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BILLY GUNDELFINGER ATTORNEYS-AT-LAW 1 Melrose Boulevard Cor Athol Oaklands Road Melrose Arch Johannesburg, 2076 Telephone: 011-728-7571 E-Mail: E-MAIL TRANSMISSION 29 August 2019 Our Ref: Prof. Billy Gundelfinger/jb Your Ref: Ms Susan Comrie amaBhungane Per e-mail: Dear Susan RE: MY CLIENTS: MARC CHIPKIN AND STANLEY SHANE 1 Your e-mails addressed to my clients, Mr Stanley Shane and Mr Marc Chipkin, refer. 2 | am instructed that my clients deny any wrongful doing of whatsoever nature, however they will not be responding to any of your questions, for the reasons set out hereunder. 3.1. My clients and the writer spent an inordinate amount of time responding to your bombardment of questions for your article of the 26" June 2018 and we even held an interview with Mr Sam Sole and yourself. 3.2 Despite the aforesaid, you omitted information furnished by my clients in your article, which did no justice to either my clients or the Partners: PROFESSOR BILLY GUNDELFINGER (Hon UNISA) and KAMAL NATHA. Practice Manager: ERICA KLOTZ amaBHUNGANE Page 2 29 August 2019 3.3 facts. My clients are of the persuasion that you set out to write an article vilifying them and you proceeded to do so, despite the great lengths they went to in order to provide you with information to enable you to write a balanced article. My clients cannot therefore assume that you will treat them any differently this time. My clients will respond in the appropriate forum, should same become necessary.