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2F2 Associates

2FS Associates is an international marketing

research agency with directors having over 40
years cumulative experience in providing
marketing research services across multiple
industry sectors to reputable Companies and
Premium International Research Agencies.

We believe in the philosophy of providing quality data to our clients with

24/7 dedicated client service, total adherence to committed timelines and
offering most competitive rates that no one else in Pakistan can offer.

We provide comprehensive quantitative and qualitative marketing research

services (such as Face to Face Personal Interviews, CATI based Telephonic
Interviews, Focus Groups, and online studies) to several marketing research
subjects (such as brand equity, customer satisfaction, image and awareness
tracking, brand positioning, product or concept testing, etc.).

We aim to provide best quality field and tab services to international

research agencies at a most competitive rates so that they can optimize
their profits even in current situation of economic recession.

We work with both private and public sector organizations and international
research agencies, across different business sectors, and provide a range of
research services from full service researches to consultancy inputs and field
and data services.

Within very short time we have built up a prestigious client base and we are
particularly competent in serving multinational companies and International
Research Agencies. We are always improving our team to accommodate the
growing needs of clients.

Solid Market Research Experience
With over 40 years of cumulative solid experience in market research of
Directors involving a wide range of industries and prominent presence in
Asia Pacific, 2FS Associates aim at delivering premium services to our clients
who wish to discover the Pakistan, Afghanistan, Bangladesh and other
Regional Markets.

24/7 Client Service

We provide 24 hours a day and 7 days a week customer service to our
valued clients across the globe. Our client liaison team and Directors are
equipped with latest blackberry services available in Pakistan via Telenor (a
Norway based Telecom Company). They can respond to any client request
within no time.

Promised work quality under tight time constraint

We provide flexible services to our clients who are under time constraint;
given that, designated research objectives will be met and quality of work is
always promised.

Worry-free services
We are an all-round team of senior researchers and we manage and monitor
all research projects; in most cases, one of our directors supervises
individual projects to ensure work quality. We keep our clients informed of
project progress at every stage and you will find our project coordination
most reliable

Recognized by International Bodies

We are a member of Marketing Research Society of Pakistan (MRSP), the
European Society of Marketing and Opinion Research (ESOMAR) and Pakistan
Chamber of Commerce (PKCC). All research projects are conducted in
accordance with the provisions of the ICC/ESOMAR International Code of
Marketing and Social Research Practice.

Customized services
Our ultimate aim is to satisfy our clients' needs; we customize our services
to support our clients' work and business development.
Easy to read presentation
We provide our clients with user-friendly research findings, presented in
graphical charts or tables, to help our clients make the best sense of the
information efficiency.
Insightful recommendations
We do not merely collect data; our main objective is to fulfill our clients'
requirements, to make professional recommendations and to provide them
with value-added insights so as to shed light on their business plans.

Types of research they carry:

• Advertising Research
• Brand Equity Research
• Brand Name Testing
• Business-to-business
• Buyer Decision Processes Research
• Children / Youth's Research
• Commercial Eye Tracking Research
• Concept Testing
• Consumer Research
• Cool hunting
• Copy Testing
• Demand Estimation
• Distributional Channel Audits
• Internet Strategic Intelligence
• Marketing Effectiveness and Analytics
• New Product Development
• Positioning Research
• Price Elasticity Testing
• Sales Forecasting
• Segmentation Research
• Store Audit
• Test Marketing
• Tracking Studies
• Usage & Attitude Studies
• Viral Marketing Research

Established in 1980, Gallup Pakistan draws upon its rich experience of over
25 years and continues to bring innovation and technology to business
opinion and socio-economic research. We offer a unique combination of
business acumen and technical know-how, which helps our Clients translate
customer perceptions into effective business strategy. By transforming large
amounts of data into insightful reports and analysis, we help our Clients
better understand their professional needs and requirements.

Gallup Pakistan is the country's most respected opinion and socio economic
research organization and is widely quoted in national and international
media. Being an affiliate of Gallup International we have close collaboration
with Gallup associates all around the globe and enjoy the benefit of drawing
upon an international pool of knowledge.

Successful marketing relies upon the marketer's ability to translate customer

needs and demands into an effective business plan that targets the right
audience, and reflects their wants and desires. Gallup Pakistan is an expert
in business research. Through its insightful Marketing and Information
Consultancy in the area of Business Research, it delivers valuable knowledge
to its enterprising Clients, which forms an integral part of their Marketing


• Gallup Pakistan is a trusted name, hence when we go out to interview;

we have an edge over others in soliciting access to difficult to reach

• We ensure quality and reliability through careful selection and

professional training of field staff. We follow rigorous procedures of
training. Our field staff ensures quality and reliability of data through
stringent field controls including intake edit, back-check and
interviewer evaluation.

• Our Quality Assurance Department provides designated monitoring

services around the clock and assures that every project is conducted
within the designated timeframe and other specifications.

• We maintain three full services offices (in Karachi, Lahore and

Islamabad) and 17 Regional field centers. This unique field capability
enables us to carry out rapid field studies through well trained and
experienced staff. You can expect high qualify combined with high
speed at Gallup Pakistan.

• We place high emphasis on working closely with the client; for this
purpose we have a sizeable number of well trained and qualified
research managers who work closely with the client to understand
their research problems and to interpret research findings upon
completion of the study. Furthermore, we assist our clients in making
presentations to their key audiences.

• Gallup Pakistan has a unique in-house reservoir of knowledge in the

form of extensive data bases on Pakistan's demography, life-style,
socio-economic conditions, consumer trends, media habits and other
attitudinal and behaviour patterns of individuals, households and
business enterprises. When you speak to Gallup Pakistan you speak to
expertise accumulated over quarter of a century.

• We are operating in the country since 1980 thus bringing in more than
25 years of professional experience and credibility. You can trust
Gallup Pakistan.

Types of research they carry:

• Advertising Research
• Business-to-business
• Children / Youth's Research
• Consumer Research
• Tracking Studies
• Usage & Attitude Studies

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• Aftab Associates

• FM Associates
• Logica Marketing Research Co.
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