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MARKETING PLAN OF DOVE Submitted By :- Viral Doshi (19BSP3252) Submitted To :- Prof. Prakash


MARKETING PLAN OF DOVE Submitted By :- Viral Doshi (19BSP3252) Submitted To :- Prof. Prakash Pandit

Submitted By :- Viral Doshi


Submitted To :- Prof. Prakash Pandit

Executive Summary

Dove is one of Unilever’s better known personal care brands among women in many countries.Dove had experienced a decline in sales and wanted to determine why that was the case. Kerstin Dunleavy, brand manager for Unilever’s Dove line was given the task to help in the re-launch for Dove beauty products. Through strong marketing research and consumer surveys Dove decided to focus their campaign on using emotional appeals by helping to increase self- confidence in women. Expressed through creative marketing and advertising campaigns Dove has sense seen success in regards to their brand image and the overall sales of their products. After the debut of the “Selfies” short film, Dunleavy is now faced with the decision of what to do next. She needs to come up with a strategy to make sure Dove continues to have success as a brand. Dunleavy has three alternatives to choose from. The first alternative would be to continue with the current Real Beauty marketing strategy by using emotional appeal tactics. An advantage to this alternative is that Dove knows this works. A disadvantage would be that some consumers might get bored with the campaign. The second alternative would be to stick with targeting Real Beauty, but to showcase how the consumer can acquire this by showcasing the features of the products in the campaigns. An advantage is the consumer would know more about the product. For instance Dove soap helps to improve skin texture and brightness. A disadvantage to featuring the products more the Real beauty models is that the campaigns end up appearing similar to that of other beauty product campaigns. The last alternative would be to target men as well as women in the Real Beauty campaign. An advantage to this would be acquiring a different type of customer. The disadvantage to this strategy is that the “Real Beauty” campaign may have no effect on whether men would want to buy Dove’s skin care products. I would recommend that Dove stick with their current strategy of the Real Beauty Campaign by targeting the emotional appeals of women. This strategy has helped to make Dove a household name.

Real Beauty Campaign by targeting the emotional appeals of women. This strategy has helped to make

Situation Analysis

Kerstin Dunleavy, brand manager for Unilever’s Dove line, was given the task to help with the re-launch for Dove beauty products. The beauty industry is highly competitive and Dove was looking for some type of competitive advantage to set themselves apart in an industry where the differences between competitors are few and far between. In the second phase of the re- launch Dunleavy was given the task to place an emphasis on targeting consumer emotions rather than on the attributes and functional aspects of their beauty products. Dove had experienced a decline in sales and wanted to determine why that was the case.

Market Summary

The personal care & skincare brand love is the flagship brand of the FMCG giant

Unilever. It was introduced by the





1957 & initially

the products were launched for






has extended its product lines by making products available for Men and Baby


Dove products are manufactured in more than 21 countries globally and are being sold & marketed by the parent company Unilever Ltd. in 80+ countries worldwide.

The brand has been in controversy due to its ads of Body lotion prompting racial discrimination and due to its Campaign for Real Beauty.

The challenge presented to any Dove marketing strategy is one of making sure

they differentiate their product somehow. The soap market is one that is highly

competitive, with tons of other brands that Dove needs to compete against. On

top of that, the low fixed costs present in the industry means that there is easy

entry for new potential competitors. This means that Dove must do something to

stand out from these numerous competitors that they face. One way to do that is

through the product itself, but differentiation can also occur through advertising. A

memorable campaign that makes potential customers associate the Dove name

with positive feelings can be very effective.

Marketing Strategy

Dove is known for its taking care of women beauty, but recently, it has established a new segment for men called “ Dove men segment”. This new segment is offering various men products such as face and body wash and deodorants. Our focus is on the same segment, but our effort is to add a new product into that segment, which will be Dove shaving gel. Therefore, our consumer target is men.

1. Positioning:-

The marketing strategy for Dove is based on product differentiation. Therefore, the new product will be positioned as the most convenient and value added product. Our positioning statement will be “ Beauty is not always related to femininity. It is a right of muscularity too. Women have been trusting their skins to dove since forever. It’s time for men now”.

2. Product strategy:-

The Dove shaving gel selling process will be start, and we will continue with same features mentioned early for its first year. There will be other shaving gels with different features (e.g., different fragrances) that will be launched in the later time. One of the most important product strategy that Dove uses is building the level of its brand. Therefore, we will make sure to display its brand and logo on the product itself and the packaging.

3. Pricing Strategy:-

Our pricing strategy will focus on attracting distributor channels and of course gaining competitive advantage in the market. Therefore, we decided to start with the price of AED 110 for wholesalers and AED 150

for retailers. Once a product will be launched and of course accepted by the consumers, the price will be increased for the distributor channels.

4. Distribution strategy :-

Before setting a distribution strategy, we focused on couple of questions (e.g., Where do our consumers prefer to shop? What is the cost-effective

way to our product into consumption

strategy, we’ll start with local stores, especially, these kind of products

.Etc). by focusing on selective


are consumed highly through supermarket stores. We’ll also use online retailers for marketing the product.

5. Market communicating strategy:-

The main goal behind endorsing this product is increasing the brand awareness. In order to do that, we will be depending on the advertising agencies. Selecting appropriate multimedia media tools is very essential in marketing the product. Hence, public relations department will play a major role in reaching out our product differentiating massages to our customers.

6. Marketing research :-

In order to develop our product, we’ll focus on brand awareness research by surveying our target customers about their satisfaction level and asking for their feedback the product itself and their opinions about other competent products they prefer. this research will help us to demonstrate our customer’s attitude toward the brand and the product. It will also help to determine how effective our communicating strategy is.

SWOT Analysis

1. The Strengths of Dove co.

One of the best advantages of Dove is its product design. Its combination of Soap + Cream is what makes it both cleansing and smoothing product. Hence the users of Dove just love the brand. Dove has used this successful product combination across its complete product line.

Another reason that Dove is popular is that it uses real life people instead of using celebrities for its marketing campaigns. As a result, the connect with the consumers is immediate and long lasting. The consumers feel that the brand is speaking for them and hence they automatically prefer the brand over others.

Because the brand does not use celebrities, it saves a lot of expenses in celebrity endorsements. But it cannot be called as complete cost savings because at the same time the brand promotes a lot via various channels and the marketing expense is really high.







of HUL is

its distribution




distribution helps it even more. Dove is found to be present at leading retail chains and premium outlets. It may also be found at local grocery


Dove wants to








stores. But as you move out of the city, the presence will slowly drop.

As per some statistics, Dove is the third most valued brand in the HUL portfolio after Knorr and Lipton.

2. The Weaknesses of Dove co.

Concerntrated towards metros Because of its positioning and targeting, Dove is majorly concentrated towards metro and consumption is from Metros only. The product has a high pricing and hence penetration in non- metros becomes difficult.

Not catering the price sensitive market The price sensitive market prefers Cinthol, Lifebuoy or other such alternatives which are cheaper to Dove. Dove cannot cater to the price sensitive market. So territories which are price sensitive are completely off limit for Dove.

3. The Oppurtunities of Dove co.

It is a great opportunity for Dove because the complete Gender market is ripe of picking. Men are also becoming conscious of their looks and skin and due to the education imparted by advertising over the years, they know that taking care of skin is important for good looks. So Dove can easily cover this market with its excellent product.

The personal care sector always has the opportunity of introducing newer variants or newer product lines. The R&D department of HUL is renowned and they have brought several champion products over the year. The same can be expected of Dove and they can instill new life in the brand cycle whenever the product portfolio becomes stagnant.

Thanks to growing income the target market is constantly growing. Where initially people would not have thought of buying Dove which is a costly soap, slowly, the growing income and knowledge of how good skin drives overall well being is pushing more and more people into buying Dove. And hence the target market is rising.

4. The threats that Dove co. face

With Neutrogena, Olay and Nivea directly marketing Cream or Soap separately, the market is saturated and the premium target market has several products to purchase in mind. For example Instead of buying Dove soap, a customer can prefer buying the soap of their choice and then applying Nivea cream. Even Nivea is marketing like crazy to push their products. So saturation of the market is evident.

Because of its high price point, Dove as a brand is unable to get beyond Grade A cities. In Grade B cities, only the upper middle class, which is few and far in between will be able to purchase the product. So in a large country like India, penetration and a major market share becomes a problem. Which is not a case in high Gross income countries like US or UK.

The strategy of Dove was copied recently by Olay which started using real life customers and put them on the screen to show the affect of their products. When competition brand take away the one thing driving your own brand in the market, then your marketing strategy becomes ineffective. So over a period of time, if customer testimonials as a mode of marketing is abused, Dove will have to find new avenues to send its message across.

if customer testimonials as a mode of marketing is abused, Dove will have to find new


Marketing Mix of Dove


Manufacturing of a Dove product includes primary ingredients like vegetable oils, synthetic surfactants, salts of animal fats, zero levels of Ph and 1/4th moisturising cream. Brand deals in products mostly for women and is committed to providing a product that will enhance her beauty. Some of its products are-

Facial care products Dove Deep Pure Face Wash

Hair care products- includes Dove Oxygen Moisture Conditioner

Moisturisers/lotions- includes Dove Go Fresh Bathing lotion, Dove Purely Pampering Shea butter and warm Vanilla Body Lotion

Beauty bars- includes Dove Go Fresh Bathing Bar, Original Cream Beauty Bathing Bar

Body wash includes Dove Go Fresh Body Wash

Deodorants/antiperspirants- Includes Dove Original Antiperspirant Deodorant Stick



Dove is an international brand with a global presence. Its network is spread in various parts of world and manufacturing of its products takes place in several countries like the United States, Turkey, Thailand, South Africa, Philippines, Pakistan, Netherlands, Mexico, Ireland, Israel, Indonesia, India, Germany, China, Canada, Brazil, Australia and Argentina. Products are sold in nearly eighty countries with help of a fine and efficient distribution channel. It includes manufacturers to retailers to consumers via general stores, retail stores, convenient stores, discount stores, supermarkets, malls and hypermarkets. It is the responsibility of retailers to see that products are easily available to customers at respective stores through the help of at least two thousand and five hundred stockists.


Dove has strong brand awareness in the consumer market and it has been possible because of branding and advertising. Marketing policies have a huge role in the making and success of a brand. Campaigns and advertisements increase the visibility of a brand the and create a positive impact on minds of consumers. Advertisements for several products of Dove are aired on different channels of television and also on radio. It has also roped in print media to market its products through ads in newspaper, magazines and billboards.

through ads in newspaper, magazines and billboards . Advertisements put emphasis on the buyer and her

Advertisements put emphasis on the buyer and her reaction after usage of this product. It is her acceptability of the given product that a viewer relates to and creates a positive influence on her mindset. Dove adopted a very unusual promotional policy for its products. Instead of using a celebrity it decided to go with an ordinary woman who looks extraordinary after using its product. Ads used the word Real beauty in the context of confidence the thus creating a good customer base of its own. Dove also has a media presence on the social platform through Twitter and Facebook and has created a fan following of its own.


Dove has been projected as a premium product in the market but the company has a well-integrated pricing strategy for its products that includes keeping its pricing policy reasonable and affordable but distinctive. Compared to products of its competitors Dove products are priced a bit higher but its qualitative products have been a great help to the brand as it has been able to implement its pricing policy successfully. Dove has adopted a value-added pricing policy for all its products because customers generally relate high price with qualitative products.

BCG Matrix in the Marketing strategy of Dove

BCG Matrix is mainly used by companies to analyse the performance of their multiple products and for decision making. Companies with very large product portfolios have one major issue Which product to put money in and which product to take money out of? This question is answered by the BCG Matrix.

In Skincare it has the complete portfolio of products for all customer groups i.e. for Men, women, Baby in form of body wash, skin cleansing, lotion, Body cream and body bar. This segment of business along with Hair care products generates a majority of the business of the brand and hence, therefore, is stars in the BCG matrix.

Its Deodorant product category is struggling as the company have the very thick presence in the antiperspirant deodorants segments competing with various National and International brand, so it is the question mark in the BCG matrix.

segments competing with various National and International brand, so it is the question mark in the

Competitive analysis in the Marketing strategy of Dove

The parent company of the brand Dove i.e. Unilever strives to create sustainable value through Unilever Sustainable Living Plan (USLP) in order of being an environment-friendly company having the positive social impact on the society through highlighting the nourishing and environmental & natural benefits of the Dove products.

The brand believes in being Glocal, as 70% of the local management leaders of the brand are local in order to help the brand in becoming the truly Glo-cal brand.

Dove is popularly known for its moisturizing effect, keeping skin soft and healthy. It competes with brands such as Nivea, Loreal, Ayur, Oly, Revlon, Jhonson & Jhonson etc.

Market analysis in the Marketing strategy of Dove

In 2017 Dove has introduced the Babycare Dove which it rolled out in 19 markets and with the help of the research, Survey and its findings, company has been doing product development and market development to strengthen its presence in the emerging markets.

Increasing awareness about the Hygiene factors, Changing Sociocultural thinking of the customers shaped by the social networking sites and self- awareness among the people of the emerging nations are some of the factors contributing to the expansion of the skincare and personal care segment of the brand Dove.

Customer analysis in the Marketing strategy of Dove

Customers of Dove are those who take extra care of their body, Hair, and physical wellbeing. These customers are affluent and always want to use only those products which have minimal or no chemical effects on the body/ Hair.

Although customers of the brand are in the age group of 15-50 years majority of the customers targeted by the brand are female, young and independent working women.

The brand has been launching several campaigns for customers to educate them how the brand is changing the social perception of the people.


This study of Dove has been incredibly insightful both as a marketing professional as well as a customer of Dove. I can really appreciate the Dove's mission and efforts to change the rhetoric around beauty ideals and gender standards.

That being said, I want to push Dove to be riskier; to be a bit more left- field, a bit more controversial.

They can do this by:


powerful, and I'm sure they would get fantastic ratings.

reviews on







Respond to users who reach out on social media about things that don't necessarily relate to their campaigns. I've noticed that Dove has fantastic responses for the #Loveyourcurls campaign on social media, but when it comes to those who write something on the timeline, they tend to ignore it altogether.

Dove embraces customers in this way with all of their polls, rating, and review widgets. They could definitely take this further if they wanted more input on product design, however I think the brand prefers to focus on energizing strategies.



audiences by doing extensive research on their audiences.











Dove leads the market by specialization of their product, exclusive packaging, unique brand strategy and obviously by an integrated marketing policy. But for the high price they missed a portion of the market.

Dove was able to understand the feeling at the core of their audience.They connected on an emotional and personal level with women of many nationalities,races,beliefs,sizes and ages.

Dove became the trendsetter,innovator and a breath of fresh air in the beauty industry.

Dove challenged the industry to see women as they really are beautiful in their own unique way.

Successful in positioning itself as a brand with a conscience.

Ensure consistent product quality due to higher expectations.

Unified advertising globally will save cost, making campaign sustainable in long run.

due to higher expectations.  Unified advertising globally will save cost, making campaign sustainable in long