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  Sep 3 - Sep 6  

THIS MONTH          
Looking ahead   News this week   Chinese  Math   Language Arts 

Students of the  Novice 2 Unit 1 1-5 Division as Sharing Unit 1: Living and
Fun Run Week!! - Sean and  Lesson 1 Same as Learning
Jade!  Sister 1-6 Division as
Fundraiser Kickoff
  Repeated Subtraction Week 3: How can we
- Sept. 13th achieve goals?
Reading​ (​counted as
Review Topic 1
reading time​): Story:​ ​Kumak’s Fish
School Pictures - 1. Quizlet Topic 1 Online Assessment Phonics:
Sept. 17th 2BVrM
Word endings - ing, ed,
  er, and est.
  2. Mandarin Matrix
Parent Teacher Writing Chinese Conventions:
Brain Boosters!!   Science 
Conferences - Art, Music,  Earth & Moon  Declarative and
Sept. 18th, 20th, Playworks, Media  Writing ​Characters (3 weeks- week 1) Interrogative Sentences
23rd, and 24th. (optional):
You may find more Comprehension Skill:
learning resources on Sequencing
Early Release - our website under
“Science”. Vocabulary​:
Sept. 26th Parka, Gear, Twitch,
Splendid, Willow,
No School - Sept. Yanked
Starting Fables :)