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Becora Campus, Becora

Dili, Timor Leste


AHHA Education has two programmes for individuals and clubs to support its full time students:

A. Support for students who cannot currently pay fees

B. Individual/remote Students

The subscription for each programme is US$350pa which covers AHHA’s costs; however we ask that
supporters of individual students commit for at least two years, ie over the duration of the full time

A. Support for Students Who Cannot Currently Pay Fees:

This is a new programme which has been initiated with a view to reducing the number of students
dropping out due to lack of funds. The great majority of student families are subsistence farmers
whose finances are fragile due to the climate especially at the moment due to “climate change”.
Subsistence farmers rely upon the annual monsoon which in 2015-16 largely failed and in 2016-17 has
been weak.

AHHA will nominate students supported by this programme each month with the expectation that
many students will be helped. The students concerned may be identified at all times for reporting to
sponsors. An annual summary will be also be sent out to sponsors.


This is our traditional programme which chooses students from a poor background at commencement
of the course. The funding is used to support that student for the duration of the course, or if he/she
finds employment during the course the funding is shifted to another poor student.

The student concerned is identified to the sponsor and updates on his/her progress, thank you notes,
invitations to graduation ceremonies etc etc provided as required.

Sponsors can nominate boys or girls or other special criteria (if we are able to find an appropriate
student). In the past, selected students have come from within AHHA and are low risk.

As a development of this option, we are giving sponsors the ability to nominate a yet to be identified
young person who probably comes from a remote village and considers him/herself as too poor to
attend AHHA. Such students may be at a higher risk of eventual drop out.

Date of application: ____________________

Sponsor (Club or Individual): ________________________

Address of sponsor: ________________________


Email address: ________________________

Telephone: ________________________

Type of Support (please circle the appropriate answer)

A. Support of students who cannot currently afford fees Y/N

How many students do you wish to support ___

B. Support of individual students Y/N

Will you accept a student who is not currently within AHHA Y/N

Do you have any selection criteria, eg male or female ____________

Support fees are $350pa and because of the cost of bank fees payable on inward transactions to Timor
Leste Bank Accounts, we ask overseas sponsors to pay annually in advance. We ask for supporters of
individual students to commit to paying at least two years’ fees to allow the student to complete the

AHHA Education Bank Details:

Bank Name: ANZ Bank – Timor Leste Account #: 164388

A/C Name: Science of Life Systems Swift Code: ANZBTLTI

IBAN: TL38 0030 0000 0001 6438 890 BOB: 08195