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John Parochial School

Tiaong, Quezon



“The Struggles of an

Lalunio, Gioveth P.

Grade 12 – St. Pedro Calungsod

I. Objectives:

At the end of the lesson, the learner should be able to:

 To learn and be aware of the struggles that an adolescent are facing.

 To understand how students handle their problems.
 To know some of the main cause of a struggle and how to cope up with

II. Introduction

Adolescents is a transitional stage of physical and psychological development

that generally occurs during the period of puberty to adulthood. In this stage an adolescent
became more aware of his or her surroundings, behavior and even beliefs. Adolescents
usually associated with the teenage years, but it’s physical, psychological and cultural
expressions may begin earlier and end later.

III. Problem Statement

A. Home
1. What are the struggles that you are experiencing at home? Can you name some?
2. How does this struggles affect your mental health?
3. What do you think are the main causes of the struggle?
4. How do your family help you to cope up with your problem?
5. What are your insights about the conflict between parents and teens most of the

B. School
1. What are the challenges an adolescent are facing everyday at school?
2. How does it affect your mood or behavior?
3. Do you think emotional aspect is one of the factors when it comes to struggles in
4. How school affects you as an individual?
5. What are your ways to motivate yourself to do better at school?
C. Peers
1. How does peer influences your life?
2. How does peer pressure affect an adolescent behavior?
3. Why do you think peers can have more influence than parents?
4. How school affects you as an individual?
5. What are your ways to motivate yourself to do better at school?

IV. Data Gathered

A. Home

The struggles that Ms.Lalunio experiencing are lack of connection between

family members and lack of understanding. As they are living on their own without
their parents, it is not easy to decide everything without even consulting her parents,
but occasionally they are too busy due to their work. Understanding is one of the
factor to have a happy family because the side of each member is being heard and
not just by jumping into conclusions. There are times that she got depressed because
she got affected by her family's problem and often having moods swings which
irritated and affects her whole day. In her opinion, the main causes of a struggles
are misunderstanding, different beliefs and pride because there are situation that a
teenager feels right and forces that it is the right thing where in fact it is not in the
terms of her parents. As we grow, our beliefs began to expand and change which
sometimes contracts the beliefs of parents and most specially the pride because
there are cases in which her parents and elders refuses to admit that they are wrong
and stick to their beliefs that they are always right basically because they are
parents. Her family helps her to cope up with her problem by making her realize
the things she had done. They always give her true-to-life experiences that's related
to her problem and giving her advices with regards to the problems that she is
facing. They always help her to realize the situation that she is involve into and did
not forget to comfort, motivate and support her decisions. As she habitually
experience having a conflict between her parents, she believe that they are both
struggling because of lack of communication. Some teenagers are not completely
open to their parents that's why they misunderstoods the teenager's behavior and
parents are not that open-minded and understanding in terms of the challenges that
their daughter are experiencing.
B. School

She's experiencing challenges at school like being absent-minded sometimes

due to the problems that's bothering her and also sleep deprivation most of the time
which is one of the factors that results to lack of focus. It affects her mood or
behavior by easily getting irritated by simple gestures and losing interest. There are
times in which she choose to just sleep and forgot her purpose why she's at school
and when it comes to her problems, she usually got preoccupied and loses interest
to pay attention on the lectures that backfires to her later on. According to her it is
indeed impossible to forget her personal life specially when she's still a student.
She said that everything happens around her, even if it is has no connection to your
studies will create a huge impact in your academic life either positively or
negatively depending on what you going through. School is a tree of eduaction for
her not just academically but also help her to discover her talents and grow her
spiritual and psychological beliefs and social capabilities. It also helps her to
understand her own environment and how they will affect her. She always set her
family as her motivation to strive more so that she can repay their hardwork and
sacrifices. She also wants to improve more their state of living. Also, she considers
her dreams and goals to achieve so that herself and her family can be proud of.

C. Peers

As peers a part of our life, peers affect her in a way that they improves her beliefs
and knowledge and motivates her to do her best for their own good. She answered
the 2nd question saying that it depends on the persons you are going along with but
for her it affects her in a positive way because peer pressure helps her to strive more
on her studies and even in her everyday struggles, also guides her on decision
making and they are not afraid to tell me things without sugat coating it and I
believe that a real friend never envy you when you're successful and yet hey will
support you more and that's what my friends are doing. As a teenager we spend
most of our times at school with our peers and in that way we've been influence on
what they're doing. Based on her experience she spend most of her times with peers
regularly and aside from the fact that her parents are not physically here, they are
the one whom she can lean on to whenever she have problems or something is
bothering her. There are also happenings in life where in she and her peers are
experiencing in that way they shares their perspective and beliefs which builds
another foundation to their relationship. In her opinion it is important because aside
from a family, they can make you feel comfortable and also you can rely on them
in many aspects of life. Through peers you can help you to discover talents and
learn new things. In today's society that we live in, it is inevitable to feel that you
have please everyone just to accept you. Also, it is prevalent nowadays to put
someone down and because of that we tend to act like someone else or change
ourself just to feel the belongingness that's why acceptance plays a big role in
developing our self-esteem or how we view ourselves. It is like when you feel
accepted or you belong it'll allow you to feel better about yourself thataybe you are
good enougg to be loved or undersrand by the people you actually cared for.

V. Research Strategy
Before I conduct my research, I immediately prepared questions for my
needed information and after I got the approval of Mrs. Marasigan, I began to
collect information coming from the internet so that I can have a prior knowledge
about my topic. I began interviewing my respondent when I think my problem
statement is already clear and accurate. After gathering the information, I
proceeded on making the other steps to finish my research.

VI. Evaluation
Based on the answers I believe that it is credible because Ms. Lalunio is
aware about the topic and has a prior knowledge. She can prove the validity of our
information for she answered all my questions based through her own experiences,
perspective and in her capabilities as a teenager.

VII. Revision
After gathering all the information needed in conducting this research, I
started making a hard copy of the gathered data by constructing a draft of it.
Paraphrasing plays a big role in this research for the sentences that are almost the
same and to make my research more reliable and formal.

VIII. Documentation
For this research I used Google translate and
thesaurus for the synonyms of the words.

IX. Conclusion
In the light of the findings, I therefore conclude that adolescents are
struggling in every aspects of their lives as well as parents because of the changes
that occurs in their child. There are different ways an adolescent face a typical
problem some are opening it up to their parents while others are to their peers or
just to theirselves. Peers has a great impact to a teens life because of influence and
the happenings that they can relate to. to face them. The teenage years are when
you are just starting to learn independence and going out into the world what it is
normal to make many mistakes as a teenager. There are several problems that
adolescence encounter daily that are part of life and growing up. These problems
can range anywhere from their school, friends and even within their families.
Almost everyone at some point and time of their adolescence, experience
situations in their lives that are common to several others in their age range. The
things that we go through during this time period help mold us into young adults.
Throughout all these problems communication with your parents is the key to
helping with common adolescence problems.

X. Recommendation

I recommend that the solution regarding to the struggles of the adolescent

faces everyday is to strengthen their relationship within parent for they guide you
to be a better person and to have a better future. We should also consider God
whenever we are struggling in life and never forget all the blessings and guidance
he had given to us in our daily basis. There are cases that are parents is not
available when we needed them. We have these friends to lean on and in my
opinion they understands us the way we want because they themselves also
experience that kind of situation while parents sometimes just gives us rants about
the situation and even worse judge us. Lastly, I would recommend that an
adolescent should trust oneself first before trusting other Because not all of our
trusted friends are always there to help us due to their personal life. We should
also learn not to depend on others because it is still you to make your life better
and at the end of the day its just yourself whom you can lean on.