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Faraway Story ~The Sky Continent and the Item-Seller~


[ To Begin ]

To start playing Faraway Story, double-click Game.exe.

If the game freezes your computer on startup, you must install the fonts
Go into the Data folder and install MS Gothic, HGSGothicE, and uzura_font.
Once you have installed them all, delete the font files. This should fix the
If you do not install the fonts properly, text may not display correctly.

[ Game Summary ]

Faraway Story is a game about the joy of items.

One of the protagonist Pia's goals is to become independent.
Improve her capabilities by running the shop, going to dungeons to gather
doing alchemy and forging to create strong items, and so on.


■ Controls (Default) ■

Gamepads are supported.

● Keyboard Controls

[F4] Change Window Size

[F5] Change Display Framerate
[F8] Change Info
[F12] Reset

[PrintScreen] Save Screenshot

<Z> OK, Check, Walk, Talk, etc.

<X> Cancel, Attack (in battle)
<C> Sub-Key for various functions, Guard (in battle)
<V> Open Menu
<A> <S> Switch Tabs, Display Message Options (with message open), Choose Shortcut
<D> Tab OK, Use Shrotcut
<Ctrl> Skip Already-Read Messages, Speed Up Scenes
<Tab> Toggle Information, Toggle Minimap
<F> Check Slot (on equip screen et al.), Activate Hyper Special or Finisher (in
battle), Hide Window (with message open)
<0-9> Use Shortcuts

* There are some substitutes, such as Enter for OK and Esc for Cancel, but using
them is not advised; they will not work in all cases.

● Gamepad Controls (Default)

Confirm whether your gamepad buttons match what is shown below.

L1 (5) R1 (7)
L2 (6) R2 (8)
↑ (4)
← → (2) (3)
↓ Select (9) Start (10) (1)

If they don't match, it's recommended that you go to the in-game Options menu
and configure the Button Layout to match your controller.

<3> OK, Check, Walk, Talk, etc.

<1> Cancel, Attack (in battle)
<2> Sub-Key, Guard (in battle)
<4> Open Menu
<5> <7> Switch Tabs, Display Message Options (with message open), Choose Shortcut
<8> Tab OK, Use Shrotcut
<6> Skip Already-Read Messages, Speed Up Scenes
<9> Toggle Information, Toggle Minimap
<10> Check Slot (on equip screen et al.), Activate Hyper Special or Finisher (in
battle), Hide Window (with message open)


[ Character Sprite Assistants ]


[ Event Graphics ]
Kent Tanigawa

◆ Borrowed Creations ◆
* Copyright belongs to respective creators.
Reprinting or reusing any of these resources is forbidden.

[ BGM ]
Silent Hunter
Tamaki Kinoshita
DigiFami Concert Hall
Shotaro Ishigaki
Hideki Yanagisawa
Hiroyuki Oshima
Ryo Lion
Sagamihara Armored Maid Troupe
Purgatory Garden
Iria Hyouseki
Shin Misaki
Chaos of Silver
Yo Nishida (
Keiko Ishihara
Makoto Saita (
Jin Rokudo (
Sound Corridor Trial (
Ine Nakamura
Koji Takeshima

◆ Borrowed Resources ◆

[ Map Graphics ]
First Seed Material
Freem! Resource Library
Choco Nabe

[ Icons ]
Kiyoto Katsuki
Hijiri Kametaka
Under-Construction Chabashira

[ Effects ]
Kano Furufuru
Mint's Room
Zodiac Fragment

[ Sound Effects ]
Osabishi Yuuki
Sound Leaf
Senses Circuit
Echo Production Inc.
Pocket Sound
NHK Creative Library

[ Fonts ]
Kotori Moji Font
Uzura Font

[ Backgrounds ]
Kimagure After
aquamary images

[ Fog ]

[ Other ]
Forever ~From Here to Forever~ Hikaru Fujii (
Village in the Woods
Non Kujo
Ran Kangetsu
Rin Hazuki
Yotsuyu Iruka
Clint Bellanger
Daniel Cook
Maou Damashii
Leonard pabin
Folce zero
Dot World

RPG Maker 2000 Handbook Copyright (C) 2009 Enterbrain Inc.

The following sounds from it were used.
* Permission to use was given in advance by Enterbrain Inc.

Key1 Key2 Kasha1 Katta1 Camera1 Creak Rub Coin2 Coin3 Coin4 Coin5 Zipper1 Shu Sing4
Sing6 Barrier02 Beam09 Bell Pocha01 Pocha06 Pocha09 Pocha21 Pocha22 Match1 Mecha8
Flip Lure1 Move08 Move10 MoveSpell01 MoveSpell03 MoveSpell04 MoveSpell06
MoveSpell10 MoveSpell14 MoveSpell15 MoveSpell16 MoveSpell17 MoveSpell18 MoveSpell19
MoveSpell20 MoveSpell23 MoveSpell24 MoveSpell25 MoveSpell26 Window2 Scale03 Scale05
Accelerate07 Accelerate09 Accelerate11 Flame04 Flame05 Flame06 Flame07 Flame10
Flame11 Shady05 Shady09 Shady14 Lid01 LidOpen2 LidOpen3 LidClose07 Bite02 ThrowRod1
ThrowRod2 ThrowRod6 PackClose CanHit2 Joy01 Joy05 Joy07 Joy08 Confirm04 Confirm07
Confirm21 Confirm25 Confirm26 Sword02 Sword03 SwordDraw01 SwordDraw03 Reduce02
Reduce03 Reduce04 Reduce06 Reduce08 Reduce09 Reduce10 AttackSpell01 AttackSpell02
AttackSpell03 AttackSpell05 AttackSpell06 AttackSpell08 AttackSpell13 AttackSpell14
AttackSpell15 AttackSpell16 AttackSpell17 AttackSpell18 Stab06 Stab08 Stab09
GrabPaper01 OpenPaper Receiver2 Beast06 Beast07 Beast13 Beast14 Beast17 Beast18
Beast23 Beast27 Pressure03 Pressure04 Impact02 Impact03 Impact05 Impact08 Impact09
Impact11 Impact12 Boost3 Boost5 Tableware2 Tableware3 Tableware5 Mystery01 Mystery3
Mystery7 Mystery08 Mystery11 Mystery19 Mystery21 WaterDrop01 WaterDrop02 Select10
Select16 Select20 Clean1 MachineOperate Landing01 Landing04 Landing05 Landing07
Landing08 Pour1 SuperMove03 Hop03 Hop05 Bird07 Bird08 Bird14 Bird24 ElectricSound06
ElectricSound20 ElectricSound21 ElectricSound25 ElectricSound26 ElectricSound36
ElectricSound50 ElectricSound55 ElectricSound57 ElectricCannon01 ElectricCannon03
Obtain2 Obtain7 Tear Explode01 Explode02 Explode03 Explode04 Explode05 Explode07
Explode09 Explode10 Explode11 Explode12 Explode13 Explode14 Explode15 Explode17
Explode18 Explode19 Explode20 Explode21 Explode22 OpenBox Shoot03 Shoot04 Shoot09
Shoot10 Shoot13 Shoot14 Shoot15 Shoot16 Shoot18 Shoot19 WindCut02 WindCut03
WindCut05 WindCut07 Place2 Place5 Place7 Place10 Place11 Place13 Place19 Place26
PalmHit Replenish01 Replenish02 Replenish06 Support04 Support10 Knife2 Defend02
Defend08 Defend09 Defend15 TakeBook DropBook MagicSoundWave4 MagicSoundWave5
MagicSoundWave6 People08 TreeHit Drop01 Drop02

[ Creation Tool ]


[ FAQ ]

Q. I want to stream the game on a video site.

A. This is fine. However, I take no responsibility for any trouble that occurs in
the act of streaming.

Q. Sound effects sometimes don't play.

A. This seems to be a bug with certain computers.
Unfortunately, it's bug with the library, so I cannot fix it.
If it is fixed, I'll respond accordingly. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Q. I set my buttons weirdly, and now I can't move!

A. Delete the KeyConfig.sys file in the Save folder.
This will reset the button configurations the next time you start the game.

Q. There's a boss I can't beat.

A. The story bosses are made to be tough.
If you just proceed straight to the story events, you may find yourself stuck at
With each chapter, you should explore dungeons, look for and create equipment
useful against the boss, and gain levels.
Just a few extra levels can make things a fair bit easier.
You can also try bringing as many recovery items as your Cost can allow. Put
them in your Pocket so allies can use them, too.

Q. The game is running slow. The graphics are all jittery.

A. Try the following.
- Press the F5 key to lower the framerate.
- Close as many other programs as you can while playing.
- Reboot your computer.
Also, long play sessions may lead to the game chugging over time.
If this happens, please close the game and reopen it.

Q. I really want a way to pause in battles.

A. By the nature of the tool, there is no game-side pause functionality.
If you really need to pause, press the F10 key.
This will pause it until you do another action, such as changing windows.

Q. I want to play in full screen.

A. Press Alt+Enter, or open Config.exe and change to full-screen mode.
* Currently, there is a bug that causes a framerate drop if you use Alt+Enter.
Try to use Config.exe instead.

Q. The screen sometimes has black spots.

A. This is an issue with some graphics cards.
It's a bug within the library the tool uses, so it's impossible for me to fix.

Q. What's "system data"?

A. This is data that is shared across all save files, such as options.
It's saved in the System.sys file in the Save folder.
It also contains important game information, so you definitely should not delete

Q. Things look weird in Software Mode.

A. I'm sorry, but Software Mode is not fully supported.
Please play in 3D Mode if possible.

Q. I want more than 10 save slots.

A. If you save in the last slot, the limit will automatically increase, going to a
maximum of 99.
If you want to manually increase it, create a file in the Save folder named
"SaveDataXX.sav" (XX being a number 99 or less).
This will force the save menu to expand to XX+1 slots.

Q. The world map frequently takes a long time to load.

A. World map images are deleted from the cache when you save.
If you increase the Cache Depth setting, they will not be deleted, which will
stop the loading.
However, it consumes more memory, and it will take more time to load saves.

Q. I want to make fanwork.

A. Please consult the following.

1. If it's a doujin work, i.e. it's done as a hobby or you're just selling at
conventions, you can do as you like without asking, whether it's free or not.
If you're doing something where distribution of the work surpasses the doujin
scope, please contact me.

2. Indicate the source as much as you can.

Please include details such as the name of the game and the site URL. This is
not an obligation.

3. There are no limits on content.

Even if you add things that weren't in the original, or even if it's adult
content, I don't mind.

4. I take no responsibility for any troubles or damages that occur.


[ Installing & Uninstalling ]

There is no need to install anything (barring the possible need for manual font
To uninstall, delete the folder directly.
The game does not tamper with the registry or anything.


[ System Requirements ]
XP is used as a base. Vista and 7 will require considerably higher specs.

OS: Windows XP/Vista/7

Monitor: Resolution greater than 640x480
CPU: Pentium 4 3G or better (Core2 2G or better)
Graphics Card: Supports 3D
RAM: 512 MB or more
Hard Drive: About 400 MB of free space
Drivers: DirectX 9 or newer


[ Contact ]

Contact me with any opinions, thoughts, or bugs. (Not recommended unless you can
do so in Japanese.)

Fantasy Factory (

Faraway Story Official Japanese Site (
Manager: Ramuramu

Faraway Story English Site (