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37 years ago, in 1982 the greatest thing in the world was born, it called the internet and

today almost all of our activities are in touch with that internet. Back in time in 1945,
our first president, Soekarno he said give me 10 teenagers and I will shake the whole

So L&G what’s actually the relation about 2 things I mentioned before? Okay, I’ll give
you the big picture of that.

My dear listeners, nowadays with the outstanding improvement of technologies

Indonesia's character, Indonesia's identity, and Indonesia's commitment slowly
vanished. How can? Let’s see our Indoneia’s condition today, the lastest riot on 21-22
Mei for the example. According to the report from CNN Indonesia 8 of our people died,
730 of our people injuried. They fight each other, they throw bomb each other, they
hurt each other and somehow they forget that they all are one, Indonesian. See that?

L&G After all the riots in Indonesia, where is bhinneka tunggal ika we had? Where is
gotong royong we had? Where is respect and tolerance we had? Time was changed, but
Indonesia's character should not be changed by the time. Yesterday’s riot was caused by
so many factors, but one of the most impactful factor is the information from the
internet through social media. We all know about this scary dangerous thing, HOAX. This
makes our eyes opened about how massive the impact of social media which can
damage the integrity of our nation.

My dear listeners, we are millenials, it’s our job to bring the spirit of Sumpah Pemuda
again. We can’t deny that we spend hours sitting in front of our gadget everyday, we
play facebook when we bored, we keep scrolling ig or twitter on our free times. So
spread positivity and peace on the internet, no more hoax or hate speech. That’s how
millenials supposed to be.

But what is the greatest cause of hoax itself?

Lack of moral education and awareness about the information.

L&G lack of moral education. What we have to pay attention is to give an intense class
in school, socialization in office, or posters in streets about anti hoax. This is what’s
actually we need nowadays. Because the internet or social media offers us the easy way
to spread any information doesn't mean we can trust and share whatever we receive
from the internet. It requires understanding, it requires awareness, it requires careness
about the information we read on social media. One of the case we had about hoax is at
the end of 2017. One of account in facebook posted that Bali people want to sell their
land for helping Indonesia to pay off the debt because our country’s funding was run
out. This news shocked whole Indonesia, but it’s hoax. That’s why we have to be

L&G from that cause, we know clearly why we should abolish the hoax information but
how we can abolish all of that tragedy? Look here are the tipping points what we have
to pay attention.

First of all, check the validity of the information. By what? By the way we look at the
website address. If it comes from trusted or official website it’s okay for us to share that
information, but if it's not like from a blog or whatever of course we can't share it. And
don't forget to check the fact by the concrete evidence from several sources, not only
one source.

Second is preventative actions against hoax. The most important thing here is to be a
wise internet consumer. We as millennials take the big role of internet life. We are the
actors of social media, we have to use it wisely by the way we tolerant of others
opinions, the way we hold our anger to others group, the way we keep and bring peace
to the diversity of our society and all of that can be concluded on not post anything can
provoke the others.

And the last one is, the firm punishment to the subject. Every perp of hoax has to get
the penalty as arranged in UU ITE number 11, 2008. The punishment I talk here, is not
just for revenge about their action but to make them awake, realize, and stop all the
hoax action again.

My dear listeners, it’s enough for us to blame each other, to feel more than the others,
to be individualism. For all the millennial generation, Say something good or keep quiet,
the big change start from ourselves. That’s what we can do to maintaning Indonesia’s
integrity, because the future is in the grip of our hands.

I am Abdillah from Politeknik Elektronika Negeri Surabaya, it’s really wonderful to meet
you all. Thank you.