM CENTER,.
Football Start 8pm-Gen.Mtg. & Lou Hotel PLEASANTVILLE, NY.

15 16 17 18 19 20 21

St. Jude Run/Walk LAC

Grill Dinner By Chef team Stamford &
St. Ann Church 7pm Board Mtg. Elie St. George Kibbee
Picnic Fundraiser 8pm-Gen.Mtg. 7:30pm Tournament Dinner
22 23 24 25 26 27 28

Monday Night Lebanese Buffet Dinner This

Football Start by Hanna's Restaurant
29 30 1 10-Oct 18-Oct 5-Oct
LAX Scholarship
Benefit - Lebanese Deadline for Person of St. Ann Hafli - Dinner
7pm Board Mtg. Food. All are the Year RSVP and Dance with George
8pm-Gen.Mtg. welcome Program Submissions Maalouf

Lebanon American Club

22 West Street
Danbury, CT 06810