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  Aug 26 - Aug 30  

THIS MONTH          
Looking ahead   News this week   Chinese  Math   Language Arts 

No School - Sept. Students of the  Review Novice 1 Unit 1-1 Multiplication as Unit 1: Living and
2nd. Week!! - Micah and  10 Repeated Addition Learning
  Writing Chinese 1-2 Multiplication on the Week 2: What can I
Fun Run Number Line learn by trading with
Fundraiser Kickoff Characters:
- Sept. 13th 1-3 Arrays and
Multiplication Story:​ ​What About Me?

School Pictures - 1-4 The Commutative Phonics:

  Property Plurals
Sept. 17th
Brain Boosters  Conventions:
starting!! Art, Music,  Subject and Predicate
Parent Teacher Playworks, Media  Social Studies 
Conferences -   Comprehension Skill:
Sept. 18th, 20th, Sequencing
Please Review ⅔ management,
23rd, and 24th. times a week on Classroom Vocabulary​:
Quizlet procedures and Compound words
School Rules!
Early Release - Writing:
Sept. 26th n/NSQc2BVrM What was my favorite
thing I did this Summer?
No School - Sept. Mandarin Matrix is
27th counted as reading