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Lesson Plan

Clinical Supervision
December 8, 2014

Shielding the Body from Communicable Disease

I. Objectives:
a. Explain the different elements of the chain of infection and their interrelationship
with one another,
b. Recommend actions to prevent and control the spread of communicable disease;
c. Execute proper hand washing properly.

II. Content:
a. Subject Matter: The Chain of Infection
b. Reference: Health 7-Learner’s Material
c. Materials: video-aided presentation, manila paper, marker
d. Value: Self-love

III. Procedure:
a. Drill: Listening Skills
Listening to the Pathogen Song.
b. Motivation:
While the pathogen song is being played, the leader at the center of the
circle will pass the ball. The passing of the ball will stop when the music will stop.
The teacher will ask a question to the student who now become the “it.
Then, the same procedure will follow until all of the students’ hands are
been painted.
Guide questions will follow.

A1. Activity: Pre-Lab.

a. The class will be divided into 5 groups.
b. Each group will be given strips with tasks.
c. 15 min will be given to each group to finish the task.
d. After which, reporting will be done, and each group will be given 5 min.

A2. Analysis:
Students will read the story about chain of infection. They will sequentially arranged
in the chain the elements of chain of infection.

A3. Abstraction:
After knowing the different factors of the chain of infection
Students will recommend some sanitary measures to prevent disease.
A video presentation will be showed as an awareness for disease prevention.

A4. Application:
Execute Proper hand washing.

IV. Evaluation:
The Chain Letter. Fill in the blanks.
Make them evaluate their answer using the guidelines.

V. Assignment:
Make A Poster on Proper Hand Washing.
(A guideline or criteria will be given by the teacher.)