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School SK Rahang Date 31/07/2018

Club English Club Time 2.00 pm – 3.30 pm
Class size 20 pupils Duration 60 minutes
Subject English
Topic Poster Drawing
Theme World of Knowledge
Rational Pupils are able to find and circle 20 hidden words in a crossword puzzle.
At the end of the lesson, pupils will be able to:
Objectives 1. create a poster drawing
2. present the poster
Prior Knowledge Pupils had seen the poster before in the school.
Thinking Skills Generating Ideas
Moral Value Diligence, Love Our Nature
(1) Reference Sample Poster
Source of Teaching and Learning (3) Tool Colour marker
(5) Teaching Aids A4 paper
Teaching Approaches Creativity

Teaching and Learning Process

Teaching Phase Content/Concept Expectation Note
(Teacher’s and pupils’ activity)

Introduction Introduction to 1. Teacher greets the pupils. 1. Pupils are able to answer Good values
( 5 minutes) theme of the 2. Teacher marks the attendance of the teacher’s questions. 1. Punctuality
poster drawing pupils.
competition 3. Teacher asks pupils a few questions.
4. Teacher introduces the theme of
poster drawing competition.
Introduction of 1. Teacher explains the rules of the 1. Pupils are able to feel Good Values
Presentation Poster Drawing competition to the pupils. motivated to take part 1. Confidence
( 15 minutes) Competition Rules 2. Teacher shows a poster sample to the actively in the
pupils to give the pupils’ idea on competition.
creating the poster based on the

1. Pupils start to create a poster based 1. Pupils are able to create Good Values
Practice Poster Drawing on their creativity. a poster that match the 1. Creativity
( 45 minutes) 2. Teacher gives the guidance when theme of the competition.
3. Teacher facilitates the pupils.

Presentation of 1. Teacher instructs the pupils to present 1. Pupils are able to Good Values
Production Poster their poster in front of the classroom. present their poster 1. Confidence
( 20 minutes) 2. Teacher selects the winner of the drawing.

Closure Summarizing the 1. Teacher asks the pupils the moral 1. Pupils are able to know Good Values
( 5 minutes) lesson values that have learnt. the moral values they 1. Cooperation
2. Teacher asks the pupils to clean the learnt from the
classroom. competition.