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Gloria, Melca A. Ms.


“The earliest Heroes”


The earliest heroes is contains about the heroes from the year of long ago
happened and it is can known as mythology .According to book of Greek mythology that the
most interested part of it .In order to understand these phenomena and, perhaps, bring comfort to
people, myths were created as explanations for the many mysteries of life. Even our ancient
ancestors contemplated the creation of earth, natural disasters, and flaws in humanity, death, and
love. Myths exist in every culture and country. Most cultures have their own creation myth.

I've observed during reading a book of Greek Mythology it is about past generation
happened ,but then it is still imagination because we cannot explain it if is really happened on
that time. Earliest heroes is one of a myth that give me bother if it is exist or still a story that
have figurative mind that invented these . As my reflection about "The Earliest Heroes”, it is like
the bible story but not at all because there is have a story that Zeus Who's king of Olympian that
he given permission Prometheus given a fire to men for his sake . This is one of Zeus’s many
philandering adventures, though it also features the hero Prometheus. Hera is always pursuing
Zeus’s lovers and punishing them, and Zeus then uses different tricks to protect the women or
hide his infidelity. But if it reflect it to our bible is not the same because God Jesus Christ Is
only one created to man and I believe that he is good all the time .But then again it is just an
imagination. If we reflect it Greek mythology say's that The Earliest Heroes is very powerful
then all of son's there are born is from Zeus Only .Look at it (Hercules) Son of Zeus and IO the
daughter of Innachus (Minos, Rhadamantus) Sons of Zeus and Europa. And then the Cyclops If I
reflection today as our life there at earth Cyclops (Monster) is people who have bad attitude, who
have bad intention to other, who have selfish identity. The Earliest Heroes also is shows us that
our life is very figurative because we are lucky to know about this story that our have a myth like
these .Then there you know if where came about the flowers because flowers is have a myth also
like the Narcissus, Hyacinth, Adonis. They are the flower have also in this planet .A flower of
narcissus Symbolizing rebirth and new beginnings because of his yellowish color ,then the
Symbolizing sport or play in the language of flowers, hyacinth represent constancy, while blue
hyacinth expresses sincerity and his color is purple gold . And also the Adonis flower is the most
significant anemone flower meaning is anticipation. This is because the anemone flowers close
up at night and open back up in the morning. Due to its wild nature, the flower specifically
symbolizes relaxation and serves as a reminder to enjoy the moment in order to take in
opportunities at the right time and his color is red white in violet in the middle of this. So for
me if we reflect it all has impact to us and gave us the meaning of our life .All of these have
connect our live begin to the Prometheus and Io that give us meaning where came the heifer or a
cow, or maybe a young calf have many flies and the story of Europa that give us realization the
don’t be so selfish and don’t be so seductive to one person mostly if she/he have a love ones
because don’t know if when comes to you a bad karma like IO punishment from Hera . This part
of this story is shows us that life is powerful every steps of life is important and every moments
of our lives is have a meaning that we can recognize. So I'm be thankful because universe give
me a chance to read and to know the happening of the past or figurative story that have .No bad
if you believes it because it is just a myth we can’t be explanation but enjoy to imagining every
episodes happening because of the excitement that you know if what happen the next. Even the
English language is getting me nose bleed. “The past is a place of reference, not a place of
residence; the past is a place of learning, not a place of living.” This myth again emphasizes
the importance of love. Even sometimes the love is committed sins we continue it although have
person you getting hurts already. But hoping that this feeling will be correct if we always have
faith by God. Then its reflect us that even the story there is very critical happenings should we
think that this is just only an imagination, cannot be explain. That’s all thank you.

“Cupid and Psyche and Eight brief tale of lovers”

Love the feeling that you can’t force or pay a money for one person. It is
unexpectedly happened or should say it is automatically come to your lives .Sometimes this kind
of love give you a puzzle if it is game that you need fight till the end or just give up because
you're feeling is like a roller coaster sometimes down, sometimes on top and sometimes happy
but can’t avoid sometimes sad but why? It is because finding your soul mate or person that fitted
with you? What do the sciences tell us about love? Many of the answers given to such questions
are determined not so much by the facts of human nature as by the ideology of love. Considers
some of the many paradoxes raised by love, looking at the different kinds of love affections,
affiliation, philia, storge, agape before focusing on eros, or ‘romantic’ love. Do we love someone
for their virtue, their beauty, or their moral qualities? Are love’s characteristic desires altruistic
or selfish?
Cupid and Psyche story is seems like exist to our generations from time to time .Because
the contains of the story is all about the one family that have king and queen or father and mother
that make a rules and regulations inside the house . This kind of story is shows us that love is not
about the physical aspect of one person it is about trust and faith for love .I'm gladly that I
witnesses this kind of story through books and video because I observed that love is enough
when you always feel to your love ones that you loved and beloved him/her so much not because
is he is handsome or have many money ' it is called thing "Pag ibig" .True love is a weapon of
two person. I inspired this story to reflect to our generation now because the people now believe
the saying of “mind before heart" be practical because now people needed earn money not earn
love. But for they are wrong because God created us by love not by money so people not live
without love .Like one night when Psyche tries to catch Cupid and know if what he's true face,
because of the temptation Psyche put a lamp and knife and do what her sister says and she seen
the sleep Cupid that have beautiful face and handsome, Psyche try to hide but lamp drop to face
of Cupid Then the one wing of Cupid is broken afterwards Cupid going back to him mother
Aphrodite then Aphrodite sent a punishing to Psyche and Psyche success these and they happily
ever after . So this part of the story gives an impact that love is powerful. Then don't be easily
listen to any other people even it is your sister or relatives whatever because trust is the
foundation of love .We shouldn't any doubt the person who love because this is the best weapon
to know if you are truly madly in-love of him/her . That's all for the story of Cupid and Psyche.


“Pyramus and Thisbe”

This story about a love story of sadness because its contains that love is unfair
mostly when both parents are against in your love story .But for Pyramus and Thisbe they are
braved because they fight if what they feel until death .I happy because I have chance of
opportunity to read these kind of the story by these many people or couple inspired to read or to
know of the story. As an individual, like the love story of Pyramus and Thisbe .I reflect myself
with Thisbe, the girl who is brave and she is not afraid to sacrifice her life for the sake of her one
and only love. I, myself as a people who fall in love with someone. I will do the best I can to
save our love with each other. But we need also to discipline ourselves. Like Thisbe, my parents
also against to one person that I love they said that I will priorities first my studies before
anything else. My father said that he will be happy if her daughter will have a degree someday.
My parents trust with me so much. I didn’t break my parents trust with me although I have a
relationship to someone but I discipline myself for my future also. Love can waits. I do believe
in this sayings because if love is true he/she can wait till I commit my dreams and goals in life.
But I believe every people “Love, cannot be forbidden. The more flame is covered up the hotter
it burns.” but I believe that each of us know how to love, that want to know how to love because
love is the foundation all things that we can see started from the family, relatives and for the
special someone that you beloved .And yeah I know that too much love will kill you if you don’t
how to use it the right time and the right people, because love is like of virus that spread us by
God. If I'm were to put myself in that position that kinds of lovers, I could have done the same
thing. Although I believe that suicide is a sinful thing in the eyes of God, no one knows how the
lovers felt at that moment. It was mentioned that fate had been hard on them. So, God might
have decreed that the couple’s affair should commence that way. If this is the case, we cannot go
against the will of the Father. Even Jesus Christ died because it was his Father’s will. After all,
what’s wrong with dying? It is not awry to die for love. Is it? For me, it is better to die for
something or someone you love than to have not loved at all. Because if you kill yourself how
about the people you left? They are sad because you didn’t think that have some people that
loved you too. That’s all for this story.

“Orpheus and Eurydice”

Love cant dictated if what right doing or who you must love because love is
accidentally happen into your lives or we should say "Unexpectedly yours " ridiculous if you
read because I copy the word to the movie of Ms. Sharon Cunita and Rubin Padilla ,because
unexpectedly you recognize the person if where you going cause love is everywhere . But the
story of Orpheus and Eurydice is one of a kind that we called "Just love it" no movie copy
because in these story Orpheus and Eurydice has have a strong relationship that different to our
world that we're born because there Orpheus and Eurydice going underworld to continue their
love but unexpectedly again they don’t have a big foundation of trust with other because of
Eurydice let go Orpheus and not follow the rules during they go the underworld. Orpheus travels
to the Underworld to be reunited with Eurydice but as they are leaving Orpheus is prompted by
either fear or mistrust to look back where in Eurydice is taken once again. I should imagine that
now Orpheus has undergone twin losses, the initial painful loss of his love and the second missed
opportunity made more tormenting due to his so called mistake or error. There was a time 3
years ago when I had the chance to move forward in my own personal life and make a break
from a complex of my past relationship maybe I will do a good think that love is not long lasting
like a matte lipstick that you put in your lips because if love someone don’t be so possessed
because you are not sure if he/she stay you forever because sometimes had people born to hurt
you and broke you into pieces .Maybe if I’m not idiot at that time maybe I'm not like this now
that being a standalone man.But I’m gladly that I am being like this because I know that love and
trust person is have a limit .And now doing great and goes on in my life for the day I meet him
again and to say with "Thank you" because you teach me know how to be painful and now to be
a strong person .that’s all thank you.
“Ceyx and Alcyone “

Love is water that can wash you from pain to happiness. for this story as my
reflection it I learned love is not enough if you didn’t see the true meaning of suffering of love to
death because Ceyx fought death and Alcyone followed her husband so love for them is infinite
till death .Like when we loved one person that everything will happen even death that give an
evidence to your love that you love him so much.

“Pygmalion and Galatea”

Love is all over the word if it is yours it your because you freedom to be in love
if it is not living things or living things if wish for is granted this story revealed us love is
powerful mostly if you are worth it .Because love is one of a kind that we need to care like
Pygmalion care of Galatea beacause he love it even Galatea is one of statue that he created .The
fact that Pygmalion fell madly in love with a kind of palpable figment of his imagination
illustrates the lack of faith in the opposite sex that was prevalent amongst men at the time. The
women of reality were regarded as vain, conniving, disloyal and jealous – hardly the ideal
partner. Only those of the great physical splendor enjoyed much happiness to speak of, and then
only because the lust of men could overcome their typical detest for women. It was only as a
sexual object that a woman could have power or be valued. Pygmalion undoubtedly idolized his
creation because she was what a woman should be and nothing more than that: beautiful, and
therefore ideal. Love is the reason why people alive because of the heart beating inside and true
love that give a meaningful life.
“Baucis and Philemon”

Love is from our God because God created us as women and man to be in love and
share the love. God created man and woman to be as one because created us for being his right
handed and produced a new life .Like of the story of Baucis and Philemon they are being a wood
trees but they are still together their root is as one so meaning if Baucis is getting decay
Philemon is too. So meaning love is incredible mostly to two person truly in love. Baucis and
Philemon is relatable to our lives by showing us that we are judged by our actions in this world.
The Gods may have been given the blame for that crazy natural disaster but what will happen
when the next one strikes and we are now resulting to blaming people up in the clouds. How do
you tell someone to straighten up because the gods will come visiting? Philemon and Baucis
have a story that is important to their time and is an important time to remember. But what we
take away from that is an important thing to stress. If we read that story and learn nothing, then
we are wasting our time. We have to pay attention to the repercussions that are struck down by
the gods. Our world will be a better place if we strive to be more like this old couple. Love is feel
us that our is not alone until the end because have a person love you until death.


Love is like for the story of sleeping beauty even you are sleep you can feel it.
But this story for me is very sad because Endymion can’t his lovers because is always sleep. But
this story shows us that being in love is not a matter even you feel it pain you still continue
always because love is the best medicine to heal a wounds of heart maybe so Endymion still
like for say to his lovers that is he it also.


When we love someone it is not really an assurance that they will love as the way
we loved them. As a matter of fact they tend to refuse it, run away from us. Daphne don’t want
any suitor ever since. She enjoyed living in freedom. She valued most of her desire of living like
Diana. Our decisions in life were influenced by our beliefs and principles. Sometimes we tend to
sacrifice love just to fulfill our belief and principle. I find it just to love and to be loved. It is an
overwhelming feeling to know that somebody had loved us truly. Love is a gift that everybody
can receive. Most of us desired to be loved. But sometimes due to some consequences, our love
was rejected. We get hurt and disappointed. Some would retrieve into doing revenge. Some
would force other to love them. This is an unjust way of loving. To love somebody is to set them
free. Yes, we learn to let go even though it hurts. Sometimes pursuing something which is
unnecessary just ends to trouble. Trouble that may end to more tragic situation. We must love
with respect to the one we love, to ourselves and to others. Love promotes peace and harmony.
But if we use love in the wrong way, then trouble really enters the scenario. Love just come on
our way and settle on us. But if it runs away from us, then it’s not ours. Better to be friends than
to force a relationship that will not work in the future.

“ 7 The Quest of the Golden Fleece”

Life is like a quest of a fleece that you see changing of life .Experiences received
throughout life are random at best and not knowing which delectable treats are sweet, I brace
myself for what may turn out to be life-changing.

For this story I reflect it this for our daily lives even have many obstacles trying to
loss we still stand up for going fight still .From these bitter and sweet occurrences, my life
constantly reshapes the way I interpret and react to similar situations that arise. Life altering
events change my behavior due to the outcome of decisions made, opportunities missed and
phone calls receive. College was the most challenging experiences in my life, and yet one of the
best experiences I have ever had. During my undergraduate years, I met new people, took
exciting courses, and learned to live without the daily guidance of my parents. And most of all, I
was able to learn more about myself. After my first year, the pressure of living on campus,
friends, and classes began to take a toll on me. I began dealing with anxiety, and my confidence
level dropped considerably. The quest of our lives .Like for the story of 7 Quest of the Golden
Fleece this story shows us that life is not enough if we can’t care of it because every day of our
living is important. A Greek king, Athamas, gets tired of his wife Nephele and puts her jail. He
marries Io, a young princess, in her place. Nephele prays that Io will not kill her two children in
order to make Io’s own children inherit the kingdom. Io does attempt this murder, however. She
secretly gathers seed-corn and parches the seed so that no crops will grow.
“ Reflection paper “

Submitted by: Melca a. Gloria


Submitted to: Ms. Sebuja