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Identify the word described in each number.

_____1. It exists if the need or the want is supported by the person’s purchasing power or the ability to pay for
the product.
_____2. It is composed of companies or individuals who purchase and avail of products and services to resell
to end-buyers or to help produce their own products and services.
_____3. The focus of this type of marketing is to encourage the customers to be a part of a longer term
marketing campaign by inviting them to join and providing an incentive.
_____4. It is the inclination to judge something as favorable or unfavorable.
_____5. It is the type of marketing that allows the consumer to experience the brand, usually by utilizing
multiple touch points and targeting multiple senses.
_____6. It refers to marketing using long-term plans based on the research and analyses of opportunities that
marketers develop to understand how products interact with customers in a given market.
_____7. It is a particular segment of the market that most marketers usually choose to focus on.
_____8. It is defined as the unique combination of benefits received by targeted buyers that include quality,
price, convenience, on-time delivery, and both before sale and after-sale service.
_____9. It would related to a particular preference of the person, as shaped by one’s personality and
knowledge, along with broader influences such as culture and societal factors.
_____10. The ones who mediate and exert control over the relationships among participants and the transfer
of information from one proponent to another.
_____11. This refers to how customers make sense of the different stimuli, and how they create meaning of the
world around them.
_____12. This is defined as the process of identifying prospective buyers, understanding them intimately, and
developing favorable long-term perceptions of the organization and its offerings so that buyers will
choose them in the marketplace.
_____13. This is where the buying and selling happens based on an understanding of both the customer and
the environment.
_____14. It pertains to a feeling of deprivation, and commonly relates to a basic necessity such as food,
clothing, shelter, or social needs such as a need to belong.
_____15. This type of relationship marketing focuses more on the individual consumer with the company
customizing their products and services for that individual.

Identify the five marketing management orientations in the current marketing era and write one appropriate
product in each column.

Write the four marketing eras in each column. Choose the philosophies that describe each era.
Briefly describe the

Elements of relationship marketing.
External and internal consumer buying influences.
Give a specific strategy that a company can use to improve customer relationship under each category.
Core Service Delivery
Financial Bonds
Answer the following clearly and as briefly as possible. Use complete sentences.
Compute for the CLV of a customer of a book store. Assuming that: the book store will have P10.00 profit/visit
a. The customer visits five times a month.
b. The customer is 10 years old and the lifespan is 60 years.