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Executive Summary

Sports 365 which is also known as Pulse sports private limited is India’s sports
and fitness company with a great inspiration and motivations passionate for all
the field of sports and fitness concerns, hence presenting a good example
among all the enthusiasts who are interested in sports and fitness by creating a
different structure in their mind by representing themselves with leading Indian
ambassadors such as Yuvraj Singh, Mahesh Bhupathi and Lara Dutta. These
inspirational sports icon provides tremendous support to the foundation team of
365. In a very short time span since its starting journey Sports 365 has taken a
rigid position of the sports segment in India. Our company has received several
milestones and in a very short period of time and within this very short interval
and span they are been rating among the top 50 start-ups in India. Sports365
provides immediate solutions for various types of sports requirements in
schools, sports academies, clubs, training centers, colleges and even
incorporates also. Our company also brands with various leading sports
companies and brands within India and also outside India and they also help to
harness the potentials of the Indian market. This report deals with the project
undertaken with Live Sports365 E-retail Pvt. Ltd. in area of business
development. The project revolved around creating and closing leads and
operationally servicing accounts.

The major objectives of the project include acquiring and engaging with
educational institutions to advocate the Sports Partnership Program (SPP)
through a highly targeted product and services mix, thereby selling the value
proposition of the company and driving adoption.

The objectives were achieved by running independent retail counters at schools,

selling the Sports365 range of products like apparels, shoes and associated
materials by the implementation of various selling techniques like up-selling,
cross-selling, etc.
Academies Onboarding Program (AOP) involves creating an attractive selling
proposition and pitching USP of the offering to clients in order to convince
them to register with and ensuring maximum conversion of leads.
The objectives of AOP were achieved by educating the customers regarding the
benefits of registering with the portal and helping them to get registered without
any inconvenience and following up with un-converted leads.

This report also provides in-depth analysis of sports goods & equipment
industry in India I have been assigned the job of pursuing my internship in this
company on the title of “Sales, marketing, operating and managing
profitable standalone retail operations and counter Management”.

During this whole process, I clearly came to understand what all efforts are
being needed to run a counter and to do selling the products and how to satisfy
the customer with your services and also how you are capable enough to
provide information to your customers. I also came to understand the entire
counter managing process and also to find what are the ways you can cut your
cost with relevant to various cost centers and revenue centers so that it can
result in making a revenue for the company. From the study it can be seen that
we could convert schools from various other brand of shoes to Nike and the
main reason to choose Nike was because of the price and services that are
offered. The various factors that students take into consideration at the time of
purchasing are the prices, quality, warranty period and the online availability
for future purchase. Another important study was that the company was able to
improve its delivery system with the help of latest technology like POS (Point
of Purchase) Machines. The SIP gives me a clear view and a blueprint of
the sales and marketing process which is operated in the organization and it
also helps me to understand how the 4 departments work with each other
finance, operations, marketing, procurement all are linked with each other and
it works in a clear chain, if one gets stuck or doesn’t work properly the whole
process and the other departments workflow will totally be collapsed and it also
helped me to understand the whole backend process in what all activities are
fulfilled for completion of process.