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Office of International Affairs – Faculty of Engineering

Universitas Gadjah
J1. Grafika No. 2 Yogyakarta
55281, Indonesia


Motivation Letter


With this letter I hereby wish to sincerely express my interest in applying for master
degree program in Urban Planning. This program is a solid step towards my future
career as a designer, researcher and consultant who understands the problems
and solutions in urban areas of developing counties, especially Cambodia.

Phnom Penh Capital is becoming the only major center that absorbs labor influx
from different provinces, and its area has more than doubled from 300 in early
2000s to nearly 700 in 2014. Challenges are now facing the local authority
including; the demand for housing for lower and rising middle income groups, water
supply and sanitation, congestion, environmental pollution (air, open source water
and ground water), flooding due to prolong heavy rain. Climate change has
increasingly added additional burden to the Capital in terms of adaptation and
resilient infrastructure. The rapid urbanization and construction growth are one of the
major concerns on the decline of open space thus limiting the accessibility among
local communities to enjoy the city.

Managing and renovating the existing infrastructure in a city is becoming more

critical than planning and building it. I believe that to do this successfully we require
good knowledge of the subject. Having been awarded first place in two architecture
competitions for renovation and development projects in 2016, I understand the core
values of urbanization. The first competition I took part in was called “Cambodia
Society of Architecture, renovating the 100 Houses”, designed by the Cambodian
architect Vann Molyvan. The second competition initiated and sponsored by “Institut
Francais Du Cambodge”, was to renovate and develop the National Library of
Pursuing a master program in Urban Planning at the Faculty of Engineering is a
dream, and I find UGM is unquestionably the right place for me. Currently, I am
working as an architect in a company called " COLE Architecture Design and
Creative Ideas". The Company believes that design and urban planning is a tool to
improve lives and creates projects which celebrate the extraordinary rather than the
mundane. Currently, the Company is working on a large project creating the master
plan to establish the satellite city along the coast in Kampot Province, Kingdom of
Cambodia. With this project, I have been involved in the major work of designing. In
addition to this, I have attended a short course which worked on the reorganization of
the people living along the river in Phnom Penh. The course proposed to restructure
the area by seeking for problems and solutions to be a better area in the city. My study
in Urban Planning would benefit not only my current tasks, but also Cambodia in
many aspects. I will be continuing to work in the field of architecture united with urban
planning and management as an architect, designer, researcher and as a consultant
in the field of urban sustainability which I believe I can contribute to the society and
share my knowledge and experience through Cambodia. In addition, building
network among UGM graduates and UGM itself is always a core value for unity
and strength, particularly in a society where urban management professionals are
needed and urban agenda is becoming a core concern to achieving UN initiated-
SDGs. I want be able to adapt to work and reside in a multi- cultural society where
UGM is a good example.

Therefore, it would be highly appreciated if I am given the opportunity to pursue my

master degree in Urban Planning at UGM giving me the tools to effectively find the
best solutions towards issues regarding urban planning facing Phnom Penh and other

I am grateful for your time and consideration. I am looking forward to a favorable


Your faithfully,

Oy Sideth