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1. In MIG/MAG solid wire welding uses which polarity?

a.DC+ (b)DC- (c)AC+ (d)AC-

2.Which of the following may lead to distortion?




d.all of the above

3.The correct joint preparation is very important since it decides the volume of weld metal to be
used,,high volumes of weld metal deposited can

a.increase residual stress useful since the joint will have better strength

c.give a longer service life

d.give superior corrosion resistance

4. Post heating of weld joints is carried out in order to

a.remove residual stress

b.diffuse out hydrogen

c.improve tensile strength

d.achieve dimensional stability

5.In oxy fuel cutting when cutting thin metals which fuel is used





6.Which polarity is normally used for TIG welding of stainless steel?



c.DC- would make little difference which were used

7.CEV of C-Mn





8.Ar-N2 is used for welding


b.Austenitic SS


d.Duplex SS

9.Cast and helix related to



c.wire feed or filler wire


10.Pinch effect gives

a.more penetration

b.high deposition

c.low penetration

d.all of the above

11.A MMA electrode which is classified as an E7024 according tro AWS




d.thick coated iron powder

12. Large diameter pipe with a wall thickeness of 10 mm is to be used for a cross –country pipeline
.Which electrode type could be used to combine high welding speed and deep penetration?

a) Basic covered (b) Cellulosic covered (c) Rutile covered (d) Iron powder loaded

13. In BSEN 287-1,,in an all positional qualification may be obtained bywelding a pipe



c.H_L 45

d.only by welding in all three of the above position

14.A transverse tensile test piece will give :

(A) The tensile strength of the weld (B) The tensile strength of the joint (C) The stress/ strain
characteristics of the weld (D) The stress /stain characteristics of the joint

15. Weldments in carbon manganese steels , made by low heat input welding , may show:

a. Greater ductility (B) higher distortion (C) higher dilution ( d}Higher hardness

16.An electrode is classified to BSEN 499 as E 353B .what does B mean

a. Manufactured to a British Standard (B) To be used in PB position

c. the covering is a basic type (D) Tensile strength

17.A pipe line is to be laid across the country .Which of the following methods would normally to based
to detect root defects ?

a. Eddy current testing (B) Radiography (c) Hydrostatic testing (D) Liquid penetrant inspection

18. Which material not required preheat?

a.low alloy

b.carbon steel
c.high alloy steel

d.austenitic stainless steel

19. A short transverse tensile lest (as STRA Test ) will give ?

a. The tensile strength of the weld .(B) indication of susceptibility to lamellar tearing

c. The stress/stain characteristics of the weld (D. The stress /stain susceptibility to hydrogen

20. Weld –ments in carbon –manganese steels made using a higher than specified Heat input may

a. Higher integrity (B) lower distortion (c) lower toughness (d) higher hardness

21. How we precise the energy of XRays?





22.Hard stamping of some pressure vessels materials may give cause

a. corrosion interaction .(B ) Work hardening © stress concentrations (d)All of the above

23. Plasma cutting can be applied to

a. aluminum alloys b. Carbon Steels .c. Austenilic stainless steels D .All of the above

24. Which of the following cannot be detected by Penetrant testing ?

a. surface breaking planar flaws B. Undercut. C Buried planar flaws .d. Non planar surface flaws

hydrogen cracking

25. Unit of heat input

26.Inspection for hydrogen cracking is often specified to be done between 48 to 72 hrs after completion
of the weld, this is because ?
a. The stress level will have reduced by –then
b. it is the maximum time it takes for all the H2 to diffuse out of the weld
c. Usually after 48 hrs such cracking is unlikely to occur
d. It is to ensure the weld has properly cooled down to ambient temperature
27. At what level is H2 considered to be more critical in cracking
a. Less than 5 ml per 100g of weld metal deposited
b. Between 5 and 10 ml /100g of weld metal deposited
c. Between 10 and 15 ml /100 g of weld metal deposited
d. Over 15 ml /100 g of weld metal deposited
. 28.In general terms which of the following would require the highest preheat if all other factors were
the same as per ISO BS EN 1011?
a. MMA weld with celluloses electrodes
b. MMA weld with Rutile electrode
c. MMA weld with basic electrodes
d. MAG weld with solid wire
29.Which of the following microstructure is critical to the likely formation of hydrogen cracks?
a. Austinite
b. Ferite
c. Pearlite
d. martensite
30.Basic electrode s are often sold vacuum packed .the reason is ?
a. They have been packed at the manufactures at a hydrogen level less than 15 ml / 100 g of
weld metal deposited
b. They are mass produced which makes these electrodes chap
c. They are formulated that once open they will pick up no more moisture
d.all of the above