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EDN-H(2)B(2)1/2018- Pro-JBT(TET)-(Med)
Directorate of Elementary Education
Himachal Pradesh, Shimla-1

Dated: Shimla-1 the 24th May, 2018

1. All the Deputy Director of Elementary Education,
Himachal Pradesh.
2. All the Block Elementary Education Officer, Himachal Pradesh.
Subject:- Tentative promotion panel of TET pass in-service JBTs to be considered for
promotion to the post of TGT (Medical) against 15% quota as on 30.04.2018.


As per principle laid down by the Hon’ble High Court of HP in CWP No.
1436/2014 titled as Jai Singh & others V/s State of HP which envisaged as “Old Vacancy Old
Rules, New Vacancy New Rules”. A tentative panel of TET pass in-service JBTs possessing
B.Sc. (Med.) & B.Ed. degree has been prepared strictly on merit i.e. year of appointment and
marks obtained in JBT examination.
You are, therefore, directed to bring it to the notice of all the concerned and
other JBTs appointed in the previous/same year and possessing the requisite qualification of
TGT (Med.). Objection if any, from the individual will be entertained in this Directorate up to
10.06.2018 and thereafter no objections shall be entertained. It may please be noted that no
cases should be left out. In case any left out case is found in future the sole responsibility
will be rest upon you. You are also directed that in the prepared tentative panel, if any JBT
has already been promoted/placed as HT/CHT/LT, such cases may brought to the notice of
this office immediately.
The tentative panel has been uploaded on the departmental website of this
Directorate i.e. Objections will also be received through Fax on
telephone numbers 0177-2656184 and 2812464, E-mail or by hand besides registered post etc.
Note:- All the Dy. DEE, BEEO & Individual concerned is directed to
download the same from the departmental website of this Directorate. No hard copy is being
supplied to anyone.

Endst. No. As even, Dated: Shimla-1 the 24th
May, 2018
Copy forwarded for information and necessary action to:-
1. The Secretary (Edu.) to the Govt. of HP, Shimla-2.
2. The In-Charge IT Cell (Internal) with the direction to upload the same on the departmental
website of this Directorate.
3. Guard file.
Tentative panel of TET pass in-service JBTs to be considered for promotion to the post of TGT
(Medical) against 15% quota as on 30.04.2018.

Sr. Name of Teacher with D.O.B. D.O.A./ Maximu Mark Date of Cate Requirement
No. present place of posting Regular m Marks s issuance gory / Remarks
joining as of JBT obtai of JBT
JBT exam ned Certi.
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
1 Rajni Sharma, JBT, GPS 25.09.78 23.08.10 1300 985 22.07.09 UR
Ispur (East), BEEO Haroli,
Distt. Una

2 Alka Kumari, JBT, GPS 02.05.86 23.08.10 1300 936 22.07.09 UR

Majholi, BEEO Theog,
Distt. Shimla

3 Inder Singh, JBT, GPS 10.02.82 05.05.10 1300 856 22.07.09 ST

Bali, BEEO Kupvi, Distt.

4 Gopal Singh, JBT, GPS 02.02.75 16.08.11 Special 16.08.11 SC

Anji Banuna, BEEO Certifica
Dadahu, Distt. Sirmour te

5 Leela Dhar, JBT, GPS 01.01.76 16.08.11 Special 16.08.11 UR

Jassal, BEEO Karsog, Certifica
Distt. Mandi te

6 Hem Raj, JBT, GPS 15.10.77 16.08.11 Special 16.08.11 UR

Leswin, BEEO Kalhel, Certifica
Distt. Chamba te

7 Meenu Chauhan, JBT, 30.07.78 16.08.11 Special 16.08.11 UR

GPS(G) Solan, BEEO Certifica
Kuthar, Distt. Solan te

8 Vimla Devi, JBT, GPS 09.05.79 16.08.11 Special 16.08.11 SC

Rajhoon, BEEO Palampur, Certifica
Distt. Kangra te

9 Veenita Kumari, GPS 06.04.80 16.08.11 Special 16.08.11 UR

Rampurghat, BEEO Paonta Certifica
Sahib, Distt. Sirmour te

10 Barsha, JBT, GPS 05.03.82 16.08.11 Special 16.08.11 UR

Sansarpur Terrace, BEEO Certifica
Dadasiba, Distt. Kangra te