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Business Area Company Name

Architect, Window Dongsung Corp. 02p

Architect, Window Sonusys Co, Ltd. 06p

Bridge MOA Industry 10p

Bridge Towoong Engineering and Construction Co., Ltd. 14p

Bridge Woosin construction industry Co., Ltd. 18p

Construction, ICT Connect Brick 20p

Fire test, Construction BoraCEM Co., Ltd. 24p

Ground, Construction KOREA Engineering & Construction 28p

Ground, Tunnel, Road Asia Special Material Co. LTD. 32p

Ground HENCE Co., Ltd. 36p

ICT Pluxity Co., Ltd. 40p

ICT UNO Co., Ltd. 44p

Road, Ascon SAM SUNG Co., Ltd. 48p

Road, Bridge ESG INDUSTRY Co., Ltd. 52p

Road, Water Resource INSUNGENPLA Co.,Ltd. / HI-CNT 56p

Water Resource (pipe, etc.) BOSUNG POLY TECH 62p

Architects Overview
Since 1986 with the spirit of craftsmanship we only specialize in windows and doors
Dongsung Co., Ltd.
2007 Starting with patent registration
2011 High-efficiency energy equipment certification
A window of hope where people and nature can co-exist harmoniously,
2014 KS Certification
At a Glance 2015 Q Mark Certification and Excellent Procurement Product Designation
Business Field Aluminum Windows, Aluminum and PVC Windows 2017 Green Technology Product Certification
Founded in 1986 2018 Korea Consumer Preference Brand wins first Prize with the best quality and construction to receive
technology recognition from customers.

Person of Contact HyungDo JEON

Job Title Director of research Product 1: Sliding Window (Aluminum + PVC, Only Aluminum)

Phone number 82-10-3276-7900 Dongseong Company, through unrivaled know-hows and

seamless research development developed Korea’s first casket
Fax 82-62-234-4200 type sliding window.

Address 31, Deokheung1-gil, Seo-gu, Gwangju, South Korea[61900] Straying from existing more hair methods, using caskets
and patented interlock head seals it blocks the external air
No. of Employees 42 people flow perfectly and prevents inflow of fine dust to realize an
airtightness of 0.00
Target Region Thailand, Vietnam, UK, USA, Singapore This minimized heat damage and with grain for prevention, it
Overseas Brunch NA brings about building energy conservation effects.

Partnership NA

Customer Jeollanamdo Office of Education, Government offices

Annual Sales(2018) US$ 8,037,419

Annual Export(2018) US$ 0

Revenue (2015) US$ 4,991,291

Revenue (2016) US$ 3,704,595 Product 2: Curtain Wall (Aluminum & PVC, Only Aluminum)
Revenue (2017) US$ 5,445,462
It is an insulation composite curtain wall product that
Revenue (2018) US$ 8,037,419 can design and design various width and depth of profile
according to curtain wall, structurally safe and variously,
and complements the disadvantages of glass and aluminum
which are main materials of exterior finishing materials of

It is completely complemented with the biggest disadvantage

of aluminum which is not adiabatic due to condensation, and
there is a feeling of intimacy with nature with artificial wood of
PVC inside.

Unlike conventional curtain walls, there is water bending at

the joints of the vertical bar and the horizontal bar to prevent
leakage of rainwater.

3 4
Product 3: Project Window (Aluminum & PVC, Only Aluminum)

It combines with curtain wall and fixed window, and it

is a window for ventilation. It complements the biggest
disadvantage of aluminum which is not insulated by the
occurrence of dew condensation, and there is a beauty to feel
intimacy with nature through the artificial wood of PVC inside.

As with curtain walls or fixed windows, you can vary the width
and depth of your profile depending on your design.

Our UAW system

Window breaks the existing mohair system and dramatically increases the cost of heatingand cooling

It is the world's first sliding gasket system that can be reduced.

We have developed a window with high airtight performance and high insulation performance and have applied
for a number of patents. We have been recognized for its technology and have won many certificates such as KS
certification and green certification. With certification and many government recognized products

The overseas procurement market has been designated as a promising company.

We mainly supply government offices and schools, and over 90% of our sales are supplied to government

Record of Export
Inquiries are currently being received from Cambodia and Vietnam.

From Cambodia, they ask us for information regarding our products for constructing new hotel.

From Vietnam, they inquire our products for the purpose of building a 200-unit house.

5 6
Architecture Overview

SONUSYS Co., Ltd. SONUSYS is an aluminum window manufacture that has co-developed a tropical-friendly ‘hidden rail window’
with government to provide both public and private homes. The hidden rail window, consisting of a stair-
way substructure and rail cover, is a NET and NEP certified product with auto-outflow function by typhoon
The Highest comfort, water-tightness and wind resistant aluminum windows and squall, and holds international patents in five countries : the United states, China, Japan, Europe and
Hong Kong.
At a Glance

Business Field Building envelope (Aluminum window) NET(New Excellent Technology)

NEP(New Excellent Product)
Founded in 2001

Product 1: Hidden Rail window
Person of Contact Choi, Won ki

Job Title Director of R&D center

The Hidden Rail window has a rail cover, which prevents rain from entering the
E-mail room and prevents vents from falling down, is an aluminum window suitable for
tropical climates.
Phone number (+82) 10-5169-1993
KS F 2293: (Test method of water tightness for windows and doors.)- obtain the
Fax (+82) 31-984-4777 highest grade (250~750 Pa)

Address 42-30, Daegotbuk-ro 305beon-gil, Daegot-myeon, Gimpo-si, Gyeonggi-do, Republic of Korea KS F 2296: (windows and doorsets-wind resistance test.) - obtain the highest
grade (3600 Pa)
No. of Employees 87 people

Target Region Indonesia, Vietnam, China, Myanmar General product Hidden Rail window

Overseas Brunch -

Partnership AVA, Bohai, 7 Aluminum

Watertightness excellence
Customer Public Procurement service (Construction)

Annual Sales(2018) US$ 19,279,755

Annual Export(2018) US$ 0 Stair-type substructure prevents rain from entering the room

Revenue (2015) US$ 275,840 General product Hidden Rail window

Revenue (2016) US$ 437,879

Revenue (2017) US$ 426,993

Clean excellence
Revenue (2018) US$ 1,009,819

Easy removal of dust and debris

General product Hidden Rail window

Wind resistant excellence

Staked assembly of rail cover-vent-rail cover-vent order to

prevent the vent from being dropped

7 8
Registering and selling more than 40 products to the public procurement service
Government offices, school supplies
5 or more joint product development of government research institute
Collaboration on window development with DAELIM CONSTRUCTION, KUMHO PETROCHEMICAL, LG HAUSYS

Record of Export
No exports. Just sample supply.
We are currently partnering with Vietnam, China and Myanmar window companies.
Vietnam: AVA Windows / China: Bohai Curtain Wall / Myanmar: 7 Aluminum

9 10
Bridge Overview
Based on 25 years of experience in road bridge construction, MoA Industry is the first SMBA's "Performance
MOA Industry Certification" and procurement agency's "Supported Goods" designation by developing its own high-selection
bridge water collection tools for preventing damage to bridge pavement and extending bridge life in the bridge deck
pavement layer.
To acquire long lifespan of bridges and to prevent port holes
Moa Industry is a company that not only produces catch basin for new bridges, but also strives to extend the life of
At a Glance bridges by replacing water pipes for existing bridges.
Business Field Bridge drainage System/ Bridge A/S Product

Founded in 2013

Product 1: Catch basin for bridge(Nomal Type)
Person of Contact Choo yong dae

Job Title CEO Typical size can be installed according to the thickness of the bridge pavement
Drainage of water permeated through drain holes on the side
Phone number (+82) 10-2644-1491
I got ISO9001 certification
Fax (+82) 61-721-1491

Address Techno Park Manufacture Building #201, 13 Yulchonsandan 4-ro, Haeryong-myeon, Suncheon, Jeannam

No. of Employees 3 people

Target Region USA, Indonesia

Overseas Brunch -

Partnership -
Product 2: Catch basin for bridge(Expansion Type)
Customer Korea Expressway Corporation
Typical size can be installed according to the thickness of the bridge pavement
Annual Sales(2018) US$
Drainage of water permeated through drain holes on the side
Annual Export(2018) US$ 0
Installation at points where water is concentrated and needs to be drained quickly
Revenue (2015) US$ 61,164
I got ISO9001 certification
Revenue (2016) US$ 72,027

Revenue (2017) US$ 147,794

Revenue (2018) US$ 162,643

Product 3: Catch basin for bridge(refractive type)

Typical size can be installed according to the thickness of the bridge pavement

Drainage of water permeated through drain holes on the side

Installation at points obstructed by kerb and interfered with the structure at the

I got ISO9001 certification.

11 12
It is being supplied to the Korea Highway Corporation operated by the Korean government.

We are replacing old bridge drainage system with our products.

It is sold all over the country, including Seoul, the capital of Korea.

Record of Export
I have not exported to Indonesia yet, but I have exported to Sri Lanka in 2016.

With the company, I made a contract of MOU.

13 14
Bridge System Overview
Established in 1992, Towoong E&C has been recognized for its technological prowess in the fields of roads &
Towoong Engineering and Construction, Co., Ltd. highways, bridges, railways, subways, tunnels, plants and their engineering. Using such advanced technology,
Towoong E&C has now developed various bridge technologies. One of the bridge technologies we have developed,
the BH girder is an innovative and upgraded solution to PSC girders, which utilizes Bulb-T shape integrated with
Towoong, A specialized company in global innovative bridge technology Half Slab and can be manufactured and installed in over a length of 60m each. Compared to other types of PSC
Beam Bridges that can be found in Korea and overseas, it is an entirely new type of bridge that has achieved the 3
At a Glance goals of “Low Cost”, “Fast Construction”, and “High Safety.”
Business Field Bridge System The Partial Precast Column Method makes it possible to rapidly finish the construction of column by casting
Founded in 1992 concrete into hollow precast segments which are manufactured products to replace mold and shore for
constructing column at site.
To become one of the leading engineering and construction companies in the world in the 21st century, Towoong
Person of Contact LEE, EUNHO E&C has actively explored overseas markets and has been awarded a letter of commendation for “Excellent
Overseas Construction Company” from the Korean Government in 2014. The executives and all the staff members
Job Title Head of Newbiz Division, Chief R&D Center Manager of Towoong E&C will do their best to improve our company performance that contributes to the society with the
E-mail pursuit of spirits of “Customer Satisfaction”, “Mutual Trust”, and “Quality Service.”

Phone number (+82) 10-2711-4926

Fax (+82) 2-565-5706

Address #906, Woolim E-biz Center 1, 28, Digital-ro, 33 gil, Guro-gu, Seoul, 08377, Korea

No. of Employees 40 people

Product 1: BH Girder (Bulb-t shape integrated Half slab Girder)
Target Region Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, Myanmar, Bangladesh

Overseas Brunch Malaysia, Nehemiah Towoong Bridgetech sdn. Bhd.

BH girder system is possible to maximize the prestressing efficiency by
Partnership Malaysia(Nehemiah), Vietnam(VECC), Myanmar(HTOO) and etc. straightening PS tendons by arranging the anchorages at the lower end of girder
end and improving the sectional efficiency though the intermediate anchorages
Customer GS E&C(Korea, Construction), Ekovest(Malaysia, Construction)
as well. In result, the innovative long span more than 60m with low depth around
Annual Sales(2018) US$ 3,259,230 2.6m can be achieved.

Annual Export(2018) US$ 1,591,256

Revenue (2015) US$ 282,591

Revenue (2016) US$ 261,057

Revenue (2017) US$ 148,441

Revenue (2018) US$ 325,950

Product 2: PPCM (Partial Precast Column Method)

The Partial Precast Column Method (PPCM) makes it possible to rapidly finish
the construction of column by casting concrete into hollow precast segments
which are manufactured products to replace mold and shore for constructing
column at site. The sequence of construction is as follows; 1. Installing
adjustment segment, 2. Casting concrete in the connection between Pile and
Adjustment Segment. 3. Securing the verticality of column, 4. Couplers are used
for connecting reinforcement.

15 16
Major Client : Korea Expressway Corporation, GS E&C, and etc

Major Product : BH girder

Major Project : Sejong Government Complex Connection Bridge, Rural Development Administration Cheong-
Woon Bridge, Seoul~Musan Expressway, and etc.

Record of Export
Track Record in Malaysia
 P  roduct : BH girder
Amount : RM 31,641,436
Date of Contract : 25th July 2018
Scope of Work : Design, Supply, Delivery, Installation and Launching of BH girder


 Product : BH girder
Amount : RM 30,261,905
Date of Contract : 25th March 2019
Scope of Work : Supply, Delivery, Stitching of segmental BH girder, Post-tensioning work

17 18
Bridge Overview
Woosin has produced and sold the expansion joint of a bridge to many government offices since 2014. We have
Woosin construction industry Co., Ltd. manufactured two types of products, New Finger Joint and New Monocell. Also, we are working on development of
patent and R&D to make better the expansion joint.

Second to none

At a Glance

Business Field Expansion joint of bridge Product 1: WS-NFJ, WS-NMC (WOOSIN NEW FINGER JOINT,
WS-NFJ, WS-NMC are completely waterproof by
Person of Contact HWANG, SUNYOUNG
filling the high elastic sealant into it. Our products
Job Title CEO are connected like a single product. The concrete is
reinforced by using the refraction stud type which
has an effective ability to fix the rebar.
Phone number (+82) 10-5459-2043

Fax (+82) 43-238-2044

11, Gunghyeon 2-gil, Gangnae-myeon, Heungdeok-gu, Cheongju-si,
Chungcheongbuk-do, Republic of Korea
No. of Employees 7 people

Target Region Indonesia, Cambodia

Overseas Brunch -
Deliver the products to the Korean government.
Partnership -

Customer Government office

Annual Sales(2018) US$ 1,492,102

Annual Export(2018) US$ 0

Record of Export
Revenue (2015) US$ 83,860 No record of Export.
Revenue (2016) US$ 86,616

Revenue (2017) US$ 150,700

Revenue (2018) US$ 209,243

19 20
ICT / Construction Overview
Connect Brick is founded on 2018 starting with a several patents in the brick field.
Connect Brick
The know-how is compacted with more than 10 years of experience in many current building materials.

While brick and tile markets are focusing on the special adhesion and method of reinforcement, we focused on the
Connect Brick, No more complex works, connect your bricks brick itself to function without the extra help.
At a Glance Therefore, Connect Brick is an unique and smart idea which will give better experiences to all who Connects the
Business Field Construction Bricks!

Founded in 2018
Product 1: Connect Brick Main Features
Website Video Link :

Person of Contact Hong Seok, Jang Connect Brick is a patent brick which is a slim and smart product that can be
used for interior as well as exterior. Connect Brick has a several main features.
Job Title Sales
One of them is the groove rails on rear side which makes the cement become
E-mail a long hardened nail itself. Therefore Connect Brick is expandable in its

Phone number (+82) 10-6825-1510 design, easy to install, no extra reinforcement required and reducing the time
and labors. Also, it is easy DIY brick that can be sold at on/offline directly to
Fax (+82) 50-7537-1596 customers which covers a huge range brick business.
Connect Brick, 5F Innovation Center (Building No.25),
283 Goyang-daero, Ilsanseo-gu, Goyang-si, Gyeonggi-do, Republic of Korea
No. of Employees 3 people Product 2: Connect Brick Main Features
Target Region Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam, UK, USA, Australia

Overseas Brunch None No More Nails! No Brickwork!

Partnership Gom My Group, Vietnam Do NOT Attach!

Customer Housing, Construction Be Wide with Connect Brick!

Annual Sales(2018) US$ [Reduce the time!] Bigger size of product can be applied more easily and safely
Annual Export(2018) US$ than existing bricks and tiles.

Revenue (2015) N/A

Revenue (2016) N/A

Product 3: How to Use Connect Brick
Revenue (2017) N/A

Revenue (2018) US$ 100,000 [Be Wide!] Easy Construction! Quicker! Wider!

In case there is polystyrene on exterior wall, put a mesh on polystyrene. Fastener

must be installed at least every 1 meter distance to prevent the polystyrene from

Do plastering on the wall with adhesive cement or glue(eg. Cerafix) by

5mm~15mm thickness. Push Connect Brick on plastering wall before it gets
dried or hardened.

Force enough the product so that adhesive cement fills the groove of rear side.
In case of basic type, masonry joint is optional. For Wing type, it does not need
additional masonry joint work.

21 22
Partnership with KICT

Partnership with Honey Homes, Korea

Partnership with Gom My Group, Vietnam

Record of Export
Partnership (MOU) with Gom My Group, Vietnam:
The construction company. Established a polytechnic college and have 2 factories in Vietnam

23 24
Fire test, Construction Overview
1) Established : 7. May 2004
BoraCEM Co.,Ltd.
2) Employee : 6 members ( 3 Partners ) ( Marketing engineer( Language) : English 3, 中國語: 1

3) Vision : Create and Expand the market Customer Satisfaction by partnership Credibility through our technology
Be a good partner & activity
At a Glance 4) Business Field : High performance provider in the industrial field through through engineering and marketing
Business Field Building material reliability tester solution - Manufacturer & Marketing partner

Founded in 2003 5) Activity : Value create by difference, competitive products & SVC. Focus on Your Highest Priorities / EXECUTION

Product 1: Fire Resistance Furnace
Person of Contact Brian Song

Job Title Product manager Fire resistance performance test for vertical members

E-mail ecogreen@boracem,com Walls (Load bearing & Non-load bearing)

Phone number (+82) 2-807-5791 Fire doors & shutters, Fire stops (Penetration & Linear joint)
Fax (+82) 2-807-2946
Standard and optional Time – Temperature curve
Address 8F,No.802 45, Gasan digital1-ro, Geumchon-gu, Seoul, Korea
Bulkheads for ship equipment
No. of Employees 6 people ( Partner : 20 )

Target Region Indonesia,Thailand,Miyanma, Turkey

Overseas Brunch Philippnes(Holo), Malaysia( BoraCEM Enterprise)

Product 2: FTIR Analyzer
Partnership ESM (Turkey), Bdtech(UAE)

Customer TUV SUD PSB (Test Lab, Certification)

EN 45545-2 specifies the reaction to fire performance requirements for material
Annual Sales(2018) US$ 23 Million and products used on railway vehicles.

Annual Export(2018) US$ 1 Million This FTIR Gas analyzer is for assessment of toxic gases from railway products.  

Revenue (2015) US$ 250,000

Revenue (2016) US$ 340,000

Revenue (2017) US$ 460,000

Revenue (2018) US$ 530,000

Product 3: LARGE SCALE CALORIMETER( Room corner tester )

This Calorimeter is based on ISO 13784-1(Reaction-to-fire test for sandwich

panel building system).

It reenacts fire in a small room of sandwich panel building and describes test
methods that evaluate combustion diffusion in an exposed part of assembled
sandwich panel or panel inside, and fire behavior in sandwich panel building

25 26

Record of Export

Voksell cable ( Potential customer : Cable maker)

Exported to Southeast Asia such as Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand.

27 28
Construction, Ground Overview
The reinforcement technology of Korea E&C is the scientific technology Korea E&C realizes 0% defect after construction.
Korea Engineering and Construction Co., Ltd.
1999 Established a corporation specialized in structural reinforcement of existing building
2004 Registration of USA and China patent on pile press method for PCT.
KRENC, We can pile driving even in narrow and low space.
2006 The world first “Restoration work to raise a leaning building with 19 stories”
At a Glance 2008 The world first “work to raise temple structure to 1.3m above the ground with boulder foundation in china
Business Field Restoration of subsidence structure, Strengthening Foundation 2011 Certification of the Excellent Technology No.629 “Foundation Reinforcement Technology”
Founded in 1999 2013 Certification of the Excellent Technology No.682 “Column Reinforcement Technology”
Aired in TV about “Restoration work to raise a Pisa-like building”.

Person of Contact Kim, Jun Seong

Product 1: Jack Pile (Strengthening Foundation, Restoration)
Job Title Vice president

It is the technology of constructing using a hydraulic Jack
Phone number 82-10-2222-7423 without digging or Hammering.

Fax 82-31-000-0000 This technology is possible to be constructed in the narrow

Address Kwangnaruro 210, Seongji building 2F, seongdonggu seoul korea
It is the eco-friendly construction technology that there is no
No. of Employees 10 people vibration, noise, dusts and waste coming from digging or drop
Target Region Singapore, Vietnam, Indonesia
The depth and the load of every pressed pile are recorded, so it
Overseas Brunch is the scientific and safety-secured technology that the test can
be done all

Customer Government, Construction company

Annual Sales(2018) US$ 7,250,000

Annual Export(2018) US$ 200,000

Revenue (2015) US$ 255,000 Product 2: Bolt Tension Method

Revenue (2016) US$ 624,000 (Strengthening Structure: Column, Beam, Slab)
Revenue (2017) US$ 553,000
A method similar to the method of shear reinforcement using
Revenue (2018) US$ 750,000 wire instead of shear reinforcement

Both ends of the wire are threaded to provide precise load


This method does not use epoxy for attachment, unlike steel
plate attachment method or fiber attachment method, which is
applied by using epoxy

29 30
Product 3: Made Down (Construction Method of Underground structure) Record of Export
Lotte Construction, Strengthening Structure with BT Method in Dongda, Vietnam
necessary length

This method is a method of constructing a basement from

the ground without the need to build a retaining wall. It can
shorten the air and greatly reduce the construction cost.

The construction method is a method of lowering the structure

by using the underground and water that is needed from
the ground and then using the already constructed file. The
excavation can be similar to the top-down method

Hyundai Construction

Restoration of Unequally settlement Machine Foundation in Mirfa Project, UAE

Strengthening Foundation of Structure with Jack Pile in Seoul, Korea

Hyundai Engineering, Restoration of Unequally settlement Machine Foundation in ABUDABI LBO Project, UAE

Hyundai Development Company

Restoration of Unequally settlement Structure in Kwangjoo, Korea

Restoration of Unequally settlement Structure in Mokpo, Korea
Restoration of Unequally settlement Structure in Taegu, Korea

Ssangyong Construction, Existed Pile Test with Jack Pile Method in Seoul, Korea

Kumho Construction, Strengthening Structure with BT Method in Seoul, Korea

Korong Construction,

Strengthening Structure and Foundation with BT & JP Method in Taegu, Korea

Restoration of Unequally settlement Structure in Taegu, Korea

Lotte Construction,

Strengthening Structure with BT Method in Dongda, Vietnam

31 32
Ground, Tunnel, Road Overview
Asia special materials Co., Ltd. was established in 2014 for the purpose of manufacturing and selling materials for
Asia Special Material Co., Ltd construction and civil engineering works such as special cement, soil stabilizers and mortar. Asia special materials
Co.,Ltd. was certified as a venture enterprise and innovative small company(Main-biz) in 2017.

Best Quality, Best Service Business products are SP Rock-bolt, eco-friendly soil stabilizers, mortar, special cement and others, which are
applied to various domestic construction and civil engineering site.
At a Glance
Asia special materials Co., Ltd. will always do the best to satisfy the customers needs, with‘Good quality’ and ‘best
Business Field SP-Rock Bolt, Construction material, Ground Reinforcement service’,
Founded in 2014


Person of Contact KANG, SUCKHWA Product 1: SP-Rock Bolt(Smart Pipe Rock Bolt)
Job Title Executive Director

E-mail Tubular Rock Bolt using recently developed steel, POSH-690,
Phone number 82-10-5305-6090
Fax 82-31-229-3099
- Easy quality control and construction, due to fixing
material construction to each rock types
Address Nonggong danji-gil 21, kanjeon-myun, Kure-gun, Jeonranam-do, (57628) Korea
- Full Grouting improves friction and supporting
No. of Employees 10 people performance

Target Region Indonesia - Increase of strength quality → Satisfying deformed bar

Overseas Brunch - - Improved workability with light-weight → increased to
Partnership ※ Chemius Korea Co., LTD, PT. Hissan Trading Indonesia
Application : Tunnel(Rock-Bolt, Steel pipe multistep),
Customer ※ General Construction Company(Tunnel construction) Slope(Soil Nailing), Foundation(Micro Pile)

Annual Sales(2018) 12.5 Million US$

Annual Export(2018) -

Revenue (2015) 250,000 US$

Revenue (2016) 166,363 US$ Product 2: Micro Cement

Revenue (2017) 347,273 US$
Fineness : 6000~8000(cm2/g), 7000~9000(cm2/g)
Revenue (2018) 326,363 US$
US$400,000 - Free gel-time adjustment
- Can be applied to various injection processes
US$300,000 - Excellent early strength when used with RMG(Product by
Chemius Korea)
- Excellent penetration rate due to uniform particle size
US$200,000 and small maximum particle size

Application : Tunnel(Rock-Bolt, Steel pipe multistep),

Slope(Soil Nailing), Foundation(Micro Pile)
- Tunnels, dams, dikes and reinforcement of underground
structure foundations and improvement of soft ground
US$0 - Underground water wall construction and slope stability
Revenue(2015) Revenue(2016) Revenue(2017) Revenue(2018)

33 34

Purpose and characteristics

- Applicable to all concrete pumping equipment (Boom
Pump, Portable Pump, Boom, etc.).
- Usage is determined by the pipeline(pumping) length/
distance, resulting cost Reduction; Economical compared
to preceding mortar, waste reduction
- Reduces the pumping start time at the early stage of
concrete placement
-Reduces carbon(CO2 ) emission since preceding mortar is
unnecessary.Application : Tunnel(Rock-Bolt, Steel pipe
multistep), Slope(Soil Nailing), Foundation(Micro Pile)
Standard usage
- Liquefaction ratio : 1 package of prime powder(3.3kg) +
Used water 19ℓ

Cooperation with Chemius Korea Co., Ltd through business alliance in Korea.

we are expanding new products and business fields by conducting joint research with domestic construction
companies, such as POSCO E&C, Hanwha E&C, and Lotte E&C. In particular, supplying eco-friendly cement to
Hanwha E&C and SP ROCK-BOLT to POSCO E&C’s NATM construction site.

In the case of business in Indonesia, we are planned to have a MOU agreement with Hissan trading Indonesia on
technology and business alliance, for cooperation in Indonesia.

Record of Export
Currently there are no exports in Indonesia, but in neighboring Singapore and Malaysia, business for exporting
micro-cement and waterproofing materials are in progress.

35 36
Ground Overview
HENCE Co., Ltd. has a New Steel Pipe - STRUT construction method for large-scale underground excavation projects
HENCE Co., Ltd. such as rail, subway, underground road, architecture, plant construction. SP-STRUT method shortens the construction
period(20~30%) and saves the materials(25%). SP-STRUT method also increase the efficiency of works(20~30%) such as
the rebar and concrete work, dig earthmoving work, and the framework, by widening the space between braced beams.
Steel Pipe – STRUTTM New technology "Method for earth retaining wall"
At a Glance

Business Field Temporary Structure System for earth retaining wall

Founded in 2005

Product 1: Method for SP-STRUTTM
Person of Contact SEO, SEUNG KUEON

Job Title President

E-mail New Excellent Technlogy Method for Earth Retaining Wall on a
Large Scale construction(civil, architecture, plant etc.)
Phone number (+82) 10 3501 7658

Fax (+82) 2 471 8833

Address 63gil 45, Poongseong-ro, Gangdong-gu, Seoul, Republic of KOREA

No. of Employees 12 people

Target Region Singapore, Indonesia, Phillippines, Thailand, Vietnam, USA

Overseas Brunch Vietnam(hochimin city)

Partnership Vietqs co., ltd.

Customer Ministry of Land, Infrastruture and Transport, Metro City etc.

Annual Sales(2018) US$ 4,119,775

Annual Export(2018) US$ 0

Revenue (2015) US$ 879,726

Revenue (2016) US$ 591,735 Product 2: HWJ-II / HSJ-II

Revenue (2017) US$ 865,042

Revenue (2018) US$ 2,189,393 Connetor

- HWJ : Wale(Jack) + STRUT


37 38
Product 3: HUB-IIa, HUB-IIb, HUB-IIc


- HUB-IIa : STRUT + Channel

- HUB-IIb : STRUT + H-Beam

- HUB-IIc : STRUT + Pipe Beam

Hyundai, Samsung, GS, Daewoo, Daelim, Lotte, posco, SK, Hyundai eng, Doosan, Hanwha, Ssangyong, Taeyoung,
Halla, Kolon, Kumho, Sambu, Keangnam etc

Record of Export
On the anvil(Singapore, Indonesia, Phillippines, Thailand, Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Hongkong etc.)

Most of the partner from Singapore, Indonesia, Philippines, Vietnam we met hope to procure our product and

In Indonesia, we keep talk with the department of the Indonesia government and institution for our product and

39 40
ICT / Smart City Overview
Pluxity provides solutions that can integrate all data transmitted from sensors of facilities and machines in a 3D
PLUXITY Co., Ltd. virtual smart space in order to control and monitor all parts of building management on one 3D interface. Using
our own easy-to-use 3D map authoring tool or using existing 3D model in a variety of formats, the solutions are
integrating 3D model with existing building management system. By linking various surveillance equipment such as
(예시) PLUXITY, 3D visualization and integration building and city O&M solution CCTV, access control, fire alarm, detection alarm and sensor information system of various machinery to 3D based
terrain and map, it enables to manage immediately in trouble.
At a Glance

Business Field Smart building and city O&M(Operating and Maintenance) Solution

Founded in 2015

Product 1: PLUG Security
Person of Contact Changhyun Kim

Job Title Manager

3D visualization of building by whole / district
In case of abnormal situation in the building, event
Phone number (+82) 10 4174 2357 notification pop-up with display of the location in the map,
automatic display of adjacent CCTV images
Fax (+82) 2 332 9005
Status and control management for CCTV, access control,
Address 2F, 70 Dongho-ro 10gil, Jung-gu, Seoul shutter, intrusion detection, SOS, etc.

No. of Employees 16 people

Target Region Southeast Asian countries, USA

Overseas Brunch N/A

Partnership SKT, Samsung SDS, LG CNS,

Customer Incheon International Airport, Seoul City, Seoul Metro, Samsung Display, SK, LIG Nexone, Hanwha Techwin

Annual Sales(2018) US$ 1,200,000

Annual Export(2018) N/A

Revenue (2015) US$ 38,000

Revenue (2016) US$ 42,500 Product 2: PLUG Kiosk

Revenue (2017) US$ 113,000

Revenue (2018) US$ 177,000 PLUG KIOSK provides both way-finding and shops’ information
using POI(Point Of Interest). People can easily access from
point A to point B in a large scale of building on 3D map. We
deliver it to Incheon International Airport Sogong underground
shopping arcade.

41 42
Product 3: PLUG City

PLUG City is a solution for city monitoring of complex urban

infrastructure including street lights, CCTV, facilities and
vulnerable social groups such as children, pregnant women
and elderly people using wearable sensors. As a smart city, we
provided it to Busan city where is the 2nd largest city in South


Record of Export
Ashgabat New Airport integrated Control System (Turkmenistan) Oct. 2016

Ashgabat Olympia Park Integrated Control System (Turkmenistan) Jun. 2017

43 44
ICT Overview
UNO supports public and private organizations with innovated technologies and equipments in terms of disaster
UNO Co., Ltd. risk reduction. With KICT (Korea Institute of Civil Engineering and Building Technology), for many years UNO
has contributed to build better ICT platforms and disaster response systems/equipment in the area of facility
management. UNO has developed DRiMSS and FRDS in order to provide flood/earthquake disaster risk information
UNO, The first mover in Disaster Risk Reduction and on-site response flood barrier system. As well, UNO is now focusing on development of diagnosis and inspection
platform system for maintenance of buildings and facilities based on risk assessment and reduction.
At a Glance
1. DRiMSS : Disaster Risk Management Support System
Business Field Disaster, Flood, ICT System
2. RASS : Risk Assessment Support System
Founded in 2015
3. FRDS : Flood Rapid Defense System
4. FRDS Slider : Flexible Slider for Flood Rapid Defense System
Person of Contact OH, EUNHO
5. BIFS : Building Inundation Forecasting System (ongoing, KICT)
Job Title CEO
6. e-OSS : Earthquake One-Stop Service System (ongoing, Pohang City)
7. Smart FIMPS : Smart Facility Inspection and Maintenance Platform System (ongoing, UNO)
Phone number (+82) 10 7192 8956

Fax (+82) 31 911 0513

Address 283, Goyangdae-ro, Ilsanseo-gu, Goyang-si, Gyeonggi-do, 10223, South Korea

No. of Employees 4 people

Product 1: FRDS (Flood Rapid Defense System)
Target Region Thailand, Vietnam, Laos, Indonesia, UK, USA
FRDS is a temporarily installed flood blocking barrier system
Overseas Brunch in order to protect buildings, substations, and traffic control
facilities from urban floods through emergency installations.


Annual Sales(2018) US$ 244,400

Annual Export(2018) US$

Revenue (2015) US$

Revenue (2016) US$

Revenue (2017) US$

Revenue (2018) US$

45 46
Product 2: DRIMSS (Disaster Risk Management Support System)

DRiMSS is an ICT platform system of disaster risk reduction in

terms of flood and earthquake. DRiMSS, consisting of RASS,
LeVAS, FROK, and FRIENDs modules, is aimed to provide risk
information, such as 3D impact flow, risks, and damage cost of
major facilities.

Product 3: BIFS (Building Inundation Forecasting System)

BIFS is an inundation forecasting system based on the weather

forecast of national NWS. Providing probability and impact
of flood disaster facing based on the DB analysis of building
information and damage histories

47 48
Road / Ascon Overview
Founded as an eco-friendly small- to medium-sized company that grows together with the local community, Samsung
SAM SUNG Co., Ltd Ascon is growing into the leading company in the field of social overhead capital (SOC) road pavement, which is the
basis for smooth and prompt logistics distribution in the global era of the 21st century. Samsung Ascon manufactures
recycling technologies-based eco-friendly materials as well as products based on recycling technologies such as
Eco-friendly company that grows together with the local community construction waste recycling technology (products) including modified Ascon (PAMA), recycled Ascon, recycled
modified Ascon (Envi-con), and high-strength room temperature Ascon (Cold-con) in addition to general Ascon.
At a Glance These technologies are based on the company’s expertise in its product manufacturing and technology developments
Business Field Hot asphalt mixture for road pavement through the establishment of IoT-based most advanced manufacturing facilities.

Founded in 1986

Product 1: High-strength modified concrete mixture (PAMA Ascon)
Person of Contact Lee, Sangcheol

Job Title Vice President

This modified asphalt mixture product is composed of a
E-mail mixture of materials for the previous hot asphalt mixture
including aggregate, filler, and straight asphalt (residue from
Phone number (+82) 10 2008 9998 petroleum refining) which is the binder additionally mixed
with functional additives including polymer resin (rubber and
Fax (+82) 54 286 5203 thermoplastic, etc.), carbon black, and dispersant in order to
maximize the bonding property of the binder. This combination
Address 278-74, Irwol-ro, Donghae-myeon, Nam-gu, Pohang-si, Gyeongsangbuk-do Republic of Korea increases the performance level of the binder (PG64-22) up to
PG76-22~82-22 (satisfies the quality standards of the Ministry
No. of Employees 25 employees of Land, Infrastructure and Transport for a danger area in
case of the occurrence of plastic deformation) according to
Target Region India, Mongolia, Vietnam, the amount of modifying additives used. It also improves the
modification effect of the binder and the durability performance
Overseas Brunch
of the product.
Pohang Regional Construction and Management Administration, Pohang City Government,
Customer Gyeongsangbuk-do Provincial Government

Annual Sales(2018) US$ 11,822,849.81

Annual Export(2018)

Revenue (2015) US$ 9,869,996.58

Product 2: Recycled Modified Asphalt Mixture (Envi-Con)
Revenue (2016) US$ 9,806,705.44

Revenue (2017) US$ 10,425,149.70

This recycled modified asphalt mixture product is composed
Revenue (2018) US$ 11,822,849.81 of a mixture of materials (aggregate, filler, straight asphalt
(residue from petroleum refining) that is the binder, modifying
additive for the modification effect of the binder (PG70-
22~82-22)) for modified Ascon (PAMA) additionally mixed with
recycled aggregate for asphalt concrete (granular process of
recycled Ascon) by more than 30%. This mixture was specially
formulated in order to improve the quality and economic
efficiency of the recycled Ascon product.

49 50
Hyundai Steel in Incheon
Product 3: High-strength room temperature Ascon for road repair (Cold-con)
-Pavement repair work in the company

Envi Daeik E&C

This is a cold Ascon product that has the strength of over three con
times that of the existing room temperature Ascon product for -Gyeongju
emergency road repair. This product is optimal for repairing
defects (pothole, plastic deformation, fatigue crack, etc.) due to Haeoreum E&C
the deteriorated durability of asphalt and concrete pavement.


-Blue Valley urban facilities

Cold Pohang City Government

-Small-scale investment attraction
-Taekjeon 2-ri, Yeonil-eup
-Jangseong - Heunghae
-Yugang Purification Plant

Nam-gu office of Pohang

-Maeulan-gil, Won-ri, Ocheon-eup

Buk-gu office of Pohang

-Jukjang-myeon maintenance business

Gyeongju World Culture Expo
PAMA Lotte E&C -Culture Expo
-Sewage treatment and recycling in Pohang Pohang National Land Management Office
Pohang City Government -Pohang
-Road obstacles in the Yeongil Bay Industrial Complex
-Access road to Yeongil Bay No. 3 General Industrial Complex
-Access road to Yeongil Bay No. 4 General Industrial Complex

Nam-gu office of Pohang

-Complex Gas Station three-way intersection - POSCO 2nd Gate

Record of Export
-East Sea route
-Daejam overpass bridge Products demonstration to the companies in Mongolia and India
-POSCO-daero - Complex Gas Station

Inside Pohang Steel Industrial Complex Management CorporationPohang National Land Management Office MOU contract and plan to export the products to Mongolia and India.
-National Road No. 7, Oedong-eup, Gyeonggju-si
-National Road No. 28, Gogyeong-myeon, Yeongcheon-si
-National Road No. 7, Mohwa-ri, Oedong-eup, Gyeonggju-si
-National Road No. 7, Hupo - Dogae, Gangwon-do Province
-National Road No. 7, Maehwa-ri
-National Road No. 7, Cheonbuk-myeon, Gyeonggju-si
-National Road No. 28, Imgo-myeon, Yeongcheon-si
-National Road No. 7, Hupo - Giseong
-National Road No. 4, Geumrak-ri, Hayang-eup, Gyeongsan, and 11 locations
-National Road No. 7, Pohang - jurisdiction of Yeongdeok-gun

Korea Water Resources Corporation

-Pohang (public) sewer system improvement work

51 52
Road / Bridge Overview
ESG Industries has developed ESGRID, an asphalt reinforcement using breathable PE film that is melted by hot
ESG INDUSTRY CO., LTD. asphalt heat. We are currently applying to domestic and overseas. Korea Institute of Construction Technology (KICT)
has conducted ESGRID product validation and overseas business. We are currently developing ESGRID upgraded
products and modified asphalt.
The first Korean company to register US patent for asphalt reinforcement(ESGRID)

At a Glance

Business Field Asphalt concrete road, asphalt reinforcement

Product 1: ESGRID
Founded in 2014
ESGRID Component
Website - PE film layer: Protection of tack-coating, Integration with new
asphalt layer
Person of Contact KIM, HYEONGSU - Adhesive : Adhesion of PE film and strengthening fiber layer
- Strengthening fiber layer: Asphalt strengthening by fibers
Job Title CEO
with high elasticity and tensile strength

Phone number (+82) 10 9991 1997

Fax (+82) 42 671 1997

Address 116, Saneopdanji-ro 87beon-gil, Daedeok-gu, Daejeon, Korea

ESGRID Component
No. of Employees 6 people - PE film layer: Protection of tack-coating, Integration with new
asphalt layer
Target Region Cambodia, Vietnam, Mongolia, USA - Adhesive : Adhesion of PE film and strengthening fiber layer
- Strengthening fiber layer: Asphalt strengthening by fibers
Overseas Brunch - with high elasticity and tensile strength

Partnership KICT, IAN GEOTEC

Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport / Korea Expressway Corporation / KCC
Annual Sales(2018) US$ 1,587,418
Air-permeable polyethylene film
Annual Export(2018) US$ 0
- PE film: protection of tack-coating, improvement of
Revenue (2015) US$ 308,054 construction efficiency, and melted by asphalt
- Air-permeability: decrement of curing period
Revenue (2016) US$ -237,472

Revenue (2017) US$ 89,829

Revenue (2018) US$ 437,729


ESGRID Installation

53 54
ESG Industry Co., Ltd. is in the process of overseas business with Korea Institute of Construction Technology

ESGRID is currently producing products from Ian Geotec.

ESGRID is supplying to Ministry of Land Transport, Korea Highway Corporation and KCC Construction.

Record of Export
ESGRID was applied to Cambodia twice in test construction.

ESGRID is in the process of piloting tests in Hanoi, Vietnam.

ESGRID is designed for 73,683 square meters on the national highways No. 2 and No. 22 in Cambodia.

55 56
Road, Water Resources Product 1: LED Product

(주) 하이씨엔티 · (주) 에어비타 We make the best product that contains the soul and create
customer value, and will strive to become a company that
contributes to core foundation industries of the country.
INSUNG ENPLA CO., Ltd. Dream with us
Since its establishment in 1999, the company has been growing
At a Glance as a one meeting global standards based on enhanced product
competitiveness through the constant quality improvement
Business Field LED Light, Water resources with the goal of customer satisfaction.

Founded in August 1st, 1999 We are committed to play a key part in the growth of the
national infrastructure industry by focusing on parts industry
Website and localization in LED Product, One-to-one replacement with
existing lighting is available without dismantling the existing
Person of Contact Kim Sungjin fixtures.

Job Title Chief manager of Research center (director) Maintains long-term life of LED with heat dissipation by
convection heat release (patented) design.
Same production and diffusion methods based on same
Phone number (+82) 10-3292-8552 structures as the three-wavelength lamp.

Fax (+82) 32-576-8325 As a built-in converter, you can replace the lamp without
ballast needed.
Address -
As a 360° diffusion type, it has uniform light and is suitable for
No. of Employees 85 replacing conventional lighting fixtures.

3400 lm luminous flux (based on 30W) (more than 10 percent

Target Region Thailand, Vietnam, UK, USA
brighter than 3000 lm of peer products).
Overseas Brunch 中国上海 上海有限公司
KC safety and energy efficiency certified products.
Partnership - Recognized as Korea’s Ministry of Environment-designated
green technology products.
Customer -
Designated as excellent products by Public Procurement
Annual Sales(2018) US$ 22,607,960 Service in Korea.
Annual Export(2018) US$ 890,000 Achieved 25,000 to 40,000 hours of long life (registered 2 radiator-
related patents
Revenue (2015) US$ 17,188,823

Revenue (2016) US$ 22,353,937

Revenue (2017) US$ 25,232,854

Revenue (2018) US$ 25,825,572

57 58
Product 2: Water treatment system Partnership
LED product: Delivery or deal with Major companies in South Korea like DSME, Hyundai Heavy Industries
Increase the need for application in various industrial fields by
using water electrolysis

Limitations due to the high price of noble metals (platinum, Wastewater pollution water treatment electrode part: Conducting research projects through collaboration with
ruthenium oxide, rubidium oxide, etc.) having excellent KICT
properties in the electrode plate (catalyst) Problems of existing
metal electrode plate: Plating for metal materials, degradation
of catalytic activity, reduction of oxidation-reduction action,
durability problems, reduction of electrode life, etc. Air cleaner part: Delivery to the distribution chain or company such as Shinsegae

Record of Export
LED Product

Installed LED lamps into the city hall of Haiphong, Vietnam

· Wastewater pollution water treatment electrode:

Under testing working with Vietnam buyers, collaborating with KICT

Product 3: Air Cleaner SYSTEM

Our special way of catching fine dust is a special dust collection

method. The dust collecting method is a method of catching
dust through static electricity, but it is a method that can
clean the air regardless of the size of dust though electricity
is needed. I was concerned about the electric rain and it was
confirmed that it was about 14W (about 1/3 power consumption
of the fan).

Dust Zero has three operation buttons in addition to the

power button. The three operating buttons are the normal
operating mode, the turbo operating mode and the low noise
mode, respectively. It is an advantage that it can be used
while controlling the intensity of wind according to usage
environment. For reference, Turbo mode changes to normal
mode after 90 minutes of operation

Thanks to the dust collector type drive, there is no fine filter to

sell as a consumable. Perhaps the greatest advantage of the
dust collector is its semi-permanent lifetime.

59 60
The project: Myanmar road lighting and water treatment

In Myanmar, the road lighting and water treatment business are progressing with KICT from the program of

Able to export while developing or after developed because the product development is conducted based on the
current circumstances of LED lighting market of Myanmar and the demand of the local companies in Myanmar

Carry the export forward by collaboration with the global advance project planning by mother company, HGG

- Contents on progressing
* Found the corporate in Myanmar

Being chosen as a member of KOICA Inclusive Business Solution

= Project date: 2019. 12. 10 – 2023. 10. 09 (5 years)

= Project budget: US$ 3,509,782 (KOICA bear 60%, US$ 2,105,531)
= The purpose of the development: Developing A plant; 400 acre

- In the future Water treatment system device,

* Raising EDCF, the amount of US$ 3,000 (Atomization and By developing the high-efficient and durable products (LED and water treatment)
mechanization of the distribution system of agricultural products)
- Set up the foundation of market share by preparing the domestic and foreign intellectual property of
* Foundation of JVC improvement technology and product and know-how.

Consolidate the base for export by providing the solution - Reinforce international competitiveness and secure the comparative advantage in the global market
service for a system error which is the demand company faced
and resolving a problem which is can be took place on the - Expand the business area into road traffic and water treatment by establishing the foundation for developing
way of localization (Local test of a prototype and acquisition of domestic and overseas market, thereby increasing sales and searching and participating in the national R&D project
certificates) Air cleanser: Have sold prototype sample to Vietnam
- Planning to go to at least 2 cities in Myanmar

- Planning to go to close markets in southeast Asia based on

the performance in Myanmar

61 62
Water resource (pipe, floating) Overview
BosungPolyTech, Co., Ltd. is a specialist manufacturing and sales of polyethylene pipe for water supply, polyethylene
Bosung poly tech co.,LTD. pipe for coal-slurry, structural polyethylene sewer pipe [ double/ multi- wall]

coupler for polyethylene sewer pipe, polyethylene-based downspout, PE- composite manhole, pipes for fisheries,
floating offshore structure, and corrugated pipe as well as other related structures, which are used for
A. Conducting quality management of customer impressions
B. Developing new technologies and products that customers demand by fostering human resources. civil engineering, constructions, and fisheries.
C. Conducting systematic quality control activities for standard products

Since its establishment, the company has set customer satisfaction the utmost management policy and is striving to
At a Glance
fulfill social responsibility. Above all, we have continuously strengthened the feature of BST polyethylene pipe through
Business Field PLASTIC PIPE, ETC R & D for quality improvement. As a result, the company has three technology patents related to pipe production, and
acquired ISO9001 in Quality Management Systems, KS Qualification, Qualification for Excellent Group & Standardized
Founded in 2001 Product, Qualification for Hygiene and Safety, Excellency in Product for Procurement, and the like, to provide best quality
and product. The company provides best quality control service, including its perfected A/S.

Person of Contact KIHO KIM

BST is a public procurement enterprise and has been supplying quality products to public institutions since 2005. BST
pipes were also supplied to coal-fired power plants in Dangjin, Hadong, and Samchonpo, and about 50% of sales are
E-mail made through public procurement. In addition, it recently entered the Alibaba GGS, the b2b platform of China, and is
expanding its market to China by achieving an export performance of approximately USD26,000 (as of 2017).
Phone number (+82) 10 2937 1008

Fax (+82) 61 857 7570

The technology obtained through experience and with the cutting-edge facility, the company promises to make the most
Address 32, Nonggongdanji-gil, Beolgyo-eup, Boseong-gun, Jeollanam-do, (59418)Korea in developing new products and to realize customer satisfaction with the best quality.
No. of Employees 23 people

Target Region Middle Asia

Overseas Brunch -

Partnership Transasia SRL

Customer -

Annual Sales(2018) US$

Annual Export(2018) US$

Revenue (2015) US$

Revenue (2016) US$

Revenue (2017) US$

Revenue (2018) US$

63 64
Product 1: Polyethylene Pipe Water supply Product 3: Offshore Floating Structure

Agriculture, Seawater for Industry use, Dredging, Leachate,
Chemicals, Aquafarm, Pool, PLANT, Sprinklers in Golf Courses,
Firefighting Equipment

Size : 16mm ~ 710mm

Length : 6~100mm

Elongation : 600%

Size (mm) 110 ~400 mm ( based on ISO standard)

Length (m) 6~12m (Standard)

Product 2: Structural Polyethylene Sewer Pipe Structural
Polyethylene Sewer Pipe/ KPS M 2009, KS M 3500-1, KS M 3500-2 Gangway and Pier for Docking Facility Offshore Amenities
Product Floating-type Pool
Use Recreational Structures Offshore Fishing Park
Water resource (pipe, floating) Live Experience on Fishing Village, Mud-Flat
Double-wall pipe Multi-wall pipe Feature Ordered production

Main Strengths

It is economical because it is cheaper than other species and it is light in weight

1. Excellent economy
and can shorten the construction period.

KPS M 2009, KS M 3500-1 KPS M 2009, KS M 3500-2

Polyethylene is not corroded with acid, alkali, salt, etc., and bacteria such as sea-
2. Strong against corrosion
Made of a double-wall structure by extruding Made of a multi-wall structure by extruding a weeds and bacteria do not propagate.
→ a → high-density polyethylene (HDPE) high-density polyethylene(HDPE) mechanically.
mechanically. Depending on the pipe diameter and application, it is possible to do the perfect
Multi-wall structure reinforcing the inner pro- construction without worrying about leaking by selecting various joining methods
I-beam between the inner and outer tubes file with the “+” type 3. Perfect construction
Description Description according to the conditions of the site, such as butt welding, screw fastening joint
forms a central layer at regular intervals. and electronic socket.
I-beam between the inner and outer tubes
Compressive strength is high, it is resistant forms a central layer at regular intervals.
to corrosion and can be used semi-perma- It is a flexible material that minimizes the use of joint pipe in the bending section.
nently. Strong against external pressure and impact. 4. Flexibility It does not break even in an earthquake or floating settlement of ground, and it is
easy to pipe to any terrain.
Size (mm) 15mm ~ 1500mm ( based on ISO standard / Customized production available )

Length (m) 4m or 6m or customizing possible 5. Excellent cold resistance It is strong against external impact at low temperature and does not break easily
(impact resistance) when it is applied.
Product Sewer Treatment, Agriculture, Wastewater, Rainwater, Water Supply,
Use Livestock Waste Treatment Facility, Pipes for Land Readjustment and Development 6. Strong chemical resistance There is no chemical change in the tube even in contaminated soil.

Feature Sewer customized socket making/ordering available 7. Hygiene no human hazard.

65 66
Overseas Partners:

Transasia SRL, Argentina

Thangam Polymers, India

Domestic Partners:

Many municipalities and public institutions of South Korea. Particularly, we delivered a lot of products to them for
construction of power plant.

Record of Export
Not implemented any export yet, but keep looking for partners.

67 68