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Applicant ‘TAKE NOTICE THAT application will be mado to this Court for judgment against the respondents, for ~ 1. payment in the sum of R2,785,780,60; 2 interest on R2,785,780.60 at the agreed rate of prime plus 500 basis points, ‘caloulated daly and compounded monthly from date of this application to dato ‘of payment (ooth dates, inclusive); 3. the costs of this application, on the scale of attorney and client; and 4 futher andlor alemative relief 1 3 SENIOR: 1 a, ese IS487 aerate La we ‘TAKE NOTICE FURTHER that the affiiavit of ANOOSH ROOPLAL znd annexures thereto will be used in support ofthe apolication TAKE NOTICE FURTHER that the applicant has appointed tho offices of WERKSMANS ATTORNEYS situate at 11% Floor, The Central, 96 Rivonia Road, ‘Sandton as the address at which the applicant will acoept notice and service of all documents in these proceedings. ‘TAKE NOTICE FURTHER that if the rospondert intend opposing this epplication, tho respondents are required:- 11 to notify the applicants attomeys in writing within five (5) days from date of service upon them of this application; 2 to appoint in such notification an address referred to in Rule 6(6)() at which they will accept notice and service of all documents in these proceedings; and 3 within fifteen (15) days of giving such notice of intention to oppose, to fie their answoring affidavits, any. IF no such notice pf nteiin to appose be given, the eppicaton wil be made on 2g 2 10.00 or 0 soon thereat as counse! may bbe heard, {cae Mr sarees 2 3 ,DINGLY, SHOULD THE RESPONDENT FAlL TO TIMEOUSLY DELIVER THE AFOREMENTIONED NOTICE OF OPPOSITION dn DATED at SANDTON on this the_|O" day of APRIL 2018. Qirebela quan aiaces eee ny eet, 96 Rivonia Road ee So nee CAG Se eae cy eee ey = Leer Louse ae To: THE REGISTRAR OF THE ABOVE HONOURABLE COURT GAUTENG LOCAL DIVISION, JOHANNESBURG: AND TO: BRIAN ANSWER SHIVAMBU Respondent 125, Grosvenor Road Bryanston Johannesburg Bomicilum Adcross SERVICE BY SHERIFF stand number 14949 Phase Braamfischervile Dobsonvile Johannesburg Principal place of Business SERVICE BY SHERIFF 28 Moller Street Mindalore Extension 4 Mogale City Johannesburg Residential Address SERVICE BY SHERIFF diosa 5 IN THE HIGH COURT OF SOUTH AFRICA GAUTENG LOCAL DIVISION, JOHANNESBURG ‘CASE NUMBER: {nthe matter between VBS MUTUAL BANK (IN LIQUIDATION) Applicant and BRIAN ANSWER SHIVAMBU Respondent Canora ar FOUNDING AFFIDAVI = |, the undersigned, ANOOSH ROOPLAL do hereby make oath and say - 1 Lam an adult male and a director at SwizeNtsalubaGobodo Grant Thomton Advisory Services Proprietary Limited (SNG Grant Thorntor), a firm of auditors, care of Werkemans Attorneys, The Central, 98 Rivonia Road, Sandton, 2 The facts contained herein are, unless the contrary is indicated, within my personal knowledge, and from books, documents and records urder my control 26 ‘Fin my possession which | have considered, and such facts are both true and correct 3 On or about 10 March 2018, the Minister of Finance appointed ‘SizweNtealubaGbodo (SNG) ae the curator of VS Mutual Bank (VBS") which at all times was represented by me. 4 On 13 November 2018, VBS was placed in liquidation by order of the court and | was appointed by the Master of the High Court as the provisional liquidator for VBS. A copy ofthe certificate of appointment is annexed hereto narked "FA1" 5 Al the sane time that VBS was placed in liquidation, the powers of the provisional liquidator were extended by tne court to provide for, Inter alia, engaging the services of Attorneys andor Counsel forthe purpeses of — 54 taking any legal action that may be considered necassaryin the intrests ofthe estate; and 52 instituting or defending any action in respect of any matter affecting the estate in any court of law. A copy ofthe court order datee 13 November 2018 is annexed hereto marked "FA2" © As such, am duly authorised to oppose these proceedings on behalf of the applicant and to enlist the serves of attorneys and counsel to assist. Kp Se See ee f ~ 7 Where | have relied on information provided to me by others, | believe euch Information to be true and correct and, where possibi, attach a supporting affidavit from that person 8 Whore | make submi Jone of a legal nature in this sfidavt, I do so on the adivice ofthe applicant's logol representatives, which advice I befove to be true ‘and correct. Where | rely on information conveyed to me by otvers, | believe ‘same to be true and correct. PARTIES. © The opplcent i» VBS MUTUAL BANK (IN LIQUIDATION), 2 mutual bank established in terms of the Mutual Banks Act 124 of 1999 and registered as such with the South Alcan Reserve Bank under banking licence 1051, ‘current in liquidation in terms ofthe order of court granted on 13 November 2018 (FA2), herein represented by me as its duly appointed provisional liquidator, care of Werkemans Attomeys, The Cental, 08 Rivonia Road, Sandton, 40 The respondent is BRIAN ANSWER SHIVAMBU, an adult businessman having identity number: 880304 5722 088 whose full and further particulars are to tho applicant unknown and having his — 101 chosen domicium citandi et execulandisituate at 125, Grosvenor Road, fo Bryanston, Johannesburg; ST TS if 102 principal place of business situated at stand number 14949 Phase, Braamfischervile, Dobsonvile, Johannesburg; and 103 residential addroee eituatod at 28 Mollor Street, Mindalore, Extension 4 Mogae City, Johannesburg JURISDICTION 44 The above Honourable Court has jurisdiction to entertain this application by virtue ofthe fact thatthe respondent's - 114 chosen domicilum citandl et executand, 2 the respondent's principal place of business: and 3 the respondent’ residential address, all fall vithin the geographical area of the jurisdiction of the above Honourable Cour. NATURE OF APPLICATION, 12 This is an application for payment of the sum of R2,785,780.60 plus interest at the agreed rate of prime pls $00 basis points, calculated daily and ‘compounded monthly from date of this application to date of payment (both yo ie op ast 5 2 dates, inclusive) and legal, costs on the scale of attomey and client (the claim’) ‘The claim arisee from the respondent's obligations for having slood surely for the dobte of Sgamoka Projecte Proprictary Limited ¢the Company" or “sgameka’) to VBS. FACILITY AFFORDED BY THE APPLICANT TO SGAMEKA “ 8 16 164 (On 22 December 2017 and at Rivonia, Sandton, Johannesburg. a written loan ‘agreement (the Loan Agreement") was concluded between the applicant, uly represented by ts authorised representatives and the Company duly ‘represented by the respondent as the laters sole director. A copy of the Loan Agreement is attached marked "FA3" and the applicant prays that the terme end coneitions of tho Loan Agreement be road as if specifically Incorporated herein. ‘The relevant and material terms and conditions of the Loan Agreement (annexure "FA3") are, inter ala, as folows — the applicant lent and advanced an amount of R4,000,000 to Sgameka to be repatd together with the incidental costs and interest accrued thereon over a period of 24 months, the frst 23 monthly instalments i EL lo 162 163 104 165 1668 being an amount 190,637.34 and the 24% instalment would be R186,55.37 (clause 4:2 and 6.2); ‘Sgameka agreed thatthe instalments would be payable othe applicant on or before the last day of every month, until the entire outstanding amount is seltled in fll (clause 6.2); ‘Suameka agreed that repayment would be made to the applicant without ‘any set-off, withholding or deduction (clauses 7.1 and 7.2) in the event Sgameke fal 1 pay any amount due in orm of the Loan ‘Agreement, Sgameka agreed thatthe applicant would be entitled to charge pena interest and such interest would be charged on any and all amounts overdue and payeble atthe applicable at prime pus 5 basis. points (clauses 5.4) ‘Sgameka agreed to pay tothe applicant collection costs, including legal costs as between attorney and own client incurred by the applicant in collecting any amounts owing by the respondent to the applicant (causes 20); ‘Sgameka agreed that no alleged terms or conditions of any facility would bbe of any force and effect unless reduced to writing anc signed by the parties (clauses 18.2); 16.7 168 169 “Al in the event of a default of the Loan Agreement, it was agreed thatthe applicant would be entitled to cancel the Loan Agreement and claim immediate repayment ofthe full outstanding balance (clause 11); Sgamoka agreed that a cortficate signed by any authorsed employee of the applicant (whose appointment or authority i would not be necessary to prove}, certiying the amount of he Loan oustanding from time to time or any amount payable in terms of the Loan Agreement, would constitute prima facie evidence of the outstanding balance owing andlor due and payable by Sgameka to the applicant (cleuses 7.3); and the respondent agreed to sign a suretyship in favour ofthe applicant for all sums and/or monies due or which would become due fo te applicant by Sgameka, and arising out ofthe Loan Agreement (clause 9.1.3). SURETYSHIP UNDERTAKING 7 (On 22 December 2017 and at Johannesburg, the respondent, in wating, ‘executed a deed of suretyship in terms of which, infer aia, he bound rimseit Joinly and severally as surety fr and as co-pncipal debtor in sodum withthe Company (Sgameks) in favour of the applicant for the due and punctual payment by Sgameka to the applicant of all and any aum or gums of monoy ‘hich were at tne tme due or which Would thereater become due by Sgameka to the applicant under the Loan Agreement (‘Suretyship") 18 194 192 193 104 | attach hereto marked as annexure “FA4’, a copy ofthe Suretyship and | pray that the terms and conditions thereof be read as if specifically incorporated herein ‘The relevant material terms and conditions ofthe Suretyship are, infor af, as follows ~ the respondent agreed to bound himself jointly and severally, as surety for and co-principal debter, jointly and severally, with Sgameka in favour of the applicant for the due and punctual payment by Syameka to the applicant; the respondent's lability to the applicant under the Suretship woukl be for al and ary sum oF sums of money which were at the time owing or Which would thereafter become owing by Sgameka to the applicant under the Loan Agreement, the Suretyship would remain in force and effect as long as Sgameka 1s indebted to or under an obligation or commitment to the applicant: the respondent would not be entitled to withdraw or cance! the ‘Suretyship undertaking unless and untl all indebtedness, commitments ‘and obligations of Sgameka to the appicant has been discharged, eons © {2 ana i et mi 213 195 108 107 198 ‘no variation or alteration ofthe Suretyship would be of any foree oF effect unless agreed to in writing by the applicant and the respondent; the respondent confirmed tat his lability othe applicants prininal and not aooessory to the ebligations of Sgamoka and compliance for any demand of paymentin tems ofthe Suretyship by the applicant shall not be delayed or reused by the fact that any dispute may exst between the applicant and Sgameka; the roepondent agreed that a cortifcate of indebtciness signed by any of he applicant's managers (whose appointment or authority it would not be necessary to prove) Would constitute prima facie evidence of the outstanding balance owing andor due and payable by te respondent to the applicant including interest atthe rate of prime plus 500 basis points. Such cetifeate shoud be a vali quid document and deemed to contain sufficient particulars for the purpos of pleading, summary Judgment, oF trial action instituted by the applicant against tho respondent; and ‘no relaxation or indulgence granted by the applicant to the respondent ft any time would bo doomed to be a waiver ofthe applicants rights in teims of the Suretyship and no such relaxation or indulgence would be ‘deemed to be a novation or waiver of any ofthe terms of he Suretyship. ago et en Pan, 10 COMPLIANCE WITH THE LOAN AGREEMENT 20 2 ‘The applicant discharged its obligations in terms of the Loan Agreement and accordingly lent and advanced to Sgameka, the Capital Amountin two tranches cetensibly fr the purchace of ofice equipment for the Company in accordance with the terms of Loan Agreement. ‘Sgameka made use ofthe monies and is accordingly liable to tre applicant for ‘the due and punctual repayment tothe applicant ofthe Capital Amount. BREACH OF THE LOAN AGREEMENT 2 222 23 “The Sgameka breached the Loan Agreement in that it~ {failed to make payment of the monthly instalments due tothe applicant thus resulting in the accrual of significant arrears due ard owing to the applicant, and failed andlor refused and/or neglected to make payment of the amounts, due and payable tothe applicant, despite demand [As @ result of the abovementioned breach of the Loan Agroomient and on or ‘about 24 January 2019 the applicants attorneys of record (Werksmans") ‘addressed a letter of demand to the respondent as surety, a copy of which is My ait stron Freen IS altached marked "FAS. The aforesaid letter (annexure "FAS" states, infor alo, 2 follows ~ "3 We have been futhor instructed that Sgameka is debled fo our fonts in the amount of R2,740,404.03 (wo min, seven thunded and ten thousand, four hundred and four and and treo cents) ndebtedness), being the ousiending amount due and payable under the Loan Agreement. 4 Interms ofthe Surtyship and asa surety and co-nincipl debtor of Sgamoka in respect of al the monies owing hy Sgamoka in {ems ofthe Loan Agreement, you agreed and ackvowledged that ‘your habity is principal and not ecoessory (0 the obigaton of ‘Sgamea, In addon, you accepted that compliance in respect of any demand for payment thareto shall not be delayed or refused by the fect that any dispute may exist between cur elants and sgame 5 Inthe circumstances, and due to the terms of Suretyship, you are Jointly and severally indebled to our clients in the sum of indebtedness. 6 We have been instructed to demand, as we hereby do, payment of an amount of indebtedness together with mora interests and legal costs at an attomey and client scale, within ‘0 (ten) days of I ena ey rin Fact 2 ‘receipt of here, failing which our client shell have no atomalive but to proceed with the institution of fegal action against you for, the recovery of the amount due to it.” 24 The formal letter of domand wae dolivorod at 244 the respondents residential address situated at 10 Moller Street, \Mindalore, Extension 1, Mogale City, Johannesburg. A copy of the first page of the latter evidencing thatthe letter was received by Khanyisa SShivambu ie attached hereto marked as annexure "FAG" and 242 the respondent’ place of business situated at stand number 14949 phase 2, Braamfishervile, Dobsonvill, Johannesburg. A copy ofthe frst page of the letter evidencing that the letter was received by the respondent personally is attached hereto marked as annexure "FAT", 25 Despite demand, the respondent have failed andior refused to effect payment ‘of the entire outstanding indebtedness to the applicant, 28 As surety and co-princpal debior, the respondent is Hable (together with {Sgamoka) to the opplcant for payment of the sum of R2,785,78060, plus interest t the agreed rate of prime pls 500 basis points, calulatod daly and compounded monthly from the date o this application to date of payment (both dates, inclusive) and legal costs on the scale of attorney and cent. f 16 of Sasi eomens oI) 27 Laltach marked "FA8" and"FAS" a certificate of balance and stalbment invoice, respectively, confiming the amount owing, due and payable to the applicant COMPLIANCE WITH THE NATIONAL CREDIT ACT 34 OF 2006 ("the NCA") 28 The NCA does not apply to this application. 29 This is due tothe factthat Sgameka is ajuristc person and the Loan Agreement {sa large agreement as contemplated in terms ofthe relevant provisions of the Nea. 30 The claim against the respondent Is based on the deed of suretyship wich Constitutes a credit guarantee in accordance with Section 8(6) ofthe NGA. In terms of Section 4(2)(c) of the NCA, the NCA finds applicaton to credit ‘guarantee only tothe extent that the NCA applies tothe credit facility or a credit transaction in reapect of which the eredit guarantee ie granted. CONCLUSION 31 The applicant is consequently enttled to judgment against the respondent for payment ofthe oum of R2,785,720.60, pus intrest atthe agreed rate of prime plus 500 besis points, calculated daly and compounded monthly frm tho dato of his application to date of payment (both dates, inclusive) endlegal cost, on the scale of attorney and client. Fg ne re, 14 32 Inthe cicumstances, humbly request the above Honourable Court to grant an ‘order 2s prayed fori the Notice of Motion to which this affiavitis attached. a PLAT. | certily that this ammavit was signed and sworn to before me at_Even WA onthistne cy day of fAf2IL_ 2018, by the ‘deponent who acknowledged that she knew and understood the contents. of this affidavit, had no objection to taking this oath, considered this oath to be binding on her ‘canscianoa and uttered the folowing words: | swear thatthe contents of this affidavit fare both true and correct, s0 holp me God * FA M 18 the do} &ed rare VTS VAN "VOOR cry Tonya ene TEND pint erik Wap Kane Me CCURTINCATHOY AYFOUTIANET O7 RROMIEGRAL LDA FOREL Ar Arpyersarosa SIA AANAC a en nt rennin A 4) aa. sty we gerard ‘hikocaiyid nomena ee eee Pipkcanee aoa IAD te crannies et ee et on res onan agree et eth ei, Sen ar nts oath a AM ‘ig Bo apne cope MUELIA M$ 0 eee = areata sant capes wes, ane SURE aan ___—suomano non monn ____ MP eae tens, eT, ae Tr errr Rewce Ostvaiai | eae osm ia Sica COME vas ST Or etd mtn De eet ameter sein ery! wreToncnnr or oon ARIA acme Ge case MERE TREE on a Mewte 208 Sent cmb Jn se PRUDENTIL AUTHORITY oe ‘yee wv 09% Ptneenir canes rai eRaTON TY) LTD semantic ve MUTUAL «Sere panda taint st fe et conn TS sare Remade, haf rat ‘eg rou ceurhe Pk eee 1 142 sa 18 @ a won sna a= Lo umeedio rene ‘vt ation, Masa HOME mms ean keer te ee pated igi de es opatl expnnati = few der Ce nb 208/20 art penne Ca Naa PRIS, errno one Heir SOND, strona tcc on 2502018 oberg ua ue art 718 entre ns ob Re peeks) ee Lnnodnn Maa oun eel ee, er se san kane ere Irene pane ha totale nr amen 32049 107 2 ee eS ats tarot for Yr an Wr wr neta EN aa Bromptano Ak sn Cone PP aaa nin ays aan at ny be onto nh tal lt paz Inamany or dtndg ny etn wap0 ey ttn eo wy at tow oe 2 aa Token tan cn coy hn ‘neve qupone be tro wtor creed ayer 8 voc random eh om cen 1H ot 8 “Goose nny doom ere eanon yd vA YW HHH “ret ray doom pgs netics oat einer ones 28 To dgovn fet wt ee nt fe cmp bY peli nha ty abl dra oe tery ora of ve hte a cane no are ca fen sab tad a 18 tse cena rt iets an > tn Covent oe tpt bi eo wth cot ou net nt clon of 0h HF te gat oe wlan ‘ar Totty pret vs en ha fens fey ct ot port, et ap tt Ho cmt ny dam ney, eet tm ati oe th tom oolymettabonaesnaaammaroheve ovat vee grand tel end rare yan aaa Fe ecudan soe ot yw on a a Soto ne aon orl sr on ote ag Tovttne seen ter sc ciate tee, 240 at sesame: enemie 6 oearont nye ou ernest cn rt yan eutha drtemortaon yam nn = Toh oi eae ed olds ro af uses of be ent Ans bo st it eta ead eal -olnrandnsrabng cortege any ante tt et nent nd nt bo et of aiid atrovent B() the ney AH “8, mde appeal an pri tm nae creo samen DS ronan oti me por eoninsin wera “np cpanel ng abe eo Lonw AGREEMENT ota ann vos wun, 3am ba usec We 1008 slr lara one VBS" rarer) SOAMEKA PROHECTS (PTY LTO eget Ns a0taubtlenot see ro 48 Berome) a5) £A3 14) tm mgt ncn yt ao bee 112 amvevetn ih 1.428 saa pn bn lpn nt en 1129. osbquc east putang vse etek nein nan mene errs ow aed ean 124 “Ave meh i hE ag Cp ovo ica te Bunn oy tng ‘raoac hint erwin wna ee ae 122 ‘BonowrmeiSpanolaPriec Py) wheather ‘RY0eSU 9) Ld Maow dpe’ Wax ‘ahi Rapin oe ex: 124 “Capa ows tlt a ic aca By VBS era nn fs Agwenn, ary a ance eh 90600 1a “Pt Benya! 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Int event crestor insues gain aunt a a covery aa ‘hi he erie ya Pini Debt, to ta even hal bl py the ers pecs on a sale aun ary ect, ‘Tvs, Cone AND exGNED AT JOHANNESBURG ON THES 222DAY OF DECENBER2ONT, IN THE PRESENCE OF THE UNDERSIGNED WINESSES: 2 a £ en swe Siamba WwW fn WERKSMANS DELIVERED BY EMAIL, HAND AND REGISTERED POST ahamnesbary Os Shean 215 Sauth es 528 Moir Street 14349 Phase 2 Fats 30083 HMindblore, Extension 1 Braamschervile Serion 2 ogale Gly abeonvile Becerra Sohanestirg 1885) ek Gauteng 143 Stevens Lane “The orcharde Gauteng mai: [Gui BEFERENCE: Mr Stockwel/ts T Matshebela/tm/SOUTS267,93/#5310236V1 DIRECT PHONE! 4-27 11 535 6430/+27 11 535 6431 DIRECT FAX: 427 11 $35 8639/+27 11 535 8631 EMAIL ADDRESS: jstockweli@werksmans,cor/ 24 January 2019 eer Sis ‘Vos HUTUAL BANK (3H LxQuIoATIoN)/vouncKLE 4 3 Wo act on behalf of VAS Mutual Bank (In Lquldation) ("he Bank") and Ancosh Roopal in his tenpacty as the guldator ofthe Bank (our cent We have been Instructed thet = ‘on 22 December 2017, you duly executed a written suretyship undertaking in terms of ‘ic, inter ofa, you dune yourself the Bark os @ sure for ard eo-prinpal debtor ‘it, Join end severely, Sgumeko Projects Project Lmited ("Sgarmaks) for all amounts Gueland povable by Spemska under the Loon Agreement (as defined below) CSuretyship"); | witten loan agrowment was concluded between the Banke and Soameka dated 32 december 2017, n terms of whch, the Bank lend end advanced a total amount of '4,000,000.00 (four millon) to Spameta (Loan Agreement"); ene the Suretyship provided secunty forthe repayment of any and all monies advanced in verms ofthe Loan Agreement. 's indebted to cur clients In the emount of ton thousand, Tour hunched ané for and anc We nave been fureher instructed that gam '2,70,408.03 (two millon, seven hundred o estat nig ve 4b Seas w shrve cents) (indebtedness), being the outstanding amount due and payeble under the Loan oreement tn terms ofthe Suretyship and as 2 surety and co-princpal debtor of Saameks in resect ofa Ip ert: of i) By oyaraeka in tes ofthe Loon Agreement, you anred and acknowledged the or yt pocpelond nt acoesory to te ablation of Soameka 1 adn, You ean eee etelianes in repost of any demand for pave thereto shall not be dele of aereAe pts fot thot any spe may exist between our cents and Sgamek, tn the eecumstances, ard due tothe terms of Suretship, You are ln ond severally Indebtnd 0 our ent In the sum of indebtedness. We have been structed to demand, as we hereby do, payment of an amaunt of Indebtedness Hae ora Inkarests and ope coats an attorney and clan eral itn 10 Cen) Gays ‘nether wt ere aling rch cur cent shel have no atamative but to proceed wih the of fecelot of Fagor action apart you for the recovery ofthe amount du 91 please turer nots thet your attention le drawn to the provisions of Seaton 129 ofthe Nation Pr a a ee uable to pay the lndebtedness due to our cen: YU arn terms of Crt ae oof te aforamentioned secon of the National Credit Ac, ented to sec the (lance ofa debt counsallr 1 so ensure that any payments made are made to the folowing bank seeaunt and tothe benke an a at a Raf pelo ane that a copy Othe proof of peyment i forarded tothe ‘writer without delay. ‘Recount hoTder name Verena ine Etondard Bank at Senate, 1 ‘Trust Aecount 3.368 7087 ‘Swift Number SezAZA Reference Number 3 Steciwoi/SOUTSIS7 99 ‘is ite not exhaustive af al of our cents contentions and aur cles ants or reser Tri eter a gr esuns atthe apprprtate time and frum should the Wed ere fatty 47) w AG WERKSMANS DELIVERED BY EMAIL, HAND AND REGISTERED POST ve Bn neve sorb ew See ae S28 ler test ses han 2 aaron MBean sooner Shanda wpe Sy ae ere =o we ie as ae ue ———_—-< ‘The Orchards ire Klonupis | trator fires Shiva in| Gauteng oan ak [2018 = ae sal Spandsiakens ak _tratvaneioaenaiaon (ewer Sauget YOUR REFERENCE: Er EES 5 anny yattannvsOsT287 907500 are cy tedicascenca cosiachbeopversatson 24 January 2019 Der Sis {VBS MUTUAL BANK (IN LIQuipariurg /rounseEr 11 We act on behalf of VBS Mutual Renkin liqudation) (the Bank) and Ancosh Roopa I Tis Ghoti asthe lgedater afte Bani "our clients") 2 Wo have baan instructed that = 21 on 22 December 2017, you duly executed a written suretyahip vndertaking in terms of on 22 acer you Bound yourself to te Bank as e surety for and covprincpal Gebtor which Int el eeveray, sgameke Projects Project med (Sgameka") forall amounts wt, Jon ae oy sgammace under the Loon Agrasrent (95 dined below) ("Surtysp 2.2 a wren toon agreement wae concided between, the Bank and, Sgomeko dated | Bee se"tarme of whic, the Bank fend and edvarced 2 tate amount of 000,000.00 four milion) to Seameka ("Loan Agreement’); and 2.2 theSuretyship provided secu forthe repayment of any and all monies edvanced interme, | ‘ofthe Loan Agreement. 3 we have been futher Instructed mat Sgomcka Is indebted to our clants inthe amu of We nave (es (wo mon, seven handreé and tn thousand, four hundred and our rand and Serpe eapsmaciamerteeere EnV care OW UAENICHN THESRYALET by 4g alae Wy tee cant) ‘groomer viebtedness), being the outstanding amount due and peyable under Ure Loan 4 tn terms of the Suretyship and as» surety and co-princlpl debtor of Sgaraka in rspect of all Heericscuneg by agente In tess ef he Loon Agreemant, you agreed and acknowedoed {ac your toby prelpal and not aoseczory te tho ailpation of Sgamska, tn eden, you sree dt comptoncs in respect of sny demand fr payment thereto shall not be delayed of ‘fad by the ck thot any siepute may exist between our cents and Seameka, 15 tn tho ckeumstances, and due to the tems of Suretyship, you are finty 86 severaty mdebred 1 our eet Inthe Sum of Indebtedness. 6 Weave been instructed to demand, as we nereby do, payment of on amount of indebtedness Hee ace sah mora inerests ana lege coats at an attorsy and client cae, within 10 (to) days together ei? yorea, fling mich eur lent shall have ro alternative but f proceed ath the keaton o eg ection apatnt you fr the recovery of the amount de tit +7 prease further not tsk your attortion ie drawn tothe provislons of Seten 129 ofthe Wationat Ae Ac 'Should you be unable to ay the ndabtedness due tour clerk you ae, terms of Been SSSion or the sferementionad section of the National Credit Ac, entitled ¥o seek the ‘guidance of a debt counselor. 8 Please ensure tat eny payments made are made fo the following bank account and tothe bank lene emt set out Reve below ang tat a copy of he proof of payment Forwarded tothe ‘writer without ela. Tecouni noTser naIRE “Trust account 3 ‘Swife Humber Reference nuniber J stociwel/SOUTSTETS 9 Thipettor le not exhaustive of al of our cents contentions and our clets rights are reserved Trslse Shy tothe osues atthe appropiate time and forum shoud te nee rie, 44 xy WERKSMANS DELIVERED BY EMAIL, HAND AND REGISTERED POST ai Fama Oe ‘Mr Oran Answer Shivambu peel ong Ser 88 Sogn an S28 woe Steet 34349 pase 2 mtb 0 | poe Extension 1 Braamfischervitle ae fogale Clty Dobsonville: mre ericts setae 1868 Fox, 12) Thess co autem 43 stevens Lane “Tne orenards a a Gauteng ae 1S deneseeg malt shivambub@gmalcom SoatnerEReness M3 Stokowol/ite T Matshebela/tn/SOUTS267.93/#531023001 Bincer mone: 427 11 535 8430/27 11 535 8431 Dincer ewe 427 21 535 0639/27 11 835 8631 ina appRESs: 24 January 2019 eer srs V8 MUTUAL BANK (uM LiQuroRTzoN)/voUneELE 1 e oct on behalf of VBS Mutual Bank (In Heuldation) ("the Bank) and Ancosh Roop in is Capea ae the lgsldster ofthe Bank Cour cents") 2 Weave boon instructed that 2.407 22 December 2017, you duly executed 0 written suratyship undertaking in terme. of or oer ala, you bound yourself tothe Dank e a-surety for ard cvprincpal debtor Pe ey and everay, Sgemmeke Projects Project mited ('Sgereka") forall amounts ith Joye oy soars under the Loan Agreament as defined Elan) (*Suretyship"; 2.2 written Icon agreement was cancluded between the Bank snd Sgameka dated Sa'becamner 2017, in terms of which, the Bank lend and advanced a total amount of 00,000.00 (Four milion) to Sgareka ("Loan Agreement’); and 23 theSuretyship provided securty for the repeyment of any and all monies advanced In ere bf the Laan Agreement 43 We have been further instructed that Sgameta Is indebted to aur clnts In the amount of We ave ue (ona tion seven hundred and ten thousand, our hundred ard four rand and TRHANRISOUNS CAPE TOWN» STELLDIROBCH TYGER VAT e NMOS nua bank ‘aaa eS RE so FAB onvnte oes etapotan ice ak Sout ate ‘tn 303 ronz018 ‘enticate oF moesreonss 2 bites ‘Worcnattarrfradtn ath "Provo List“) oheraby contin hat thave been apie asthe rovkonal lust for VS Mut Bk eto, & ‘Reta rere wih and reestedby he Prot Author ofthe euh An sre Bn ‘er the se rer TOS covered by the Mut aN ‘mes oof 193 forester eee 2 2. tn capac asthe Prova itr of VS, ote cry ta sana POETS (nH LTD ‘jonas ANSVER SHAD is epoch surety i c-prnl obtr of SOAMERAPROFETS {Prop eine to Vsnthe amount of 2 70578040 (ro mon, eve eran ay hr thousand seve huned an ly and sty i "mpl 20399 pao tines (tees sdvncrd Wy WOS to senMa PROsLTS Pv] TD for he Conc Fars "THUS DONE AND SIGNED A JOnAnWESBURG OW TIS 9 DAY OF Ap 2038 ours aa Tel e720) 880231 ra aes com ae: cscs: en STATEMENT INVOICE