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Curriculum Vitae

Name: Marianella Rojas

Age: 24
Contact Information
E-mail Address:
Phone number: (617) 615-1253
Faculty References:
Oscar Stagnaro, Professor
Michael Ciro, Musical director and guitarist for 19 time grammy
award winner Alejandro Sanz

Jan Shapiro, Professor

Spanish (mother tongue), English (advanced), Portuguese (basic)

. Berklee College of Music –Contemporary Writing and Production
and Performance (2011-)
. Universidad Monteavila – Science Communication (2007 -2008)

Other Studies
. Escuela Contemporanea de la Voz - Voice Performance (2007 -
. Yamaha Music Academy – Vocal lessons (2002 – 2007)
. Clinic of “Enfoque y Manejo de la Voz Profesional”, in English,
“Approach and Management of the Professional Voice” by Dr. Silvia
Pinho de Sao Paulo, Brazil. (2010)
. Clinic with Aquiles Baez “Communication between singer and
musician accompanist” (2010)

Music Experience and Performances

1. Performed as a lead vocalist with the three times Grammy Awards

and 16 Latin Grammy awards winner, Alejandro Sanz, at the Latin
Grammy Awards in Las Vegas in November 2013.
2. Perfomed at the Berklee Performance Center at the Honoris Causa
concert for Alejandro Sanz in October 2013.
3. Part of the Singers Showcase on May 2014 representing Latin
America at Berklee College of Music.
4. Performed at the first edition of the Jazz Festival of Margarita, which
was organized in 2005. “Its goal is to promote jazz culture in this
beautiful and touristic island. It gathers more than 60 national and
international jazz musicians and bands.”
5. Winner of first edition of “Talento y Valor”, Talent and Courage in
English, which was a local talent show that after the second season
became a national competition.
6. Contestant of Latin American Idol 2008. I was selected in a group of
20 people from Venezuela out of 4.000 people that competed that
7. Background singer of recognized Venezuelan singers:
- Oscarcito

- Victor Drija

- Edmundo Benavides
- Diveana
- Manu Rivas
8. Opened to Shakira and Train with Victor Drijas’s Band at The music
pop Festival on March 2011.
9. I worked with popular cover bands such as:
- Sgrupo

- Drumba

10. Performed with Aquiles Baez at Taima Restaurant in Caracas,

11. Played with recognized Venezuelan musicians such as, Cesar Orozco
(piano), Adolfo Herrera (drums), Antonio Mazzei (piano), Luca
Vincenzetti (guitar), Oscar Fanega (bass), Leo Trujillo (Guitar), Negro
Alvarez (drums & percussion), etc.
12. Panela Ensamble was the name of my trio (Guitar, multi-percussion
and voice) where we played jazz standards, bossa nova, onda nueva,
blues, r&b and pop.
13. Lead vocal of BBVA Banco Provincial’s jingle (a bank from Spain).
14. Lead vocal of the theme for a TV show called “Mujer con pantalones”
on CNN en español.
(min 2:27 )
15. Lead vocal of Stanhome’ World’s jingle
16. Lead vocal of Gira’s jingle (a Brazilian shoes brand)
17. “Tripulacion Adolescente” was the name of a 30 minutes radio
program I used to coach with 2 other girls in 2006. The music of the
program was sung by me.
18. Lead vocals for “MOSTACHO’S EXPERIMENT” by Andres Marin at
Berklee College of Music on May 2011.
19. Lead vocals for AARON GRATZMILLER’S QUARTET at Berklee College
of Music on May 2011.
20. Lead vocals for FRANCISCO VIELMA’S SEXTET at Berklee College of
Music on May 2011.
21. Lead vocals for R&B/SMOOTH JAZZ ENSEMBLE directed by Skip Smith
at David Friend Recital Hall in Berklee College of Music on July 2011.
22. Lead vocals KEVIN FRIEDMAN’S SENIOR RECITAL at Berklee College of
Music on July 2011.
23. Lead Vocals & Backgrounds for MUSICAL THEATER ENSEMBLE
directed by Sharon Brown at Berklee Performance Center on
November 2011.
24. Part of Vocal Ensemble “SONAVOZ”. We have performed at: Steve
Heck Room in Berklee College of Music on December 2011, Berklee
Performance Center on December 2011 and Café 939 on April 2012.
25. Lead vocals for FRANCISCO VIELMA’S SEXTET at Berklee College of
Music on December 2011.
directed by Donna McElroy at Berklee Performance Center and
Pavement on October 2011.
27. Lead vocals for RISHABH SHARMA’S SHOW at Berklee Cafeteria on
November 2011.
28. Lead vocals for FRANCISCO VIELMA’S PROJECT at Berklee
Performance Center on December 2011.
29. Lead vocals for MOSTACHO EXPERIMENT by Andres Marin at Berklee
Performance Center on March 2012.
30. Lead vocals for PANELA ENSAMBLE Berklee Performance Center on
March 2012.
31. Lead vocals for LUIS D’ELIAS’S ENSEMBLE at Berklee College of Music
on March 2012
32. Lead vocals for SANTIAGO HERRERA’S RECITAL at Berklee College of
Music on April 2012.Z
33. Part of Jazz Revelation Records’ callbacks with Luis D’Elias Project
34. Lead vocals for Fundraiser Concert for Somerville Music Dpt.
35. Lead vocals for “Sing for United Nations: Rio+20 Global Youth Music
Contest (IAAI)” with Groovercity at Berklee Performance Center.
36. Part of Tedx Somerville performance with Groovercity
37. Lead vocals for the song "Mas Fuerte", featured on Japan
Earthquake/Tsunami relief charity cd project.
38. Backgrounds for Alumni Maureen Choi’s original song recording
39. Founder and lead-singer of “CAOBA CUARTET” (Venezuelan music’s
40. Lead vocals for “Los del Sur” project at Lilypad
41. Duet with latin artist Luis Enrique at Clinic at David Friend Recital Hall
42. Background vocals for Francisco Ruiz’s senior recital (Berklee
Performance Center)
43. Vocal ensemble “Sonavoz” invited by singing tribe by Joey Blake at
Berklee Performance Center
44. Founder and Lead Vocalist Of Trir (Trio Of Percussion And 2 Vocals).
We are currently recording a EP
45. Part of “Sing For Japan” Vol 2 with TriR featuring my original tune
46. Lead Vocals for recording of original tune by Luis D’ Elias
47. Part of First Thinkin Big Band Album featuring Lead Vocals on Italian
Aria “Estate”
48. Several performances at Clandestino’s Latin Party with Rumbambu
Band at Naga Club, Central Square and at Tommy Doyles at Harvard
49. Perfomance with Lady-Ska Ga at Concert Cruise II(Mass Bay Line)
50. Part of Thinkin Big Band Cd Release Show at Ryles featuring Lead
Vocals and part of the Choir
51. Part of Thinkin Big Band Show at Western Front, Cambridge featuring
Lead Vocals on “Vivir Lo Nuestro” and “Estate”
52. Part of Latin Project; Profesional Recording
53. Background Vocals for Thinkin Big Band at Atlantic Wharf
54. Part of Groovercity Performance at Boston Gay Pride 2012
55. Appereance on Tv Show “Encuentro Latino” with Rumbambu Band

Work Experience

. Runner for Highschool Jazz Festival (2013)

. Test Proctor TEMP (2013)
. Admissions Open House Temp Job (2012)
. Beantown Jazz Festival Assistant (2012)
. Audition & Interviews Assistant (2012)
. Parents Weekend Student Assistant (2012)
. Vocal Coach of new artist Matt Hunter for his first album (2012)
. Voice Teacher (2012-)
. Berklee College of Music – Berklee Performance Center’s Usher
(December 2011-)
. Berklee College of Music - Office Assistant at Scholarship and
Auditions office (March 2012-)
. Arepas Gourmet – Manager (2010)
. Escuela Contemporanea de la Voz - President’s assistant (2009 -
Job Description:
- Organization and promotion of musical events such as clinics,
master classes, concerts, etc.
- Greet guests, answer phones & email, schedule appointments &
make referrals, organizing library’s books, typing, copying, filing.
. Vocal coach (2008 - )
. Radio Program “Tripulacion Adolescente” – Radio Host (2006 -2007)