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Joshua Edgar S.

Co CL Reaction Paper
10- St. Justin de Jacobis August 18, 2017

“The Gospel of John”

“The kingdom of God has come near” (Mark 1:15). This kingdom was not a place where
God reigns, but the reign of God itself. The reign of God, Jesus says, is at hand. Jesus announces
the presence of God’s reign through basic statements, explanations, and parables. Yet his words
do not exhaust Jesus’ means for proclaiming the kingdom. Alongside the words of Jesus we find
his works, his actions that announced dramatically the coming of God’s kingdom.

The scene in the movie that moved me the most is the scene where Jesus heals the blind
man due to the reason that Jesus heals the man for the man displayed the power of God in his
heart. This scene makes it clear that John’s major concern is not physical sight in place of
physical blindness but rather the curing of men and women of their spiritual blindness. I learned
that those who fail to understand Jesus and the purpose of his mission in the world are spiritually
blind. Only by coming under the influence of his spirit can we pass from darkness into light.

The character whom I deeply affected with is Judas because Judas is one of the twelve
disciples of Jesus and that he is a member of the intimate circle of men who lived and walked
with Jesus yet he betrayed Jesus to his enemies for thirty pieces of silver. That is perhaps the
greatest betrayal ever to stain the dust of the earth. I’m affected with him not due to the reason
that we have the same characteristics which are definitely not because I would never betray
someone for I know the feeling of the stabbing pain from the knife in my heart that comes from
being betrayed by someone I trusted. I’m affected with him because he might tempt others to
betray someone, trick others and make people to do bad things which are not needed in the world
right now.

The characters in the movie are portrayed by actors, of course but there are some scenes
where some of the characters are not being portrayed properly. The portrayal of Jesus in the
movie is not the Jesus that I was told and knew. When I was younger, I was told that Jesus is
always calm but in the movie there are scenes where Christ is not being calm.

I knew Jesus as our savior and the Son of God but after I’ve watched the movie I learned
that He is not just the Son of God but also the truth, the way and the life. He is the religious
leader who became the central figure of Christianity. Without Him, it is not only me that is
nothing but all of us. We are nothing without Jesus Christ. He died for us and we must worship