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Naadi Astrology


(Based on

Bhrigu, Nandi & Chandrakala Naadi)

Bhaskar Chakraborty


I am dedicating this book to my father

Late Bhutnath Chakraborty.



It is indeed a great pleasure for me to write a book on this Astroscience. Astrology is the
only science which enables us to understand and assess the Astrals planetary influences on us.

Great Indian Rishis and Sages have discovered, refined, tested the principles in many ways and
brought many new techniques to read those planetary languages in a systematic and understandable
manner. When we go through the pain staking works of great Astrological Seers of India it becomes
a wonder. However, there are more to discover. After through study of the subject from last 10 to
12 years here I am placing a small piece of work in front of the readers. But the quetion is why this

look, while there are planety of books available in the market.
This book is written out of need. The people throughout the world is now interested on
Astrology. And, India is the Mother of it. So many young fellows are there who are really interested
on Naadi Astrology. But they fall to understand it because of the differences between the two

systems. But basically there is no difference. What we need is to know the link. Here I have tried
my best to place the missing link between the two.
In my earlier days when I was quite new in this field I was practicing some simple rules of
Traditional Astrology and was getting the success only 40 to 50 percent. Sometimes it was giving
some amazing results but most of the time I was unable to reach at the peak. Since then I was
trying for some better methods. In this process I came accross some systems which are claming to
be the most modern and scientific. But alas, thre is also some limitation. Upto some extent that was
giving me fruits but not in all cases. Afterwards, I came accross some Naadi Grantahas like Bhrigu

Naadi, Lagna Naadi, Datta treya Naadi, Dhruva Naadi, Suka Naadi, Nandi Naadi etc. etc. and have
discovered some new facts which were not present in the earlier one. since then I am practising on
this new method which I have mentioned in my book. As the name of the book goes the book is
also about the simplification of the techniques. I have given my best effort to make this book as
simple as I can. The readers will find the original vedic thought about the sideral zodiac. The

Pancha Tatwa and three basic energy pattern is the basic and much attention has been paid to these
basic rules. About the nature and the significations of the planets some new logical thought are
applied here.
It is hoped that the learned readers, Astrologers, writers and critics will receive this book

warmly and wholeheartedly and will extend their hands of cooperation for betterment of this book.
I am greatly indebted to Shri Natakrishna Parua and Smt. Umarani Parua, who are the amuteur
Astrologers but well established business person. My student Dr. P.C. Mohapatra and Mr. jayanta

Modak for their extreme encouragement and my elder sister Mrs. Bharati Chakraborty who has
helped me in proof reading and correcting the errors. And Dr. Suresh Ch. Mishra of the Pranav
Publications for his great support and encouragement. Bhaskar Chakraborty
67, Shyamlal Road, Burdwan-4 (W.B.)
September, 2011 M: 09732010447
Burdwan. e-mail :

Sarve Sukhino Bhavantu

Chapter - I

What is Naadi Astrology?

Astrology is the only science which can foretell the future events accurately. No other

science but Astrology enables us to understand and assess the astral and planetary influences
through which one can read the future events. Amongst so many ways of foretelling the future
events Naadi Astrology is the oldest one. In Tamil the words ‘Naadi’ means ‘to search’. To
search for the minute details of one’s destiny from the palm-leaves (olas). There is a big

query in the public mind about its origin and name. According to Ayurveda the word Naadi
means pulse or the beat. We are aware of the fact that there are 7200 prominent nadis in our
body out of which Ida, Pingala & Susumna are the main. According to Swaradaya Shastra

when the left nostril is active it is said the Ida or the chandra Naadi & when the right nostriul
is active it is said the Pingla or Surya Naadi. But our Rishis/Sages who were the blessed one
had acquired the hundredd & eight great mystic powers used the third from i.e. the Susumna
to gain their knowledge of the past, present and the future, and through their spiritual
attainment they were able to disclose all the secrets of life-bad or good of this life, past life
and the future life whith greater accuracy. In short, we can say that the Naadi is a collective
name given to palm-leaf manuscripts dictated by ancient sages predicting the characterestics,
family history, as well as the careers of innumerable individuals. It is said that the Lord

Shiva and the Lord Brahma have given them enough power to see the entire future of all
However, we can explain it in following manner. The Earth is totally covered by the
fluectuating frequencies of resonance generating by the orbital movements of the planets of

the solar system creating some oscillating magnetic field all the time. Every one of us is
aware of the fact that our Earth is a big magnet and all the time it is moving at a higher speed
and producing some magnetic field. A small unit of oscillating force created by the planets of
the solar club can have a big impact on this Earth. This subtle Variation of frequencies is

directly linked with all the happenings or events. Naadi Astrology especially deals with these
aspects of life. When every event due to cosmic action and interaction becomes in our favour
the life becomes smooth and easier or otherwise it becomes very problematic. To know the

various aspects of life several attempts have been made by our Sages who were the blessed
one. To give a fair idea of different aspects of life they have segmented the entire zodiac into
12 equal parts, subdivided it in some Amsas. Some have done 150 / 300 / 600 while some
have gone to the extent of 1800 per sign. If we multiply this 1800 parts by 12 i.e. the total
zodiac it becomes 21600, the total minute (360×60). Interestingly 21600 is the maximum
number of inhaling and exhaling of a human being on this Earth.
That too is correct that they have given equal importance to the Tatwa cycle (five basic
elements) and 3 basic energy patterns in segmenting the entire zodiac. They have divided the
entire zodiac i.e. 360° in equal 12 parts of 30° each. Those are the Rasis which speak the
natural tendencies guided by the different conditions. Thus they have blended the effects of 9

planets with the effects of the signs in a magnificient manner which is unique and able to
unveil the total life’s story comprehensibly with greater accuracy.

The duties of an Astrologer :

“An Astrologer must be a Rishi, he or she should be truthfull in their speech, humble,

engaged in the studies of vedas and expert in propitation of the planets’s.
A Rishi does not all the time means that the Astrologer should have long bear or
something like that. But the most important thing is he should be clean & celar from the

innerself. He or she should never have jealousy, selfishness and such other things. There
must be some wit & humorerin his/her words and mild smile over the lips will enhance the
personality. An Astrologer must always treat his consultatnts with love. They should never
frighten the consultants. Whatever may be written in the chart but they should treat them in
such a way that they can boldly face the problems. It has been observed that necessities may
arise to gudie the consultants through the concept of divinity and sometimes, it is possible to
guide them through psychological means even philosophically.
It is also seen that often husband & wife are used to ask who will leave the world first.

It is a very good sign in our Hindu culture to become a Sumangali (wife will die before
husband). In this type of situation it is better to take the side way. Thus the Astrologer can be
a cause of social service besides the service to the humanity.

Chapter - II

All about the Rasis, different type of charts, about Lagna & 12 Bhavas, the Stars & the
Zodiac belt. The reason behind the formation of the 12 houses, the Pancha Tatwas.

The total zodiac is a complete circle of 360°. A full year is comprising of 12 months.
And the main pivotal point is the Sun with whom all the planets are related. The Sun is used
to stay in one particular place for one month. And for the 12 months it needs 12 places. If we
divide the 360° by 12 we will get 30°. The expansion of a sign or Rashi is 30°. The total belt

is of 27 stars. The expansion of a star (Nakshatra) is 360/27 = 13°20’.
1 sign = 30 degree (symbol °).
1 degree = 60 min (symbol’)
1 min = 60 sec (symbol ”)

So one sign = 30×60 min = 1800 min. And one Nakshatra = 13°×60+20 min = 800 min.
These calculations are the essential parts of Astrology. In calculating the Dasa & Lagna those
calculations will be required.

About the Charts :

In our India different types of charts are in use. Mainly they are of 3 in numbers. In
Southern part the squre type chart is popular in which all the 12 sings are always fixed. In
Northern part a different type is popular where the houses are not fixed, it will vary from
person to person whereas in Bengal, Orissa & Assam a different type of chart is very popular

whre you can place the stars occupied by the planets. For being a good Astrologer one should
have good knowlege of the various charts. For example,

MEENA MESHA VRISHA MITHUN Always these houses will be fixed and one should go
through the right direction. Suppose some one is of

Vrishaba Lagna and his/her moon is in the 3rd, Sun &

SOUTH INDIAN KATA Merc is in the 4th, Venus is in the 2nd, Mars in the 7th.
Saturn in the 11th, Jupiter in 10th, Rahu in 2nd & Ketu
MAKARA SIMHA in 8th. According to the South Indian Method – if we

want to prepare the chart, the same is here under.


In this case we have to follow the left direction.

In this type no fixed house is alloted. In the above men- JUP MOON
tioned chart if the Lagna happens to be Dhanus then in EX.-2
case of No. 2 there will be no. 9 and the rest will be
positioned accordingly. MERC


The Bengal type chart has some speciiality. Here the signs are fixed and the number of
the stars that the particular planet is posited will be written. The chart is hereunder –








If we place the above mentioned example it will be like this –

The Pancha Tatwa :
Our human body is the composition of the Panch Tatwas. Our Zodiac signs or the
Rasis are also the composition of the same. These Pancha Tatwas are namely ‘Kshiti’, ‘Apa’,
‘Teja’, ‘Maruta’ & ‘Vyoma’ or the Earth, Air, Fire, Water & the Eather. We all know that long
long years back the Earth was full of fire. Then slowly came the soils/stones, then the Air and
the water etc. etc. The same principle is lying behind the Rasi Chart. All the Rasis are having
some nature like Sthira, Chara and Duality etc. etc. The same Tatwa will be the fifth sign

from it. After crossing 4 Rasis same Tatwa will be repeated. We can say that this is the rule of
4×3. Hereunder I am giving the name, Tatwas the ruler and the natures of the signs.









1st house of the natural zodiac is Mesha or Aries. Mesha is coming under Agni Tatwa
/ the Fiery element and the 5th sign from Mesha is Simha / Leo is again having the same
Tatwa of Agni. Again from Simha to Dhanus is 5th, again Dhanus is coming under Agni
Tatwa. From Dhanus to Mesha is again 5th and Mesha we know is coming under the Agni
Tatwa. This is called Agni Trikona / Fiery Triangle. Same is the case for Vrishaba, Mithuna &

Karkata. So we got 4 types of triangles of Agni, Prithvi, Vyau and Jala & 3 types of nature i.e.
Chara, Sthira and Dual. This 3×4 = 12. Our number of Rasi is also 12. The 5th number Tatwa
which is common is the Ether. It is everywhere. Those Trinals signs or the Trine Rasis and
the Angles which are the same in nature is very important and in our predictional part it will

be required.
So from the above mentioned discussions we got four types of Triangle namely Agni,
Prithvi, Vyau and Jala. We can define it in the undermentioned way which will be more
comprehensible to the readers Agni /Fiery Triangles are — Mesha, Simha and Dhanu. Prithvi/

Earthy Triangles are — Vrishaba, Kanya and Makara. Vyau/Airy Triangles are — Mithuna,
Tula and Kumbha. Jala/Watery Trianlges are — karkata, Vrishchika and Meena. These four,
sets comprising of 3 Rasis each are making the zodiac of 4×3=12 Rasi. More interestingly a
new set of nakshatras is also starting from the Agni Rasi and ending in Jala Rasi. from Aswini

to Aslesha is one group whose starting point is Aries/Mesha and ends in Karkata which is a
Jala Rasi. Again Magha is starting in Simha and the Jyestha of the same group is ending in
vrischika again a Jala Rasi. The next is the Mula which starts in Dhanus and the last star is
Revati which again ends in Meena, a Jala Rasi. The fact is that the owner of Aswini, Mogha
and Moola is the same planet Ketu and the owner of Aslesha, Jyestha and Revati is the Planet
Mercury (according to Vimsottari Dasa system). After weards, we will discuss about the stars.
See the following ready table for better understanding.
Rasi Owner Tatwa Nature Direction
1) Mesha Mars Agni Chara East
2) Vrisha Venus Prithvi Sthira South
3) Mithuna Mercury Vyau Dual West
4) Karkata Moon Jala Chara North

5) Simha Sun Agni Sthira East
6) Kanya Mercury Prithvi Dual South
7) Tula Venus Vyau Chara West
8) Vrishchika Mars Jala Sthira North

9) Dhanus Jupiter Agni Dual East
10) Makara Saturn Prithvi Chara South
11) Kumbha Saturn Vyau Sthira West
12) Meena Jupiter Jala Dual North

All the planets are having two houses except the Sun and the Moon. They ahve only
one house of their own. We known that we have nine planets in our Indian Astrology. Though
according to sage Parasara there is 5 more planets which are termed as Dhuma, Chapa etc.
etc. For our purpose we will take only nine planets. About the Uranus and Neptune more
research is needed. They are too far form our Earth. In the Mundane charts they matter much.
In judging the 7 planets only. Rest of the two is Rahu and Ketu. They have no any fixed
house, they are like the tenants. But according to some Astrologer Kanya is the Moola trikona
of Rahu and Meena is for Ketu or those are their houses.

About Moola Trikona, Uccha (Exaltation), Neecha (Debilitation) and Planetary

friendship and enmity etc. Though the planets have their own houses which are two in
number (except Sun and Moon) they are used to be happy in only one house of their own. We
can define this like one is positive house and another one is negative one. Follow the list.

Planets Positive house Negative house

Mars Arises (Mesha) Scorpio (Vrischika)
Mercury Virgo (Kanya) Gemini (Mithuna)
Jupiter Sagittarius (Dhanus) Pisces (Meena)

Venus Libra (Tula) Taurus (Vrishaba)

Saturn Aquarius (Kumbha) Capricorn (Makara)

These positive houses are the Moola Trikona houese of the above planets. Moola Trikona
house for Sun is Simha for Moon it is Taurus/Vrishaba.
All the planets including Rahu and Ketu are used to enjoy much on some houses whereas
on the 7th house from that house is the house of their most dislike one. That means where
they enjoy much is the house of their exaltation (Uccha Ghara) and the house of their dislike
one is the house of their debilitation (Neecha) house. These are very necessary things in our
Astrological predictions.
Follow the list :
Planet UCCHA Moola Trikona Neecha
1) Sun Aries (Mesha) Leo (Simha) Libra (Tula)
2) Moon Taurus (Vrishaba) Taurus Scorpio (Vrischik)
3) Mars Capricorn (Makara) Aries Cancer (Karkata)

4) Mercury Virgo (Kanya) Virgo Pisces (Meena)
5) Jupiter Cancer Sagittarius (Dhanu) Capricorn
6) Venus Pisces Libra Virgo
7) Sat Libra Aquarius Aries

8) Rahu Taurus/Gemini Aquarius Scorpio/Sagittarius
9) Ketu Scorpio/Sagittarius Leo Taurus/Gemini

This list is very very important & every Astrologer should see the list carefully.

Actually there are two opinions about Rahu & Ketu. Some Sages dictated us as Taurus
is the exaltation house of Rahu & Some have dictated as Gemini. The case is same for Ketu
also. Some say that Scorpio is the house of its exaltation & some say Sagittarius. So, it is
better to take those two houses for their exaltation & debilitation. One thing is sure that Rahu
& Ketu will be always 180° apart. A brief discussion about this two is necessary and it is
given on another chapter.
Among the 9 planets some have affinity with others where as some have enmity with
others. Categorically we can divide them in two – No. 1 is of Sun, Mars, Ketu & Jupiter’s
group and another one (No. 2) is of Saturn, Venus, Mercury & Rahu’s group. Moon is neutral.

Moon has no enemy. But Mercury, Venus & Rahu does not like Moon. Please follow the
following table.
Planetary afinity, neutralship and friendship chart :–

Planet Friend Sama (Neutral) Enemy

Sun Jupiter, Mars, Moon, Ketu Mercury Venus, Saturn, Rahu
Moon Sun, Jupiter, Mars Vernus, Saturn, Rahu
Mercury, Ketu

Mars Sun, Moon, Jupiter, Ketu Venus Saturn, Rahu, Mercury

Jupiter Sun, Moon, Mars, Ketu Saturn, Mercury Rahu
Venus Saturn, Mercury, Rahu Jupiter, Mars Sun, Moon, Ketu

Saturn Venus, Mercury, Rahu Jupiter Mars, Sun, Ketu, Moon

Rahu Venus, Mercury, Saturn Moon, Sun, Mars, Ketu,
Mercury Saturn, Venus, Rahu, Sun Jupiter Moon, Mars, Ketu
Ketu Sun, Jupiter, Mars Moon Saturn, Venus, Mercury,
The reader may find some difference in the above mentioned table in compare to other
books. This table has been prepared by me. In preparing the above table the priority have
been given to the practical implication not in the theoritical side only. As my principle aim is
to simplify the subject in an easy manner some addition, alteration & the flavour of the Naadi
Astrology have been given.

After discussing about the firendship and enmity now is the turn for the aspects of the
planets. Every planet has its full aspect on the 7th house from it. Apart from the 7th aspect
the planets Saturn, Mars, Jupiter & Rahu have some special aspects. Saturn sees the 3rd &
10th house from its natal position. Jupiter is used to give its full aspect on 5th & 9th, Mars on

4th & 8th and Rahu on 5th, 9th & 12th houses from their natal position. Following table can
be used as a ready reckoner (Full aspects only). Table for the planetary aspects.

Planets Aspects

Sun 7th house from its position
Moon 7th house from its position.
Mars 4th, 7th & 8th houses from its position.
Mercury 7th house.
Jupiter 5th 7th & 9th houses from its position.
Venus 7th house from its natalk position.
Saturn 3rd, 7th & 10th house from its position.
Rahu 5th, 7th, 9th & 12th house from itw own position.
Ketu According to Parasari System Ketu is blind & so no aspect.

Apart from all the above discussions we will take the 5th & 9th positional aspect for
our purpose. 1st, 5th & 9th sign will have the same Tatwa. So it is necessary for our purpose.
Suppose, the Sun is in the fiery sign Mesha, the 5th sign from Mesha will be Simha, another

fiery sign. So it should have some effects on the planet located either on Simha or Dhanu
(another fiery sign). This 1, 5, 9 is called Trikona house.

About Kona, Kendra, Trika & Dusthana (Bad houses) :–


Kendra Sthana : 1st (Lagna), 4th, 7th and 10th house (having same nature i.e. Sthira, Chara
& Duel).
Kona (Trikona) Sthana : 1st (Lagna) 5th & 9th house (having same Tatwa i.e. Agni, Prithvi,
Vyau & Jala).

Trik Sthana : 3rd, 6th & 11th hosue from Lagna.

Dusthana : 6th, 8th & 12th house from Lagna.
Upachaya Sthana : 3rd, 6th, 10th & 11th house from Lagna.
About Stars :
The total zodiac consists of 27 stars. They have the greater influence on the planets. In
my forth coming book ‘Nakshatra Nadi’ it will be discussed fully. It is the star which decide
the Dasa-Antara etc. etc.
Important Note :
planets don’t have any light. They are used to get light from the stars. All the time they are
moving. They are not fixed. Planets have the magnetic field.
Stars are fixed. They have the lights. Planets are used to move around the stars. All the
stars have their own planetary club.

From Aswini to Revati they are 27 in numbers forming the zodiac. According to our
vimsottari Dasa system they have divided into 9 groups. Our planets are 9 in number and
stars are 27. So, 27/9 = 3. All the planets having 3 stars under their rulership.
These stars are the deciding factors for Dasa-Antara, Gana, Yoni and the basic nature

of a person. Later on this will be discussed briefly.
For our purpose hereunder giving the table of the stars, their Lords, Yoni, Gana etc. etc.
Stars Name Ruler Degree wire Gana Yoni
(Vimsottari position

1) Aswini Ketu 0° to 13°20’ Deva Gana Horse
2) Bharani Venus 13°20’ to 26°40’ Manushya Gana Elephant
3) Krittika Sun 26°40’ to 40°00’ Rakshasa Gana Ram
4) Rohini Moon 40°00’ to 53°20’ Manushya Gana Snake
5) Margsish Mars 53°20’ to 66°40’ DevaGana Snake
6) Aridra Rahu 66°40’ to 80°00’ Manushya Gana Dog
7) Punarvasu Jupiter 80°00’ to 93°20’ DevaGana Cat
8) Pushyami Saturn 93°20’ to 106°40’ Deva Gana Ram

9) Aslesha Mercury 106°40’ to 120°00’ Rakshasa Gana Cat

10) Mogha Ketu 120°00’ to 133°20’ Rakshasa Gana Rat
11) Poorva Phalguni Venus 133°20’ to 146°40’ Manushya Gana Rat
12) Uttara Phalguni Sun 146°40’ to 160°00’ Manushya Gana Cow

13) Hastha Moon 160°00’ to 173°20’ Deva Gana Buffalow

14) Chitra Mars 173°20’ to 186°40’ Rakshasa Gana Tiger
15) Swati Rahu 186°40’ to 200°00’ Deva Gana Buffalow
16) Visakha Jupiter 200°00’ to 213°20’ Rakshasa Gana Tiger

17) Anuradha Saturn 213°20’ to 226°40’ DevaGana Deer

18) Jyestha Mercury 226°40’ to 240°00’ Rakshasa Gana Deer
19) Moola Ketu 240°00’ to 253°20’ Rakshasa Gana Dog
20) Poorvashada Venus 253°20’ to 266°40’ Manushya Gana Monkey

21) Uttarashada Sun 266°40’ to 280°00’ Manushya Gana Mongoose

22) Shravana Moon 280°00’ to 293°20’ Deva Gana Monkey
23) Dhanistha Mars 293°20’ to 306°40’ Rakshasa Gana Lion
24) Satabhisaj Rahu 306°40’ to 320°00’ Rakshasa Gana Horse
25) Poorva Bhadra Pada Jupiter 320°00’ to 333°20’ Manushya Gana Lion
26) Uttara Bhadra pada Saturn 333°20’ to 346°40’ Manushya Gana Cow
27) Revati Mercury 346°40’ to 360°00’ DevaGana Elephant
Now, the question is what does the table indicate we know that the Moon is a faster planet
and the Moon is used to pass over the every Nakshatra in every month. Suppose, at the time
of birth of a native the Moon’s position is 302°20’. That means that time Moon was passing
over the Star Dhanista and the native’s birth star will be Dhanista, main Dasa at birth will be

Mar’s, the Gana will be Rakshasa and Yoni will be Lion and the birth Rasi will be Kumbha
(300°–330°). The following table will give you the better idea about the Dasa at birth. The
table will tell about the Nakshatra Lords according to our Vimsottari Dasa system.

Ketu Venus Sun Moon Mars Rahu Jupiter Saturn Mercury

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18
19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27

These are the basic things of Astrological prediction and will be required in preparing and
judging the charts.

Chapter - III

about the Planets, their Karakatwa (causitivity), their nature etc. etc. :–
The SUN :–

According to our Hindu mythology the Trimurti is Lord Brahma, Vishnu and the
Maheswara. Lord Brahma, the creator had a son named Marichi, the great Sage Kashyap’s
father. Sage Kashyapa married Aditi, the mother of Gods. After seeing the defeat of Devatas
(Gods) badly once Aditi and Sage Kashyapa prayed to Sun to come to them as their child and

destroy the evils. Listening to their prayer Sun gave his word that he would take birth in
mother Aditi’s womb as her son. After wards, he took birth to mother Aditi. He got the victory
over the Asuras (demons) and returned back the kingdom to his brothers. He was married to
Chhaya, the daughter of Lord Viswakarma. Amongst his 7 sons Shani (Satturn) was one of

In Astrology or in our life we know that Sun is the source of all energy. Without him all
creation will be stopped. All the planets including our Earth are used to move around him. In
general all the Rogas (diseases) are used to attack us more in night compared to day time.
Sun is bold in temperment. He is a hot planet. He has a square built body and is short in
stature. His colour is dark-red. He has very little hair on his head. He has strong bones and
honey-coloured eyes. He is a kingly planet.
1) Direction : The Sun rules the eastern direction.
2) Age : He is represented as thirty years old.

3) Gaze : His gaze is directed upwards.

4) Grain : Wheat
5) Strength : The Sun is strong in the forenoon and during the day time (Dina-bali).
6) Karakatwa (Significance ) : King, Prime Minister, male planet, Atma (the soul), Fame,
High status, Eminent person, intelligent person, gold, copper, jewels, Head, Chest, Fruit

bearing trees. Short trees bearing fruits, High official post. In a native’s chart it indicates
about the father & son.
7) Metals : Gold and Copper.

The MOON :–
According to the Harivansha Purana the Moon is the son of Lord Bhrahma’s manas
putra Sage Aitri. Aitri prayed for long time to be so. The Moon was married to the daughters
of Daksha Prajapati. They are 27 in number and he married all the 27. The names of the them

are same as the 27 stars involved in the zodiac. The Moon is use to stay 1 day in rotation to
each of his wives. This may be a Pauranic story but it’s true that the Moon is used to stay in
a Nakshatra approximately for 1 day. Moon is the fastest amongest all the planets. The tithis,
festivals, starting of lunar months totally depend upon his position.
He had committed two sins no. 1 inspite of having 27 wives he had shown more love
and passion to Rohini, his wife and no. 2 cunningly he had abducted the Guru patni, Tara.
Listening to these bad deeds his father-in-law cursed him and that’s why he is use to suffer
from gradual decay.
Tara, the wife of Devaguru Brihaspati was abducted by the Moon on the Chaturthi
Tithi (4th day) of Bhadra month in Shukla paksha. This is the ‘Chauth ka chand’ which is
very bad and strictly avoided. The legend says that on this day the Moon must not be looked
at. Because some improper thoughts may arise in our mind. Moon is ‘Manhokaraka’, the

controller of our mind. Moon has some good qualities as well as some bad. Lord Shiva divided
him into two parts. The mind that was producing bad and evil thoughts was one portion and
the good, pure portion was the other, Lord Shiva took the pure half and placed it on his head.
Lord Shiva left the impure one and once again Lord Brahma strengthened him. Astrologically

Moon is a very important planet. It rules over our mind. Mind is main for a human being. It is
the mind which impel us to do good or bad deeds. Mind is faster than the light. If a pious
person can induce some strong suggestion to a wicked fellow even he may turn to other way.
Here, it will be good enough if we take the example of Maharsi Balmiki. Before meeting

Sage Narada he was doing bad deeds and after listening Sage Narada’s suggession his life
turned dramatically.
From the above mentioned examples it is clear that the Moon has a vital role to play in
one’s life.
In Astrology the Moon is treated as a feminine planet. She is beautiful and is cold in
nature. The Moon is round in shape. Her colour is white and has a huge bulkey body. Her
eyes are beautiful and attractive.
1) Temperment : The Moon is very mild and meek, very soft in speech.
2) Direction : North West.

3) Age : 70 years.
4) Rays: The Moon ahs 21 rays.
5) Grain : Rice.
6) Strength : The Moon is strong during the night (Ratri bali) and in Sukla paksha.

7) Karakatwa (Significance ) : Moon is the Karaka for mind, mother, affluence, romance,
clothes, milk, water, lake, water tank etc. etc. The Moon is watery in nature and having
feminine qualities, womanliness. It also indicates white colour clothes, ornaments worn on
head, mother-in-law, maternal uncle’s wife. The moon is also having the tendency of

cunningness and fraudness.

8) Metals : All types of white metals, silver.
9) Stone : Pearl, Moon stone.

The MARS :–
Mars is the son of the Earth. According to our old Granthas he is “Dharani Garbha
Sambhutam”. There is a good Mythological saying about the Mars, which runs as – Lord
Shiva was very much shocked and depressed at the untimely death of his loving wife Parvati.
He went into a Samadhi on mount Kailash.That Samadhi lasted for many years. Eventually
when this long contemplation quietened his agitated mind he broke the Samadhi. A drop of
his divine sweat fell on the Earth and turned into a beautiful male child. The Earth, prithvi,
the universal mother accepted the gift gladly.
Lord Shiva blessed the child and said all earthly gifts would be granted by this child.
This child will be an active “Doer” of things. He will be always young and will be always
action oriented. Mars is a male planet and he is the warrior. Mars is the commander-in-chief
in the planetary cabinet. Astrologically Mars is a male planet and Venus is a female planet.

Mars has a natural attraction towards Venus. IN the female chart Mars indicates the husband.
1) Temperment : Mars is Warm and hot. He is ferocious.
2) Gage : His gaze is fierce and is directed upwards.
3) Direction : Southern Direciton.

4) Age : His age is four years.
5) Rays: Mars has five rays.
6) Grain : Dal and red grains.
7) Strength : He is strong during the night (Ratri-Bali) and during dark lunar half (Krishna Paksha).

8) Karakatwa (Significance ) : He is the causitive planet of manliness. Mars rules over courage,
brothers, lands, enemies, patience, egoism, heroic deeds, fire etc. etc.
Mars also happens to be the causitive planet of husband in female heoroscopes and in
male it is called “Pourshatwa” the manliness or the power of a man.
9) Metals : Copper, Gold.
10) Stone : Red Coral.
Mercury is the planet of intellect. He is very sweet but very intelligent. He is the celestial

prince. Mercury is the “Mimansak”, the person who can grasp very difficult points with ease
and then be able to explain it in an understandable manner. He is the illegal son of Moon and
Tara, the wife of Devaguru Brihaspati. Cunningly Moon met with Tara and after heavy requent
of all the gods Moon returned back Devaguru’s wife to him. Tara, the wife of Brihaspati then
gave birth to a child named Mercury. But Mercury was nurtured by Brihaspati. He is green in

colour like the blade of a Durva grass. He is a lean and very talkative. He is fond of fun and
humour. He wears green dress. Another story suggestes that the Mecury is the embodying
concept of the Lord Vishnu. Lord Vishnu is Mohini Swaroopam. During ‘Samudra Manthana’

Lord Vishnu once changed himself as Mohini Roopam. Astrologically this has same validity.
In our observation it is noticed that when Mecury is with some male planet it acts as a male
and when it is alone or with some female planet it acts like a female.
1) Temperment : He is highly intelligent. He is a versatile genius. He is a mixture of the three

humours Kafa, Vaata and Pitta.

2) Direction : North.
3) Rays: He has six rays.
4) Grain : Green gram.
5) Karakatwa (Causitivity) : Mecury is the Karaka for learning, intelligence, education and
analystical ability, power of judgement, mathematics, commerce, trade, wit, humour, art,
writing skill etc. etc.
Mercury also indicates friend. In a female chart it is a male friend and in a male chart
a female friend. Mercury is the governing planet of greens, fruits with seeds inside, maternal
uncle, mud walls, information, attraction etc. etc.
6) Metals : Bronze.
7) Stone : Emerald (Panna).

Jupiter is the Guru, the guide of the Devatas (Gods). There is a good story behind him.
His mother, Maharshi Angira’s wife wanted a good son who can show the right path to the

Devas. So she was instructed to perform some vrata with utter devotion. She completed all
those pujas and vratas. The gods were very much pleased to see her devotion and gifted a
good child. This is Brihaspati. Due to his mother’s god deeds Brihaspati got all good qualities
of life. He is a benefic in nature. He is the Lord of wisdom and knowledge. He wrote the

“Brihaspati Samhita’, deals with the various process of various Daanas and Dharmas. He is
the fater of the Sage Bharadwaj. There is an interesting legend about the Jupiter and Venus.
Jupiter is the Devaguru whereas Venus is the master of the Asura’s (Demons). Venus is the
only one who is having ‘Mrita Sanjivani’ vidya. Whenever Gods were killing the Demons
Venus was giving them the life. So both are the enemy of each other. Both of them are the
Gurus Jupiter and Venus both are the benefic planet.
1) Temperment : He is highly intelligent. He is very noble and generous. His speech is clear
and pure. He has the good knowledge of ethics.
2) Direction : North - East.

3) Rays : Jupiter has senven rays.

4) Grain : Bengal gram is assigned to Jupiter.
5) Karakatwa (Causitivity) : Jupiter is the causitive planet of life, respect, high status, master,
guide, head of religious institution. The Jupiter rules over Vedas, devotion, legal affairs,

charity, religiousness, reputation, gold, trees bearing sweet fruits etc. etc.
6) Metals : Gold.
7) Stone : Yellow Sapphire.

Venus is known as Shukracharya. He is the son of the great sage, Bhrigu. He is the
adopted child of Mata Parvati and Lord Shiva. Shukracharya is preceptor of the Demons and
he is only having ‘Mrita Sanjivani’ Vidya. Lord Shiva was so pleased to see his devotion and

salutation he gifted him with this vidya. Lord Shiva blessed him with the following qualities:–
a) He will be foremost among the planet.
b) His lustre and shine will surpass even the lustre and shine of the Sun and Fire.
c) Any one who prays to Venus will become virile and beget lots of children.
d) All the good events should be performed when Venus is powerful.
e) Venus was told that in course of time he would bodily enter into the body of Lord Shiva
and will be released as ‘Shukra’ that is semen. He will be looked after as a son.
Mata Gouri also blessed him. He is sometimes Laxmi Swaroopam. Goddess of Lotus,
born from the Ksheera Samudra. This legend also has some validity. In Astrology Shukra is a
female planet, Stree Karaka. Venus use to see the finance, financial position of a native.
1) Temperment : He is very passionate by nature and is given to enjoyments. He is a mixture
of the two humours wind and phlegm. Venus is a watery planet in Astrology.

2) Age : Venus is of 16 years of age.
3) Direction : Venus governs the South-East direction.
4) Rays : Venus has eight rays.
5) Grain : Cowgram.

6) Strength : He is strong during night and in the bright fortnight (Shukla paksya).
7) Karakatwa (Causitivity) : Venus is the causitive planet of wealth, house, luxury, decoration,
Treasury, bank, wife, elder daughter, daughter-in-law. Venus rules over vehicles, fine clothes,
fine arts, marriage, vitality and virility, sexual enjoyment, love, passion, houses with much

artistic beauty, good qualities of character, jasmine flower etc. etc.
7) Metals : Platinum.
8) Stone : Diamond.
Saturn is the son of the Sun. His mother is ‘Chhaya’. Saturn is called ‘Chhaya-Suta’.
Yama (the regent of death) and Yamuna are his brother and sisiter. According to Mythology
Saturn is the embodiment concept of the Lord Parameshuwara (Shiva). This is a planet, which
in vedic Astrology, is seen to be the initiator of all actions affecting human life. He is the

governing planet of Karma. Saturn is desireless. He is an Ambassador. Saturn is the executive

body of delivering the Karmaphala according to their deeds in the last birth. Thus a poorly
placed Shani in the chart indicates about the bad deeds done by the native in their past birth.
But remember the real value of Astrology is in gaining strength to overcome all the pains of

life. It is not that seeking advice to avoid pains. Karmas can not be avoided and their results
are inevitable. It is a much wronged planet. It is wronged even today by hordes of astrologers
who spread partly literate fear about it. It is harmless. The Saturn has no intention to harm
anyone unless they have done otherwise in their previous birth. He is used to deliver his duty

as per the will of the God.

1) Temperment : He is very cold, slow and pitiless.
2) Age : Old age.
3) Direction : Saturn governs the West.

4) Rays : Saturn has five rays.

5) Grain : Til.
6) Strength : Saturn is strong during night and in dark half (Krishna pakshya).
7) Karakatwa (Causitivity) : Saturn is the main causitive planet of our Karmaphala. He is the
ruler of profession, last period of life, old house, forest, wild tree etc. etc.
8) Metal : Lead.
9) Stone : Blue Sapphire (Neelakanta Mani).
Rahu & Ketu (Brief Discussion)
In vedic Astrology, the Sun and the Moon represent the pillars of our life. While the
Sun signifies the soul, the Moon stands for the mind & the emotions. It follows naturally that
the point of intersection of the orbits of these two planets will be immensly effective &

strong. Moon when intersecting the apparent path of Sun in North the Rahu forms and when
in South the ketu forms. Rahu is known as Dragon’s head & Ketu is Dragon’s tail. Being
points only they have no physical esistence. they have only a conceptual existance. they have
no mass or magnetic field. But they have greater influence on the Earth. The importance of

this two can be said in the following way. The Earth moves round the Sun & the Moon moves
round the Earth. All the three namely, Sun, Moon and Earth are having their own physical
form, magnetic field etc. etc. At the time of intersection Moon, Sun and Earth are in one line
(the condition for eclipse). So, it is natural that there should be some unusual disturbance in

normal functioning of these three. Even in our daily life we can notice that the person born in
such time is different from the other in someway or the other.
As the Moon’s around the Earth is used to shift slowly, Rahu and ketu also are used to
move with a motion of approximately 19°30’ per year. Thus they take 18½ years (app.) to go
through the Zodiac. But in reverse, motion Rahu and Ketu are always retrograde. There is a
good legend about these two obviously there is very good logic in it. The legend runs as
follows. It was desired to bring out the gems lying hidden in the womb of the ocean. Many
gems came out of the sea one by one; But Amrita, the nectar that makes one immortal was
last to appear. The Gods did not want to share it with the Asuras. Because if they become

immortal there will be big problem for all. Somehow the demons noticed the intentions of the
Gods and they appeared to Lord Vishnu for the jsutice. Lord Vishnu then appeared before
both the parties in the form of a charming lady. That lady assured jsutice to both the parties
and asked them to stand in two rows. Swarabhanu, one of the demons, apprehensive of the
justice given by that charming lady (Lord maha Vishnu) played a trick and entered into the

row of the Gods. He got the Nectar. But as soon as he got the Nectar (Amrita) the Sun and
Moon noticed and complained to Lord Vishnu. But already Swarabhanu swallowed some
portion. After noticing the incident Lord Vishnu cuts his head by his ‘Sudarshana Chakra’.

But as the Swarnabhanu took some portion of nectar he became immortal. But the two parts
of his body – his head portion (Rahu) was spread in the North direction and the body portion
(Ketu) on the South direction. So, they are the two parts of the demon Swarabhanu.
Astrologically we have already discussed that they are the cutting points of Earth’s

orbit by Moon’s orbit only. Now we will discuss about their natures karakatwa etc. etc.
According to some sages Rahu ‘Shanibat’ and Ketu ‘Kujabat’ research is needed in this field.

Form : Rahu is black in colour. He is a hectic. He speakes falsehood and ill of others. A low
caste, chandala. Sometimes engages in mamoth transaction. Lover of physical pleasure.
Direction : South-West.
Grain : Black gram.
Puja : Worship of Durgamata.
Karakatwa (Causitivity) : Rahu is the karaka for paternal grandfather, friendship with low
caste people, low paid work, witch craft, secret things, theft, Mohammedans etc. etc.
Metal : Iron.

Stone : Agate (Gomedak).


Form : Ketu has reddish eyes and a fierce look. His speech is venomous. His colour is somoky.
His limbs are covered with wounds.
Karakatwa (Causitivity) : Ketu is Jnanakaraka (Religious). It indicates maternal grandfather,
back biting, imprisonment, scandal-mongering etc. Ketu indicates christian.s

Temperament : Cruel in nature. Good for religiousness.
Grain : Horse gram
Metal : Steel
Stone Vaidoorya Mani (Lehasunia)
Ketu is compared with our ‘Kundalini’ Shakti. So, the support of Ketu is needed in
spiritual upliftment. But it is against the Karmas of the material world. It is a bitter enemy of
the karmakarka Saturn.

Chapter -III
Planetary exchange, cancellation of debilitation etc.

This is a very interesting aspect of Astrology. A planet when in other planet’s house
and at the same time if the 2nd one is in the 1st planet’s house it is called planetary exchange
or ‘Kshetra-vinimiaya’ Yoga. In the example chart Sun is in Aries and at the same time Mars

in Leo. So, the two planets are said to have Kshetra-vinimaya yoga (Look at the chart).

These two planets are in Mutual exchange yoga. ARIES

Because Aries is the house of Mars and Leo is the Sun’s.

So the Sun will come to Leo and Mars will go to Aries. ACQUA- CANCER
In this type of exchange the Sun will loose some of its RIUS EX.-1

strength. Because Aries is the sign of his exaltation. CAPRI- LEO

Mars will gain the strength as Aries is his Moolatrikona CORN MARS

Another type of Mutual Exchange

In the example chart the Moon is placed in Scor- PISCES ARIES TAURUS GEMINI
pio, which is the sign of his debilitation. At the same
time MArs is in Cancer which is also the sign of his ACQUA- CANCER

debilitation. Cancer is the house of Moon and Scorpio RIUS EX.-2 MARS

is Mars’s. When they will come to their own house both

the planets will gain strength. Both the planets’ debili- CORN
tation will be cancelled. This is called cancellation of

debilitation. SAGITTA- SCORPIO

Another type of Exchange ARIES

In the example chart (ex.-3) Saturn is in the aries

where he is debilitated. And the Mars is in Capricorn ACQUA- CANCER
where he is exalted. When both the planets will come EX.-3
to their own house Saturn will lose his debilitation and CAPRI-
Mars will lose his exaltation. MARS

Another type of Cancellation of Debilitation


In the example chart (ex-4) Venus is debilitated

in Virgo, but Virgo is the sign of Mercury’s exaltation. ACQUA- CANCER
Mercury is Venus’s bossom friend. As the both planets EX.-4
are together in Virgo, the debilitated planet Venus will CAPRI-
get power from Mercury and Venus’s debilitation will

be cancelled. Suppose Jupiter and Mars is in the sign SAGITTA-

Cancer then Mars’s debilitation will be cancelled. Just RIUS MERC
the reverse will happen when Mars and Jupiter will be
on Capricorn. If Venus and Mercury Sanyoga happens in the sign Pisces then the Mercury’s

debilitation will also be cancelled.

Important Notes to judge cancellation of debilitation
So many rules are mentioned in the classical texts on this issue. But in practical life I

got the desired results only following three undermentioned rules.

1) If in the same sign or Rasi one planet is debilitated or neecha and the other planet is
Uchcha, then the neecha planet loses his debilitation.
2) If the debilitated or neecha planet is engaged in mutual exchange or ‘Kshetra-Vinimoya
Yoga’ then the debilitated planet will lose his debilitation.
3) If the planet which is debilitated in a sign or Rasi gets support from friendly planet
from 5th, 7th or from 9th sign the planet will lose some of his debilitation.
Chapter -IV
Rasi Karakatwa

Aries : Head portion, Chemicals, ancient history, ancient scriptures, technical sign, stone,
metals, machinery etc.

Taurus : Face portion, square shape, fortune, medicine, painting, singing, dancing, artistic,
a rich house, treasury, house of fortune, bank etc.
Gemini : House of intellect, dual nature, law, business, agent, trading, commercial sign.

Cancer : Moody, bulky body, female sign, frequent changing, foreign land, watery, milk,
hotels and restaurants, very soft in nature etc.
Leo : Kingly sign; Govt. office, leader, fiery, medicine, ruler, little hair on the head,
stomach portion, gas etc.

Virgo : Intellectual sign, law, writer, book maer, trade, business, commercial house. etc.
Libra : Rich house, Banking, Gold & Jewellary, fine dress, costly gems, beautiful house,
luxury, vehicle, house of pleasure and enjoyment.
Sagittarius : A religious sign, guru, guide, banking, forest, dual in nature, very good
foresightedness, thigh portion etc.
Capricorn : A Holy place, some what stubborn, watery, politician, village head, slim body,

very cautions, secreative etc. etc.

Aquarius : Village side, kingly, politician, religious, Work lover, renunciation, liquors etc.
Pisces : Dual nature, romantic, knowledgeable, pious, religious teacher, salvation, social
work, nobble, gentle etc.

These are the Rasi significations and now the question is what to see and how to see.
Suppose someone’s Lagna/Jupiter (for male native) falls under the sign Taurus then it
indicates that the person will be a music lover and will want to live his life in a fashionable

way. He will be a rich person (subjected to other conditions) and will live in a beautiful
For the female native same thing will happen if the Lagna/the Venus is placed in the
same sign. For our purpose we will give priority to Jupiter in judging male charts and for the

females we will give the same priority to Venus.

Chapter -V
How to prepare a chart, 12 Bhavas, About 12 Bhavas etc.
In the present age erecting a birth chart is not a difficult task. You just click in the
keyboard and the computer will show you everything. But is it enough for a good Astrologer?

For being a good Astrologer one should be well versed in all these things. Here I am giving
just an example which will enable one to erect the chart easily without the help of computer.
Though wise persons are well versed in this sector but for the newcomer this will be good

About Ascendant (Lagna) :
The total Zodial is divided into 12 equal parts of 30 degrees each. It has already been
discussed in the earlier chapters. The 12 parts of the zodiac are the Rasis or the signs. We all
know that our Earth is all the time moving and it is moving in its own orbit from West to East.

It appears to us as if the zodiac is rotating from east to west. Thus the apparent rotation of the
zodiac would imply that at any point of time, one particular sign would be rising in the East
and the seventh from this would be setting in the West.
The point rising in the east determines the Ascendant or the Lagna. The point that rises
in the East is more important than any other point rising in any other direction. The Rasi in
which that point falls is the lagna for that particular place on the Earth for that particular
moment. The Rasi where that point falls is the Lagna or the first house and the Rasis following
are counte as 2nd house, 3rd house, 4th house, 5th house and so on upto the 12th house. In

other words, we can say that the rasis remain same but according to the Lagna/1st house the
houses vary from native to native. Just for an example, suppose, at a given moment of time at
particular place the point rising in the east is 255 degrees. This point falls on the sign
Sagittarius and the same will be the Lagna or the 1st house. Capricorn that follows Sagittarius
will be the 2nd house, Kumbha the 3rd house, Pisces the 4th Aries the 5th and so on. By this

process Scorpio will be the 12th house.

Significations of the 12 Bhavas :
1) The first house signifies head portion, general health, success or failure, fame, struggle

for existence etc.

2) The 2nd house signifies constitutiojn of the face, right eye, wealth, vocal ability, wisdom etc.
3) The 3rd house signifies constitution of the face, right ear, wealth, vocal ability, wisdom

4) The 4th house signifies own house/birth place, moher, conveyances, heart, comfort,
mental strength etc.
5) the fifth house signifies the progeny, education, talent, advisor, soul etc.
6) The sixth house signifies enemy, thief, disease etc.
7) The 7th house signifies about the spouse, wedded life, partnership business etc.
8) The 8th house signifies the span of life, place of death, research, lost wealth, sudden
income, private parts of the body etc.
9) The 9th house is the house of luck, fortune, good qualities of life, worship, religion,
sacrifices, father charity etc.
10) The 10th house is the karmasthana, ability, means of earning, honour and prestige, fame etc.
11) The 11th house signifies monetary gain, profit, income from various sources, left leg,
left ear etc.

12) Expenditure, bed comfort (conjugal life), settlement in foreign land, imprisonment,
foreign travel etc. are to be judged from the 12th house.
Calculation of Ascendant and preparing the chart :

For example, we have to prepare a birth chart (Kundali) of a native whose date of birth is 1st
Oct., 2010, Time of birth 3.30 p.m. and place of birth is New Delhi (Lat 28°3’N, Long 77°13’E).
The first step should be to calculate the Lagna or the Ascendant. For this purpose we should
use N.C. Lahiri’s Ayanamsa and N.C. Lahiri’s Ephemeris. This will give us the correct data.

Firstly, we have to convert the I.S.T. into L.M.T. Longitude for Delhi is 77°13’E which
is lesser than 82°30’ (Standard time Zone for India).
The difference is = 82°30’
– 77°13’
For 1° difference time gap is 4 minute
For 5° difference time gap is 4×5 minute

For 1’ difference time gap is 4 seconds

For 17’ difference time gap 4×17 seconds
= 68 seconds
Or 1 min 8 seconds

So the total difference is equal to 20 min + 1 min 8 seconds is equal to 21 min 8 seconds.
So, we have to deduct it from I.S.T.
Time interval = I.S.T. 3 hr 29 min 60 sec

3 hr 08 min 52 sec – 21 min 08 sec

(+) 31 sec L.M.T.= 3 hr 08 min 52 sec
3 hr 09 min 23 sec

Now it is required to find the sideral time for that particular moment.
Sideral time for Oct 1st is 12 hr 38 min 08 sec
Correction for the year 2010 (+) 1 min 26 sec
12 hr 39 min 34 sec
Correction for Delhi (Place) (+) 03 sec
= 12 hr 39 min 37 sec
The local mean time (L.M.T.) which we already got is 3 hour 08 min 52 sec P.M. which mean
it is after the mid noon (12 O’clock). So, we have to add it with the sidereal time of Delhi.
Sid time for Delhi noon 12 hour 39 min 37 seconds

Corrected time interval (+) 03 hour 09 min 23 seconds
15 hour 49 min 00 seconds
For finding the ascendant for 15 hr 49 min 00 second we have to refer to the table of latitudes
(Page 48, Table of Ascendants N.C. Lahiri).

Now for 15 hour 48 min it is 9 s22°23’ – But we need the Ascendant for 15 hour 49 min.
Here it is mentioned that for 15 hour 52 minutes it is 9 s23°36’. So, for the difference of 4
minutes it is (9 s23°36’ – 9 s22°23’) = 1 °13’ = 73’.

for 1 minute interval it should be 73 / 4 = 18.25 or roughly 18’.
For 15 hour 49 min 0 seconds the Ascendant 9 s22°23’
(+) 18’
9 22°41’
Ayanamsa deduction for 2010 is 61’ or 1°01’ (–) 1°01’
9 s21°40’
Final Ascendant is 9s22°41’ or 291°40’ which falls on the sign capricorn. After getting the ascendant we
have to proced further for ereating the chart of that particular moment. A good panchang or Ephemeris
will be helpful. In the Ephemeris or in Panchang you will get the Longitudes of all the planets of that

day but that will be for 5:30 A.M. I.S.T. and you have to add or substract the same from the next day.
The Longitudes of planets of 1st October 2010 at 3:30 P.M. are hereunder.
Sun - 164°07’, Moon - 77°21’, Mars - 197°08’, Mercury - 152°04’, Jupiter (Retrograde)-333°04’,
Venus - 198°20’, Saturn - 163°46’, Rahu - 253°08’, Ketu - 73°08’. For our purpose degrees and minutes

of the planets are enough. Cuspal point of every house is also not necessary. Nakshatra of every planet
is necessary. Already table of Nakshatra is mentioned in the earlier chapter.
Preparation of Birth Chart :

11 RAH
12 10


5 6
In the above mentioned chart the Moon is placed in the sign Gemini or Mithuna. So, the natives
Moon sign or the Rais will be Mithuna. The birth star will be Ardra and the native will be of Manab
Gana. The expansion of star Aridra is from 66°40’ to 80° (explained earlier). The Balance Dasa will be
of Rahu’s – 3 years 06 month and 28 days (as per Moon’s degree).

Now, suppose we want to know about native’s mother. We have to se the 4th house and the
Moon (Matrikaraka). 4th lord is in the 10th with 5th and 10th lord Venus and aspecting the 4th house.
But Moon is with Ketu. So, there will be some family disturbances and mother’s health will not be so
good. She may suffer from cold and cough related problems, throat pain etc. etc.

Again, if we want to know about the father then we have to se the 9th house and Sun (Pitrikaraka).
Here Sun is in the 9th with Saturn and Merucry receiving aspect of Jupiter. It indicates that the native’s
father will be a dignified person, will have some political influence, got very bad period in the earlier
part of life etc. etc. In this way we can judge every affair of life.

(For Dasa calculation and at a glance calculation of ascendant seperate table has been given in the last

Chapter -VI
50 Basic Rules of Chart analysis
1) For 1st house affairs i.e. general health, struggle for existence, way of living, fame etc.
we shluld see lagna/the 1st house as well as the Jevakaraka Jupiter for male nativers &

Venus for the female natives.

2) Venus is the lord of the 2nd house of natural zodiac. For wealth, financial gain, income
we should look at the 2nd house as well as to the Venus’s position and relationship with
other planets.

3) For 3rd hosue affairs i.e. bravery, courage, younger brother etc. we should see the 3rd
house as well as the planet Mars (Natural Bhatrikaraka)
4) For judging mother/mother aspect we should read the 4th house as well as the planet
Moon for judging land we have to see the planet Mercury For Vehicle it is the planet

Venus that rules.

5) For progeny factor the 5th house and the natural zodiac’s 5th house owner Sun. for
judging the educational aspect the 5th house and the planet of intellect Mercury.

6) For disease, success over enemies 6th house and the ‘Jeevakaraka’ planet Jupiter/Venus.
a good logic is there behind the above statement. Jupiter is the ‘Jeevakaraka’ and disease
will attack us means to the life. Jupiter is responsible for life force. So the disease will
attack to the Jupiter.
7) For judging wife in a male chart we should see the 7th house and the planet Venus (stree-karaka).
And in case of female chart husband’s nature, profession and everything will be seen from the 7th
house and the planet Mars. Mars is the husband in a female chart. For praising Mars females wear
red coloured ‘Sarees’ at the time of marriage Red kumkum red bracelets etc. is used by the women
for the betterment of their husband (for praising Mars only).
8) For Ayau again it is the planet Jupiter, the ‘Jeevakaraka’ and the 8th house. For calculation
of Ayau better result can be achieved if we include here the planet Saturn, the

‘Ayaushkaraka’ and Ketu, the planet of liberation.
9) For luck, prosperity etc. it should be judged from the house no 9th and from Jupiter -
Saturn - Venus’s position.
10) Saturn is the owner of the 10th house of the natural zodiac. So better result can be

achieved if we look for the Karma with referance to Saturn and 10th house.
11) for sudden income or income from various sources 11th house, Saturn, Venus and Rahu
should be looked at.
For elder brother 11th house and Saturn. For elder sister 11th house and Venus. For

younger brother 3rd house and Mars. For younger sister 3rd house and Mercury. For
elder daughter 5th house and Venus. For daugher-in-law 11th house and Venus.
12) For foreign travel and settlement 12th house and the planet Moon and Jupiter. Moon is
the planet of travel, cancer is his Rasi which is chara, not fixed. Moon is the fastest
among all the planet. Jupiter is the ‘Jeevakaraka’, the life means oneself. So Jupiter and
Moon combination / relation must be there. For extravagance 12th house and Moon, Venus.
13) A retrograde planet is a powerful one. It used to give some of the results of the previous
house also but after some perplexity.
14) A planet when in debilitation but retrograded at the same time lose some of his

15) If a debilitated planet gets the help of any friendly planet either from association or
from 7th, 5th or 9th position then it gains the power.
16) An exalted planet if placed with an enemy planet then it is used to loose some of his

exaltation power.
17) If a strong enemy planet is situated in the 5th or 9th or 7th from any exalted planet then
also the exalted planet will lose some of his power.
18) If any benefic or friendly planet is situated in 2nd or 12th from the said planet this will

boost the energy of the 1st said planet.

19) If any enemy planet is situated eiter in 2nd or 12th from the said planet, they will create
problems for the first said planet. For example, if Rahu is placed in the 2nd house from

the Jupiter the native will suffer much in 1½ year, 13, 25 and 37 year etc. etc. Another
example, suppose, Ketu is placed in 2nd house to Venus then it will create problems for
the money to come.
20) if a benefic planet is hemmed between two malefic planets then the benefic planet will
be locked by two enemy planets and it will yield only minimum result.
21) An exalted planet if in retrograde motion then lose some of his exaltation power, but it
will not act as a debilitated planet.
22) Paramount importance should be given to the Karakatwa of the planets.
23) For proper judgement of any chart exact longitude of planets is required. Suppose, in a
single sign or Rasi 4 planets are situated (Sun, Venus, Mercury and Moon) it may be that
Sun has just enterd in 1°35’ and Venus is 26°55’. In this condition Venus will not be

combust and will give its full effect.
24) When any planet situated in the same pada of the same star with Sun then it will be
considered that planet conjoined with the Suns is combast.
25) If the combustible planet is having mutual exchanges with some other planet then

combustion of that planet will be cancelled.
26) In a sign/Rasi if any planet is having longitude of lesser than 2° or greater than 28° the
planet will be treated as a weak planet.
27) Irrespective of exaltation, debilitation, moolatrikana or placement in a freiendly house

if the said planet does not have any planet located in the 2nd, 5th, 7th, 9th, 12th or
atleast on 3rd or 11th then that planet will be less effective.
28) Transit is an essential ingredient of future prediction. We should prepare the transit
chart also at the time of prediction.
29) A good Dasa may be operating but favourable transits of planets is necessary for the
good result to come.
30) Transit results should be read from the Ascendant as well as from the relevant planets.
For an example saturn is transiting over Jupiter in Meena which is 11th from the Taurus

Lagna. The native of the chart will definitly receive good results. It may be the 8th
house2nd house from the Moon sign.
31) A malefic planet transiting over the 9th house/9th lord is a bad phase for the native.
32) Jupiter never harms any one. Jupiter’s transit is always favourable.

33) Saturn’s transit over natal mars, Ketu and Moon is always bad (if gets the support of
some benefic planet like Jupiter or Venus the result may vary).
34) Rahu’s transit over Jupiter and Mars is not treated as good as it may bring some
unexpected happenings like accidents, diseases, injuries etc.

35) Jupiter’s transit over natal Rahu will always bring changes in life. In early part in
education, 2nd phase in family life, in 3rd phase in work place etc. etc.
36) It has been seen that when Saturn transits over a sign where 3 or more than 3 planets is

located very important event in one’s life is used ot come (may be good or bad, depending
upon the karakatwa of the planets).
37) Whenever Jupiter and Saturn sees a Dasa lord or Bhukti lord then the result will be
beneficial for the native.
38) Whenever Saturn or Jupiter transits over their natal position good events will occur in
native’s life/in the natives family.
39) Whenever Ketu transits over natal Moon there will be no mental peace for the native.
40) Rahu when touches natal Moon or in 5th or 9th in transit there will be the danger for
native’s mother.
41) Rahu -Ketu’s transit is always important Rahu is good for material gain whereas Ketu is
for spiritual upliftment.

42) When Ketu transits over natal Mercury or 5th/9th to natal Mercury there will be litigation
in land matters. If the native is a student there will be degradation in studies.
43) If there is the combination of Mercury + Moon or Mercury + Ketu in a natal chart when
Jupiter transits in his 2nd round over this combination the native will fall in love.

44) If Mars is related in any ways with Mercury, there will be breaks in the affairs of heart.
45) When this combination lies in a female’s horoscope it indicated an unhappy married
46) Venus + Mercury + Rahu’s combination is always treated as a bad combination in a

female’s horoscope. If Moon also joins in this party it indicates that there will be contact
with more than one male partner.
47) When the 7th lord or Venus joins Ketu the married life becomes untasty. Sometimes it
brings divorce and allied problems.
48) Jupiter when transits over natal Ketu in his 4th or 5th round indicates pilgrimages.
49) Venus, Moon & Rahu’s combination in a male chart is at all undesireable as it indicatges
a sick wife or early demise of beloved wife.
50) When Rahu transit over natal Venus or 5th/9th to natal Venus it denotes that the native

will purchase a car or a flat or the native will do some renovation of the above said will
do some renovation of the above said ones.

Chapter -VII
Short notes on 12 Ascendant :

1) Mesha Lagna :

The Ariens will have a broad mouth and forehead. They are very talkative. They will
have less number of co-borns. If they have also, they won’t have happy relationship with
brothers and sisters. They often suffer from biles, excessive heat in the body, nervous disorder,
headache, pain of the limbs etc. etc. They do their work in a haste and repent at leisure . They
are used to give advice to others but they don’t listen to others. They are used to dominate

others. They are the doers not the dreamers. If Mars and Jupiter is well placed in the chart
they can be a successful army officers, police officer etc. They help others but don’t get the
returns proportionately. In family life they get the minimum happiness from their partner.
Due to their lack of concentration they are used to lose so many chances.

2) Vrishabha Lagna :
The Tauras natives are very soft in speach. They will have attractive eyes and cheeks,
stature medium with square shaped body. They are very ambitious, proud and loving. They
are the beauty lovers and very romantic in nature. They are self-reliant. They have their own
ideas and principles of life. They love traditon and discipline. Some times they become fish
out of water in new circumstances. They use to earn money without much effort. The most
positive quality of the Taurus natives are their patience. They can possess endless patience to
finish their work. In their profession they use to go slowly but steadily. They use to come up

in life in a step by step manner. Usually they are very calm and cool but once they come in to
anger they use to act like a bull. They love their family very much. They are often misjudged
by their partners. Children will be very much affectionate. They use to rise high in their lives
only after completing their 30 years. They often suffer from liver complaints, cold and cough,
Rheumatic pain, nerve related problems etc. etc.

3) Mithuna (Gemini) Lagna :

The Gemini natives are very intelligent. They are tall, thin and active in motion. They
are quick in thought, cleaver in handling others, cleaver with words. They use to have

weavering type of mind. They can shift their ideas from one way to other very easily. Their
main drawback is their lack of patience. Due to this sometimes they miss the oppertunities.
They use to undertake so many projects at a time but unfortunately leave them in the halfway.
They use to have their own inherent literary ability and writing skill. In matters of love or

romance they are the flatterers. They like to adopt the profession where activeness is needed.
They love masses and parties. They can talk or gossip for so many hours without any hesitation.
In family life they get only minimum happiness.
4) Kataka (Cancer) Lagna :
Cancerians are very moody. They are of dwelling nature. Generally cancerians are short
in stature and some what bulky. Their face is some what of round in shape, eyes beautiful.
They like peace and pleasure. They are extremly sensitive and sentimental. They need constant
support of other. In the matter of love and romance they are highly romantic and imaginative
but unfortunately they use to suffer in the matter of Love. They desperately want to be loved.
They are very secretive in nature. They don’t want to expose much about them. They can be
good poet, artist or musician. They always want to be attached with their family. Often they
are very complex, fragile, unpredictable and temperamental. In their earlier ages they use to

do so many mistakes.

Simha (Leo) :

People born in this sign are over ambitious. Leo natives are very active and love to
spend his life like a king. Generally these natives are of medium height with broad shoulder
and big forehead. Leo natives are showy and expensive. They dislike ordinary and dull life.
They use to have some false ego and proud. They are the order giver not the order taker. They

always use to attract the attention of the public. The persons who satisfy their ego get the
favours even at the cost of others who are more competent in every way. In matters of love
and romance they are very passionate. In family life they are unadjustable and suffer much
on this account. In the case of progeny they will be very arrogant and naughty. They use to
have misunderstandings with their co-borns and mother. Bile and heat dominates them and
most of the diseases which attck them are caused for their own reasons.

Kanya (Virgo) :
Those born in this Lagna will be a little short and stout. They are very ambitious but

not just for the money. Generally they are very organised and composed. They are very
practical, not the day-dreamers. They are very cautious about their own interests. Their
intelligence, excellent memory power, clear thinking is really noteworthy. They are shy and
reserved, they can not tolerate heavy noises. Usually they have small groups of company.

They like the music, dancing etc. as their hobbies. They are very loyal, kind and never cheat
others but sometimes a little fickle. They have quick grasping powers often they are misjudged
by their partners. Love is not enough to keep them happy. They have more female issues then
male. They are best suited as an Astrolger, lawyer, judge, bookmakers, agency holder etc.

etc. In their last leg they use to suffer from nervous breakdowns. They are restless.

Tula (Libra) :
Librians are very soft and polite in nature. They are very easy going people. They

generally possess charming figure, broad face, fine eyes and fair complexions. They are very
quick to form friendship and partnership with opposite sex. They should keep them away
from the oppiste sex. This is highly desireable for the female natives. They can easily be
befooled by their partners. The natives of this sign love music, fine arts, fine clothes etc.
very much. They are the extravagant and spend much on dresses and cosmetics. They are the
day-dreamer. Often they use to make castles in the air. He/she is highly romantic and
passionate. They can easily leave their pleasurable life for the sake of their lover. They love
justice, honesty and truth. for male natives they will get a wife of dominating spirit. they are
prone to suffer from gastric, phlegm and the diseases of the private parts. Females of this
Lagna are the best mother among the 12 sings.

Vrischika (Scorpio) :

Scorpions like excitement, they are very fickle-minded but sometimes self-centered.
They will have a wide mouth and small lips, yellow eyes. Their nature is filled with series of
contradictions. He/she may look calm and cool at the surface, but ferocious, extremly strong-
willed and determined inside. As the native has always some hidden agenda he/she is quite

often misunderstood by the public. Sometimes they become stubborn. They are the
conventionalist. They rely much on their self intelligence. They often suffer from their over-
estimation of their capabilities. In family life they suffer from one way or the other. They are
best suited as a sailor, parlour owner, Mechanical Engineer etc. etc. They use to have strong

inclination towards the spiritual path. They use to suffer from piles, liver problems, blood
inpurities etc. etc.

Dhanu (Sagittarius ):
Sagittarians are good at heart and kind to all. They are the good conversationalist.
They are of good looking, big eyes and stout figure. They possess big teeth, fleshy limbs and
a broad mouth. They are very liberal and open hearted. The natives of this Lagna will be very
charitable, progressive, adventurous and will love to travel extensively. They love the new
ideas. The most noteworthy quality of this natives are that they don’t want to interfere in

other’s work and they are not jealous about others. They have a natural inclination towards
philosophy, computer science, dance and drama, film making etc. etc. In a word we can say
that they are the versatile genius. They like to be settled in different places from their own
birth place for their professional purpose. They are very indifferent to their family lives.

They are very quick to select their partner and often repent on it. They will have more male
issue than female.

Makara (Capricorn) :

Capricorns are very secretive and purposeful. They have a broad mouth, long hands &
legs, tall in stature, not much hair on their head. They are very practical and always in thought
of fulfilling their own purpose. They will work for overnight to fulfil their task in hand. They
are very optimistic. They use to spend their time in search of money, power and prestige.

They are very hard to be understood as they use to cover them with a mask. In family life they
can not adjust with their spouses as they are the duty bound and family needs their time. But
they are very loyal and affectionate to them whom they love. They are deeply attached with
their child’s affair. They can earn and a mass wealth. When Saturn is not poweful they suffer
from lack of concentration and confidence. They are prone to suffer from diseases incidental
to rheumatism, bile, tooth decay etc. etc. They are the truth lover and use to speak it in front
of the person to whom it may concern.
Kumbha (Aquarius) :
The people born in this sign are very down-to-Earth in nature. Such natives are very
shy and often ascts like ecentric. They have their own philosophy, a born talent. They can
easily read the mind of the people. They specialise in subjects like Astrology, Astronomy,
Philosophy and become great upholder on such subjects. They love the society but love to be

alone- They like travelling but feel relaxed at home. If Saturn is posited otherwise they become
slow and lazy. They are happy in doing mental work rather then the physical one. They are
susceptible to the attraction of the opposite sex and suffer much on account of this. As a
lover they are very loyal. They will love their husband/wives much but will not have family

happiness. They will have a wife of dominating nature. Children wil be the source of joy for
them. They often suffer from liver problems, bile, chest pain, rheumatic and phlegm
complaints. They use to develop much in their profession after 35 years only.

Meena (Pisces) :
Meena natives are very senstive and sentimental. A Meena native is middle in height,
fair complexioned, thick lips, eyes and nose resembling the fish. They lack self-confidence
and need constant support from others. They have their own latent intutive power by which
they can judge person very easily. They love to walk in their imagination. They can be a good
wirter, poet, artist, musician etc. where imaginic power is needed. They are soft spoken and
sympathetic to all. They can not say ‘no’ to any one who is in need. They are highly optimistic
and self-sacrificing. They are highly romantic and can go to any extent for their loved ones.
Unfortunately, they get sorrows in romance. they love their family men, relatives and co-

borns. Their partners never understand them and that sometimes brings frustrations and they
become alcohol addicted. They love their children very much. In money matters they are
extremely frugal.

Chapter -VIII
Lagna Bhava (1st House) :
‘It is the stars, the stars above us, govern our conditions. Man himself is made from
the materials synthesized in the stars’.

“Yat Brahmande tat pinde”

Indian Philosophy whatever said in more than 5 to 6000 years back the scientists are
repeating the same only.
It means that whatever in the space, in the earth, in the stars, the same thing is in our

body. In other words, we can say that we are only a part of the whole. The thoery of wholeness
confirms that fact.
It has been observed that in every branch of Astrology Jupiter and Venus matters much
whether it is Naadi, Parasari, Horary or Mundane the two have much to say. It is also observed
that in formation of our body also they have some roles to play. In preparing and judging the
chart the planet jupiter for male native and Venus for female native will get the paramount
importance. We will go with the Ascendant and Jupiter / Venus side by side. Before venturing
into predictions the first step is to see the Ayau (Longivity) of the native. There may be some
‘Raja-Yoga’ but at the same time early death is there. So, in this case the said Raja-Yoga will
be of nouse. It is better to look at the Longivity first.
The Yogas for early death :
1) The Lagna Lord is in deep fall, Moon is with Rahu / Ketu, Jupiter has no aspect on

2) Jupiter is in deepfall and Moon with Rahu.
3) Moon is in deep fall with Rahu, Lagna Lord is posited in an enemy’s camp.
4) Moon is with Ketu and Saturn in 7th from them while Jupiter is with Rahu.

5) The Moon, the Sun, Saturn, Mars and Rahu in a single sign or if they are in the
Ascendant, 12th, 9th or in the 8th without the aspect of Jupiter may bring early death.
Mother’s sickness :
If in a nativity there is the conjunction of Sat, Moon and Mars, it indicates that the

mother of the native is sick. This yoga may cause early death of the mother. If this combination
has favourable aspect of Jupiter, she will be sickly but not die at the time of delivery.

Caesarian baby :
The combination of Rahu + Moon + Mars in a nativity indicates that birth by caesarian
section-one can be sure of it if Rahu or Mars Dasa was operating at the time of birth.

How will be the native (Looks), whether short, medium or tall in height, the colour etc. etc.
Here we have to see the Ascendant sign and the planets therein. Mesha, Vrisha, Cancer

and Meena’s native will be generally shorth in stature. But if Jupiter / Saturn is present in the
Lagna the native’s height will be modified and the native will be of medium height. Simha,
Vrischika, Mithun and Dhanu people are generally of medium height. Tula, Makara and
Kumbha people are generally used to be tall.

Now Sun in lagna gives a rudy complexion, medium height, not much hair on head,
medium body etc.
Moon in Lagna will give a slight yellow complexion, bulky body, round eyes and a
jovial face.

Mars will give reddish complexion, a square shaped face, reddish eyes, quick
temperament, medium height, stout body etc. etc.
Mercury will not give a fair complexion and tall height. Eyes will be bright. Ears will
not be in good shape, thin body, childish face, a cute face etc. The native in whose chart

Mercury is posited in lagna he will look like in 20s when he/she will be on 40s.
Venus will give a very charming look, charming face and eyes, thick hair on body and
on head. Venus will give a very fair complexion and medium height. Very much attractive
face to oppsoite sex.
Jupiter will give long height (tall stature), big forehead and big eyes. Nose will be well
shaped, ears big and a fair complexion. In their latter stagge they use to loose their hair.
Saturn in lagna will give a long height, black complexion, long hands and legs, thick
blackish hair. Generally they will be lazy, pain staking and passionate. They will prefer
loneliness rather than huge companions. They will be philosophic in outlook. If Saturn is
strong, it will bestow a long span of life. And if it is weakly disposed, the person will suffer
constantly from one way or the other.
Rahu in Lagna will bestow a medium height, black complexion, big face and eyes.

There will be black mole on the ear. Rahu tends to make one very whimsical and immoral.
Ketu in Lagna tends to make one tall and lean, some what mixed complexioned, no
sanguine colour. Ketu tends to make one a very pessimist.

Important Note :
Whatever may be the Lagna, the Jupiter and Venus are always very impoprtant. Suppose
whenever Jupiter is debilitated in any nativity, we will be sure that the owner of that chart
will have less internal immunity power. If Venus is debilitated in a female horoscope, the

result will be the same and the lady will suffer from gynaecological problems.
In our face portion Jupiter indicates nose. A snap shot prediction can be made seeing
only faces that where the Jupiter is posited and how well he is. A good Jupiter will indicate a
good shaped nose. Whenever he is retrograde the nostril will be wide. Whenever he will be in
Aries he will give a small nose and the nostril will be curved, in Taurus he will give a fleshy
nose, in Gemini he will give a nose which is protrouding outward, in Cancer a very good
shaped nose, a good looking nose. In Leo the Jupiter will give a nose where the nostrills will
be like a bigh question mark and in Kanya the mark is smaller than the previous one, in Tula
it will give a curved nose like parrots lips, in Scorpio he will give the nose of oval shape

where front portion will be little curved, in Capricorn an ugly and short nose, in Kumbha the
nose will be like the Kupot and in Pisces also like the previous sign.
Whenever any deformitly has been found in the nose then we have to see the charts
very carefully. At a glance it may appear that the chart is good but in depth study will reveal

that there may be some bad aspects over the Jupiter.

Now we will proceed further to see whether the child will bring happiness to the parents
or not.
The Moon, being bright (preferably full Moon), if be in her exaltation sign or in her

own Rasi along with Jupiter and Venus in aspect to Mercury, or the powerful Moon in the 5th
is capable of giving extreme auspiciousness to his / her mother. The powerful Sun if so brings
auspiciousness to the father.
If the above mentioned condition is reversed, the native will be the cause of great

sorrows for his or her parents .

Other aspects will be discussed in the later chapters. It is a well known fact that Lagna
is the pivotal point and its Lord can play a huge role in one’s life.
Rules :
For describing the results of a house its Karaka should also be judged. Take the
placement of the Jupiter for male natives and Venus for female natives as the Karaka for
Jeeva as the Lagna and judge as usual.
1) If the Lagna Lord is in the 6th, 8th or 12th, without the aspect Jupiter, without the
conjunction or without any relationship with Jupiter, the native does not get comforts of life
and happiness.
2) Wherever may be the Lagna lord, it may be in the 6th, 3rd, 8th or 12th it will give very
good results if Jupiter’s help or association is there. As an example we can refer to the chart

of Sir A. J.C. Bose.

(3) (1)
Lagna (4) L (2)
Jupiter Jupiter (12)


(5) (11)
Ket Rahu

(8) (1)
MERC Sun Mars
(7) Mercury
Birth details :
Sir Acharya Jagadish Chandra Bose
D/B : 30-11-1858
Here, the reader can easily find the relation between Venus and Jupiter. There is a mutual
exchange between these two. Lagna lord though is in 8th house but is related with Jupiter. He

was a great scientist. He was the first person to say and prove that the plant has also lives. He
has done much on the Electrical response or in the wave theories.
3) If the Lagna lord is powerfully placed in the Rasichart i.e. by being in exaltation sign,
moola trikona sign, own sign and simultaneously Jupiter is also in a good house and aspects

the Lagna lord the native will get all types of comfort and happiness of life by dint of his own
4) If the Lagna lord is associated with Venus the native gets the support of opposite sexes.
5) If the Lagna lord is in any way connected with the Venus and Saturn, the native improves

much after his marriage and gets the help of his wife.
6) The native will get obstructions in his progress if an enymy planet is situated in the
2nd house from the Lagna lord. Though it will disturb much in the first half.
7) If the Lagna lord is hemmed in betwen two malefics the native will suffer much in all

his endeavour.
8) If Rahu is placed in 2nd house to Jupiter, the native will suffer from some danger
within 1½ - 2 years. At the same time a well posited Lagna lord will save him. Let us see an
example where the same things happened.
This native has suffered much in his 1½ years. Due to strong Venus, the Lagna lord he
got his life back.

(3) (1)
Lagna (4)
Venus SUN
Saturn MERC (12)

KET (5) (11)

(8) (1)

(7) JUP(R)

9) Classical texts suggests that if Rahu occupies the ascendant and Moon is in 6th / 9th,

the child will die within 20 days. But slight modification is needed here. If Jupiter is powerfully
placed, he will destroy the evils. He may or may not be related with the above said yoga. He
will play his role. See the following example, it will clear the view.

(10) (8)
SUN (11) (9)
(12) (6)

(3) (5)
RAHU (4)

This native has suffered much in his early days. Mark here the exchange betwen Jupiter
and Venus. When Jupiter is coming to his own house he is getting the association of the Sun,
a friend to Jupiter. Jupiter is very poweful here. Here one can see the placement of Rahu in

the Lagna and Moon in 9th. Jupiter, the Jeeva Karaka saved his life again and again.
10) The exchange between the Lagna lord and 2nd Lord, powerful Jupiter in a trine will
bestow Rajayoga upon the native.
11) The placement of lagna lord in 2nd house indicates that the native will always try to

achieve a mass wealth as much as he can.

12) The ascendant lord in the 3rd indicates that the native loves travel and he will come up
in life by the help of his co-borns (provided that the 3rd lord is not an enemy of the lagna
lord). This rule will not fit to the Aquariun. 3rd house is the house of debilitation of the
Lagna lord Saturn. Generally they use to settle in different places other than their birth place.
13) If the Lagna lord is powerfully placed in the 3rd, 3rd lord strong and Jupiters aspect is
either on 3rd lord or over the lagna lord, the native will be endowed with long span of life
will be the source of happiness for his parents, will engaged himself in good deeds and will
have cordial relationship with brothers and sisters.
14) If the lagna lord is in the 4th house the native will be very much attached to his mother
and maternal side relatives. He will like to build houses and will purchase lands, vehicle etc.
This rule will not fit to the Ariens. As Mars, the Lagna lord becomes powerless in Kataka, the

4th house from the Aries. Here I must say that other conditions like Venus, Mercury and
Jupiter should be poerfully disposed. Otherwise, the native’s liking will not be fulfilled.
15) If the lagna lord is posited in the 4th house, 4th lord is powerful, Venus and Mercury is
inter-related with each other, the native will be a successful achiver of his object like buildings,

vehicle land purchase etc. etc. It is said that in this yoga the native will earn money in land-
dealings. Generally they prefer to choose business as their career.
16) If the lagna lord is in the 5th the native will be a highly spiritualistic person. If the 5th
house and the Lagna lord both are male sign and male planet, the native will be a worshipper

of Lord Vishnu / Shiva. If it is the female sign, the deity will be a female one like Maa Kali/
Maa Mahalaxmi etc. Mars aspecting/Rahu aspecting this yoga will put the native into
worshipping Shakti Pujas or in Tantric line.
17) If the Lagna lord is weak, 5th lord in a bad house, Jupiter not aspecting them, will give
only adverse results. He will suffer from unhappiness there will be no mental peace. If all
those are against the native, it is indicating that the native has incurred some curse in his
previous birth.
18) Generally 6th palced lagna lord gives a sick constitution. This rule will not be
appropriate for the Taurus natives and Libra natives. For Taurus lagna Venus is also the owner

of the 6th house and Libra is the Moola trikona of Venus. For Libra Lagna Venus is the Lagna
lord and 6th house from Libra is Pisces, the house of his exaltation.
19) The lagna lord may be placed in the 6th house but if there is the association or aspect
of Jupiter (should not be debilitated), the native will win over the obstacles, enemies and will

win in battles. He will not be easily affected by the diseases. But once attacked it will be a
prolonged one.
20) If the lagna lord is posited in the 7th house, the native will be too much attached with
the opposite sexes. His wife will rule over him, he will be interested in commerce, trade etc.

He may develop relationship with other females other than his wife. He will be very capricious,
fond of travelling.
21) If lagna lord conjuncts the 7th lord in the 7th and gets the aspect of Jupiter the native
will be highly prospeerous right from his boyhood. He will do several good deeds. He will be

chief among his own men. He will have a good wife and there will be enough conjugal bliss
(Venus should be strong). He will choose business as his career.
22) If the lord of Lagna is in the 8th and weak, Jupiter has no aspect either on lagna lord or
on the Lagna the native will suffer much on account of health and monetary matters.
23) TO fulfill the above said yoga there should be no relation between Venus, Mercury and
Saturn. Ketu should be involved with Saturn or Venus/Mercury. If all these conditions are
there, the subject will suffer from penury, he will be in distress all the time.
24) If the lagna lord is in the 9th house (a trikona) the native will be highly fortunate. His
health will be always sound. He will get the help of others as well as fathers. He will be a
conventionalist, will be chief among his lineage. He will do several charitable deeds. He will
visit to several pilgrimages and will be blessed by the God. The native will distribute free
food to the poors and will earn the blessings.

25) If Lagna lord does not get support from benefic planet, debilitated and associated with
an enemy planet, the native will get sorrows from his own men. His co-borns will oppose him
in many ways. His efforts will be futile.
26) 10th house is the house of profession in traditional Astrology. If the Lagna lord is

posited in the 10th house alongwith the 10th lord or in aspect with the 10th lord (trinal aspect),
the native will receive the result of Raja yoga. Every type of comfort & happiness will come
to him. Here once again I should say that the Saturn, Jupiter and Venus should support the
above said yoga. Other wise, the native will get the mixed result.

27) If the Lagna lord is posited in the 11th, 11th lord powerfully posited, Venus is free
from aflication, the native will be highly prosperous and will earn money in many ways. If
Jupiter has some aspects on 11th, the native will earn abundant wealth, name and fame. The
native may change his place of residence from the original birth place. His child will be also
prosperous. He will help his brothers, sisters and relatives. If the 11th lord and Venus both
are weak the native will loose everything. There will be despondency in love and in family
matters. His wife will suffer from one way or ther other.
28) The native will settle himself in abroad if the lagna lord is posited in the 12th house. If
the lagna lord is associated with the 9th lord or 9th lord is posited in a trine house form 12th

house Jupiter and the Moon is related with each other. Saturn aspecting the Yoga then the
native will earn much money, name, fame and will construct his house in foreign country., If
all are placed otherwise, the native will be a foolish and will loose everything in gambling.
He will have no peace in his conjugal life.

Planet’s posited in the 1st house :

Sun : The presence of Sun in the 1st house is not treated as a good sign to love. Though for
the Aries, Leo and Sagittarius the Sun in the Lagna is a good Sign, for Aries - A kingly type

person. His voice will be like a king. It can bestow the results of ‘Raja-yoga’ if he gets the
support of the Jupiter. He will get every type of comfort and will get favour from the
Politicians. The native will earn name, fame etc.
For Leo – The native will be a good looking persons and will be able to destroy all his

enemies. The native will have scars on his face. He will suffer from the diseases caused by
the biles and will not have very good conjugal life. But the person will be a man of one word.
The same effect will be received mention ed for Aries natives if there is the association or
aspect of Jupiter on the sign.
Sagittarius : This native will also receive very good yoga. He will suffer from internal heat
produced by the body. Jupiters aspect/association will make him great. Whereas Rahu’s
placement/association can make him dull wited.
We cause say that Sun is a fiery planet and it will give very good results in Agni Rasi.
The Aries, Leo and Sagittarius are the fiery signs.
For Taurus : The Sun in the Ascendant for a Taurus native is not treated as a good sign. As it
may conse diseases of the ears, face etc. and the person in whose chart Sun is in the same

position which we told may suffer from some urinary diseases also. the antive will be Satvic
in nature, he will be loved by the females. At the same time if Venus is in the Meena, Jupiter
associated or in aspect with the Sun, the native will be endowsed with the material comfort
of every type. He will do good deeds for others.

For Virgo and Capricorn : The Sun’s placement either in Virgo or in Capricorn, as the first
house is not conducive for smooth running of life. It may curtail the longivity. However,
Jupiter/Mercury’s aspect or association may nullify this yoga and can bestow some good
yoga like good education, good personality and good character. It can be said particularly for

the Capricorns that there will be no mental peace on account of relationship with partner.
For Mithuna, Tula & Kumbha : For Mithuna, Tula and Kumbha native’s Sun in the Lagna
is a very bad sign to have (except relationship with other planet or mutual exchange). For
Mithuna lagna Sun is the 3rd lord and a Krura Graha will not bestow a good physiq and the
native will suffer from many diseases. Though the native will be very brave.
Tula – For Tula lagna it is the 11th lord but due to his debilitation the Sun will be unable to
bestow good results. Sun here will give anugly body and face. The native will suffer from eye
disease, diseases of the heart, hair loss etc.

Kumbha – It is the sign of his worst enemy Saturn or Saturn is just opposite in nature of the
Sun. Sun here will tend to make one very sort tempered. He will be controlled by his wife.
However, the native will be very sick and will have billous temperament.
Howver, in all these three cases Mercury, Venus, Saturn and overall Jupiter can make a
big difference. for example, Sun in Aquarius in Lagna, the Lagna lord Saturn is in Tula, these

two will form 5th and 9th combination. The result will be like that the native will be a highly
prosperous one. He will have Government job. This combination will tell that the father of
the native struggled a bit in his early part and then got a very good position etc. In the later

chapters we will see how to make predictions like this without spending much time.
Cancer – For cancerians the Sun, the 2nd house lord is not treated as a good sign to have in
the 1st house. It will make one sick. Generally the Sun posited in a Jala Rasi tends to make
one liquor addicted. It gives the diseases like eye disease, a rudy complexion, diseases of the

face, fickle mindedness etc. A tendency to prefer fast foods all the time.
Scorpio – This is alo Jala Rasi so naturally a fiery planet will loose some power. Though
other factors are good, it can give a good looking wife, conjugal bliss will be minimum. The
native will earn well in business, he will develop himself after marriage. But it is sure in
almost every case that the native will be of short temper and will suffer from bile.
Pisces – The 6th lord Sun in lagna bhava will make the native very sick. If other factors are
strong the native will win over his enemies, will gain wealth from various sources. Here
again I should say that the person will be little hectic in his actions.


The Moon, a watery planet in the Lagna generally make one fickle. The native will have
somewhat round shaped face, beautiful eyes, a medium size body etc. Now we shall see what
she will do when palced in lagna in different Rasis.
Aries, Leo and Sagittarius :

If the watery planet Moon is situated in the aries Lagna at birth, the native will have a
good looking face and eyes. The native will be little short tempered. There will be a tendency
to stand against the tradition. Generally they have no control over their mouth (speech).

Leo : For Leo natives if the waxing Moon is placed in the first house, it will be an asset for
them or otherwise. The native will have a majestic voice and beautiful look. He will be a duty
bound person. He will earn money in business.
Moon in Sagittarius :
Though Moon is the 8th lord for Sagitarians, she will give her good effects if she is
full. The native will be virtuous, will respect elders, will have good physiq etc. If it is weak,
the native will suffer from stomach diseases, fevers, diseases of legs etc. The native will be
very fickle in nature.

Moon in Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn:

Taurus is the exaltation sign of Moon, so it is sure that the Moon will give very good
results in Taurus. The native will be an easy going person, large hearted, a good eater and
famous. The native will engage himself in good deeds (provided she is in power and in

aspect with of Jupiter).

Virgo :
The Moon here makes the native very affluent, intelligent and little suspicious. The

native will have a middle sized body with proportionately built hands and legs, overall an
attractive out look. The native will be very truthful, pure and fortunate. If the Moon is weak
the native will be sick and will suffer from various diseases.
Capricorn :

Generally the Moon posited in the Lagna bhava and in capricorn makes one timid,
secretive, not outspoken, a lean and tall body. The native will be of somewhat mixed
complexion. The native will have a good looking wife. He will suffer from cold and cough
related problems.
Moon in Gemini, Libra and Aquarius :
If the Ascendant falls on the sign Gemini and Moon is there the nave will be very
clever and intelligent. He will have long nose and cheeks, will be small, a medium sized
body. If Mercury conjunct or aspects, the native will have literary talent and the native will
be a very good speaker etc. etc.
Libra :

Libra Ascendant and Moon there of will bestow a very charming and attractive face.
They are susceptible to be cheated by the opposite sex. They will have wavering type of
mind. They will love music and poems of love and romance. They will be interested in
joining service. If Venus joins Moon or aspects Moon the native will be an extra vagant.

Aquarius :
If Aquarius is Ascending at the time of birth and Moon there of the native will be of
philosophic type, a deep thinker. The native will have prominent eyes and long nose, mixed

complexion. Sometimes they may be lunatic. They are prone to suffer from cold-cough, lack
of energy etc. The native will have a good character.
Moon in Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces :
Moon is a watery planet and she uses to enjoy much in Jala Rasis (except Scorpio).
Cancer is the own house of the Moon. So here the Moon will bestow good qualities to the
native. The Cancer native whose Moon is in the Cancer can be a good artist, poet, a musician,
an orator etc. The native will have a good face and big round shaped eyes.His complexion
will be yellowish white and will be attractive. It will make the native imaginative. If there is

the association or aspect of Jupiter over Moon in cancer the native will setle himself in abroad
and will live his life smoothly (Satrun should not be debilitated). Female natives will get
beautiful hair on the head and will have enough milk in her breast for her baby. She will be
liked by all. She will be of moderate height with bulky figure.

Scorpio :
This is the sign of her debilitation. Here the Moon is use to be weak. Wehn the ascendant
sign is Scorpio and the Moon is placed there, the native will have defective eye sight, a

coarse face and square shaped nose with defective teeth. Scorpio placed Moon makes one
stubborn in nature, lack of thinking power and imagination. However, Mercury / Jupiter’s
association or aspect can change the course of life.

Pisces :
When the sign Pisces is rising and Moon is placed there the native will be very soft
spoken, a very good face with round shaped eyes. The native will be thighly romantic and
will fall in love in very young age. The native will be the master of many arts, will have
strong imaginative power. They generally love truth and their own religion. If Jupiter is on
Meena or aspecting the Moon, the native will be very religious and virtuous. He will improve
much in this field if Ketu is also there.
Mars’s effect when placed in Lagna Bhava in different signs :
Mars in Lagna is a bad sign. In traditional Astrology when Mars is placed in Lagna
Bhava it creates ‘Bhaumya Dosha’. Mars is a fiery planet and termed as the warrior. Even
when it is placed in his own Rasi Aries it makes one harsh in speech, red eyes with reddish
complexion. It makes one very short in temperament. They can come at anger at any time.

For Leo natives when it is placed in Lagna Bhava the native will be impatient, will act
like a bull. There will be no mental peace on account of marital disharmony.
Sagittarius :
The native will be very hot in nature. He will suffer from bile and heat. He will have

no peace of mind etc. Though here we have discussed only about the fiery Rasis but in all
other Rasis also the Mars uses to give the said effect more or less. Especially he is weak in
Cancer (Jala Rasi) and gives negative results like defective blood circulation, false pride,
less hair on the head etc. etc. For a female native menstrual disorder and unhappy married

life, tooth decay etc. etc.
Jupiter can cancel his evil power if he con juncts or aspects Mars. But still there will
be egoism. The native will think that he is right in his every deed .
Mercury in Lagna Bhava :
Mecury is the planet of intellect and he is called hte celestial prince. So, whenever he
will be in lagna bhava he will give a very good and cute face and will bless the native with
Mercury in Aries, Leo and Sagittarius :

If the Ascendant sign is Aries and Mercury is placed there the roughness will be lessned.
The native will take interest in technical studies. There will be good relation betwen husband
and wife. If Jupiter conjuncts or throws some aspects the native will be a scholar and will be
very pious in nature.

Leo :
When the planet Mercury is placed in the sign Leo as the 1st house the native will be
very intelligent. His cheeks and face will be beautiful. Though he may not be loyal to his
wife, but in general the person will be good.

Sagittarius :
Sagittarius is not a favourable sign for Mercury. But still when Mercury is placed in
Lagna Bhava it will bestow the native with fair amount of intelligence. His face will not be

big and eyes will be beautiful. Generally they use to be attached with their partners too much.
If Saturn, Venus or Jupiter is with him or aspects him, the native will be a genius and will
command over all types of happiness of the world.
Merucyr in Taurus, Virgo and Capricon :
Taurus is the sign of Venus, a bosom friend of Mercury, it is quite natural that Mercury
will give very good results when it will be on Taurus. The native of this type (Taurus as 1st
house and Mercury there of) will be very intelligent. The native will have a very cute face
and splendrous body. Though there will be minimum family happiness the native will try to
adjust in everything. If Venus also join/aspects the native will be a Jewel of Jewels. He will
earn a lot and will have conveyances, landed properties etc. The native will speak very sweetly.
In case of female native, the native will be very sweet in appearance and will be loved by
every one.

Virgo :
If at the time of birth Virgo is rising and Mercury is placed there, the native will be a
selfmade person. He will be talkative, intelligent and out spoken. He will be liked by the
opposite sexes. If Jupiter joins or aspects, the native will be a versatile genius. The native

will have several landed properties, houses etc. etc. Though the native will be very famous
some ficklemindednes may occur at any time.
Capricorn :
If Capricorn is rising at the time of birth and Merucyr is placed there the native will be

very fortunate and virtuous. He will be of medium height with full of hair on the head (this
will be certain if Saturn is also there).
Mercury in Gemini, Libra and Aquarius :
Gemini is Mercury’s own house and it is used to give very good results when the
Ascending point and he himself is in the said house. The native will be of medium height and
medium complexion with an attractive face. The native will be highly intelligent and will get
a good wife. If Venus / Jupiter is associated with the Mercury on Gemini or in 5th, 7th or 9th
to Gemini the person can be a good lawyer, an advocate, judge. The native will get the support

of others and will be highly fortunate.

Libra :
If the Ascending sign and Mercury both fall on Libra the native will be highly fortunate.
If Venus also joins him the native will be very prosperoous right from boyhood and will be
chief among his own men. The native will be highly religious and does the charities. He will

be good in appearance. There will be a natural glow in the natives face. They will fall in love
again and again.
Aquarius :
If the rising sign and Mercury both simultaneously fall on the sign Aquarious the native

will be endowed with good qualities. His complexion will be medium and will be of medium
height. If Saturn joins him or aspects him the native will be little lazy and sick but afterwards they
will be able to fulfil their dreams. Outwardly they may appear as dull but inwardly they are very

clever. But they are used to be to a much philosophical and slight timidness will appear.
Mercury in Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces :
These three are the Jala Rasis and Mercury does not like to be placed in Jala Rasis. If
it is placed in Cancer Lagna the native will be very fickle and may suffer from nervous
breakdown. Here the Lagna lord will not be helpful for the native. The Moon and Mercury
will make one very moody and imaginative. Here again Jupiter or Saturn’s help is needed to
rescue him. Otherwise it may lead to insanity etc.
Mecury in Scorpio :
This is the sign of his dislike one. Mercury’s intelligence gets obstruction here by
Mars’s egoism and hence the native will be dull witted, will suffer form various diseases,
will not have a good look. There will be skin erupton or skin diseases. If Ketu joins him then
the native’s education will be obstructed. Jupiter’s aspect or conjunction will give technical

Merucry in Pisces :
This is the sign of his fall. If Ascendant and Mercury both fall on this sign, the native
will have wavering type of mind. He/she may suffer from nervous weaknesses. The native

will befrfiend with lower class people and intelligence will be hampered. If Jupiter
accompanish him the native will rise high by the help of some pious person.
Jupiter in various Lagna :
In Naadi Astrology Jupiter is always good. It never harms any one. Though here I am

following Parasarian and Naadi both systems side by side, still I believe that Jupiter is the
Guru and he cannot harm anyone. Every one is equal to him. I have already discussed about
him when he will be in various Rasis, so here again I don’t want to repeat the same. Some
may say that for Taurus natives it is bad and it harms. But the reader should know that he may
be placed in Taurus Lagna. When he uses to place he uses to bless the native with longivity
and handful of money from in-laws’ side. Jupiter is the life force and hence afterwards, we
will know the results of different planets when placed in different houses from Jupiter.

Venus in Various Rasis :


When Venus uses to stay where one’s Lagna falls, the native will be very cheerful and
handsome in appearance. They generally use to settle in their life after marriages. They are
happy on account of material comfort. But when it is situated in Cancer, Virgo and Scorpio it
uses to loose it’s power of giving all the good qualities. Outwardly they make look good but
inwardly unhappy on account of health and wealth.

Venus is a purely benefic planet and giver of every type of material comfort. When
Venus is in association with Mercury/Saturn it forms a good Yoga. Even Venus/Rahu in a
good sign like Taurus or Gemini can give abundant wealth to the native. In female charts it is

the life indicator planet for them. A good placed Venus can make a female very wise and
beautiful. She will be endowed with all the good qualities of life.
Like Jupiter Venus is also a benefic planet and never harms any one. We, therefore are
not venturing into the outputs of Venus placed in lagna bhava in different sign.

Saturn in Lagna Bhava and in different Rasis :

Saturn, the planet of mystery is very mysterious in giving its results. Actually he does
not harm any one. He just gives the results of our deeds of the last birth. When he is in Lagna
bhava it signifies that the native has to finish his work started by him in previous birth. In a
friendly sign and in association with Jupiter, Mercury or Venus it gives good results and
indicates that these good results are due for his past good deeds.

Saturn in Aries, Leo and sagittarius :
When Saturn placed alone in Aries as Lagna bhava it gives the punishment. Means
Aries is the sign of his fall he will make the native ugly in appearence, lazy and a spend thift.
The native will suffer from various diseases and wander hither and thither for his livelyhood.
But Jupiter’s aspects or association can change the course of life. The native will develop

himself by divine blessings and will be virtuous.
Saturn in Leo :
This is also a fiery sign and he does not use to enjoy much here. Though the native will
have a tall and lean body, he will have a good wife, will not have very good relation with his

father. If Sun joins him here the native will be able to establish himself after some initial
struggle. If Jupiter joins him the native will get good adminstrative post in Government service.
Saturn in sagittarius :
Satun in the Lagna bhava and in Sagittarius is always good. It makes a man very

spiritualistic and virtuous. There will be a stammering tendency to the native. If Jupiter
conjuncts or aspects him the native will be highly auspicious. There may be some health
problems in initial stage but after wards everything will be cleared.
Saturn in Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn :
When Taurus is rising the Saturn becomes a trinal & cardinal lord, a Raja-yoga karaka
planet. Taurus placed Saturn (when the Ascendant is also the same) is highly auspicious for
the Taurus natives. It may cause some health problems in the initial stage but after wards, he
himself will guard the native. If Venus also joins him, the native will be a genius and will rise
upto a dizy height. If Jupiter aspects / associates him, the native will be the chief among his

own society, own race and many persons will follow him. The native will be highly spiritualistic and
will get all the paraphernalias of life. His name will be uttered by the people even after his death.
Virgo :
This is also his friendly sign but here he will make the person lazy and sickness prone.

His complexion will be blackish and tall height with curly hair. If Mercury joins him the
native will be very intelligent and prosperous. If Jupiter joins in this company the native will
be very patient, religious and will be a worshipper of Lord Vishnu– He will be a successful
business person.

Capricon :
This is his own sign. Here he will give a lean and tall body with full of hairs on the
head. Eyes will be black. The native’s initial part may not be so good. He may suffer from
cold-cough related problems and from some minor bone related problems in the childhood. If

Mercury joins him, the native will be very intelligent. If Venus also joins in the party the
native will get the result of Raja-yoga and will be bestowed with religious knowledges.
Saturn in Gemini, Tula and Aquarius :
When the rising sign and Saturn both simultaneously fall on Gemini the native will be
lazy, sick and will love solitarity, will not be beautiful in appearence. If Mercury joins him,
the native will be slow but steady. He will not be a outspoken. If Venus also join the company
the native will be very fortunate, will play in millions and will enjoy the conveyances.
Saturn in Tula :
This is the sign of his exaltation. Here he uses to be the happiest among all the 12
houses. At the time of birth if the lagna and Saturn both fall on Libra the native will be very
quiet and calm. He will be somewhat tall and medium complexioned with dark eyed. Both the
eye-lids will be thick and will be full of hair. He will be kind and soft and will respect elders.

If Moon and Ketu joins him, Jupiter’s aspect falls on Tula, the native will be very spiritualistic
and will lead a life of austerity. He/she may become a great saint from their middle age. But
he will not have a happy married life.
Aquarius :

Aquarius is his own sign and it is coming under Vayu Tatwa. He likes the airy signs. If
at the time of birth both ascendant point and Saturn fall on Aquarius the native will be tall,
hands and legs be big and eyes will be round and will have big teeth. He will not have very
good cordial relationship with his co-borns. If Mercury joins him the native will be intelligent

but a slow starter, will be a scholar and will have knowledge of law. If Jupiter joins or aspects
this combination the antive will be a self-made person, will help others during their need,
will be skilful in law and allied matters.
Saturn in Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces :
Saturn, the karmakaraka planet is happy when he is in Earthy and airy signs. Fiery and
water signs are the signs of his dislike one. When Cancer is rising and Saturn alone thereof it
indicates that the native is gloomy and a wanderer. He will. have defective limbs and will
suffer from cold and cough problems. If Lagnapati Moon joins him the native will have to
change his birth place for earnning his bread. He will suffer from unnecessary mental anxiety

and inconsistency of mind. If Jupiter joins the company or aspect this combination, the native
will be very virtuous and will settle abroad. If Mercury joins the party, the native will be a
good writer and will be the master of arts. Though he will have relation with females other
than his wife, he will earn much in the business of food grains.

Scorpio :
When the rising sign and Saturn both fall on Scorpio the native will be ugly in
appearance, will have mental fear for nothing. He will have to struggle much for his existence.
When Mars joins him, the native will get obstruction in getting job. When Jupiter aspects or

joins here the native will be a technical person, an engineer etc. When Moon joins in the
same company the native will have interest in Medical line. If Mercury supports the native
will be a medical person.
Pisces :

Pisces is the sign of Jupiter and is also called Moksha Sthana, the Saturn here will
make one very religious and spiritualistic. If Jupiter, Ketu join here and Moon is in the 5th/
9th from this combinations the native will lead a saintly life. If Venus joins him in Meena,
the native will be blessed with every type of comfort of life. But still the native will be very
From above observations it is clear that Tatwa cycle is very important in delineating
the results of any planet. It is also important that for giving best results every planet needs
the support of another friendly planet or of any benefic planet like Jupiter or Venus Let us
take an example, suppose Mercury, the planet of intellect is in the sign Virgo. Mars in the
Capricorn and Ketu on Taurus. Here though Mercury is exalted, not getting any spport from
any benefic planet. The egoistic planet Mars is exalted in Capricorn and hence it will oppose
the intelligence to work. It means Mars is hot in natue and it will not allow the calm and cool

planet Mercury to play his role. One more interesting thing is the placement of Ketu, Ketu is
the planet of liberation and hence it has nothing to do in this material world except giving
obstructions and obstacles. So the native of this type of chart will have latent intelligence but
no practical ujtility of it. So we can say that it is of no use.

Now, suppose, in place of Mars, Venus is theere, then the native will be a good lawyer.
This is the special characteristic of the planets. And in our system we need those. 5th and 9th
means the trinal aspects are most desired in our case and then the 7th house i.e., 180° or the
opposite house should have some effect. and the next important things is dwi-dwadasha

position. Suppose one is having Capricorn Ascendant and Lagna lord is in the lagna but Ketu
is placed in the 2nd and Mars is placed on the 12th from Saturn. Ketu and Mars both are the
enemies of Saturn and they will not permit Saturn to work freely and hence upto 32 years of
age there will be unsettlement. After 32 only the native will be able to establish himself.
Here we will see the effect of the Lagna lord when conjuncts other planet :
1) If the Lagna lord conjuncts the Sun, the native will be proud, will like to live like a
king. The native will get help from the king (Government).
2) If the Lagna lord conjuncts the strong Moon, the native will have good eyes. He will

be of God-fearing nature, calm and will respect elders,will earn money by watery product.
3) If it conjuncts the weak Moon native’s eyes will not be good. He will be fickle minded
and will wander hither and theither for no purpose.
4) If it conjunts the Mars, the native will be courageous and short tempered. The native is
prone to suffer from bilious ailments, blood connected diseases and from heart diseases.

5) If it conjuncts Jupiter, the native will be calm, cool and religious in nature. The native
will have a good looking face and overall there will be a golden glow in the face. The native
will be learned in many shastras and will be virtuous.
6) If it conjuncts Venus the eyes will be big and will be full of hair on the head. He will

be fond of delicious food and will spend more for decorating himself, will get help from the
7) If it conjucts Saturn the native may not have a good look but will be spiritualistic. The

native may look slow and lazy.

8) If it conjucts Rahu the native will be very whimsical and will have a big mouth with
protruding teeths. The native will be interested to a-mass wealth in any means, it may be in
illegal ways.
9) If it conjuncts Ketu, the native will be lean and thin, will have dry eyes with smoggy
colours. The native will not be interested to earn money. He will be interested in renuneiation.
The nature of the planet aspecting Lagna lord or associated with the Lagna lord, the
Tatwa the nature of the sign and the Jeeva Karaka Jupiter, aspects and placement of him
should be considered for delineating the appropriate result of Lagna Bhava.
Let us take the example of Sri Rabindranath Tagore.
Birth Details :
D/B : 7th May 1861
T/B : 2:45 A.M. (L.M.T.)




In the above mentioned chart Moon is in the Lagna. Lagna lord Jupiter is in his exaltation
sign cancer. There is a mutual exchange between Jupiter and Moon. Both are aspecting each
other which shows that the Lagna lord is connected with the Moon. The owner of the chart
Mr. Tagore was a very good looking person. His eyes were big and beautiful. He was a religious
person and also very virtuous.

Here another example : D/B : 14-06-1975

T/B : 4:10 A.M.
At 22°18’ N 87°54’ E





In this case the Lagna lord Venus is with the Moon. The native is having big and good looking
eyes. But he is decorative and for this purpose is used to spend much (Ven + Moon =

Chapter -IX
Dhana Bhava :
In the traditional system we have seen that wealth should be judged from the 2nd house.
Several Nadi texts suggest that for wealth and prosperity we should see the planet Venus. It

is obviously true because Venus is the lord of the 2nd house of the natural zodiac. And
Mythologically speaking, Venus is the Guru of the Demons. Venus is blessed by Lord Shiva.
He is the semen portion of Lord Shiva. He is blessed to have all sorts of comfort of life. As a
result, when Venus is placed powerfully and related with a friendly planet, the owner of the

chart will have money, power and conveyances.
Keeping in mind all the factors we will take both the planet Venus and the 2nd lord/the
2nd house.
Firstly we will see how the 2nd lord acts when placed in different house :

1) 2nd lord placed in the 1st house, Lagna lord in the 2nd house or in the 9th in aspect to
Jupiter/Venus, the native will earn much and will acquire conveyances.
2) 2nd lord placed in the 2nd house, Venus aspecting the 2nd lord and Jupiter in the lagna
will bestow the native with all sorts of comfort.
3) 2nd lord placed in the 3rd generally indicates income through co-borns. But I should
say here that Venus and Saturn should be in a good position. 3rd lord if placed to trine
house from Venus the Yoga will give its best effect.
4) If the 2nd lord is in the 4th and 4th lord in a quadrant thereof, the native will be a
moneyed person. His Mother will live long and will get help from maternal side. The

native will earn much in business. If the 4th house is a Jala Rasi we can say that his
business will spread even in abroad (Mercury and Saturn should be linked with each
5) When the 2nd lord is in the 5th house, a trikona, the native will be virtuous and will be
a learned person. If 2nd lord join the 5th lord in the 5th house the native will earn by

his intellectual pursuit. If Jupiter Joins this combination or aspect, the native will be
endowed with various good qualities, will be religious and Lagna lord / Venus if joins
here it will be a big boon for the native. The native will be highly religious will receive

fame and name and will have several conveyances.

6) When the 2nd lord falls on 6th house with-out the help of any benefic planet the native
will suffer from poverty and from Various diseases. If 6th lord joins him in 6th in
association with Jupiter/Lagna lord the native will earn money after some initial

struggle. His work will be done but will be delayed and will incur the enmity of trusted
one. But one thing can be said that he will win over all his rivalry.
7) If the 2nd lord and 7th lord simultaneously fall on 7th house, well placed Venus related
with lagna lord, the native will get money and properties from in-laws side. His wife
will be virtuous and will take control of the house. The native himself will earn much
in business.
8) If 2nd lord aspected by benefic planets posited in the 8th house, the native will gain in
legacy. If 8th lord is a benefic by nature and placed in the 8th house the native will get
hidden treasure (In the present age loterry, gambling etc) and will do some charity.
9) When the 2nd lord is in the 9th, a trikona house, the native will be a good natured
person and will earn abundant wealth if the 9th lord also joins him in the 9th house or
in any trine house from the Ascendant.

10) If 2nd lord is placed in the 10th and Venus is placed with Mercury or Saturn the native
will enjoy Raja-yoga.
11) 2nd lord is in the 11th with 11th lord is an asset for any native. But the Venus, planet of
all pleasures should be strong. The native will have income in more than one way.

12) 2nd lord in 12th house is always treated as the worst combination. If 12th lord is in
12th and have some aspect of Jupiter/Venus, the native will not spend much, will
engaged himself in spiritual deeds and will be able to earn money to maintain his
livelihood. All those are the general rules. We will proceed now for the Dhana Yogas

mentioned in the Nadi texts. But, before going in to yogas here I am going to give
some practical examples of some moneyed persons following above rules.

See the example of Mr. Bill Gates, the richest person of the world.
D/B : 28th October, 1955
T/B : 9:25 p.m.
P/B : Washington




See here, the 2nd lord Moon is placed in the 10th house Meena, a Jala Rasi. 9th from the 2nd
house, giving aspect on 2nd house (5th and 9th aspect is very important in our system). Venus
is in his Moola trikona house Tula with his bosom friend Saturn. Mercury, the Lagna lord is

highly exaltated. Tula is his friendly sign and Venus, Saturn and Sun is there. Saturn, Venus
and Sun forming a yoga with Jupiter (3rd and 11th from each other). All these combinations
support him a lot tobe a highly rich person. See the rule No. 10 mentioned above. The rule is
fully correct here.
Net example is of another rich person, the competitor of Mr. Gates Mr. Mukesh Ambani.
D/B : 19th April, 1957 T/B : 7:13 A.M.
P/B : Aden



The above mentioned example is a very good example of rules 8 and 7. Here, the 2nd
lord is in the 8th, aspecting 2nd house. There is an exchange between Mars and the Lagna

lord Venus. When Venus is coming to Taurus by virtue of mutual exchange it is forming a
Yoga with 4th and 5th lord Saturn. Mars when changing his place from Taurus to Aries, he is
forming a yoga with exalted 11th lord Sun. So from the above mentioned combinations we
can say that Mars and Venus both are strong and forming yogas with their friends. The above
mentioned combinations given him more success in business and in money matters. He is
now competing with Mr. Gates and once he became the richest person of the World.
The yogas culled from various texts will also help the readers in judging money matters
of any native (Mostly these are the Naadi rules)
1) The native is benefited by the hidden wealth (sudden income in this age) if the 2nd

lord with the 4th lord is in the 9th house aspected by 9th lord or any benefic planet like
Jupiter or Venus.
2) Both wealth and high education will come to pass if the 5th lord is powerful, or is in
the 2nd with reference to Jupiter. If 5th lord joins a malefic the native will receive

only ordinary results.

3) One will be endowed with wealth if the Venus exalted and placed in aspect to Jupiter.
4) The conjunction of the Ascendant lord with both Jupiter and Venus will give the native
abundant wealth and prosperity.

5) The Sun and Mercury in the 9th in or aspect or association with Jupiter and Venus will
bestow the native wealth, conveyances and prosperity.
6) A Taurus native will receive abundant wealth if the Lagna lord occupies his own house,
Saturn is in Capricorn and Mercury is in exaltation.

7) If the 10th lrod joins Saturn in the 5th house or in the 9th house, Jupiter and Venus is
in an auspicioujs sign and aspecting Saturn, one will earn huge amount and will have
good house etc.
8) Position and riches will follow if Saturn in Libra or in Taurus is aspected or associated
with Venus. We have already seen it in Mr. Bill Gates chart. Saturn is posited in Tula
with Venus.
9) One will earn huge amount of wealth, name and fame if Jupiter and Mercury are in the
Lagna, one of them being in exaltation, while the 5th lord is in the 5th/9th. Additionally
the native will be highly educated.
10) If the Ascendant lord is well disposed in the 9th while the 2nd lord occupies an angle
with reference to Mercury, the native will be a popular historian and will be equal to a
king in status.

11) Limitless wealth will be acquired if the lords of the 2nd and the 9th join together in a
common friend’s sign as Jupiter is unafflicted by a malefic.
12) If the lords of the 4th and the 9th Join in the Ascendant in aspect to Jupiter or Venus
while the Moon is in the 7th house, the native will enjoy wealth, lands, conveyances,

long life and be attended to by supreme females.
13) One will be extremely wealthy if
a) the lord of the ascendant and the lord of the 10th are in a trine in aspect to Saturn.
b) the ascendant lord is in exaltation while his dispositor is in a trine.

14) The native will be a lucky person if there is an exchange between Venus and Jupiter.
15) The native will be very rich person if Saturn and Venus together be on the sign Taurus.
16) The native will be a rich person by birth if, Jupiter placed in Taurus while Venus on
17) Exalted Sun with Mars in aspect to Jupiter will confer a superior Raja-Yoga to the
18) One will be highly learned, wealthy and will enjoy all sorts of comfort if
a) There is combination of Venus, Mercury, Sun and Mars. In this combination no
planet is in debilitation.

b) There is the combination of Venus, Mercury, Sun and Jupiter.

Some Examples :
Following is the chart of a native who earned a lot in more than one way.







Here the 2nd lord Saturn is in 11th house, Tula, the house of his exaltation forming 5th
and 9th yoga with Mercury, Venus is highly exalted. Jupiter in Taurus a Venusian sign. Jupiter
and Venus is inter-related by the virtue of mutual exchange. Both Jupiter and Venus are strong.
He earned a lot of money in his business by the dint of his own effort.
An example of Sudden income (lottery) –


MOON (5)


The native of the above chart earned a lot in lottery. Here, Mercury the lord of the 2nd house
is placed in a Trikona house (5th from the ascendant). Jupiter, a purely benefic planet is in
the 2nd and aspecting the 8th house. So, this is a sure shot formula of getting sudden wealth.
Lastly here I am going to give an example where the 2nd lord is in fall but the 2nd
house is highly influenced by Venus, Mercury, Jupiter and Saturn and he became a king.
Following is the chart of the late king of England George V. who has enjoyed every
type of comfort of life.



SUN (10
MARS (12)


(4) (6)

RAH (7)

Here, 2nd lord Mars is in debilitation. Venus, the lord of the 2nd house of the natural
zodiac is placed in the 2nd house getting the full aspect of highly exalted Saturn, a bosom
friend of him and the aspect of Jupiter, who is in his own house overall Venus is with his

friendly planet Mercury. All these combinations made him a king. Venus is an important
planet in judging wealth. In all example charts Venus is strong and all the natives enjoyed the
comforts of life.
Now we will see the combinations for getting sudden wealth.
1) The native will gain sudden wealth.
a) If there is the combination of Venus + Rahu in a good house.
b) If 8th house is occupied by the 8th lord, 5th lord is strong and preferably in 5th
house (Lagna lord + 5th lrod posited in the 5th house).
c) If there is the combination of Venus+Saturn+Mercury and Rahu is 2nd from them.
This combination should be on any one of the three planets own house.
d) If there is the combination of Mars - Mercury - Jupiter - Venus - Saturn. This
combination may happen if they have aspect on each other.

In this present age Share trading is giving lucrative income. Here I am giving some
yogas for becing a successful person in share trading/market.
1) Lagna lord placed in Lagna bhava, 5th lord is powerfully disposed and in the fifth.
2) 5th lord is in the 5th, 8th lord is in the 8th. The Venus should be strong and unafflicted

by malefies. Otherwise, the native will not be able to enjoy the wealth.
3) Venus and Mercury togethere in a house and Mars is in a trine from them.
4) Venus and Mercury in Mars’s sign while Mars in Mercury’s house.
Here is the chart of a gentleman who used to invest and earn from share market.




If we see, the chart carefully we will notice that there is the combination of Venus + Sun +
Mercury in Capricorn and Mars is placed in Virgo, trine house of Capricorn, Mars + Mercury

indicates calculations and Venus is for Money. More interestingly Rahu is in the 5th house
from Capricorn. Rahu is in exaltation. All the above combinations suggest that the native
will earn money in share market.

About losses, enmity etc. :

Monetary loss is indicated when
1) Venus is with Moon

2) Mercury is with Moon

3) Mercury alone is with Ketu.
4) Venus is in debilitation, no planet either in 5th, 7th, 9th or 2nd and 12th.
5) Ketu is placed either with Venus or 5/9th house from Venus.
6) Lagnapati and Venus both simultaneously in fall. When Lagnapati is weak the native is
used to take wrong decision.
Enmity :
One will suffer from enimity if –
1) There is the combination of Saturn + Ketu.
2) 6th lord is weakly disposed in 2nd bhava.
3) Ketu is placed in 2nd house to Jupiter.

4) Venus’s 2nd house is occupied by Mars and Ketu.
5) Saturn is either placed with Mars or 5/9/7th from Mars. In this combination native
suffers from treators.
6) Rahu (Debilitated) is placed in the 2nd house from Jupiter. In this case native suffers

from cheating.
Gain or loss when (Timing of events) :
The native is used to gain money when
1) The Saturn transists over natal Venus or 5/9th house form Natal Venus.

2) The Saturn transists over natal Mercury or 5/9th house from natal Mercury.
3) Jupiter transits over Mercury / 5th or 9th house from natal Mercury.
4) Jupiter transits over Venus + Mercury / 5th or 9th house from natal Mercury.
5) Rahu transits over natal Merrcury & Venus or 5th/9th from them.
6) Jupiter’s transit over natal Saturn or Vice Versa.
The native will face loss in his endeavours when –
1) Saturn transits over natal Ketu or 5th or 9th from Ketu.
2) Jupiter’s 2nd house lord is a malefic like Mars and Saturn transits over it.

3) Saturn transits over natal Mars.

4) Moon transits over natal Venus or vice versa.
5) Moon transits over natal Mercury or vice versa. When Moon transits over natal Mercury
the native becomes dull and is used to take wrong decisions.

6) Ketu transits over natal Venus/Mercury or 5/9th from them or from Saturn.
7) Saturn transits over the combination of Mercury+Moon+Ketu or 5/9th house from them.

Here Jupiter’s transit will matter much. If Jupiter’s aspect falls on the above said

combinations then the native will not lose a huge amount or there may be the case that with
the help of some elderly friend / well wisher the native may recover the loss.
There is always fluctuations and all the time it is fluctuating. So utmost care should be
taken from our side in predicting this type of yogas. Who is best suited for which sector is the

prime deciding factor. Suppose Telecomunication sector suits Mr. A. It may not suit to Mr. B.
Because of unbalanced position of planets of Mr. A & Mr. B it is used to be so. Here one can
say that both the persons (Mr. A & B) are having the yoga. But, matching of combinations of
planets is necessary.
Now this subject is under research and afterwards. I will try to explain it briefly in a
separate book.
Here is another case where share trading is giving lucrative income to the native.




Mark here, Marcury is with the Venus and having mutual exchange relationship with

Mars. Mercury + Venus + Ketu + Mars are giving the native enough money in shares. Though
there is Moon but just entered (0°12’ only) so in active.

Chapter -X
Sahaja Bhava :
According to the general rule of Astrology 3rd house is a Trika house and malefic
planets like Mars, Rahu and Ketu are used to be powerful in the 3rd provided that this is not
the house of their fall. Apart from the brother’s aspect and 3rd house denotes about the short
journeys, the neighbours, surroundings of house, courage etc. etc. 3rd house is the opposite

house of the house no. 9. So, the planet/planets therein should have some effect on 9th. 3rd
house should be judged carefully.
A native will be brave and courageous when –
1) The Lagna lord is in the 3rd (not debilitated).

2) Sun is in the 3rd (Not debilitated)

3) There is an exchange of sign between 1st and 3rd lord.
4) 3rd lord powerfully placed in the 3rd.
5) Jupiter and Mars either on a single sign or 5th and 9th relation between them.

6) Sun + Mars + Jupiter will make one very brave. 3rd house denotes short journyes. If
the 3rd hosue falls in amovable Rasi, fast moving planets like Moon be posited in the 3rd
house, the native will undertake journeys very often.
Now we will see about the surrounding houses or neighbouring houses of the native.

If Rahu or Ketu is posited on 3rd house or in the 9th, 7th or in the 11th then there will
live some low-class/low caste people in nearby houses of the native.
If Mercury is with Rahu or 5th / 9th to Rahu then there may be some Muslim cemetry
nearby the native’s house or the native will make friendship with Muslims.
If Jupiter’s or Venus resides on the 3rd house or aspects the 3rd house then there will
be the houses of Brahmins, educated people/pious people.
Now the brother aspect. Here we will discuss about the younger brother. Mars, the
Bhatrukaraka is very important in judging about the brother/brothers. Younger brother will
be fortunate, prosperous and helpful to the native when –
1) The lord of the 3rd house is in the 3rd itself or conjunct Jupiter as Venus in his own

house and Mars is not afflicted.
2) If the 4th lord is in exaltation while the 5th lord is in his own house as the Sun, Jupiter
and Mars are powerful.
3) There is the conjunction of Mars and Jupiter.

Jupiter’s aspect over the bhatrukaraka is always good. The brother/brothers will be
inimical to the native if –
1) There is the conjunction of Mars+Rahu in any sign or they are 5th and 9th to each

2) Saturn aspecting Mars or they are placed in a single Rasi.
3) Saturn and Jupiter in a single hosue and Mars aspecting the combination.
In the present age it is rare to see a big family having 6 or 7 brothers and 5-6 sisters.
But still now 1 or 2 brother is easily available. Here I am giving some clues to see whether
this native is the elder one, younger one or only one (only some few yogas have been given)
1) Jupiter aspecting the 11th house generally denotes that this native is the eldest one.
2) Jupiter having Ketu behind him (i.e. 12th house to Jupiter) indicates that the native has
no elder brother.
3) Jupiter has no planet behind him or no aspect in the 12th house to Jupiter denotes that

the native will be the eldest son of the family.

4) Jupiter having Mars in the 12th house denotes that the native will have one elder brother.
5) Jupiter having Mars in the 2nd house denotes that the native will have one Younger

Mars, if getting the aspect of Jupiter and Sun the younger brother will be very helpful
to the native. If Mars is related with Rahu in any means the native will loose his younger
brother at an early age or the brother will be inimically disposed with the native. See the two
examples that will clear the views.



RAHU (5)


Among the two younger brothers of the native one has died in early stage. See here,
debilitated Mars is in the 12th with Rahu, getting the aspect of Saturn.
Here is another case, the younger brother is an Engineer and supporting him in many

JUP(R) RAH (3)



Here exaltated Mars is with the Sun and getting the aspect of Jupiter. Brother became
an Engineer and good in anture.
Chapter -XI
Fourth house – Matru Bahva, Houses, Vehicle, Land etc. etc. :
It is unfair to judge the mother aspect from only 4th house, 4th lord or the planet

aspecting the fourth. Better results can be achieved if we take the Moon as matrukara. we
have seen in our practical life that whenever Moon is with Rahu/Ketu/Mars/Saturn or 5th and
9th to them the health of the mother of the native becomes problematic. However, here I am
giving some selected Yogas to see mother aspect.
1. Moon is in the 6th house from Jupiter denotes that the mother of the native will suffer

from the diseases of that particular parts based on the sign where the Moon is (According
to the Kaala Purusha’s body symbolised by the sign).
2. Moon with Rahu or 5th or 9th from Rahu denotes that the mother will suffer from

gastric ulcer, stomach diseases and will have a wavering type of mind. One can say
that when transit Rahu will pass through the Janma Rasi/5th / 9th sign from Janma
Rasi the matter will suffer. In this case if Moon is weak the mother of the native may
die at an early age.

3. When Moon is placed in the sign Scorpio without the conjunction or aspect of any
planet one can safely say that the mother will be an unhappy one.
4. Moon with Ketu denotes that the mother will suffer from throat pain.
5. When Moon is associated or aspected by Saturn & Ketu the mother will be a rheumatic patient.
6. When Moon is related with Mars and Saturn it signifies that the mother will have operation.
7. When Moon is placed with Venus in a good house like Taurus, Meena, Tula etc. it
denotes that the mother of the native is a rich woman.
Here are some other yogas about the native’s mother. In classical texts there are so
many yogas to know the chastity etc. etc. Here, we are not including those yogas as our main
aim is to know the longivity, diseases etc. etc. of the mother.
1. If the lord of the third is in the 12th or the 6th or the 8th house counted from the
ascendant along with the Moon, the native’s mother will pass away within few days of

his birth.
2. The mother of the native will die due to mere mental worries if the lords of the 2nd and
5th be in the 8th while the 5th house is powerfully aspected by adverse Saturn.
3. If the lord of the 11th conjuncts Rahu in the company of the Moon, while the 3rd lord

conjuncts the Sun and Mars, the native’s mother will find her exit from this world
within 10 days of the birth of the native. He will then be brought up happily by a setp
4. The mother of the native will pass away in the delivery chamber itself if the Moon is in

the 4th while the 11th house is tenanted by diere malefics as the 9th lord is bereft of
5. If the Moon is in the 9th from the ascendant while the 9th lord is in the 4th form the
ascendant, a long living mother is indicated. This is practically true because 9th lord is
always good and when a trinal lord is placed in Kona it makes a superior yoga and
flourishes the affairs of that house. One practical example :–
ASC – Sagittarius and Rahu is posited thre. Mercury, the 7th and 10th lord is in the
3rd. Sun, the lord of the 9th is in 4th, Meena along with Venus. Jupiter is in Taurus,
Ketu in Mithuna and Moon is in the sign Leo, the 9th house, Mars is posited in Vrischika.

The Mother of the native lived happily upto the good age of 85 years.
6. Should the ascendant lord be in the 9th in the company of the 4th lord and in aspect to
the 7th lord, the mother of the native will be endowed with long span of life.
7. Should Jupiter be placed in a trine from the lord of the ascendant while the lord of the

ascendant himself is in a trine conjunct the 4th lord, full span of life will be enjoyed by
the mother.
Those are some special yogas useful in our daily practice given by me. There are so
many yogas mentioned in the Naadi Granthas. Afterwards on a latter stage we will go with

those rules.

Vehicle, Land and Houses :

Mercury generally stands for land gains and Venus for houses and vehicles. Whenever

Mercury is related with Venus, Jupiter, Saturn, Rahu the native will have vast lands. Mercury
+ Moon generally indicates wet lands but it creates some awakward situation for the native
and that compels the native to take loan by mortgaging the land or even to sell the land.
Combination of Mercury and Rahu in a good house makes one a promoter. The native is used
to gain much in land dealings.
However, a strong 4th lord posited in the 9th or in the 5th in the company of Jupiter or
Venus use to bestow vast land and houses to the native.
Venus placed in the lagna bhava with Rahu and Jupiter or Mercury aspects them,
indicates that the native will be endowed with vast lands and several vehicles.
Here are some Yogas –
1. The native will be endowed with vast paraphernalia, happiness wealth and followers if
Venus is exaltated while the 10th lrod is in the 4th and the 9th lord is in the 10th.

2. If the lords of the 9th and the 4th conjoin together in aspect to Venus or the ascendant
lord, the native will be endowed with supreme conveyances.
3. If the 4 planets, viz. Jupiter, the Moon, the 4th lord and the 9th lord occupy angles /
trines it will cause a powerful Raja-yoga.

4. If both the lords of the 2nd and the 11th be in exaltation while their dispositors are in
conjunction occupy the 9th in aspect to Jupiter, there will be many conveyances at the
disposal of the native.
5. Huge wealth, several conveyances will be acquired by the native having Rahu in the

ascendant (not in debilitation), Jupiter in the 7th and the Moon in the 5th.
6. If there is an exchange of signs between two planets irrespective of their lordship
while Venus is endowed with strength in aspect to good planets, a powerful Raja Yoga
will come to pass.
7. If Venus is in the ascendant along with its lord and the lord of the 4th a superior Raja
yoga will prevail.
8. Jupiter in the 12th and Venus in the 4th this yoga will bestow wealth and conveyances.
Here one can say that Jupiter and Venus will form 5th and 9th relationship and both the
planets are having all the benefic qualities.

9. Vast paraphernalia, abundant conveyances and extreme riches will be conferred if the
9th lord is exaltated in an angle or in a trine while the 2nd lord is in the 5th in aspect to
Jupiter or Venus.
Here is an example of Mr. Ratan Tata, D/B : 28-12-1937 at 6:30 a.m. at Mumbai.






In the above chart there is an exchange between the lagna lord Jupiter and the 2nd and
3rd lord Saturn. Venus is in lagna with his bosom friend Mercury. In Navamsa chart the
Venus is in Taurus. Venus is powerful and fulfilling the rules no. 6. The native is enjoying all
the paraphernalia of life. He is having several conveyances, vast lands etc. etc. He is enjoying
all with the help of his luck only. Mark the 9th lord Sun is in the Lagna with the 7th and 10th
lord Mercury (a relation of trinal and angular lord in a trine) and 6th and 11th lord Venus.
Here also a powerful Raja yoga is forming.
After discussing about the enjoyment of conveyances and lands, houses etc. here I am

giving some selected yogas of absolute poverty/penury –
1. Should the ascendant lord join the Sun in Libra while Saturn aspects them from his
sign of fall, the native will not live any worthy life. He will further be averse to his
house hold responsibilites and will turn dejected at one stage.

2. If the Moon and Saturn are in the 9th while the lord of the 8th sign counted from the
lord of the ascendant afflicts the ascendant itself, the subject will be tortured by dire
pennilessness. Here one should keep in mind that there should be no support of Jupiter,
Venus or Mercury to the Saturn to fulfill the Yoga. And this Yoga will be more effective

if Ketu/Mars joins Saturn.
3. If the lord of the ascendant and Saturn are simultaneously in their signs of debilitation
and in conjunction with malefics but with no relief from Jupiter or Venus, the native
will not possess anything, not to speak of a house to live in.
4. Should Venus be in fall and join the 4th lord, one will face various troubles in life
living lonely.
5. If debilitated Saturn is with Ketu aspecting the 4th lord (inimically disposed), 4th lord
is in the company of debilitated Venus, the native will live in such places which are
meant for the homeless/orphans.

Now it is the right word to say that in judging the 4th house affairs note the following
planets and houses if all are strong the native will be blessed with lands, conveyances
etc. etc. or will get the result otherwise.
Note : a) the lord of the 4th and the 11th b) Lord of the 2nd and the ascendant c) Lord

of the 9th along with the Moon, Mercury and Venus d) The Sun, Jupiter and Saturn.

Some More notes about the 4th house :

1. If Rahu occupies the 4th house, there will be Vat /dustbin nearby the natives house.

His/her house will not be a beautiful one.

2. If Jupiter and Mercury aspects 4th house there will be lord Vishnu’s temple in the
native’s house or in nearby place of the house.
3. If the 4th hosue is a watery sign and watery planet like Moon, Venus or Jupiter is

placed then there will be water tank or pond or river in nearby place of the native.
4. It is said that if Mercury is placed in the 4th house it indicates that there will be market
complex or children’s school in nearby place.
5. Saturn’s placement in the 4th house generally indicates that there will be the temple of
some female Goddess like Mata Kali or Mata Durga in the native’s house. Or the native
will reside beside an Ashram/temple.
6. Venus’s placement in the said position indicates that the native is fond of luxurious
life and will live in a big and beautiful house with full of ultramodern electronic
equipments like Microoven, A.C., Computer and all alike things.
Now the question is when the native will acquire a house or land or conveyances.
Another aspect is to know whether there will be any litigation or not regarding the house or

Litigation if indicated when?
a) Mercury either in conjunction with Ketu or in 5th or 9th to Ketu.
b) Mercury is related to both Moon and Ketu.
c) Mars related with Saturn and Ketu indicates that there will be quarrels among the

brothers and sisters for properties. If Jupiter aspects them then the native will receive
the proper judgement. If Jupiter does not aspects them the native will be cheated by
his co-borns.

Land purchase / hosue / Vehicle - When?
1) The native will purchase the land when Jupiter will transit over natal Mercury or 5th/
9th sign to natal Mercury.
2) When Rahu transits over the natal Mercury or a trine sign to Mercury generally indicates
a favourable time for purchasing the land.
3) When Jupiter transits over the natal position of Venus the native may construct buildings
or purchase flat (5th & 9th also).
4) When Rahu transits over the trinal position or over the natal position of Venus it
indicates that the native will get the chance to purchase vehicle, land /flat etc. etc.

If there is litigation yoga present in the chart then the transit of Ketu over natal Venus,
Mercury and Saturn will not be favourable for the native. As this will be the period when
court proceedings will be started against the native.

About assoicaition / friendship :

a) The native will associate himself with good people or the native will befriend with
pious person if there is the relation between Jupiter and Mercury.
b) The native will speak sweetly and will associate himself with some good persons if

there is the combination of Venus and Mercury.

c) The native will make too many friends of the opposite sexes if there is the combination
of Mercury and Moon. If Jupiter does not associate or aspects Saturn in this combination the
native may involve into some secret affairs.

d) The nativer will not have good friends and will quarrel with friends if there is the
combination of Mercury and Mars.
e) The native will befriend with some elderly persons if there is the combination of Mercury
and Saturn. In this combination the native will not make friendship with too many.
f) The native will associate himself with lower class people or with Muslims if there is
the combination of Mercury and Rahu.

Chapter -XII
Fifth house – About Education, Learning, Love, progeny etc. etc. :
5th house is a trine house and in Astrology trine houses have its own importance. 5th
house is the vital one. Several Astrologers and Astrological books say that the education

should be judged from the 4th house whereas, most of the old classical texts have suggested
to Judge the education from the 5th. Controversy is there. But logical thinking will reveal
that it will be better to judge the education from the 5th. Because 5th house, planets therein
and the 5th lord are used to influence us in choosing the right one from the wrong. So, here

we will judge the education, the latent talent etc. from the 5th house and from the planet of
intellect Mercury.
In our practice we have seen that so many engineers have changed their jobs in to
judiciary line or have taken interest into administrative service. So many doctors are taking

interest in Astrology. Even some I.P.S. or I.A.S. Officers are taking interest in Astrology.
M.B. As are writing poems and books. It will be easy to guide the parents of the native after
judging the chart for pushing them on the same branch or give their son/daughter a freedom
to choose their own subject. Being pressurized by parents so many students are being compelled
to take wrong educational line which is ultimately ending in an utter frustration.
To avoid this type of unnecesary hazzard we must be aware of the natural talent of our
children. In this chapter we will deal with this subject exclusively. Here, once again we will
go through the rules of 4×3 (i.e. 4 Tatwas & 3 energies or natures).
Right from the Aries we all know that this is the Agni and Chara. Taurus is Prithvi and

Sthira. Gemini stands for Vayu and common. The sign Cancer is a watery sign and coming
under chara nature. Leo is fixed and Fiery whereas Virgo stand sfor earthy and Common.
Libra is Airy and Chara. Scorpio again coming under Water and Fixed nature. Sagittarius is
Fiery and common. Capricorn is Chara and Earthy. Aqurarius is framed as Vayu and Sthira.
Then the last one is Pisces which is again a Water and Common natured sign.

Aries or Mesha is ruled by the planet Mars. It is the fiery sign so it will throw lights towards
science stream. We know that the planet Mars has the quality of producing new things by
ignition, a technical planet. Taurus is the 2nd house of the Zodiac, a technical planet Taurus

is the 2nd house of the Zodiac, house of wealth, monetary gain, finacne etc. So, having the
qualities of ‘Prithivi’ it will reflect the qualities of commerce. If the 5th house falls in Taurus
and Venus posited therein will bestow the native with all the commercial qualities.
Though by nature Gemini is coming under Vyau Tatwa but Mercury, the planet of trade

and commerce is its ruler, he will give the qualities of a tradere. Cancer is coming under Jala
tatwa i.e. water element and it will give some latent apitudes of Arts subjects. The planet
Moon is also an Arts planet. So this sign is free from every type of complexity. Leo is under
Agni Tatwa and it will give an inclination to science subjects. The planet Sun is its ruler. Leo
is also a Sthira (Fixed) rasi.
Virgo is under ‘Prithivi’ element, ruled by the planet Mercury, the planet of commerce
and trade so this is purely a commerce sign (Nature).
Libra is under Airy element and Airy signs are used to be the best in Science stream.
The planet Venus here will react in a different manner. Here we should keep in mind that the
Venus is called ‘Rasayana Shastragyan’, the creator of ‘Mrita Sanjivani’. Venus is used to
gain more power in Libra than Taurus. A well posited Venus in Libra will give strong attraction
towards science subjects with handful of success. Scorpio is coming under Jala Tatwa and we

know that Jal Rasis are the indicative of the Arts stream.
Sagittaruius is Jupiter’s house. It is under fiery element. The creative faculty of Jupiter
on this house will go towrards science subjects.
As the sign Capricorn or Makara is coming under Earthy element it will give the talent

of commerce. Aquarius is coming under Vyau nature but Saturn will bestow the talent of
Arts. An inclination towards ancient historyete etc.
Pisces is a watery natured sign. So it is directly linked with the creative faculty of
Arts. After discussing the nature of the signs and the planets now it is necessary to know how

the planets are playing their role when posited in the 5th house.
The royal planet, majestic, craving for power and authority. Generally, bestow talent
for science subjects. A good Sun with Well placed Mercury in a commerce house gives tendency
towards management line. With good Venus or Jupiter towards medical science, with Mars
Engineering, apt for Technology.
Moon :
Very moody, maker of moods. Fastest among all, always gives Artistic talent (well
placed), very emotional. Moon is the owner of all new creation where emotion is needed. A

good Moon placed in the 5th is always used to bestow good intuitional power to the native.
Moon with Venus indicates tendency towards fine Arts. Moon with good Saturn makes inner
tendency towards Psychology, Philosophy etc.
Mars :

Technical planet, apt for Technology, tendency towards science stream, mechanical
engineering, electrical engineering etc. Mars with good Jupiter and Sun can make a good
Surgeon. Mars with powerful Venus indicates a latent power of being a good chemist and
they can be a successful medicine manufacturer.

Jupiter :
Jupiter is the master of all knowledge. He is the Guru of the Devatas / Gods. Except its
placement in the Agni Rasi or the house allotted for science subjects. It always gives the pure
knowledge of Arts, Vedas, Puranas etc. etc. Jupiter’s placement in the 5th house is an indicator

of the native’s purity of mind and they will be always spiritually inclined . A good Jupiter
with Sun indicates an aptitude to acquire knowledge of Vedas, Puranas etc. etc. They will be
very charitable and down to Earth in nature. Jupiter and Mars in a single house generally
indicates an aptitude to go for an administrative post/line. Jupiter and Mercury is used to
make one a versatile genius. If Ketu also joins, indicates apt for the kn owledge of law/
justice. They can be a successful lawyer, may even be a judge also.

Venus :
Generally Venus thrusts an inclination towards science subjects especially, towards
chemical science or chemistry. Venus posited in 5th, a Jala Rasi gives literary talent. A person
who is having good Moon and powerful Venus in 5th, especially in a Jala Rasi, will be a great
poet. Most of his/her poems will be of romantic type. Venus + Mars + Jupiter can make one a

good Architect. Venus with good Saturn can make a person very spiritualistic in nature. It
will give an inclination towards practice of yoga, Sadana and they can be the successful
achiever of their object. Venus + Mercury in a commercial house are used to make one a
master in commerc and trade. They can be successful in C.A. and allied branch. Mercury +

Venus +good Moon indicates the qualities of a good Hotel Manager.
Saturn :
Generally it is treated an Arts planet. But if it is in an enemy’s camp and without the
association of good planets like Jupiter, Venus / Mercury it will make one very lazy and

lethargic. We can say that their I.Q. level will be very low. If it is powerful and connected
with Mercury one will be very intelligent though in the beginning they may look very slow
but gradually they will do well. If connected with good Jupiter one will always be in the
search of ‘Brahma Gnyana’ and will be well versed in the allied branches. Saturn and Moon
will give one a strong inclination towards Arts subjects particularly, philosophy, Psychology
etc. It has been found that those persons are tend to be melancholic and they use to write
some melancholic poems.
Rahu :
Generally it is treated as a ‘Bhogi’ planet. The action of this shadowy planet is fully

related with this material world. Rahu generally does not allow one to go for deep and researh
level study unless it is supperted by a strong Venus and Saturn. But it has been also seen that
when it is powerful and supported by good planets it gives an inclination towards. Engineering
subjects especially, in Automobile Engineering, Electronics and Telecommunication

Engineering, Marine Engineering etc. etc. But there will be always a tendency to immitate
foreign customs. Learn foreign languages. But Venus+Rahu+Saturn+Mercury can give one
‘Gupt Guyan’.
Ketu :

Ketu is being compared with our ‘Kundalini’ shakti. So, this planet always gives an
inclination towards occult science. But as the master of Mathematics, if connected with
powerful Sun and Mercury this planet will bestow strong tendency to become a master of the
said subject. If connected with Mars, a tendency to learn about the detection of crimes.

Those all are of general types. Now -a-days educational line has been divided in several
branches. Though we have talked about all the basic paterns or natures. For particular branch
of study we have to see the Lagna lord, Mercury, the planet of intellect and 9th lord / the 9th
For researh level studies 9th hjouse/ the 9th lord, the planet Mercury and Jupiter’s help
is needed. Because, we have seen that when Mercury is connected with Mars without the
help of Jupiter or Venus the native does not possess a sharp intellect and tends to leave their
educational carrer when it is in the mid ways. Whereas, Mercury and Moon makes one very
fickle in nature. Ketu when connected with Mercury or of any benefic planet, it is used to
obstruct the native to finish his studies. So, to pinpoint a certain line of study make count of
all the said planets and houses. And I am sure that any one will be able to make a sure shot.
Take the examle of Sri Rabindra Nath Tagore and another normal lady. The process of

judging will be then clear and will be very undrstandable to each and everyone.



JUP 12

Sri R.N. Tagore



See here, in the chart of Sri R.N. Tagore the Ascendant or the rising sign is Meena (Pisces),
an Arts house. The Lagna is occupied by the Moon, again an Arts planet. The Jupiter, Gynana
Karaka is the Lagna lord and posited in the sign Cancer, the house of Moon, a Jala Rasi an

Arts house. 9th house is receiving the full aspect of Jupiter, the Master of arts. There is also
an exchange between the exalted Jupiter and the Moon. So, all are coming under Arts sign
and that makes him a great poet, a jewel of jewells. He has got all the natural talent gifted by
the God himself. Now is the case of a normal female native.
D.O.B. : 02-06-1983

T/B : 4:20 p.m.

at 23°15’ N and 87°54’ E





See here, the lagna lord Venus is in the sign Cancer, a Jala Rasi indicating talent of Arts. The
Moon is is in the 5th house. Moon itself is an Arts planet and posited in the sign Aquarius,
another Arts stream sign. The 4th and 5th lord Saturn, who by nature an Arts planet is posited
in the Lagna Bhava. The native is a talented lady and in Arts stream. Despite of her parents
pressure she dosenot changed her course. Some interesting features of the above said chart
is no (1) Her lagna is Libra, a science sign. She took an additional subject of the Science

stream in her 12th standard. No. (2) Rahu is placed in the sign Gemini which is the 9th sign
from her Lagna and aspecting the 5th house where the planet Moon is also posited. Rahu is a
foreign planet according to our Shastras. She completed her graduation in English. No. (3)
The planet Mercury is in Mesha and Ketu is placed in Dhanus. Mercury and Ketu is placed

5th and 9th to each other, she got obstruction in completing her master degree.

Love Affairs :
Now is the turn to discuss something about love and romance. On the next chapter

when we will discuss about the marriages and marital affairs we will discuss it briefly. Here
I am giving only some clues to judge whether one will be highly roimantic or not, means to
judge legitimate or illegitimate love forced by the sexual urge only or not.
In judging the future Lagna matters a lot, lagna means self or the native himself or
herself. Moon is the ‘Manhokaraka’, passion or love is totally controlled by the mind. Because
it is the case of emotion and the planet Moon in the 5th is used to make one very romantic
and highly emotional. Venus when placed in the 5th he is used to make one a lover of beauty
and highly romantic. It is the ‘Stree karaka’ for male natives. Jupiter in the 5th is used to
make one a very pure and passionate lover. They are the justice and peace lover and used to

find the same from the opposite one. Sun when placed in the 5th it gives an unromantic type
of mind. When Mars is alone in the 5th house the native is used to suffer from the false ego
for a male native provided that the Mars is not placed in the Jala Rasis. Mercury is a flirt type
and he is the celestial prince. He generally suffers from inconsistency in the relationship. But

when connected with Ketu it makes a pure lover.

The reader can check this formula with the chart no. 2 of the last page – female native’s
case. Moon is posited in the 5th so she is very romantic, she is of Tula Lagna so charming
and there is the relation between Mercury and Ketu so she is also in love with a renowned

Rahu is a Bhogi planet. Rahu and Ketu both represent different religion. When they
are placed in the 5th it used to bring some attraction towards the other religion or atleast
towards some lower class people.

In a word, we can say that if there is the relation of ascendant/lord+Moon+Venus +5th

house/5th lord in a male native, the native will fall in love. For the female natives the equation
should be like the Ascendant or its lord+Moon+Mars+Jupiter +5th house or its lord. In short
here are some clues to find out who will fall in love. The native will fall in love when —
1) The lagna lord is posited in the 5th (not a sign of fall).
2) Rahu is plaed 5th from either Moon or from the Lagna.
3) Venus is posited in the 5th.
4) Moon+Venus is posited in the 5th house.
5) 5th lord is in the 7th or 7th lord placed in the 5th.
6) 2nd lord is connected with 5th or 7th lord.
7) Venus+Mars in the 5th house receiving the aspects from Rahu is an indication of loose

8) Venus and Mars exchanged their signs. The native used to go to the many.
9) In our practical experience we have seen that when Mars and Venus is posited in a
single house the native uses to play the game of love to fullfil his/her sexual urge only.

Progeny and Allied Matters :
Progeny factor is one of the most important aspects of our life. As the word goes ‘There
is a child in every man’. It is true that we love the child. Even a dacoit can change his intention
after looking the cute faces of the children. So, this aspect of life should be judged very

carefully. Here, one more thing can be added that the woman is a mother first then the rest.
The God, the Almighty has created them mentally and physically fit for the creation to be
going on. Otherwise, it will be useless and all his creation will be stopped. According to our
shastras ‘Putrarthe Kriyote Bharya’. So, we need children to run and maintain our family-
In judging the progeny factor we need to look at the 5th lord, 5th house, planet/planets
aspecting fifth house, 9th house (fifth from fifth house) and the planet sun, the owner of the
5th house of the natural zodiac.
1) The native will be blessed with child if the 5th lord is not hemmed between malefies.

2) The native will beget child when there will be the relation betwen lagna lord & 5th lord.
3) The native will get very prosperous and Virtuous Son when Sun gets the aspect of
Jupiter or conjoined with Jupiter.
4) The issue is a son if the 5th lord is situated in a male sign. Similarly, the issue is a

daughter if the 5th lord is posited in a female sign.

5) There will be progeny if the 5th house is aspected by the benefics or the 5th lord is
aspected by the benefics or the 5th lord is aspected by Jupiter.
6) When Venus is combust or indeep fall in a male chart it brings problem in be getting a

child. Because they use to suffer from lack of semen power.

7) When Venus is heavily afflicted by malefics or conjoined with Saturn, with Rahu in
the 2nd house in a female chart it brings problem for the natural growth of the baby in
the mother’s womb. In this case they should be very careful.

8) The native will have one son and one daughter only if the 5th lord is in his exaltation
sign with the lagna lord.
9) If the fifth house falls in the signs of Jupiter, Venus or Mercury and one of these planets
is there, then the native begets children according to the strength of the planet posited
in the 5th house.
10) The native gets the child soon after marriage if Venus is in the 9th and the Sun is in the
7th house from Venus.
11) The native gets problem in begetting a male child when the Sun is with Rahu or Ketu.
12) The native begets child through an unmarried other caste women if the 5th lord is in
the 8th and Saturn and Rahu is on the 5th.
13) Generally Rahu, Sun, Moon, Jupiter, Venus and Mercury do not create any problem
when they are placed alone in the 5th house. It is the Mars and Ketu who creates

problems in begetting a child. But if there is the aspect of Jupiter or Venus or a strong
lagna lord falls on them this problem becomes inactive and the native of this type
begets the child but after a long run.
However, it has been stated in our shastras that the childlessness may come into action

due to some curses incurred by the native. Hereunder, I am mentioning some of the yogas
mentioned by our Sages. Readers should be careful while applying the rules :
1) If Rahu occupies the 5th house aspected by Mars the childlessness is due to the curse
of serpents.

2) In case of Ketu the curse is of pregnant snake who was killed by the native.
3) If Sun is in the 5th and hemmed between malefics, associated with Rahu/Ketu the
curse is of Lord Shiva or of a Shaiva saint.
4) If Saturn (debilitated) occupies the 5th house and the 5th lord is associated with Rahu
the childlessness is due to the curse of forefathers.
There are a large number of yogas stated in the classical texts. Our intention is not to
go through all the rules but to make it very simple and easy to undrstand.
Lastly, we can say from the sages word that the native should not marry a barren woman,
very lean and weak woman, a woman hwo has not started menstruating, ill woman, hard

hearted woman and a bulky woman, because these cannot give him progenial pleasure.

Chapter -XIII
Sixth House / Roga Bhava :
It will be extremely unfair and injustice to the 6th house/6th lord if we say that this
house is solely responsible for our diseases and miseries. This is the house which gives victory

over enemy and this house has some roles to play with our Karma. It is a trine house of the
house no. 2 and 10. Any planet posited any where and devoid of strength can give diseases of
various types. So, at first we should know about the diseases given by the planets. Hereunder,
a table has been given and afterwards we will proceed for the combined effects of the planets.

Planets Diseases
Sun Diseases of the brain & head, fever, Heart diseases, migrain, hysteria,
Eye disease.

Moon Cold-cough, unstable mind, mental diseases, stomach disorder,
rheumatism, T.B. Menstrual disturbance, Cancer.
Mars Diseases related with biles, dyspepsia, Teeth problem, problem in bone
marrow, blood impurities, wounds, cuts, fevers, menstrual problems and
problem of private parts for the females.
Mercury Nervousness, skin diseases, coryza, disorder of nervous system, problem
in speech, sneezing.
Jupiter Liver problem, jaundice, pleurisy, heart diseases, unnecessary flesh, artery

Venus Phlegmatic disease, diabetese, Blood-sugar, sexual diseases, lack of
semen power, Veneral and urinary diseases.
Saturn Cold-cough, windy diseases, T.B. tooth problem, arthritis, pain in the
legs and joint problem (knee).

Rahu Liver trouble, ulcers, diseases arising from excessive alchohol addiction,
leprosy, skin disease.
Ketu Skin diseases, accident by fires, problems in private parts, obstruction
in clearing bowels.

Generally the planets when posited adversely are used to give the following diseases.
When any planet is debilated in the 6th bhava is a sure shot formula of the above diseases.
For an example, when Saturn is placed in the Mesha of any ascendant then the native is

bound to suffer from phlegmatic diseases, diseses of bones, cold-coughs etc. etc. Another
important point should be kept in mind that when the 6th lord is debilitated or placed in the
star of another debilitated planet or of an enemy planet it is used to give several types of
diseases. When the Lagna/ascendant lord is strong then the native does not use to fall in
sickness very easily, but, when the Lagna lord is also weak the person is used to suffer much.
Here I am giving some yogas for various diseases mentioned in the classical texts
(combined effects).

Indigestion :
1) 5th lord debilitated and Rahu is in the 5th.
2) Lagna lord, 8th lord and Jupiter placed in a single house.
3) Weak 2nd lord with 4th and 7th lord.
4) Mars placed in Lagna Bhava and the 6th lord is weakly disposed.

5) Jupiter with Rahu especially in the 5th house.
6) Moon and Rahu 5th and 9th to each other.
Blidness :
1) The Sun, Moon, Mars alongwith Saturn placed either on 8th, 2nd, 6tth or on 12th.

2) Debilitated Sun with Saturn and Rahu.
3) At the time of eclipse Sun is in Lagna bhava and Mars is in 5th, Saturn is in the 9th
4. If there is the combination between Saturn, Sun and the Moon then the native is used

to suffer from weak eyesight.
Epilepsy :
1) Saturn and the Moon placed in a single house, getting the aspect of the Mars.
2) Weak Moon placed in 8th and Mars, Saturn or Rahu is in the 5th/9th to Moon.
3) Debilitated Moon with Rahu getting the aspect of Saturn (Same Jala Tatwa House).
4) Rahu in ascendant and Moon and Saturn either in 6th or in the 8th house (Lagna lord
should be weak).
Piles :
1) Mars+Ketu placed in a single house.

2) Mars, Jupiter and Ketu either placed in a single house or 5th and 9th to each other. If
Moon also joining in this company it leads to cancer.
3) Saturn is in the Lagna Bhava and Mars is in the 7th house.
4) Lagna lord+Mars is placed in the 7th house while Saturn in the 12th house.

Mental problem:
1) Debilitated Moon with Rahu and Saturn.
2) Moon in conjunction with Rahu are placed in 5th or 9th to Mars and Saturn.

3) Saturn, Moon and Ketu conjoined in any house especially in the ascendant.
4) Sun and Moon in ascendant and Saturn with Mars in 5th or in 9th house.
5) Moon heavily affliced by Mars, Saturn is in 5th or 9th to them, Rahu in the 12th house
and Venus posited in the 8th.

Hydrocele :
1) Mars (weak) in Lagna bhava.
2) Rahu, Mars and Moon all are in a Jala (Watery) Rasi.
Tuberculosis :
1) Moon hemmed between Saturn and Mars, Sun is in capricorn.
2) Sun with Rahu and Mars, Saturn with debilitated Moon.
3) Rahu & Mars either on 2nd, 4th or in 8th, Moon is in 5th or 7th or 9th to them.
4) Moon hemmed between two malefic and Saturn is in the 7th.
5) Mars and Saturn both are giving aspect on Lagna, Lagna lord and Moon simultaneously
weakly posited.
Skin disease :

1) Moon, Mercury, Ketu and Saturn all are placed in a single house.
2) Mars, Mercury and Ketu connected with each other.
3) Mercury, Saturn & Rahu related to each other.

Blood Related disease:
1) Saturn, Mars, Rahu and Ravi (Sun) in Lagna bhava - blood impurity or polluted blood.
If Moon also joins or aspects then it leads to Cancer.
2) Mars and Moon hemmed between malefics and placed in Kanya Rasi denotes about

impure blood circulation.
3) Debilitated Mars placed in the 7th bhava with Rahu and Jupiter aspects them – polluted
4) Mars and Jupiter either placed in a single sign or 5th or 9th to each other indicates
about high B.P.
Menstrual disorder :
1) More than one malefic planet is posited in the 8th bhava.
2) Rahu, Mars and Moon either placed in a single sign or in 5th or 9th each other.

3) Vrishchika Rasi is occupited by 3 or 4 malefic planet and Mars is not much powerful.
4) Venus+ketu indicates uterus problems.
5) Venus+Moon+Ketu – Urinary tract infection (U.T.I.)

Heart Problem :
1) 4th lord debilitated, Mars aspected by Rahu and placed on the 4th house.
2) Sun+Mars+Rahu in a single house or 5th or 9th to each other.
3) Sun+Mars aspected by Jupiter.

5) Debilitated Sun, weak lagna lord in 8th house and Mars is placed on the 4th house.
Rheumatic pain:
1) Saturn is in the ascendant, Mars either placed on a trine or in the 7th house.
2) Debilitated/weak Moon with Saturn and placed in the 12th.

3) Rahu and Jupiter placed in a single house.

4) Jupiter+Ketu+Moon.
5) Saturn + Ketu + Moon .
Dental Problem :
1) Saturn + Sun + Rahu/Ketu in the ascendant.
2) Moon or Rahu in the 12th house, Saturn is on a trine house and Sun either on 7th or in
the 8th house.
3) Saturn + Mars on any house.
4) Combination of Saturn+Mars + 2nd lord.
Cold - cough and asthma :
1) Saturn + Moon – Cold & Cough related problems.
2) Jupiter+Moon – Cold and cough related problems.

3) Moon in the 6th/8th/12th house and Jupiter in a Jala Rasi – Cold & Cough related
4) Moon+Ven+Jupiter – Asthma.
5) Moon+Jupiter+Saturn+Ketu – Chronic Asthma.

6) Saturn +Moon+Ketu – Asthma.
7) Debilitated Saturn is in the Lagna and Moon is in the 8th.

There are so many diseases. Though, here we have dealth with some common diseases

one can predict accurately if follow the Karakatwa of planets. We should go with the
combinations and the relations with the life saving planet Jupiter (In case of female it is the
Venus). If Jupiter is strong and not forming any relations with transit Rahu/Ketu (5th or 7th
or 9th relation) the disease will get proper treatment and the person concerned will get relief
very soon. If it is otherwise, the result will vary.
Chapter -XIV

Vivaha Bhava :
This is a very very complicated chapter in one’s life. Marriage can turn one’s life into
heaven from the hell or otherwise. It has been seen by us that a common fellow becomes an
uncommon after marriage. In India we used to call the ladies as ‘Gruha Lakshmi’. So ladies

was highly praised by our ancients. They have made several attempts to make conjugal life
happy and purposeful. For that they have given some formulas and clues to match the chart
before marriage and we will discuss it in latter pages. At first we will see the language of the
planets relating to marital affairs.

For getting marital bliss we have to judge mainly the 9th house, lagna, 5th house, 7th
house, Venus, Mars and the saviour Jupiter. For male natives Venus is the stree Karaka and
malefic planet conjoined or associated with Shukra can destroy the marital bliss. Whereas,
for females Mars is the husband and any malefic effects on Mars can mar the marital bliss for

Here, we will go with the Venus and 7th house first for the males and Mars with the 7th
house for the females.
1. One will obtain a devout wife if the 7th house is occupied by a benefic planet while
Venus himself is conjunct another benefic and the 7th lord is strong.
2. The native will get a very good wife if the Lagna lord is in the 7th and Venus himself
is in the Lagna house.
3. The native will get a very devout wife if Venus occupy the 9th house / except the sign
virgo) while the 7th lord from Venus be in a friendly sign as Jupiter is related to the
7th house.
4. If the 2nd house is occupied by the lords of the 2nd and 7th be in aspect to Venus /
Mercury, the native will obtain an excellent wife who will be chaste and learned.

5. The native will get very well mannered and fortunate wife if the 7th lord is in the 5th
along with a benefic planet while the 2nd house contains a benefic planet and Venus is
free from any malefic aspect.
6. If the 9th lord is with the Sun while the 4th lord is in an angle from the ascendant as

the Moon is in the 5th from the 7th house, the native will have only one marriage and
his wife will make him a successful house holder. [This rule is not applicable for the
Taurus Lagna].
7. A happy married life is denoted by the assimilation of the 2nd and 7th lord in a trine.

This rules is applied for both sexes i.e. for males and females.
8. If the 2nd and 3rd lord join Venus in a trine from the ascendant and be in aspect to
Jupiter the native will be an adept in enjoying sexual bliss with the females.
9) The antive will have only one marriage and be exclusively attached to his spouse if the
5th house is occupied by the lord of the 10th and Jupiter while the 11th lord is in the
4th in the company of Rahu.
10) The same effect will be followed if the 7th lord is in the 9th along with the 2nd lord.
Simultaneously, Venus should be strong.
11) Similar result will be followed if the Moon is in the ascendant while the 2nd house is

aspected by a benefic as the 7th lord from Venus is in a trine.

12) The 2nd lord in the 3rd, the 3rd lord in the 7th, the 9th lord in aspect to the lord of the
4th : this yoga will give similar results.
13) If Saturn and Mercury join in an angle while Jupiter is in the 5th and Moon is in the 5th from

the 7th house, the native will have a pre marital affair but will later on acquire a wife.
14) The native will not be trust worthy to beget a bride if in his nativity the lords of the
7th and 6th conjunct Venus. So to say, he will not prove a reliable partner.
15) Venus+Mars placed on the 8th house and receiving the aspect of the Moon will make

one of loose morals.

Here are some good yogas for the female natives :

The native will have a long marital happy state, fortune, favour and luck if :-

a) The lord of the 7th joins lagna with its lord and is aspected by Venus.
b) The lord of 7th occupies the 7th and joins the lord of lagna and is aspected by Guru
and Chandra.
c) Mars and Venus posited in a jupiter’s sign, aspected by Jupiter and not related to Rahu/
d) Venus well posited either on his own house or in moolatrikona house, Sun and Mars in
the 11th sign from Venus.
e) Venus and Saturn not related with each other while Mars is with Jupiter or in aspect to
f) The Sun occupies his highest exaltation point with a benefic planet like Jupiter, Mars
not afflicted by either Rahu or Saturn and the birth falls in a fixed sign.
g) If Lagna falls in the sign Kanya with Budha (Mercury) combined there. Guru in the

11th, Sukra in the 2nd and Purna Chandra in 10th house.
For getting a peaceful marital life of female natives it is a must that Mars should be
unafflicted by malefic planets like Rahu, Saturn, Ketu etc. etc.
We know that any planet can cause widowhood but special attention should be paid to

Mars’s position. Apart from 2nd, 7th and 8th lord Kujas position alone in the 8th house in a
Agni (Fiery) Rasi in 12th to Rahu is very dangerous for husband longivity. In this case we
have to forewarn the native before marriage. We should say that Horoscope matching is a
must for this native (we will discuss it briefly in the next page).

Unmarried Yoga :
1) If thre is no relation in between Jupiter, Venus. Saturn and MArs we can be sure that
the native will be a bachelor or an unmarried one. i.e. the relation must be between Venus and
Saturn, Saturn & Mars, Saturn and Jupiter, Jupiter and Venujs, Jupiter and Mars, Venus and
Mars etc. etc. This rule is applicable for males as well as for females also.
Some Astrologers use to treat Satun as the most against planet of marriage. But careful
observation will reveal that Satrun used to delay the marriage but not deny the marriage.
One more things has been observed from more than 1000 charts that in a female case if
Venus is with his bossom friends like Mercury, Saturn and Rahu whereas Mars is either with

Ketu or 5th/9th to it gives some sorrows in matters of marital affairs.

In case of male natives if Rahu, Saturn and Mercury be posited in between Mars and
Venus then there will be the least chance of marriage and the alike.
In this case if Ketu also join Moon the intestity will be high.

Now, the question is if marriage is promised then when? Whether early or late.
Early marriage is indicated when –
1) There is the close relation between Lagna lord and the 7th lord.
2) For Male natives Mars and Venus are placed in nearby houses to each other.

3) For female natives Venus is placed in 12th or 11th or in nearby house to Mars. There
should be no oppostie group of planets between the two.
Delayed Marriage :
1) Venus placed in the 3rd house from Lagna and the 7th lord in the 9th house denotes

marriage after 30 years of age.

2) Venus with a malefic in the 2nd house and 7th lord occupying a trine house with a
malefic, marriage after 35 years of age.
3) Moon is plaed with Ketu and Venus is placed in the star of Saturn while Saturn is
related with the above i.e. Moon and Ketu.
4) Debilitated 7th lord placed in 6th or 8th or 12th house and related with more than one
enemy planets of its own.
For female natives :
1) Mars is related with either Ketu/Rahu without the association or aspect of Jupiter.
2) Mars and Saturn placed in a single house or 5th/9th to each other.
3) Saturn or Rahu is placed between Mars and Venus. For example, suppose in a female
native Mars is placed in Taurus, Saturn is placed in Tula and Rahu is placed in Gemini.

Venus is in Cancer. Then Saturn and Rahu are in 5th and 9th to each other and it will not
allow the Mars (husband) to go and meet with Venus. So, the marriage will be delayed or
there will be severe hidden obstruction for the native to be the wife of someone
.4) Venus related with more than one friendly planet like Mercury, Rahu, Saturn etc. will

create obstruction in marriage.
For Male natives :
1) Venus and Saturn placed in a single house.
2) 7th lord debilitated and simultaneously Venus is also weak.

3) Inter relation between Saturn, Moon and Ketu will create a mind full of aesthetic
thoughts and the native in this case doesnot wish to enter into wed lock.
Those are some of the yogas collected from various granthas. Here, one must not forget
the now-a-days marriage before 21 years for males and 18 years for females is almost in
nowhere and it is a civil offence. So, before predicting marriage one should keep in mind
about the fact. One more thing is delayed marriage in India is somewhat different from the
Europeans. Here, for a female natie if marriage yogas are there after 25 or 26 and for males
if it is after 30 or 33 then only we will call it a delayed marriage or otherwise not. Everyone
now needs education and establishment. And everyone is aware of the fact that today’s young

generation does not want to enter into the marital bond unitl they are fully established. These
problems werenot there in the earlier ages and if we overlook those and go to give the
prediction we are sure to invite some slanders.
After discussing shortly about the marriage yogas, age etc. etc. here we will discuss about

one more important topic of marriage. That is the marriage matching, the most vital point.
Marriage means union of two hearts, it is the attachment with the family. Without a
family or a spouse a person is like an aimles vessel. It has been seen by us that marriage can
turn one’s life into heaven from the hell. Obviously it is also true that sometimes this sacred

knot becomes the source of tears. But this is less in percentage and to avoid this type of
situation we need to check the horoscope of two i.e. the bride’s and the groom’s and this is
called marriage matching. About the matching we all are aware about the ‘AstaKuta’ means
the 8 types of Kuta. But my earnest request to the Astrologer that this is not enough to match.

Among the 8 kutas attention should be paid to the (1) Yoni Kuta, (2) Graha Maitrikuta,
3) Bhakoota and (4) Nadi Koota. These 4 has a big role to play in judging mutual compatibility.
There is a wrong notion in the public about the Ganakoota. Gana is nothing but only the class
of mind or we can say that this fellow is like a traditionalist or conventionalist etc. etc. There
are three type of Gana as the human beings are (1) Deva Gana - They can cope-up with any
person and with any type of situation very easily.
(2) Manusya Gana - They are very conventional or we can say that they are traditionalist. They love to
keep the whole world systematically. They are followers of the old rules. Old is gold to them.
3) Raksasa Gana - They are very analytical. They use to posses a very analytical type of
mind. Without testing they do not belive in anything. They believe that the rules are made by
the man and they can change and make some new rules. So, from the above mentioned
discussions it is very clear that there is no relation of death and long life with the Ganas.

Here, some points are hereunder which should judged before giving a cleanchit
(Horoscope matching).
(1) There should be good harmony of Mars and Venus in two charts. That means Mars and
Venus should not be in 6th and 8th from each other’s chart. For example, suppose in

the boy’s chart which is under consideration is having Venus in Taurus and if the Mars
is in Taurus in the lady’s chart which is under consideration. The couple’s charms or
attractions for each other will be awesome or we can say that everlasting charm will be
there. But suppose in the lady’s case the Mars is in Sagittarius then the charmness of

mutual bonding will disappear very soon.
2) More attention should be paid on Nakshatras (Constellations). Suppose one is of
Vrischika Rasi and Anuradha constellation and another one is of Makara Rasi and
Dhanistha constellation. Then it is bound to be a disharmonious mental matching of
the two couple. So, this point should be kept in mind.
3) For marital harmony particularly for a female native it is undesireble to have Mars and
Rahu in a single house or 5th and 9th relation between them. It may bring untimely
widowhood. In this case in matching the chart we should find the relationship of the
Jupiter, the saviour.

4) In marriage matching we should see the position of Saturn and Mars in both the chart.
It is not desireable to have impact of both planets on a single house. Suppose, one’s
Mars is on Kanya and another one’s Saturn is on the same Rasi Kanya then it will be a
quarrelling family or there will be never ending quarrel between the two.

5) The same is for Rahu also. The samething we should see in response to Rahu and
6) We should look for the sexual desire or urge of the two.
7) Progeny factor is very important. And for this in male chart we should go with the

planet Sun and the 5th house and in a female case Venus with the 5th house (Already
8) Bed comfort, separation, adjustability, unnecessary litigations etc. etc. should not be

When the 12th house, Venus and Mars is weak the person concerned suffers from
litigations and bedpleasure or bed comfot is used to be hampered. Apart from so many angles
to determine a happy married life here only the main points have been noted. And the request
to the Astrologes that they should approach logically and they should apply their own reasoning
power while dealing with the most vital chapter of one’s life. And last but not the least is the
marriage muhurta. An auspicious muhurta can cancel some minor difficulties. So, it is also
our duty to fix an auspicious muhurta after tallying the two charts which is concerned for.
Now, the question is which should be considered as the auspicious moment for marraige.
Old classical text writers have discussed it in brief. Here, we will also discuss it briefly but
in a different manner. It is said that an auspicious work should be done in an auspicious
moment or, in other words, we can say that if any auspicious work is done in an auspicious
moment the output will be always satisfactory. Marriage is a very very important event of

one’s life. So attention must be paid on this issue.
The good muhurta for marriage can be choosen in two ways, no. (1) Naadi method and
(2) Traditional method.
In Naadi method we are mainly interested about Hora lord and sub Hora lord and the

other factors will be the month, year and day lord. Here, I should clarify the above rules.
Each day is divided into some planetary Horas starting from the Sunrise. The first Hora Lord
will be the weekday lord and the next one will be the sixth day and the 3rd one will be again
the sixth day from the same. Every Hora is of one hour only. For an example, the Sun will be

the first Hora lord of Sunday and the Venus, the sixth day lord will be the 2nd Hora lord and
the Mercury will be the next Hora lord after Venus. If Sun rises on the same day at 6:00 hours
then, the Sun Hora will last for 1 hour = 6+1 = upto 7 O’clock and Venus will be upto 7:00
hrs + 1 hrs. = 8:00 Hrs. and Mercury will be upto 9:00 hrs and so on. For the subhoras same
cycle will be followed. Within that particular period i.e. one hour the 7 planets are used to
dominate some particular moment. 1 hour is equal to 60 minutes, 60 divided by 7 = 8.33
minutes (app). So, under Sun main Hora Sun’s sub Hora will be of 6:00 hrs. + 8.33 min =
6:08:33, Venus sub Hora will be 6:08:33+8:33 = 6:17:06 Hrs and Mercury’s will be
6:17:06+8:33 and so on. The same cyclic order should be followed under Venus main and so

on. The Month lord will be the firstday lord when Hindu month is started. Suppose the Shravana
Masa is strting on Monday or the 1st Shravana is Monday, the Month lord will be the Moon.
The year lord is the day lord when the Hindu new year begins. Suppose the 1st Vaisakha falls
on a Sunday the year lord will be the Sun. In the same manner year lord and month lord is

decided. For the better convenience of the readers the Hora chart is given under.


The following Hora Table is According to their appropriate International Timings Commencing From the Time the Sun Rises
and Till the next day’s Sun Rise and to be used at their respective countries/places.



P.M. A.M.



Note : It is taken for consideration that Sun Rises at 6-00 A.M.

Accordingly the above Hora Table is prepared where the Hora changes with an interva/Duration of each one hour and is
continued for 24 Hora for 24 hours. Also please note that considering Respective countries and according to their exact Sun
Rise Timings Let one Hour shall be added for each Hora Thus Totalling 24 Horas.
In case of male natives we will be interested about the planet Venus and in female case it is the
Mars. But as the marriage is the union of two hearts the moment at the time of marriage should be
operated by Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn and the Sun. At least three should operate the period. That is
the condition. But one more interesting thing should be kept in mind that they should be inter-related at
that very particular moment. About the relationship we have already talked and here one more

relationship, that is the constellitional (Nakshatra) relationship may be considred.
The readers are requested to do much practise in this field before giving their final judgement.
The next method which is in vogue is also a good one. Here I am mentioning the same. In this
method we are interested in (1) Lagna (2) Tara bala (3) Tithi (4) Yoga and (5) Moon.

The Ascendant or Lagna plays an important role. When the Ascendant is occupied by one of the
benefic Grahas like Jupiter, Venus or Mercury, the time is considered as very auspicious. When the
Lagna is occupied by some malefic planets like Sun, Mars, Rahu, Ketu it is considered as inauspicious
is it may turn into widowhood, separatation or utter poverty. Malefic planets should not occupy the 5th

or 9th house from the marriage Lagna. The 7th and 8th house from Lagna should be vacant. In choosing
or fixing the marriage muhurta the following position of planets should be avoided —
i) The Sun in 1 & 7
ii) The Moon in 1,6,7,8, and 12
iii) The Mars in 1,7 and 8
iv) The Mercury in 7 and 8
v) Venus in 6th house.
vi) Jupiter in 7 and 8
vii) Rahu / Ketu in 1, 4, 7 and 8

The Lagna of marriage should not be the 8th Rasi from the janma lagna of either the bride or the
However, it is said that when the sun occupy the 11th house of marriage lagna and benefics like
Venus, Jupiter or Mercury occupy the lagna Bhava then they remove all the evils and bring prosperity in
married life.

An Example :
D.O.B. : 11th Nov 1984
T.O.B : 5:05 A.M.
P.O.B.: 21°53’ N, 88°11’ E




This is the case of a female native. The chart is not good enough for happy married life. The
7th lord Mars from Lagna as well as from Chandra Lagna though exaltated, but Rahu is in the
fifth from Mars, Rahu is also exaltated with highly exaltated Moon (Yoga of mental delusion).
Lagna is occupied by the exaltated Saturn and debilitated Sun, the 4th and 5th lord with the
11th lord. The 2nd house is occupied by Mercury + Ketu Both are the enemies of each other.

The only point which should be considered as good is Jupiter is in his own house but with
Venus. When the chart came for consideration I gave them the suitable date and time for
marriage ceremony. It was held on 20th April 2008 after midnight. And now she is maintaining
her family life quite well with a female baby.

So, some minor defects or unnecessary marital hazard can be overcome by the proper
selection of marriage muhurta.


Chapter -XV
Ayur Bhava :
Ayu or Life-span is also very vital. Without a long life one can not enjoy the fruits of
the good yogas whatever he or she has in his/her birth chart. Thre may be some Raja-yogas in

the chart but if the Lagna lord, 8th lord, Saturn, Jupiter does not allow the native to enjoy a
long life then all the yogas will be nothing but meaningless. In the earlier chapters we have
already talked about the life-span i.e. short life, long life etc. etc. Here we will discuss the
yogas, planetary combinations for short life, medium life and for long life etc. etc. Instead

the varioius books on Astrology give a number of combinations for ‘Balarishta’ and ‘Pataki
Ristha’. These rules give the planetary combinations for premature death and it is not proposed
to list them here as they are rather exhaustive and will not come under the limited purview of
this book. But the essential clues to determine the shortlife, medium life and the long life are

briefly given for the student to form a quick judgement regarding the life span of the native.
Hereunder I am giving very secret simple Nadi Astrology’s formula to determine the
same. These rules have been verified by the author and hence one can safely rely on these
Short Life :
1) Jupiter, the life Karaka or the life propeller is with Rahu and Saturn is with Ketu.
2) Saturn is in 5th or 9th to Ketu and Jupiter is with Rahu or vice versa.
3) Jupiter, Mars and Rahu are connected with each other and simultaenously Saturn weakly

4) Jupiter singly posited and no other planet either on 7th, 5th, 9th, 3rd or 11th, Saturn is
with Ketu or inthe 5th or 9th from Ketu.
Middle Life :
1) Jupiter is with Rahu and Saturn is in the 12th from Ketu.
2) Jupiter retrograde, Rahu is in 12th from Jupiter and Ketu is in trine house to Saturn.

3) Jupiter is in mutual exchange with Moon and Saturn is related either with Rahu/Ketu.
full Life (Purnayu) :
1) Jupiter is exalted or own house without the aspect of Rahu.

2) Jupiter and Saturn are mutualy connected or posited in a single Rasi. Rahu - Ketu is
not related with this combination.
3) Jupiter and Mars not related with each other or Mars and Rahu has no connection with
each other.

Those are the naadi rules for judging life span. Now, the question is what should be
called as the short life, middle life and long life. According to our Shastra from childhood to
30 years span is called the short life or ‘alpayu’. When thre will be the death within 30 years
we will call it alpayu. From 30-60 years is called ‘maddhayu’ or middle life and when it will
be above 60 then we will call it as full life or ‘dhirghayu’. (According to the present age)
Here again I am giving some rules from traditional Astrology which will be easy to
understand for the beginers.
Short Life :
1) Lord of lagna being very weak and indebilitation while the lord of the 8th sign counted
from lagna is strong and Rahu is in the 5th , short life is indicated.
2) If the Lagna lord is inimically disposed of, Saturn and the ruler of the 8th lord is weak,
benefic planet like Jupiter, Venus are devoid of strength while malefics like Rahu,

Mars and Ketu are very strong indicate short life.
3) If malefics occupy the kendras and the 8th house, or, if malefics occupy Lagna and the
7th house and both sides of the Lagna and the Moon are occupied by malefics i.e. 2nd
and 12th house, weak Moon associated with malefics occupies the Lagna or 7th or 5th,

or 6, 8, 12 and at the same time malefics occupy the 7th and 8th house, short life is
Middle Life :
1) Lord of Lagna in a chara (moveable) rasi and lord is posited in a ubhaya (Dual) rasi.

2) Lord of Lagna in a fixed (Sthira) rasi while the eight lord is in a moveable rasi.
3) Lord of lagna and the 8th lord both is in a dual rasi.
4) If benefic planets and the lord of Lagna occupy ‘Panaphara’ houses (2, 5, 8 and 11)
they give medium life.
5) If benefics inthe horoscope are slightly greater in strength than the malefics, middle
life is indicated.
6) Among the lords of the Lagna, 8th and 10th, if two are strong, middle life is indicated.
Full Life (Poornayu) :
1) Lagna lord is stronger than the eighth lord, all the benefics are in Trikona houses and

malefics are either in 3, 6, 8 or in 12th house.

2) If the lords of the Lagna, eighth and tenth are in Kendra/Trikona and not associated
with malefics then the native will get a long lease of life.
3) If a benefic planet like Venus or Jupiter occupy the lagna in exaltation and not associated

with malefics like Rahu, it will bestow a long life to the native.
4) If the lord of Lagna, 8th and 10th are in full strength the native will get a long life.

The students are requested not to venture into prediction about the longivity immediately

without seeing all the combinations. The Astrological authorities have also given combinations
for life span extending even beyond 120 which they say, happens in the case of great Sages,
Saints, and yogis. For an example if one practice ‘Swara-Sadhana’ or breathing control he/
she will live long. The year alloted for a planet may extend upto double or triple under some

circumstances and that should be kept in mind.

Here again, I am going to give some special yoga depending upon the placement of
various planets i.e. relation between the planets. Here the houses are less important and the
positional strength of planets is vital. The purpose is to aware the students about the positional
strength of planets. The marvels of Indian Astrology is underlying on planetary yogas. Our
sages have paid much attention on these yogas. In the advanced stage we will learn when the
Ayu alloted for different planets will be doubled or trippled. Here is a general information
about the age alloted for different planets –
Planets Age
Sun 19 years
Moon - 25 years
Mars - 15 years

Mercury - 12 years
Jupiter - 15 years
Venus - 21 years
Sat - 20 years

When the planets are exalted they use to bestow above mentioned years to the native.
Here again, I am giving a short formula to judge whether it is a case of short, middle or long
life of Sage parasara :–
First ascertain the 8th lord from Lagna and from the 7th. The strongest between the

two will finally decide the Ayu factor. If the said one is in a Kendra then it is a long life. If it
is in the ‘Panaphara’ (2/5/11) then midele life & if it is in the ‘Apoklim’ (3/6/12) then the
short life is indicated.
Here are some yogas :–
According to Sage Sukracharya –
1) If Moon and Saturn occupy the 7th house from Rahu as Jupiter is in the 4th from the
Sun and malefics afflicting the 3rd and 8th from the ascendant will not allow the native
to enjoy the life for a longer period.
2) If Saturn occupies the sixth sign counted from the one occupied by the lord of the 4th,

Mars ocupying the 4th from the said Saturn as the 8th lord is in angle, there will exist
scope of premature death right in the childhood.
3) The child will die within a year of his birth if the planet ruling 8th house from the Sun
occupies the ascendant while the planet ruling the 8th house from Saturn conjunct the

4) 9th lord posited in the 5th house while the 5th lord is in the 8th, death will take place
in the major period of the 5th lord and in the sub period of the 8th lord. (Middle age)
5) If the 9th lord is in the 7th in aspect to the 8th lord, death will come to pass in the 10th

lord’s major period and in his very same sub period (case of midele age).
6) The major period of Rahu and Saturn’s subperiod will inflict death during mid-life if
Saturn and the 8th lord are in opposition in inimical signs while Rahu is in the 2nd
house. Simultaneously the 8th house be afflicted by malefics while the angles are

captured by the 2nd and 12th lords.

7) If the lords of the 4 angles occupy trines while Saturn is unafflicted and related with
benefics the subjuct will live for a hundred years.
8) Long life should be predicted when the 8th lord is in the 4th from Saturn while the
Moon is in the 2nd from Saturn.
9) Full life span may be declared if the 8th lord is planked by benefics while Jupiter or
Venus is in the 4th/7th from Saturn as the Moon is in the 12th from Sun.
There are several unlike yogas mentioned in the Granthas where several Sages paid
attention to the Saturn. So the position of Jupiter and Saturn should be looked before going
into prediction.
Here is two examples where Saturn and Jupiter played their role in inflicting death.
Ex-1 : Mr. Sanjay Gandhi.

D/b : 14-12-1946 17°58’

P/B : Delhi
T/B - 09-46-29 A.M. 15°15’

Mr. Sanjay Gandhi

MER-8°20’ VEN-23°39’

KET-17°58’ JUP-23°53’
4°33’ SUN-28°27’

He was the son of our late Prime Minister Smt. Indira MARS

Gandhi. He survived for only 33 years 6 months and ASC MER

some days. The date of his demise 23rd June 1980. Now, KET
it is obviously a case of premature death. But as he 10
crossed the age of 30 so it is not coming under early
death. But belonging in middle age category. Look here, JUP
Sat-Ketu 5th and 9th to each other. Jupiter is with Venus

in Venus’s own house Tula, the Moola trikona house of RAHU SAT
Venus.Degreewise they both are almost in the same
position, became weak. Here, one thing must be noted MOON
that though Jupiter is weak but not related to Rahu. So

he crossed the 30 years of age. In another way we can say that –

1) Lagna lord is in the 7th and 7th lord is in the 8th.
2) 4th and 11th lord Mars is in the star of Ketu and placed in the 12th bhava.
3) 8th lord Sun is with Ketu and in Rasi-Sandhi (28°27’).

4) Lord of the 8th house is in a moveable Rasi whereas Moon is in a fixed Rasi. So in both way it
is confirming that the native will not have a long span of life and practically that thas happened.
5) The yogas mentioned earlier said that 8th house is for getting a long life, 8th lord

should be 4th to Saturn while the Moon is 2nd to Saturn. Here the Moon is obviously in the
2nd to Saturn but the 8th lord Sun is in 5th to Saturn and overall it is not plunked by benefics
(Sun is with Ketu and Mars is in 2nd to Sun).
Ex-2 :
This is a case of short life. The young boy breathed his last when he was only 14 years 6
months & 18 days on a car accident. His birth chart is given below :
D.O.B.: 14th November, 1979
P.O.B. : Mumbai
T.O.B : 0h - 20m I.S.T.
Planetary Longitude - Ascendant - 3 s 26°48’, Sun- 6 s27°13’, Moon - 4 s19°55’, Mars - 4 s3°36’,
Mercury(R)- 7 s10°48’, Jupiter - 4 s13°54’, Venus - 7 s17°00’, Sat - 5 s00°56’, Rahu - 4 s 10°53’
and Ketu - 10 s 10°53’

(5) L

SAT (2)

SUN (7) (1)
JUP (10)
MOON (12)

MERC(R) (11)

Here is the reason for getting a very short life – we can dcescribe it in Traditional system as
well as in Naadi system. Firstly going through the Naadi method.
Here Jupiter, Mars and Rahu are in the same house. Mars and Rahu are responsible for
accident. Jupiter and Rahu means the ending of life. Jupiter is the life and Moon is the mind
which is very fast. Overall Saturn though, is in the rasi Kanya but only for 0°56’ – Means it

will give the effect of Rasi Simha to some extent or one can say it is not much effective due
to its lesser degree. So, Saturn was unable to save the boy. The boy died in an accident when
he was crossing the road. Mark Jupiter = Life and Moon = Mind (unstable) Mars+Rahu =
accident. Now coming to the traditional one
1) The7th and 8th lord is in the 3rd, Apoklime house.

2) Sun is debilitated and not plunked by benefies.

3) The 7th and 8th lord Saturn is weak and hemmed between enemy planets.
4) The Lagna lord Moon is with malefic planets like Mars and Rahu.
Now, the transit position of the planet of the same deate (date of accident) will reveal the actual story.


Death Date - 2nd June 1994
at 9:15 p.m.

Transit Chart of


Mark here, The 7th and 8th lord Saturn was passing through the sign Kumbha, where his
natal Ketu is situated. Jupiter and Rahu both was on Libra and in the 7th from Libra is Mesha
and Mars was passing through it. Mesha and Leo is the 5th and 9th sign to each other. From
the above discussion we are clear that there formed two group-one is Saturn and Ketu and
another is Mars+Jup+Rahu+Ketu+Sun. The vital formula is Jupiter and Rahu’s connection in

the Gochara and at the same time Saturn and Ketu’s. In this way we have to judge and predict.
With the help of transit one can easily predict the exact date. But as our Sages have dicted us
not to foretell about the exact year, month and date. So it is better to avoid this. It will be a
right thing to do is to say those years will be trouble some etc. etc. or the native should take

care of his or health on so and so years.

Chapter -XVI
Bhgya Bhava :
It is rightly stated in the Granthas that ‘Bhagyam Falati Sarbatrena, Na cha Bidya Na
Paurosham’ . In practical life we have seen so many persons who have achieved the success
in defferent walks of their lives though they are from very poor family or they have only

some poor education. On the contrary, we can say that there are so many people who are well
educated and have sound family background but fail to leave the mark. Anyone can check
this and I am sure that they will get lot of people of the said category.
Now, the question is why this is so? The answer must be the wrong deeds of the past

life. The chart or the Horoscope is the blue print of a native. it indicates the accumulated
results of the past. And the chart will indicate the type of accumulated results, whether bad or
In the traditional system we use to judge this matter from the 9th house, 9th lord and

the aspect on the 9th house. But this rule sometimes become inactive and put us in an akward
situation. So, in the Naadi system it has been stated that Jupiter, the owner of the 9th house
of the natural zodiac should be looked at . It is obviously true that we have already seen
several yogas to change one’s life. Lagna lord, if posited in a good house and gets the support

of Jupiter or other friendly planet can bring good fortune for the native. So, here we will
judge the ‘Bhagya Bhava’ from 9th house/its lord and from Jupiter, the 9th house lord of the
natural zodiac. For an example, you can see the chart of Mr. Amitabh Bachchan. Following is
his chart.
D.O.B. : 11-10-1942
T.O.B. : 4 p.m.
P.O.B. : Allahabad





See here, Jupiter is exalted and making 3rd and 11th yoga with Lagna lord Saturn in
one side and with Sun, Venus, Mars and Mercury on the other side. Thus it makes him enough

fortunate to enjoy all the paraphernalia of life. Otherwise, his 4th and 9th lord is in its sign of
fall and 9th house is tenanted by weak Moon.
So, Jupiter is an important planet to make one enough fortunate.
Here are some yogas which can make one highly fortunate.
1. Should the ascendant lord be in angle or in a trine and be in aspect to a benefic, the
native will be very fortunate and will enjoy abundant wealth and lands.
2. Should Jupiter aspect the ascendant or a planet capable of bestowing vices, evil
disposition etc., the native will be free from such blemishes. In effect he will further

become famous.
3. If the lord of the ascendant is with strength and be in aspect to Jupiter, the person
concerned will be endowed with virtues, fame and wealth.
4. One will become widely famous and fortunate if Jupiter is in the ascendant and be
aspected by the 5th, 2nd or by the 9th lord.

5. One will enjoy imperishable and stainless fame if the ascendant lord is in the 9th while
the 9th lord is in the 4th, alternatively the 3rd lord counted from the Moon sign should
be in the 9th.

6. One will enjoy fortunes, happiness and comforts if the ascendant is occupied by the lords of
the 2nd and the 3rd in aspect to a benefic while the ascendant lord is in the 9th house.
7. Should benefics be in the 9th or in the 10th in the company of Jupiter while the Lagna
lord and Saturn occupies a good position the native will be fortunate and will enjoy all

the comforts of life.

8. The lord of the ascendant in the 10th house while the 10th lord is in the ascendant
along with the 2nd lord, the native will earn name and fame and will be fortunate.
9. If there is an exchange betweent he lords of the 5th and 9th, the ascendant lord is in the
5th and 7th lord in the ascendant one will be virtuous and will be highly fortunate.
10. If the 9th house is tenanted by both the lords of the ascendant and the 10th in aspect to
Jupiter or Venus the native will be fortunate and finally he will obtain Moksha.
Apart from the said yogas there are several yogas which can make one very fortunate
and happy. ‘Pancha Mahapurusha Yoga’ is one of them. Now we will discuss about the ‘Pancha
Mahapurush Yoga’. They are Malavya, Ruchaka, Sasa, Hamsa and Bhadra Yogas formed by
the several planets like Venus, mars, Saturn, Jupiter and Mercury respectively.
Malavya Yoga :

This is a special yoga formed by the planet Venus, when he is in his own sign or in the
sign of his exaltation which becomes the angle either from the ascendant or from the Moon.
In this yoga the native will be like a king, will posses splendour body and teeth and rule over
some placed (kings are no more).

Ruchaka Yoga :
Ruchaka yoga is caused by Mars when he is in its own sign or sign of its exaltation
which should fall an angular sign from the ascendant. In this yoga the native will be tall and
will have long face. He will be a leader, will conquer his enemies, will honour Gods and

Brahmins, will rule over some places and at the end will go to heavens.
Sasa Yoga :
The same is for Saturn. When he is exalted or posited in it’s own house identical with
an angular position it causes ‘Sasa Yoga’. This yoga will make one famous, will enjoy other’s
wealth, be interested in the fairsex, be very intelligent and will find fault of others, will have
eyes resembling the lotus, be very valorous and will have a long body. He will be a ruler of
some places and will die at the age of 70 years.
Hamsa Yoga :
Hamsa Yoga is formed by Jupiter, when he is in an angle and posited either in his own

house or the house of his exaltation. One born in ‘Hamsa Yoga’ will have a reddish face,
elevated nose, beautiful feet and will have great virile power. He will lord over Surasena
Gandharva and the places between the Ganges and Yamuna. His longivity will be hundred

Bhadra Yoga :
This is caused by the planet Mercury when he is in his own house Gemini or in Virgo.
But that should be the angular house from the ascendant or the Moon sign. The native of this
yoga will have a beautiful body, be valorous, firm in prowess, be righteous, be independant

in all his undertakings, will not forgive even his own men, will allow his friends to enjoy his
wealth, will be interested to females and will rule over the mid point of the country. He will
always be happy and will die at the age of 80 years.
Now, the question is the kings are nomore so we have to think that the individual will

be a vastly known or renowned figure.

The student/the readers may ask that there are so many persons who are having the
same yogas or atleast one of them but still suffering from poverty. Why and how this is
happening. In the first half of this book I have mentioned that there should be some support
of other friendly planets or otherwise these yogas will give minimum results. support of
some friendly planets will boost up the power of the said yoga and will give fruits. Suppose,
a Taurus native is having Venus in the Lagna, Jupiter in the 6th, Saturn in the 8th, Mercury in
the 12th, Sun in the 11th, Rahu in 7th and Ketu is with Venus in Lagna. So Venus is not
getting the desired support either from Jupiter, Saturn or from Mercury (though in the 12th to
Venus but in an enemies camp and as a 2nd and 5th lord 12th is a bad position). In this case
Venus is obstructed by Ketu. We can not expect much from the Venus alone in this case.
According to the general rule of Astrology an angular lord and a trinal lord can bestow

‘Raja-Yoga’ to the native. They can bestow the yoga in many ways like mutual exchange,
placed together in an auspicious house etc. etc.
How to Calculate the fortunes of an Individual :
Firstly, we have to look at the Lagna lord, whether it is placed in an auspicious house

or not. secondly, is there are subha yoga present in the chart. If yes, then on which aspect (i.e.
Financial, study, Land gain etc. etc.). Next step is to see whether there is any connection
between the Lagna lord and 9th lord or not? If yes, the native will overcome all the obstacles
with the help of his good luck. This yoga will reveal that the native has done much charity

and has done some good works in his or her previous life. Nextly, the most important thing is
Jupiter’s relation with either Lagna lord or with the 9th lord. Jupiter is having the power to
nullify the bad yogas. Venus is also in important planet for getting worldly pleasures. It should
not be debilitated or surrounded by the enemy planets. Saturn is a Karmakaraka planet and
Saturn should be free from malefic aspect or association. And lastly count where the 9th lord
from the Jupiter’s sign or Jupiter’s position, i.e. where he is situated. One can calculate so
many thigns from the Jupiter’s position in the Naadi system of Astrology. In the Nakshatra
Naadi system we use to see the constellational position of the planets. Suppose one’s 9th lord
is posited in the star of a planet who himself is in the 8th. In this case the native will get

severe obstructions in his or her own welfare. But here that much importance has not been
paid to the stars. But, for getting perfection one can see the constellational position of 9th
lord. If it is placed in the star of 6th or 8th lord the struggle will be somewhat more than the

For the convenience of the reader here I am giving the different results of the 9th lord
from the Jupiter’s position when posited in the different houses –
1) Jupiter’s 9th house lord is with Jupiter – The native will be prosperous, free from
danger and will respect the elders.

2) When Jupiter’s 9th house lord is posited in the 2nd house from Jupiter – the native will
travel long distance for study and will gain riches there of.
3) Jupiter’s 9th house lord posited in the 3rd house from Jupiter – the native will be an
important person in a foreign land.

4) Jupiter’s 9th house lord is posited in the 4th house from Jupiter —The native will earn
name, fame and money in a religious way.
5) When the Jupiter’s 5th house lord placed in the 5th house from Jupiter - the native will
have to wander freely for sometimes. Afterwards, the native will do many charities
and will do many good deeds.
6) Jupiter’s 9th house lord when palced in the 6th house, the native will be sickly and will
fall sick in a distant place at some specified age.
7) Jupiter’s 9th house lord when placed in the 7th the native will face problems at the
time of journeys.
8) Jupiter’s 9th house lord when placed in the 8th house from the Jupiter there will be the
danger of death at 44, 50 and 56 years.
9) Jupiter’s 9th house lord when posited in the 9th house from the Jupiter — the native

will be virtuous, will respect the elders and will by very prosperous.
10) Jupiter’s 9th house lord when posited in the 10th house, the native will receive honours
/ awards from abroad.
11) When the 9th lord from the Jupiter’s position is placed in the 11th house from Jupiter,

the native will have rich friends and will hve good income through friends.
12) When the 9th lord from Jupiter’s sign is posited in the 12th house from Jupiter the
native will be not religious, will disobey others and will be troubled by several diseases.
When there is a yoga betwen Lagna lord, 9th lord and 10th lord or Lagna lord with 5th lord

and 10th lord it is called a ‘Maha Bhagya Yoga’. It can be stated that for Taurus Lagna Saturn alone
is 9th and 10th lord and when it forms a yoga with Venus it becomes a superior Raja Yoga it
becomes more powerful. The native is used to live in this yoga with comfort, power and prestige.
Now the question is about the dawn of fortune or better days, when it will come.
We can give the answer by following two methods —
1) by following the Dasa and Antara system and
2) by following the trnsitory period of major planets like Saturn and Jupiter.
The 2nd one is very important. It is said that when Jupiter traverse for the 2nd time
over the natal sign of Saturn the individual starts to see the better days. If Saturn’s next

house is vacant then it does not last for long. If Saturn is surrounded by enemy planets like
Ketu, Mars etc. then before reaching 32-33 the fortunate days or the better days do not use to
come easily. The first one is very popular among the astrologers. But, the Dasa lord should be in a
good position. It should not occupy the 6th or 8th house lord’s star to give its full effect.

It is better to judge the Dasa-Antara period and the transitory phase of Jupiter and
Saturn side by side to arrive at a correct position. As it will not invite any unnecessary slanders.
Now we will proceed for the aesthetic side of life.
1. The native will be very religious if there is the conjuction of Saturn and Jupiter.

2. The native’s mind will be full of aesthetic sense if there is the conjunction between
Saturn, Moon and Ketu.
3. The native will be very religious if there is the relation betwen Lagna lord, 5th lord and 9th
lord. In this yoga Rahu should not be related with the 9th lord and with the Jupiter.

4. There will be spiritual achievements galore if the lords of the ascendant, the 9th and
the 12th join in the angle in aspect to Jupiter.
5. Should Venus be in the ascendant and aspect saturn, again spiritual achievement will be galore.
6. The native will achieve erudition in Agamas, will take bath in the sacred Ganges and
attain the feet of Lord Shiva if the lords of the 2nd, 9th and 10th join in the 9th while
Rahu is with Venus in the 10th house.
Now, before ending the chapter here again I am giving a Naadi method to calculate the
timing of events. This method will give you a general idea in a broad sense and to specify a
particular event, again it is better to follow the transit rules. However, these rules also hold
good points in some cases. The method is hereunder —
Sun 22 years

Moon 24 years
Mars 28 years
Mercury 32 years
Venus 25 years

Jupiter 16 years
Saturn 36 years

In this method one has to see where the planet is posited then the events should be predicted.

For an example, if Natal Mars is the 7th lord then one can easily predict that the native’s
marriage will be completed within 28 years of age (if not other strong adverse indication is
present). Likewise one can see the other events of life using this method also.
One Practical Example :

KETU (10)



(R) JUP(R)

Above mentioned chart is of a gentleman who is no doubt a fortunate one. One can

notice that the Lagna lord Venus is posited in the Lagna bhava with his bosom friend Saturn
who itself is the 9th and 10th lord. According to Sutras this native should have enough fortune
to establish himself. But here the 9th lord is Saturn so his dawn of fortune will come lately,
yes, from his 35 onwards only he has received the rewards of his assiduty. One can notice

here that the 2nd house from teh Saturn is vacant no other planet is posited there. This native
has got a favourable period during his 28 to 30 but did not lost long and again in the 3rd
house from Saturn no friendly planet is posited. He lost all his income while Saturn was
transiting over the sign Cancer where his natal Mars and Ketu is posited. He was fortunate
enough to receive the blessings of Jupiter as he is posited in his own house and in retrograde
motion. In the earlier chapter we have seen that when a planet becomes retrograde it uses to
give the results of the previous house also. In the above mentioned sutras it is written that the
Saturn will bestow good fortune from 36 years onwards and this is true in this case.
Almost every writer (Sage) has given paramount importance to the 9th house as well
as to the Jupiter, the owner of the 9th house of the natural zodiac. Here, I am mentioning the
Shlokas from old classics which will prove that how much attention they have paid.

±ÉMxɺlÉÉä ´ÉɽxÉä¶ÉÉä xɴɨÉ{ÉÊxɯð¦ÉÉä {ɶªÉiɶSÉäiº´ÉMÉ佨ÉÂ*
According to this Sholka one will be highly honoured by the ruler if the ninth lord
occupy lagna bhava aspected by Jupiter and all fortune will confer to him whose 4th and 9th

lords occupy the lagnabhava.
This is very interesting, Jupiter, the ninth lord of the natural zodiac when aspects on
the lagna and the 9th lord it will bestow very auspicious results to the native. This is obviously
true because Jupiter’s aspect is always benefecial and it is the saviour, bestower of good

fortune to the individuals. Additionaly there will be the conjuction of 4th and 9th lord in
Lagna and Jupiter’s aspect, the natural zodiac’s 9th house lord will surely give the results of
Dasa and Antara for judging the Dawn of fortune :
Here, 3 steps are necessary
1) Dasa and Antara Lord
2) Jupiter’s Transit
3) Saturn & Ketu’s Transit. Rahu does not harm in getting material comfort.

1) First mark where the 9th lord, Lagna lord, 5th lord, 3rd lord and the Navamsa sign
owner of 9th lord is posited.
2) Who is aspecting the 9th house, the aspect on the 9th lord.
A person will receive the dawn of fortune in the Main Dasa of Lagna lord and in the
subperiod of the 9th lord, 11th lord, 5th lord, 9th lord’s Navamsa sign owner’s lord or a

strong 3rd lord placed in the 3rd house’s period or vice versa. Planet or planets aspecting 9th
house are also having a definite role to play. If they are powerful, associated with benefics
like Jupiter they will also do well in their own Dasa or Bhukti period. But one point should
be remembered that they should not be the lord of the 6th, 8th or 12th house. At the same

time we should not overlook the Transitory position of Jupiter. Suppose there is a good Dasa
and Antara is on progress and Jupiter is passing through one’s eighth house from lagna or
over natal Rahu/.Ketu the good effects of Dasa and Antara will not be fully received by the

native at that time.

Saturn’s Transit matters much in Naadi Astrology. Saturn’s Transit over Natal Ketu,
Mars or Trine to them will not allow the native to receive the fruits of good dasa and Antara
period. However, only minimum result will be accrued by the native. Similarly Ketu is a
spiritualisitc planet and Ketu’s Transit over Venus, Mercury and Saturn’s is not good at all as
it may bring some unexpected downfall. However, a good dasa and Antara can check this
effect upto some extent.
Another Method of Timing of Events :
This is purely a Naadi method. Through this method events are timed using the Bhavas.
Here, Jupiter matters much. Jupiter’s one paryaya is equal to 12 years i.e., it takes roughly 12
years to complete the 12 sings. So, This is a sequence of adding 12 years to the previous age.
Lagna is the 1st house and given the number 1 to it. So, the next important year will be 1+12

= 13 and the next will be like 13+12 = 25 and so on. Each Bhava has a number starting from
Lagna as 1 and ends up with the 12 house as 12 etc. Here is the table.
Lagna : 1,13,25,37,49,61,73,85.
Second house : 2,14,26,38,50,62,74,86

Third house : 3,15,27,39,51,63,75,87
Fourth house : 4,16,28,40,52,64,76
Fifth house : 5,17,29,41,53,65,77
Sixth house : 6,18,30,42,54,66,78

Seventh house : 7,19,31,43,55,67,79
Eighth house : 8,20,32,44,56,68,80
Ninth house : 9,21,33,45,57,69,81
10th house : 10,22,34,46,58,70,82
11th house : 11,23,35,47,59,71,83
12th house : 12,24,36,48,60,72,84
For example, Mr. B’s 9th lord is in the 2nd house, his good periods will be 2, 14, 26
etc. In my case my 8th lord is in the 8th house and I got heavy injury when I was jsut 8

(broken my right hand). On 20 I got illness, diseases etc.

One can take the example of Mr. Big B (Amitabh Bachchan)’s case. He is the native of
Kumbha Lagna, his 9th lord Venus is posited in the 8th house (Kanya Rasi). He got his big
break. On his 31 years. His Date of birth is 11-10-1942 and he got a big break from the film
‘Zanjeer’ which was released on 1973 last. Means after completing his 31 he was running 32

at that time. Every details of him is given in the earlier chapter & one can check the same
with his own chart.

Chapter -XVII
Karma Bhava :
Eð¨ÉÇxªÉä´É |ÉvÉÉxÉä SÉ OɽÉ: ºÉ´´Éæ ¡ð±É|ÉnÉ:*
iɺ¨ÉÉiÉ ºÉ´´ÉÇ |ɪÉixÉäxÉ Eð¨ÉǺlÉÉxÉÆ Ê´ÉÊSÉxiÉäªÉäiÉ**

Karma has a bigger meaning. According to Bhagvat Geeta, the sacred grantha of us
everyone is doing their Karma all the time. When Karma ends means the life also ends. So,
no one can stay for a moment without doing Karma. In this chapter we will not discuss the
Karma on that broader sense. Here Karma means livelihood. Everyone needs money to survive

in this physical world and Karma brings money for the individual. We can say that it is the
Karma or the profession through which man / woman earns his or her bread and we will
discuss here on that particular aspect of life.
In the traditional system we have seen that people are calculating the professional

aspect from the 10th house and its lord. Sometimes it gives very good results and sometimes
it fails. When it fails some Astrologers use to calculate it again from Dasamsa chart, if again
fails then the divisional charts, Shastamsa charts etc. etc. I think they use to miss an important
factor of the chart or the Bha-chakras. According to the arrangement of natural Zodiac, Saturn
is hte owner of the 10th hosue of the natural zodiac. Saturn is the most important planet in
giving fruits to the native in professional aspect. So, we have to note
a) The Lagna lord and its placement.
b) Planets in the 10th house.
c) Saturn’s conjunction with other planets, their aspects on Saturn. The planets posited in

2nd, 3rd, 11th, 1st, 5th and 9th will have same impact on one’s professional life.
Whenever we would try to determine the career prospect of any native, the following
steps will come into picture. They are (a) Earnings (b) Independent profession (c) Service (d)
Business and (e) Success.

Once we understand properly the meaning of the above mentioned steps, we would
surely determine the professional life of any individual with greater accuracy. In this case we
should know the planetary significance of various professions.

Planets and significating Professions :

Rahu : Transport, Brokary, Travelling agent, Foreign company’s low paid worker, Export
and import, courier service, Furnitures made of foams, camera and film, Shadow art, Shoe
making etc. etc.

Ketu : Religious Head, Priest, tantra-mantra, Occultists, steel, chemical, Translator, Wireless,
Mobile shop etc. etc.
Sun : Govt. service, Govt. contractor, copper, Medicine, Silk, High paid Govt. Official etc.
Moon : Travelling, Watery substance, Work in the water supply department, Chemicals,
Fishery, Homeopathy, Pearls, Liquids, Laundry etc. etc.
Mars : Electric items, Fire works, Police, Army Officer, Arms and ammunation, Weapon
made of steel , Bricks, Mechanics, Security guard, Surgeons etc. etc.
Jupiter : Teacher, Professor, Head of an Institution, Adminsitrative post, Manager, Guide,
coaching Centre, Preceptor, Pandit, Vedic knowledge, Bank manager, Caterer etc. etc.
Venus : Luxury items, Treasurer, Dance and Music school, Interior Decoration, Pharmacy,
Electronic Equipments, Marriage house, cosmetics, Jewellery, Nursery, vehicle business etc.

Mercury : Business, Agency business, Publishers, Clereks, Audit Firms, Accounting,
Stenographer, Sharebroker, Press, Book binding, Stationery goods business, Lawyers,
Salesman etc. etc.

Now, we will discuss about the nature of the 12 house sign wise. This is also an important
point because all the signs are having their own nature and they use to influence our profes-
sional life in more than one way. Here is one shloka —

Êu{ÉnSÉiÉÖ¹{Én°ð{ÉÆ ºÉ®ÒºÉÞ{ÉÆ ´ÉÉ iÉlÉÉä¦ÉªÉÆ SÉä´É*
ªÉnÚ{ÉÆ iÉn¦ɴÉxÉÆ ªÉÉo¶ÉEðÆ ªÉiº´É¦ÉÉ´ÉÆ SÉ**
|É´ÉnäkÉiºÉ¨Énä¶Éä Eð¨ÉÇ|ÉÉÊ{iÉÆ xÉ®ºªÉ iÉiºÉo¶ÉÉè¨ÉÂ*
iɺ¨ÉÉq¶É¨ÉÆ ¦É´ÉxÉÆ |ɺɴÉä ¤ÉÖvªÉäiÉ ªÉixÉäxÉ**
From the Sages words it is clear that they have also paid attention to the natures of the

12 signs. Here, the effects relating to the 10th house will depend on the nature of the sings,
viz. watery, biped, Aranya or jangala, the form of such sign and the places indicated by such
sign. The professional aspect of any individual should be judged after due consideration of
those lines.
Here is the natures —

Aries : Gardens, Service, army, technical profession, intelligence, agriculature etc.

Taurus : House of finace, treasury, trading in luxury goods, banking, service in finance
department etc.

Gemini : An intelectual sign, writing, accountancy, Trading etc.

Cancer : Trading in liquor, minerals, salt, service in water supply department, hospital
Leo : A kingly sign represents Raja-Dwara, Service in Govt. department, contractor,

livelyhood through good means etc.

Virgo : This is also mercurian sign, a sign of intelligence, clerk, book binder, trading in
groceries etc.
Libra : Livelihood through teaching, dealing in gold, many ways and means, vehicles,
grains, fruits, fine arts, and luxurious items etc.
Scorpio : Livelihood through agriculture, thieving, mechanical work, typing, rendering
physical treatment (i.e. medical profession, a surgeon) etc.
Sagittarius : Ministership, service, govt. job, teaching, Medical person, mathematician, reli-
gious work etc.
Capricorn : Capricorn denotes livelihood through mining, service, gardening, chemicals etc.
and abundant income through water born items.
Aquarious : Denotes profession of Religious teachers, Architect, Gain through minerals, Gain

from servicing the king (Govt.) etc.
Pieces : Denotes income through selling of watery substances, intellectual sign, artistic
pursuits, religious head etc.
Now the question is what should be done? These all are the general views only. We

will get an idea by judging the position of Saturn in the Rasi chart. The position of saturn on
different Signs will give us a general view of one’s inner nature or the profession that will
suit him or her the best. For an example — Saturn is posited in Aries. So we will be sure that
this native will have a flair to job pertaining to machineries. In this case Jupiter & Mars will

play a vital role. The placement of Jupiter in 1st/5th/9th/11th from Saturn, Mars’s placement
either with Jupiter or 3rd / 11th/7th from Jupite will surely land a very good job of above said
type. If there is the conjunction of Venus and Mercury with Saturn instead of Jupiter, the
native will do business in machieries. Saturn is the Karma Karaka, the owner of the 10th
house of the natural zodiac. Much attention has been paid to him in fixing the profession and
the professional life of individuals in Naadi Astrology.
It is generally believed that when Saturn touches Venus in his first round of Transit or
5th / 9th to natal Jupiter is the time to enter into the professional world of any individual.

However, we can predict it with the help of Dasa and Antara also. For getting a job or service
we should look at the 10th lord and the Trinal house of the 10th Bhava i.e. the 2nd and 6th
houses lord. In the Dasa and Antara chapter it is given briefly. Still for the convenience of the
reader here I am giving the clue.
The antive is used to get a job —

i) In the main Dasa of 10th lord and 6th lord’s subperiod.

ii) In the main Dasa of 10th lord and 2nd lords Bhukti.
iii) In the main Dasa period of 6th lord and 10th lord Bhukti.
iv) In the major period of 2nd lord and 6th lord Antara and vice versa.

v) In the period of Jupiter-Saturn or vice versa.

vi) In Sun’s Dasa Jupiter’s Antara etc. etc.
vii) In the Dasa and Antara of 10th Lord.

About Business :
Serving as an employee of an organisation is completely different from running one’s own
Three are examples of people who enjoyed a very successful and prosperous service
life but at one point in time due to certain reasons left the job and started their own business
but failed miserably. The examples are also there that some fellows became very very sucessful.
This is the planetary game, the time which is compelling one to go for the same and out of
ignorance they are doing mistakes. So, before going to predict about, the profession and the
best period of ones life we should be sure, should have good knowledge about the karakatwas.
We all know that Jupiter, Sun, Mars and the Moon partially are responsible for giving service.
Leaving all those planets Mercury and venus are related with business.

Mercury is the planet of intellect, the karaka for trade and business. Mercury is the
lord of the 3rd house of the natural zodiac. 3rd house is for communication skill, ability to
deal with different type of situations, it is the house of courage. And, for doing trade or
business courage is needed. 3rd hosue also indicates short journies. Mercury in particular

also signifies agency and commission business and partnership. Mercury also signifies the
nervous system. A well placed Mercury may bless the native the nerves of steel. For a
businessman it is very much needed as they need quick and decisive power to take some good
decision Venus in general is the karaka for luxuries. It is the owner of the 2nd house or the

Dhana Bhava of the natural zodiac. He deals with the financial prosperity of an individual.
Apart from this a strong and favourable Venus helps one in keeping good relations with partners
and creditors. Saturn is the owner of the 11th house, the house of success of the natural
zodiac. A strong and favourable Venus connected with saturn will definitely bring monetary
or financial prosperity for the native.
“ ¨Éxnä ¶ÉÖGðªÉÖiÉä o¹]ä EðÉä¶ÉºÉÆOɽ´ÉÉxÉ vÉxÉÒ ”
There are several types of business like manufacturing, import and export, trading,
commission based business, agency type etc.

Out of these two there is one more profession, the self-made profession. C. As, Doctors
(not engaged in any hospital) lawyers, astrologers and the persons who are engaged in various
councellings are coming under this group.
For Doctors : Mars, Jupiter, Moon, Saturn and Venus should be connected in any way.
Surgeons will have Mars and Jupiter predominated.

C.A. : This is purely a Mercurian profession. Mercury should be powerful and

connected with powerful Venus and Saturn.
Lawyer : They need speech and strong communicational power. A strong Mercury,

Venus, Ketu and Saturn with or aspect of Jupiter on any of them.

Astrologer : Powerful Venus/Jupiter, Mercury, Moon, Ketu connected with Saturn will
make one a successful Astrologer. However, it has been seen that powerful
Rahu connected with powerful Venus and Saturn can give one ‘Gupt Gnyan’.

But the author still feel that the Moon is the Karaka of Mind and Ketu
represents renunciation. Their supprt is much desireable to become a
Astrologer of class-1 type, a yogi type.
However, in selecting a particular branch of profession the Nakshatras also have some roles.
Here, one thing shall be noted that the signs also have some influence on one’s career.
This should be judged carefully. Suppose Mars is the 10th lord and Mars is situated in the
Aries, a mechanical sign. So, one can predict that the individual should have an urge to do
some mechanical works. If Mercury is well placed and forming some yoga with Jupiter on
the same sign then there will be the maximum chance of becoming a Mechanical Engineer.
According to Bhrigu Naadi, the 2nd house, planets posited or aspects there on denotes
the profession of a native. This is also true in some cases. When we will not get any connection
of planets with Saturn or with the 10th house this formula will give very excellent result.

Here is one case —
(10) (8)



MOON (3)
RAHU (2) (9)
This native is a businessman. See here, Saturn and Mercury is in 5th and 9th relationship.
Mercury indicates business. He is doing business. The 10th house from Lagna falls on the
sign Kanya which is 7th sign from natal Sun. Sun is aspecting the 10th house as well Venus
and Jupiter. Venus and Jupiter is in mutual exchagne relationship. As we have seen in the

Karakatwas (significance relating to profession) that the Sun gives Govt. contractorship. The
native was an ‘A’ grade contractor in Calcutta Port Trust. Here again, Saturn is in retrogression
which indicates that the native will have more than one profession. Yes, he is having several
other business. Reader can note that Mars is posited in the 2nd house from Saturn. Mars is

the significating planet of giving brick manufacturing unit. He is having 3 brick manufacturing
units. Once again, Saturn is related to Mercury, a friend of him is good but simultaneously
with Ketu, a strong enemy of Saturn, is not good at all. He already faced a huge loss in

Now It is imprtant to give some hints on how Saturn uses to reflect his effects on
professional life when related with other planets.

Saturn with Sun :


In conventional/traditional system of Astrology this is a very bad yoga, but it is seen to

give Government employment. With other favourable combinations, the person may also be
able to come in the limelight. The aspect of Jupiter or Venus or even Mercury can mitigate
the evil effects and can bring some good results for the native.
Saturn with Moon :
This is not a favourable Yoga for the native. It gives dissatisfaction and forced one to
change his brith place. It gives touring job. Business of liquid substances. A powerful Moon
with Ketu and Saturn can make one a yogi of pure heart, a good Astrologer. However, the aspect of
Jupiter can change the situation. It can make one a school teacher, a professor etc. etc.
Saturn with Mars :
This is also not a very good combination. Saturn, the planet of work does not have a
good relationship with the egoistic Mars. This combination gives much difficulty to come up

in one’s profession. But, Jupiter or Venusian aspect or relationship can turn the whole matters
in a positive way. In this case they can be a good computer Engineer or Bank Manager or
some defence personnel holding a high post.
Saturn with Mercury :

This is a farvourable combination. Both are the friends. This combination gives
professions relating to trade or busines, writing, Legal heads etc. etc. with powerful Ketu it
gives authority, sound judgement power. Generally they use to come up in their life due to
their own reasoning power and the ability to handle the situation tactfully.

Saturn with Jupiter :
This is a much desirable position. This combination usually gives one a high post in
the job. This is a very good combination for getting Govt. job. In this combination the native
is usually asked to head the organization. The native of this combination usually happens to
be very good and helping nature. They earn lot of respects from the society.
Saturn with Venus :
This is a much fortunate combination which indicates that the person will have a
luxurious profession. Saturn is the very good friend of Venus and Venus rules over the money
and all the comforts of life. This generally indicates an independent profession. When the

Lagna lord is powerful and this combination is present one can be sure that the person will be
engaged in an independent profession and will earn name, fame, money and all the comforts
of life. If Mercury also joins this company the person can be a big business man, a

Saturn with Rahu :

This combination normally makes one a subordinate to another person. It gives the job
in a foreign based firms or some low paid jobs. However, if Venus joins them in a trine or
placed in the 2nd house it may makes one a ‘Gupt-Gyani’, or may make one a successful

Saturn with Ketu :
This is the most undersirable combination for the professional prospect. Ketu is inimical
to Saturn. However, we have see that the combination of Saturn, Mercury/Jupiter and Ketu

either, together or in a trine house favours lawyers.

In this manner we have to judge the professional aspect of an individual. It is true that
the varieties of professions are there and one may not pinpoint the exact one. But it is also
true that the readers if follow my rule can surely predict the nature of the profession. For an
example, there is Retail chain Management, M.B.A. in accounting and finacne, insurance
etc. etc. So, In this case we can say that the native is in a firm and in Managerial post.
Another example to show how to reckon the profession.
D.O.B.: 17-08-1967
T.O.B. : 4:55 A.M.
P.O.B.: Puri (Orissa)
(5) (3)

(6) L
SUN (2)
MERC (7)

(8) (10)
(9) (11)


See here, Mars, the 10th lord is in the 4th and aspecting the 10th house by his 7th
aspect. Rahu, the enemy of Mars is in the 10th. Saturn is retrograde. In the Lagna bhava 3
planets are posited. They are 5th from Saturn. As Rahu is posited in the 10th the native has
got a low paid job in a private firm initially. As the Jupiter and Mercury is in the 5th to Saturn
he got a better opportunity afterwards and now he is posted as a Regional Manager in a
Medicine Manufacturing Company which is also a Multinational company. There is an
interchange betwen Jupiter and Moon. So the native is far from his house. Rahu’s position is

indicating about the foreign company. Due to Jupiter’s touch he has got a high post. Saturn is
retrograde which indicates that the Saturn will give some results of the sign Kumbha. Whenever
he is coming to Kumbha he is making the relationship with Venus on one side and Mars and
Ketu on another side. Venus+Mars +Moon’s touch is there. So he is in the Medicine firm.

One more interesting feature about this chart is Saturn in this case also in retrogression and
the native is engaged in more than one profession.
The point should be noted that whenever Saturn is retrograde there is the maximum
chance to enter into more than one profession for the native. In the same way any one can

predict accurately.
About the ‘Aaya Bhava’ or income, gain etc. has been already discussed exhaustively
in the ‘Dhana Bhava’. So, I think it will be wothless to discuss it again. 12th house indicates
‘Vyaya’ or expenses, bed pleasure etc. etc. About the bed-pleasure and all marital affairs is in

the ‘Vivaha-Bhava’. So, not repeating the same words.

About ‘Vyaya’ one should know that if there is the influence of some good planets in
the 12th house, the native’s expenses will be for good cause and reverse for the malefic.

Chapter -XVIII

Here, we will discuss about some yogas like ‘Kala-Sarpa Yoga’, Sade-Sati etc. etc.
“Kala-Sarpa Yoga’ is formed when all the 7 planets are within the Rahu-Ketu’s orb.
Rahu and Ketu have no physical body. They are not planets. But they have a great impact on

our lives. Rahu and Ketu are the two nodes of Moon. Those are the two points where Moon
cuts the apparent path of the Sun (actually the path or the orbit is of the Earth). The point on
the North is called Rahu and the South is called Ketu. They are always 180° apart from each
other. Rahu and Ketu are referred in Mythology as the demons who took the nectar (Amruta)

and became immortal.
There is an interesting story about this duo - which runs as when the Devatas were
sharing the Amruta, the eternal nectar, Swarbhanu, a demon dressed himself as Devata by the
help of Maya took a little amount of Amrit. Before he can swallow it the Sun and the Moon

recognised him and informed it to Lord Vishnu. By the Lord’s weapon ‘Sudarshana Chakra’
he cut Swarabhanu into two pieces. Before Lord Vishnu could cut, some little ambount of
Amruta had gone down, hence immortality is guaranteed to the head called Rahu and the
body called Ketu. Rahu and Ketu have not excused the Sun and Moon. They caused eclipses.
However, this story gives us an insight about these two shadowy planets.
It is said that when all the planets fall betwen this Rahu - Ketu’s orb they become
inactive and give less results. this is called ‘Kala-Sarpa’ Yoga. There are 12 types of ‘Kala-
Sarpa’ Yoga. In real practice all the 12 types are not bad or worst. In material aspect Ketu is
more dangerous than Rahu. Rahu is a Bhogi, Ketu is a ‘Tyagi’. Ketu is good for spiritual

upliftment. The 12 types of Yogas are hereunder —

1) Anant Kala Sarpa Yoga is formed when Rahu is in the Lagna and Ketu in the 7th and
all the planets are in between them. Such persons are governed more by emotions than
by the head. Their lives are the lives of struggle and they are prone to suffer from the

diseases of the mouth, brain and upper limbs of the body. 7, 13, 18, 26, 38, 45 and 60
will be the important years for them.
2) Kulik Kala Sarpa Yoga is formed when Rahu occupies the second and Ketu, the
eighth house. They have the troubles both in domestic and financial matters. They may

have a cut mark /some other mark in their face. They are prone to suffer from high
B.P., cold-cough, fever and from nervous debility 10, 15,20,23,42,53 and 59 will be
the important years for them good as well as for bad events.
3) Vasuki Kala Sarpa Yoga is formed when Rahu is in the 3rd and Ketu in the 9th house.

The natives of this yogas are the hard workers but they do not get the adequate amount
in proportion to their labour. They use to travel a lot. The native rises with the help of
outsiders but often they do not use to be pleased with the native’s progress.
11,18,25,31,40,47,50 and 60th year will be important for them.
4) Shankhpal kala Sarpa Yoga is formed when Rahu is placed in the 4th house and Ketu
in the 10th house. The persons are helpful to others but they do not get credit for their
deeds. The cousins are their worst enemies. They use to get losses in their business
frequently. The ancestral properties are always an eyesore for the enemies and their
own property is the source of troubles from their own children. They are prone to
suffer from cold-cough, high fever and from some prolonged diseases. Important years
will be 10,21,31,41 and 59 years.
5) Padma Kala Sarpa Yoga is formed when Rahu and Ketu occupy the houses 5 and 11

respectively. These persons are intelligent . They use to get some malefic results
regarding their progeny, use to get lately and sometimes short-lived one. They are the
voracious eaters. An interesting fact about them is that they are fortunate for their
companions but not for their own. Important years will be 3,8,20,30 and 50 years.

6) Maha padma Kal Sarpa Yoga is formed when Rahu and Ketu occupies the hosue 6
and 12 respectively. The natives are ambitious and like to be busy all the time. They
are the fighters. People generally try to harm them but they use to stand against them
and ultimately win the race after a long run. They are not happy in their family life.

Generally family members separate them from their big family. They are prone to suffer
from frequent headaches, eye ailment and problems related to eye sight.
7) Takshak Kala Sarpa Yoga is formed when Rahu occupies house no 7 th and Ketu the
1st house. The native is a struggling person for his financial well being and for self
respect. Their problem is psychological. They can attain a dizzy heights but a tendency
to renounce the world is always latent in them. They use to travel much, get hurt in
journeys. They use to face the opposition from the Government as well as from higher
officials. They are prone to suffer from hair loss in a premature age and from the
problems of bones. 3,8,18,25,30,37,42,50 and 60 years will be problematic for them.

8) Karkotak Kala Sarpa Yoga is formed when Rahu and Ketu occupy houses 8 and 2
respectively. They often suffer from financial ups and downs. They use to suffer from
financial crisis also. All that happens in their lives is quick and sudden. They are prone
to suffer from the ailments of the stomach, skin and throat. They love their children

and bring up them to the best of their abilities. 12,18,24,30,36,40,51 and 58 years will
be problematic.
9) Shankha Nada Kala Sarpa Yoga is formed when Rahu and Ketu are in 9th and 3rd
house respectively. They are not trust worthy, disloyal. They use to face several ups

and downs in their lives. Their family life is not satisfactory. They are of whemsical
nature. They sometimes commit blunders for which they feel sorry through their whole
lives. 10,18,22,28,32,40,48 and 55 years are very important.
10) Ghatak Kala Sarpa Yoga is formed when Rahu and Ketu are in 10th and 4th house

respectively. They are the victims of excessive interference of their family members.
They usually want to settle abroad. They use to suffer from enmity of others. They are
prone to suffer from High Blood Pressure and from the ailment of the heart. The
important years for them are 13,15,19,25,35,40 and 45.
11) Vishakta Kala Sarpa Yoga is formed when Rahu and Ketu are in 11th and 5th house
respectiely. They usually suffer from their own simplicity and sentimentality. They are
excessive sentimental. They use to suffer for their children. They are prone to cancer,
diabetes, arthritis or some chronic diseases. Important years for them are
10,18,24,26,32,44 and 51 years.
12) Shesha Naga kala Sarpa Yoga is formed by Rahu and Ketu in houses 12th and 6th
respectively. They use to struggle hard in their lives. They use to spend lavishly on
unworthy purposes. They undertake some fruitless plans. They use to get the enmity of

people and get some hindrances in their lives. They are never satisfied with their
positions. They are successful advocates, politicians etc. etc. The problematic years
will be 3, 8, 13, 19,33,40,48,58 and 62 years.

From the above mentioned 12 types of yoga one thing can be said that this Kala Sarpa
Yoga certainly creates some problems in one way or the other. It is said that once this yoga is
present it will give problem to the next 7 birth. It is also said that the native who is having the
said Yoga use to marry a person or a lady who is having the same yoga in their birth chart. In

my practical life I have already seen some cases where the same yoga is present in the husband
as well as in the wife’s chart.
In order to nullify the effects of the said yoga several remedial measures have been
stated in Granthas. Here I am giving some simple tools.
1) Purchase 7 silver snake idols (small) sitting with hood up, keep it in a plate and give
raw milk every day.
2) Daily recite the following Mantra for 108 times
“Brahma Murari Tripurantakari Bhanu sasi Bhumi Suto Budhosche,
Guru Cha Sukra Sani Rahu Ketabah : Sarvograha Santi Kara Bhabantu”

Now, lets talk about the ‘Sade Sati’. This is a transitory phase of Saturn over the natal
Moon, the 12th sign from the Moon and 2 sign from the natal Moon sign. As we know that
the Saturn is the furthest planet from the Sun (except Uranus, Nepture and Pluto) it takes

29.5 years or almost 30 years to cover the total zodiac. 30 years for 12 sings or 30 / 12 = 2.5
years it is used to stay in a sign. So, 12th sign from the natal Moon = 2.5 + Moon sign = 2.5
+ 2nd sign = 2.5. So 2.5+2.5+2.5 = 7½ years or Sade Sati. People should not fear about this
unless the Natal Moon is conjoined with either Mars or Rahu/Ketu, or they are in 2nd or in

12th to natal Moon. The association of Venus, Jupiter or Mercury with the natal Moon or
their aspect on natal Moon can bring a lot of fortune in this period. If one looks at the
karakatatwa of planets it will be clear. Saturn is used to rule our Karma or profession and the
Moon is for travelling , change etc. etc. So one can safely say that in this period there may

occur a change in professional sphere.

Chapter -XIX

According to Sage Parasara there are 42 types of Dasas. Out of which Astottari and
Vimsottari are the popular one. In this Kaliyuga the vimsottari will give the best results. The

sequence of Dasa has aleady been told in the earlier chapters. there are some riddles in this
Das system which has to be solved. In our Dasa system evolved by our ancients each year
consists of 360 days only instead of 365 1 / 4 days of our modern calender. And each month is
uniformly of 30 days duration only. And while judging the effects of chart we are taking that

particular planet’s position from the Lagna Bhava but calculating the Dasa from the Moon.
These Dasas are purely based on the Moon’s occupation upon a particular star or constellation.
In judging the chart we use to overlook that subject also. So, we have to be very clear and

careful in judging the Dasa and Bhukti results. However, the Bhkti or sub-period will start
from the dasa lord himself and will proceed in the same cyclical order as the Dasas. Though
in the ephemerises one will get the Dasa and Bhkti length, here I am giving a simple rule of
calculating the Bhukti length. We know that the main Dasa of Ketu 7 years, Venus 20 years,
Sun 6 years, Moon 10 years, Mars 7 years, Rahu 18 years, Jupiter 16 years and Mercury is of
17 years in Vimsottari method.
Now, suppose we have to calculate the sub-period of Moon under Venus main Dasa.
The formula is hereunder,
Length of Venus Major period is = 20 ........... (i)

Multiplied by 3, this becomes = 20×3 = 60 ...........(ii) (in Days)

Length of Moon’s major period = 10 ...........(iii) (in Days)
Multiply the point No. (ii) ×(iii) = 60×10 = 600 days
600 days = 1 year 8 months. This is the Dasa Bhukti or Antara of Moon under Venus’s

Major period. This is my humble request to the readers to bring accuracy in their prediction
They should go with the transits of planets and with the Dasa-Antara system side by side. To
pinpoint an event they should be familiar with the transitory positions of planets. Suppose
there is Shukra Dasa running and the subperiod is of Rahu’s. The period will run for 3 years

and within this 3 year so many things can happen. Transit can reveal the story. For the sake of
my readers here I am giving diferent planets’ transit’s phases –


1) Sun - 1 Month
2) Moon - 2 days
3) Mercury - 26 days
4) Venus - 28 days
5) Mars - 45 days
6) Jupiter - 1 year
7) Saturn - 2.5 year
8) Rahu - 1.5 year
9) Ketu - 1.5 year

The transits results should be studied in reference to Lagna as well as from the natal

position, trinal position of planets.
Suppose one is having Mercury in the sign Kanya in his natal chart and now (09-07-
011) transit Saturn’s is on Kanya and Ketu is in 9th to Kan ya (Vrishaba). So the result will be

like the native will gain in business dealings. There may occur some land disputes but
ultimately the native will gain etc. etc.
The marvel of Hindu astrology is lying on the dasa systems. Westerners are now a days
doing researches on this field. Generally they use to depend on the progressed chart.

So many Dasa systems are there. In Bhrigu Naadi/Bhrigu Samhita there is the mention
of a number of Dasa systems out of which two is common no. 1 is Naisargika Dasa and No. 2
is Pada Dasa. Here we will discuss about Naisargika Dasa. In this Dasa system the great Sage
has given certain ages to every planet. According to this system certain planets are used to
rule some certain fixed years. Here is the chart
Age Planet Age Planet
1-4 – Moon 43 - 46 – Rahu
4-5 – Mars 47 - 48 – Moon

6 - 13 – Mercury 49 - 52 – Sun & Moon

14 - 16 – Venus 53 - 56 – Mars
17 - 22 – Jupiter 57 - 60 – Jupiter
23 - 24 – Sun 61 - 64 – Mars
24 - 25 – Venus 65 - 66 – Mercury

26 - 32 – Mars 67 - 72 – Saturn
33 - 36 – Mercury 73 - 75 – Rahu
37 - 42 – Saturn 76 - 84 – Ketu

The planet or planets having strength and being placed in a good hosue will give very
good results in their own period i.e. the age which is alloted to each planet.
Kalachakra Dasa

We have seen the use of Kalachakra Dasa in a number of Naadi Granthas like Budha
Naadi, Chandrakala Naadi etc. This is a unique Dasa system which contains peculiar features
such as Deha Rasi, Jeeva Rasi, Navamsa Rasi of Moon, Gatis or Jump etc. This system was
first disclosed by Lord Shiva to Mata Parvati. Sage Parasara paid a lot of respect to this
Kalachakra Dasa system besides the Known Vimsottari Dasa in his Granthas. For the
convenience of the reader I will also discuss about the Vimsottari Dasa in detail after this
Kalachakra Dasa. Here is two shlokas—
|ÉhɨªÉ {É®¨ÉÉi¨ÉxÉÆ Ê¶É´ÉÆ {É®{ɨÉEðÉ®hɨÉ*
JÉäSÉ®Æ SÉGð¨ÉvªÉºlÉÆ SÉiÉÖ: ¹Éʹ]Eð±ÉÉi¨ÉEð¨ÉÂ**
EðɱÉSÉGðMÉÊiÉ ºÉ´ÉÇÉ Ê´ÉºiÉ®Éun ¨Éä |ɦÉÉä**

Lord Shiva is saying—
+½¨ÉÉÊniªÉ°ð{ÉÉä ʺ¨É SÉxp¨Éɺi´ÉÆ |ÉSÉinºÉä*

In Kalachakra Dasa system the 27 stars are divided into two groups i.e. Savya and Apa
Savya group. The first three Nakshatras i.e., Aswini, Bharani and Krittika belong to Savya
group. The next three nakshatras i.e. Rohini, Mrigasira and Ardra belong to Apasavya group.
The next three will be again in Savya and next three will be on Apasavya and so on. Thus

there will 15 Nakshatras in Savya group and 12 will be on Apa Savya group. Here is the table
SAVYA GROUP : Aswini, Bharani, Kritika, Punarvasu, Pushyami, Aslesha, Hasta,
Chittra, Swati, Moola, Purvashadda, Uttarshadda, Poorva Bhadra,
Uttarabhadra & Revati.
APSAVYA GROUP : Rohini, Mrigasira, Ardra, Magha, P. Phalguni, U. Phalguni, Vishaka,
Anuradha, Jyeshta, Sravana, Dhanishta & Satbisha.
b) Two Sub-groups each of savya and Apsavya Nakshatras :
Both Savya and Apsavya group of Nakshatras are further sub-divided into two sub-groups

each. The two sub-groups of Savya group of Nakshatras are led by Ashwini and Bharani respectively.
The Ashwini sub-group has 10 Nakshatras while Bharani sub-group has 5 Nakshatras.
The two sub-group of Apasavya group of Nakshatras are led by Rohini and Mrigasira
repectively. The Rohini sub-group has 4 Nakshatras and Mrigasira sub-group has 8 Nakshatras.

Table 2(a) gives the two sub-groups of Savya Nakshatras & 2(b) Apasavya Nakshatras.
Table 2(a)
Ashwini Sub-group (10) Bharani Sub-Group (5)

Ashwini Bharani
Kritika Pushya
Punarvasu Chittra
Aslesha Poorvashadda

Hasta Uttara Bhadra

Uttara Shadda
Poorva Bhadra
Table 2(b)
Rohini Sub-group (4) Mrigasira Sub-Group (8)
Rohini Mrigasira
Magha Ardra
Vishaka Purva Phalguni

Shravana Uttara Phalguni

In Kalachakra Dasa the period allocated to each sign is as given in Table 3.
Table 3

Sign Lord Number of Years
1) Aries, Scorpio Mars 7 years
2) Taurus, Libra Venus 16 years
3) Gemini, Virgo Mercury 9 years
4) Cancer Moon 21 years
5) Leo Sun 5 years
6) Sagittarius, Pisces Jupiter 10 years
7) Capricorn, Aquarius Saturn 4 years

(4) Paramayus : In Vimshottari Dasa the total cycle is of 120 years. But in Kalachakra
Dasa system it can be 100 years, 86 years, 85 years or 83 years depending upon Moon’s
Navamsa. Table 4 helps us to determine the Paramayus (or full Dasa cycle) for each nativity
depending upon the quarter (or pada or charan) of the Nakshatra in which Moon was placed

at birth.
Table 4

or → 1st 2nd 3rd 4th
Savya Nakshatra 100 years 85 years 83 years 86 years

Apsavya Nakshatra 86 years 83 years 85 years 100 years

Say, for example, Janma Nakshatra is Satbisha 4th quarter. Therefore, the birth is in
Apsavya Nakshatra (Mrigasira sub-group) and Paramayus (the full cycle of Kalachakra Dasa
system) is 100 years for this native. We can also use Table 4A for finding Paramayus.
D) Order of each Maha Dasa (Main Period)
The order of each Mahadasa is different for each sub-group of Savya and Apsavya
group stars. The order can be determined from Table 4. Take the above example, where birth
is in the 4th quarter of Satibisha. Then look at Table 5(d) which is for Mrigasira sub-group of
Apsavya Nakshatras. The order of dasas will be :
Sagittarius (10 years), then Scorpio (7 years), then Libra (6 years), Virgo (9) years,
Leo (5 years), Cancer (21 years), Gemini (9 years), Taurus (16 years), Aries (7 years).

The total adds upto 100 years which is the Paramayus in the above case.
(E) Deha and Jeeva Rasi
In Kalachakra Dasa system, Deha and Jeeva Rasi are two signs which have a lot of
bearing in pronouncing results. The TABLE 5 also gives Deha and Jeeva Rasi for each quarter

of Janma Nakshatra.
Take the above example of birth in 4th quarter of Satbisha Nakshatra. As per Table
5(d) :
Deha Rasi = Aries

Jeeva Rasi = Sagittarius
Readers will note that in case of Savya Nakshatras the dasa order starts with Deha Rasi
and ends with Jeeva Rasi. In case of Apsavya Nakshatras the dasa order starts with Jeeva
Rasi and ends
with Deha Rasi.
(F) Gatis or Jumps
Sage Parasara describes three types of Gatis or Jumps which a dasa or a sign period

can take
These three jumps are:
(i) Mandooki Gati (Frog Jump) : When the dasa jumps from one sign to another,
skipping one sign, it is Mandooki Gati. The movement from Virgo to Cancer and from Leo to

Gemini are Mandooki Gatis.

(ii) Markati Gati (Monkey Jumps) : Backward jump to the previous sign is called
Markati Gati. Jump from Leo to Cancer is Markati Gati.
(iii) Simhavalokan Gati (Lion's Stare) : The trinal jump of a dasa i.e. to the 5th or

9th sign is called Simhavalokan. Movement from Pisces to Scorpio and from Sagittarius to
Aries is Simhavalokan Gati.
These Gatis or jumps are very important for: declaring results and usually mark the

turning points in a native’s life. Table 5 also gives different jumps of the 4 sub-group of
Nakshatras. These should invariably be marked when Kalachakra dasa is being Interpreted.
(G) Navamsa of Moon
Astrologers must mark the Moon's Navamsa before pronouncing the results as per
Kalachakra Dasas. For Savya group of stars this is same as the positron of Moon in Navamsa
Chakra. But in Apsavya group of Nakshatras it is not the same as Moon's position in
Navamsa Chakra. TABLE 4A gives Moon's Kalachakra Navamsa depending upon the quarter
of Moon's Nakshatra. Over years of experience and after studying various horoscopes, I have
been convinced that secret to correct interpretation of Kalachakra Dasa lies in Moon's Navamsa
(for Kalachakra Dasa). This experience is what I am trying to share with my readers. Without

considering Navamsa Rasi of Moon results should never be announced. For example, consider
two natives, one born with Moon Navamsa Aries and the other with Moon in Sagittarius
Navamsa in Aries. According to Sage Parasara, the results of Aries Dasa will be as follows.
for both cases:

(i) Native born in Moon's Aries Navamsa : Distress due to blood poisoning and
(ii) Native born in Moon's Sagittarius Navamsa : Increase in wealth and financial

(H) Calculating Balance of Dasa at Birth:
Balance of dasa at birth is calculated considering distance traversed by moon in
particular quarter of Janma Nakshatra and Paramayus. Therefore, even slight difference in
birth time can make a big difference in balance of dasa. Also, readers are adviced only to use
Chitra Paksha ayanamsa (popularly known as Lahiri ayanamsa). Otherwise they will not be able to
give correct results.
Take the following standard Horoscope:

Male born on November 21, 1966.

11 9
Sat Moon 10

SAT Venus
November 21, 1966 1 7

2 4 6


3 Mars

Finding balance of dasa at birth, basically, involves two stages:

Stage 1 : Finding balance of Paramayus at birth.
Stage 2 : Finding balance of dasa at birth.
These two stages are discussed below in detail:
Stage 1 : (Calculating balance of Parmayus at birth)
Now follow the following steps:
Step 1: Mark (i) Janma Nakshatra and its quarter.
(ii) Whether Savya or Apsavya Nakshatra and the sub-group.
(iii) Mark Moon's Navamsa (iv) Mark Paramayus.

In the standard horoscope:
(i) Janrna Nakshatra is Satbisha-4th quarter (Refer Table 6)
(ii) Now refer to TABLE 2. Satbisha belongs to Apsavya group of Nakshatras and
Mrigasira sub-group.

(iii) Moon's Navamsa is Sagittarius as per TABLE 4A.
(iv) For finding Paramayus refer to TABLE 4. Paramayus is 100 years.
Step 2 : Find distance yet to be traversed by moon in a particular quarter of Nakshatra. For

this use Table 6 as follows:
(a) Ending longitude of Satbisha-4th quarter 10'-20°-00'
(b) Moon's longitude at birth 10'-19°-3'
Distance yet to be traversed by Moon [(a)-(b)] 57'
Step 3 : Now balance ofParamayus at birth can be found by using Table 7
(From TABLE 7(a))
Balance of Paramayus when distance yet to be
traversed is 1°00' : 30 years 0 months 0 days

(from Table 7(b) Less: for 3' : 1 year 6 months 0 days

Balance of Paramayus at birth 28 years 6 months 0 days
Stage 2 : (Finding balance of dasa at birth)
Balance of dasa at birth can be easily found with the help of Table 8. There are two

steps involved:
Step 1 : As birth is in Apsavya group Mrigasira sub-group refer Table 8(d). In our standard
horoscope, balance of Paramayus is 28Y 6M 0 Days. This is between 23 years and 32 years. Therefore,

opening dasa will be of Gemini.

Step 2 : Now, we take lesser of these two years given in Table 8. In our standard
example the two years are 32 years and 23 years. Subtract the lesser one (i.e. 23 years) from

balance of Paramayus at birth, to get balance of dasa at birth.

Balance of Paramayus at birth 28Y-6M-0D
Less: Lesser of two figures obtained 23Y-0M-0D
from Table 8(d)
Balance of Gemini dasa at birth 5Y-6M-0D
Example 2: Male Born on February 19, 1999.
10 8
Moon Mars 9 7
25°15’ Ketu 11 Sat
Sun Rah Jun
Mer Ven


Rasi-Chart 12 6

1 Mars 5
Asc Ketu
Sat, Rahu Jup 2 4
Venus Moon

Stage 1: (Finding balance of Paramayus at birth)

Step 1: (i) Janma Nakshatra : Mrigasira I st Quarter (From Table 6)
(ii) Mrigasira is Apsavya Nakshatra-Mrigasira sub-group (Refer Table 2)
(iii) Paramayus is 86 years (Refer Table 4)
(iv) Moon's Navamsa is Cancer. (Refer Table 4A).
(v) Deha Rasi is Cancer and Jeeva Rasi is Pisces (ReferTable 5)
Step 2: Ending Longitude of Mrigasira 1st quarter

Less: Longitude of Moon at birth 1'-25°-15'

Distance yet to be traversed by Moon 1°–25'
Step 3: From Table 7
Balance of Paramayus at birth when

Paramayus is 86 years (for 13°20') 34Y 4M 24D

Add: Proportional part for 5' 2Y 1M 15D
36Y 6M 19D

Stage 2 : (Finding Balance of dasa at birth)

Step 1 : Refer to Table 8(d). When balance of Paramayus is between 35 years and 51 years,
therefore balance of dasa will be of Libra (Venus).
Step 2: As lesser of these two figures (35 years and 51 years) is 35 years we subtract this

from balance of Paramayus, as follows:

Balance of Paramayus 36Y 6M 19D
Less: The lesser figure 35Y 0M 0D
Balance of Libra (Venus) dasa at birth 1Y 6M 19D
Example 3 : Take a hypothetical case with Moon in Gemini at 13°34'. Let us calculate the
balance of dasa at birth for this nativity.
Stage 1 (i) As per Table 6 Janma Nakshatra is Ardra-3rd quarter.
(ii) As per Table 2(b) it belongs to Apsavya group and Mrigasira sub-group.
(iii) Paramayus is 85 years (Refer Table 4)
(iv) Navamsa Rasi is Capricorn.

(v) Jeeva Rasi is Gemini and Deha Rasi is Capricorn.
(vi) From Table 6 Ardra 3rd quarter ends at 2s-16°-40'
Less: Longitude of Moon at birth 2s-13°-34'
Distance yet to be traversed by Moon 3°-6'

Stage 2 (i) As per Table 8(d) when balance of Paramayus is be tween 76 years and 85
years, the opening dasa will be of Gemini (Mercury).
(ii) Subtracting the lesser of above two figures (i.e. 76 years) from balance of

Paramayus at birth (i.e. 78Y -12M-18D) we get:
Balance of Gemini (Mercury) dasa at birth is 2Y-12M-18D.
Example 4 : Take an example where longitude of Moon is 1s-13°-21'. Therefore, Moon is
in 2nd quarter of Rohini belonging to Apsavya group of stars (Rohini sub-group). Navamsa
Rasi is Libra. Paramayus is 83 years. The distance yet to be traversed by Moon in 2nd quarter
of Rohini is 3°19'. As per Table 7(a), if the distance is 3°20' and Paramayus is 83 years
balance will be 83 years. As per Table7(b) for one (1') minute of arc the proportional part of
dasa is 0Y 4M 29Days. Therefore balance of Paramayus at birth will be 82 years 7 months

and I day.
Stage 2 : As per Table 8 (c) when balance of Paramayus is between 74 years and 83
years the opening dasa will be of Virgo (Mercury). Subtracting the lesser of
these figures i.e. 74 years from balance of Paramayus at birth (i.e. 82Y 7 I D)

we get:
Balance of Virgo (Mercury) at birth 8Y 07M 12D. Deha Rasi is Libra and Jeeva Rasi is

(I) Next Cycle of Kalachakra Dasa

Readers should go through this part very carefully. There is a great deal of confusion
over this point. The method given here is the only correct method. A close study of available

Parasari texts will convince anyone that it is only in the way enumerated below that the next
cycle of Kalachakra Dasa system should be considered.
The Moon's Navamsa gives the balance of Paramayus at birth. After completion of
these years we come to the next cycle. Here the next cycle will begin with the first sign of the
next Paramayus cycle in the same group of Nakshatras (Savya or Apsavya).
Take an example, suppose birth is in 2nd quarter of Krittika. It is Savya group (Ashwini
sub-group). After the end of Gemini dasa (which is last dasa in this cycle) we will go on to
the next cycle. This will begin with Taurus dasa which is the first dasa of next Paramayus.
Therefore Paramayus will now be 83 years and dasa sequence will be Taurus, Aries. Pisces
and so on.

Take another example with birth in 4th quarter of Rohini. This belongs to Rohini sub-
group of Apsavya group of stars. Here the last dasa is of Scorpio in Paramayus 100 years.
After this we will go to dasa sequence of I st quarter of Mrigasira sub-group of Apsavya
group of Nakshatras. Therefore In new cycle Paramayus will be 86 years and first dasa will

be Pisces, then Aquarius and so on. Here it should be noted that the dasa sequences will
always revolve in only the same group (Savya or Apsavya) only.
The following are the reasons which show that we should move on to the next Paramayus

in the same group (i.e. Savya or Apsavya) of Nakshatras after completion of one cycle of
(1) By following this sequence, the dasas continue in an order: Say, if birth is in 2nd
quarter of Ashwini sub-group of savya group of Nakshatras. Then after last dasa, Gemini we
will go on to Taurus then Aries and so on and thus move in an orderly way (Refer Table 5).
(2) If birth is in 2nd quarter of Ashwini Nakshatra. Then by going back to Deha sign of
the same sequence after end of Jeeva sign i.e. Gemini will mean that dasa shifts from Gemini
to Capricorn which is a big leap. Sage Parasara has described three types of possible leaps.

No leap of this type i.e. from Gemini to Capricorn or Capricorn to 'Gemini is discussed by
Sage Parasara. Therefore, this shift seems quite absurd. If we go on to next Pararmayus, we
will get Taurus then Aries which is quite in order.
(3) Sage Parasara has described leap from sagittarius to Aries as a Simhavalokan Gati. In

a copy of Brihat Parasara Horoshastra. I saw in Kashi from 3rd quarter of Ashwini sub-group
(savya group) of Nakshatras sagittarius to Aries was clearly stated as Simhavalokan Gati.
But for 1st quarter of Ashwini sub-group there was no such mention of a jump from sagittarius

to Aries. Therefore, it is clear that what Sage Parasara meant was that after Sagittarius dasa
we will go on to next Paramayus and it will start with Capricorn.
(4) In the same copy of Brihat Parasara Hora Shashtra, Cancer dasa (the deha Rasi dasa)

for the 4th quarter of Bharani sub-group in Savya group of Nakshatras was described as
Mandook Gati. Therefore, it seems, what Sage Parasara ment was that it had jumped from
Virgo (the last dasa of the preceding cycle) to Cancer. Only then can it be called Mandook
From the above discussion it should be clear to readers that what Sage Parasara had
meant to be the correct method has only been described above.
The readers should remember, two very important points regarding the above:
(1) Navamsa Rasi of Moon and Deha and Jeeva Rasi depends upon the quarter of Nakshatra
occupied by Moon at birth and they do not change with the change in cycle and Paramayus.
For any native these three pivotals remain fixed for his entire lifespan.

(2) The new cycle, after completion of one cycle of Paramayus, will be in the same group
of Nakshatras. Therefore, for Bharani sub-group 4th Quarter after Sagittarius dasa the next
will be Aries dasa.
Therefore, sequence of dasas for 2nd cycle will be those that are given in Table 5(a)

for 1st quarter of Ashwini sub-group.
In horoscope after horoscope and case study after case study it will be found that this
method only gives correct results. The reasoning given above will leave no doubt in any mind

how the correct dasa sequence is to be considered.
(1) Sub-Periods
Sub-Periods for dasa of any sign can, easily be calculated by using Table 9. With help
of these, sub-periods can be calculated easily and no elaborate examples will be required.
Table 4A
(Navamsa Rasis and their Paramayus Years)

Nakshatra Nakshatra-Quarter
1 Qtr. 2nd Qtr. 3rd Qtr. 4th Qtr.

Ashwini, Punarvasu, Navamsa Aries Taurus Gemini Cancer

Hasta, Moola, P Bhadra Paramayu 100 yrs. 85 yrs. 83 yrs. 86 yrs.
Bharani, Pushya, Navamsa Leo Virgo Libra Scorpio
Chittra, P. Shadda, U. Shadda Paramayu 100 yrs. 85 yrs. 83 yrs. 86 yrs.
Krittika, Aslesha, Swati, Navamsa Sagittarius Capricorn Aquarius Pisces
U. Shadda, Revati Paramayu 100 yrs. 85 yrs. 83 yrs. 86 yrs.

Rohini, Magha, Navamsa Scorpio Libra Virgo Leo

Visakha, Shravana Paramayu 86 yrs. 83 yrs 85 yrs. 100 yrs
Mrigasira, P. Phalguni Navamsa Cancer Gemini Taurus Aries
Anuradha, Dhanishta Paramayu 86 yrs. 83 yrs. 85 yrs. 100 yrs.
Ardra, U. Phalguni Navamsa Pisces Aquarius Capricorn Sagittarius

Jyeshta, Satabisha Paramayu 86 yrs. 83 yrs. 85 yrs. 100 yrs.


Table 5(a)
Savya Nakshatras - (Aswini Group)
(Aswini, Krittika, Punar Vasu, Aslesha,
Hasta, Swati, Moola, Uttarashadha,
Poorvabhadra and Revathi = 10 Nakshatras)

Table 5(b)
Savya Nakshatras - (Bharani Group)
(Bharani, Pushya, Chittra, Poorvashada and
uttarbhadrapada = 5 Nakshatras)

Quarter Order of Dasa Rasis with no. of Para- Deha Jeeva Simha- Mar- Mand-
yrs. Shown below rasis mayu valokam kati ooki
years sign sign sign
1st 8 7 6 4 5 3 2 1 12 Sco Pis Scorpio Leo Cancer
7 16 9 21 5 9 16 7 10 = 100 Gemini
2nd 11 10 9 1 2 3 4 5 6 Aqu Vir Aries – –
Quarter rd 4Order4of Dasa
10 Rasis
7 with
16 no.9 of 21 5 9
Para- = 85
Deha Jeeva Simha- Mar- Mand-
3 7 yrs.8 Shown
9 below
10 11 rasis 12 8 7 6
mayu Lib Vir
kati –ooki –

16 7 10 4 4 10 7 16 9
years = 83 sign sign –sign –
1st 4th 1 2 4 3 5 4 3 5 2 6 1 7 12 811 910 9 Ari Can
Sag Sag – – – Leo – Cancer
7 1621 9 5 219 516 9 7 1610 7 4 104 10
= 100 =86 Gemini
2nd 10 11 12 8 7 6 4 5 3 Cap Gem Scorpio Leo Gemini
4 4 10 7 16 9 21 5 9 = 85 Cancer
3rd 2 1 12 11 10 9 1 2 3 Tau Gem Aries – –

16 7 10 4 4 10 7 16 9 = 83
4th 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 Can Pis – – –
21 5 9 16 7 10 4 4 10 86
Table 5(c)
Savya Nakshatras - (Rohini Group)
(Rohini, Magha, Visakha and Sravana = 4 Nakshatras)

Quarter Order of Dasa Rasis with no. of Para- Deha Jeeva Simha- Mar- Mand-
yrs. Shown below rasis mayu valokam kati ooki
years sign sign sign
1st 9 10 11 12 1 2 3 5 4 Sag Can Sagitta- Cancer Leo
10 4 4 10 7 16 9 5 21 = 86 rious

2nd 6 7 8 12 11 10 9 8 7 Vir Lib Pisces – Virgo

9 16 7 10 4 4 10 7 16 = 83
3rd 6 5 4 3 2 1 9 10 11 Vir Aqu Sagitt- – –
9 5 21 9 16 7 10 4 4 = 85 arius
4th 12 1 2 3 4 4 6 7 8 Pis Sco – Cancer Leo
10 7 16 9 5 21 9 16 7 = 100 – – Virgo

Table 5(d)
Savya Nakshatras - (Mrigasira Group)
( Mrigasira, Ardra, Poorva & Uttara Phalgunis,
Anuradha, Jyesta, Dhanista and Sathabhisha = 8 Nakshatras )

Quarter Order of Dasa Rasis with no. of Para- Deha Jeeva Simha- Mar- Mand-
yrs. Shown below rasis mayu valokam kati ooki

years sign sign sign
1st 12 11 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 Pis Can Pisces – –
10 4 4 10 7 16 9 5 21 = 86
2nd 3 2 1 9 10 11 12 1 2 Gem Tau Saggitt- – –
9 16 7 10 4 4 10 7 16 = 83 arius
3rd 3 5 4 6 7 8 12 11 10 Gem Cap Pisces Cancer Leo

9 5 21 9 16 7 10 4 4 = 85 Virgo
4th 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 Sag Ari – – –
10 7 16 9 5 21 9 16 7 = 100

(Ending Longitude of 4 Quarters of each Nakshatra)

S. Nakshatra 1st 2nd 3rd 4th

No. Qty. Qty. Qty. Qty.
s-°-’ s-°-’ s-°-’ s-°-’
1. Ashwini 0-3-20 0-6-40 0-10-0 0-13-20
2. Bharani 0-16-40 0-20-00 0-23-20 0-26-40
3. Krittika 1-0-00 1-3-20 1-6-40 1-10-00
4. Rohini 1-13-20 1-16-40 1-20-00 1-23-20

5. Mrigasira 1-26-40 2-0-00 2-3-20 2-6-40

6. Ardra 2-10-00 2-13-20 2-16-40 2-20-00
7. Punarvasu 2-23-20 2-26-40 3-0-00 3-3-20
8. Pushy a 3-6-40 3-10-00 3-13-20 3-16-40
9. Aslesha 3-20-00 3-23-20 3-26-40 4-00-00

10. Magha 4-3-20 4-6-40 4-10-0 4-13-20

11. Purva Phalguni 4-16-40 4-20-00 4-23-20 4-26-40
12. Uttara Phalguni 5-0-0 5-3-20 5-6-40 5-10-00
13. Hasta 5-13-20 5-16-40 5-20-00 5-23-20
14. Chitra 5-26-40 6-0-00 6-3-20 6-6-40

15. Swati 6-10-00 6-13-20 6-16-40 6-20-00

16. Vishaka 6-23-20 6-26-00 7-00-00 7-3-20
17. Anuradha 7-6-40 7-10-00 7-13-20 7-16-40
18. Jyeshta 7-20-00 7-23-20 7-26-40 8-00-00

19. Moola 8-3-20 8:6-40 8-10-00 8-13-20

20. Purvashadda 8-16-40 8-20-00 8-23-20 8-26-40
21. Uttara Shadda 9-0-0 9-3-20 9-6-40 9-10-00
22. Sravana 9-13-20 9-16-40 9-20-00 9-23-20
23. Dhanishta 9-26-40 10-0-00 10-3-20 10-6-40
24. Satabhisha 10-10-00 10- 13- 20 10-16-40 10-20-00
25. Purva Bhadra 10-23-20 10-26-00 11-00-00 11-3-20
26. Uuara Bhadra 11-06-40 11-10-00 11-13-20 11-16-40
27. Revati 11-20-00 11-23-20 11-26-40 12-00-00
Balance of Dasa (Paramayus) at Birth on the basis of distance yet
to be traversed by Moon in the particular quarter of Janma
Nakshatra 7(A)
Distance yet to be

traversed by Moon 100 years 86 years 85 years 83 years
in Nakshatra quarter Y-M-D Y-M-D Y-M-D Y-M-D
3°20' 100-0-00 86-0-0 85-0-0 83-0-0
3°00' 90-0-0 77-4-24 76-6-0 74-8-12
2°40' 80-0-0 68-9-18 68-0-0 66-4-24
2°20' 70-0-0 60-2-12 59-6-0 58-1-6

2°00' 60-0-0 51-7-6 51-0-0 49-9-18
1°40' 50-0-0 43-0-0 42-6-0 41-6-0
1°20' 40-0-0 34-4-24 34-0-0 33-2-12
1°00' 30-0-0 25-9-18 25-6-0 24-6-0
0°40' 20-0-0 17-2-12 17-0-0 16-7-6

0°20' 10-0-0 8-7-6 8-6-0 8-3-18


7 (b)

Proportional Parts of Kalachakra Dasa Balance

Nakshatramsa 100 years 86 years 85 years 83 years

l. 0-6-0 0-05-05 0-5-3 0-4-29

2. 1-0-0 0-10-10 0-10-6 0-9-29
3. 1-6-0 1-3-14 1-3-9 1-2-28
4. 2-0-0 1-9-19 1-8-12 1-7-28

5. 2-6-0 2-1-24 2-1-15 2-0-27

6. 3-0-0 2-7-29 2-6-18 2-5-26
7. 3-6-0 3-0-04 2-11-21 2-10-26
8. 4-0-0 3-5-08 3-4-24 3-3-25
9. 4-6-0 3-10-13 3-9-27 3-9-25
10. 5-0-0 4-3-18 4-3-00 4-1-24

Table 8
(For Finding Sign whose Dasa operates at Birth)
8 (a)
(For Savya Group-Aswini Sub-group)

1st Qtr. 2nd Qtr. 3rd Qtr. 4th Qtr.

B.B. O.D. B.B. O.D. B.B. O.D. B.B. O.D.
0 to 10 Sag 0 to 9 Gemini 0 to 9 Gemini 0 to 10 Pisces
10 to 17 Scorpio 9 to 14 Leo 9 to 25 Taurus 10 to 14 Aquarius
17 to 33 Libra 14 to 35 Cancer 25 to 32 Aries 14 to 18 Capricorn
33 to 42 Virgo 35 to 44 Virgo 32 to 42 Sag 18 to 28 Sagittarius

42 to 47 Leo 44 to 60 Libra 42 to 46 Capricorn 28 to 35 Scorpio
47 to 68 Cancer 60 to 67 Scorpio 46 to 50 Aquarius 35 to 51 Libra
68 to 77 Gemini 67 to 77 Pisces 50 to 60 Pisces 51 to 60 Virgo
77 to 93 Taurus 77 to 81 Aquarius 60 to 67 Aries 60 to 65 Leo
93 to 100 Aries 81 to 85 Capricorn 67 to 83 Taurus 65 to 86 Cancer

Here, B.B. = Balance of dasa (Paramayus) in between
O.D. = Opening Dasa at birth

Table 8 (b)
(For Savya Group-Bharini Sub-group)

1st Qtr. 2nd Qtr. 3rd Qtr. 4th Qtr.

B.B. O.D. B.B. O.D. B.B. O.D. B.B. O.D.
0 to 10 Pisces 0 to 9 Virgo 0 to 9 Virgo 0 to 10 Sag

10 to 17 Aries 9 to 14 Leo 9 to 25 Libra 10 to 14 Capricorn

17 to 33 Taurus 14 to 35 Cancer 25 to 32 Scorpio 14 to 18 Aqua
33 to 42 Gemini 35 to 44 Gemini 32 to 42 Pisces 18 to 28 Pisces
42 to 47 Leo 44 to 60 Taurus 42 to 46 Aquarius 28 to 35 Aries
47 to 68 Cancer 60 to 67 Aries 46 to 50 Capricorn 35 to 51 Taurus
68 to 77 Virgo 67 to 77 Sag 50 to 60 Sag 51 to 60 Gemini

77 to 93 Libra 77 to 81 Capricorn 60 to 67 Scorpio 60 to 65 Leo

93 to 100 Scorpio 81 to 85 Aquarius 67 to 83 Libra 65 to 86 Cancer

8 (c)

(For Apsavya Group - Rohini Sub-Group)

1st Qtr. 2nd Qtr. 3rd Qtr. 4th Qtr.

B.B. O.D. B.B. O.D. B.B. O.D. B.B. O.D.

0 to 21 Cancer 0 to 16 Libra 0 to 4 Aquarius 0 to 7 Scorpio

21 to 26 Leo 16 to 23 Scorpio 4 to 8 Capricorn 7 to 23 Libra
26 to 35 Gemini 23 to 33 Sag 8 to 18 Sag 23 to 32 Virgo
35 to 51 Taurus 33 to 37 Capricorn 18 to 25 Aries 32 to 53 Cancer
51 to 58 Aries 37 to 41 Aquarius 25 to 41 Taurus 53 to 58 Leo
58 to 68 Pisces 41 to 51 Pisces 41 to 50 Gemini 58 to 67 Gemini
68 to 72 Aquarius 51 to 58 Scorpio 50 to 71 Cancer 67 to 83 Taurus
72 to 76 Capricorn 58 to 74 Libra 71 to 76 Leo 83 to 90 Aries
76 to 86 Sag 74 to 83 Virgo 76 to 85 Virgo 90 to 100 Pisces
Table 8 (d)
(For Apsavya Group-Mrigasira Sub-group)

1st Qtr. 2nd Qtr. 3rd Qtr. 4th Qtr.

B.B. O.D. B.B. O.D. B.B. O.D. B.B. O.D.
0 to 21 Cancer 0 to 16 Taurus 0 to 4 Capricorn 0 to 7 Aries

21 to 26 Leo 16 to 23 Aries 4 to 8 Aquarius 7 to 23 Taurus
26 to 35 Virgo 23 to 33 Pisces 8 to 18 Pisces 23 to 32 Gemini
35 to 51 Libra 33 to 37 Aquarius 18 to 25 Scorpio 32 to 53 Cancer
51 to 58 Scorpio 37 to 41 Capricorn 25 to 41 Libra 53 to 58 Leo
58 to 68 Sag 41 to 51 Sag 41 to 50 Virgo 58 to 67 Virgo

68 to 72 Capricorn 51 to 58 Aries 50 to 71 Cancer 67 to 83 Libra
72 to 76 Aquarius 58 to 74 Taurus 71 to 76 Leo 83 to 90 Scorpio
76 to 86 Pisces 74 to 83 Gemini 76 to 85 Gemini 90 to 100 Sag

Sub -periods in Kalachakra Dasa

Table 9(a)
(when Paramayus - 100 years)

Main Leo Cancer Aries Gemini Sagittarius Taurus Capricorn

Pried Scorpio Virgo Pisces libra Aquarius
Sub-period (5 years) (21 years) (7 years) (9 years) (10 years) (16 years) (4 years)
Leo 0-03-00 1-00-18 00-04-06 0-05-12 00-06-00 0-09-18 –
Cancer 1-00-18 4-04-27 01-05-19 1-10-20 02-01-06 3-04-09 –
Main Aries, Scorpio Leo 0-04-06
Cancer 1-05-19
Aries 00-05-26
Gemini 0-07-16
Taurus 1-01-13
Capricorn –
Pried Scorpio Virgo Pisces 00-10-24libra Aquarius

Gemini, Virgo 0-05-12 1-10-20 00-07-16 0-09-21 1-05-08 –

Sub-period (5 years) (21 years) (7 years) (9 years) (10 years) (16 years) (4 years)
Sagittarius, Pisces
Y-M-D 0-06-00
Y-M-D 2-01-06
Y-M-D 00-08-12
Y-M-D 0-10-24
Y-M-D 01-00-00
Y-M-D 1-07-06
Y-M-D –
Leo Taurus, Libra 0-03-14 0-09-18
01-02-19 3-04-09
00-04-26 01-01-13
00-06-08 1-05-08
00-06-29 01-07-06
00-11-04 2-06-21
00-02-23 –
Cancer Capricorn Aquarius
01-02-19 –
05-01-16 –
01-08-15 –
02-02-11 –
02-05-09 –
03-10-26 –
00-11-21 –
Aries Scorpio 00-04-26 01-08-15 00-06-25 00-08-23 01-09-23 01-03-18 00-03-27
Note : 1) When Paramayus = 100 years, dasa of any of the signs owned by Saturn is not there.

Gemini Virgo 00-06-08 02-02-11 00-08-23 00-11-09 01-00-16 01-08-02 00-05-00

2) Suppose we want to know the sub-period of Aries in Taurus main period This will
Sagittarius 00-06-30 02-05-09 00-09-23 01-00-16 01-01-26 01-10-09 00-05-17
be 1Y 1M 13 days. This will be true irrespective of the fact whether birth is in
Taurus Libra 00-11-04 03-10-26 01-03-18 01-08-02 01-10-09 02-11-21 00-08-27
Savya or Apsavya group of Nakshatras.
Capricorn Aquarius 00-02-23 00-11-21 00-03-27 00-05-00 00-05-17 00-08-27 00-02-06
Table 9(b)

(when Paramayus = 86 years)


Table 9(c)
(when Paramayus = 85 years)

Table 9(d)
(when Paramayus = 83 years)

Note : 1) This signs owned by the Luminaries, Moon and Sun (i.e. Cancer and Leo) do not have
any dasa when Paramayus = 83 years.

In this Chapter, I will explain the rules for interpreting Kalachakra Dasa. In the beginning
one may find it difficult to pronounce results on the basis of Kalachakra dasa. But with little
bit of practice, readers will be able to see how Kalachakra Dasa can give amazing results.

This dasa system is said to be superior even to Vimshottari dasa. The basic advantage of
Kalachakra dasa has over other dasa systems is that it has an inbuilt system for taking into
consideration transits also.
I have often combined Kalachakra dasa with Vimshottari dasa and found that near hundred

percent accuracy is achieved. I am sure after going through those examples readers will be
able to handle Kalachakra dasa with great ease. The predictions made with the help of
Kalachakra dasa can seldom go wrong provided readers fully comprehend this predictive

technique as explained in this chapter.
One of the unique features of Kalachakra dasa system is Deha and Jeeva Rasis. In Savya
group of Nakshatras the first dasa is of Deha Rasi and the last dasa is of Jeeva Rasi. In
Apasavya group of Nakshatras the first dasa is of Jeeva Rasi and the last dasa is of Deha
Rasi. This is for each cycle of Pararmayus. The actual dasa of birth, of course, can be of any
sign depending upon the Moon’s longitude. Deha and Jeeva Rasis are very sensitive signs.
Their dasa periods

prove to be very eventful in a native’s life, one should closely examine:-

(i) When Dasas of Deha and Jeeva Rasis operate.
(ii) Transits of planets from these signs, whether malefic or benefic. Major transits such as
those of Saturn, Rahu-Ketu and Jupiter mark the significant events during a native’s

(iii) Placement of planets in Deha and Jeeva Rasis. These have a bearing on native’s
psychology, thinking, behaviour pattern etc.

(iv) Transit of Rahu-Ketu, when Deha and Jeeva Rasi dasa operates and also that of Jupiter.
Transit of Rahu and Ketu over these signs, when the dasa is also of these signs can prove
to be very unfortunate. Transit of Jupiter over these signs or its aspect on these signs

when their dasa is operating,constitutes a fortunate period for the native.

Meaning of Deha and Jeeva
Deha rules the physical self of the native. It is his body. Jeeva rules the life force. It
determines the spiritual development of the native. Affliction to Deha Rasi causes physical
sufferings. Affliction to Jeeva causes mental anguish. Raja-yogas in Deha Rasi give
materialistic prosperity. Raja- Yogas in Jeeva Rasi confer spiritual enlightenment benefits of
which the soul carries with it even after death.
Planets in Deha and Jeeva Rasis
Sun in Deha or Jeeva Rasi : Sun causes danger from fire. There can be bilious complaints,
fevers, eruptions etc. If Sun is well placed i.e. in exaltation, own sign or friendly sign it can

confer favours from higher authorities. A weak or afflicted Sun leads to demotions, fear of
own enemies, death of close relations and causes confrontation with higher authorities.
Moon in Deha or Jeeva Rasi : It causes dangers from water and chemicals. A strong Moon
gives success in foreign lands, wealth and jewellery. One enjoys company of opposite sex

and is much respected in society. Afflicted Moon causes mental anguish and distress.
Mars in Deha or Jeeva Rasi : Mars causes danger from weapon and fire. It can cause injury,
quarrels, accidents and even a violent death. A well placed Mars can help in setting up

industries, possessing properties and success in difficult ventures. Afflicted Mars causes danger
from poison, thefts, legal battles and loss of power and position. It can cause distress to
Mercury in Deha or Jeeva Rasi : Mercury in Deha or Jeeva Rasi gives knowledge and
education. It make the native a wealthy trader, a journalist, writer or author. Native acquires
assets, both moveable and immoveable and becomes famous. A well placed Mercury makes
native a learned and respected intellectual and can give him encyclopaedic knowledge.
Afflicted Mercury can cause skin diseases, make a person timid and nervous and destitute

who spends time with hooks, whose

intellectual achievements are never recognised.
Jupiter in Deha or Jeeva Rasi : Jupiter gives high position. and favours and recognition
from government. Native becomes affluent and wealthy. He understands the scientific basis

of body of knowledge which interests him. There is birth of children and person develops
useful partnerships and intellectually stimulating relationships. Afflicted Jupiter can cause
liver and lung diseases. Native has little or no friends. He is learned but does not get proper

Venus in Deha or Jeeva Rasi : Venus will give lasting relationships, sexual pleasures. The
native is expert in art and the dasa of Rasi occupied by Venus (i.e. Deha or Jeeva Rasi) gives

unique opportunities to further his artistic pursuits. Native acquires all sorts of articles of
comfort. He becomes socially eminent. Afflicted Venus denies the above results. Native
habitually visits prosititutes. He tries his luck in artistic pursuits, but gets only adverse
publicity. The native leads an indisciplined life.
Saturn in Deha or Jeeva Rasi : Saturn is a planet of sorrow, grief, delays, obstacles and
disappointments. If posited in Deha or Jeeva Rasi it will certainly cause health problems. It
creates obstacles in whatever native tries to do. He changes jobs frequently out of frustration.
It causes disappointments in relationships and leads to frequent emotional upheavels. There
are quarrels and disputes with associates and close relatives. If afflicted, the obstacles and

disappointments can be so severe that it can lead to nervous breakdown. There is bereavement,
dishonour, thefts and losses.
Rahu in Deha or Jeeva Rasi : Rahu occupying Deha or Jeeva cause trouble from opponents
and enemies. There is downfall of reputation and annoyance of government. Native may have

to leave motherland under unfortunate circumstances.
Ketu in Deha or Jeeva Rasi : It cause thefts, loss due to fire, blood disorders, misfortunes.
This dasa con turn out to be a riches to rags story.

The above -results should be predicted for transits also. The results given below are also felt
both in Natal horoscope and in transits.
These should be carefully noted in a horoscope:
(1) If Deha or Jeeva signs are occupied by Sun, Mars, Saturn and Rahu the native will
surely die.
(2) Malefics in Deha sign cause ill health and in Jeeva Rasi makes native lose
confidence, makes him dejected and timid.
(3) If both Deha sign and Jeeva sign are afflicted by malefics native frequently faces

professional setbacks due to opposition from higher authorities. The native is

arrogant and proud which causes professional setbacks. He or she is also very
passionate, jealous, possessive but also adulturous. This leads to a lot of upheavel
in emotional affairs.

(4) If dasa of Deha or Jeeva sign is in progress and malefics transit the dasa sign,
misfortunes are experienced.
(5) In case, both malefic and benefic influences are present, mixed results are

(6) If lord of the Deha sign or Jeeva sign are in 6th, 8th or 12th house from Deha or
Jeeva sign or from the ascendant, there is sufferings and humiliation for the native.

Similar results are experienced if the lord is hemmed between malefics, it is combust,
afflicted by malefics or debilitated in Rasi or Navamsa chart.
(7) If lord of Deha sign or Jeeva sign are exalted in Rasi or Navamsa sign, friendly
sign, in trinal houses or angular houses, aspected by benefics all round prosperity
is expeienced. If the lord is subject to both malefic and benefic influences mixed
results should be pronounced.
In the last chapter we have already learnt about the three types of gatis or leaps. There
are few other types of Gatis described here and there in ancient Astological literature. But
these have not

been discussed by Sage Parasara. Therefore, these are not discussed below:
(1) MANDOOKI GATI:- The jump of one sign over another is known as Mandooki
Gati. The jump from Virgo to Cancer and from Leo to Gemini is Mandooki gati.
The results are as follows:-

(i) Birth in SAVYA NAKSHATRA:- This is generally a period of hardships. there
is distress to close associates, relatives, wife and children. The native
experiences trouble from enemies and their is confrontations with higher

(a) If birth is in Ashwini sub-group:- If birth is in Ashwini sub-group then
Mandooki Gati is experienced only when birth is in 2nd quarter of Janma
Nakshatra. These can be seen from TABLE 5. It should be remembered
that when jump is from Leo to Gemini, then sign Gemini is known as
Mandooki sign and the results ascribed here are experienced in its dasa.
This means in case of all these types of jumps, the sign to which the jump
is made, gives the effects of the jump during its dasa. When jump is from

Leo to Gemini there can be brain fever, fear of death and trouble from
higher authorities. If jump is from Virgo to Cancer then there can be anxiety
due to spouse, death of a close relative, eye trouble and loss of wealth.
There can also be litigation related to property.

(b) If birth in in Bharani sub-group:- Then both types of Mandooki Gatis

are experienced, when birth is in 1st or 4th quarter of the Janma Nakshatra.
When jump is from Leo to Gemini then birth is in I st quarter of Janma

Nakshatra, native faces wrath of higher authorities, has set back in career,
has health problems and there are quarrels with brothers. When birth is in
4th quarter of the Janma Nakshatra, then native is separated from kith and

kin, there is loss due to fire and theft, distress to spouse and mental tension
due to enemies.
When jump is from Virgo to Cancer, then for those born in I st quarter of
Janma Nakshtra there can be loss by theft during travels, anxiety due to
spouse and love affairs, troubles due to children and demotions. If birth is
in 4th quarter of the Janma Nakshatra then there is trouble from government,
health problems, loss of property and quarrels with close relatives and
(ii) Birth in APSAVY A NAKSHATRAS:- Then the general results experienced
by the native are, distress to spouse, anxiety due to progeny, health problems

and setback in career.
(a) If birth is in Rohini sub-group: When quarter of the Janma Nakshatra is I
st then jump Gemini to Leo is Mandooki dasa. During this period native
has serious health problems, loss of wealth and death of a close relative.

When birth is in 2nd quarter then during Virgo dasa there will be danger to
life, monetary losses, set backs in career and confrontation with higher
authorities. When birth is in 4th quarter of Janma Nakshatra, during Leo

dasa, native will have trouble from government, ill health, anxiety due to
children, trouble to father and general misfortune.
(b) If birth is in Mrigasira sub-group: Only in case the birth is in 3rd quarter
of Janma Nakshatra, the Mandooki gati will take place. During Leo dasa
there will be death of brother, loss of wealth, health problems, problems in
conjugal life and love affairs. During Virgo dasa there will be trouble to
mother, loss of conveyance, accidents and injuries, obstacles and delays
in implementation of plans.

(2) MARKA TI GATI : Readers will note that the sequence of dasas in Kalachakra dasa
system is either straight or reverse. That is, either it is going on like Aries, Taurus,
Gemini etc. or it is in descending order like Pisces, Aquarius, Capricorn etc. This
dasa order often takes an about turn or reverse turn during dasa of Leo or Cancer.

This backward jump from Leo to Cancer and Cancer to Leo is known as Markati
Gati. Say, for an example, birth is in 2nd quarter of Ashwini sub-group of Savya
group of Nakshatras. Then backward movement is halted at Cancer and dasa jumps

to Leo. This is Markati Gati.

(i) Birth in SAVYA NAKSHATRA : The general results experienced are loss of
wealth, career set backs, accidents, distress to father, loss of confidence and

(a) If birth is Ashwini sub-group: When birth is in 2nd quarter of janma
Nakshatra during Leo dasa native will fall sick, there will be anxiety due
to spouse and loss of wealth.
(b) If birth is Bharani sub-group : When the birth is in 1st quarter of Janma
Nakshatra during Leo dasa native gets set back in career, there is anxiety
due to father and native has to undertake fruitless journeys, when the birth
is in 4th quarter of Janma Nakshatra native has loss of wealth, health
problems, trouble to father, confinement and injuries.
(ii) Birth in APSAVYA NAKSHATRA: During our discussion on Markati Gati

for those born in Savya Nakshatras, readers must have noticed that jump is
only from Cancer to Leo and results are experienced during Leo dasa. For
Apasavya Nakshatras Markati Gati or jump is from Leo to Cancer and results
are experienced during Cancer dasa. During this dasa there can be dangers from

watery places (Cancer is a watery sign), demotions and set back in career,
distress to father, confrontation with higher authorities, loss in legal battles
and aimless wanderings. Native often starts leading a destitute life.

(a) If birth is in Rohini sub-group: When the birth is in 1st quarter of the
Janma Nakshatra native has health problems, watery diseases, windy
disorders, trouble to father and native generally remains depressed. When
birth is in 4th quarter of the Janma Nakshatra native wanders aimlessly,
has anxiety due to children, confrontation with government and loss of
(b) If birth is in Mrigasira sub-group: When birth is in 3rd quarter of Janma
Nakshatra native faces financial difficulties, injuries, trouble to children,

mental tensions and mostly remains depressed.

(3) SIMHAVALOKAN GATI : Trinal jumps are known as Simhavalokan Gati. These
can be seen from TABLE 5. The general results of this jump are as follows:
(i) Birth in Savya Nakshatras : There are injuries due to terrorist actions and

fall, confrontation with friends and relations, distress to parents, accidents, loss
of property, harm from poisoning and legal battles concerning land and property.
(a) If birth is in Ashwini sub-group: When jump is from Sagittarius to Aries

native will have severe health problems if he is born in the I st quarter of

the Janma Nakshatra. In the 3rd quarter he will have loss of wealth. Other
results will be trouble to father, mental tension, tension due to progeny

and loss in speculation. When the jump is from Aries to Scorpio, the native
will have high fever due to kidney ailments and trouble from adversaries.
(b) If birth is in Bharani sub-group: When the jump is from Sagittarius to
Aries there is trouble to close relatives particularly borthers, father-in-law
may pass away, there are skin diseases and problems of the spine. When
the jump is from Pisces to Scorpio and the birth is in the first quarter of
Janmn Nakshatra, the native suffers from long lasting diseases, etc. loss of
properly and conveyance. When the birth is in the 3rd quarter of janma
Nakshatra there is loss of property and wealth. Native may turn from riches
to rags. There are wounds and injuries due to animals.

(ii) Birth in APSAVY NAKSHATRAS : During Simhavalokan Gati there is
destruction of the house native lives in. Father of the native may die or face
serious problems in life.
(a) If the birth is in Rohini sub-group: When the jump is from Aries to

Sagittarius native fall sick, has injuries due to weapons, there is trouble
from government and career setbacks. If the birth is in the 3rd quarter of
the Janma Nakshatra, in addition to above, native may also lose his house.

If birth is in 2nd quarter of Janma Nakshatra the jump is from Scorpio to
Pisces. Native experiences anxieties due to spouse, there are legal cases
concerning property. There is fear of drowning and windy diseases.
(b) If the birth is in Mrigasira sub-group: When the birth is in first quarter
native suffers from high fever and there is trouble to father. When the birth
is in the 2nd quarter of the Janma Nakshatra native feel anxieties due to
married and love life and there is loss of wealth and health problems. When
the birth is in the 3rd quarter of Janma Nakshatra native suffers set backs

in career. There is trouble to brother and native generally remains mentally

General Results of Different Jumps: Sage Parasara gives certain general results of
different leaps or gatis. These are given for the benefit of the readers. If the jump is from

Pisces to Scorpio the native suffers from fever. If the jump is from Virgo to Cancer there is
distress to brothers and family members. If it is from Leo to Gemini there are health problems
to spouse. If the jump is from Leo to Cancer, the native may die. If it is Simhavalokan Gati

from Sagittarius to Aries there is death of close relatives. If sign is aspected by or occupied
by benefics, the malefic results are reduced and good results are felt. If it is aspected by or
occupied by malefics misfortunes should be expected during the dasa period.

Gatis or Jumps and Favourable Directions Sage Parasara-have stated that certain
directions will be favourable and certain unfavourable for different gatis or jumps. These are
now given helow:-
GATI OR JUMP Favourable Unfavourable
Direction Direction
i) Virgo to Cancer East, North West, South
ii) Leo to Gemini South, West East, North
iii) Cancer to Leo West South
iv) Pisces to Scorpio North –
v) Leo to Cancer South West

The above given information is very helpful. The following are possible benefits of this
(i) Journeys to unfavourable directions during the dasa periods of these gatis should
be avoided while journeys to favourable directions will prove beneficial.

(ii) Industrialists and businessmen should set up offices and factories only in favourable
directions if they are under the dasa of a particular gatis.
(iii) Interior designers and Architects should make sitting arrangement and personal

cabin of the owners in favourable direction in the office if they are under a particular
One businessman started having trouble soon after his Mandooki gati (jump from Virgo
to Cancer) started. In his office premises his personal cabin was in the west. This I adviced
him to shift to the east side. In this manner the dasa of gatis can be put to good use.
Below are described general results which a native will experience during the Kalachakra

dasa of signs occupying different houses from the ascendant.

(i) Dasa of sign in Ascendent: In the Kalachakra dasa of the sign in the ascendent,
native usually enjoys robust health and many comforts. If sign is a moveable sign
and Navamsa ascendent is also moveable, native becomes rich in a foreign land. If

the ascendent is aspectcd and occupied by bcncfics or is hemmed between benefics,

then the native enjoys all round prosperity. If there is a Raja-Yoga in the ascendent
native becomes very affluent. If lord of ascendent is well placed in a Kendra (angle)

or a Trikona (Trinal) house, native enjoys favours from government and becomes
rich. If ascendent is occupied by malefics or aspected by malefics and is subject to
a Papakartari yoga (i.e. hemmed between malefics) then the native remains sickly

and remains dejected and in low spirits. If there are malefic yogas in the ascendent
native has severe health problems and faces obstacles in all walks of life.
(ii) Dasa of the sign in the second house: If the second house is well placed and
subject to Raja- Yogas and Dhana Yogas, the native enjoys good food, family life
and becomes rich. There is birth of a child. This proves to be a period of distinction
in academic matters. He is recognised as an outstanding orator and his prestige and
honour in the society increases.
If the second house is afflicted and subject to malefic influence their is danger to
wife and close relations. Native can be deprived of substantial portion of wealth
during this period. If the lord of the second house is afflicted or in the 6th, 8th or

12th house native suffers setbacks in educational matters.
(iii) Dasa of the sign in the 3rd house: If the third house is well placed there is happiness
on account of co-borns, there is acquisition of jewellery and expensive clothes and
articles of luxury. Native's interest in art and music increases. His confidence

increases and he undertakes difficult projects and implements them with exemplary
courage and intelligence. The native becomes famous, undertakes useful small trips
and in these trips comes across person from whom he gains very useful knowledge

concerning own line of profession. The native also acquires vehicles during this
If the lord of the third house is afflicted and is weak the native face troubles from
co-borns. There is partition of property. There are disruptions in education. Native
may be injured. He will undertake risky ventures and suffer serious set backs. During
such periods the father-in-law of the native may pass away or his own brother may
pass away and his own brother may become his enemy.
(iv) Dasa of the sign in the 4th house: If the 4th house and 4th lord-have benefic

influences and are well placed then native gets happiness from family members,
acquires properties and vehicles and articles of luxury. The native derives income
from property and land, from agriculture, rent, sale of houses or running hotels etc.
(v) Dasa of the sign in the 5th house : The native enjoys marital and love life during

this period if the 5th house and the 5th lord are well placed. The native is blessed
with children or the children are otherwise a source of happiness for him. Native
gets favours from government and higher-authorities. He gets distinct career

betterment and becomes socially popular and famous. He makes good progress in
his academic pursuits. The native is honoured by the government.
If the 5th house is afflicted and so is the 5th lord, contrary results to the above may

be experience. Native's children will become his enemies or will be otherwise a

source of sorrow for him. There can be mishap to children and the spouse. The
native suffers setbacks in educational sphere and profession. He may face the wrath
of the government and may be publicly reprimanded. He suffers from much mental
(vi) Dasa of the sign in 6th house: During the dasa of sign in 6th house the native faces
dispute. Malefics are in 6th, native will win in the dispute over his enemies. If 6th lord
is well placed and benefics aspect the 6th he will have victory over enemies and
satisfactory health.
If the 6th house and 6th lord are afflicted there will be danger to native's life. He

will lose in disputes to his enemies. His subordinates will cause him much anxiety.
His health will deteriorate and he will remain lethargic.
(vii) Dasa of the sign in the 7th house: During the dasa of the sign in the 7th house
native enjoys marital bliss or may get married. The native otherwise enjoys a fruitful

love life and also sex life. He develops good relationships which prove useful to
him for the rest of his life. He obtains success in his professional sphere. He gets
favours from the government and gets fame. The native's children are a source of

happiness for him.
But if the 7th house and the 7th lord are afflicted, the native's spouse is bereaved.
The health of the spouse may suffer or there may be strain in the relationship. If in
, partnership, the native will have quarrels with the partners. His health will suffer
and there will be danger of death. The native may contract venereal diseases. The
native will have to take fruitless journeys to distant countries.
(viii) Dasa of the sign in the 8th house: During the dasa of the sign in the 8th house
there will be dangers to native's life. He will lose parental or hereditary property.

He will suffer due to enemity and financial setbacks. He will generally remain
dejected and distressed. He will be irritable and agitated over trivial matters. There
may be death in the family.
But if the 8th house is well placed and well so-is- the 8th lord. Native inherits

property. His health though weak will recover and he will become much interested
in occult subjects and attain indepth knowledge of the subject.
Sage Parasara says that some learned are of the view that the native will enjoy full

life span, if his birth is in the beginning of the quarter of the moon. It will be
medium, if the birth is in the Middle of the Janma Nakshatra's quarter and the life
span will be short if the birth is in the last part of the quarter of the Janma Nakshatra.

(ix ) Dasa of the sign in the 9th house: When the 9th house and the 9th lord arc subject
to benefic influences, the native gains much from foreign connections. He becomes
very successful and is much recognised. He gets favours from the government and
the higher authorities. His spouse, children and close family members are a source
of joy for him. The native takes much interest in religious matters. The native's
father will achieve some distinction in his career.
But if the 9th house and the 9th lord arc afflicted and weak then the native will suffer
much. His father may pass away or may otherwise suffer. The native may be implicated
in false cases. Sex scandals will bring disrepute to the native. Native will generally be
unfortunate and have an unsteady mind. The native will have trouble from the government.

(x) Dasa of the sign in 10th house: If the 10th house and 10th lord have benefic
influences then during the dasa of the sign in the 10th house, the native becomes
very affluent. He enjoys a Raja-yoga. He becomes famous and his work is much
recognised. There is recognition from the higher authorities. The native is successful

in all his ventures. He gets some very important opportunities in life and is able to
make the most of them. The native's business expands or he gets promotions.
If the 10th house and the 10th lord are weak, the native will become poor or may

suffer setbacks in career. His business may close down or he may be thrown out of
his job. He will have trouble from higher authorities and will become a victim of
petty politics in the sphere of work. His children will have health problems. The
native will be put to disgrace and various charges of corruption and financial
impropriety will be hrought against him. His friends and close associates may desert
him and join hands with his adversaries.
(xi) Dasa of the sign in the 11th house: If 11th house is well aspected and the 11th
lord is well placed then the native will have windfall gains from speculation, shares

and similar sources. He will have a mentally satisfying love life, children become
famous. His income will increase manifold. He will make new friends from whom
he will gain much. The native will become prosperous and affluent. He will have
gains depending up on the planets posited in the 11th house. Say, for example, if it

is Venus he will gain from art and music or from women and spouse. He may also
gain from jcwellery etc. Similarly if the lord of the 5th house is in the 11th house
and is well placed the native will gain through, children. friends and from

speculation. shares or lottery. in this manner after proper examination should the
results be announced.
But if the 11th house and 11th lord are afflicted and weak, the native will have

health problem. He will he deceived by his friends and close-associates. He will

have quarrels with his close family members. There will be hindrances and obstacles
in realisation of objections. Success in endeavours may elude the native. His
adversaries willi be given preference over him and he will feel much dejected.
(xii) Dasa of the sign in the 12th house: During the dasa of the sign in the 12th house,
native usually experiences financial difficulties. If the 12th house and the 12th
lord are weak there will be delays and obstacles in all ventures. there will be health
problems, career set backs, loss of wealth and wasteful expenditures. and native
may be forced to go in exile. He can also be imprisoned, kidnapped or confined in
any manner.

If the 12th house and 12th lord are well placed the native will have gains from
foreign lands. The expenditures will be on useful matters such as properly marriage
other ceremonies and enjoyable excursions. The trips to distant lands may prove
very fruitful.


About Vimsottari Dasa
Though the great sage Parasara mentioned about 42 types of Dasas but the vimsottari
is the most popular one. In his famous Grantha B.P.H.S. he states that
n¶ÉÉ ¤É½ÖÊ´ÉtɺiɺÉÖ ¨ÉÖJªÉÉ Ê´ÉƶÉÉäkÉ®Ò ¨ÉiÉÉ*

(Although there are many kinds of Dasas, the Vimsottari is the most significant amongst
all Dasas)
And again
Eð±ÉÉè Ê´ÉƶÉäkÉ®Ò YÉäªÉÉ n¶É ¨ÉÖJªÉÉ ÊqVÉÉäkɨÉ*

(O Brahmana! The vimsottari Dasa is the most significant in this Kaliyuga)
So, we are proceeding towards the Vimsottari Dasa. This Dasa is of 120 years. The
Dasa years of each planet has been given earlier. according to Vimsottari Dasa Paramayu is
120 years. In this chapter we will deal with the Dasa and Bhukti Results of each planet

exhaustively. But here, once again, I am requesting the readers to go with the Transits and
Dasa results simultaneously in order to get accuracy in their predictions.

Results of Dasa and Bhukties

In reading the effects of different Dasas, the inherent qualities of the planets, (xÉäºÉÊMÉÇEð
¶ÉÖ¦ÉɶÉÖ¦Éi´É), qualities determined by their lordship, significations ( OɽEðÉ®Eði´É¨É) and the
fundamental principles etc. should be used which have already been mentioned in the earlier
A planet which is a benefic according to the following factors will surely do good in

their Dasa - Antara period.

i) A natural benefic (xÉäºÉÊMÉÇEð ¶ÉÖ¦Éi´É¨É).
ii) In exaltation.
iii) Placement in a benefic sign.

iv) Benefic nature by rulership.

v) In Retrogression ( ´ÉÊGðhɺiÉÖ ¨É½É´ÉÒªÉÇÉ:)
vi) A Uccharohi i.e. going to be exaltated planet.

vii) A planet which has formed some subha yoga.

A planet which will not be able to do any good to the native under the following circumstances.
i) A malefic by nature.
ii) A malefic by it’s placement.

iii) A planet which is in deep fall.

iv) A planet which is not involved in any type of subha yoga.
v) Atichara (Planets moving with greater speed compared to their normal one).
vi) A planet posited in an enemy camp with his enemy etc.
Everyone is aware of the Dasa years and about the Antara periods (mentioned earlier
how to calculate the Antara period). In this computer age any one can calculate the periods
within a minute. The results, I am going for.
Sun - Sun :
If the sun has enough strength the native will acquire wealth, will befrriend with kings,
will gain success in ventures etc.
In case of powerless Sun the native will lose money, will incur the wrath of kings, will
fall into sickness etc.

Sun - Moon :
In Moon’s Antara there may be some auspicious functions in the native’s family,
acquisition of wealth, cattle, vehicle etc. Happiness in conjugal life will be felt, marriage
ceremony etc. will be there.

In case of weak moon - mental anguish, fear or danger from water, dishonour, disrespect,
unexpected losses in ventures etc. may be felt by the native.
Sun - Mars :
Acquiring of lands, houses, increase in vigour & vitality, bravery, success in competition.

Happiness from younger siblings and various auspicious results will be felt by the native.
In case of weak Mars – several losses, danger to younger co-born, losses etc. will be
felt by the native.
Sun - Rahu :
This period is generally not termed as a favourable period. Both are the enemies of
each other. But still if Rahu occupies a ‘Upachaya’ house it can bestow some good fruits like
favours of the kings or of the superiors, sudden gain in wealth, various auspicious deeds in
the house etc. or otherwise, father’s health or the health of some elder relatives may become

poor, poor health of native, losses in every venture, fear from thieves, accidents etc. may be
Sun - Jup :
This is a much favourable period. At the same time if jupiter occupies a good house in
Transit, professional gain, marriage ceremony, sucess in ventures, birth of sons, honour and

respect will be received by the native. If both forms a subha yoga like 5th and 9th relationship
in the natal chart the native may get the service, will receive the blessings of preceptor and
will see the dawn of fortune.

Sun - Sat :
This period should be judged with utmost care. A well placed Saturn can give the
success, destruction of enemies and the professional gain etc. A good placed Saturn in transit
chart in this period will bring fortune, respect, gain and various auspicious results.

However, a debilitated Saturn can bring some sudden downfall, worthless deeds,
quarrels, disrespect and some sudden fall in health sector.
Sun - Merc :
A well placed Sun and Mercury will bring success in this period. There will be the
chances of acquiring lands, success in Ventures, gain or rise in income, pilgrimages, etc will
be felt. The native will receive very good results in studies, will receive good food, vehicle,
clothes etc.
Sun - Ketu :
This period is also not treated as a favourable period. It may cause some unencessary
losses, mental anguish, wrath of the higher ups or the quarrel with higher ups, sudden breakage
in the relationship with close ones. If Ketu occupies a good house (Upachaya sthana) the
native may receive some good results like friendship with good people, acquisition of gifts,

increase in fame, conjugal bliss etc.
Sun - Venus :
A well placed Venus can bestow various types of auspicious results like acquisition of
wealth, marital harmony, gain in income, acquisition of vehicles, house, cattles, good foods,

blessings of preceptors or some pious people etc. etc.
A debilitated or weak Venus can take away all the incomes. May fall into sickness,
marital disharmony, displacement from one’s own place may take place.
Moon - Moon :

Generally this is treated as a favourable period. A strong Moon conjoined with benefics
or placed in a benefic house can give various good results like good foods, increase in income,
travel to holy places, happiness etc.
If it is weak it may cause some unncessary expenses, aimless travels, quarel in family,
degradation etc.
Moon - Mars :
A well placed Mars may bless the native with bravery, success, fortunes, lands, increase
in income etc.

However, a weak Mars placed in 6/8/12th house may bring some unnecessary downfall,
failure in ventures, quarels, diseases connected to blood etc.
Moon - Rahu :
It is also not treated as a favourable period as both are the enemies of each other.
However, if Rahu occupies the house no 3/6/11 in the natal chart it may bring some good

results like success in undertaking, acquisition of vehicles, good foods etc. In this period the
native may receive some gifts etc. Otherwise, it may cause mental anguish, illness, accidents,
sickness to mother etc.

Moon - Jupiter :
This is a much favorable period as both are the friends of each other. A well placed
Jupiter can give various auspicious results like suscess in undertakings, long distant travel,
travelling to holy places, the blessings of Mata Laxmi, plenty of welath etc.

Moon - Saturn :
A well placed Saturn can land a job for the native in some distant places in this period.
Birth of son/daughter, friendship with higher class and pleasure may be felt in this period.
However, there may occur some expenses, mental disturbances, diseases related to cough
and cold etc. if it is posited otherwise.
Moon - Mercury :
A well placed Mercury can give success in education, profession, venture etc. The
native may involve himself in ventures with some persons of distant places. The native may
receive a rise in income. May fall into love affairs or marital bliss will be there.
If it is posited otherwise, it may bring some downfall in trade, litigations, unnecessary
expenses etc.

Moon - Ketu :
This is also not a good period. If Ketu be posited in upachaya there will be some
auspicious deeds like pilgrimage, rise in income, acquisition of vehicles and cattles etc. If it
does not use to be so them there will be mental anguish, quarels, losses etc. etc.

Moon - Venus :
A strong Venus can bestow the native with handful of money, vehicles. There may
occur some auspicious functions like marriage ceremony, birth of daughter, conjugal bliss,
aquisition of house, land etc.

If both of them are in a 6-8 combination in the natal chart the native may face some
unexpected losses, unnecessary expenses, marital disharmony, diseases etc. etc. in this period.
Moon - Sun :
A strong Sun will produce various good results in this period. Birth of son, recovery of
old dues, acquisition of wealth etc. will be received by the native.
However, a powerless Sun may bestow some diseases, losses, unnecessary quarells
and debts to the native.
Mars - Mars :
A powerful Mars will bestow bravery, lands, success in competition, recovery from

debts, favour from the kings or ruler etc.

A powerless Mars may give diseases, fear from theives, fear of snake biting and losses.
Mars - Rahu :
This is not a favourable period. Fear of accidents, snake biting, fear from thieves,

sudden fall from one’s position may be felt in this period. However, a well placed Rahu may
bestow some good results like increase in income, increase of fame, acquisition of land to
the native.
Mars - Jupiter :

Honour, respect, favour from the kings or rulers, auspicious functions in the family,
positive change in the family atmosphere, increase in income, success in endeavours, happy
atmosphere and allround progress and prosperity.

However, in case of weak Mars there may be some sickness coming from excess of
heat, biles etc.
Mars - Saturn :
This is not a favourable period. Both are the enemies. However, a positive Saturn placed
in a benefic house in the Transit chart can bestow some auspicious results upon the native
like increase in income, increase in fame, increase in welath, destruction of enemies etc. If it
is posited otherwise, the results will be reversed.
Mars - Mercury :
A strong Mercury will give success in education, in trade and in intellectual pursuits.
The native will engage himself in studies of Shastras, will receive the honour and fame, will
have good foods and will earn abundant in agriculture.
In case of weak Mercury the native may receive some bad results like losses, diseases

of the heart, quarrels with kith and kins, litigations, dishonour, disrespect etc.
Mars - Ketu :
Well placed Ketu can give bravery, favours from the kings, success in endeavours,
increase in income etc. But if it is placed in 6th / 8th / 12th hoiuse either from Lagna or from

Mars it may damage the prosperity and will bring failure in ventures. It may cause dishonour
and disrespect.
Mars - Venus :
This is a much favourable period. Honour, respect, increase in income, marriage

ceremony, acquiring of vehicles, land, houses will be felt by the native.
However, in the adverse placed Venus’s Antara period the native will be troubled by
the diseases, enemity with others, marital dishormony and severe losses will be felt.
Mars - Sun :
Honour, respect, favour from the king, various good results, auspicious functions inthe
family, increase in income will be received by the native due to a well placed sun in this
Adverse placed Sun may give migrain, fever, dishonour, illness of son, unnecessary

expenses etc. in this period.

Mars - Moon :
Gain, auspicious results, auspicious functions in the family, prosperity of progeny’s,
acquisition of wealth, sudden income etc. will be felt.
However, in the period of debilitated Moon the native may get some adverse results.

Rahu - Rahu :
This is planet of material comfort. He has a never ending lust. A well placed Rahu can
bestow all the physical pleasures of the world. If it is connected with some good planets like

Mercury, Venus, Saturn etc. in the natal chart it will bring some good results like sudden
increase in income, increase of property and wealth, acquisition of vehicles, gain from various
sourcess etc. etc. It is said that the Rahu becomes strong when he is placed in karkata, Dhanus,
Kanya, Taurus and in Mithuna.

However, in the dasa & Antara of adverse placed Rahu there will be several obstacles
for the native. In this period there may be the fear from thieves, unnecessary quarrels among
brothers and relatives, sudden fall from one’s position, heavy expenses and losses in-ventures
Rahu - Jupiter :
A well supported Jupiter can bestow various auspicious results like happiness, pleasure,
all round prosperity, acquisition of wealth, cattles, rise in income, progenialbliss, favour
from the superiors, destruction of enemies etc. upon the native. In case of adverse placed
Jupiter there will be several losses, illness, sufferings, hurdles in work etc.
Rahu - Saturn :
Income, income from more than one sources, travelling to holy places, professional
gain, rise in position, increase of name, gain from unexpected sources, marriage ceremony,

auspicious deeds for the mass etc. may be felt by the native in case of a well placed Saturn’s
An adverse placed Saturn can give various grieves on account of profession, losses,
diseases of variuous types, friendship with low-class people, unlawful deeds etc.

Rahu - Mercury :
Generally this period is used to do good to the natives. Both are the freinds of each
other. Land gain, rise in position, success and gain in trade, monetary gain, travel, marriage
or marital harmony, success in education etc. can be felt in this period.

However, an adverse placed Mercury may force one to take wrong decision, losses in
ventures, unnecessary quarrels, failure in exams, friendship with mean people. The native
may suffer from one way or the other.
Rahu - Ketu :
This period is also not treated as a good period to have. Generally people are used to
suffer from one way or the other in this period.
However, if Ketu forms a subha yoga in the natal chart or it occupies a good house it
may bestow wealth, fame, cattles, success after a great struggle, happiness in the family

atmosphere etc.
Rahu - Venus :
This is a much favourable period. Marriage, marital harmony, progenial bliss, happiness
in the family atmosphere, monetary gain, sudden income, income from unexpected sources
like lottery, success in ventures, acquisition of vehicles, cattles, trip to some holy places may be

felt in this period. However, in case of a weak Venus it may destroy the family pleasure, sufferings,
monetary loss, fear from thieves, danger from diseases of the private parts etc. etc.
Rahu - Ravi :

In case of a powerful Sun the native will receive various auspicious results like increase
in income, fame, wealth, political success, success in foreign land etc. etc.
If the Sun is not much powerful or placed in 6th / 8th / 12th from Rahu in natal chart
the native will receive very very bad results. Unnnecessary blames, danger or fear from

unlawful person, degradation of father’s health, quarrels, losses, enmity, fear from fire etc.
will be felt in this period.
Rahu - Moon :
In case of strong Moon placed with some subha yoga may bliss one with wealth, clothes,
cattles, lands, success etc.
If it is posited otherwise - degradation of mother’s health, fear from thieves, fear from
some evil forces, fear or danger from diseases etc. will be felt.
Rahu - Mars :
If Mars is exaltated or endowed with strength it will bestow some auspicious results
like success in endevours, win in races, win over enemies, gain, recovery of debts, land gain,
good food etc. etc.

Generally, it is treated as a bad phase to have so, care should be taken before giving
results. If the Mars is placed otherwise – danger or fear from accident, fire, losses, quarrels,
unnecessary quarrels in the family, suffering of co-borns, disputes regarding lands, treachery,
fear from thieves etc. will be felt.

Jup - Jup :
Jupiter is a natural benefic planet. In Naadi Astrology Jupiter matters much.A well
placed and well supported (discussed earlier) Jupiter will bestow various auspicious results
like rise in position, rise in status, happiness in the family circle, free from obstacles, freedom

from long lasting diseases, success in ventures etc. etc. It is never treated as a bad planet. It
is the only planet who can nullify the bad effects of some other planets upto some extent.
However, if it is debilitated or powerless it will be unable to bring any good fruits. In
this period if the Transitary position of Jupiter is also become unfavourable the native will
suffer from one way or the other, will face various obstacles in day to day life, will get disrespect
and dishonour etc.
Jup - Sat :
This period is very favourable as far as one’s profession is concerned. Professional
gain, favour from the kings or the rulers, acquisition of valuable gifts, increase in wealth,

relief from long lasting litigations, free from diseases, increase in income, income from various
sources, happiness etc. will be received in case of well placed Saturn.
If it is placed with Ketu or Mars or it is debilitated it will not be able to give any fruits.
Instead of getting good results the native may receive failures, may engage himself into the

quarrels with other, may get losses, may face obstructions etc.
Jup - Merc :
Honour, respect, name and fame, success in trade, success in education, increase in
income, acquisition of land, success in trade, fructification of marital proposals, success of

younger sister, acquisition of vehicle etc. will be received by the native during a well posited
Mercury’s period.
If the said planet is posited otherwise - failure in ventures, failure in exams, land

litigation etc. may be received.

Jup - Ket :
Pilgrimages, travelling to holy places, blessings of preceptors, auspicious functions in
the family, increasement of cattles etc. will be receive by the native during a well placed
Ketu’s bhukti.
If it is placed otherwise - professional disturbances, losses, suffering from various
diseases etc. will be felt.
Jup - Ven :
Care should be taken in judging this phase. Both are benefic by nature. Both have the
power to bestow auspiciousness to the native. If Venus is strong, being placed in 11th, 1st,
5th or in 9th house with a subha yoga this period will be beneficial. It may fructify the long
lasting desires, various types of auspicious deeds, marriage, promotion and prosperity, marital

harmony, prosperity of female folks of the family, trip to holy places, blessing of Mata
Mahalaxmi etc.
However, an adverse placed Venus may throw one into poverty, failures in ventures,
illness due to some incurable diseases, marital disharmony etc.

Jup - Sun :
Acquisition of wealth, vehicle, money, all round prosperity, happiness in the family
atmosphere, birth of son, happiness to children, increase of fame, honour and respect will be
received by the native due to strong Sun placed in 3rd or 11th or in trine in the natal chart or

placed powerfully in 3rd or 11th from Jupiter in the sub-period of Sun under Jupiter.
However, if it is debilitated or with his worst enemy, be placed in some malefic houses
it may bestow some bad results like suffering from excessive fever, diseases of the head
quarrels, displacement from one’s position. Dishonour and disrespect may be felt ny the native
in this period.
Jup-Moon :
Auspicious deeds, increase in income, travelling to holy places, honour from kings /
rulers, progenial bliss, happiness, success in endavours, good foods etc. will be received by

the native in the sub period of powerful Moon.

If the above said planet is debilitated or placed in a malefic house with malefics –
losses in ventures, financial loss, several obstacles in foreign land, illness etc. may be felt by
the native.
Jup - Mars :

A powerful Mars placed in an auspicious house may bliss one with bravery, success in
all efforts success in ventures, freedom from long lasting diseases, land gain, marriage
(especially to females), happines in family atmosphere etc.

However, if it is placed otherwise, it may bestow some long lasting diseases, failures,
litigations, obstructions and obstacles, losses etc.
Jup - Rahu :
This is also not a favourable period as both are the enemeies of each other. However, a

well placed Rahu can bestow gain in ventures, success gain in trade, rise in income etc.
Generally this is the period when one suffers from various diseases like skin ailment,
liver problem etc. There may be fear or danger from accident, wound, operation, unnecessary
quarrels among kith & kins, degradation, disrespect, moneytary losses etc. in this period.
Sat - Sat :
A well supported, engaged in some subha yoga, powerful in every respect Saturn can
give all the pleasures of life in this prieod. It is generally believed that Saturn is used to bring
fruits in late i.e. in the 2nd half of life. If this Dasa period falls a latter stage or in the 2nd
part of life the native can enjoy much. Professional gain, rise in income, promotion in service
or in profession, acquisition of vehicles, land gain, high gain in agriculture, sudden rise in
income fulfilment of one’s desires may be expected in this period.
However, an adverse placed Saturn can take away all the pleasures and may throw one

into grief, unhappiness, misery, illness, poverty, losses, failure etc.
Sat - Merc :
Success in education, land gain, acquisition of vehicles, friendship with superiors,
charities, aestheticness, gain in trade, rise of fame etc. will be felt by the native due to strong

/ well placed Mercury in this period.
However, an adverse placed or debilitated Mercury may give some sorrows, unnecessary
quarrels with friends, diseases, monetary losses etc. in this period.
Sat - Ketu :

According to our Shastra EäðiÉÖ EÖðVÉ´ÉxÉ. This is the phase when generally one suffer from
mental anxiety, anguish, losses, professional disturbances, death of cattles, dishonour,
unnecessary quarrels with near and dear ones, unexpected expenses etc. etc. However, a
powerful Ketu engaged in some subha yoga can bestow some auspicious results like
pilgrimages, blessings of preceptors, gain in cattles, rise in income etc. to the native.
Sat - Ven :
{ÉÉiÉÉäi{ÉÉiÉÆ Ê¨ÉlÉÉä nɪÉä ¨ÉxnnäiªÉäVªÉªÉÉä: ºÉnÉ*
Mutual Dasa and Bhukti of saturn and Venus generally reshuffle the native’s life.

However, a well placed Venus engaged in some subha yoga can bestow various
auspicious results like monetary gian, rise in income, professional success, gain in ventures,
success in trade, acquisition of vehicles and happiness of every kind in this period.
Sat – Sun :
B´ÉÆ ¨ÉxnÉEÇðªÉÉä: nɪÉä ºÉÉEð±ªÉÆ ¶ÉÉä¦ÉxÉʺlÉiÉÉä*

The mutual Dasa and Bhukti of Saturn and the Sun ensure success when both the planets
are strong and be placed in a good bhava in the rasi chart. The native can expect professional
gain or joining in some profession, rise in profession etc. in this period.

However, an adverse placed Sun will bestow some sudden down fall, failurses in
ventures, quarrels etc. to the native.
Sat- Moon :
A well placed Moon, aspected by Jupiter and powerful in every respect may give some

auspicious results like favours from the kings or from the rulers and friends, happiness,
happiness to mother, travelling, income from foreign land, acquisition of cattles etc. to the
native in this period.
However, an adverse placed Moon may bestow sorrows, unnecessary expenses, aimless
traveling, failures in ventures, enmity of others, diseases etc. to the native.
Sat - Mars :
In Naadi astrology both are treated as an enemy of each other. Generally this is not the
time to expect much. It is generally believed that in this period people use to suffer from one
way or the other especially in the professional field.
However, a well placed Mars, engaged in some subha yoga, aspected by benefics like
Jupiter, may bring some auspicious results like bravery, success in competition, destruction
of enemy, acquisition of gifts etc. to the native.

Sat - Rahu :
¨ÉxnÉMÉÖªÉÖCiÉo¹]ä SÉ ±ÉMxÉäxnÖiÉ{ÉxÉɸɪÉä*
iɺ¨ÉÉrxÉä ´ÉÉ iÉnÂnɪÉä xÉÉbÒ®ÉäMÉ´ªÉlÉÉ ¦É´ÉäiÉÂ**
(Here the word Naadi is related to our Nervous system)

During the mutual Dasa and Bhukti of saturn and Rahu, the native may suyffer from
neurological disturbances when any two of the lagna, the Sun, the Moon or the second houses
from these are any way connected with saturn or Rahu. However, a well placed Rahu endowed
with strength ( ®É½Ö ¶ÉÊxÉ´ÉiÉ) may bless the native with sudden wealth, sudden income, income

from more than one sources, rise in status, success etc.
Sat - Jupiter :
A well placed Jupiter will bestow success, fame, honour, respect, professional gain,
promotion in service or one may join in service, happiness to the family, peace and all round
prosperity to the native.
However, It has been seen that some time people may fall in to sickness in this period.
Merc - Merc :

Mercury in his period generally gives favours and wealth from the friend, happiness,
success in trade especially in gold etc. etc.
In his own Bhukti period he will bestow various auspicious results like land gain
acquisition of good houses, success in ventures, spiritual inclinations etc. to the native.
In the Bhukti period of an adverse placed Mercury one may get failures in ventures,

losses, in trade, quarrel with friends, freindship with unchaste woman, litigations etc. to the
Merc - Ketu :

This is again a bad phase as it may cause some litigaitons, unnecessary expenses, losses,
quarrels with kith & kins, obstructions and obstacles of various types. However, if it is well
placed, forms some subha yoga, aspected by benefics it may bestow some good results like
increase in cattles, sudden income, rise in position etc. to the native.

Merc - Ven :
Mercury and Venus both are the friends of each other. In this period native will receive
all round prosperity, happiness, happiness in family atmosphere, marriage, marital harmony,
progenial bliss, gain of house and land, moneary gain, rise in income, success in trade, name,
fame, acquisition of vehicles, blessings of Mata Mahalaxmi etc.
However, a debilitated or placed otherwise Venus may cause losses, expenditures and
unnecessary quarrels in the family.
Merc - Sun :
Success in education, acquisition of kingship or favours of the kings , happiness from
the friends & supiriors, increase in name and fame, increase in income etc. will be received
in the period of well placed Sun.
However, if it is adversely placed it may bestow losses, illness, mental anxiety, quarrel

with friends with to the native.
Merc - Moon :
Fickle mindedness, loan, unnecessary expenses, diseases, aimless travelling, losses,
unhappiness, quarrels with near & dear ones, friendship with opposite sexes are the general

results of this Bhukti period.
However, well placed Moon, aspected by benefics like Jupiter can bestow some
auspicious results like success in ventures, rise in income, gain from foreign land, good foods,
happiness, favour from the king/rulers etc. to the native.

Merc-Mars :
This is also not a good period to have. It generally gives some bad results like arrogance,
mental aberration, failure in exams, failure in ventures, quarrel with friends, monetary losses
etc. to the native.
However, a well placed Mars aspected or associated with Venus or Jupiter can bring
some good fruits like bravery, success in competition or in competitive examinations, land
gain, acquisition of vehicles etc.
Merc - Rahu :

A powerful Rahu engaged in some subha yoga can bestow wealth, property, land gain,
gain in land related business, unexpected wealth or some hidden treasure, vehicles etc. to the
However, an adverse placed Rahu will give skin diseases, liver trouble, fear from snakes,
accidents, sudden fall, loss etc. to the native.

Merc - Jup :
This is a very very favourable period. In this period the native may perform some
auspicious works. There will be allround prosperity in the family and happines to children.

Success in exams, land gain, success in ventures, increase of name & fame, increase in income,
gain of house etc. will be received by the native.
Merc - Sat :
Professional gain, success in trade, success in ventures, increase of agricultural products,

increase in cattles, land gain, rise in income will be received in this period.
However, a debilitated Saturn not supported by others may bring some losses, failures
and diseases etc. to the native.
Ket - Ket :
ŸFC fiX;F⁄F‹Fk =]+fl+∂FW ıF—Fa=+Ffiı∂F] ∂Fº‹Fº:ˇ
This Ketu’s period is generally unfavourable. Generally it gives various types of diseases
and fear from the snakes.
However, a well placed Ketu, aspected by the Jupiter can give unexpected wealth &
gain, it may give spiritual attainment to the native. Due to favourable placement of Ketu one
may receive gain from various sources, increase of cattles etc.
Ket - Ven :

°ÊFfiFP∂FıFFfi¤FF—ŒFXP∂F vF]=eW+=W+∂F]ºvFFŒ∂FfiWˇ
Ketu and Venus has the enimity. This period will generally be a bad one. There will be the
chance of quarrels between husband and wife and sickness too of children. Destruction of
friendship with good people, suffering from fever etc. may be felt in this period.

However, a well placed Venus can bestow some good results like monetary gain,
acquisition of Vehicles etc.
Ketu - Sun :
this is also a bad phase to have. Generally sufferings of children, lack of money,

unnecessary expenses, quarrels among friends and relatives fear of sun-storke will be felt in
this period.
However, a well placed Sun, aspected by Jupiter may bestow little gain, increae in
income and position, mental strength etc. to the native.
Ketu - Moon :
Mental anxiety, anguish, illness, loss, unnecessary blames, aimless travelling etc. may
be felt in this period.
However, a powerful Moon (full Moon) aspected by benefics, be placed in an auspicious

house may bless one with house, land, favour from the king, happiness prosperity, success in
endeavours etc.
Ketu - Mars :
According to our Shastra =+W∂F] =]+°FÊF∂Fó This period will be somewhat favourable to the
native. It may give bravery, success, destruction of enemies, gain etc.

However, an adverse placed Mars may bestow some unnecessary troubles, obstacles,
failures etc. to the native.
Ketu - Rah :

This is purely a bad phase. It may throw one into some unnecessary troubles, unnecessary
litigations, losses, expenses, fear from thieves and kings etc. See the sholoka —
fiF°FòFXfi⁄F‹Fk º]:&Fk ıFÊFa=+F‹FaPÊFŒFFvFŒF¤Fhó
º]Ò¤FFŒFÊFıFkÊFFºk fiF˘Z =+W∂F] ºvFFŒ∂FfiWˇ

Ketu - Jup :
This is a much favourable period. In this period one may receive the blessings of
preceptors, gain/rise in income, success, happiness, auspicious functions in the family circle,
victory over enemeies, pilgrimages etc.
Ketu - Sat :
This is also a bad phase. In this period generally one suffers from too much ups and
downs in career, various bad results, monetary losses, ill fame, degradation, fear from the
thieves, cheats and fear of snake biting etc. See the Sholka —
However, a powerful Saturn engaged in some subha yoga, aspected by venus / Jupiter

can wash out all the evils and can bestow auspicious results like gain, increase in income,
happiness in the family atmosphere, success in ventures, spiritual upliftment etc. to the native.
Ket - Merc :
Generally this period is treated as a bad phase. Unsuccess/failures, losses in trades,

litigations, land litigations, friendship with unchaste woman etc. may be received in this
However, a well placed Mercury can bestow some auspicious results like land gain,
increase in income, success in ventures, happiness etc. to the native.

Ven - Ven :
Venus is the stree Karaka, Karaka of finance and all the pleasures of the physical world.
In his own Dasa and Bhukti period he will bestow all the paraphernalia of this life like vehicle
or several conveyances, monetary gain, house, land, handfull of money, rise in position,
marriage, marital bliss, progeny etc. etc. to the native.
An adverse placed Venus may not be able to bestow all the above mentioned results. Money
will be hard to come, sickness of spouse and physical weaknesses may be there in this period.
Ven - Sun :
Gain of wealth, rise in income, acqisition of vehicle, victory over enemies, auspiciousness to

cobforns, prosperity and happiness will be received in the powerful Sun’s Bhukti period.
An adverse placed Sun may destroy the wealth, health and family pleasure. It may
damage the position and status of an individual in this Bhukti period.
Ven - Moon :

Generally this is also not a good period as it indicates unnecessary expenses, losses,
aimless travelling, quarrels between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law, sickness of spouse,
unnecessary blames, friendship and blames through an unchaste woman etc.
However, a well placed Moon, engaged in subhayoga can bestow various good results

like good food, income in foreign land, increase of fame, pilgrimages, acquisition of valuable
gifts from out siders, acuisition of wetlands etc. to the native.
Ven - Mars :

Marriage, marital harmony, birth of son, bravery, success in cometition, gain, land
gain, gain of good house, increase in income, acquision of several vehicles, happiness and
fulfilment of one’s deisre can be achieved in powerful Mars’s Bhukti period.
However, an adverse placed Mars may give failures, losses, defeat, enmity with others,
marital dishormony to the native.
Ven - Rahu :
Rahu is the disciple of Venus. Generally a powerful Rahu is used ot bestow some
auspicious results like sudden income, income through more than one sources, prosperity,
land gain, success in ventures, increase in cattles etc. to the native. Generally this is the time
when one uses to fall in love with the opposite sex.
However, an adverse placed Rahu may involve one in unlawful deeds, secret works,
freindship with low class people, friendship with unchaste woman, enmity of the kings,

dishonour and disrespect etc.
Ven - Jup :
Both are the benefic planets. Both are the Guru, one is of Devas and another is of
Asura. In this period the native may get some unnatural and unexpected results.

However, at the same time Jupiter is on a good house in transit may bring some good results like
marriage, marital harmony, prosperity, happiness, rise in income, increase of fame, pilgrimages etc.
Ven - Sat :
This is a very very good period in one’s lilfe. There will be promotions, success in ventures,

happiness in the family circle, all round prosperity, fulfilment of desires, recovery from loans, income
from various sources, acquisition of welath, land gain, purchase of vehicles etc. to the native.
However, a weak and adversely placed Saturn will not be able to give any good fruits
and one may involve into debts and losses. One may suffer from more than one diseases.
Ven - Merc :
Happiness, acquisition of land, houses, increase in fortune, increae in income, income
from trade, acquisition of valuable gifts, good food and clothes, friendship with good people,
acquisition of female friend etc. will be there in the subpeirod of well placed Mercury.

However, if it is adversely placed it may give some losses, aimless travelling, ill fame
through female friend etc. to the native.
Ven - Ket :
This is not a favourable period. Generally it indicates losses, obstruction, fear from
the snakes, loss of spouse or sickness to spouse, unnecessary expenditure etc.

However, a well placed and wll aspected Ketu may bestow little gain in cincome,
increase in cattles, success after heavy struggle etc. to the native.

Reades may find some difference with other books about the Dasa and Bhukti results.
In naadi Astrology planetary significations are of paramount importance. In judging the Dasa
effects readers should use their own reasoning power and hope they will be able to predict
the future event with greater accuracy.

Again I am requesting all the readers that they should go with the Transits and Dasa
effects side by side. See the following Shloka.
·F;ŒFWŒº]⁄FFΩ¤‹F;F∂FX ‹FºF ı‹FF∂Fhó
◊+·Fk =e+¤FF∂—FeXÖ+P¤Fºk —F]fiFµFY:
This Sholoka is also suggesting the importance of the Transits.
Chapter -XX

A practical analysis of chart. An example to show how to delineate the charts.

D/B : 28-02-1967
T/B : 9:15 p.m.

P/B : 23°15’N 87°54’ E

(8) (6)
VEN (9) L

MARS (5)

(11) (1)
ASC,MARS, (12)
Balance of Rahu – 13 years 06 month and 24 days.
Rahu Dasa was operating in his younger days. Rahu is placed in the star of Venus who is in
the 6th house. He faced a lot of troubles in his younger days. Now on Naadi method –
The Nature : The native is Jupiter here who is placed in Karkata, the house of Moon. The

native will love to travel. Jupiter is retrograde, the native will settle himself in a distant
place, far from his birth place.
Study : Mercury is retrograde and forming 5th and 9th yoga with Mars. It generally indicates
break in study. Mars+Ketu+Mercury indicates calculation. He was good in Mathematics.

Readers can see that Jupiter is retrograde. So, Jupiter is casting his aspects on previous house,
when he is aspecting the previous house he is also making relationship with Mercury, Sun,
Mars, Moon and Ketu. Jupiter+Mars+Mercury indicates an Engineer. This native is a Civil
Engineer. Jupiter is alone, no one is in front of him. The native has no elder brother, only one

elder sister (Sat+Ven) – who is also a working lady.

Health : Jupiter is in the watery sign Kataka. The Venus, the Lagna lord is conjoined with
4th and 5th lord Saturn and is placed in another watery sign Meena. So, he is prone to suffer

from cold and cough problems. In the 1st house there is Mars+Ketu+Moon, retrograde Jupiter
is in the 10th. He will suffer from blood related problems like high B.P., Uric acid, cholesterol
etc. etc. Due to Mars+Ketu+Moon+Sun he will ahve an operation. When this native was only
15 years old got a heavy injury in the lower abdomen. Jupiter’s main Dasa and the same
Jupiter’s Antara was on progress on that period. Transit Saturn just entered the sign Tula
where his Moon, Mars and Ketu is posited, he got the injury while playing with his brothers.
Transit Jupiter was also just entered Tula i.e. over natal Ketu, Mars and Moon when that
accident took place. He was forced to stay in hospital for more than one and half months.
Major operation was there for him. As there is the aspect of Jupiter upon Ven+Sat (i.e. Lagna
lord) he will be saved for so may times.
Fortune : The native is highly fortunate. The planet of Karma Saturn is posited with the

planet of Luxury and wealth Venus. In other way, we can describe that the Lagna lord is with
the 4th and 5th lord, a Raja-yoga has been formed. The native will enjoy several conveyances
and all the paraphernalia of this life.
Marriage : The planet Mercury and Moon+Ketu is in 5th and 9th. There will be several

friend of opposite sex for this natie. This native will be of romantic natue. as there is the
aspect of Jupiter on this yoga there will be love marriage for him. Same thing has happend.
But Venus’s degree is more and proceeding towards Rahu. the wife will not have any good
behaviour and sometimes she may act as ‘Chandala’. Mercury is in retrograde motion and the

case is same for Jupiter also. Saturn and Venus are together. His married life will not be
smooth. Venus is proceeding towards Rahu. There is the aspect of Moon over Rahu. Wife
may leave the hosue of the husband. Mars, Ketu, Moon, Mercury and Sun are interconnected,
there will be legal seperation and the chances of 2nd marriage is there.
Service : 10th lord Moon is in Lagna Bhava. 3rd and 6th lord Jupiter is in the 10th. Saturn
and Venus are posited in Meena, getting the aspect of retrograde Jupiter. As I ahve stated
earlier that Saturn with Jupiter is used ot bestow respectable job for the native. Venus is
directly connected with Saturn. Mars indirectly (through Jupiter). He got a job in the year
March 1993 in a Govt. undertaking firm in a considerable post. Reader can check that in the

year’93 Saturn was on Makara, 7th house from natal Jupiter and Jupiter was on the sign
Kanya, the 7th sign from natal Saturn. In transit also they formed 5th and 9th yoga on that
Progeny : The 5th lord is in the 6th, 11th lord Sun is in the 5th with retrograde Mercury. Sun,

the owner of the 5th house of the natural zodiac is related to Ketu, a planet of obstruction.
But Jupiter’s aspect is there on Sun, Mars is related with the Sun. The native will have one
male child and a female child (female planet Moon is also there with Mars).
Everything about the native is 100% right. He is very close to me so I can say the

above words with certainty.

The readers are requested to go through the transit & Dasa Antara side by side. I am
sure that they will be able to predict the future event with greater accuracy. It is obviously

true that nothing can be achieved in a day. Constant practise will make them perfect. In their
practise room they can apply the above mentioned rules to their kiths kins and can check and
cross check. I hope in the same way they will be the master of this subject.

Chapter -XXI

Remedial Measures

It is obviously true that the remedial measures can not change the destiny but can

shape the destiny in a better way. It can lessen the hurdles.
The best way to sort out the problems are the Homas and the Pujas. But in this fast age
when everyone is busy then where is the time for pujas and homas. Our life is very fast in this
age so several other methods can be applied for sorting out the problems like wearing talisman,

Gem stones etc. etc.
For selecting the proper Gemstone for the native one has to be sure about the maleficance
of a planet or planets in a nativity. First, point out that particular planet causing the problems,
go through the following lines and suggest a suitable one.

1) Sun – Ruby / Manikya
2) Moon – Pearl / Moonstone
3) Mars – Red Coral (Munga)
4) Mercury – Emerald (Panna)
5) Jupiter – Yellow Sapphire (Pokhraj) / Yellow Pearl.
6) Venus – Diamond (Hirak)
7) Saturn – Blue Sapphire (Neelam) / Amethyst
8) Rahu – Gomedak
9) Ketu – Cat’s Eye (Lahasunia)

Several substitutes (Gems) are there. It is better to wear the Maharatnas but when
pocket does not permits one to go for the Maharatnas then one can go for the substitutes.
Here, I must say that before selecting a gem please keep a look on the transits. Suppose

Saturn is passing over the natal Ketu or Vice versa. In this case in order to ward off the
problems relating to Karma Bhava one should wear a good quality Cat’s Eye.