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Dr. Vaughn Little, Principal STUDENT HANDBOOK 2018-19 ouR vision MDA Isa safe and caring community where al stakeholders are valued and work together to grow socially, academically, and professionally. Que MISSION \We wil collaborate with students, families and other stakeholders to communicate academic ‘and socal pregress and celebrate growth toward future success. “.deman more from yourself than onyone else expects.” Powinoroaniets Lof 17 Ren 48 DRESS CODE POLICY Diseretion of the Administrator © SHOES: Any color shoes permitted, NOT PERMITTED: sandals, open-toe shoes, house shoes or slippers, Boots permitted, must not have steel toes and must fit underneath pants legs. ‘Only one pair of socks isto be worn. ‘© SHIRTS/BLOUSES: High School Students Plain white polo (long or short sleeve} ora gray ‘sweatshirt (no hoodie). NO LOGOS, Shirts must be tucked in so that bets are visible. ‘Midale Schoo! Students: lain black polo (long or short sleeve}, ora black sweatshirt (no hoodie). NO LOGOS. shits must be tucked in so that belts are visible. Female students must wear a bra. © UNDERSHIRT: May be worn underneath dress code polo shirt or sweatshirt, Must be solid white © PANTS: Khaki, uniform style, long pants ONLY. NO DENIM pants permitted, ths includes khaki colored denim pants, khaki colored skinny jean material or any pants that have rivets on the pockets. Maximum of two front pockets and two back pockets. No cargo pants, ‘corduroy, capris, leggings, or skies. Pants must not be form fiting or too tight. Shorts or second pair of pants may not be worn underneath. Pants must have belt loops and belts {with small belt buckles] must be worn. Pants must be worn around the walst (No sagging) Students must wear underwear. ‘© BELTS: Must be solid black or brown. Decorative or designer belts may not be worn or brought to school. Abe: must be worn at all times. © COATS; No coats jackets oF hoodies, etc. may be worn into the building. Cats that advertise alcohol, tobacco, drugs, weapons, or any other illegal activities, including gang afflation are strictly pronibited, Also, No RP attire. Allcoats/jackets will be placed in coat ‘© JEWELRY: NOT ALLOWED. This includes watches, wristbands, bracelets, necklaces, earrings, nose rings, tongue rings. Jewelty from all piercings must be removed prior to entering building. Any jewelry worn into the building wil be confiscated, ‘© HAIR: Cannot distract from the educational process (alr color, style, or beads.) Hair color must be a natural color, Wo headbands, metal clips, bobby pins, rollers, etc, may be worn in hair. 20817 Rev. 8-116 © MAKE-UP: Make-up isnot permitted. This includes lipstick, lip balm and lip gloss. © FINGERNAILS: Cannat be any longer than the tips ofthe fingers. Clear coat nail polish is acceptable (no colors orartwork). No atificia/acrylic nails permitted. © TATTOOS: Alltattoos/body markings must be covered. NO EXCEPTIONS. © ACCESSORIES/ITEMS nol permitted at Minor Daniels Academy or on JCPS school buses: Electronics of any kind Hats or baseball caps Backpacks Dental gill work Computer related devices Tobacco products Purses Lighters Failure to comply with dress cade could result in sciplinary action such as ‘2 Parent/Guardian may bring dress code tem to school ‘© Parent/Guardlan may give permission for student to sign out ancl catch TARC. © Parent/Guardian may pick up student. ‘ANY ITEMS NOT WITHIN DRESS CODE WILL BE CONFISCATED STUDENTS MAY NOT BRING ANY ITEM TO SCHOOL THAT IS NOT PERMITTED OR IS NOT PART OF | THE DRESS CODE, DESIGNER BELTS OR THOSE WITH DECORATIVE BUCKLES ARE NOT PERMITTED. [MINOR DANIELS ACADEMY WILL NOT BE RESPONSIBLE FOR ITEMS CONFISCATED FROM STUDENTS. ** Uniform assistance will be given based on need/avalability per parent/guardian request during the student intake process 30f17 Rev. 8448 SCHOOL RULES SCHOOL HOURS: 7:30am — 2:10pm © No lectronic devices are to he brought to school. Minor Daniels Aceclemy isan alternative school and restrictions are necessary fora safe environment. Confiscated hones wil be retumed to the student, as early asthe end of the same school day. © No smoking or loitering on school property. Students are to enter the building immediately upon artval. All students will remain in the cafeteria or breakfast room until released to clas each morning. ‘© Allcoats and hats must be checked in the coatroom immediately after entering the building, ‘© Any student charged with following offenses are subject to suspension and/or prosecution, according to the law: Fighting Assault Involvement with marijuana, drugs, a alcohol “Theft of any kind Involved with weapons ‘Threats and aes of intimidation Destroying schoo! property «© Leaving school building or leaving school grounds without permission ~ parent/guardian ‘must conference with administrator upon return. Appropriate consequence will be assigned, 40f17 Rev. 118 © Absences -When you are absent from sehodl, a note is required upon return (ie, parent, cour, doctor note). Appropriate consequences will be assigned for cutting school and non-attendance, ‘© Anyoutof-schoo! suspension may result in an adéitional enrollment period at Minor Daniels Academy. © Students may enter the building with no more than $5 on their person. Iffound with ‘more than $5, the maney will be confiscated and placed in the school safe. Fist offense: ‘money willbe returned to the student at the end of the day. Second offense: parent or _evardian will be required to pick up the money. No food or drink willbe brought into the building, including candy and gum. These items willbe confiscated at checkin. © Noitems may be lefton the bus. All buses willbe searched and all items found will be ‘tured in to the office. ‘© Students will submit to passive search during entry. Students faling the passive search willbe required to submit to a physical search. Any student refusing entry search will be denied access to schcol. © Random searches wil be conducted by JCPS K-9 units and Minor Daniels Academy administrative and securty sat. © Minor Daniels Academy students are NOT allowed to drive to school. Sof 7 Rei. 8118 jus CONDUCT [Ae Minar Daniels Academy, we are committed to the safety of both students and staff, therefore, misbehavior on aur buses cannot be tolerated. The importance of proper conduct \while wating for, boarding, riding and exiting from 2 bus cannot be overstated. Any behavior that distracts the bus deiverinstantly endangers everyone on the bus, Inthe interest of safety, all students should understand and parents are urged to impress upon their children the rneceztity for strict compliance with Fellowing the rules [NO FOOD or DRINKallowed on buses Students are to remain wel out ofthe roadway while waiting fr the bus Use appropriate voice level and language. Conversations should take place ina normal tone cof voice. A sudden scream or ye i especially dangerous. Some MDA buses are on total silence © Follow directions from ever, monitors, and other adults © Refrain from hand gestures, ‘© Obey busrules ‘© Watch out for others unselfishly and without violence ‘© Students are to remain seated while the bus isin motion ‘© Nopart ofthe body should ever be extended outside the bus windows ‘© Aisles should be kept clear at all times © Keep your hands, feet, and objects to yourself © Mariana, drugs, oralechol on the bus are strictly forbidden © Crowding, pushing, shoving et. are not only unnecessary, but dangerous as well © Attitudes of helpfulness and cooperation will do much to ensure safe and comfortable bus ‘transportation forall, ‘AIMDA buses illance camert "aus vations may resuit in removal of bus prvileges* School may provide TARC tickets as alternate transportation for ECE students. NOTE; “A student may be excluded from bus transportation for disciplinary reasons by the principal, and his parents shall provide for his transportation to and from school during the period of such exclusion”. Follow MDA on Twitter L @mtinorDaniels to receive updated information regarding, cancelled/delayed bus routes. 6ofI7 Rev. e118 AETERNOON DISMISSAL ‘The schoo! will make reasonable atternpts to contact parent/guardian inthe event the student ‘must seek alternative transportation. Ifa student disrupts the afternoon dismissal process, ‘appropriate consequences willbe assigned. The student may be denied access to his/her school bus and may be glven a TARC ticket for home transportation, Parents must end a nate requesting an early dismissal for theirstudent. The note should Include the date and time the student wil lave early, and must include a phone number where the parent can be contacted by an administrator for verification. The student must sign out in the front lobby prior to eaitng the building. if an emergency arises and an early dismissals requested without a note being sent ta school, ‘the parent must enter the school and sign out the student inthe front office. Only the parent ‘or guardian of record is allowed to request an early dismissal or sign out a student from school. WALKER, TARC RIDER, CAR RIDER = POLICY © Minor Daniels Academy students are to report directly to schoo! in the morning and go dliectly home in the afternoon, © TARC Riders are requred to use the TARC stop infront ofthe school unless prior permission has been ranted by school administration. TARC tickets are not provided for students who voluntarily ride TARC. PERMISSION TO LEAVE CAMPUS No student eto leave the grounde without permission from the pineal, assistant principal or counselor fa student leave: the grounds without permission, parent/guardian must meet with an administrator prior to students return and a consequence will be asigned. 70817 Rev. 8198 ‘TARDY TO SCHOOL Ifyouare ate to school, regort to the MAIN LOBBY to sign in and complete the search procedures, Ifa student atrhes after 9:30 a.m. they must be accompanied by a parent/guardian, or present appropriate documentation (doctor's note, court note, etc) to ‘excuse the tardy, Late students will not be permitted into lass for the remainder ofthat period, If the parent/guardian isnot present or student does not have an acceptable excuse note, the parent/guardian will he notfied by an administrator and the student will be placed into PACIISAP for the remainder of the day. ILANESS DURING THE SCHOOL DAY student becomes seriourly il during the school day the teacher wil have the student ‘escorted to see an administrator who will decide ifthe student ill enough to call home, The student may nat leave school without permission from parent/guardian and school administrator. STUDENT ABSENCES ‘© Excused ~Anate or document is required for verification fo the following liness of student (parent note required) ‘Medical appdintment (note from doctor or medical ofice on letterhead) Death in the family (funeral home letter or copy of obituary) CCourt appearance (court note required) [Appointment for divers lcense/permit (include time and specific date) © Other absences are to be considered unexcused ‘Students who are under 18 years of age and who are truant from school will be referred to Juvenile Court. 8of17 Rev. 041-18 (MAKE-UP WORK ‘Asstated in the Student Billf Rights: A student receiving an excused absence shall have the ‘opportunity to make up missed schoolwark and not have his/her class grades adversely affected {forlack of class attendanes or clase participation due to the excused alcenre. A student ‘returning to schoo! after an excused absence or suspenslon may request make-up work within three (3) schooldays of his/her return to each class. The student will have the number of school days of absence or suspension plus one (1) school day from the time he/she receives the make~ Lup work to turn it into the teacher. The local School-Based Decision Making Council, orf none exists, the principal, with ingut from teachers and parents, shall establish rules regarding make~ Lup work for unexcused absences other than suspensions. SCHEDULE CHANGES ‘Schedule changes are only made whan its necessary to do so to fulfil graduation requirements, ifa student has been incorrectly placed, orto ease overcrowding in certain classes, All students must follow the assigned schedule until a valid change is made. 90f17 Rev. 0-18 LUNCH PROCEDURES 2017-18 All students will report to the assigned class. Behavior coaches will come to each class to notify teachers when to escort thelr students to the cafeteria. Teachers will report to the cafeteria ‘two minutes prior to the lunch dismissal bell to escort thelr students back tothe classroom, 2 Lunch: 10:30~ 10:58 (High School Drop-Off: Behavior coaches will goto each classroom to dismiss the clas t lunch Teachers will escort students to cafeteria doors, eachers will ne to report to the cafeteria for student pick-up. Dismissal: 24 unch: 11:00 ~ 11:28 (High Schoo! Drop-Off: Behavior coaches will goto each classroom to dismiss the class to lunch. Teachers will escort students to cafeteria doors, Dismissal: 4 period teachers will need to report to the cafeteria for student pick-up. 3 Lunch: 11:30~ 11:58 (Middle Schoo! Drop-Off: Behavior coaches will oto each classroom to dismiss the clas to lunch, Teachers will escort students to cafeteria doors Dismissal: Teachers will need to report to the cafeteria fr student pick-up. 4 Lunch: 12:00 ~ 12:28 (Male Schoo! Drop-Off: Behavior coaches will go to each classroom to dismiss the class to lunch, Dismissal: 5! period teache:s wl goto the cafeteria to escort thelr students back to cass. Behavior coaches willbe staioned inthe hallways and stairwell during dismissal. 10 of 17 Rev. 488 /WOR DANIELS ACADEMY DAILY PROCEDURES Morning Entry Procedures ‘© Busunloading © Parent drop-off ‘© Preparation in line © AM search © Students will not tat or exhibit disruptive behaviors «Students who refuse to comply with AM search procedures willbe placed in AP office and contact parent Morning Meeting © Breakfast © Goals/Expectations Transition in Hallways © Students walk in singe fle on right sie of hallways © Students face forward the entire time ‘© NoTalking, touching, hand gestures, ete Cafeteria Procedures Students will be asigned toa seat by staff Students wil not talkin cafeteria. Students wil kep thee Feet directly under the tables and face forward Students willbe disrised by row to goto the lunch tine “students will dispose of trash appropriately when either dismissed from cafeteria or going to the restroom © Students should dispose of all food and drink Disruptive/Noncompliant Behavior © Inedass measures ‘© Deescalation period ‘© Behavior reflection ‘= Removal from educational setting andl conference with assistant principal Oppositional/Defiant Students ‘© Ifa student become oppositional/deflant to the point that he/she represents a threat to himself/herself or thers, the student will intially be given the opportunity to de-escalate, and a calm down period willbe utilized inside the schoo! © IFastudent continues to become disruptive tothe learning environment, eeates an unsafe environment, or cisrupts the schools dally educational process, the student will be removed immediately and parent/guardian will be notified of 17 Physical Restraint JCBOE 08.2212 - Use of Physica Restraint end Seclusion © Use of physical restraint or seclusion by school personnel is subject to 708 KAR 7:160, however, nothing in this policy prohibits the exercse of law enforcement duties by sworn law ‘enforcement officers © Inmonemergency circumstances when a student's behavior poses an imminent danger of physical harm to selfor others ‘© Asprovided in KRS 523.050 (including when personnel believe physical restraint is necessary to protect themselves