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Good day!

As an established company in the hardware business for 30 years, GLORIOUS MORNING

CONSTRUCTION AND INDUSTRIAL SALES has been supplying quality products of tried and
tested brands, expanding wide-ranging product lines, delivering requirements with
efficiency and pricing competitively. We are authorized and trusted distributors of well-
known leading brands in the market.

Our customers rely on us for daily building maintenance needs, home improvements,
power tools and all construction materials starting from the ground up to the final phase
of their projects.

To this day, we continue to improvise and innovate with emerging products and services.
These, coupled with the company’s mission to offer clients the best in price, quality, and service
have proven to be the vital elements in the company’s continued success.

We look forward to building a strong business relationship with you.

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BUSINESS ADDRESS: 86 Aurora Blvd. cor. R. Lagmay st. San Juan City, M.M.

LINE OF BUSINESS: Complete range of construction materials for your building needs.

TELEFAX NOS.: 727-4264 / 725-8033 / 727-1601 / 724-7644 / 727-5966 to 68


PRODUCT LINES: Gardner Fiber Cement Boards / Planks / Senepa / Deco Board / Flooring etc.

Plywood, Plyboard, Rough, Kiln-Dried Lumber, Pinewood etc.

Phenolic Boards for Concrete Formworks

Holcim Cement / Wallright Masonry Plastering Cement

CI Cast Iron Pipes and Fittings

GI sheets, GI Pipes, GI Wires, Swivel Clamp

MDF boards / Particle Board / Laminates / PVC boards

Versaboard, Sintra Board

Stainless Steel (Sheets, Plates, Tubes etc.)

Acrylic Sheets

Gypsum Boards / Gypsum Putty / Gypsum Powder

Light Steel Frames (Studs, Tracks, Furrings, Wall Angle etc.)

Polycarbonate Sheets / Roofing (Twinwall, Solid, Corrugated, Rib-type)

Acoustic Boards / Laminated Gypsum / Threaded Rod

Adhesives (Rugby Contact Cement, Epoxy, Powerbond etc.)

Skim Coat, Tile Adhesive (Heavy-Duty / Standard), Tile Grout

Apo Puyat Flooring Vinyl Tiles / Planks / Rollform / Powerbond

Tyrolit / Tatara / Tailin / Cutting and Grinding Discs

3M / Tatara / Norton / Nicholson (Abrasives / Sandpaper)

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Paints (Boysen, Davies, Sphero, Flexseal, Guilder, etc.)

Thinners (Lacquer / Paint) & Chemicals (Muriatic Acid, Concrete Neutralizer)

Steel (Deform, Angle, Round, Square, Tubular, C-Purlins, I-Beam etc.)

Nails (Common, Finishing, Concrete, Umbrella etc.)

Electrical Materials (Lights, CFL, LED, Circuit breaker, Junction Box, etc.)

Wires (THHN, Stranded, Royal Cord, Flat, RG-6 Cable, Telephone etc.)

Dewalt / Stanley / Hitachi / Ken / Zekoki Power Tools

Welding Machine / Generator Set / Light Construction Equipment

Welding Rod / Welding Mask / Welding Gloves

Drill Bits / Blind Rivets / Router Bits

Lighting Fixtures (GE, Omni, Firefly, Philips etc.)

Putty & Wood Fillers

Tapes (Scotch, Masking, Packaging, Duct etc.)

Paint brush, Paint roller, Foam Roller, Acrylon Roller

Hoses / Valves

PVC & PPR Pipes / Fittings

Bathroom Fixtures

PVC Doors

Locksets / Door Closers etc.

Expanded Metal Sheets

Construction Net / Sakoline or Blue Sheet

Insulation (Foam, Foil, Glasswool, Rockwool)

(Should there be any item or brand you require that is not included in this list, please call our office to

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