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Exxon Mobile is the largest publicly traded oil and gas enterprise in the world by market


Apple is currently the world’s most profitable publicly

traded company. In the past decade, its sales have
been driven by the popular iPod music player and the

Berkshire Hathway has gone beyond

depending on Warren Buffett’s financial
acumen to make profits
Royal Dutch Shell, widely referred to as Shell, is
among the six “supermajors” in the oil and gas

Volkswagen is German for “people’s car”. The company was founded in 1937 by the German
Labour Front under Adolf Hitler to make an
affordable car for the masses, unlike luxury
vehicles. Today, the company’s main markets
are Germany and China. The Volkswagen Group
is currently the world’s biggest automaker and
controls top brands such as Skoda, MAN, Scania,
Bugatti, Bentley, Lamborghini, SEAT, and Audi.

Toyota Motor is the world’s largest automotive

maker and a leader in the hybrid electric car

State-owned China National Petroleum

Corporation (CNPC) is the nation’s biggest
integrated energy enterprise. Besides oil
and gas, the company plans to involve
itself more deeply in the renewable energy
sector to tackle the issue of environmental
protection and to meet China’s growing
needs as a leading member of the Paris
Climate Accord.
Sinopec Group is involved in multiple
energy-related sectors such as oil, coal,
steam, and electricity. This growing
company recently secured an EPC contract
in Russia and other contracts with the
Mongolian company Petro Matad.

State Grid owns a monopoly in China

which has made it the world’s biggest
electric utility enterprise. It constructs
and operates power grids, and manages
24 electric power firms and five regional
power grid enterprises.

Walmart has added e-commerce business to its thriving physical

hypermarkets to top our list as the world’s richest company