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Ashish 16 MARCH 2017

Cluster Innovation Tom De Smedt
Centre Senior Researcher
University of Delhi CLiPS
St. Lucas University College of Art & Design
Address Antwerp
2943/13 III Floor,
Patel Nagar(South) Sir,
New Delhi -110008
India I am glad that i came across CLiPS GSOC project, i have been interested in
+91-97111790054 computational linguistics ever i took a course on this in the second semester of my degree and i honestly wish to make a career in this field.

I’m pursuing a B. tech. Degree in IT and Mathematics, currently in final

semester, i'm proficient in coding and have worked on projects that
involve Data Science, ML, Linguistics, Web & Mobile applications, details of
which you can view in my resume attached with is letter.

I am an inherently curious person and i have it in me to learn new things

quickly and apply it to what i want to create & achieve.

The “Fake news” project interests me a lot, all the ideas stated in the
project description are great and i’m sure i can contribute to all of them
and can’t wait to elaborate how. Few of the ideas that i have formed up are:

Most people who spread fake news want readers dramatic emotional
reaction, we can gauge an opinion towards a news through social media
platforms(tweets etc.) and if it’s too strong, could be too happy or too
angry that could be pointer towards detecting fake news.

People spreading fake news also want it to be viral across the internet and
usually write in a particular format (use of memes), too much punctuation
etc. We can detect this in a given news article

We can indeed use deep learning techniques to detect forged images,

google’s TensorFlow might come to aid in this or reverse image search can
prove useful.

I would like to convey to you that i would love working on this project and
have already started forming lots of ideas on how will i contribute with the
ones stated above and would love to discuss all those,

Thank you for your time I look forward to learning with this opportunity!


Ashish Sharma