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This book includes:

Wicca for Beginners

Wicca Book of Shadows
Wicca Book of Herbal Spells

Mary Patterson
Table of Contents
Wicca for Beginners:
Introduction to Wicca
What is Wicca
The Story of Wicca
The Wiccan Belief System
The Elements
The Esbats
The Sabbats

Yule/Winter Solstice
Ostara/Spring Equinox
Lita/Summer Solstice
Mabon/Autumn Equinox
The Goddess and Triple Goddess
Horned God and Sun God
The Spiral of Rebirth
The Afterlife
The Magic of Circle and Altar
Introduction to Witchcraft
What is Witchcraft
Ritual and Spell Work
Practices for the Aspiring Wiccans
Ritual and Preparation for Rituals
Yule Ritual
Imbolc or Candlemas Ritual
Ostara Ritual
Beltane Ritual
Litha or Summer Solstice Ritual
Lammas or Lughnasadh Ritual
Mabon Ritual
Samhain Ritual
A Ritual for Gestures
Ritual of Gestures
Rituals for Honoring Yourself
Enchant Your Cake
Make Your Cake an Offering
Do a Tarot Reading
Honor a Higher Self: You
Practicing Gratitude
General Wellbeing and Abundance Spells
Abundance Spell One
Mental Health Spell
Abundance Spell Two
Rune Magic
Occult Suppliers
Exercises and Magical Techniques
Wiccan and Pagan Publications
Ritual Celebration and Magic for the Autumn Equinox
Wicca Book of Shadows:

History of The Book of Shadows
The Origins of the Book of Shadows
The Grimoire: An Ancient Tradition
The Way and The Reasons Why Wiccans Use a Book of Shadows
Spell of Protection
Rune of Protection
Protection Potion #1
Protection Potion #2
Protection Potion #3
Spell to Make a Protection Stone
To Protect Children

Green Witchcraft
Harnessing the Elements
An Herbal Blessing
Kitchen Blessing Charm
Spell for a Storm
A Sunshine Spell
Circle Casting
Circle Cast #1
Advanced Circle
Circle Cast #2
Esbat Rituals
Esbat Rite
Solitary Esbat Rite
Sabbat Rituals
Healing Chant
Dragon Chant
Basic Meditation #1
Basic Meditation #2
White Candle Ritual
Candle Divination
Results Candle
Fertility Candle
Ring of Power
Elder Gods Darkness Ritual

Spell Crafting and Correspondence
Basic Spells
Home Protection Spell
Banishing Spell
Anxiety Tea Spell
True Love Spell
Teas, Oils, and Baths
Bronchial Congestion Tea
The Blues Tea
Healthy Blossoms Tea
Breast Health Tea
Crone’s Tea
Aphrodite Tea
Allergy Tea
Money Oil
Gratitude Oil
Oil for Protection
Blessing Oil
Oil to Draw Money
Consecration Oil:
Purification Oil:
Happiness Bath
Cleansing Bath
Aches and Pains Bath
Beauty Bath
Circulation Bath
Bath to Help Skin Inflammation
Stress Relief Bath
Tonic Bath
Seduction Spells
Love Potion
Siren’s Seduction
Love Attraction
Attracting a Lover
Dark Flaming Lust
Drawing a New Love
Notice Me Spell
Reverse Love Spell
Unbinding Spell
Undoing a Love Spell
Spell to Undo Love Spells You Have Cast
Love Spell Reversal Spell
Breaking a Love Spell
Love Spell Reversal
Break Up Spell
Adoration Candle Spell
Candle Spell of Adoration
Adoration Spell
Effigy Curse Spell
Easy Beginner’s Revenge Spell
Effigy Doll Spell
Effigy Doll Healing Spell
Bewitched Effigy Doll
Courage Effigy Doll
Bewitched Effigy Doll Spell Two
Effigy Love Spell
Good Luck Moon Spell
Full Moon Easy Money Spell
Full Moon Love Spell
Full Moon Lady Luck Spell
Triple Gemstone Good Luck Spell
The Penny Good Luck Spell
Wicca Good Luck Spell
Basic Good Luck Spell
How to Handle Bad Luck
Candle Money Spell

Money Flow Candle Spell

Money Spell
Double Your Money Spell
Full Moon Spell
Money Knot Spell
Green Candle Spell
Cold Cash Spell
Hot and Quick Spell
Money Bath
Easy Money Spell
Prosperity and Wealth Spell

Bad Luck Potion

Potion for Luck
Potion for Bad Luck
Potion to Increase Luck
Potion for Love
Getting Rid of Bad Luck
Wicca Book of Herbal Spells:
Introduction To Herbal Spells
The Ancient Art Of Herbalism
The Power Of Herbs
What is Green Witchcraft
Spells And Procedures
Herbs And Their Uses
African Violet
Bay Laurel
Black Cohosh
Blue Cohosh

Enchanter’s Nightshade
Evening Primrose
False Indigo (Blue)


Joe Pye Weed
Kava Kava


Solomon’s Seal
St. John’s Wort
Unicorn Plant
Water Lily
Witch Hazel

Xanthan Gum
Keeping A Witchy Garden
The Power Of A Garden
Designing Your Garden
Planting Tips
Natural Garden Care
Filling Your Home With Plants

Creating Green Witch Magic

Preparing The Herbs
Extracting The Herbs Energy
Blessing Your Creation
Making Herbal Incense
Garden Incense
Aromatic Incense
Tree Incense
Charcoal Incense
Rose and Lavender Incense
Lavender and Frankincense Incense
Yule Tide Incense
Meditation Incense
Japanese Incense
Romantic Incense
Tibetan Incense
Restorative Elixirs
Love Elixir
Meditation Elixir
Protection Elixir
Pain Elixir
Beauty Elixir
Moon Goddess Elixir
Strength Elixir
Energy Elixir
Spring Elixir
Aphrodite Elixir
Power Elixir
Moon Goddess Elixir
Third Eye Elixir
Spell Bags
House Protection Bag
Protection Spell Bag
Luck Spell Bag
Love Spell Bag
Health Spell Bag
Autumn Blessings Spell Bag
Balanced Life Spell Bag
Courage Spell Bag
Dreams Spell Bag
Energy Spell Bag
Friendship Spell Bag
Good Luck Spell Bag
House Protection Spell Bag
Intuition and Psychic Ability Spell Bag
Joy Spell Bag
Knowledge Spell Bag
Long Lasting Love Spell Bag
Memory Spell Bag
Nervousness Spell Bag
Opening Yourself Up to Love Spell Bag
Peace Spell Bag
Quit a Bad Habit Spell Bag
Restful Sleep Spell Bag
Springtime Blessings Spell Bag
Travel Protection Spell Bag
Union of Love Spell Bag
Vacuum Your Home to Purification Spell Bag
Wisdom Spell Bag
To Be With Child Spell Bag
Youthfulness Spell Bag
Zest for Life Spell Bag
Garden Spell Bags
Harnessing the Elements
Garden Safety
Garden Growth

Dream Pillow
Pleasant Dreams Pillow
Peaceful Dreams Pillow
Prophetic Dream Pillow
Sweet Dreams Pillow
Make A Broom
Balms And Perfumes
Pain Salve
Winter Healing Salve
Dandelion Salve
Sun Goddess Perfume
Isis Perfume
Gaia Perfume
Moon Priest Cologne
Moon Priestess Perfume
Comfrey Lavender Salve
Easy Salve
Medicated Salve
Anti-Itch Salve
Smooth Feet Salve
Healing Balm
Garden Stepping Stones

Tables And Appendices

Planetary Rules
The Magic Of Trees
Wicca for Beginners

Philosophy and Practice of Wicca Beliefs

with Guide for Solitary Practitioner of
Magic, Rituals, and Witchcraft for Living
A Magical Life

Mary Patterson

I would like to thank you for purchasing Wicca for Beginners. I sincerely
hope that you get all the information you need within this book and more.
Working through all of the information out there concerning witchcraft and
Wicca can be confusing, but this book is here to provide you will the
information you need in one place.
First, I will take you through the background of Wicca. We will go over what
it is and what it isn’t so that you understand where it came from. It is rooted
the Old Traditions, but it only came to be in the last century.
Then we will go into the belief system. The Wiccan belief system is vast and
fascinating. There are many holidays, or Sabbats and Esbats as they are
known, that you will get to learn about. We will also go over the Triple
Goddess and Horned God. Then there is the Wiccan belief in rebirth and
Then we will take a trip through the background of witchcraft itself. As you
will learn Wicca and witchcraft does not always go hand in hand. For some,
they are mutually exclusive, but to others, they are not. We'll go over rituals
and tools that are commonly used in witchcraft practices.
Then we will round things out by going through practices that you can get
started with. These are simple practices that will help you to understand your
new spiritual path. You will find a ritual that you can perform for each Sabbat
as well as information for finding suppliers and publications that can help
By the end of the book, you will have a pretty good understanding of what
Wicca is and how you can get started. It is one of the newer Pagan paths, but
it is one of the more popular ones. I hope you enjoy everything you learn.
Introduction to Wicca

If you ask ten people what Wicca is, you will likely get ten different
responses. If you ask those same ten people when Wicca originated, you are
going to get another ten different responses. Many people assume things
about Wicca based on things they see on television, what they read on social
media, and what they have heard in Bible class. Some things are tinged with
the truth, while others are outright ignorant.
This isn’t about bashing religions, though. There isn’t one right path, and
people have the right to follow whatever belief system that they choose to.
But, it’s important to know the real story of how the religion began, what it is
based in, and what it truly means to be a Wiccan. This chapter is going to
provide you with that information.
Don’t be surprised if you learn things that don’t coincide with what you have
previously heard and read. As I’ve mentioned before, there is varying
information out there from millions of different sources and people. Just so
you know, Wicca is for men just as much as it is for women. That seems to
be a misconception that I want to dispel now. A lot of people believe that
Wicca is only for empowered women, but it isn’t. Wicca welcomes
everybody from all walks of life. There are no prerequisites to being Wiccan.
What is Wicca
You are getting ready to learn about how Wicca draws upon the Old
Traditions of Witchcraft. This is true, but we need to clarify that Wicca and
Witchcraft, while very similar, aren’t the same thing. A person doesn’t have
to be a Wiccan to be a witch; much like a person doesn’t have to be a Baptist
to be a Christian. Wicca is a religion, but Witchcraft is not in it of itself
considered to be a religion. It may be safer to say that Wicca is very much a
modern religion that has roots based on ancient traditions.
Contrary to some beliefs or lies that have circulated, Wicca is a very peaceful
and harmonious life path that works by promoting a connection with the
Wicca is seeing the love in the nature that is around. It is enjoying the sunrise
and sunset. It is seeing the dew on the flowers in the morning and the bright
colors of seasons. The gentle movement of your hair as the wind blows it and
warmth of the sun on your skin. It is the tweet of birds and the hello of all
wild creatures. It is living with Mother Earth and being humbled by her
power. When we are working with the divine, the arrogance technology isn't
affecting us.
When a person is a Witch, they are protecting, giving, seeking, healing, and
teacher all things. If this is the path that you feel led to follow, then I wish
that you are able to travel it with honor and integrity.
Wicca’s belief system originated in pre-Christian Wales, Scotland, and
Ireland during the reconstruction. While a lot of the information about the
way out ancestors believes, lived, and worshiped has been lost due to the
medieval church’s efforts to wipe out their existence, we are trying to
reconstruct all of those beliefs the best we can with what information we have

Based upon archaeological discoveries, we know that many of the parts of the
belief system are dated all the way back to the Paleolithic Era where people
would worship the Fertility Goddess and the Hunter God. Cave paintings,
from around 30,000 years ago, were discovered to depict a man with the head
of a stag, and a pregnant woman standing within a circle with 11 people. This
can help us to assume that Witchcraft is the oldest belief system. It is easy to
see that many Wiccan traditions predate Christianity by about 28,000 years.
Witchcraft was often referred to as “The Craft of the Wise,” in ancient history
because the followers were more connected to nature, understood medicines
and herbs, gave council, and played very important parts in the community
and village as leaders and healers. They understood that man wasn’t superior
to nature, its creatures, and the Earth, but were a single aspect of many
different parts, both of the seen and unseen aspects that created a larger
These wise people were able to understand that everything that was used or
taken from the Earth need to be replenished in order to keep the delicate
balance. In modern times, these have been forgotten. This is likely the main
reason why we are facing an ecological disaster because of our need for
Over the last several hundred years, the view of a Witch has been created to
appear unrighteous, evil, and hedonistic. There are a couple of different
places where these misconceptions started, in my opinion.

The best place to start is between the 15th and 18th centuries with the medieval
church. They came up with a bunch of stories about Witchcraft to try and get
people to convert to their religion. By turning the Witch into an evil creature
and switching the old religion's deities into demons and devils, their
missionaries would attach fear to this belief system which helped during their
conversion process.

The second place where misconceptions started was as medical science began
to state its place in the world; the men who studied these things didn’t
understand how the female body worked, especially when it came to
menstruation. The unknown information in this area worked perfectly into the
agenda of the early church which helped witch hunters find their footing. The
medical professionals benefited a lot from all of this since it removed power
from the women healers and made people trust the male physicians more,
giving them more power and respect.
Unfortunately, all of these beliefs have continued on through years and many
are still prevalent today. This is the reason why many use the name Wicca
instead of Witchcraft in order to keep from being persecuted and harassed.
But enough of the negative history of Witchcraft and Wicca, let’s move onto
more of what it is. In Wicca, followers have two deities, the Goddess and the
God. They make up the female and the male aspects of the life force that
creates everything, and this also includes life and death. The deities are
worshipped at different times during the year. Festivals that worship God are
called Sabbats. These correspond with the position of the Earth to the Sun
and include the Equinoxes, Solstices, and the cross-quarter days between
these points. The Goddess is worshipped during every Full Moon, which is
known as the Esbats.
All of these celebrations are what make up the Wheel of the Year. With this
type of worldview, death is viewed as an important part of ongoing life, as
the old has to leave in order to make way for the new. The shadow of life,
which is the "dark of the Moon" right before it becomes new, it's just as
important as the old life. There are some types of Wicca that have the
tradition of "dark half" and "light half" of the year, which are marked by the
Summer and Winter solstices.

Wicca is very much unique. Firstly, unlike the more common monotheistic,
organized religions, Wicca doesn’t have a designated center of worship. The
Wiccan faith, instead, consists of a decentralized community of individuals
and groups who can worship publicly, in their homes, or in nature. All of
which can either be done with others or alone.
Secondly, Wiccans don’t have an official “holy book” or a specific ideology
that every practitioner has to adhere to. While there are a lot of beliefs that
most Wiccans have in common, there isn't a single way of understanding
things that are viewed as being "correct" more so than others. For example,
there are some who have a pantheistic view, which means they believe the
same source of the divine is present in every area of nature, while others view
things in a more polytheistic way, using one or more deities for past religions
into their practice.
This fluidity of the belief system is very much welcomed by those who
discover the religion. This is because it allows, and encourages people to find
their own truth as they travel their spiritual path. There is truly an infinite
number of paths that can be placed under the term Wicca.
A lot of people who want to know “what is Wicca,” are interested in magic.
The reason for this is that most, but not all, Wiccans will use their personal
connection with divine energies to shape their lives, as well as help others.
This is what is known as magic. Magic is a lot older than Wicca is, and isn’t
exclusive to Wicca, but there are a lot of common characteristics of this
practice among the followers of Wicca.
First, magic is often used during rituals people hold during the Esbats and
Sabbats, and there are a lot of Wiccans that perform spell work during the
New Moon. Wiccan magic typically uses many different tools and
ingredients like herbs, candles, and crystals, and spoken affirmations and
chants. They may even call upon certain deities for assistance in manifesting
what they want.
The most important part of Wiccan magic is The Wiccan Rede, which states
“harm to none.” This basically means that magic that is performed must be
for positive purposes. It shouldn’t cause any type of harm to other people, be
it deliberate or not. Wiccans follow this very seriously, as it helps to keep a
harmonious balance with everything that exists.
While you can still find traditional covens that follow the lineage of the
creation of Wicca, much of what is practiced bears little resemblance to what
Wicca started out as in the 40s and 50s. The majority of Wiccans are solitary
who haven’t been initiated into a certain tradition but borrow from different
places to make their own eclectic practice.
This phenomenon, along with the increase in popularity of this faith, has
created a rich and diverse religion that evolves every day. People who are
new to this, the differing and conflicting information about Wicca can seem
very daunting. But the people who are drawn to creating their own life path,
the diversity within Wicca is very rewarding.
The Story of Wicca
A lot of people call Wicca, “The Old Religion.” Many even stay that it is a
tradition that families have passed down through the years, and was hidden
during the Christians purge of Pagans until they knew that it could make a
safe emergency. This sense of it being such ancient history is the main reason
why people are attracted to Wicca. After all, with the industrialized, noisy
world around us, don’t a lot of us have a need for something wiser and older
than us? But are the actual origins of Wicca?
If we’re speaking literally, Wicca is by no means ancient, or all that old. In
fact, it was only established in the mid-20th century, but its influences are
very much old. You can view the history of Wicca in two ways: the story of
how it was founded in England during the 40s and 50s, as a bigger part of a
mythical story of a quest to connect and understand all of the mysteries of the
Universe. While you can only verify one these, both are just as important to
understanding the story of Wicca.
The creation of the religion that ended up becoming Wicca was established
by Gerald Gardner, who was an author, occultist, and civil servant. Gardner
was born in 1884. He was a traveler and was interested in things like
archaeology, folklore, spiritualism, and anthropology. He became a part of
several societies and clubs that focused on his interested, which included him
joining a Rosicrucian Order in 1939. Within this group, he met some people
who had created a secretive group, and who eventually let Gardner know that
they were a coven of Witches. In September of the same year, he was
initiated into their coven.
During the 1920s, a theory had started to travel in the anthropological circles
about a nature-based religion that Christianity had almost stamped out, but
there were still groups of practitioners throughout Western Europe. Margaret
Murray, the creator of this theory, called it a “Witch-cult,” and said that the
people who still practiced it was a part of 13-member covens. After meeting
the New Forest group, Gardner believed that they ought to be a part of this
pre-Christian religion, and wanted to make sure that this Witch-cult survived
through the 20th century.

Then in the 1940s, Gardner continued to study different spiritual and

religious ideas and traditions but was impacted strongly by what he learned
with the New Forest Coven. Eventually, he would come up with his own
named Bricket Wood, and started to create a new iteration of the Witch-cult.
All of his inspiration came from various sources, which also included the
New Forest coven, parts of the Freemasons, ceremonial magic, and many
others figured in the occult world. He drew inspiration from people like Cecil
Williamson and Aleister Crowley. One of the biggest additions that Gardner
created ended up becoming one of the most important elements of Wicca:
worshipping both Goddess and God, who were completely equal. This was a
very unique view, considered the age him lived in was very male-dominated.
Gardner never gave his religion the name Wicca. He would sometimes call
his coven members “the Wicca.” They would call people who performed
divination and sorcerers that in Old English. Witchcraft was what their
tradition as often called, sometimes as “the Craft,” or “the Old Religion.” It
was at least another decade before it became known as Wicca as it started to
spread throughout Australia and the US.
At this point, there were different versions of Gardner’s creation created other
occultists and followers, some that didn’t look very much like the original
coven. The UK practitioners that continued to follow what Gardner had laid
out call themselves the British Traditional Witchcraft. These practitioners
didn’t view Wicca as the same practice they followed, tending to simply call
it an American creation. However, there are other places in the world that
referred to the original Wicca as Gardnerian Wicca.
While Gardner did give modern witchcraft a boost, he didn’t do all of this
alone. In fact, there are a lot of important people who helped create Wicca.
There were a lot of colleagues and friends of Gardner who took part in the
collaboration, which includes Doreen Valiente, Patricia Crowther, and Lois
Bourne. Then there were other occultists of the mid-20th century, like
Raymond Buckland and Robert Cochrane. Indeed, the complete history of
Wicca and the development of it could fit inside lots of books, and still the
entire story probably still wouldn’t be told.
A lot of inspiration for these modern occultists came from the British occult
revival during the late 19th century, and many things dates bake to the 13th
century. Those people drew their inspiration from ancient civilizations.
The Wiccan Belief System

There are several different offshoots of the Wiccan religion. These include:
Family Tradition
British Traditionalist
Circle Craft
Within the majority of Wiccan traditions, along with most other Pagan
traditions, there are several types of groups and individual practitioners.
Groups will differ in ritual practices, symbology orientation, purpose,
structure, size, and several other ways. There are some that require an
initiation, while others don't. The initiation will vary depending on the
traditions and can include initiations by spiritual helpers and deities through
dreams and vision questions, initiation by groups, and self-initiation.
While there are quite a few different, there are also some philosophies and
spiritual practices that Wiccans and other Pagans have in common. The
biggest similarity is that they both love and respect Nature and seek to reach
harmony with the ecosphere. Let's take a look at the belief system of the
Wiccan faith.
The Elements
In the Wiccan faith, everything works with the five elements; Air, Fire,
Water, Earth, and Spirit. They use the symbols of these elements for spells
and protection. All of the elements are connected to every single process in
nature. They are also symbolic of emotional, physical, and spiritual attributes.
Every practitioner should learn and feel these elements. It will take some time
and effort to understand the elements. Once you have read about each of the
elements, try to see and feel them around you. There are a lot of Wiccans
who choose to meditate on the elements.

The Air is representative of intelligence and the mind, as well as wishes,
dreams, knowledge, ideas, imagination, inspiration, psychic powers, and
telepathy. In rituals, Air is most often represented through hiding things high
up, songs, aromatherapy, and tossing things into the wind. It is the ruler of
spells for finding lost items, knowledge, freedom, instruction, travel, and can
be helpful in developing psychic faculties. Air is often used in visualization.
The gender of Air is masculine. The direction of Air is East. It has projective
energy. On the pentagram, it is placed in the upper left.
The most common symbols of Air are flowers, trees, herbs, plants, smoke,
vibration, breath, feathers, clouds, breezes, wind, and the sky.
Air Goddesses are; Urania, Nuit, Cardea, Arianrhod, and Aradia.
Air Gods are; Thoth, Shu, Merawrim, Kheoheva, Kalil.
Air Spirits are; Fairies of the winds, flowers, and trees, Zephyrs, and Sylphs.
The time of day for Air is dawn. It represents the infancy stage of life. Its
season is spring. Air colors are crimson, white, and yellow. Air Zodiac signs
are Aquarius, Libra, and Gemini. The senses include hearing and smell.
The best crystals to use when working with air are; alexandrite, amethyst,
crystals, rainbow stones, pumice, and topaz.
The magical tools associated with air are; sword, wand, and censer.
The best herbs, plants, and metals are; pine, maple, linden, hazel, aspen,
almond, acacia, lavender, dill, vervain, primrose, pansy, myrrh, clove,
copper, and tin.
Air animals are spiders, ravens, and eagles.
The type of magic most often worked with Air is karma work, prophecy,
wind magic, concentration, and divination.
Ritual actions to evoke Air are hanging things in trees, burning incense,
tossing things in the air, and playing the flute.

Fire is representative of leadership, passion, love, inspiration, and energy.
During rituals, Fire is most often represented through the lighting of fires and
candles, baking, love spells, and burning objects. Fire is the element of
change. It is the representation of magic itself. Fire is the most spiritual and
physical of all of the elements.
Fire is masculine. Its direction is South. It is projective energy. It is located
on the lower right of the pentagram.
Symbols of fire are heat, lava, stars, sun, rainbow, volcano, heated objects,
lightning, and flame.

Fire Goddesses are Vesta, Pele, Hestia, and Brigit.

Fire Gods are Vulcan, Prometheus, Horus, and Agni.
Fire Spirits are Firedrakes and Salamanders.
The time of day associated with Fire is Noon. It represents the youth part of
life. Its season is summer. Colors for Fire are white, orange, crimson, gold,
and red. Fire Zodiac signs are Sagittarius, Leo, and Aries. The associated
sense is sight.
Fire crystals are agathe, volcanic lava, fire opal, and ruby.
Magical tools that represent Fire are knives, paper requests, herb burning,
incense, candles, lamp, censer, athame, sword, and dagger.
The trees, herbs, and metals associated with Fire are walnut, rowan, holly,
oak, mahogany, juniper, fig, chestnut, cedar, cashew, ash, alder, chili
peppers, seeds, beans, coffee, cinnamon, red peppers, hibiscus, garlic, brass,
and gold.
Fire animals are foxes, coyotes, phoenixes, scorpions, bees, ladybugs,
mantises, crickets, snakes, horses, lions, cats, and dragons.
The most common types of Fire magic are energy work, love spells, healing,
and candles.
The most common ritual use for Fire is cauldron work, preparing decoctions,
heating, and burning paper, wood and objects.

Water is representative of the emotional aspects of femininity and love, the
soul, wisdom, eternal movement, purification, subconscious, absorption, and
emotions. During rituals, Water is represented by tossing things into water,
ritual bathing, healing spells, brew making, and pouring water over things.
Water is feminine. Its direction is West. It has receptive energy. Its symbols
include cup, fog, rain, well, lake, spring, shell, rive, and ocean. It is located at
the upper right on a pentagram.
Water Goddesses are Ymaha, Tiamat, Mari, Marianne, Isis, Aphrodite.
Water Gods are Poseidon, Neptune, Osiris, Manannan, Ea, Dylan.
Water Spirits are Fairies of streams, lakes, or ponds, Mermaids, Nymphs, and
The time of day for Water is twilight and dusk. It represents the mature phase
of life. Its season is autumn. The colors associated with Water are black,
indigo, grey, green, turquoise, and blue. Water Zodiac signs are Pisces,
Scorpio, and Cancer. The associated sense is taste.
Crystals associated with Water are fluorite, blue topaz, coral, pearl, blue
tourmaline, amethyst, and aquamarine. Water magical tools are mirror,
goblet, cauldron, and cup.
Plants, herbs, and metals associated with Water are willow, rose, elm, alder,
cherry, birch, apricot, apple, gardenia, lilies, water, bushes, mosses, lotus,
ferns, copper, silver, and mercury.
Water animals include crabs swans, turtles, frogs, cats, fish, dolphins, water
snakes, and dragons.
Most common types of Water magic are protection spells, cleansing, lucid
dreaming, love magic, magnet work, and mirror divinations.
Ritual actions using Water are preparing cold herbal infusions, sprinkling,
washing, dilution, and bathing.
Earth is representative of femininity, wealth, prosperity, stability, abundance,
and strength. During rituals, Earths is often represented in the form of making
images out of stone or wood, herbalism, and burying objects in the Earth.
Earth is feminine. Its direction is North. It is receptive energy. Earth symbols
include clay, caves, salt, soil, fields, and rocks. It is the lower left of a
Earth Goddesses are Rhea, Persephone, Nephthys, Mah, Gaea, Demeter, and

Earth Gods are Tammuz, Pan, Mardyk, Dionysus, Cernunnos, Arawn, Athos,
and Adonis.
Earth Spirits are Trolls, Dwarfs, and Gnomes.
Earth’s time of day is midnight and nighttime. It represents the age part of
life. Earth’s season is winter. Its associated colors are brown, yellow, green,
and black. Earth Zodiac signs are Capricorn, Virgo, and Taurus. It is
associated with the sense of touch.
Earth crystals are quartz, amethyst, azurite, salt, jasper, onyx, emerald, and
rock crystal.
The magic tools for Earth are cords, gems, stones, images, salt, pentagram,
and pentacle.
The plants, herbs, and metals associated with Earth are lilac, jasmine,
honeysuckle, cypress, lichens, patchouli, rice, oats, grains, ivy, lead, and iron.
Earth animals are wolves, bears, ants, horses, dogs, bulls, and cows.
Types of magic associated with Earth are runes, finding treasures, grounding,
money spells, binding, knots, stones, magnet images, and gardening.
Earth ritual actions are planting herbs and trees, making clay effigies, and
burying things.
Spirit, which is sometimes referred to as Aether, is the prime element that is
present in everything, providing balance, connection, and space for all
Elements to exist in. Spirit is immaterial unlike Earth, Air, Water, and Fire.
Spirit is our sense of connectedness with wellbeing and spirit. Spirit
represents the sense of union and joy.
Most of Spirits attributes are universal. Its symbols are rope and cord. It has
the upper space on the pentagram. Its Goddess is The Lady and its God is
The Horned God. It represents eternity and the wheel of the year. Its color is
white and its animal is the dove.
The Esbats
Every four weeks, when we have a Full Moon, Wiccans take the time to
celebrate the Goddess. These celebrations are called the Esbats, and are said
to be a part of the “second Wheel of the Year.” They are the counterparts of
the Sabbats, which follow the Earth’s path around the Sun and the changing
of the seasons and honor God and how he gives to the world’s life cycles.
During Esbats, the Moon becomes the focus and covens will have rituals to
work magic under the Goddesses light. Solitary practitioners observe these
holidays as well and will join their energy with all of the other people
celebrating this night around the world.
Just like with the Sabbats, the details of celebrations for the Esbats vary
between tradition, coven, and individual. The important thing is that the
Goddess is the center of these celebrations in some form. Many practitioners
will match their focus with the season. This means that during the Spring
Esbats they would honor the Maiden, and honor the Crone during the Winter
On the other hand, if they have a specific magical goal that they want to work
during a Full Moon ritual, they would pick a Goddess that aligns with their
need. For example, people may call upon Aphrodite when they are working
magic related to abundance. However, there are just as many covens that
devote their time to only a single part of the Goddess during the entire year.
Ritual magic is common for Esbat celebrations and is sometimes the main
event. They can also choose to do something that will benefit one or more of
them, for the entire group, for their community, or the entire world. A solitary
practitioner has the option of working Full Moon spells for their own goals,
but they also have the power to send our larger intentions. Generally, Full
Moon magic is best worked to try and bring in positive results, like physical
wellbeing, loving relationships, joyful home, and prosperity.

There are always exceptions to these generalities, especially in the world of

Wicca. There are some who choose not to worship ancient deities. There are
some who honor a simple Goddess, instead of somebody specific, or will
provide her with a name. Furthermore, not everybody chooses to work magic
as part of their Esbat celebration. There are a lot of people who view these
nights as a time to send out thanks for what they have already been blessed
with and to spend some time in quiet reflection and meditation.
Each solar year has about 12 to 13 Esbats. This will depend on how our
calendar and the lunar cycle matches up. There are times, which happen
about every 2 ½ years, that two Full Moons will appear in a single month.
The second is referred to as a Blue Moon. The Blue Moon provides us with a
very powerful and rare energetic force. Wiccans will sometimes hold special
celebrations and rituals for the Blue Moon.
Truthfully, not everybody will celebrate Esbats at each Full Moon. Some
choose to celebrate at the New Moon. They view the start of the lunar cycle
to be the right time to worship the Goddess. There are plenty of witches who
also will do some type of ritual at the beginning of every single quarter.
Technically, they would all be Esbats, since the point of them is to still
worship and honor the Goddess.
Everybody has heard that you can see a man’s face in the Full Moon.
Wiccans would beg to differ on gender. Truth be told, you can easily see a
visage within the Moon, thought the expression has the ability to change each
night and month.
During the next Full Moon, make sure you take the time to look up at the sky.
Feel all of the Goddesses' energy surrounding you. What does your
expression say? What is she trying to tell you? This is the perfect way to
create your power and build a connection to the feminine power of the world
that evident with the Full Moon. You will soon discover that you have
reached a wonderful place to start creating your own rituals for the Esbats.
The Sabbats
The Wiccan belief system has what is known as the Wheel of the Year. In the
Wheel, there are eight holidays known as the Sabbats. These give the
practitioners a chance to gather and celebrate. This can be in covens or as a
solitary practitioner. For solitary Witches, they know that whatever they do
during their individual ritual, that they are connecting their own energy with
all of the other people celebrating around the world.
The Sabbats are made up for the four “solar holidays,” the Equinoxes and
Solstices that show use the journey the Earth is taking around the sun, and
then the four “Earth festivals,” which happen in February, May, August, and
October. They mark the “cross-quarter days” that mark the midpoint between
the solar points. Beltane, which takes place on May 1, separates the Spring
Equinox and Summer Solstice.
These cross-quarter points have been inspired by ancient festivals which
Western Europeans would celebrate before Christianity began to rise. There
are some Wiccans who call the cross-quarter days as "greater Sabbats" and
solar days as "lesser Sabbats." This just differentiates the two types, and in no
way is saying that some are better than others.
These Sabbats are not only observed by Wiccans. Many contemporary
Pagans will observe the Sabbats.
Like a lot of Wiccan information, the way these Sabbats are celebrated varies,
but there will typically be some ritual that focuses on some type of element of
the Goddess and God relationship and the season. The Summer and Spring
Sabbats are normally themed around abundance and fertility.
The ritual tends to be followed by a feast. These can be simple or elaborate.
How the rituals actually look and feel, as well as the food and decorations,
depending on the Sabbat itself.
The dates for these Sabbats can fall differently around the world, and the
dates will likely vary each year because they are based on the Earth’s
rotation. That’s why they are given a possible date range.

Yule/Winter Solstice
When: December 20-23
Pronunciation: Yool
Themes: celebration of light, setting intentions, hope, new year, quiet
introspection, rebirth
For the most part, Yule is normally the start of the Wiccan year. While it is
most often celebrated on December 21st, the exact timing varies every year
because of the misalignment between the Earth’s rotation and Gregorian

Yule is a fire festival and is meant to celebrate the coming light. From here
on out, the days start to get longer, until the Summer Solstice. For thousands
of years, humans have known the importance of this Solstice. Once humans
started noticing the changes in the sunrise and set during the seasons, they
would celebrate this time. The ancient Persians, Romans, and Greeks all had
festivals during this time. Of course, the Christian leaders thought it would be
a great idea to place Jesus’ birthday at this time because one of their main
plans to gain converts was to group their holidays with holidays of Pagan
festivals that people already celebrated.
During Yule, God is reborn after having died during Samhain. The weakness
of sunlight during the short days symbolizes God being in his infancy, just
born and looking for sustenance before he reaches his full power. The
Goddess has moved from your Crone phase into her Mother aspect, having
birthed God.
This is very much a celebration of the renewal of life, but when this is
compared to the other Sabbats, it is very quiet and subdued, as people gather
together in the warmth of their homes. Wiccans will often decorate their
altars with evergreens, as well as other winter flora.
Candles are important with this Sabbat, but the traditions emphasize the use
of gold, white, green, and red. People with a fireplace can burn a Yule log.
Interestingly, there are a lot of traditions that are assumed to be a part of
Christmas, which includes caroling, wreaths, decorated trees, and the Yule
log, are actually based in pre-Christian Pagan traditions.

When: February 2nd
Pronunciation: IM-bulk, IM-molg, or imb-OLC
Themes: return of the light, hearth and home, purification, fertility, renewal,
hope, and quickening.

The second Sabbat the coming end of Winter and the start of a growth in the
Northern Hemisphere. The cold, long months have almost come to an end
and the first buds of Spring can be seen in the blooming of crocuses and
daffodils and animals slowly emerging from their hibernation. While there
may still be snow in some areas, the bleakest part of the cold is behind us.
The cross-quarter celebration is a welcomed milestone for many who are
waiting eagerly for the warmer months. This Sabbat is sometimes known as
Feast of Torches, Candlemas, Brighid’s Day, and even Groundhog’s Day.
This Sabbat is meant to give thanks for the daylight, as the God is growing
stronger. The Goddess is recovering from birth and is starting to step into her
Maiden phase. The warmth is causing seeds to germinate and sprout, and
while most of the activity is happening deep within the Earth, those who are
connected to the rhythms of Nature can feel the quickening of life.
Since this is a holiday for renewal and beginnings, Imbolc is often people
choose to do initiations. It is also a good time for cleansing after having been
shut inside and inactive for a few months. The Sun’s ability to purify is seen
in different ways. There are some who will light candles in every room of
their house, or in a more modern view, turn on all the lamps to get the energy
flowing. Some Witches will place the ritual tools out in the sun to help
cleanse and charge them.
Traditional colors for this holiday are red, orange, yellow, and white. Altar
decorations often use besoms, Spring flowers, images of young animals, and
figurines. Imbolc is an Irish word that is connected to the birthing of the first
lambs and is translated to “ewe’s milk.” Some will celebrate this Sabbat by
feasting on dishes full of dairy foods like yogurt, cheese, butter, milk, and
sour cream.
Ostara/Spring Equinox
When: March 19-23
Pronunciation: OH-star-ah
Themes: new possibilities, hope, beginnings, action, renewal, balance
Ostara is the second Spring festival. This is the time to celebrate the balance
between extremes that are found throughout the seasons. While some regions
may still be chilly, this is the official start of Spring. This is the Vernal

With the growing daylight, the Gad is moving out of infancy toward
maturity. Likewise, the Earth has started to become warmer and fertile as the
Goddess has come into her full Maiden power. The promise of warmer,
greener, and bountiful times is becoming more apparent as the blossoms and
buds start to emerge. Bees are returning to start the pollination cycle and the
grass starts to wake out of its winter slumber. This is a great time for child-
like wonder and innocence as Winter has come to an end. We haven't reached
the passion and heat of the Summer, but are enjoying the balanced energy of
the Equinox.
To honor this time of year, decorations of fresh flowers and some potted
plants are used. Flower petals can be used to mark your circle and fill your
cauldron with spring water to float some petals on. Pictures of pastel colors,
eggs, hares are traditional as well. Food used during these celebrations is
often young greens, sprouts, eggs, and seasonal crops. Ostara rituals focus on
This is a good time to plant some seeds for what you want to manifest in the
next few months, both personally and literally for your garden. Just like with
Yule, Christians used this time to celebrate Easter. Some traditions that
people use to celebrate Easter are rooted in ancient Pagan customs, such as
painting eggs, and the rabbit was always used as a symbol of fertility.
When: April 30 or May 1
Pronunciation: bee-YAWL-tinnuh or BELL-tinnuh
Themes: abundance, vitality, fertility, romance, beauty, sexuality, sensuality,
mischief, and passion.
Beltane marks the transition between Spring to Summer. This is a time full of
fertility, lust, and passion. It marks the return of vitality to the Sun and Earth.
Blossoms on plants are growing, young animals are maturing, and the time
the Sun shines is growing. Commitment and love are common themes for this
Sabbat, as well as creativity and abundance. The Wiccan wedding ceremony
of handfasting is often held at Beltane.
Beltane is a sensual holiday in many traditions, celebrating co-creation and
sexual energy. The God and Goddess have come together now for a physical
union, having reached their full maturity. Their coupling allows life to
continue on. It is also a symbol of the coming together of the feminine and
masculine energies. The Goddess starts her Mother phase and the God has
come into his height of power.
A common custom of this holiday is dancing around a Maypole. The pole
represents the male virility. Typically, people will gather up green branches
and flowers to decorate the Maypole, or they will use brightly colored
Fire is a very big part of Beltane, so much so that there are a lot of places that
will hold a fire festival. In ancient Irish culture, they would light giant fires to
protect and purify their cattle. They would drive the cattle between two fires
to cleanse them and help them connect with the Sun. They also thought it
good luck to jump over bonfires.
Beltane comes from an ancient Celtic word that means, “bright fire.” It is
only appropriate that fire is included in some way for your festivities. If you
don’t have the ability to do this, then you can decorate your altar with fire
images. You can place some orange and red paper in a mini-cauldron to
symbolize fire.
Another common practice for this holiday is to have a wedding feast for the
God and Goddess. Dairy foods, oatmeal cookies, and cereal grains are
traditional fare for Beltane. Spring veggies are also a good choice. Make sure
you decorate your altar with flowers and green leaves. You can also place a
mini-Maypole on your altar and decorate it with ribbons. People with long
hair can braid it to symbolize the union between the God and Goddess. In old
traditions, and maybe still today, couples would spend the night outside,
romping through the forests and fields. You can still take a long walk with
your significant other. If you're single, you can simple communion with the
spirit in nature.

Lita/Summer Solstice
When: June 20-22
Pronunciation: LEE-tha
Themes: magic, love, masculine energy, growth, abundance
Lita celebrates the Summer Solstice. This is the longest day of the year and
marks the pinnacle of power of the Sun and the fuel for growth. From this
point on, the Sun will begin to start setting earlier every night. We recognize
this and provide thanks.

This is normally celebrated on June 21st. The Sun has reached its highest
point in the sky and the God has reached his full power. The Goddess is
bringing in abundance for the year. Crops are nearing their full maturity and
the forests are full of growth. In a few weeks, the harvest will start, but right
now we get to pause and celebrate the manifestation of the things planted
during the early Spring. All of the sunlight is welcomed after the cold Winter.
Fire is the focus of this holiday in order to honor the Sun God, but there is
also recognition given to the Horned God.
Ancient Pagans celebrated this with bonfires and torchlight processions to
strengthen the Sun. Another tradition that Europeans had centered on finding
the balance between Fire and Water, they would light large wheels on fire
and roll them downhill into the creeks. This is also the best time to gather up
wild herbs for magic and medicine because most of them are fully grown by
This is the time to decorate your altar using summer flowers, fruits, and herb,
as well as colors of blue, green, and yellow. This is when re-dedication to the
God and Goddess happens, as well as divination that has to do with romance
and love. At least one candle should be lit all day to honor the Sun, and, if
you can, hold your rituals around noon when the Sun has reached its highest
point. A picnic full of fresh veggies and fruits is a great idea. This is a good
time to perform magic related to masculine energies and anything that you
feel needs to be “fired up.”
Another name for Litha is Midsummer, which is an older name that
emphasizes the actual course of the warm months. People used to consider
May 1st as the first of Summer, which would place June 21st as the midpoint
of the Summer season. Litha can be traced to an old Anglo-Saxon word June.
It started being used for this Sabbat in the second half of the 20th century.
When: August 1 or 2
Pronunciation: LAH-mahs
Themes: utilizing talents and skills, benevolent sacrifice, gratitude, harvest,
and first-fruits
This is the halfway point between the Summer Solstices and Autumn
Equinox. This marks the start of the harvest season. While this is normally
the hottest part of the year, this is also when you can start noticing the first
bits of Autumn: the shortening days become more obvious, trees release
fruits, and the first grains can be harvested. This is the time to give thanks for
the abundance and to look forward to the rest of the weeks of warmth and
This is where the God’s power starts to wane as the days continue to become
shorter and crops are ready to be harvested. There are some traditions that say
that the Sun God infuses grain with his power, and so, sacrifices himself
when it is harvested. The grain is used to bake the first loaf of bread of the
year. Lammas comes from the tradition of taking the first loaf of bread to be
blessed, and taken from an Anglo-Saxon phrase that means “loaf mass.”

The rituals for Lammas are typically related to gratitude and harvest, and
seeing out intentions manifesting over the year. Bread making is a great way
to mark this holiday because it represents bringing your intention into
fruition. Some people make a corn dolly, which is a puppet made of straw, to
use in magic and rituals. Your altar should be decorated with colors of brown,
green, red, orange, and yellow. Harvest imagery like baskets and scythes are
great choices. Your feast should have bread of some kind, and seasonal
veggies and fruits and other dishes made from grains. Spell work that has to
do with a happy home and abundance is powerful during this time.
Now, some people refer to this Sabbat as Lughnasa, after the Celtic festival.
Lughnasa is meant to honor the god Lugh, who is also a Sun God, as well as
his talents that include magic, poetry, smithcraft, and building. In the Irish
legend, the festival started with Lugh himself, when he had a funeral feast
and competition to honor Tailtiu, his foster mother. She died due to
exhaustion after clearing the plains so that others could grow crops. He was
also a warrior, and some Pagan’s would celebrate the holiday with sports as
well as harvest festivities.
Mabon/Autumn Equinox
When: September 21-24
Pronunciation: MAY-bun, MAH-bawn, MAH-bun, or MAY-vhon
Themes: welcoming the dark, preparation, balance, abundance, gratitude, and
Mabon is the second harvest festival and like Ostara, its days and nights are
equal. While the temperatures could still be warm, summer has come to an
end. The leaves are starting to change colors and fall, and the evening air has
a chill to it. After this night, the nights will reign again. The God is exiting
and heading for his death Samhain. Balance is a big theme of this time,
reminding us that all things are temporary.
Mabon is full of gratitude for the God and Goddess because it is the height of
the harvest season. This is normally a very busy and exhausting time, and the
holiday was a brief rest from working in the fields.
Rituals for Mabon usually involve decorating your altar with seasonal nuts
and fruits, pine cones, acorns, and colored leaves. Harvest imagery such as
baskets and scythes can also be used. Altar cloths and candle in colors of
gold, brown, orange, and red are great. Your feast should be full of carrots,
potatoes, onions, and other root veggies. Spell work that is related to security
and protection is a good choice at this time, as well as working on balance,
harmony, prosperity, and self-confidence. If you tend to suffer from seasonal
depression during the colder months, use this time to create an intention for
strength and inner peace. You can also make a talisman to help with this and
to help you through the next two seasons.
This holiday is sometimes referred to as the Wine Harvest or Second Harvest.
Mabon only started being used for this Sabbat in the late 20th century. Mabon
was a Welsh figure who is connected to the divine “mother and son” which
echoes the nature of the Goddess and God relationship. No matter what you
call it, remember to celebrate and give thanks for the bounty.
When: October 31 or November 1

Pronunciation: SOW-een, SAG-vin, or SOW-in

Themes: revelry, benign mischief, introspection, honoring ancestors,
divination, rebirth, and death
This is the last harvest festival of the year. This marks the end of the growing
season and marks the start of Winter, which people must now prepare for.
People dry their herbs to store them over the winter, veggies and fruits are
preserved and canned, and the root veggies are harvested and stored to help
people get through the cold months. Samhain comes from an old Irish word
and many believe it means “Summer’s end.”
While the life and death cycles play a big role in every Sabbat, Samhain is
when death is formally honored. The nights are still growing longer with
every passing day. The God has moved into the shadows, and dying back
until he is reborn at Yule. There are a lot of Wiccans and Pagans that view
this as the most important Sabbat. This is a time where the veil between our
world and the spirit world is at its thinnest. Our ancestors can visit us more
easily during this time and make their presence known.
Thanks to Halloween, Samhain is the most visible Sabbat. There are many
Halloween traditions that have grown from customs from Pagan times.
Dating back to ancient Greece, people have left offers of food to their
ancestors, which can be seen in our modern tradition of trick-or-treating.
They would also hollow out root vegetables and light candles in them to help
guide the spirits, which has led to jack-o-lanterns today. Witches have always
been mainstream for this holiday, and while they are normally always "evil"
and nothing like the real thing, there is still an association between
Halloween and the actual power of Witches.
The rituals honor the passing of the God and give thanks to the God and
Goddess for the abundance all the good that has happened over the year.
Feasts that feature the final harvest foods are a great way to celebrate. This is
also a good time to honor our ancestors. Decorating your altar with pictures
of deceased loved ones is a good idea, along with dried herbs, nuts, apples,
and fall foliage. You can even make a jack-o-lantern. Some will even leave
out a plate of food for spirits who are traveling by.
Samhain is a very powerful night for divination and spell work. Any type of
magical work will get a boost, but if there is also a waning-moon, it will have
even more power. Astral travel, clearing obstacles, protection, and banishing
spells are particularly favored. Rune casting, tarot, and scrying will give you
clear results, and possibly a visit from a spirit guide or ancestor. You should
be open to doing some inner work too. Reflect on the things you would like
to release and what you would like to improve during the next year.
For the Celts, Samhain marked the end of a year and start of a new one.
Instead of having four seasons that were marked by the quarters, the Celtic
people divide their year into the light half and dark half. Their year would
begin with the first day of the dark half, which would be November 1st, but
since Celtic days started at night, Samhain would fall on October 31st.
When observing the Wheel of the Year you feel quite a bit of spiritual
reward. Since there is a Sabbat every six weeks, we have the ability to stay
more connected to the world and conscious about the change of the seasons.
The Goddess and Triple Goddess
There are many Wiccan traditions that celebrate a three-fold Goddess known
as the Triple Goddess. The aspects are the Maiden, Mother, and Crone and
are connected to the Moon’s travels. These are also the same aspects of the
three phases of the woman’s life when it comes to physical reproduction.
While women proceed linearly through her phases during her life, every part
of the Triple Goddess has qualities that live within everything, and they are
connected with different aspects of life. Indeed, the different phases of the
Goddess can show us the complexity of the human mind, and life and death
that everybody must experience.
The creation of this triple deity can be followed all the way back to many old
civilizations, like Brighid, who was a Celtic Goddess, and ruled over the
main skills: smithcraft, healing, and poetry. There is also Hera. She played
three roles in Ancient Greece: Girl, Woman, and Widow. These are probably
a small part of the inspiration for the creation of an important Wiccan text:
The White Goddess: a Historical Grammar of Poetic Myth by Robert Graves.
The British scholar and poet, Graves, wrote during the same era as Gerald
Gardner started to practice his form of Witchcraft, which became Wicca. His
book stated that cultures in the ancient Middle East and pre-Christian Europe
worshipped a White Goddess known as the Birth, Love, and Death. In each
region, she was given a different name. There were other, earlier writers, who
also talked about a Triple Goddess, which includes Sigmund Freud and
Aleister Crowley.
Gardner didn’t have a Triple Goddess that he worshipped in his tradition, but
plenty of others have been drawn to one, which includes Robert Cochrane
who tends to be credited for bringing the Triple Goddess into modern
Witchcraft. The 1970s is when the Triple Goddess of today became rooted in
several Wiccan paths.

But instead of being one identity that takes on different forms, the Triple
Goddess tends to have three different deities representing her. These are
typically borrowed from different cultures. There are some who will worship
the Maiden as Diana, the Mother as Isis, and the Crone as Kali.
Each of the Triple Goddesses aspects is associated with a certain season or
phenomena, and human aspects of Earth. People can use these to call on the
most appropriate Goddess for their rituals or spells.
The Triple Goddess is symbolized in a Full Moon with the waning and
waxing crescents on either side.
The Maiden part of the Triple Goddess is connected to the crescent-to-
waxing phase of the Moon. This is the youthful part of life. During this time,
there is growth, as you can see in the Moon as it becomes fuller. As for
Nature, the Main is the Spring, sunrise, and dawn.
The Maiden is representative of new and potential life and beauty. In
humans, she is independence, intelligence, self-confidence, youth, and
innocence. She is associated with activities such as creativity, self-expression,
discovery, and exploration. The Goddesses that can be used to worship the
Maiden are Freya, Rhiannon, Artemis, and Persephone, but there are also
many others.
As the Moon becomes full, the Maiden turns to the Mother, having given
birth to the abundance of the Earth. She is the Summer, midday, and the lush
time of the year. She is also the fullness of life, adulthood, responsibility, and
nurturing in humans.
Being the giver of life that she is, she is often used for manifestation. Many
Wiccans view the mother as being the most powerful aspect of the Goddess.
Some Goddesses that can be used to represent the Mother are Badb, Danu,
Ceres, Selene, and Demeter.
Then as the Moon begins to wan and the darkness starts to grow in the sky,
the Crone comes into power. In early iterations of the Triple Goddess, she
was often called the hag. She is the post-childbearing years, and her seasons
are Winter and Autumn, nigh and sunset, and the end of the growing season.
The Crone is the wise one and is in control of guidance, prophecy, visions,
transformations, past lives, death and rebirth, endings, and aging.
While this aspect has been feared for a long time, she is the who makes sure
we always remember that death is a completely normal aspect of the cycle of
life, just like the sky becomes dark before the Moon begins to grow. Some of
the Goddesses that can represent the Crone are Cailleach Bear, Morrigan,
Baba Yaga, and Hecate.
This Goddess is very much a complex and diverse expression of divine
femininity. For the followers who choose to worship the Goddess, she will
provide them with constant opportunities to help them grown and learn
through her three aspects. Whether you decide to see every part of the
Goddess, or you simply honor the Maiden, Mother, and Crone, you have the
power to consciously align your worship with the Moon phases to reach a
deeper and rewarding spiritual connection.
Horned God and Sun God
This is the masculine part of life and is typically connected to the Sun and the
horned animals. When he is the God of the Hunt, he will sometimes be a man
wearing a headdress of antlers or horns, or he will be a man with ahead of a
goat or stag. This role of his is two-fold, as he helps the humans in finding
sustenance through the wild game, but he also helps to protect the animals,
making sure that there is a constant balance of life.
During the early forms of Wicca, the Horned God was associated with
fertility, and this can still be found today in some traditions. Besides the
Celtic God Cernunnos, the Horned God can also be represented by Pan, Bran,
Herne, and many more. There is another representation known as the Green
Man, who is a mysterious ancient archetype that people have had all over the
world. He is often depicted as a human face surrounded by or made up of
vines, leaves, and other foliage.
The other main association of the God is with the Sun, whose light is seen to
be a part of the male energy and is needed for growth. There are a lot of
ancient cultures that worshipped an Earth Mother and Sky Father in some
form or another, which Wicca emulates to an extent. With the Wiccan Wheel
of the Year, it lives with the relationship of the Earth Goddess and the Sun
God, with the God dying off in the Autumn and being reborn in the Spring,
which echoes the growth of plants. Some common Sun Gods are Ra, Apollo,
and Lugh.
The Spiral of Rebirth
When it comes to rebirth, it can be a controversial topic. This idea of rebirth
is a big lesson in Wicca. As we’ve covered, every year there is a birth,
growth, and death. This is the same truth for human life as well. All of this
continues on and on through the spiral of rebirth.
Like with many other religions, people are reincarnated in order to perfect the
soul. A single lifetime is not enough to reach this goal. This is why the soul is
reborn several times.
The soul is something that is ageless, non-physical, sexless and contains parts
of the divine Goddess and God. Every time the soul manifests in the real
world, it is different. There are no two bodies that are the same, or lives for
that matter. The soul would end up stagnating if it came back into the same
life after time. The economic class, birthplace, race, sex, and every other part
that makes up a person is determined by what the soul did during past lives
and what lessons it needs to learn.
The Afterlife
A common questions people have about Wicca and the spiral of rebirth is,
"what is the afterlife?" There are a lot of religions that try to explain what it
will be like after our life on Earth is over. Everybody has different views on
this subject.
Wicca doesn’t try to give an answer to this subject. There is no scripture, no
accepted doctrines or revelations about what is in the afterlife, or if there even
is one. There are very different views within Wicca itself when it comes to
the subject, but there is no “official” stance. This means that any conclusions
that have been reached are all individual beliefs. There isn’t an authority that
tells you what you should believe about what happens after death.
The main belief in Wicca, as has been mentioned, and that we will talk about
in the next section, is reincarnation. Let's take a look at some lesser-known
afterlife beliefs first.
The Summerlands is one. There are some people who mistakenly believe that
this is the Wiccan word for “heaven,” but that’s not really accurate if you are
coming from a Judeo-Christian perspective.

There are some Wiccans who believe that there is life after death and another
plane of existence. This would be the spirit world that is located behind the
veil. This is where the spirits travel to rest and reunite. Summerland is simply
a name for this world, but nobody actually knows what it is like.
Some believe that you are in control of what your afterlife will be and
become. There is a bit of a caveat though. Since your thoughts have the
ability to create whatever you want in your afterlife, if you have a negative,
pessimistic soul, you could easily end up creating your own personal "hell" of
an afterlife.
Then there are some Wiccans who believe that the soul is simply immortal
and free from the body once we die. There isn’t a certain place they travel to,
and reincarnation is simply one option. Once a person is unshackled from
their physical body, the spirit can roam the expanses of space and time.
It’s kind of like being a permanent state of astral travel. One minute you can
choose to travel to watch the pyramids being built, and the next you could be
on Pluto far in the future when it is being colonized. You can watch whatever
you want to, or you can sleep, and never wake up unless you choose to come
There is another afterlife idea that overlaps the other two. This is that some
spirits can become “trapped.” This could be that there is some unfinished
business, lived through trauma, doesn’t realize they are dead, or they are
trapped by their own negativity. Either way, there are souls that can’t move
onto the afterlife, or roam through the universe or be reincarnated until they
can be released from Earth.
These are the entities and ghosts that people believe in haunt certain places.
Not every Wiccan believes that there are ghosts or an afterlife. There are
some who think that death is just an end. These are the Wiccans that watch
the leaves fall off the trees in the Fall, but say the ones that return in the
Spring are not the same. The way they see it is when we fall, the life energy
is taken in by the Universe and we simply move on. The body becomes food
for the Earth. They think life after death is wishful thinking or fear of
Overall, Wicca is one religion that isn’t all that concerned about the afterlife.
We may be curious and have our thoughts, but Wicca is mainly about the
way that we live our lives, not what happens once we day.
As we’ve said, many Wiccans and Pagans believe in reincarnation. This
means that we also believe in past lives. The unfortunate thing is, we do not
know what past lives we’ve lived and it can take quite a bit of work to learn
this information.
The things that you do in your current life, or the things you did in your past
life, follow you, and they will determine what you are going to have to face
in your next life. A goal should be to better ourselves, and reincarnation gives
us that chance. Basically, you should take whatever you are given in this life
and do the best that you can.
There are things you can do to try and find out information concerning your
past lives. You can use past-life regression, trance work, and use psychics.
You have to be careful with this though because there are people out there
who are frauds and will just try to trick you out of your money.
Taking the time to learn from your past-lives can help you to figure out
reasons for problems you are dealing with now, especially if you feel like you
are stuck or making the same mistakes. Hopefully, through learning more
about your past life will help you to improve this current life.

Whether you want to learn more about your past lives, or you are more
interested in focusing on your current one, the knowledge that the things you
do matters should give you the inspiration to make the most out of your life
The Magic of Circle and Altar
Something that is found in many different religious traditions is an altar,
which is basically a physical place that serves as a location to honor your
ancestors, spirits, or deities; to keep sacred things safe and to make offerings.
In Wicca, the main purpose of an altar is to act as a focal point for ritual
celebrations. However, you can use your altar at other times as well, during
prayer, meditation, or spell work.
Since Wicca is most often practice inside, sometimes outside, the Wiccan
altar is normally tucked into a corner of the room and then pulled out into the
center when a circle is cast during a ritual. The tools for your rituals can
reside on your altar all the time, or you can store them someplace when you
aren’t using them.
The tools for a ritual are symbolic items that represent different parts of
Nature that contribute to circumstances of life, which include the Elements,
directions, and the God and Goddess. The tools will vary between the
traditions, but will most often include statues or some type of representation
of the God and Goddess, candles, chalice, wand, athame, a bowl of salt, soil
or sand, a dish of water, and a bell.
The altar can take on many different forms, and depending on what your
circumstances are, can be a permanent part of your home, or can be a place
that performs “double duty” in your home. The main requirement is that you
have it on a flat surface. A lot of people like having it in a round shape, which
makes it easier to move within the circle, but they don’t have to be. Ideally,
your altar should be a natural material like stone or wood. Wood is traditional
and typically easy to come by.
But you may not have the luxury to purchase something new just to have an
altar. Don’t worry; you can also place temporary altars on a coffee table or
something else. You can also find some “Wiccan alter kits” online if you
want. Any type of physical object that has been charged with magical energy
will provide power to your work, but the more like nature it is, the more
powerful it will be. Do your best to keep from working with synthetics or
plastics. If you can hold a ritual outside, try using a tree stump or large rock
as your altar.
If you are able to keep a permanent altar in your home, you can decorate the
altar with color fabrics for the season. When doing this, choose colors and
items most closely associated with a season, such as evergreens and holly
berries for Yule, or flowers for Spring. You can also place images of your
deities and favorite stones or crystals just make sure you leave yourself
enough room for your tools.
As for where things should be places, there are different layouts you can
choose. There are some elaborate ones out there. These vary based on
traditions, but there are some commonalities. One layout places the altar in
half and places the tools that are for the Goddess, Water and Earth, on the
left, and the tools for the God, Air, and Fire, on the right. Another option is to
place the God and Goddess in the middle of your altar with all of the other
tools arranged around them based on the directions and Elements. The tools
for Earth will face North, tools for Fire face South, tools for Air face East,
and tools for Water face West.
While there are some who follow established patterns closely, there are
others, eclectics, who work intuitively, and they use patterns that resonate
with their own experiences of the symbols, deities, and tools. There are some
who like to elaborate on their setup, while others will take a more subtle
approach. Space also plays a big factor.
For many, the first time they set up an altar can be very daunting. Depending
on the things that you have read, it may seem like you could make a mistake,
or you may feel like you aren’t fully following the rules if you don’t have just
right. If you start feeling this way, this is the best time to remind yourself that
the Goddess and God aren’t concerned about the quality or size of your altar
or how many candles it will hold. The important thing is to work with what
you’ve got. Your altar will evolve with your practice.
I've said it a couple of times in this section, but the altar is the center point of
your ritual circles. Circle-casting is one of the main skills that Wiccans need
when practicing Witchcraft. It is normally the first thing that you will learn
how to do. It is a complex idea, but the techniques are simple.
Circle-casting is the practice of creating a temporary spot for rituals or magic.
It is round, obviously. This circle is a mobile temple and is a place separate
from the ordinary world where your magic works better.
Generally, circles are cast at the start of a rite by the leader of the coven, but
solo practitioners cast circles as well. Once the ritual ends, the circle is
released. The circle acts as a psychic boundary. While you can’t feel it with
your regular five senses, a properly cast circle can be felt through your
energy or clairvoyantly by a person who has those skills.
Casting a circle isn’t necessarily a requirement, but it helps to shut off any
disruptive influences so that you can stay focus on your work. If you ever
perform magical trances, it can be very psychically vulnerable, so Witches
will often cast circles as psychic protection.
Not only is the outer barrier important, but so is its inner one. Magical energy
bounces around and scatters throughout the Universe. It is naturally in
motion. The point of having a ritual is to concentrate that energy temporarily,
for a certain purpose. The circle gives you the chance to gather more energy
up and hold onto it. If you are evoking deities or spirits, a circle gives them a
place to land.

This can be summarized simply by saying there are two main purposes for a
circle: to keep things out and to keeping the energy in.
The circle has been described as a bubble, gate, fence, workbench, vessel,
and several other metaphors. All of these can describe the circle, but none of
them really explain what it truly is.

For a single practitioner, it is normally around five to six feet in diameter, but
this grows the bigger the group becomes. The circle can be physically defined
by candles or scarves, or it can be marked by placing symbolic items at the
four cardinal points.
There are different ways that a circle can be cast. I’m going to share with you
a simple way to cast a simple circle. This is a great place to start, and then
you can adapt and change it as your practice changes.
1. Find someplace that is somewhat open and flat where you can't be
2. With a compass, find the four cardinal points. There is likely an app
for it on your phone already.
3. Place something that is representative of each of the elements at each
of the points around your image circle so that the circle is about five to
six feet in diameter. This means that if you stand in the center, facing
North, your Earth element should be placed about three feet in front of
1. Earth is North – can be a ceramic dish, potted plant, crystals, or
2. Air is East – can be sage, incense with holder, or feather.
3. Fire is South – can be an essential oil burner with a tea light or a
4. Water is West – can be a chalice with water or a seashell
4. Face East while standing in the middle of your circle. Relax and take a
few deep breaths until you feel present, calm, and centered. Picture the
wind whipping around you and start to really feel the air. Chant,
“Spirits of Air, I call on you.”

Then face the South. Picture a warm fire and the sun at noon. Really
feel yourself connected to the Fire and chant, “Spirits of Fire, I call on
Face West and picture water rushing through the streams and waves.
Once you feel connected to water, chant, “Spirits of Water, I call on
Face North and get the scent of how Earth feels after it has rained.
Picture the darkness of a cave and being rooted through the Earth from
your feel. Once you feel connected, chant, “Spirits of Earth, I call on

Still turned North, start to notice your feet and let them shoot roots
down to connect with the Earth’s core. Allow golden white light to
travel up from the Earth’s center and through your body. Chant,
“Mother Earth, I call on you.”
Next, send light up out of the crown of your heat and into the
atmosphere to connect with the Infinite Cosmos. Pull white light down
and through you. Chant, “Father Sky, I call on you.”
Feel yourself contained and protected on every side, as well as below
and above. Feel grateful for the Divine support. Chant, “Thank you,
thank you, thank you. The circle is cast. Blessed be.”

5. Now is when you can sit or stand within your circle so that you can do
your magic or meditate.
6. Once you are finished you have to close the circle and thank the
cosmos. To close the circle, stand and face West. Get Water back in
your mind and say, “Water, you were here, and I thank you.”
Turn South. Think about Fire again and say, “Fire, you were here, and
I thank you.”
Turn East. Think about Air and say, “Air, you were here, and I thank
Turn North. Think about Earth again and say, “Earth, you were here,
and I thank you.”
While still facing North, think about Mother Earth and say, “Mother
Earth, you were here, and I thank you.”
Think about Father Sky again, and say, “Father Sky, you were here,
and I thank you.”
Say, “Thank you, thank you, thank you. Blessed be. And so it is.”
After taking a moment, say, “The circle is open, but never broken. The
love of the Goddess is forever in my heart. Merry meet, and merry part
and merry meet again.”
Really imagine, feel, and sense all of the energy you have raised being
released back into the Universe. Trust that it is going to work, and truly
know that your magic is complete.
Introduction to Witchcraft

Throughout the information about Wicca, we have touched on Witchcraft and

how it doesn’t always go hand in hand with Wicca. For the most part, though,
it does. To help you better understand Witchcraft and what it means, let’s a
deeper look into Witchcraft itself.
What is Witchcraft
In a simple explanation, Witchcraft is the magical manipulation of energy to
change something. The energy that the Witch uses can be stones, herbs,
environmental, or any other natural object. It can also simply be from the
Witch or channeled through the God or Goddess. Many Witches will cast
spells that incorporate all of these in ritual practice. However, one doesn’t
have to engage in rituals or cast spells to do something magical or be
considered a Witch.
Witchcraft is made up of a spiritual system that respects a person’s free will
and the thoughts of the person and it encourages people to understand and
learn Nature and Earth, which helps to affirm the divinity of things. The most
important thing is that it teaches responsibility. People have to accept
responsibility for their actions because whatever happens to us is a result of
them. We can't blame some exterior force or be for our mistakes, weaknesses,
or shortcomings. If we end up messing something up or act in a way that
hurts somebody, we can blame nobody but ourselves and we will have to face
the consequences.
The spells that can be performed in Witchcraft will often involve things like
creativity, wisdom, harmony, love, and healing. The potions that are stirred
could be to remedy a headache, relieve a cold, or an herbal dip to get rid of
fleas on our cats. We want to learn more and use Nature’s remedies as much
as we can instead of solely relying on synthetic drugs.
There are many men and women who label themselves as Witches and
practice Witchcraft today. The type of Witchcraft that they practice varies
widely and can be a spiritual expression for several different religions. As
odd as it may sound, there are even atheist Witches.
Witchcraft has the ability to take on several different forms. Some people
choose to cast a circle each month on the Full Moon, or New Moon, or both.
Some will plant out their spells carefully based on the planets, Sun, and
Moon. Some will simply cast spells when they are the most convenient. The
spell's nature can vary. Some people will cast circles and do a full ritual every
time while others will sometimes settle in, focus all of their energy, and then
send it out into the Universe. A lot of modern Witches will make protection
charms for themselves, their cars, pets, family, and homes. They may also
create herbal combinations for healing and other uses and they will
sometimes cast spells if they have the time and space.
That is what Witchcraft is, but before we move on, let’s quickly go over what
Witchcraft is not.
It isn’t a cult. Witches don’t claim to be a spokesperson for the divine, nor do
they try to make other people follow them.
Practicing Witchcraft does not mean that you are worship Demons or Satan.
Satan is something that Christians came up with, and was not a part of the
world view until Christianity became mainstream. Witchcraft is an act, not a
religion, so Witchcraft itself doesn’t have deities. The religion of the person
who practices Witchcraft specifies the deities, and the majority of Pagan
religions do not have a supreme evil being that everybody wants to avoid by
doing the right thing. They simply have a God and a Goddess.
Humans or animals are never sacrificed in Witchcraft because this would
violate many of the basic tenants of most Pagan religions.
People who practice Witchcraft does not steal or control another person’s life
force in order to achieve mystical powers. Witches take energy from within
their self and with the Divine.
Witches have, especially those of the Wiccan faith, follow a Law of Three,
which means that whatever you send out will return to the send three-fold,
whether good or bad. Witches are going to hesitate before they perform
magic that could manipulate or harm other people because it can boomerang
back to them much larger and harder than they sent it out.
This by no means is saying that Witches are perfect; we are humans a make
mistakes. Mistakes and errors in judgment are made. Most Witches strive to
look at all possible outcomes of their actions and thoughts so that they can
think about the serious consequences that could come back to them.
Magic, which you may find spelled as Magick in some texts, is the method of
controlling energy to change events or bring about some positive benefits.
Ceremonial or ritual magic is often characterized by several different
elaborate, long, and complex ceremonies or rituals and involves a variety of
different tools to help aid the practitioner.
In Ancient Hindu, their sacred texts, such as the Vedas, talk about white and
black magic. They also talk about mundane and supernatural magic, which is
still common throughout India. In ancient practices, these “magicians” were
often a special class of priests, the Magi of Zoroastrianism, and that
reputation. Along with this was the Ancient Egyptians that shaped the
Hermeticism of the Hellenistic religion as well as the Greek mystery
religions. Then a distinction started to develop between the “high” magic of
the ritual-based Theurgy and the “low” magic of the Goetia.
When the Christian Church grew in power, they discourage magic, but it
stayed widespread in many folk religions all throughout the Medieval period,
and it started to become more synchronized, to a certain extent, with
Christian dogma. It could be seen in practices such as relic veneration. By the
13th century, the Jewish Kabbalah influenced the Christian occultism by
creating some of the first grimoires and scholarly occultism that would
continue and form the Renaissance magic. However, Islam, Judaism, and
Christianity have all said that magic is forbidden, and most practitioners,
proven or otherwise, have been pushed to some degree or another. Still,
magic has continued through the years and has seen many resurgences.
Ritual and Spell Work
While many people view Pagan religions as unstructured, there is, in fact, a
lot of structure to Witchcraft. Whether it is an Esbat, Sabbat, a milestone like
a wedding, end-of-life ceremonies, or initiation circle and coven members
gather to celebrate, to honor God and Goddess, and appreciate all of the
wonders in the life cycle. While most will hold their rituals in private,
occasionally, some will make them public so that those who want to learn
and observe can do so. They sometimes allow the public to participate.
Solo rituals happen too, and they are no less significant, and solitary
practitioners know that while they are worshiping, they are sending their
personal energy to mingle with the collective energy of all the others
practicing in the world.
Comforting, beautiful, elegant, and mysterious, rituals can take on several
different forms with no two being the same. There are some that can be very
structured and elaborate. This is very common for coven rituals, but since the
majority of coven keep their rituals a secret, it is hard to say what goes on
during them. Other types of rituals, especially those performed by the eclectic
and solitary Witches, may seem very simple, and sometimes end up being
made up.
The content of any ritual will all depend upon the occasion. While every
ritual is going to be different, there are some basic elements that will likely be
included in every ritual.
First thing is that there is normally a purification. This is for the participants
and the place where it is being held. This could be a ritual bath, a smudging
ceremony, or both. This happens if it is inside or outside. Smudging involves
burning a bundle of sacred herbs, like sage, lavender, and rosemary.
Then setting up the altar happens next. Some can keep a permanent altar in
their home, but even when they can, they will take the time to decorate it for
the occasion at this point. The altar is then arranged with different tools,
offerings, and symbols.
Next, they will cast a circle. The altar is normally the center of this circle,
with a lot of room around it for people to work freely so that nobody will step
outside of the boundary.
After they have cast the circle, invocations start. The order varies, but
normally the God and Goddess are invited in and then they go through the
Elements. Sometimes, Spirit will be called as well. There are other traditions
that will call the quarters, and the directions are addressed, either instead of
or along with all of the Elements.
Once all of this has been done, the ritual will begin. They will state an
intention for the occasion. If it is for a Sabbat or Esbat, they will say so. If it
is for spell work, there will be some type of formal declaration of what their
intent is.
Once they state the intent, the body of the ritual can be made up of different
activities. It could be reading poems, reenacting important events. Solitary
Wiccans can also choose to read some things. They can also chant, dance,
sing, or perform other ritual gestures.
There are some traditions that will also have cake and ale. These things are
also offered to the God and Goddess, typically at the close of the ritual. This
helps to ground the participants before the closing. Once it is time to bring
things to an end, the Elements and the Goddess and God are thanked and
released to close the circle.
This is just a basic look at how rituals and spell work can look. There are
various forms it can take depending on the traditions.
Alright, the time has come to discuss tools. I’ve mentioned tools many times,
but haven’t shared what they are. Tools aren’t a strict requirement; however,
given the work that you are doing, these tools can be very helpful. I’m going
to share with you several tools, but don’t think that you have to have all of
them. Many are used for the same reason, so owning them all will become
1. Athame
An athame is a double-edged blade that is used to cast a circle. Traditionally,
it has a black handle. It should not be sharp because it isn't meant to cut
things, but it can be used to carve sigils into candles or runes.
2. Boline
This is a sickle that has a blade shaped like a half-moon. The handle is
normally white. This is often used to harvest branches, herbs, and flowers.
There are a lot of witches who simply use mundane knives instead.
3. Besom
This is the broom, which symbolizes the union of the God and Goddess. The
shape is associated with masculinity and then the three-part design shows the
three cycles of femininity. This is used to cleanse your space before spell
work and rituals. You do this by swiping in a clockwise direction. Once done,
open the closest door and swipe all of the negativity out. The broom should
be consecrated before you start to use it, and don't use it for regular cleansing,
but only for rituals. A broom hung over your door will keep out negative
influences. It is also a big part of Pagan weddings. Newlyweds will often
jump over the besom to attract harmony, fertility, and prosperity.
4. Grimoire
This is also known as the book of shadows and is a book that holds your
religious texts, spells, and rituals. There are a lot of witches that will use this
as a journal of their practices as well.
5. Candles
Candles are a must-have because they play a big role in witchcraft. You can
also find some for cheap as well. They can be used in a variety of different
ways in your rituals and spell work. Some believe that you should use a
snuffer to blow out a candle and not to simply blow it out.
6. Cauldron
The cauldron is symbolic of the Goddess' womb. For people who follow
Celtic traditions, it represents Cerridwen, the Celtic Goddess who is always
stirring an elixir of knowledge. You can use it to bring water or fire into your
practice. If you get a cast-iron cauldron, you can burn things in it.
7. Chalice
This is another representation of the Goddess' womb. It is associated solely
with water. Adding water to your cup can be used to represent water in your

8. Crystals
Crystals tend to play a large role in a Witches practice. They aren’t simply
rocks. Each crystal has its own vibrations and can help with many different
9. Essential Oils and Herbs
Much like crystals, these things hold their own associations. Herbal magic is
even its own branch of witchcraft.
10. Offering Bowl
This is a great addition for a devotional shrine. It is simply a container where
you place offerings for your chosen deities. You can use the same one for all
of them, or you can have a different bowl for each.
These are only ten of many different tools that Witches use during their
practice. The important thing is to figure out what you feel you should use,
and start there. In the end, the Witch is the most important tool.
Practices for the Aspiring Wiccans

Everything you will find here are simply rituals and spells that you can get
started using right now.
Ritual and Preparation for Rituals
Holy days and holiday are best when celebrated with family and friends.
Most Pagans practice by themselves. Even if you normally work in a group,
there might be times when you just can’t be with them. Sometimes your
group might meet and a specific day but you don’t feel like celebrating on
that day. For whatever reasons, many Pagans will celebrate by themselves.
However you like to celebrate, below you will find rituals for all the eight

Yule Ritual
In addition to your normal tools, you are going to need:
Plate of Sand
Bowl of Water with a pine sprig
Pine Incense
1 black votive candle
1 white 12” taper candle
12 low vibration stones
1 green 12” taper candle
Mistletoe wreath

Holly wreath
Cauldron with lid
1 gold pillar candle that will burn for 12 hours
Green altar cloth
Center Plate or Pentacle
This ritual needs to be done right after sunset. One hour before, sweep your
circle in a clockwise manner. Having a decorative Yule Log, Pine Cones, or
Poinsettias near will add to the ambiance. Put the correct symbols and
candles in the four directions. Put the golden pillar candle at the right top of
the altar. Place the Goddess candle at the top left. Place the pentacle in the
middle. The cauldron should be at the right of your altar. Put the holly around
the black candle and place this inside the cauldron. Place the lid on the
cauldron. Put the green candle with the mistletoe wreath around it behind you
when you start the ritual. Outline your circle with 11 of the stones. You will
place the last one once you enter the circle to close it. Put the remaining props
and tools where you like them to be. Take a bath or shower to purify yourself.
Sit quietly for some time to center and ground yourself. Once you are ready,
play something soothing that you relate to the Sabbat. Walk into your circle
and then close it completely with the last stone.

Picture flames all around the circle that are the colors of the Yule such as
gold, green, and red flowing between the stones. When they are continuous,
take your place in front of your altar:
“From the darkness is born the light. From void, fulfillment emerges… The
darkest night of the year’s at the threshold. Open now the door and honor the
Take the lid off your cauldron and light your candle. Step back and honor the
Holly King, who rules the darkest parts of the year. Start by lighting the
yellow candle to call East:
"Powers of Air, step forth from the darkness. Enter my circle, as dark gives
way to the light. Bring along with you the essence of pine trees. Remind me
of Springtime as I face Solstice Night."
Now, light the incense and place it over the pentacle. Now, call South by
lighting the red candle:
"Powers of Fire, step forth from the darkness. Enter my circle, as dark gives
way to the light. Bring along with you the first glint of tomorrow. Remind me
of Summer as I face Solstice Night."
Now, take the Athame and put it in the candle flame so that it reflects the
light. Place it over the Pentacle. Now, call West with lighting the blue candle:
"Powers of Water step forth from the darkness. Enter my circle, as dark gives
way to the light. Bring along with your bittersweet memories. Remind me of
Autumn as I face Solstice Night."
Use the pine sprig to sprinkle water over the pentacle. Now, call North by
lighting the brown candle:

“Powers of Earth, step forth from the darkness. Enter my circle, as dark gives
way to light. Bring along with you the land that now slumbers. Remind me of
Winter and this cold Solstice Night.”
Now, sprinkle the sand so that it creates a line around the symbols. Step back
for a moment and think about how the year has gone for you and the lessons
that you have learned and where you currently are. Once you are ready, start:

"Dark is my surrounding, and cold be this night but thy labor, Blessed Mother
has reborn the Sacred Light… The Child Divine, the most honored Sun shall
return with the sunrise again, Two will be One."
Remove the wreath from around its candle. Hold it in your right hand and
show it to each element, going clockwise. Now, place it behind you to
symbolize the death of the Holly King. Turn to your altar. Using your left
hand bring the green candle and mistletoe wreath around in a clockwise
motion. Show them to the elements, and lay the wreath around the green
candle and set the candle back into its holder in the cauldron. Use the black
candle to light the green:
“Hark! Behold the rebirth of the King of the Woodlands! Behold the Oak
King, strong and vital he rises!”
Snuff the flame on the black candle. In a clockwise motion, place your right
hand behind you. Face the cauldron and let your eyes close. Take a moment
to honor the Oak King. Now say:
“Awake now thy Mother, Thy Lover, Thy Lady. Awake now Thy Goddess of
Life, Death, Rebirth.”
Use the green candle to light the white candle. Return the green candle to its
place. Hold the white candle out at arm’s length over the cauldron.
“Awaken, my Lady, look upon Thyne Divine Child, His rebirth while You
slumbered was subtle and silent. The Stag King, the Green Man, Lord of
Fertility. He awaits They wakening Gentle and benevolent.”
Now, place the candle back in its place. Take a step back and get into the
Goddess position. Boldly say:
“All hail the Oak King, His rebirth; a promise All hail the Divine Child,
Giver of Life All hail the Blessed Sun, reborn to the Mother for he retakes
His throne at the end of Solstice Night!”
Now you need to meditate and do any spells. Do any spells that are related to
Yule, which often include happiness, love, harmony, and peace. Next thing
you do is to celebrate with the Cakes and Ale ceremony. Save some of this
for the spirits. Thank the Goddess and blow out your candle. Release and
thank the elements
“Carry sweet tidings, round the world and beyond, I charge thee as
messengers Earth, Water, Fire, and Air. Let all rejoice loudly in the Oak
King’s return Teach all that you meet, with the glad tidings you bear.”
Working counterclockwise, blow out the element candles. Move back and
face the cauldron and the candle that is still going.

"Before my circle tonight, I close Blessings I ask for this house and my kin
Tomorrow at daybreak when I arise A special flame I will carry within…
And a gold candle upon my altar I'll light adding my will to the Sun King's
intent to climb aloft in the vaulted skies. And for strength back to me; three
times, the strength I've sent."
Blow out that candle. Place the wreath over the pentacle. Let your circle
release. Clean everything up and make sure that the gold God candle stays
where it is so that you can light it when you get up in the morning. Blessed

Imbolc or Candlemas Ritual

In addition to your normal magical tools, you are going to need:
Long wooden stick matches
Potpourri blend of vanilla, cinnamon, heather flowers, bay, and basil
Tea light
Potpourri holder
Small white pillar candle
Snow or crushed ice
Handful of acorns
Pentacle candle wheel
Small woven basket with white flowers
Corn husk doll
13 white 4” stick candles
Light yellow taper God candle
Light green taper Goddess candle
White altar cloth
White Angelica leaves

Sweep the area moving in a clockwise manner. Place Angelica leaves to
outline your circle. Put the Pentacle Candle Wheel in the middle of your altar.
Place the light green candle at the top left. The light yellow candle should be
at the top right. The basket of flowers should be placed as the Bride's bedding
and put the corn husk doll on top of the flowers. Put the basket before the
Goddess candle and at the left of the Pentacle Wheel. The acorns are placed
before the God candle and at the right of the Pentacle. Put the tea light
underneath the potpourri holder and place the holder in the middle of the altar
toward the front. Put the white candle in the cauldron and place two inches of
crushed ice or snow and place it on the floor before the altar. Place the
container of potpourri where you can reach it easily. Put your other tools
where you like for them to be. Shower or bathe to purify yourself. Center and
ground yourself. Once you are ready, turn on some soothing music that is
appropriate for this Sabbat.
Hold out your right hand to cast your circle by tracing the Angelica leave
clockwise. While you are tracing, visualize pure white flames rising along the
perimeter of the circle. Once the circle is complete. Set the cauldron and light
the white candle. Say:

"Amidst the darkness, the Lady is stirring. Gently awakening from frozen
dreams, All the world has awaited this moment. They return of the Maiden,
and her promise of oncoming Spring."
Call the quarters because this is the time to honor Gaia as she awakens from
her winter slumber to birth the Sun King at Yule. Start with Earth, North.
Take the potpourri and walk over to your altar. Add some into the holder,
“Powers of Earth, the Maiden awakens! Come join the circle and share in the
Sit the container down where it is. The white candle that was placed on the
North point of the Pentacle Wheel needs to be lit. Wave your hand across the
potpourri to get the smell in the air:
“Powers of Air, the Maiden awakens! Come join the circle and share in the
Now, light the white candle at the East point of the pentacle. Light the tea
light that was put underneath the potpourri holder and say:
“Powers of Fire, the Maiden awakens! Come join the circle and share in the
Now, light the white candle at the South point of the Pentacle. Pour a little
water into the potpourri holder and say:
“Powers of Water, the Maiden awakens! Come join in the circle and share in
the light.”
Now light the candle at the West point. Take the white candle off the top
point of the Pentacle. Use the white candle to light the God and Goddess
candles to invoke them into the circle. Put the white candle back where it
belongs and say:
“Be with me now, oh Ancients, eternal, Hear now my prayers, hopes, and
dreams. The Goddess has awakened, once more as the Maiden but loving
caresses from the strengthened Sun King.”
The cross point on the Pentacle Wheel needs to be lit. Start with the space at
the right of the North and then light the cross points, saying:
“The Earth now grows warmer, as the Wheel again turns and as each passing
day adds strength, To the Sun King’s rays The Maiden, of his gift of life, now
silently does yearn.”
Remove a couple of the acorns and place them in the Bride’s bed. Light the
three Goddess candles. She gets white candles because she is in her Maiden
form and is renewed and pure. Take a step back and think about the light that
is shining and say:
“Behold the God and Goddess, Lord of the Forest and his Bride; Once again
the Earth is blessed with life anew inside. Seeds shall soon begin to sprout
and creatures shall young bear for this is the Promise, the Cycle of Life that is
born of the love They share.”
Meditate for a moment and do any spells that you need to do like protection,
health, organization, future goals, and fertility spells. Now, celebrate with
Cakes and Ale Ceremony. Save some for the spirits. Thank everybody for
being there and snuff out the candles. Release and thank the elements:
"Though you leave this circle, tonight, Water, Fire, Air, and Earth your
symbols shall linger on a while blessing my home and hearth. The herbs that
scent this room tonight, were chosen with loving care, to bless me, my family
and my friends, and my sisters and brothers everywhere."

Starting at the top and working West, blow out the white candles. Working in
a counterclockwise direction, blow out all of the inner candles. Lastly, you
can snuff out the Goddesses three candle. Step back and then turn to your
cauldron that still has a burning white candle, saying:
“I honor Thee, Maiden, most blessed Bride as your candle burns through this
night and thank you for the renewed life you offer us all as you emerge from
the dark into the light.”
Let your circle go and then clean everything up. Put the cauldron in the center
of your altar. Allow the candle to completely burn out. Put the potpourri
where its blessings and scent will fill the whole house. Blessed Be!
Ostara Ritual
Winter is finished and the world begins to awake. Gaia is breathing life back
into the world again. The Horned God is now dancing through the forest.
Ostara has arrived. Summer and Spring are before us bringing comfort,
warmth, and endless possibilities.
The majority of rituals for Ostara are beautiful and intricate. The following is
a great ritual to do if you don't have the time or the means to do something
more elaborate.
You will need:
A plant that is in a pot
Two purple candles
Begin by casting your circle.
Place the candles on either side of your plant. The candles are the Goddess
and God, and the plant is the life that they will create.
While you light the candles, say:
“Maiden Mother, Lord Father, once again you dance together. We witness
the glory of your union. As the days grow longer and the light grows warmer,
hear our celebration and receive our thanks. May we live in harmony
together, Blessed Be!”
Take some time to think about any new beginning or creative endeavors
going on in your life. Imagine them manifesting and taking for before you.
Feel all the joy about these possibilities that lay ahead of you.
If you would like to give these a little more power, you may also ask Ostara
for help by saying:

“Spirit of Ostara, for these new ventures I ask your blessing and aid.”
It is now time to close the circle and thank the God and Goddess.
Beltane Ritual
This helps to put you in alignment with the energies of joy, unity, fertility,
and abundance. While this includes sexual power, it doesn’t mean that you
must have a partner in order to do it. It is easy to celebrate the union of
feminine and masculine energy in others way, such using it to fuel your
What you’ll need:

Bonfire, fire in a mini cauldron, or candles on a plate in the colors

white, red, yellow, and green
Beltane incense: this needs to include sage, basil, saffron, rose petals,
frankincense, dragon's blood, and ylang-ylang.
Colored ribbons
A plate of offerings like food like chocolate and wine.
Purify and cleanse your space. Take a shower and bath to purify yourself.
Place the offering on your altar, or you can put them on a plate that is close to
your fire. Dedicate all of this to all of the energies of the season.

Light your incense and fire and let the energy take hold of you. If you want to
use loose incense, then you can place a bit into your fire. The fire should be
dedicated to Beltane. Begin with a simple invocation:
“Fire burn, fire bright, peace and joy this Beltane night.”
At this point, you can also add specific invocations for you chose deities.
While you take in the fire’s energy, imagine energy and vitality coming out
of the fire and connecting with yours.
Allow this fire to fill you up with abundance. If there is a goal that you are
trying to accomplish, you represent it in some way and let the fire's light fuel
your goal. You can do this by writing the intention down or using a crystal
that you have taken the time to share with your intention.
After you feel like you can feel the energies take the ribbons. These can be
attached to a wand or wood. You could braid them into your hair. Start
braiding them together now as you picture the connection of the feminine and
masculine energies, saying:
“I call forth and celebrate the sacred union. With joy and love may my
workings be filled with fertile abundance.”
Feel as these energies connect. Allow the fire’s light to fall upon the braids of
the ribbon. One way to celebrate this is to have a sacred orgasm. Allow all of
the energies to gather around you. Picture them providing you with potency
and all of your intentions. Picture them feeling you with passion, joy, and
After this has finished, mindfully eat your offerings. Make sure that you take
the time to notice the textures and flavors as you appreciate everything you
have. This should be a celebration of these different energies that you have
called upon.

Carefully put out the fire, or you can let it burn out its own if you plan on
staying there and watching it. Thank the energies that have been present and
allow them to leave. This should definitely be done to make sure that you
don’t have fire energy in your ritual space.
If you don’t like working with fire, gather colorful objects that represent
Beltane. You can use incense, crystals, candles, flowers, and ribbons.
Decorate your altar and then meditate while you imagine the energies of joy,
fertility, and abundance gathering around you and in your life.
Litha or Summer Solstice Ritual
Other than your normal magical tools, you need:
Green Earth Goddess candle
Red Sun God candle
1 cup fresh spring water
A small pouch of summertime herbs
Yellow alter cloth
Summer blend incense: wisteria, lotus, rose, jasmine, or a combination

Sweep your ritual area in a clockwise motion. Place your quarter candles and
everything else that you want to use to symbolize the elements. Place
seasonal flowers on your altar. If you have sunflowers, that would be best.
Make your pouch with some summertime herbs. While making it, allow all of
your sorrows, regrets, pains, illness, and troubles to fall into it. Sit your
cauldron in the center. The green candle should be set to its left and the red to
its right. Put a cup of spring water before the green candle. Take a bath or
shower to purify yourself. Center and ground yourself. Meditate for some
time. Once you are ready, start some music that works for your ritual.
Cast your circle. Take your wand, raise your arms, and turn toward the south
and say:

"I celebrate the mid of summer, held in honor of the blazing sun God. All of
Nature vibrates with the fertility of the Goddess and God. The Earth basks in
the light and life of the Sun. The ever-turning Wheel of the Year has made
the light ever stronger and the light has kept growing longer until today…
The middle of the time of light, Litha, MidSummer's Day, Summer Solstice.
From here, the light begins to fade, again, until once more the Wheel turns
the time of darkness, Yule, Winter Solstice. Yet, for today, the Sun is high,
the light is bright, the Earth is warm. As the Sun God blazes above, may the
fires of my rite flame below."
Now, face your altar, lay your wand down and light the Goddess candle, say:
“Oh, Mother of Nature, She that brings the meadow to bloom, Green Forest
Mother, from lakes and streams your children spring forth. Blesses Lady of
the stars and the Moon, Fruitful Womb of which I honor, and ask of Thee,
Thy Blessings.”
Now, light the God candle and say:
“Oh, Father of all things, he that plants the seed and nurtures Life. God of
Fertility and Fruitfulness, from hill and forest your children emerge. Blessed
Lord of the blazing Sun, potent Consort of which I honor, and of Thee, Thy
Now, pick up the pouch and hold it over your head, saying:
"By thy power, oh sacred herbs, may the Lord of the Sun burn away the
hurtful, the troublesome, and the painful, Leaving me purified through His
warmth and Light."
Place the pouch over the main candle so that it catches on fire. As it is
burning, place it into your cauldron, saying:
“Great Goddess and Great God, from Thee all powers flow forth. The Two
that are One, Great Spirit of All-That-Is, By Thy powers, and the powers of
Air, Fire, Water, and Earth, By Thy powers, and the powers of the Sun,
Moon, and Stars, I banish these negatives from my life.”
Imagine the negatives that you placed inside the herb pouch burning into
nothingness. Once you have nothing but ashes left, douse these with the
spring water, visualize that the water is being poured over you and all your
negative thoughts and feelings are being washed away. "Air dry" by moving
around and letting your hands rub over your body. Make sure you do your
head as well… tilt your hair back and shake it, running your fingers all
throughout your hair. Once done, face your altar and wave your hand over
your cauldron, say:

“As the Phoenix rises from the ashes, so let this water be pure and new.
Mother Goddess, bless this water so that it may bless and renew me. Father
God, may your rays of the Midsummer Sun bless and nourish me. Two that
are One, may your blessings sustain me as I journey, anew.”
Cup your hands together and pass them over the cauldron, pause every now
and then to "pour" in a wish or two for good fortune, prosperity, and health to
be in your life. Wet your right-hand index finger in the water that is in your
cauldron. Now trace a pentagram over your forehead, saying:
“Let my mind be open to the truth.”
Wet your lips with the water and say:
“Let my lips always speak the truth.”
Anoint the area of your heart and say:
“Let my heart seek the ways of the Goddess, now and always.”
Anoint your palms and say:
"Allow my hands to be gifted to work in magic always."
Anoint your feet and say:
“Let my feet ever walk upon the sacred paths!”
Now, you can do your meditation and spells. MidSummer spells include
plentiful harvests, fertility, and prosperity. Finish the ritual by having a Cake
and Ale Ceremony. Release the circle. Clean your area. Blessed Be!
Lammas or Lughnasadh Ritual
What you will need in addition to your normal magical tools is:
Any personal items of your choosing
Apple cider
Cornbread muffins
Golden stones or any sun symbols
Harvest vegetables
Summer incense blend
Silver candle
Gold candle
Yellow altar cloth
Sweep your ritual area in a clockwise motion. Outline your circle with yellow
sand or cornmeal. Lay down the yellow cloth and add decorations of fruits,
grains, and veggies. The gold candle should be placed at the top right, and
place sun symbols around it or gold stones. The silver candle should be at the
top let. Place the cauldron full of cider in the middle and place the cornbread
muffins around it. Take a bath or shower to purify yourself. Meditate for a
few minutes, then center and ground yourself. Once ready, play some music
that is appropriate for the ritual.
Cast your circle. With your wand in your right hand, face North and stretch
your arm above your head, saying:
“What will be is. What was will be. The Wheel of the year forever turns.
Dark to light, light to dark, each season passes with lessons learned. We plant
with love, tend with respect, and at Harvest time our yields reflect the bounty
of our Mother Earth, ripened by our Father Sun. Now upon our humble
hearth, gifts we offer the Two that are One.”
“As each day passes, shorter than the last. May we each be reminded of the
seasons that have passed. The marriage and the seeding of the Goddess back
in May, her womb swollen with life anew at Summer Solstice Day, All this
time the Father Sun has shone with so much pride.”
“Rising early, setting late, and now that he’s supplied the warmth and light to
bring to bear, the Goddess and the lands He knows that his death is drawing
near, but this secret he understands, that with the turning of the wheel, his
rebirth has been planned.”
Place the wand down on your altar and then use your hands to point to the
decorations of food that you have placed on your altar.
"Truly blessed are we that receive the bounty of the Harvest, Blessed be our
Mother Earth, Blessed be our Father Sun, As he teaches us of life, death, and
rebirth. I honor Thee, The Two that are One."
Take the muffin and offer it to the Goddess, say:
“Blesses by the Harvest, Blessed be the Corn Mother, Blessed be the Grain
God, For together they nourish both body and soul. Many blessings I have
been given, I count them now by this bread.”
Name the things that you are most grateful for. With each thing you say, take
a piece of the muffin and eat it. Drink from the chalice that is full of Apple
cider. Once you have finished naming all your blessing, take some of the
grain and hold it at face level with your hand open, say:
“Guardian of the East, I pray for your indulgence, Hear me now as I request
your aid in the cycle of life. As your winds blow through fields of ripened
grain, Carry loosened seeds upon your back that they may fall amidst the soil
that is our Mother Earth. She will cover them in times of storm, protecting
and nourishing them until they sprout next Spring, beginning life anew.”
Gently blow the seeds off of your hand. Say:
"I give thanks to the Great Mother, Goddess of fertile land. And to the Great
Father, Consort and Provider. For as their bounty sustains my life, so does
their bounty sustain my brethren; all living creatures of wood and field, of
lake and stream and of air. Of these blessings, I partake and share. Blessed be
this Harvest Night, The Givers and the gift."
Turning to your altar, assume the Goddess pose and say:
"All things have their season. Again the wheel has turned and brought us to
the season of the First Harvest. A time when we think about sacrifices and
reborn hope, A time when we reflect on what we have sown and what we
reap, A time when we gather our memories, and from those lessons that we
have learned. We plan for the future."
“Blessed Be our Mother, whose womb contains and bears all life. Blessed Be
our Father, whose seed plants all life. Blessed Be the Two that are One, From
Them life flows and flows back again.”

Now take the time to meditate and do spells. If you don’t have any spells to
do, go ahead with the Cakes and Ale Ceremony. Release the circle. Clean
your space. Blessed Be!
Mabon Ritual
You will need:
Any personal items you want
Autumn blend incense
A sprig or two of ivy
A bolline

A fallen tree branch

A bell
Vegetables and fruits like corn, squash, berries
Red apple
Wicker basket
Red altar cloth
Sweep your ritual space in a clockwise motion. Place the red cord around to
mark your circle. Decorate your altar with harvest items like beans, corn,
wheat, or low vibration stones. The choice is yours. Set your altar up and put
the red cloth on it. In the middle at the top put the wicker basket full of the
vegetables and fruits. Put the bolline and apple on your Pentacle. Put the tree
branch beside the basket to the right. Put your other tools where you want
them. Take a bath or shower to purify yourself. Sit and meditate quietly to
center and ground yourself. Once you are ready, play some music that is
appropriate for this ritual.
Cast your circle. Holding your wand in the right hand and face your altar.
Stretch your arm over your head, saying:
“I honor Thee, Autumn Queen, and Thy consort, the God of the Harvest. The
Wheel has once more turned and the change of season begins. What will be
is. What was will be. The Equinox is upon us, and the time to reflect, at hand.
All time comes together, here and now in this sacred space. And I, but a
moment in time, feel the change as I pass from one season to the next. The
Second harvest has been reaped, and the time of rest is deserved. Go now My
Mother and slumber. Go now My Father and dream of re-birth. I shall be here
to greet Thee on Your return.”

Keep your arms where they are and let your eyes close, then bow your head.
Think about the things you have said. Once you are ready, lower your arms
as you open your eyes. Place the apple on the pentacle. Using your bolline,
cut it across the center, not down through the stem, to show the pentagram in
the middle. Now lift the apple with the pentagram upwards as an offering and
“As the Wheel turns, the seasons pass, and the years give way to the next,
Guide me most Wise Ones, lest I forget every beginning has an ending and
every ending is a new beginning.”
Bite the apple. Place the rest of it to the side to share with the spirits later.
Pick of the branch and shake it in each direction, once, starting at North:
“As the days grow colder, and the nights last longer, May I remember the
summer past. With sunlight fading, and hearth inviting, my memories will
warm my soul. From a season of hard work and hard play, I hear Mother’s
voice calling me forward. While I rest, shall she lull me with songs of a
dream, as close to Her bosom I cling.”
With both hands, hold the branch out in front of you:
“With memories of the summer, least I never forget, and aspiring for the
colder months to come, least I never stop striving, I honor Thee with this
symbol of nature, keeping it and Thee in my home and heart that I may see it
and pause to reflect on the Ancient Mysteries. Leading me to a better
understanding of myself, and of others, and all that is Life.”
Put the branch into the basket so that it points toward you. Think about all the
different symbols you have attached to it. This about the different projects for
the rest of the year you have connected it with. Let your eyes close and feel
all of the seasons change throughout the circle. Once you are ready, say:
"Between the worlds, I stand in this sacred place. All time is here and now.
As I leave this circle, the season shall have changed, and I will have changed
with it. May I use the short time of Winter Finding to draw the strength and
power from within as I quest for vision, understanding, and peace."
Take the ivy and wrap them up your arms so that they go from your wrists to
elbows. Ring the bell your right hand three times. Place the bell into your left
hand and ring it one time to bring along the final season of the year. Sit the
bell back down and then put the ivy into the cauldron, say:
“In Life is Death, and in Death is Life. The Sacred Dance goes on and on
from whence we came, we shall return, and come again. Seasons pass, and
pass again, the circle stays unbroken heed the words of your child, here,
through your wisdom I have spoken.”
Now it is time to meditate and spells. Any associated spells could include
self-confidence, security, wealth, and protection. If you don’t want to do any
spells do the Cakes and Ale Ceremony. Release your circle. Clean up your
space. Blessed Be!
Samhain Ritual
You will need:
Offering bowl
Red wine
Athame or want
Lighter or matches
Starter candle
Three candles
Six quarter candles
Try to do this at night if at all possible and in a place where nobody is going
to interrupt you. Start by setting up your altar with the first nine things listed
above. Place four quarter candles at the four points. To the northwest, place
the two remaining quarter candles two feet apart.
Get yourself ready for the ritual by doing whatever ever gets you into the
right frame of mind. This could be washing your hands, changing cloths,
bathing, or playing music. Light your starter candle and your incense.
Approach your altar and take a moment of silent meditation. Ground yourself
and then ring the bell three times. Chant, “I come to this place and this time
to celebrate the hold day of Samhain.”
Take your athame or wand and walk to East point of your circle, pause, and
then begin a slow walk in a clockwise direction, creating a circle as you walk.
Watch your wand leave behind a blue light. Continue until you reach the East
point again to finish the circle. Sit your wand down and light the East candle.
Say, "Spirits of Air, I call on you. Come into this circle, and share your
wisdom. On the sacred night of Samhain, welcome Air."
Move to the South candle. Light it and say, “Spirits of Fire, I call to you.
Come into this circle, and share your inspiration. On the sacred night of
Samhain, welcome Fire.”
Travel to West. Light the candle and say, “Spirits of Water, I call on you.
Come into this circle, and share your love. On the sacred night of Samhain,
welcome Water.”
Travel to North candle. Light it and say, “Spirits of Earth, I call on you.
Come into this circle, and share your stability. On the sacred night of
Samhain, welcome Earth.”
Travel to the East, and then back to your altar.
Take the first candle on your altar and light it. Chant, "Spirits of the land,
spirits of place, you who were here long before me, I invite you into this
circle. Join in on this celebration of Samhain, and accept this food and drink,
given in love and hospitality."
Take the wine and bread and raise them up. Crumble some of the bread into
the bowl and add in some wine.
“Land spirits, hail and welcome.”
Light the second candle. Chant, “Ancestors of blood and ancestors of spirit,
you whose child I am and on whose foundations I build, because of you I
have life. Join this circle, and add your blessings to this rite. Accept this
offering of food and drink, given in love and hospitality.”
Add more of the bread and wine to the bowl.
“Blessed ancestors, hail and welcome.”

Light the last candle. Say, "Goddess Morrigan, in life you teach us to reclaim
our sovereignty and to protect our family, and for this I thank you. I ask for
your blessings and presence as I celebrate Samhain. Please accept this
offering of food and drink, given in love and hospitality."
Again, offer the wine and bread and add it to the bowl.
“Morrigan, hail and welcome.”
Go and light the candles at the northwest point, then sit at your altar so that
you are facing northwest. Look at the space between the candles, not directly
at the candle. Allow your focus to fade.
Watch as the mist begins to rise, using your mind's eye. Watch as it obscures
everything around you. You can barely see the candles anymore. Listen with
all of your senses. Can you sense any of your ancestors? Greet them, in your
mind. Don't speak. Simply listen to what they have to say. When you feel you
have learned what you need to, return to your altar.
Offer the bread to your ancestors. Crumble some more in the bowl and take a
bite for yourself. Again, offer the wine. Pour some in the bowl and take a sip.
Go back to your seat and listen some more and then tell your ancestors
goodbye. Thank them for coming and list to hear them depart. Watch as the
mist fades so that you can see things again. Snuff the candles out that are
located at the northwest point and go back to the altar. Center yourself again
if needed.
Say, “Morrigan, Chooser of the Slain, I thank you for your blessings and
presence. May there be honor and peace between us now and forever. Hail
and farewell.”
“Ancestors of spirit and blood, I thank you for your presence and blessings.
May there be peace and honor between us now and forever. Hail and
“Spirits of land and place, I thank you for your presence and your blessings.
May there be peace and honor between us now and forever. Hail and
To close the circle, say, “Spirits of Earth, Water, Fire, and Air, I thank you
for your presence and blessings. May there be peace and honor between us
now and forever. Hail and farewell.”
Take your athame or want. Walk to the East, pause, and then walk around
your circle, slowly, counterclockwise. Watch as your circle disappears.
Ring the bell three times.
Say, “This rite of Samhain is complete. Hail and farewell.”
Do something that brings you back to the ordinary world and drink plenty of
water. Then go through and extinguish the candles. Put everything away and
dispose of the offerings appropriately. You can also take some time to journal
about this.
A Ritual for Gestures
When you think about rituals, you might feel like you are a horrible Pagan.
You might not dress like a Pagan. It might take you forever to learn a chant.
You don’t have a sense of rhythm. When incense is burning, which is all the
time, you might have to blow your nose constantly. You don’t like doing
group rituals. You might think that your facial expressions and posture
screams self-consciousness. What do you do? You are a work in progress.
You might realize that you didn’t have any formal training. You found
Paganism from reading books and most of them were very practical. You
might have participated in many group rituals, but you haven’t joined any
groups. Because of this most of the things that most Pagans do without
thinking are totally unfamiliar to me.
Take gestures, for example. They are very magical. You might have read
about rituals and elements in books but it is completely different to
experience it in a group setting. You might have been very self-conscious and
tried your best not to look like an outsider. You might have noticed one thing
in particular: how powerful simple gestures are.
While everyone was standing in a circle, calling the quarters, you will see
some participants with their arms extended with their palms out. This is a
very deliberate action but most people don’t understand the purpose. You
might not like doing anything without knowing about it first but take a
chance and try it. The next time you are in a circle extend your arms at your
sides and turn your palms out. You might feel a change immediately. You
might notice something inside you stirring. You might begin feeling more
open and less guarded. You might feel like you are connecting to others in
the room. You may start to feel more open. This can happen just because of a
You aren’t going to be convinced right away so you need to experiment. Turn
your palms back into your body. What happened? Did the sensations stop?
Did you feel your sense of awareness get sucked back into you? Now turn
your palms back out. What happened? Did the sense of awareness come
back? This gesture can change your experience profoundly.
You can experiment with gestures in your own rituals. Spoken words are very
powerful. To quote Ruby Sara: "For me, there truly isn't any difference on the
metaphysical level between magic and poetry. They are the same movement,
and you cannot have true magic without poetry (or true poetry without
magic). Poetry is the language of magic, it is magic given form and voice. On
a practical level, the human voice is a critical instrument in various manner of
spellcraft, as is language… history bears this out thoroughly I think… and in
my experience, spellcraft is hugely enhanced by applying to it the music and
rhythm and articulate beauty of invocative, resonant poetry."
When talking about words in a ritual, the power of the words are proportional
to how many there are. If the ritual is very wordy, it won’t be as powerful.
This is why poetry is so powerful. It says a lot with just a few words.
Having words isn’t always sufficient. There is a lot of power in gestures. If
you like greeting the sun each morning, your ritual can be deepened by
extending your arms and raising them over your head while saying: “Scaling
heaven, splendor encompasses you…” If you would like to get your entire
body involved, you can do the Sun Salutation yoga pose. You can also
experiment using mudras during your meditations. Using your hands could
help you focus and connect to certain parts of your body.
Learning how important gestures are can help you show how you feel. The
way you position your body can unconsciously express how you feel. You
can even change the way you feel by changing your body’s position.
The magic of gestures has been in the occult for a long time, anything from
complex body postures to simple gestures. During ceremonial magic, there
are postures and gestures that are known as “Signs of the Grades” such as the
Sign of the Water, Sign of the Earth, The Sign of Isis in Welcome, the Sign
of Osiris Slain, and the Sign of Horus.
For a Wiccan practitioner, they take the God pose when invoking God. It's
similar to the "Golden Dawn Sign of Osiris Slain." Here is how you get into
the pose. Your ankles and legs are together, your body is erect, and your arms
are folded on your chest. Your head might be bowed in the representation of
the Dead or raised to represent rebirth.
The Goddess Posture that you take when trying to invoke the Goddess looks
like the "Sign of Isis in Welcome". As you stand, spread your legs wide apart.
Raise up your arms so that your body forms an "X".
If you get into these postures during a ritual could have a profound effect
because it shows your mind and body are in unity.
There is a ritual where you only use gestures to call the quarters. You can use
visualizations or words if it feels better to you but doing a wordless ritual is a
great learning experience. If these gestures aren’t working for you, change
them up until they do. It isn’t the gestures that are magic, but how you are

Ritual of Gestures
Calling Air
Begin by facing east. Keep your arms down by your side; raise your hands up
until they are at the level of your chest. Make sure your palms are facing out.
The arms can be extended or the elbows can be bent a bit. Let your fingers
spread, but keep the hands relaxed. Think about how your hand does when
you let it hand out the window as you ride in the car, feeling the air move
through your fingers.

Calling Fire
Begin by facing toward the equator. It all depends on if you are in the north
or south whether you will be facing north or south. Tilt your head back and
look up. Bring your hands above your head. Make sure your elbows are
straight with your arms completely extended. Make sure that you spread your
fingers as wide as they can go. Touch your thumbs together. Do the same
thing with your index fingers. You should have formed a diamond shape.
Keep the other finger outstretched. Turn your palms upward. Visualize a line
that is going from your Third Eye through the middle of the diamond and
going all the way up to the North Star or sun depending on if it is night or
Calling Water
Begin by facing west. From the above position, bring your gaze and head
down to where it is level. Take your hands to chest level as you bend your
elbows. Face the palms up and cup the hands together. This should be a
simple fluid moment. Raise up your hands as if you are scooping water.

Calling Earth
Begin by facing the pole closest to you. Look down. Keep your hands at
waist level. Your palms need to face down but stay parallel with the ground.
Place your hands one on top of the other just like you are getting ready to
give someone CPR. Your hands should form to planes that overlap. Squeeze
your hands together as tightly as possible. Notice how the forces interact to
make a foundation that is firm.
Calling Center
Tilt your head back and look up. Raise your hand to the sky with your palms
facing in. It should look like you are refereeing a football game and calling a
touchdown. Your fingers need to be pointed to the sky. Keep this position.
Now look down while lowering your dominant hand to point toward the
ground. Keep the other hand above you. Keep this position. Now, look up
again while lifting your hand back toward the sky and bring the other hand
Rituals for Honoring Yourself
A Pagan and Witch’s birthday is very important to them. Just like Sabbats, a
birthday is a milestone in the Wheel of the Year. Rather than just celebrating
nature cycles, you need to celebrate yourself. A birthday is a great time to
review the year and see what is in store for you. It’s also a great time to make
some magic. Here are five simple rituals you can do while celebrating a

Enchant Your Cake

This one is very obvious. Most everyone has a tradition of making a wish
while blowing out the candles on their cake and this is a common act of
magic. Everybody does a little magic without even realizing it. So, when you
have your birthday this year, do so with intentions and you will get better
Here is what you will do:
Right before you blow out your candle, close your eyes.
Turn your wish into a simple sentence that is in the present tense. Make sure
you only use positive verbs. Here is one example: "I am hired at my dream
Now imagine your wish in your mind. Watch as your wish comes true. What
does it look like? Use all your senses.
Visualize your entire cake is surrounded by a golden light.
Now, blow out the candles while repeating your wish to yourself. You have
to trust that you have been heard. The Universe will have your back.
While you eat your cake, keep focusing on your wish.
To have even better results, don’t throw out your candles. Rather, put them in
a container on your altar. You can light them again while you focus on your
wish. Allow them to burn completely.

Make Your Cake an Offering

Once your birthday cake is over, make an offering with what is left of your
cake. If you have many guests, put one piece to the side. This is something
that usually isn’t done but keep it in mind. Most people like eating their cake
so this one might be hard for you. Remember that the best offerings are ones
that we hold as most valuable. Because you have shared your cake with your
friends, your cake has been charged with good energy.
Here is what you will do:
Put the cake in an offering bowl or small dish. Place it on your altar.
Call whatever entity you like working with like The Universe, Spirit Guide,
Angel, Goddess, or God.
Describe your cake to this person. Tell them that you are offering it as a
token of your gratitude and love. You could read a prayer if you want to.
Take a bite of your cake to symbolically share it with your entity. Tell them
thank you again.
Leave the cake on the altar for the remainder of the day. You can place it in
nature or compost it the next day.

Do a Tarot Reading
Birthdays are a great time for divination because you are in a crossing point
between this year and the next. Doing a Tarot reading for your birthday might
become a new tradition for you.
Here is what you will do:
Make a spread of 13 cards. The card in the middle is the Signifier: it shows
where you are in this very moment. There are several ways to select your
Signifier. For this particular spread, just draw it like it was a regular card.
Draw the Signifier as the first card and then draw the rest of them.
Read every card individually. Then you will include the center card to give
you more insight.
Some meanings might repeat but this is a good thing. Repetition will add up
to more details. Look at how the cards interact and you will learn some
interesting things.

Honor a Higher Self: You

To quote H. P. Blavatsky, your Higher Self is: "Atma the inseparable ray of
the Universe and oneself. It is the God above, more than within us."
Basically, this is saying all of us have a Higher Self. It is the purest part of
ourselves. It is made from unconditional love and connects us with the
Universe. A birthday is the best time to connect to it and honor it. Here is a
simple ritual you can do to honor your Higher Self.
What you’ll need:
Your favorite incense
Your altar
Favorite color of candle
Favorite drink
Favorite cup or chalice
Something that represents your Higher Self like a statue, printed
picture, drawing, or Tarot card
What you’ll do”
First and foremost, ground yourself. Take a deep breath. Light the candle and
begin concentrating on the flame.
Light your incense and repeat:
“O Higher Self, I call to You.”
Now, visualize your Higher Self standing in front of you. What it looks like
doesn’t matter. Pick whatever you like.
Now talk to your Higher Self. Do this out loud, say:
“I attune to my Higher Self. We are One. Oh, Higher Self, I ask you for
guidance. Help me see and understand the lessons of my life. Give me clarity
and courage to learn them. Help me to learn them with ease and joy. I
rededicate myself o the purposes for which I came into this life. Please guide
me through them.”
Now, take your chalice and visualize a bright white light coming out of it.
“Oh, Higher Self, please accept this drink as a token of my love.”
Now drink. Imagine this white light entering you while you are drinking the
liquid. You have been filled with joy and warmth.

Meditate for a couple of minutes. Visualize your Higher Self as being happy,
healthy, and strong. By doing this, you strengthen your bond to your Higher
Once you feel ready, repeat:
“Oh, Higher Self, I give you my love and thanks.”
Blow out the incense and candle. If you would like, you can record your
experience in your Book of Shadows.

Practicing Gratitude
Birthdays are a time to celebrate. Even if you don’t get any gifts, you still
receive many things like family dinners, birthday cake, free drinks, and
birthday wishes. After you have received all these things, take some time to
say a simple thank you.
Here is what you will do:
Take some time to sit quietly and write in your journal.
Write down all the wonderful things you got for your birthday and
throughout the year. Write down at least ten. They don’t have to be material
items. It can be just a smile you received from a coworker or friend.
Once you have finished, light one of your altar candles. Now, read the list out
loud. Thank your Guide, Goddess, God, the Universe, or whatever you
believe in for help.
There are many things you can do on your birthday. Don’t feel overwhelmed.
You do not need to do every single thing on this list. Just pick one that speaks
to you and make it a new tradition. Most people believe that true magic is in
the simplest gestures of our daily lives.
General Wellbeing and Abundance Spells
You have to be in the right frame of mind when casting spells or they could
go horribly, horribly wrong. With that being said, here are some spells for
you to try. Remember to do these at your own risk.

Abundance Spell One

This abundance spell has to be used with caution because it is very powerful.
There is an extremely fine line between wanting the best for your loved ones,
your friends, and yourself and just being greedy. If you use this spell while
consumed by greed it could be very dangerous.
Before you cast this spell, you have to find a deep sense of gratitude for what
the Universe has given to you. Try to go through every asset you own and
find three reasons why you are grateful to have it.
There isn’t anything wrong with asking for help if you are truly in need of
help. If you have pure intentions, this spell just might work wonders in your
What you’ll need:
Spring water – bottled mineral water is a good substitute.

Three gold coins

A solid copper bowl – you can substitute a silver goblet but you do this
at your own risk

What you do:

You have to wait until a Full Moon. If you try to do this spell at other times,
it won’t have an effect or might even cause damage. It all depends on the
star’s position.
Find a quiet room and dim the lights. You have to be alone when doing this
Pour the spring water into the copper bowl until it is half full. Throw the gold
coins into it one at a time while concentrating on your wish.

Move around until you have the reflection of the moon in the bowl. Focus on
the reflection and say: “I wish for abundance and greater prosperity. My
gratitude lasts for more than eternity.”
Leave the bowl just like it is overnight. Now take the coins out and place
them in your purse. Make sure you don’t spend them.

Mental Health Spell

What you’ll need:
Something to carve the candle with
Oil that resonates with you
Red candle – this stands for strength and courage. If a different color
resonates with you, use it.
What you’ll do:

Begin by anointing the candle with oil. Try to use something that helps with
depression, negative emotions, and stress or whatever emotion you want to
get rid of. This spell is all about making it personal for you. Once you finish
anointing the candle, carve the word “happiness” into the candle and put it
back into the holder. Light the candle, close your eyes, and visualize the
flame and this light flooding your whole body.
Repeat this three times or whatever number resonates with you:
"Grant me the strength to feel well, goodbye feelings of anger and despair,
nothing but light and joy will be felt from here on out, while leaving room for
the occasional shout."
Allow the candle to continue burning. Let this be all the negative emotions in
your body leaving. While the candle continues to get smaller, so will your
unpleasant feelings and thoughts until you have only happiness and positive

Abundance Spell Two

Just before Winter gets here is a great time to increase your prosperity. This
is also a good time to think about your needs rather than your wants and to
figure out what abundance means to you.

What you’ll need:

A personal item you absolutely need
A personal item you don’t need but like
A personal item that isn’t at all necessary to you

What you’ll do:

Put the items in front of you.
Hold the first one and say: “I am blessed to have all that I need.”
Put this item down and hold the next one. Now say: “I am capable of working
for the things I desire.”
Put down this item and hold the third one. Now say: “I can let go of what
doesn’t serve me.”
Put this item down. Look at all these items and repeat: “I have an abundance
of riches in my life.”
Give the last item to a friend or charity. Do this spell monthly to help you get
rid of things you don’t need. It helps you reinforce your efforts to build up
your prosperity and remind you of the things you want and need in life.
Rune Magic
Runes are tools that are used in Wiccan magic. They have a long history
going back to ancient Nordics. There are many different kinds of runes; we
will be focusing on the Elder Futhark Nordic Runes. This is a brief overview
of runes from their history, to being able to use them in your current magic.
Runes, What Are They?
Runes are the first writing system that is known to mankind. They were
developed and used by Germanic people and were used for things other than
letters. Every rune is carved with a symbol or picture that is representative of
a force that is powerful. When those people wrote those runes, they were
working with specific forces to bring specific outcomes. This is similar to
how witches used incantations and spells to manifest certain results.
Every rune has a magical significance along with an audio and visual form it
represents. Every rune letter is considered a “futharks.” This was named after
the first six runes which are Fehu, Uruz, Thurisaz, Ansuz, Raidho, and
There are three futharks but we are going to be focusing on the Elder Futhark
which is the first formed alphabet. This was created around the first century
CE and was finished about the year 400.

Using Runes
Normally runes are carved into metal, bone, stone, or wood. Just drawing
them on paper won't give you the same power. Whoever is using the runes
could hold and absorb the energies. While pen and paper could work with
specific methods, runes have been a tool since they were created. Some
people will make their own but it fine to use rune sets that are already made.
Be sure to cleanse and charge them to make them yours.
When the runes were being created, spoken words held power. They thought
if you spoke a word out loud you were giving them physical form. Words
created reality. Reality didn’t create words.
When using runes, you invoke a lot of magical power. Understanding which
rune you use is extremely important when using them in spells. Runes can be
used as a divination tool or you can use them as symbols when doing
manifestations and spell casting.

Elder Futhark Runes

Here is a list of runes that you will see once you start working with them:
Fehu (Feoh): this rune invokes the fires of heavenly bodies, circulates
life force and abundance, brings activity and motivation, initiates
enterprises that will be prosperous, attracts wealth. When you use fehu
repeatedly, it will give you a bigger chance to receive and send energy.
You can use it to advance goals and project to the next stage, to
increase wealth, to give a boost to your career, to protect your
valuables and property.
Urus (UR): this rune draws oak and earth into your personal sphere,
gets rid of self-doubt and weaknesses, and enhances strength. You can
use it to bring new situations to you, to change difficulties with change,
or to start new processes.
Thurisaz (Thorn): this rune brings protection, dynamic defense, luck,
beginnings, catalyzes regeneration and change, and breakthroughs. Is
capable of stimulating fruitfulness and barrenness.
Ansuz (Asa): this rune strengthens the Magician Self Persona, invokes
the divinity within, increases spiritual wisdom and consciousness, and
promotes eloquence and word power. It can unleash divine power,
brings increased psychism, trance, ecstasy, and inspiration. You can
use it when you are getting ready to take a test, writing down
information, composing a proposal, giving a presentation or speech, or
when getting ready for a test. Use this when working with your
genealogy to help remember and cultivate the powers of your
ancestors. Hypnotherapists use this rune to study past life regressions.
Odin, who is the main god of Norse mythology, is the keeper of this
hidden power and Lord of Death.
Raidho (Rad): this is the rune of astral travel and ritual. It can help you
orient the true purpose of life, helps you find the correct way, obtains
justice, establishes arrangements and rightful order. Brings cosmic
harmonies in tune, helps to correct wayward and unsteady situations,
sustains world order, and brings good counsel and progress. It can
move or get rid of energies and sends them to a certain destination.
Paint or inscribe Raidho onto your vehicle to get you safely to and
from your destination. This is great for hypnosis, meditation, astral
travel, or divination purposes.
Kenaz (Cen): this is the rune of openings. It can wake up the artistic
craft, transforms energies into creative, higher levels, kindles your
mind's cunning abilities, kindles the flame of knowledge, works well in
love magic, finds the knowledge that is hidden, reveals secrets,
unleashes creative impulses and skills, and awakens executive ability.
Gebo (Gyfu): this is the rune that bridges the divine and human realms,
brings abundance and good luck, establishes mutual giving. It enhances
relationships, bonding, partnerships, and marriages. It brings mutual
benefits and gifts, promotes exchange and generosity, and balances
Wunjo (Wyn): this is the wish rune. It is the most powerful rune in the
whole set. It can bring harmony with others and success. It can heal
disagreements between groups and individuals. It can bring like-
minded people into contact with others, establishes friendly interaction,
fellowship, and empathy. It can promote sensuality, fruitfulness, and
Hagalaz (Haegl): this is the rune that facilitates shamanic passages
between the realms, crystallizes your life patterns, turns away evil
spells and storms, and protects holiness. You can use it to help you
make decisions, banish bad habits, and overcome obstacles. This rune
can bless marriages or partnerships.

Naudhiz (Nyd): this is the rune that banishes. It can help turn stress and
frustration to your advantage. It can loosen karmic bonds and liberates
constrictions. Helps you make any bad situation a good one. You can
use it to bind curses. If a situation seems hopeless use this rune. This
rune can be used for any successful venture and to free you from all
fetters and locks.
Isa (Isa): this is a blocking rune that stops, slows, and hinders events. It
can obliterate and freeze any activity that isn’t wanted. It can bring
stasis and stillness. Gives a turn to a person’s center of gravity,
strength when you are alone, concentration, inward focus, and clarity.
Helps find your enemies. It is a binding rune. You can use it to cancel
aggression that isn’t wanted or to stop somebody that’s harassing you.
Jera (Jera): this rune brings improvement and revolution. You can use
this rune when you want material results, especially if you have effort,
money, or time invested. It can promote better change. It realizes the
natural cycle and manifest the results of your efforts. It can bring
results and peaceful prosperity. It helps the most during legal matters
along with fertility magic. Jera will turn your dreams into reality and is
thought of as a luck rune. Paint with waterproof paint of indelible ink
on any item to bring lasting prosperity. This is a great rune for
landscapers, farmers, gardeners, and herbalists.
Eihwaz (Eoh): this is the rune for achieving your goals. This rune will
stalk to attain objectives and helps you survive. This rune is a magical
protector. Can help you understand your fate. It guards against
behavior that is self-destructive and is great when dealing with drug
and alcohol abuse. Use it to find lost objects, find a new home or job,
or completes a task that is challenging. It can give you strength.

Perthro (Peorth): this is the rune that can help you understand the
hidden roots of incarnations. It can unlock ancestral memories. It can
be used in hypnosis therapy, self-hypnosis, meditation, and divination.
It gives you answers to mysteries. This rune looks like a cup. When a
cup's opening faces to the right, this is equal to a birth. If the opening
faces to the left, this is equal to death.
Elhaz (Algiz): this is the guardian rune that wards off harm and
destruction, protection, and higher consciousness. It is a defender and
active ward. Increases your field of magical power. Draw this on
anything you want to be protected, including mail.
Sowilo (Sol): this is the rune that guides you to light and self-
orientation. You can use it to strengthen a witch's magical will. It
promotes illumination, success, and victory. It also promotes spiritual
will power. Brings the sun's female energy into your personal sphere.
With runes, the moon will be masculine and the sun is feminine. This
rune is great at promoting self-confidence.
Tiwaz (Tyr): this is the victory rune. It can bring victory in legal
judgments, trials, and contests. It upholds faith, honor, steadfastness,
and increases loyalty. It invokes justice, strengthens confidence during
competition and ordeals, maintains order, sustains oaths and promises,
and brings lawful outcome. When used for healing, it can speed up
recuperation. Can't be used to change justice. Carve this on any
weapon that will be used for justice.
Berkano (Beorc): this rune brings projects and ideas to light, promotes
new beginnings. It is a birth rune when used for magic dealing with
motherhood and femininity. The besom rune can invoke Gaia’s
energies and can bring things from their conception to their birth
safely. Use it to heal any feminine problems. This is a great protective
rune for teenage girls and young children.
Ehwaz (Eh): this is the rune for pacts, marriages, and partnerships. It
can bind two people together for a mutual end. It helps move obstacles.
It brings motion, progress, and change. It’s a great luck charm to bring
you safe bonds and protection of friendship. It can be used to find
transportation when needed. It can be used for astral travel.
Mannaz (Man): this is the thought rune. It increases intellectual power
and intelligence. It brings during mental efforts and while studying,
helps with career choices and social integration. It brings psychic
harmony. It can help you realize your true potential. It can help you get
help from other people.
Laguz (Lagus): this is the occult rune. It holds both destructive and
constructive power of the tides. It can increase clairvoyance, psychic
seership, and intuition. It gives you access to the dream world. It is
great to draw moon energy. It can invoke sorcery energy. You can use
it as a net to bring in the energy that is needed. You can use it to bring
pleasant dreams and to help someone fall asleep.
Ingwaz (Ing): this rune brings centering and focus, promotes fertility,
and invokes inner energy. It is very powerful when used in erotic spells
and can awaken phallic force and masculine fertility. When used in
health, it can overcome mental illness and illusions. It can calm
domestic problems and brings safety to the work or home environment.
It can bring successful conclusions to any matter. It lets you release
energy fast and increases fertility.
Dagaz (Dag): this is the rune of enlightenment. It opens all doors on
every plane for complete realization. It brings the dawn of each new
day. It can induce cosmic consciousness, helps matters and situations
bloom, and invokes perfection. It protects portal gateways. It can make
things or people invisible. It gets rid of all negativity. You can use it to
increase finances, to help you launch new projects, or to change a
person’s attitude. It is a good luck charm. It can cure sickness, lessen
pain, and comforts grieving people.
Othala (Odal): this rune will enhance the prosperity of hearth and
home, security, and peace. It can bring fortunate influences into a
place, screens and protects the house, helps put down roots, invokes
ancestral and earth's traditions, and keeps investments and money safe.
When you use these runes during magical working, remember the invocation
and meaning that you are trying to work. Runes are very powerful and could
be the most powerful tool in your arsenal.
Occult Suppliers
Every Pagan, Wiccan, or Earth-based spiritualist is going to need supplies at
some point in their lives. There are many online supplies where you can find
pretty much anything your heart desires. Here is a list of my favorites:
Doc Solomon's Occult Curios: This site specializes in creating obscure
ingredients and ritual tools for traditional spellwork, hoodoo,
conjuring, grimoire and Solomonic workings such as incense, beeswax
candles, parchment, talismans, ritual swords and knives, aspergillums,
oak and hazel wands, maiden-spun thread, holy oil, herbal-infused hold
waters, and holy water. All their items are handcrafted unless
otherwise noted. They use certain materials as prescribed by the
grimoire and if needed, observe magical hour and day constraints.
Their items are consecrated or blessed by an ordained Priest. Supplies
will always be limited and some items might have to be custom or pre-
Alchemy Arts: This is a metaphysical and occult supply store. They
have rare books, smudging supplies, oils, herbs, incense, divination
tools, curious, candles, books, and bath supplies. There is a place on
their website where you can subscribe to their newsletters. They have a
calendar of events, tales of alchemy arts, history of alchemy arts and
blog posts.
Raven and Crone: This is an online catalog of tumbled stones, crystals,
new age supplies, occult supplies, pagan supplies, witchcraft supplies,
and Wicca supplies. They have ritual tools and supplies, minerals,
gemstones, and crystals, tumbled stones, anointing oils, pendulums,
Creepy Hollows: This store offers a wide range of magic tools and
supplies that can be used for common and personal use. They have
DVDs, CDs, jars, bottles, candleholders, candles, tiles, bells, tables,
altar cloths, book holders, and books. Any witch could find all the
essential products for their rituals and practices like cauldrons, scrying
mirrors, crystal balls, and rune sets. Ordinary people can find many
practical things like mixes, oils, bath washes, tea, tea accessories,
jewelry, mugs, and clocks. Various talismans and amulets suited to
everyone and every occasion. Simple pendants, Celtic symbols, and
animal totems that have great powers for any need.
13 Moons: Explore a huge variety of magical, occult, and pagan
supplies. They have charms, enchantments, handcrafted items, plaques,
statues, spells, oils, jewelry, incense, clothing, home decorations,
herbs, crystals, gems, essential oils, divination, candles and holders,
calendars, books, and altar supplies.
Exercises and Magical Techniques
For you to be able to do spiritual activities, practice magic, or cast a circle in
Witchcraft or Pagan religions, you have to learn how to manipulate energy.
You have to know how to project, raise, and sense it.
It can be hard if you are a beginner because there isn’t an easy way to
measure it. You might wonder if you are doing it the right way. This is where
practice makes perfect. You can try these exercises using crystals to learn
how to improve and achieve this skill.
You need to do the exercises in stages. The first stage might just take you a
few days or a couple of weeks. When you feel like you have learned this
phase, you can move to the next. Don't ever rush through. You need to take
your time. Learning to manipulate energy will take practice.

Clear Quartz
For the following exercises, you are going to need some clear quartz crystals.
Quartz is great to use for these exercises. Many crystals already have specific
properties that make them perfect for specific uses. It might be to ward off
negative energy or to draw prosperity. Quartz is essentially empty vases
because they don't carry a certain energy. They are neutral. They actually
amplify the energy of what they get paired with.
Many crystals are either projective meaning they radiate energy or receptive
meaning they absorb energy. Quartz is both. This makes them ideal to
program with whatever energy you want and they will amplify this while
radiating with that energy.
You need to cleanse the crystals by letting them soak in salt water overnight,
bury them for a complete moon cycle, smudge them, or let them sit overnight
in the light of the full moon. This removes all past associations they have.

You need a container for every crystal. Each one needs to have its own box,
bag, Tupperware, etc. They need to be in identical containers so you won't
know what they are by looking at them. Crystals are very powerful sources of

Raising Energy
First, you need to relax and get into a meditative state.
Pick one emotion. It could be whatever you are feeling on this day.
Compassion, lust, love, fear, peace, anger, happiness or whatever happens to
be happening inside you on this particular day. While meditating, stir and
raise this emotion’s energy inside you. Make yourself go crazy with this
emotion and let it bubble over. You might want to dance, rock, or chant.
Whatever helps you bring this emotion to the surface.
Now, visualize that emotion’s energy. What does it look like to you? Is it red
and liquid? Is it sparkly and blue? Is it smoky and black? Whatever it looks
like, visualize it inside your body.

Projecting Energy
Choose one crystal and take it out of its container. Do your raising emotion
meditation and imagine your emotion.
Hold your crystal tightly and visualize that energy going into it. Once you are
finished, label the crystal with this emotion by placing a piece of tape, sticker,
or putting a tag on it. Place it back into its container.

If you do this exercise again, use a different crystal if you are raising a
different emotion. If you are raising an emotion’s energy that you have done
before, use the same crystal you used for that particular emotion earlier. Your
goal is to program every crystal with a different emotion.

Sensing Energy
Once you have programmed your crystals with emotional energies, now you
need to try and sense them.
Choose a box but don’t peek inside. Never label the boxes as to what crystals
are inside. If you have to blindfold yourself so you won’t know the crystal by
its shape.
Now take a seat and meditate. Get into a receptive mental state. Open a box
but don't touch the crystal, place your hand over to box. Try sensing the
energy that is coming out of the crystal.
Once you think you recognize the crystal, look at it to see if you are right.
With some practice, you will be able to identify the crystal from feeling the
energy it is radiating.

Absorbing Energy
After you have learned to sense the energy that is radiating from your
crystals, start using them. If you have had a bad day at work and you are still
in a bad mood when you get home, pick the right crystal that has been
programmed with happy emotion. If you wake up feeling drained, grab the
right crystal and be ready to face the day.
Meditate while visualizing the crystal beating with the energy you have
placed inside it. Visualize that energy getting soaked into your hand, up to
your arms, and filling your entire body.
You don’t have to do this with crystals that have negative emotions. Once
you are done, just cleanse them so you can use them for positive things.
Don’t forget to smudge the inside of the containers, too or wash them with
salt water.
It might take you weeks or months trying these techniques but you might find
yourself being more sensitive to energies around you, especially during
Wiccan and Pagan Publications
You can find all sorts of publications online nowadays, but some people like
myself still like having a magazine to hold in their hands. Here is a quick
guide for anyone looking for the best magazines about witchcraft, Paganism,
and Earth-based spirituality.
A lot has been said about traditional publishing being dead and there have
been many publications that have died in the past several years. But there are
still many great Pagan magazines out there. Most of these titles are still being
published. Some listed are just blog sites or online-only publications.
Inner Circle: This is a newsletter that explores the ancient wisdom of
Pagan, Witchcraft, and Wicca traditions. It will keep you updated
about new products and articles that are being put online. It was first
published in 1999 and has thousands of subscribers. To get your free
subscription, just fill out the easy form with your name and email.
Copper Moon Ezine: This is a weekly magazine that is dedicated to
Witches and Wiccans in their early twenties and teens. For many years
they have catered to younger people who are interested in the Craft. It
features a book review, author interviews, and articles. They try to
have one article published or new book review every week.
Sage Woman: This magazine "celebrates the Goddess in every
woman." This magazine deals with interfaith Goddess spirituality that
is broadly defined. It isn't just popular with Pagans but anybody who
connects with Divine Feminine. You will connect with other Goddess-
loving women from all over the world that rejoices in their gifts, shares
wisdom, and reaches out to other sisters. Within these pages, you will
be supported, challenged, and uplifted so you can envision the Goddess
in every woman, especially yourself. Other than inspirational writing,
it is known for its full-color covers and black and white illustrations.
This magazine is made completely by women and features poetry,
meditations, artwork, Goddess stories, and personal essays. The tone is
uplifting and great for any age. Every issue will have a unique theme
but some of the popular topics include an invocation, prayer, life
changes, motherhood, travel, and healing. It might include rituals,
recipes, and crafts occasionally.

Witches and Pagans: This magazine was formed from two defunct
magazines merging, newWitch and PanGaia. It is created to appeal to
Pagans of various backgrounds and ages. It includes feature writings,
seasonal activities, and rituals, and author interviews. The exclusive
interviews are with the activists, writers, and teachers who lead our
traditions. They visit the sacred people and places that inspire us. You
will find practical magic, devotion, and ideas for rituals. There is also
reviews, short fiction, poetry, craft projects, and a lot more in each
issue. You can get this magazine by traditional mail or a digital PDF
Llewellyn Journal: This is an online publication that is free. It is
dedicated to topics from Astrology all the way to Zen. It isn't limited to
any metaphysical direction or path. You will find articles about
paranormal topics, cryptozoology, astral projection, spiritual
communication, paganism, ceremonial magic, witchcraft, and Wicca.
Articles focus on information that is practical that can help you
improve your life, individual success stories, and ways to transform
Crone: This is the successor to Crone Chronicles. This magazine is
published twice a year. It is about aging and feminine wisdom. It
includes inspiration and essays for women of any age but is targeted
toward those in their crone phase. It isn't explicitly Pagan but Crone is
geared toward anyone who embraces spirituality that is Earth-based.
Magical Almanac: This is a free monthly ezine about magic and
astrology for intelligent, thoughtful people who are looking for
something deeper than the normal “New Age” stuff.
Sacred Hoop: This magazine celebrated the Circle of Life. It basically
stands alone in the field. It has been the leading magazine about
shamanism since 1993. It emphasizes how important being connected
to the Earth and all life forms, the various shamanic branches of world
religions, and deep ecology. The main magazine went digital several
years ago but it is still available.
FAE (Fairies and Enchantment): This is a full-color magazine for
Elves, Fairies and all who admire them. It is published in the United
Kingdom. Every issue will contain a grab bag full of whimsy, art, fairy
folklore, reviews, fashion photography, and other fun stuff. Most of the
ads are works of art, too. It is delightfully seasonal with a spring issue
that "blooms" and a holiday issue complete with "frosty fairies." This
magazine is unpretentious, colorful, and fun. It speaks to souls who are
drawn to the Fairy world.
Penton: This magazine explores Pagan People and Paths since 1995.
This is an independent South African online publication that explores
Paganism and “South African Pagan Communities and Peoples.”
Faerie Magazine: This magazine is centered around fairy-tale
aesthetics. It is the perfect fit for the generation of Pinterest and
Instagram. It includes nature photography, rare architecture, crafts, and
stunning models grace the pages. People who love dewy mushrooms,
fuzzy woolens, and mossy castles will absolutely swoon. Other that
fairy observation and recognizing the Fae, there isn't anything else that
is Pagan or basically spiritual. Its content is a great variety of
illustrations, photos, book excerpts, travelogue, fashion, crafts, recipes,
reviews, reader’s letters, interviews, fiction, and essays. Even though
the title is similar to FAE, this slick publication stands in contrast to
FAE’s amateurishness. Faeire’s beauty stands out.

Witchcraft and Wicca: This is a UK publication that has been around a

long time. It is published two times a year by the Children of Artemis.
It includes Pagan and Wiccan ethics, art gallery, event listings, family
activities, DIY witchery, practice, and lots more. Its main function
looks like it is just a way to get memberships for the many COA
chapters and most of the material won’t be relevant to people outside
the United Kingdom. The articles are written well but only deal with
basic topics like color magic, moon phases, Wheel of the Year, etc.
Ritual Celebration and Magic for the Autumn
Harvest time has come to a close and it is getting close to the autumn
equinox. The fields are nearly empty because the crops have almost all been
harvested and stored away to last the winter. Mabon is considered a festival
to celebrate the mid-harvest. This is when we take some time to honor how
the seasons change and start to celebrate the second half of the harvest. About
September 21 or if you live in the Southern Hemisphere it hits about March
21 for most Wiccan and Pagan tradition. This is the time to give thanks for
everything we have, it doesn’t matter if it’s other blessings or abundant crops.
This is the time of gratitude, plenty and sharing our abundance with people
who are less fortunate.

Ceremonies and Rituals

It will depend on what spiritual path that you choose to take as to how you
will celebrate Mabon. Most of the focus is either on the balance between dark
and light or the second harvest. This is the time where there are equal
amounts of night and day. Even though we are celebrating the Earth's gifts,
we are also accepting the fact that the soil has lost life. You have food to
consume but what is left of the crops are turning brown and going dormant.
All the warm days are gone and only coldness is ahead of us. Here are some
rituals that you might want to try. Remember that any of these can be used
for the solitary witch as well as covens with just a little bit of planning.
Set up Your Altar: You can begin celebrating Mabon by decorating an
altar with the symbols and colors of the harvest season.
Make a Food Altar: Since Mabon is celebrating the second harvest, this
is the time when we gather all the bounty in the gardens, orchards, and
fields and bring it in to be stored.

Honoring the Dark Mother: This helps to welcome in the Dark Mother
and honors the Goddess which might not actually feel is comforting
but we must acknowledge anyway.
Mabon Apple Harvest: This gives you the chance to thank the Gods for
what they have blessed you with and to enjoy the magic of Earth
before winter enters.
Home and Hearth Protection: This is very simple. You just have to put
a barrier of security and harmony around your home.
Gratitude Ritual: You could do a very short gratitude ritual to show
your thankfulness.
Full Moon: This would be for a group and celebrates all the phases of
the full moon.
Balance Meditation: If you begin to feel a bit off balance, just do some
simple meditation to restore balance into your life.

Trends and Traditions

Have you ever wondered why Mabon is so important? Have you wanted to
learn about the legend of Demeter and Persephone or explore how magical
apples are? Don't forget to celebrate with your family. Learn how to celebrate
Mabon around the world and why you might see Pagans at your local
Renaissance Fair. If you are interested in learning more about the Mabon
celebrations, explore some of these ideas listed below:
History of Mabon
Mabon Origins: There have been a lot of conversations among the
Pagan community as to where the work Mabon came from. Some like
to think that it is an old name for celebration but there isn't any
evidence to show that it isn't a modern word.
Celebrate Mabon with Children
Mabon Around the World
Renaissance Fairs and Pagans
Michaelmas: Even though this isn’t a Pagan holiday, this celebration
includes aspects of Pagan customs like making corn dolls from the
corn stalks.
Gods of the Vine
Goddesses and Gods of the Hunt
The Stag: There are a lot of Pagan traditions that view the deer as a
symbolic animal and will take on several different aspects of the Gods.
The Mighty Oak and Acorns: The Oak tree is considered very sacred in
many cultures. It is usually connected to deities and legends who can
interact with mortals.
The Goddess of Apples: Pomona is a Roman Goddess and the keeper
of orchards.
Scarecrows: While they have not always looked as they do now,
scarecrows have existed for a long time and in many different cultures.

The Magic of Mabon

Mabon is a time full of magic that is all connected to the changing of the
Earth and seasons. You could take advantage of the bounty of nature and
work some magic of your own. You can use grapevines and apples to bring
some magic into your life during this time. Explore some of these ideas and
see how much magic you can make:
Mabon Prayers
Apple Magic
Grapevine Magic
Kitchen Witch Magic: There is a huge movement within the Pagan
community called kitchen witchery. Our kitchens are the heart of the
Drum Circles: Drum circles can be a lot of fun. If you have been a part
of a Wiccan or Pagan event, somewhere, somebody is drumming.

Creations and Crafts

During the approach of the autumn equinox, keep your children entertained
by decorating your house by making some easy crafts. Begin celebrating
early by bringing the season indoors with some magic pokeberry ink, making
some harvest potpourri, or celebrate with a cleansing wash or making
prosperity candles.

Food and Feasting

No celebrating is complete without having a meal to go along with it. When
you celebrate with food during Mabon, use food that honors the harvest and
hearth like wine, fruits, onions, squash, grains, and bread. This is the best
time of year to take advantage of the season's bounty.

Thank for making it through to the end of Wicca for Beginners, let’s hope it
was informative and able to provide you with all of the tools you need to
achieve your goals whatever they may be.
Wicca is an amazing spiritual path to take. It is full of history and beliefs that
will connect more to the Earth. You practice can be complex or simple; it's all
up to you. With the information in this book, you can get started gathering
things for your practice and take your first steps towards becoming a well-
rounded Wiccan.
Finally, if you found this book useful in any way, a review on Amazon is
always appreciated!
Wicca Book of Shadows

Grimoires: The History of Magic Books

and A Beginner’s Guide with A Step-by-
Step Process for Making Spells

Mary Patterson

I would like to thank you for purchasing this book, Wicca Book of Shadows. I
hope that this book will provide you with all of the information you need to
help you get started with your own book of shadows.
When learning about Wicca, you will hear a lot about the book of shadows,
or BOS as it is sometimes called. This can be confusing for the beginner.
This book is here to solve that problem.
We will start out by going over what the book of shadows is. We will cover
its origins and history. Then we will talk about what a grimoire is and how it
compares to a book of shadows. Then we will discuss the importance of
having a book of shadow and how it should be used, as well as the different
types of magic that be included in your practice.
Next, you will find your first seven protection spells. These various
protection spells can greatly help you. You will even find a spell that can help
protect your children as well.
Then we will go into rituals that you can practice. We will look at the practice
of a green witch as well as circle casting, which can sometimes be the most
confusing parts of spell crafting. Then we will go into rituals for the Esbats
and Sabbats, which are important holidays for Wiccans. Then you will find
meditations that can be used to help you connect more your craft. To round
out this section, you will find a white candle ritual, ring of power, and a ritual
for elder Gods.
Then, in the last section, you will find all of the spells that you have been
promised. These are all a great place for a beginner to start and they are the
perfect spells to add to your own book of shadows. You will find basic spells,
oils, teas baths, seduction spells, divinations, and candle magic in this
section. They will all be clearly explained so that you can get started using
them whenever you feel compelled to do so.
History of The Book of Shadows

Book of Magic, Book of Shadows, or a Magical Grimoire, no matter how

they are referenced, every Witch should have a record for their work. By
practicing this, you can record your magical experiences and personal notes.
This is where you can write down your affirmations, dreams, aspirations, and
interpretations. It the simplest of definitions, it is simply a book that a Witch
keeps and uses to record down their experiences, research, spiritual
information, and thoughts, as well as potions, spells, and incantations.
The Origins of the Book of Shadows
As with most every type of spiritual text out there, there is a great debate as
to when and how the book of shadows came into existence. Some believe that
they were popular during the middle ages, and were written in Runic
alphabets in order to hide their meaning. Some people say that the Witches of
middle ages were illiterate and these books didn’t get started until around the
14th and 15th centuries. Even at that time, they would use the Runic alphabet
to protect themselves from death and persecution.
Regardless of the way that they got their start, they have been given many
different names. The most famous mythological type of these books is The
Golden Grimoire, which is believed to be Merlin the Magician’s book of
In the early books of shadows of the 1950s and 60s, there weren’t a lot of
rituals inside. They would often include things like history as well as an
overview of the belief system of the Witches that used them. On occasion,
some of these books could contain a small ritual, but there wasn’t a lot in
them to provide the practitioner with instructions on how to complete a ritual
from beginning to end. In order to get rituals, at that time, Witches had to be
initiated in a tradition or make up something on their own.
In 1964, the first attempt to create a mass production of a book of shadows
was made so in a pamphlet form and it was trying to devalue the craft.
Allegedly, the pamphlet was from Gerald Gardner himself. It was published
by Mary and Charles Cardell, who was a couple who like to act like they
were brother and sister. The Cardell’s allegedly received their copy of
Gardner’s so call book of shadows from Olive Greene, a disgruntled initiate
of Gerald’s. The Cardell saga is an odd one, and it is believed that Olive was
a “spy” of theirs.

It was privately published and didn’t go over very well in the witchcraft
community. The Cardell’s attempts as publishing a book of shadows turned
out to be a flop, and the pamphlet was soon forgotten. Other books of
shadows that were published did much better with the public, and many have
been in print for several decades. We’re going to take a look at some of the
more popular mass-produced book of shadows. These have all changed the
world of Witchcraft in their own right.
The very first book published that contained full-length rituals that resembled
parts of modern witchcraft was Mastering Witchcraft: A Practical Guide for
Witches, Warlocks & Covens by Paul Huson. The book was actually a long
cry from a book of shadow, and a lot of the spells felt more like ceremonial
magic than witchcraft, but the book still feels familiar.
The book starts with an illustration of the Wheel of the Year before it dives
straight into a bunch of spell work. He also had a bunch of invocations for
deities like Diana and Cernunnos, familiar exclamations like “So mote it be,”
and pentacles. A lot of his material during the first 2/3s is very interesting,
but doesn’t resemble much of Wiccan witchcraft, but during the last chapter,
that all changes.
During this part of the book, Huson starts to outline more than simple spells.
He provides a person with a way to start creating their own book of shadows.
He also included a couple of initiation rituals. His book is also the first
published version of The Charge of the Goddess, though it does vary from
what most people are used to.
While Huson did take a large step forward in published witch rituals, but
Lady Sheba’s book made the biggest, and most controversial, leap with her
book. Her book was Lady Sheba’s Book of Shadows. She claimed that she
was initiated into the craft in the 30s and that her book came, in part, from
her initiation. The truth is, her book, as well as your initiation, came via
proxy during the 1970s. She would, later on, claim that the Goddess had
pushed her to publish the book that was likely full of oath-bound rituals.
To say that the Gardnerian practitioners were upset after her book was
published would be an understatement. Even now the existence of the book is
still a touchy subject, and as the late 70s rolled around, Sheba has retired
from the public eye. While her book was the first one to show a ritual from
beginning to end, it still wasn’t considered a complete book of shadows. It
may have had a lot of information concerning rituals, but it didn’t provide
people with any context about them. A book of shadows should be more than
just a collection of rituals. It needs to also be a source of information about
the craft itself and provide wisdom that has been passed down through
The next books that were published didn’t cause as much of a controversy.
The Tree: The Complete Book of Saxon Witchcraft was published in 1974 by
Raymond Buckland. It didn’t break any oaths and was the first book for
solitary practitioners. In history, Buckland is very influential amongst the
Pagan world. He migrated from London to the US in the early 60s. He started
working with Gerald Gardner and he and his wife would be initiated into the
Wiccan faith.
While his book did hold a lot of similarities to the British Traditional
Witchcraft, but his Sabbat rituals were very different than Sheba’s or
Gardner’s. Through his book, Buckland had come up with a new Wiccan
path, which was called Seax-Wicca. This is even still being practiced today.
He also added more to his book that Sheba’s book lacked. He provided
information that explained how the rituals worked. For several years, his
book was one of the best places for people to turn for information about

Samuel Weiser, in 1978, published A Book of Pagan Rituals. The information

within his book was originally come up with by The Pagan Way group,
which is still in practice. The information was passed through periodicals and
magazines during that time. Their rituals worked in two ways. Their rituals
were able to be used within an Outer Court setting. Outer Court was a
training circle for pre-initiates that some traditions have. And they could also
be used in a public setting where they were sharing rituals.
Since most of the information was created for covens or groups, a lot of the
rituals didn’t have much in the way of context, but it also provided another
large lead in distributing ritual information. It was one of the first books, as
well, to have the word Pagan in the title and not the word Witchcraft or
Then there is Doreen Valiente, who is often called the “Mother of Modern
Witchcraft.” She was one of the architects and writers of the modern revival.
Valiente was initiated by Gardner in 1953, and she would end up writing a lot
of the information for the Gardnerian Book of Shadows and several of the
other books that it influenced.
Witchcraft for Tomorrow was also released by Doreen in 1978. This was the
first book on witchcraft that was published in England that gave people full
rituals for the Sabbats as well as a self-initiation ritual. This gave a lot of
people the UK a way to get into Witchcraft that was the tradition coven
Then, one of the most important Witchcraft books was published in 1979. It
was The Spiral Dance: The Rebirth of the Ancient Religion of the Great
Goddess. Starhawk didn’t simply write a book about Gardner’s witchcraft,
and all of the other offshoots. Instead, it provided information about a new
American West Coast Witchcraft. It was full of environmentalism, feminism,
and all of the influence of Victor and Cora Anderson. The latter two were the
most influential teachers of witchcraft in American history.
He didn’t mean for his book to be a book of shadow, but it pretty much was.
Its pages and information read and feel like they were circle tested and like it
was taken right out of a real ritual that must have happened in his home.
Then as the 1980s began, Stewart and Janet Farrar published Eight Sabbats
for Witches. It was filled with ceremonies and rites for people who followed
the Alexandrian Witchcraft path. There was a companion book released in
1984 called The Witches’ Way: Principles, Ritual and Beliefs of Modern
Witchcraft. Both of these books had input from Doreen, and they all believed
that the book was a great way to share a Gardnerian book of shadows.
There were some people, though, who saw these books as a violation of their
oaths. Valiente, though, assured them and others that they had permission to
share the information.
The two books would eventually be combined to create A Witches’ Bible, and
this would mark the Farrars and Valiente’s success at creating a book of
shadows based on Gardner’s teachings of the ‘50s. With the way to flows and
is written, the reader knows that everything in the book is shared exactly how
the creator of the rites wanted them to be.
Before the internet became our main way to keep in contact with the Pagan
world, there were a lot of Witches and other Pagans that stayed in contact
through periodicals and magazines. Ed Fitch was a pioneer in this area, and
the things he did left a last impression on Witchcraft. He helped with the
rituals of The Pagan Way, as well as putting together two “underground
classics” that brought rituals to everybody.
The Outer Court Book of Shadows and The Grimoire of the Shadows were
private publications that circulated through the ‘70s, and even into the present
day, that gave coven leaders a way to share rituals without feeling as if they
were breaking their oaths. Besides those underground books, Fitch also
created the magazine, The Crystal Well in 1965. In the magazine, he and
Janine Renee share Sabbat rituals.
What would become an influential book of shadows was first made public in
1989 and was known as “Section III” in the Scott Cunningham book Wicca:
A Guide for the Solitary Practitioner. This book was so revolutionary
because it became the first widely circulated witchcraft book in the US that
used the word Wicca within its title.
Another reason why it was so powerful was that that “Section III,” also
known as The Standing Stones Book of Shadows, held complete information
about magical oils, spells, and rituals. Cunningham’s book served as an
entryway into the Craft, and this is still true up to this day.
The Grimoire: An Ancient Tradition
The word grimoire is used often interchangeably with book of shadows. The
word grimoire is an Old French term for “grammar.” It is simply a generic
term for a book of magic. These have been around for centuries. The word
can be used to describe a book of shadows, but not every grimoire would be
considered a book of shadows.
There are a lot of modern self-help books, many of which focus a lot on the
art of manifestation, are thought to have been derived from the teachings
during the 19th century. The practices and philosophies are traced back to
people like Ralph Waldo Emerson, Phineas Quimby, and Franz Mesmer,
along with other acolytes. What doesn’t get recognized as much is the
influence that the “Old Magic” grimoires had, which were sometimes called
“books of the sorcerers.”
There were probably the first books written concerned with manifestation,
which were sometimes referred to as “elemental” or “low” magic. While a lot
of their methods would come off as a bit dubious to modern people that have
become used to modern psychology and new age ideas, they are still
extremely important artifacts in our culture and are fascinating historical
documents behind the need for a person to realize their dreams and desires.
Old of the oldest pieces of magical texts is Sepher ha-Razin. It is a work of
Jewish magic and dates to around the 3rd or 4th century. This book has much
of the essential elements that the grimoires that came after had, which
includes shamanistic practices like obtaining visions, attacking enemies, and
healing. It also contained a bit of peculiar information on invocating the
Hebrew holy names of God.
The Aim of Sage, or Ghayat al-Hakim, was written in Arabic and published
sometime around 1000 and 1150 CE. In 1250, it was translated into Spanish,
and then into Latin. This was when it became The Picatrix. The information
in the book came from ancient Persian and Greek traditions. It was a manual
of sorts for astral magic, as well as instructions for pulling down the energy
of the planets and stars into talismans.
During medieval times, there was an important Jewish grimoire written called
The Book of Raziel the Archangel. This was written around the 13th century,
and became a foundation for the following grimoires. According to the text in
this book, Raziel sent secret messages to Adam and Eve after they were
kicked out of Eden so that they could become divine once more.
Raziel did this without permission. This caused him to be called a rebel, and
his book was taken away. In the Jewish faith, Raziel is parallel to
Prometheus, the Greek God who took fire from the heavens and gave it to the
humans, which incurred the wrath of Zeus.
Le Grand Albert was written in 1493 in Latin and mainly revolved around
natural magic, which included using herbs, stones, how to ward off diseases,
and other uses of physiognomy and alchemy. The Albert in the title
supposedly meant Albertus Magnus. He was a Catholic bishop who was
knowledgeable in theology, science, and in some occult arts, which included
alchemy and astrology.
The book On Occult Philosophy, or De Occulta Philosophia, was a huge
encyclopedia of magical lore. Agrippa wrote the book in 1510 and is likely
one of the most influential text ever written about low and high magic.
Trithemius, Agrippa’s mentor, suggested he publish it in 1533. In 1651, it
was translated into English as Three Books of Occult Philosophy.
In 1993, Llewellyn published another edition of the book that had been
exhaustively annotated and edited by Donald Tyson. Agrippa was pretty
ambiguous. Most of his works were written during his early 20s, but there are
some pieces of information that said that close to the end of his life, he had
started to condemn his writings. Keep in mind; this was a very common
occurrence during the Renaissance-era because they had to carefully
maneuver through the muck of ecclesiastical intolerance.
In 1668, Le Petit Albert was written as the “little brother” of Le Grand Albert.
It would have several reprinting throughout the following 100 years. This
time Albert doesn’t refer to Albertus Magnus. Instead, it refers to Albertus
Parvus Lucius. The book was made up of several previous writings, which
could have included those of Paracelsus. The Catholic Church censored and
condemned the book, which, allegedly, would become available on the
French “black market” in the 18th and 19th century. It was very popular in
rural France, and was often considered to be a “Farmer’s Almanac.” It
contained more information about the practical uses of low magic in order to
create desired changes in a person’s life.
In 1801, The Magus was written by Francis Barrett. His text was basically a
compilation of past texts, mainly De Occulta Philosophia and The
Heptameron. Since it didn’t have much in the way of original material, it
could be questioned as to why it is even making this book. There are two
reasons, it was an influential piece of text at the time when these types of
writings were no longer popular, and it is true that the majority of grimoires
borrowed or modified information from previous books.
This is by no means all of the ancient grimoires that pre-date all of the books
of shadows listed in the previous section. But this does give you a good idea
of what grimoires are and how a book of shadows differs from these ancient
texts. While you can freely call your book of shadows a grimoire, remember
that the first grimoires didn’t have the same type of information that your
book of shadows will have. They didn’t have the Sabbats that we do now,
and as such, didn’t describe rituals for them.
The Way and The Reasons Why Wiccans Use a
Book of Shadows
When you create your own book of shadows, you will figure out what you
like using it. For most Wiccans, they use it to help them document their
spiritual journey. The biggest rule, though, that a lot of Wiccans have is that
your book of shadows should only include things that are related to your
Wiccan practice, and it should only be used by you. You should never let
other people write in your book of shadows.
There are many things that Wiccans place into their book of shadows, and we
will go over many of them. But to get started with your own book of
shadows, you will first need a journal. This can be a fancy leather-bound
book with magic symbols on it, or it can simply be a three-ring binder with
loose-leaf paper. The latter is my journal of choice because it is easier to
make your own and you can constantly add paper. Alright, onto the uses.
1. Spells
This is the first thing that most people think of when it comes to a book of
shadows. You can write the spells that you know, that you learn, and ones
you want to try within your book. If you find spells from different sources, it
is always a good thing to have a single place to have them stored so that you
can easily find them. Also, when you start to make your own spells, you will
want to write them down so that you remember them.
2. Magic Exercises and Theory
In this section, you can write down all of the information concerning your
magic practice. This could include things like correspondences, rule, and
ethics. This would also be a good place to write down techniques and
exercises, such as psychic abilities and energy work.
3. Sacred Texts
You can write things like chants, incantations, poems, prayers, any type of
text that means something special to you. If you have specific deities that you
believe in, you can write your prayers to them that you use within your
practice. If this isn’t something you do in your practice, then you can simply
write down texts that speak to you. You can then use them in your practice if
you want to. You can also write your own scripts.
4. Recipes
These are magical recipes. You can place recipes within your book of
shadows that you use in your spells and rituals. Some great ideas are elixirs,
brews, oil blends, and incense. This is especially important when you are a
kitchen witch. It is also smart to keep a list of the magical properties of all of
your kitchen ingredients.
5. Herbology
Herbs play a big part in witchcraft. If you use a lot of herbs within your
practice, it is a good idea that you write down whatever you know about your
herbs in your book of shadows. Make sure you list the medicinal and magical
uses of the herbs that you use the most often. If it suits you, you can add in a
few drawings. This is where you can also add in tea recipes, gathering
information, gardening, and how to dry herbs.

6. Crystals
If you find yourself drawn to crystals, take the time to write down a list of
what crystals you have as well as their healing uses. This is a very helpful
and useful thing to do because there are quite a few gemstones out there that
look a lot alike. When you do this, it makes it a lot easier to remember what
you do and don’t have. You can also write down any crystal-related magical
practices such as how to cleanse them, program, and charge the crystals,
crystal correspondences, and crystal grid layouts.
7. The Wheel of the Year
You can write down all of the information that has to do with every Pagan
festival during the year that you choose to celebrate. You can add in
information for each Sabbat like correspondences, tales, folklore, prayers,
crafts, rituals, and more.
8. Esbats and the Moon
If you are one of the many who uses that moon cycle to enhance your
magical practice, you can write down everything that you have learned about
it in your book of shadows. You can write the moon names down with their
dates. You can also jot down everything about their meaning or any type of
spells that you need to do during certain moon phases. This could include
correspondences and rituals.
9. Divination

There are a lot of witches who keep a tarot journal to write down their
spreads and the interpretations. This is also a great place to collect
information about different types of divination like pendulums or runes. To
get the most out of your readings, you can add in cheat sheets with all of the
associations and meanings of tarot cards, or you can write out different
spreads that you would like to try.
10. Dreams
Your book of shadows is a great place to write down dreams that you have,
and then try to interpret what they could mean. This can sometimes be hard
for people who either can’t remember their dreams or if you don’t have the
time to do so. This is a great way to enhance your psychic powers.

11. Symbols
If you like to use different symbols and sigils within your practice, then you
should write them in your book. This is also a great place to put tarot, zodiac,
moon, and rune symbols so that you have a quick guide.
12. Devotional Journal
You can add in a section to your book of shadows that is dedicated to your
patron Deity, or any other type of entity that you choose to work with.
13. Witchy Journal
This is a more personal topic that you can journal about in your book of
shadows. This could be about rituals or impressions that you have gotten.
You can also write down plants for your magical work, draw little doodles, or
just write down your feelings. This is a great way to help you to stay in touch
with your own power.

14. Research
If you are learning some new things about your craft, you can write some
notes about the things you have learned. If you are creating a new spell or
ritual, you take some notes during your prep work. This can work as a draft
of the spell that you can add into the spell section later once you have worked
out all of the bugs.
There are many different mediums that you can use to create your book of
shadows, but the following are some of the more frequently used mediums:
A deck of cards
Refillable journal

There are even some people who choose to make their book of shadows
digital and will keep it in a word document or on Pinterest.
The next important thing that any Wiccan will do with the book of shadows
is to make sure that it is well organized. This is a practical step because you
don’t want to be stuck for hours trying to find what it is that you are looking
for. There are two ways that you can choose to organize your book of
First, the simplest way is to have small journals where you have your
different topics stores; for example, one journal about herbs, another with
spells, and a different one for your personal journal. Scott Cunningham said
that you should have two main books. Once would be your book of shadows
that help your spells, and the second should be a mirror book that you used
for your journal. The biggest downside to this organization method is that
there will be quite a few books that you are going to have to keep, and it
would be quite hard to bring all of them to a gathering. Of course, you could
keep a digital copy, that way it would be on your phone.
The second organization method is to combine everything. This is what a lot
of people do with their book of shadows. This is practical because everything
will be in one place. That being said, you will want to organize the book
itself. You can use tabs or whatever to separate the book out into different
sections so that you can easily find the different sections. It’s a good idea to
create an index, key, and cover sheet so that you can easily figure out where
everything is.
You can also decorate your book of shadows if you want to. The first thing
your book of shadows needs to be is function, but once it is that, you can
make it look nice and make you feel more connected to it.
Once you have one started, it is a good idea to consecrate your book of
shadows with your energy.
The last thought I would like to leave you with about your book of shadows
is to think about the size. If your book of shadows becomes too big, you may
find it hard to take it with you when you go places, and you may find it
discouraging to use. You also shouldn’t see it as the only source of
information. It should simply be a place to copy down things you find from
other places. It should be used to assimilate the things that you have read,
experiment with it, and then write down your own thoughts.
When you do write in your book of shadows, take the time to make it a ritual
of its own. Cast a circle and light a little incense so that you stay focused on
what you are doing. When you are writing in your book, don’t try to be
perfect. If mistakes are made, that’s okay. The most important thing is to
listen to your intuition. If you start feeling as if you don’t like your book, or if
there is a bunch of stuff in it that you don’t use, then don’t hesitate to junk
and begin fresh.
Before we move into the spells, there is one last thing that we need to talk
about. There are three types of magic that you could practice; white, black,
and red. Traditionally, Wiccans believe the everything they do would
eventually come back to them. This is the reason why they only use white
magic. They are not willing to risk having negative black magic come back to
them three times as bad as what they did. Let’s take a look at what each of
these different types of magic really means.
White magic is basically magic that has a selfless or positive purpose. Many
practitioners who use white magic have been called white witches, healers, or
wise women or men. Whit magic can be practiced through songs, prayers,
incantations, charms, blessings, or healing.
In a book written by Gareth Knight, A History of White Magic, published in
1978, he wrote that the origins of this type of magic can be traced all the way
back to the Paleolithic Era. This also includes Ancient Egypt, and there are
some evidence of it being used in early Christianity and Judaism. The biggest
evidence of these types of traditions are when people would worship gods
and goddesses of vegetation and fertility.

Around the end of the 15th century, natural magic has become a big topic in
the high-class circles. People who followed Marsilio Ficino believed that
there were spirits and other spiritual beings. He and his followers were faced
with criticisms from the Catholic Church, even though the church also
acknowledge such things. Ficino believed in a natural magic that didn’t
require a person to invoke malicious or malevolent spirits. Johannes
Trithemius wouldn’t believe in this theory of Ficino’s, even though he would
create incantations and spells that helped a person connect to beneficial

Magic, even white magic, can be touch within the Christian community, but
within texts and early teachings, there was a dual comprehension of good and
bad. This could be seen in battles between the light and dark. White
magicians were often referred to as saints. They also believed that these
people had their ability to control the elements bestowed on them and they
could affect many different abnormal phenomena. They would refer to such
events as miracles.
Things began to change, and Christian followers believe people who had
such powers were using them for personal gain or selfish reasons. Thus, they
viewed these types of people with very little regard because they felt they had
evil intentions.
In modern times, white magic is simply magic that is done for good or to take
the practitioner to a greater spiritual state of consciousness. The important
thing when it comes to magic is knowing that it requires a bit of an altered
conscious state and understanding that any magic performed affects the entire
world as well as the Witch.
The next kind of magic is red magic. This term isn’t used often, and most
people haven’t even heard of red magic. Red magic is simply the simplest
form of spells. This was and is the type of magic that the simple people
would use, the temple initiate, the shaman. In early American culture, it was
sometimes referred to as Hoodoo.
Red magic at times is referred to as sex magic. This, while not completely
untrue, is not an accurate, or even nice, name. It makes it seem like this type
of magic can be used for poor choices. Red magic uses the body and life
force within a person; much like our ancestors did many years before us. Red
magic is always strongest when it is shared between two people, even if only
one person is needed. The support, friendship, and love helps to strengthen
and magic and the spell. If you can’t have a lover with you, then a person
who is spiritually linked to the spell or a friend will do best.
Lastly, we have black magic. Black magic is often used to refer to the type of
magic done that is supposed to have a negative outcome. This could include
things like:
Magic that is meant to be baneful, such as eliminate or restrict the
actions of another person.
Magic that is meant to invoke the spirit realm for a negative reason.
Magic hat is done to bring about harm or destruction, like hexing or
Magic that is performed to impact the free will of others.
There are other traditions that would refer to this type of magic as dark
magic. However, it is important to remember that not all Pagan traditions
split magic its simplistic groups as white or black. Also, the majority of
magic that is cast will have a bit of an impact of the free will of people, and
that isn’t always a bad thing. Performing magic is about making changes.
Unless you only work magic on yourself, and this is completely fine, there
isn’t any way to perform magic without causing some type of influence on
someone or something else.
When you are doing a spirit work, there is a chance that you could end up
conjuring up something that you don’t want to. But if you are putting your
energy into working with spirits and you don’t put as much into protective
measures, then that is just asking for trouble.
Just like with so many things in life, what one person sees as negative intent
is simply another person’s view of getting things done. Don’t be surprised if
you find people within the Wiccan community that frowns upon anybody
who does any type of magic that could be considered as “black.” They will
sometimes refer to people who do some “negative” magic as taking the “left-
hand path.” The fact of the matter is, it all depends on what you feel on the
inside. A person may warn you against a certain coven or Wiccan path
because they do things that the person doesn’t believe in, but that doesn’t
mean it wouldn’t work for you.
More often than not, you are going to hear black magic used by non-Pagans
to describe all types of magic without willing to learn anything about it. The
bottom line when it comes to performing any type of magic is that you have
to go with your gut and intuition. If you feel safe doing it, and you don’t
think it is really going to do any harm, then you do it. As long as you are
okay without whatever repercussions could come back, then it is your path to

This is the moment you have all been waiting for. We have finally moved
into spells. In this chapter, you will find seven different protection spells to
help you in all areas of your life.
Spell of Protection
This is a traditional message-in-a-bottle spell and is a great way to protect
your home from anybody who wants to harm you emotionally or physically,
poses a threat to your security, or plants on smearing your reputation.
You will need:
Black ink (or a black ballpoint pen)
Black thread
White candle
4 tablespoons of frankincense or myrrh
4 tablespoons of iron filings
4 tablespoons of sea salt
4 tablespoons of orris root powder or oakmoss
Bottle with lid or cork
Mortar and pestle
You can begin by casting a circle if you so choose to do so. It helps to cast a
circle to help contain the energies that are at work.
Take the herbs and grind them together in your mortar and pestle and place to
the side. Cut a piece of paper so that it will fit inside of your bottle when
rolled up. Use the ink to write, “I neutralize the power of (name of person
that wants to harm) to do me any harm. I ask that this be correct and for the
good of all. So mote it be,” on the paper.
Roll up the piece of paper and tie the black thread around it. Slide the paper
into the bottle. Pour the ground up herbs into the bottle and the place on the
lid or cork. Light your candle. Rotate the bottle counterclockwise as you
allow the wax to drip around the lid to seal it. Make sure to hide your bottle
in a place that is hard to find.
Rune of Protection
While a Rune in it of itself isn’t a spell, they do have their own powers that
can help you with different areas. Runes originated back with the
Norse/Germanic people, before 1300 BCE. Runes are a magical language that
was found by Odin a Viking God to give his people the ability to use nature
to help them. Most people don’t realize this, but the English language shows
evidence that it originated out of this magical alphabet. The protection rune
we are going to talk about is Algiz.
The shape of the rune looks like a broom or a chicken’s foot with a long line
and two angled lines that shoot off from either side close to one end.
When used correctly, Algiz is said to give the wearer or user the ability of
protection. As you can guess from its shape, it is the symbol of a tree. Trees
were very powerful to the Germanic people and are seen a lot in their work
because of their connection to nature.
Another reference to the shape of the rune is the antlers of an elk and the
shape of sedge-grass. Some people have even said that it could be the spread
fingers of a hand that is raised to protect a person. It is an extremely powerful
rune for spirituality and protection and is sometimes said to symbolize
reaching up for the divine.
You can make your own protection talisman or necklace with the Algiz Rune
by carving it into something. The following spell will provide protection
from both inside and outside forces.

You will need:

Oil to dress the candles

Incense – sage, cinnamon, or myrrh are the best
Something to carve with
5 white candles
Pick one of the five candles that you need that you wish to represent yourself.
Carve the rune Algiz into the candle and then write your name under it. You
can see the shape of the Rune above.
Set the other four candles around the altar in the spaces for North, South,
East, and West. Sit the candle with the Rune carved in it in the middle.
Form a salt circle around your candles and then place a small pinch of the salt
right in front of you.
Light the incense and let your mind become clear of any negative thoughts.
Turn to the candle at the East and light it. Say: “Powers of Air, hear my call,
grant me your protection. That is all I ask for.”
Turn to the South candle and light it. Say: “Powers of Fire, hear my call,
grant me your protection. That is all I ask for.”
Turn to the West candle and light it. Say: “Powers of Water, hear my call,
grant me your protection. That is all I ask for.”
Turn to the last candle and light it. Say: “Powers of Earth, hear my call, grant
me your protection. That is all I ask for.”
Look towards the skies and say: “Powers of High, listen to my plea. May I
always be protected by thee.”

Light the remaining candle. Say: “Banish my fears. I light with your light. I
am guarded, well-protected, and with a shield I rise.”
Start at the flame of the fifth candle and picture a protective light all around
you. Feel the warmth of the light and its soothing glow. Breathe the light into
you and let it fill your body with its protection.

Keep watching the flame and say: “Air protects me. Fire protects me. Water
protects me. Earth protects me. The Divine protects me. I am whole. With my
shield I move on.”
Take some time to meditate until you are feeling protected and comfortable
and allow the candles to burn out. Bury the remainders of the candles and the
scatter the salt from your ritual over the area where you buried them.
Protection Potion #1
This is considered a dry bottled potion that you can keep on you to help you
stay safe from negativity. It can help to protect you from negative beings.
You will need:
Small funnel
White candle

Piece of amethyst
Small bottle – you want it small enough so that it will fit easily in a
purse or pocket
Bay leaves
Fennel seed
Blackberry leaves

You can begin by casting your circle if you would like to and then get into a
meditative position and take about five minutes to concentrate on the word
protection. Think about its bodily form, what it means, and why different
types of energies it uses. Feel all of these energies right now. Once you feel
that you are in the correct headspace, add all of the ingredients into the bottle.
If you want, you can use the oil varieties of these herbs.
Once filled, place the bottle, candle, and amethyst in a position that resembles
a triangle. The top, facing away from, should be the bottle, the candle should
be at the bottom right, and the amethyst at the bottom left. Make sure that
where you are, there won’t be any distractions so that you can sit in front of
the triangle in order to meditate about security. Once you are ready, say:
“God and Goddess of ground and sky, direct me in a safe passage through
life, and provide me with protection from all that is evil. I bestow protection
from the person who possesses these things or all that could or will harm me.
Three-fold strikes such harm’s caster. This is my will, so mote it be.”
Sit in meditation for a couple of minutes. Allow your eyes to open. Carefully
pour the candle wax in the bottle. Meditate for a minute, and then pour more
wax on the bottle. Do this two more times. End everything with this, “Let it
These last words should be said out loud and confidently. Keep the bottle
with you wherever you. You can now thank the Elements and the God and
Goddess and close your circle.
Protection Potion #2
This potion will help to protect you from harm and fear.
You will need:
Dried apple
Vanilla extract

Tree bark
You can begin by casting your circle if you would like.
Break up the tree bark and place the pieces inside of a pot. Add in bit of the
vanilla and then add in the apple. Sprinkle in a pinch of rosemary. Cover
everything with water. Allow the contents to come to a boil. Let it steep for a
few minutes and then strain every out of the water. Drink the potion.
Protection Potion #3
This spell will help to protect you and your loves ones from any type of
harm. It is a good idea to have gloves on when you are using or mixing the
spell. You will need a bottle or jar to mix the potion in.
You will need:
2 tablespoons of frankincense
2 tablespoons of myrrh
2 tablespoons of sea salt
1 teaspoon vervain
½ cup spring water
Start by casting your circle if you would like to.
Add all of the herbs and salt into the water and mix together. Then walk
around your home and sprinkle some of the water lightly in a discreet area,
like your closets. Go through and anoint the bottom of your shoes and the
shoes of your loved ones. Once you are done, dispose of the rest of the potion
in a safe place. Don’t pour it on your plants because the salt can hurt them.
Spell to Make a Protection Stone
Another great way to protect you and your family is to use crystals. There are
many crystals out there that can help protect you. The best are pyrite, black
onyx, black tourmaline, and black kyanite.
Black kyanite will help to protect your personal energy field.
Black tourmaline helps to protect your environment, and get rid of
negative or stagnant energy.
Black Onyx helps to change negative energy into positive energy,
which helps to create emotional resilience.
Pyrite tends to be overlooked by many since it is so often used for
abundance spells and its imbuing properties, but it is also great at
sending negative vibes back to the person who sent out. If you have to
deal with a person who is constantly sending negativity your way,
using pyrite to block all of that from entering into your energy field is a
great idea.
There are many different ways that you can improve your emotional strength
using those stones. These types of crystals can simply be worn, used to make
a grid, kept on your altar, or used in meditation. It really all depends on your
function for your crystals.
First, you can use them to cut cords. When a person that you care about
shares with you that they are having a tough time, you might feel the weight
of that within your energy field. This causes an energy attachment. To be a
strong person and offer a person support, you will need to cut that energy
attachment. This will help to keep you from becoming drained. And you will
be able to be there whenever they need you. In order to cut these cords, take
some black kyanite and trace a line around your body. Swipe the crystal in
front of you, at your sides, and behind your back. Picture all of the cords that
are attached to you being cut in half by the kyanite.

The use of wearing protection amulets dates back thousands of years. People
wear stones now as a way to remind them to check in with themselves and
their energy. In life we are often surrounded by people and we find ourselves
feeling as if we need to cater to those people. Wearing a protective bracelet or
necklace will give you a protective shield so that this doesn’t happen.
If you start to feel as if somebody else’s negative energy is weighing on you,
get away from them and find yourself a peaceful place, and then reconnect to
yourself by touching whatever stone you are wearing. You have to give the
stones you wear a job, though. You can do this by cleanse them with some
sage and then hold them in your hands, and then think about what it is that
you want that stone to do. You can even say out loud something along the
lines of, “I call forth divine protection.”
You can easily make a protection grid for your home using crystals. To do
this, place four pieces of black tourmaline in every corner of a room, or you
can place them around the outside corners of your house to make a protective
shield. You can also put a piece of black tourmaline in a bowl of salt water
and sit it next to the door to help keep you from taking outside energy into
your home.
You can also meditate with crystals to fill your spirit and body with the
protective and restorative properties of the crystals. Find a quiet spot in your
home that also brings you peace. You can hold onto whichever protection
crystal calls to you. If you want, you can also make a body grid in order to
deepen the effects.
To make your body grid, I recommend using black onyx, rainbow obsidian,
selenite, and black tourmaline. Lay flat on your back in the floor and put a
piece of black onyx next to your feet, and let it connect in with your root
chakra. Place a small piece of black tourmaline on your throat, and let it clean
all of the tension that has been held there. Place some rainbow obsidian over
your heart so that you can send out purifying vibes and love. Then hold a
piece of selenite in both of your hands.
As you start to work with crystals for protection, you will start to find that
you feel more grounded and able to handle more things. This feeling is the
real power of those stones. Even when others do their best to push their
negativity onto you, you will be able to shift into a higher perspective to keep
them from affecting you. This is why it is important for you to use crystals
for protection and to also use them as a preventative measure in order to give
yourself more strength before you leave the house.
To Protect Children
If you are a parent, then your first reaction when you hear that your kid is
getting bullied is to protect them. This is perfectly normal, but you can’t
always be there to protect them. Sometimes they need protection from things
other than bullies as well. In order to know that you are protecting your child
at all times, you can try this protection bag.
You will need:

A bag or pouch
A baby tooth, if you have one, your also use a lock of their hair or a
fingernail clipping
A bead with their initial on it or a charm with their name
A coin that was minted the year they were born
Your favorite protection herbs like angelica, basil, bay, cinnamon,
caraway, clove, dill, mint, and mugwort
Start out by casting your circle if you would like.
Take a few moments to meditate with these items and charge them with the
intention of protecting your child. Once you feel they have sufficiently
charged, add them to the pouch or bag you have and tie it shut. Place the
pouch up in a safe place if your child isn't held enough to look after it and
carry it with them. If they are old enough to understand the bag and what it
does, then you can let them keep it.

In this section of spells, you will find a bunch of rituals for different
occasions. These are not only fun, but they will bring you closer to your craft
and your chosen deities.
Green Witchcraft
Green witchcraft is a magical practice that focuses on nature in all of its
spells, beliefs, and rituals. It tends to be easy to follow and doesn’t call for all
that many “fancy” ingredients or tools. All you need to do is learn how to
harness the basic energies of nature.
I will share with you some green witchcraft spells so that you can get a good
understanding of what kind of work green witchcraft does. Sometimes a spell
or a ritual for the green Witch can be as simple as walking through the woods
to ground them with the energy of the Earth. They may even offer some food
with the spirits of their area.
The deities for a green Witch can vary, and they don’t always have to be a
part of a certain pantheon. Some green Witches simply have Mother Nature
and Her consort, the Wild Man. Some will use other Gods and Goddesses
from other cultures that are related to nature. It all depends on what feels the
best to you. This is a very popular path for a Witch, especially since it has
such a laid-back nature. The one thing you will find amongst green Witches
is that they will have a garden of sort and love to surround their self with
plants. That brings us to the first of our spells.

Harnessing the Elements

This is a great spell to use in your garden to help bring the power of the
elements into your garden.
You will need:
Brown candle
Green candle
A compass
Piece of jet - Earth
Piece of lapis lazuli - Water
Piece of amethyst - Air
Piece of garnet – Fire
While standing in the middle of your garden, use your compass to find the
cardinal directions. Take the amethyst and travel to the East point of your
garden, bury the amethyst and say, “By the four powers, my garden flowers.”
Then, starting in the middle of your garden again, travel to the North point
with the piece of jet. Bury the stone and repeat the chant you said earlier.
Travel back to the middle and then move to the West and bury the lapis
lazuli, repeating the same chant. Back in the middle, go to the South point
and bury the garnet, reaping the same chant.
Once you have the stones buried, place the candle in the middle of the garden
away from anything that may be flammable and light them. Repeat, “By the
four powers, my garden flowers,” four more times and picture all of your
garden being surrounded by a glowing circle. Allow the candles to burn for a
bit and then put them out.
Make sure that for the rest of the season you give your garden the proper care
that it deserves.
An Herbal Blessing
This is a great spell to do over any plant that you are planning on using for
any type of magic once it has been harvested. You should wait to perform
this blessing once it has moved past the seedling stage.
You will need:

Small seashell
Piece of green string
This should be performed on a Monday. This can be performed on as many
plants as you want to do it to.
Near the roots of your plant, bury the seashell. As you do this, say: “I bless
this leaf. I bless this flower. I bless this root. For my own power.”
Then tie the strong loosely on a sprig of the plant. Make sure to let the plant
grow at least a week prior to harvesting any of it. The longer you can wait,
the better.

Kitchen Blessing Charm

This is an herbal spell that helps to bless your kitchen. Herbal magic spells
are often found in kitchen witchery, and they have a lot of power.
You will need:
A long piece of twine
Strip of orange rind
Bay leaf
Sprig of fresh rosemary
You can start by casting a circle if you want.

Once you are ready, tie the bay leaf and orange rind to the base of the spring
of rosemary. Make sure you wrap the twine around it enough to make sure
that it stays secure, but leave enough to hang it up later. You can spend a few
moments to meditate on this and what you would like it to do for your
kitchen. Once you feel it is adequately charged, you can continue with the
rest of the spell.
If you cast a circle to start with, this would be the time to close and thank all
who you called.
Then you need to take the rosemary sprig and hang it up somewhere in your
home or kitchen to fill the space with positive energy and to purify the

Spell for a Storm

If you are in need of some rain or you want to create some exciting weather,
this spell will help you to do so.

You will need:

Red candle
Wooden spoon
Sea salt
A sprig of broom – the plant not the sweeping variety
It can be a bit difficult to find a broom plant, but unfortunately, there isn’t
really a substitute for it with this weather spell. Check around at your local
florists, and herb shops to see if you can locate one.

Begin by casting your circle if you would like to.

Once ready, set the candle and distribute some water in a bowl. Tell this:
“Rain that brings a land’s rebirth, time to weep upon the Earth.”
Stir the water using the spoon and dip the broom in it. Tell this: “Winds shall
follow, you shall see, blowing wildly through the three.”
Now take a moment to visualize a storm growing in power and strength. All
of the couple drops of the wax from your candle to drip into the water. Tell
this: “Lightning quick, lightning long, make it last and make it strong.”
Sprinkle in some salt to seal your spell and stir. Make sure you give it a good
stir and then go outside immediately to toss the water into the air. Don’t
allow the water to settle from your stirring before you toss it in the air.
A Sunshine Spell
Once you’re tired of all that rain, you can try this spell to bring about some
You will need:
Orange or yellow candle
Rainwater to fill up a bowl
A small bowl
The actual size of your bowl will depend on when you would like the
sunshine to start, so pick a dish once you have read through the spell once.
There’s no need to start out casting a circle. Fill up a bowl with rainwater and
then sprinkle in a couple of pinches of salt. This needs to be fine-ground salt.
Place the bowl on your window sill, or on a table that is located close to a
window. Put the candle close to it and light it. Say: “Rain, rain go away,
come back another day.”
While the words may seem a bit cliché, they do sum up exactly what it is that
you need to be done. Allow the candle to burn here for at least an hour, or let
it burn out completely. As the water evaporates from your bowl, the weather
will begin to clear up. Once the dish is dry, you will have sunny weather
Circle Casting
Circle casting varies between practitioners, covens, and paths. In this section,
I am going to provide you with different ways to cast a circle.
Witches cast circles to help protect their work. It helps to create a space of
high energy so that you can safely care out your work. This also helps to keep
harmful or negative entities out of your work that could end up messing
things up.

Before you cast a circle, always make sure that you have everything you need
to be gathered inside where your circle will be or at your altar if you have
one. Make sure not to leave your circle once it has been cast. That being said,
if something comes up and you must leave quickly, then do so. Nothing bad
will happen and the emergency obviously needs your attention. Also,
children and pets can travel through your circle without causing any
problems. Lastly, there are some people who, if they need to leave the circle,
will draw a “door” with their athame or wand, but you can simply pretend
that there is “curtain” that you walk through. When you enter back in, walk in
a clockwise circle to strengthen it back up.
One last thing, in your studies, you may see the words deosil or widdershins.
Deosil simply means clockwise and widdershins means counterclockwise.

Circle Cast #1
Begin by marking your circle. You will then choose where to situate your
circle. It is important to prioritize a place where you can work in peace and
focus on what you are doing – be it an altar or just a peaceful area in your
home. You don’t have to physically mark your circle, but some people like to
do this for rituals or protection. If you want to mark your circle, you can use
some rocks, candles, or a cord. Some Witches may use crystals that
correspond with the cardinal points.
Next is to summon up energy that can protect you and surround your work.
This first circle casting is a simple way to do so that gives you a great starting
Begin by standing at the center of the circle. Focus and take deep breaths.
Picture the top of your head opening up like a pipe to take in the divine, white
light. This is your crown, and always has a connection to the divine. You’ve
always had the potential to control your will.
Face out your palms by widening the reach of your arms. With every inhale,
picture yourself pulling in that divine light into the crown of your head, and
as you exhale, pull this light out through the palms of your hands to make a
protective shield for yourself. As the energy releases, you may start feeling a
little buzz, goosebumps, or you could simply feel elevated.
Take the arm that you write with and outstretch it, pointing towards the edge
of your circle. Spin, clockwise, three times, as you mentally mark where your
circle is with the divine like that you have conjured. Take your arms up above
your head, saying: “I ask that the God and Goddess bless this circle so that I
may be free and protected within this space. So mote it be.”
You now are free to perform your ritual or cast your spells. To close this
circle, simply do as before, but spin counterclockwise and feel as the
protective light disappears. Make sure that you thank the spirits for being
there with you.
Advanced Circle
This is a more advanced way to cast a circle.
You will need:
4 candles – either all white, or a green, yellow, red, and blue candle
Use your compass to find the four cardinal points and place your candles at
each point. If you are using the colored candles, place the green at North,
yellow at East, red at South, and blue at West.

Turn to the North candle and light it. Tell this: “Guardians of the North,
Element of Earth I call upon thee to be present during this ritual. Please join
me now and bless this circle.”
Turn to the East candle and light it. Tell this: “Guardians of the East, Element
of Air I call upon thee to be present during this ritual. Please join me now and
bless this circle.”

Turn to the South candle and light it. Tell this: “Guardians of the South,
Element of Fire I call upon thee to be present during this ritual. Please join
me now and bless this circle.”
Turn to the West candle and light it. Tell this: “Guardians of the West,
Element of Water I call upon thee to be present during this ritual. Please join
me now and bless this circle.”
Pick up your athame or wand and aim it at the edge of your circle. Spin,
clockwise, three times and picture a white light rushing your crown and out
through your arm, through the tool, and to the edge of your circle.
Go to stand in the middle and feel all of this divine light filling up your circle
and filling your entire being. Tell this: “God and Goddess, Guardian Angels,
and Spiritual Guides, please be present with me during this ritual. Bless this
circle and keep me protected. No unwanted entities are welcome here; only
pure, divine beings are invited into this space. The circle is cast. So mote it
You can now begin your ritual or spell. In order to close this circle, pick up
your athame or want and turn counterclockwise and feel the divine light
leaving. Thank everything that helped to protect you and then blow out the
Circle Cast #2
This is another simple casting method. You will need 3, 4, 6, or 9 of a certain
object. This can be any number and object that really speaks to you, but try to
make sure that the objects stay similar. It could be four houseplants, six
seashells, or nine candles. If you have some sacred items, then you could use
To perform the casting, hold the object in your hands and create your
intention from them as you walk around and place them to mark off your
circle. If you are choosing to use candles, make sure you work safely so that
you don’t end up knocking them over or catching anything on fire.
If there are special words you want to say, you can do so, but this casting
doesn’t require any. To close your circle, simply pick the items up in the
opposite direction that you sat them down.
Esbat Rituals
Before we get into the rituals, let’s quickly go over what an Esbat is. An
Esbat is a holiday of sorts that takes place every Full Moon, which is
typically once a month, but on special occasions, can happen twice. This is
usually used as a time for initiations or healing magic.

Esbat Rite
You will need:
White candle
Bowl of water
Begin by casting a circle and purify the area by smudging it.
Face your altar and open your arms out wide. Tilt your face up skyward. Say:
“Goddess of the moon, queen of the night, keeper of women’s mysteries,
mistress of the tides, you who are ever changing and yet always constant, I
ask that you guide me with your wisdom, help me grow with your
knowledge, and hold me in your arms.”

Hold up your bowl of water in the sky. Say: “The moon is the symbol of the
mother, and she watches over us day and night. She brings the changing tide,
the shifting night, the flow that changes women’s bodies and the passion of
lovers to their beloved. Her wisdom is great and all-knowing, and we honor
her tonight. Keep your watchful eyes upon us, great mother, until the cycle
returns once more, and bring us to the next full moon, in your love and light.”
Take the next little bit to think about all of the things that have changed in
your last during the last moon cycle. Do you have any people you need to
thank? Did you get out of a toxic situation? Have you been blessed with good
fortune in your life? Meditate for a moment on these things, as well as
anything that you would like to change with the next moon cycle.

You can continue and perform some spells or healing rites if you would like.
Otherwise, close the circle and thank everybody who was present.

Solitary Esbat Rite

You will need:
1-2 crystals that speak to you
Tarot deck, or oracle deck, or runes
Bread and wine – or appropriate beverage
Begin by lighting your candle and take three deep breaths. Allow your body
and mind to become one with your space. If you would like, you can spray
some of your favorite smell into the air. This could be a perfume, incense, or
essential oil.
Pick a seated position that you find comfortable and hold a crystal in each
hand. If you only picked, place between your hand or hold it in your non-
dominant hand at heart center.
Invite in your deities, spirits, higher self, whomever you would like to
consecrate and bless this space and meet with your between worlds in the
space of trust and love.
Begin with a thank you, thinking about everything that you have experienced
over the last month. Find all of the wisdom and goodness in these moments
and allow them to fill you with happiness.
Then you may want to take a moment just to listen, to see if there is anybody
who would like to say something to you. You should feel their presence and
it should feel serene. If not, then tell them that they need to leave or calm
down their energy.
Take the divination tool you chose and draw either two cards or two Runes.
Firstly, your inquiry, “What have I gotten since the New Moon?”
Secondly, your guidance, “What do I need to let go of during the waning
Write down any insights or feels that you got from this reading. In this
moment, the Moon and Sun on different edges of the Earth, and each is
creating a curve of energy. Tap into this energy that floats overhead and
allows the Moonlight and Sunshine to mingle and fill your aura.
Feel this energy enter your body and into your every cell. Feel yourself
become rejuvenated. Say: “I now dissolve my former selves, beliefs, labels,
and identities that no longer serve me. As I step into a greater relationship
with my core being, Nature’s secrets, and other dimensions, I dismiss all self-
judgment, shame, and guilt. My soul talents bloom and my light brightens. I
am at peace on all levels and this exudes in my personal space and extends to
wherever I may go.”
End the ritual by inquiring the spirits you have invited into your space for
some assistance, guidance, and inspiration on a specific thing in your life.
Sit a listen for a moment and once you feel you have heard what you needed
to, offer some bread and wine to those present and take a bite and drink for
yourself. Thank them for being there and close your rite.
Sabbat Rituals
There are eight Sabbats that Wiccans and other Pagans celebrate during the
year. They coincide with each equinox and solstice as well as the four cross-
quarter days that mark the between points. These are meant to celebrate the
changing state of the God from birth to death. Here you will find a ritual for

Yule takes place on the Winter Solstice, which usually around December 21st.
This is when to usher the new and utter goodbye to the old. The Sun is
returning back to the Earth. This can be done by yourself or adapted for a
You will need:
An altar decorated for Yule
Holiday incense
Two candles that are either white, red, green, or gold

Begin by casting your circle.

Face your altar and take a moment to remember what things would have been
like for your ancestors at this time. They have stocked up their food from the
harvest and not that their food will be running low in just a few months.
People who weren’t able to plan in advance may end up freezing or starving.
Despite this, they recognized that the light would be returning to the Earth
soon, bringing in new life.
As you light the first candle, say: “Tonight in the night of the Solstice, the
longest night of the year. As the Wheel turns once more, I know that
tomorrow, the Sun will begin its journey back to us. With it, new life will
begin, a blessing from Earth to her children.”
As you light second candle, say: “It is the season of the Winter Goddess.
Tonight, I celebrate the festival of the Winter Solstice, the rebirth of the Sun,
and the return of light to the Earth. As the Wheel of the Year turns once
more, I honor the eternal cycle of birth, life, death, and rebirth.”
If you have any other candles on your altar that you chose to bring, light them
up, and if you have any decorative lighting, turn them on now. Take your
place back at your altar and face your Yule log or tree. Raise up your arms,
saying: “Today I honor the Goddess of the forest, the Mother of the Nature,
who rules the season. I give my thanks to the beautiful Goddess, whose
blessings bring new life to the Earth. This gift I offer you tonight, sending my
prayers to you upon the air.”
Now, light your incense. This is the time to offer any food, bread, or
beverage that you would. Meditate for a moment as the incense floats through
the night sky. Think about any changes that you would like to make before
the next Sabbat. Reflect on the things that have happened. Once ready, end
the ritual or go on with the other spells and traditions.

This is a cross-quarter Sabbat that takes place on February 2nd to celebrate the
coming of Spring. The days are starting to warm and the Sun is staying out
longer now, so the cold days are nearly behind us.
There are many ways to celebrate this holiday, but this rite is a Spring
cleaning rite.

You will need:

Bowl or bag
Blessing oil
Blue candle

Smudge bundle
Sea salt
Bowl of water
You will need three people to help you with this. Smudge everybody with
some sage before beginning. Start at your front door and travel clockwise as
you go. You and your guests will smudge the perimeter of every room in
your house with the salt, sage, candle, and water. Each person will hold one
item. The sage smoke should be wafted around; the water can be gently
sprinkled as can the salt. You don’t want to overdo the water and salt so that
you don’t have to clean them up later. The candle is simply carried. You can
also say the following if you would like: “With this purifying power of
Water, with the clean breath of Air, with the passionate heat of Fire, with the
ground energy of Earth, we cleanse this space.”
As you travel into each room, anoint the door and windowsills with the oil by
tracing a pentagram, or other important symbols, over them. This keeps
negativity out. While doing this, you can say: “May the Goddess bless this
home, making it sacred and pure, so that nothing but love and joy shall enter
through this door.”
Once you are finished, have your guests place their blessing token into a
bowl or bag and keep them in an honored place in your home. Now, have a
large feast to celebrate the coming Spring.

This Sabbat is on the Spring Equinox, which usually around March 21st. It
tells that warmer days are truly here. This ritual for Ostara is short and sweet.
You will need:
Seeds for plants you would like to grow this coming year
Seed starter kit
While you may not be able to actually plant things outside yet, if you can,
then great, you can still start them in your home to celebrate Ostara. This is
meant to be more of an informal ritual, but if you would like, you can cast a
circle, light some candles, and call upon your deities to help bless the seeds.
All you have to do is plant the seeds you would like to in your seed starter kit
and then care for them until they are ready to be transplanted outside.

This is the cross-quarter date that is celebrated on May 1st. This is a fire
festival to celebrate the coming Summer. This ritual will require a Maypole
and as many people as you would like to join you. You can open this ritual up
to people who aren’t even Wiccan if you would like.
You will need:
A pre-dug hole for your Maypole
15-20-foot pole decorated with flowers
Make sure that each of your guests has their own 20-foot, two-inch wide
ribbon or streamer. As they arrive, connect their ribbons on the end of the
pole. Make sure you have some extra ribbon because there will be a few
people who will forget theirs. Once everybody has arrived and the ribbon is
attached, get everybody to help set up the pole in the hole you have already
dug. Make sure it is secure; you don’t want the fun to end by the pole falling
Divide people into group 1 and group 2. People in group one dance clockwise
and group two dances counterclockwise. Everybody grabs hold of their
ribbon and everybody starts to move in their designated direction. Rules for
passing people; the first person you pass, you pass on the left, the second
person you pass on the right, and so on. When passing on the outside, raise
the ribbon up so that they can go under it. If you want, you can do a practice
run without the ribbon beforehand. Continue circling the pole until everybody
has run out of ribbon and then tie them all together at the bottom. You can
also play some fun Springtime music while doing this.

This celebrates the Summer Solstice and happens around June 22nd. This is
often called Midsummer, even though it marks the start of Summer in our
current terminology. At this point, the Sun will begin to disappear earlier
each night, indicating the coming of the cold months.

You will need:

A bonfire
Begin by fixing a spot for your bonfire. Make sure it is in a safe place. The,
cast a circle if need be.
Say: “Today, to celebrate Midsummer, I honor the Earth itself. I am
surrounded by tall trees. There is a clear sky above me and cool dirt beneath
me, and I am connected to all three. I light this fire as the Ancients did long
You may now light the fire at this point.
Say: “The Wheel of Year has turned. The light has grown for six months until
today. Today is Litah, called Alban Heruin by my ancestors. A time for
celebration. Tomorrow the light will begin to fade. As the Wheel of the Year
turns on and ever on.”
Face the East:
“From the East comes the wind, cool and clear. It brings new seeds to the
garden, bees to the pollen, and birds to the trees.”
Face South:
“The Sun rises high in the summer sky and lights out way even into the night.
Today the Sun casts three rays. The light of fire upon the land, the sea, and
the heavens.”
Face West:
“From the West, the mist rolls in bringing rain and fog, the life-giving water
without which we would cease to be.”
Face North:
“Beneath my feet is the Earth. Soil dark and fertile, the womb in which life
begins and will later die, then return anew.”
Stoke up your fire and getting burning really well. You want to have as
strong of a blaze as you can while also keeping you and your neighbors safe.
This is the perfect time to offer the God and Goddess something. You can say
a personal prayer to them and simply tell them what you are offering and ask
for guidance before tossing the offering into the fire. End your ritual with:
“Today, at Litha, I celebrate the life and love of the Gods and of the Earth
and Sun.”
Reflect for a moment once you have finished your ritual before closing the

This is a cross-quarter celebrated on August 1st. This is usually when the first
harvest comes in and it is celebrated.
You will need:
A yellow, orange, or red candle
Wheat stalks
Unsliced loaf of bread

A goblet of wine or cider

Begin by casting your circle in your chosen way.
Light your candle. Tell this:
“The Wheel of the Year has turned once more, and the harvest will soon be
upon us. We have food on our tables, and the soil is fertile. Nature’s bounty,
the gift of the Earth, gives us reasons to be thankful. Mother of the Harvest,
with your sickle and basket, bless me with abundance and plenty.”
Take the wheat and hold them in front of you. Think about the things they
symbolize. What things do you need to start planning for? Rub them between
your fingers to let some of the wheat fall on your altar. Pour and distribute
them on the ground to give them to the Earth. If you are doing this outside,
leave them on your altar and bring them outside later. Tell this: “The power
of the Harvest is within me. As the seed falls to the Earth and is reborn each
year, I too grow as the seasons change. As the grain takes root in the fertile
soil, I too will find my roots and develop. As the smallest seed blooms into a
mighty stalk, I too will bloom where I landed. As the wheat is harvested and
saved for winter, I too will set aside that which I can use later.”
Tear some of the bread. Tell this: “I pass to you this gift of the first harvest.”
If in a group setting, once everybody has some bread, say: “The bounty is
here for all of us, and we are so blessed.”
Then consume the bread; pass the wine for everybody to take a sip.
Take some time to contemplate on the process of rebirth and the coming
colder months. Once you are ready, close the circle.
This is the Autumn Equinox, which takes place around September 23rd. From
this point on, the nights will be longer than the days. This is another simple
ritual that doesn’t require any formal setup, but you can always decorate your
altar with fall-themed decorations.
Since this is harvest season, gather family and friends together to help you
harvest from your garden. Promise them that, once finished, they will get to
enjoy the fruits of their labor with a large meal.
That’s all you have to do. Spend the day with family and friends harvesting
your garden and then work together to cook and nice big meal. You can start
the meal by thanking your God and Goddess and the Earth for everything
they have provided you with this harvest season.
This marks the end of the year and the death of the God. It takes place around
October 31st or November 1st. This is the last of the harvest festivals. This
ritual is called a dumb supper.
Invite anybody that is open to the experience and when you do, ask them to
bring a note with a message for their deceased loved ones written on it. As
the host or hostess, you will have to decide what foods you will serve. Setting
the table with all black is traditional, and have some black candles lit as well.
Wherever your table is set up, it is a sacred space for this event, so cast a
circle or smudge the area beforehand.
It is called a dumb supper because nobody is allowed to speak when in the
sacred space, so make sure you have things set up so that if people need
something, it can be easily gotten without the need to speak. You may not
want to have small children at this event.
As you set the table, flip the head of the table for the spirits. Have a candle
set up in this spot for each guest to light as they enter. Once you are ready to
begin dinner, each person should walk into the sacred space, one by one, light
a candle and say a little prayer to their deceased loved ones at the place of the
spirit and then take their seat. Once everybody is in, you may hold hands in a
silent prayer and then eat. Remember, this is solemn and silent. Nobody is
supposed to talk.
Once everybody is done eating, everybody should take out the note they
brought. Everybody should take turns going to the spirit setting and silently
read their note before burning it in their candle. Make sure you have a plate
or bowl set up for the ashes. Once everybody has done this, hold hands in
silent prayer once more, and as everybody files out, everybody should stop
and say thanks at the spirit setting once again.
Chanting has been a universal practice forever. It simply means that a person
repeats scared words, spells, names, or phrases to alter their consciousness. In
some practices, this is done while drumming is taking place, or while
dancing, or ringing bells. This is meant to connect the human mind with the
realm of the God and goddess and improve their magic. Chants can simply or
highly complex.
Tibetan Buddhists use what is known as throat singing for their chanting. The
idea of chanting mantras with a specific meaning is very important to Hindu
traditions. Hare Krishna is based on chanting the Sanskrit names of the Gods.
Buddhists chant daily as a part of their journey.
Shamans would chant songs that have been passed down to them. They did
this to reach an altered conscious state for divining or healing. Every chant
had a different purpose. Curing chants are a big part in Navaho ceremonies.
Chanting helps to raise the vibration of the body as it starts to respond to the
sounds of the chants. There is a trigger within the body and mind through the
sounds, which your entire being responds to. This will calm the mind to open
it up to divine inspiration.

Healing Chant
Think about the person you want to heal as you chant:
“Wrap thee in cotton. Bind thee with love. Protection from pain, surrounds
like a glove. Brightest of blessings, surround thee this night. For thou art
cared for, healing thoughts sent in flight.”

Dragon Chant
This chant is meant to assist you in leaving your body and traveling to sacred
places you want.

“Dragon come take my spirit. Make it rise. Make it fly. Make it free to fly
above the seas.”
Chant this continuously and you will feel lifted up. Once you are ready to
return, stop chanting.
Meditation is a big part of Wicca because, in order to work effective spells,
you need to be able to enter into a state of deep relaxation. Meditation helps
you to find this place of balance and calm and allows you to align yourself
with Nature and its forces. If you are brand new to meditation, it may take
you a while to hit a truly meditative state. This is going to require a bit of
practice, so make sure that you are patient and don’t push yourself too much.
It is best if you take the time to meditate every day, whether for five minutes
or 30 minutes. Try to pick places to meditate that are conducive for
meditations. If you can meditate outside, then do so because it will provide
you with a lot of power. You can even cast a circle and meditate in front of
your altar if you would like. It is also a good idea to have a notebook close by
so that you can write down any imagery, ideas, symbols, or thoughts that
come to mind.
You can even meditate with crystals or plants. This can sometimes help to
guide you in the best way to work with those items. If you have a sick
looking plant, meditating on it may help you to figure out what you need to
do to help it.

Basic Meditation #1
Find a spot where you can sit comfortably and undisturbed for a little while.
Get in a comfortable seated position, preferably with your back straight. You
want to make sure that you are at a comfortable temperature.
Take in a few deep breaths to get rid of life for a moment. If you find it hard
to relax, try counting backward from 100.
Then start to observe whatever thoughts you may be having, as if you are an
outsider looking in. Then sit quietly and allow your mind to slow down. You
can remain in this spot for as long as you would like. Once you are ready to
end the meditation, let your mind come back to reality and start to slowly
move around.

Basic Meditation #2
You will need an object or concept for this meditation. It can be anything that
you want.
Again, begin by finding a place to sit undisturbed for some time. Get into a
comfortable seated position and allow your mind to relax. Count down if you
need to. Observe your thoughts for a moment, not reacting to them, and then
Start to think about the concept or object, or you can hold onto the object as
well. If it isn’t something that you can physically hold, try to use a symbol to
represent it. Picture yourself dissolving into whatever your object or symbol.
If you were liquid or dust, you would simply mix into it.
Sit for a while with this thought and enjoy all of the energy, sensations, or
thoughts that come up. Stay here until you feel you have had enough.
Allow yourself to come back to reality and then write down anything that
came to mind, but you may not get any insight until a little while after your
meditation has ended.
White Candle Ritual
Candle magic tends to be some of the easiest spells that a Witch can cast.
They are great place to start for beginners. The only thing you will need
beforehand is a simple altar set up and to know how to cast a circle.

Candle Divination
This will help you to look into the future. You will be sent a few different
signals during the spell, but you will have to interpret what those signals are
trying to tell you.
You will need:
3 candles – they should be exactly alike
Place those candles on your altar in a triangle. Then you can cast your circle
and begin. Light the candles starting on the tip and the going
Watch how the flames act once they are lighted.
If you notice that one of the flames is burning brighter than the others, then
you should expect some type of good fortune soon.
If one of your flames ends up going out, you can expect some negative
energy. This would be a good time to do some protection spells.
If your flames grow tall and then shorter continuously, then be a bit cautious
during the next couple of weeks. Things will end up being a bit turbulent.
If your flames spiral, a person that is close to you may be upset with you.
You should also question their trustworthiness.
Once you have set with your candles long enough, blow them out and close
your circle. This would be a good time to journal about your results.

Results Candle
If there is something that you have to do that will take you a while, this can
help you to speed up the completion.
You will need:
White candle
Slice of pound cake
Orange juice
After you have cast your circle, sit quietly for a bit and picture what your task
will look like once finished. Watch it has it happens in your mind.
Say: “Saint Expedite, please help me accomplish (say your goal) quickly. For
this favor, I kindly offer food and drink. Upon completion, I’ll send you
more. So mote it be.”
Fire up the candle for Saint Expedite and speak the goal that you want help
finishing. Once you have finished your task, give another offering of the
pound cake and juice to fulfill what you have promised.

Fertility Candle
This is for anybody who is trying to conceive, so use accordingly.
You will need:
5 red candles
Light these candles before you and your partner become intimate and leave
them burning during and after. This will help to increase your chance of
becoming pregnant. You can also carve or write the characteristics of your
future child on the candles. You can also write down names if you have them
picked out. Let the candles burn out completely.
Ring of Power
A very common tool of the craft is what is known as the ring of power, or the
magic ring. If you want to see a good description of the ring of power, you
may want to check J. R. R. Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings. While it is more of a
dramatic story than the reality, he certainly does share some truths.
While there are dangers to a ring of power because it can absorb all kinds of
energy, you may still want to create one for yourself. I will provide a simple
way to craft one for yourself. This works very much like a ring talisman.
The first thing you need to do is to decide what you want the ring’s power to
be. Then you have to figure out where you plan on wearing it. Generally, if it
is meant to bring some sort of blessing, then it should be worn on your
receiving hand, which is the weaker one.
If you plan on having the ring help you express quality or power, you need to
have it worn on your projective hand, which tends to be the strongest. Then
you have to pick the actual finger. The normal fingers used are either the first
finger or ring finger. If you are looking for more power, the thumb is
connected to Venus, the index is connected to Jupiter, the middle is Saturn,
the ring is Sun, and the pinky is Mercury. The Moon and Mars don’t have a
corresponding finger, so if you are looking to use their power, then you need
to wear it on a finger that is compatible.
Then you need to create or find a ring that you feel fits your purpose. I
believe if you find a ring that fits all of the symbolism and you feel strongly
for it, then it is the right ring for you. But if you are looking to make a ring
with stricter magical rules, then you will need to make a ring from the metal
of a planet using a stone connected to the planet.
Next is the actual spell. You will need:
Your chosen ring and intent
One to nine candles to represent that power that you are summoning
8 red candles
Frankincense incense and oil
Begin by creating a circle by placing the eight red candles on each directional
point. These would be North, South, East, West, as well as Southeast,
Southwest, Northeast, and Northwest.

Inside your circle place the candles you chose to represent the power you are
calling. If you only picked one candle, place right in the center. If you are
using more than one, place them in a symmetrical shape in the middle of your
Light the incense and anoint the candles and the ring with the oil. Light the
red candles begin with the East candle and traveling clockwise. Do this while
saying: “From the eight corners of the Earth I summon the magic power to
come here and enter in this ring of mine and make it a magic ring.”
Now you can light the other candles while saying: “I summon (start your
ring’s power) to come here and enter this ring, and transform it to a magic
tool that (say what you would like the ring to do.)”
Sit down in the circle and picture the power and the ring combing inside the
circle and filling the ring and living within the ring. Hold onto this
visualization as long as you need to without causing yourself to become tired.
Allow the candles to burn completely. As the candles burn, repeat your
visualization as often as you are able to.
Once the candles have finished burning, the ring will be ready. Wear your
ring for at least seven days, all day, and then make sure that it is always near
you. Nobody should ever touch the ring unless you are physically wearing it.
When you need its power, let it know and it will work for you.
Elder Gods Darkness Ritual
Honoring the Goddess is a big part of a Wiccan practice, so much so that the
God seems to be forgotten. The Horned God, or Elder, controls the fertility,
the hunt, the forest, and the Sun, so he plays a pretty big role as well.
We need to understand that we are unable to grow spiritually or internally
without have the Goddesses nurturing creativity, energy, or the moon. But we
also can’t survive without the forests, Earth, and the Sun.

While it is important to honor the feminine sacrifices and all of the

submissions that we have experienced in the past, in honoring only the
feminine do we end up forgetting to honor half of our existence? Does this
mean that our worship is unbalanced? All of these considerations are a
personal thing, and will depend on your practice, but in thinking about these
questions you may want to harness something more powerful than what you
thought was possible.
The actual information behind the Horned God is a bit inexplicable. He is
very much enigmatic, as if he were a mystery. The Horned God is grounded
and has a practical energy as opposed to the Goddesses surreal energy. It
could be that his energies make us think too much about the dark parts of life
and the uncomfortable truths.
Like a lot of our modern Wicca practices, the traditions of the Horned God
are a mystery, and this means we have to figure out what to do on our own.
Your interpretation of the Horned God will be more personal instead of
adopting something others have created. To help you out, here are some
symbols concerning the Horned God.
The antlers or horns on him have been a worship symbol for some time.
Traditionally they resembled the hunt and fertility. It also resembles sacrifice,
courage, protection, and sensitivity toward the Earth.
In order to honor the Horned God, use his elements of Earth and Fire as a
way to represent him and bring his magic into your work. It is important,
though, that you balance him out by also bringing in the Goddess. Without
her, he won’t be at his best.
You can do a little ritual for the Horned God one evening if you would like. It
does not require a circle casting and it can be done by yourself. Take an
offering of wine and bread out to the words and call upon the Horned God
and offer them to him. Then, when you feel he is present, you can say this
“God of the green, lord of the forest, I offer you my sacrifice. I ask you for
your blessing. You are the man in the trees, the green man of the woods, who
brings life to the dawning spring. You are the deer in rut, mighty Horned
One, who roams the autumn woods, the hunter circling round the oak, the
antlers of the wild stag, and the lifeblood that spills upon the ground each
season. God of the green, lord of the forest, I offer you my sacrifice. I ask
you for your blessing.”
You can also chant this prayer while dancing around a circle with a coven or
group of people if you want.

In this last section, you will find a whole host of spells and recipes for
anything that you may need. Remember, use them with caution and
remember that each spell will bounce back to you in some way.
Spell Crafting and Correspondence
The earliest practitioners of Witchcraft categorized things in a way that meant
something to them. They would compare things to other items in the world,
as well as their medicinal and magical uses. These are what gave us our
modern correspondences.
These tables of correspondences help Witches today. They use the ability to
look things up to figure out what energy it corresponds with so that we can
match it to our spell and intent. Some correspondence tables will vary
depending on the tradition.
Gemstones and Crystals
Agate – Earth, brow chakra. Use for mental health, depression,
and energy.
Amber – Fire, Sun, throat chakra. Use for clarity, confidence,
strength, and protection.
Amethyst – Water, Pisces, Aquarius, crown chakra. Use for the
mind, intuitive powers, consecration, and cleansing.
Bloodstone – Fire, Mars, Sun. Use for matters of the body, health
of the blood.
Carnelian – Earth. Use for grounding, treat infertility and
impotency, and shielding.
Garnet – Fire, Persephone, root chakra. Use for reproductive
health, meditation, lunar rituals, and intuitive skills.
Hematite – Fire, Saturn, Sun. Use for healing, inflammation,
blood disorders, protection, confidence, and willpower.
Jade – Earth. Use for love, balancing, healing of internal organs.
Jasper – Earth. Use for centering, grounding, good fortune, and
Lapis Lazuli – Water, brow chakra. Use for lifting spirits,
consciousness, meditation, trance work, and connecting with the
God and Goddess.
Moonstone – Moon, Hecate, Selene, Diana. Use for female
reproduction, wisdom, intuition, and Goddess-centric work.
Obsidian – Fire. Use for energy work, intuition, and the
Opal – all 4 Elements. Use for emotional and spiritual health, and
Quartz – heart chakra, all 4 elements. Use for any type of spell
work and rituals.
Sapphire – Water, Libra, throat chakra. Use for spirit guides and
Tiger’s Eye – Fire. Use for self-confidence, protection, and
Turquoise – Water. Use for intuition, wisdom, and healing.
Apple Blossoms – Water. Use for love and divination.
Basil – Fire. Use for love, fidelity, and female reproductive
Catnip – Water. Use for psychic bonds and love.
Chamomile – Water. Use for purification, protection, good luck,
and love.
Hyssop – Fire. Use for getting rid of negativity, purification, and
Lavender – Air. Use for calming dreams, sleep, purification,
headaches, and love.
Oregano – Use for protection and ward against negativity.
Pennyroyal – Use for money, prosperity, and protection.
(pregnant women should not take this internally)
Peppermint – Fire. Use for purification, clearing out negativity,
and love.
Rosemary – Fire. Uses are pretty much universal.
Sage – Air. Use for wisdom, purification, smudging, and
Thyme – Water. Use for banishing negativity, psychic abilities,
and courage.

Red – sex, lust, courage, and health
Pink – friendship, innocence, love
Orange – encouragement, attraction, new opportunities
Gold – prosperity, business endeavors, Sun spells
Yellow – protection, persuasion, happiness
Green – prosperity, money, fertility, forgiveness, empathy,
Light Blue – understanding, healing, patience
Dark Blue – psychic abilities, empathy, willingness
Purple – royalty, power, ambition
Brown – Earthwork
Black – banishment, negativity
White – truth, purity, the divine
Silver – truth, reflection, Moon work

Daffodil – fertility, love, Spring
Dandelion – cleansing, purification, healing
Echinacea – prosperity
Goldenseal – money, business dealings, gain
Hibiscus – passion, lust, prophetic dreams, love
Hyacinth – peaceful sleep, ease grief
Lily – abundance, rebirth, renewal, fertility
Narcissus – harmony, inner peace, tranquility
Violet – luck, loyalty, dedication
Birch – fertility, creativity, rebirth
Rowan – personal power, astral travel, success
Ash – universal magic
Alder – intuitive abilities, spiritual decisions
Willow – protection, healing, knowledge, nurturing
Hawthorn – cleansing, defense, protection
Oak – protection, money, success, fertility, good fortune
Holly – protection, luck
Hazel – divination, dowsing, protection
Earth – Feminine, rebirth, death, life, pentacles, coins, North
Air – East, masculine, life, wisdom, communication, swords,
Fire – South, masculine, fertility, wands
Water – Feminine, West, healing, purification, cleansing
Basic Spells
Home Protection Spell
What you’ll need:
Black paint or permanent marker
4 stones from your property

What you’ll do:

Cleanse your ritual space and items you will be using in this spell. You can
do this by burning some palo santo or sage. Cleanse yourself.
Cast your circle.
Use the marker or paint and draw the Algiz rune onto each of the four stones.
This rune looks like a stick figure of a person with their arms raised.
Visualize every harmful person and watch them turn away from your home
and go back where they came from. Know deep in your heart that your home
is safe from all harm.

Take down your circle now. Go outside and with the shovel dig one hole at
each corner of your property. Put one enchanted stone in each hole and then
cover them with dirt.
Once you have placed all the stones, imagine an electric, white fence
encompassing your property. See every harmful entity leaving your property.
Understand that anybody who comes to your property with the intent of
harming you, they will forget why they are there and will turn around and
Banishing Spell
What you’ll need:
1 piece paper
Black ink
Black salt

What you’ll do:
This spell needs to be done on a Saturday during either a waxing or full
Cleanse your ritual space and tools by burning palo santo or sage. Cleanse
Cast your circle
Take the paper and write down the person’s full name and say:
“Your lies and harm will not affect me anymore, for they will come right
back to you.”
Drop the paper into the bowl and cover with black salt. Place the mirror on
top and imagine their hurtful energy and words reflecting back toward them.
Take down your circle. Once the spell is over, take the salt and paper outside
and bury them. Cleanse the mirror and put it in a safe space for another use.

Anxiety Tea Spell

What you’ll need:
16 ounces water
¼ part nettles
½ part lavender flowers
2 parts oat tops
1 part hawthorn berries
What you’ll do:

Boil the water and turn the heat down to a simmer. Place the herbs into the
water and simmer for around 20 mins. Strain the herbs out and pour eight
ounces into your favorite mug.
Stir in the honey in a clockwise movement. This will sweeten your intent.
Imagine the things in your life getting sweeter.
Now, say:
“Hawthorn, oat, lavender, nettled transform this hurt to wholesome fettle. By
the swirl of one, this spell is done. By the swirl of two, this hurt bids adieu.
By the swirl of three, with transmuting complete. No harm to thee, not harm
to me. With love and light so mote it be.”

Drink the tea and enjoy.

True Love Spell

What you’ll need:
Ylang Ylang oil
Rose oil
Red or gold ink pen
Red paper
Small red pouch
2 chime candle holders
2 red fast burning spell candles

What you’ll do:

Cleanse your ritual space and tools and cleanse yourself.
Cast your circle
Cut the piece of paper into 12 pieces. Put one candle directly in front of you
on your altar. Make sure it is in a candle holder.
If you are female, put the second candle to your right side. If you are a male,
put the second candle to your left side.
Carve your name in the first candle and put it into the holder, say:
“I am a beacon of loving light. Let my best traits shine. Let my brightest light
summon he or she who shall be mine.”
Light the candle. On each of the pieces of paper write one trait that you are
looking for in your mate. When you have written one, fold it three times
toward you. Imagine and feel this relationship being filled with this trait. Put
the folded paper into the pouch.
Hold the pouch and imagine your mate having all these traits. Imagine the
pouch glowing the most beautiful shade of red full of romance and love.
Drop three drops of rose oil onto the pouch. Drop three drops of ylang-ylang
oil onto the pouch.
Blow a kiss into the pouch and close it. Put in in front of your beacon candle.
Carve the words “future partner” into the next candle and put in into a holder.
Put this candle beside the lit one. Place the pouch in front of this candle.
Imagine and feel someone who has all these traits until you can almost feel
their presence in the room with you. Light the second candle with the first

“We now share a light, a spark in the night. A spark that draws you to me,
Mr. or Mrs. Right. To love and to hold, and behold, I now have a love with
which to grow old. And it harms none, so mote it be.”
Know that your spell is now put into motion.
Take your circle down. Put the pouch close to your heart and wear it
everywhere you go.
Teas, Oils, and Baths
Bronchial Congestion Tea
What you’ll need:
1/3 ounce licorice root
¾ ounce marshmallow root
1 ounce calendula flowers

1 ½ ounce anise
What you’ll do:
Crush the anise seed and add it in with the other herbs. Place all ingredients
into a tea ball and place in a favorite mug. Pour in one cup of boiling water.
Cover and steep for ten minutes. Add favorite sweetener, cream, milk, etc.

The Blues Tea

What you’ll need:
1 part kava kava root
1 part damiana leaves
2 parts spearmint leaves
1 part St. Johns Wort
1 part Nettle leaves
What you’ll do:
Place everything into a tea bag or ball and place inside your favorite mug.
Cover with boiling water. Let steep for ten minutes. Remove the bag or ball
and add milk, cream, or sweetener of choice.

Healthy Blossoms Tea

What you’ll need:
1 part gotu kola leaves
2 parts lavender flowers
2 parts chamomile
1 part calendula
1 part meadowsweet leaves
1 part nettle leaves
1 part red clover tops
1 part ginkgo leaves
What you’ll do:

Put all the herbs into a tea bag of ball. Place into your favorite tea mug and
cover with boiling water. Allow to steep for ten minutes. Take the tea bag or
ball out of cup and add in sweetener of choice, cream, milk, etc.

Breast Health Tea

What you’ll need:
1 part lady’s mantle
1 part cleavers
2 parts red clover
2 parts calendula
Peppermint or spearmint for flavor
Prepare an infusion using one ounce of the herb mixture to one quart of
boiling water. Allow to sit overnight. Drink three to four cups each day.

Crone’s Tea
What you’ll need:

½ tablespoon black cohosh

1 tablespoon cinnamon
2 tablespoons sage
1 tablespoon false unicorn root
1 tablespoon ginger
1 tablespoon chaste berry
3 tablespoons sarsaparilla
2 tablespoons licorice
2 tablespoons wild yam
What you’ll do:
Mix all herbs together and keep in an airtight container. When ready to use,
place six tablespoons of the mixture into a quart of water. Bring to a boil and
simmer 20 minutes. Strain well. Drink two cups each day.

Aphrodite Tea
What you’ll need:
1 part cinnamon bark chips
1 part orange peel

1 part ginkgo leaves

1 part muira puama
1 part peppermint leaves
1 part rose petals
1 part Damiana leaves
What you’ll do:
Place all the herbs in a tea bag or ball, place inside your favorite mug and
cover with boiling water. Let steep for ten minutes. Take the tea bag or ball
out of cup and add in favorite sweetener, milk, cream, etc.

Allergy Tea
What you’ll need:
1 part fennel seeds
1 part lavender flowers
1 part red clover

1 part calendula
1 part lemongrass leaves
1 part eyebright
1 part yerba santa
1 part spearmint
1 part nettle
What you’ll do:
Put all herbs into a tea bag or ball. Place into your favorite mug. Add one cup
of boiling water. Allow to steep for ten minutes. Take out the tea bag or ball
and add sweetener of choice, cream, milk, etc.

What you’ll need:
1 teaspoon gotu kola
1 teaspoon hops
Boil one and a half cups water. Put the herbs into the pot and cover with lid.
Let sit for five minutes. Drink this two times a day.
Money Oil
What you’ll need:
1 drop orange
2 drops vetiver
2 drops ginger
5 drops patchouli
5 drops sandalwood
1/8 cup base oil
What you’ll do:
While blending the oil, imagine your intent, take deep breaths to bring the
aroma to your senses. Place into a bottle. Make sure you date and label the
bottle and store in a dark place that is cool.
Gratitude Oil
What you’ need:

Pinch ground cinnamon

1 drop agrimony
2 drops vetiver
5 drops rose
1/8 cup base oil
Mix all together. Pour into a bottle. Be sure you date and label the bottle and
store in a dark, cool place.
Oil for Protection
This oil can be used to anoint yourself or others around you. It keeps you safe
from magical or psychic attacks.
What you’ll need:
1 drop hyssop
1 drop mugwort
3 drops lavender
4 drops patchouli
1/8 cup base oil
While blending these oils, imagine your intent. Take deep breaths to bring the
aroma to your senses. Understand is oil is magical and sacred. Pour into a
bottle. Be sure to date and label. Store in a dark, cool place.

Blessing Oil
What you’ll need:
1 drop patchouli
1 drop orange
2 drops camphor
5 drops sandalwood
1/8 cup base oil

What you’ll do:

While blending the oils, imagine your intent. Take deep breaths to bring the
aroma to your senses. Understand that this oil is magical and sacred. Pour
into a bottle and store in a dark, cool place.

Oil to Draw Money

What you’ll need:
1 drop lavender
2 drops cypress
3 drops bergamot
4 drops patchouli
1/8 cup base oil
What you’ll do:
While blending the oils, imagine your intent. Take deep breaths to bring the
aroma to your senses. Pour into a bottle. Be sure to date and label and store in
a dark, cool place.

Consecration Oil:
What you’ll need:
2 drops cinnamon
5 drops myrrh
5 drops frankincense
1/8 cup base oil
What you’ll do:
While blending the oils, imagine your intent. Take deep breaths to bring the
aroma to your senses. Pour into a bottle. Be sure to date and label and store in
a dark, cool place.

Purification Oil:
What you’ll need:
1 drop lavender
3 drops cedarwood
5 drops juniper
1/8 cup base oil
While blending the oils, imagine your intent. Take deep breaths to bring the
aroma to your senses. Pour into a bottle. Be sure to date and label and store in
a dark, cool place.

Happiness Bath
What you’ll need:
¼ cup rose petals
¼ cup jasmine flowers
1 cup Epsom salt
Few drops lavender, jasmine, or rose oil
What you’ll do:
Add all ingredients to your tub and turn the water on to the temperature you
like. You can play music to help relax you if you desire. Light candles if it is
safe in your environment. Get into the bath and breathe deeply, just relax.
Once you feel ready to leave the bath, drain it. You may leave the candles to
burn out if it is safe to do so.

Cleansing Bath
You can use any or all of the below herbs for your bath. A tablespoon of each
will be enough to fragrance the water.
What you’ll need:
Lemon balm
What you’ll do:
Place the herbs of choice into a muslin bag or cloth. Tie it closed and either
hang it over the faucet as the water runs into the tub or place it into the
bottom of the tub while it is filling with water. After the tub is full of water,
get into the scented water. Take time to completely relax yourself. Clear your
mind completely of all thoughts. Focus on the aroma and warmth spreading
over your body. Take deep breaths to bring the aroma to your senses. Close
your eyes and just be in tune with your body.
When ready to leave the bath, stand up and get out. Drain the tub to let all the
negativity gets taken away.
Aches and Pains Bath
What you’ll need:
2 tablespoons chamomile
2 tablespoons strawberry leaves
1 ½ tablespoons agrimony
1 ½ tablespoons sage
1 tablespoon mugwort
What you’ll do:
Place all herbs into a cheesecloth or muslin cloth or pouch. Make sure you tie
it tight. Hang over the faucet to let the water running into the bath begin
infusing the water with the herbs. Once the tub is filled to your liking, drop
the bag into the water while you relax and allow the essence to envelop you.
Beauty Bath
What you’ll need:
2 tablespoons lavender flowers
2 tablespoons rosemary leaves
1 ½ tablespoons rosemary leaves
1 ½ tablespoons dried mint
1 tablespoon comfrey
What you’ll do:
Place all herbs into a cheesecloth or muslin cloth or pouch. Make sure you tie
it tight. Hang over the faucet to let the water running into the bath begin
infusing the water with the herbs. Once the tub is filled to your liking, drop
the bag into the water while you relax and allow the essence to envelop you.
Circulation Bath
What you’ll need:

3 tablespoons ginger
2 tablespoons marigold
3 tablespoons nettle
What you’ll do:
Place all herbs into a cheesecloth or muslin cloth or pouch. Make sure you tie
it tight. Hang over the faucet to let the water running into the bath begin
infusing the water with the herbs. Once the tub is filled to your liking, drop
the bag into the water while you relax and allow the essence to envelop you.
Bath to Help Skin Inflammation
What you’ll need:
2 tablespoons mint
2 tablespoons plantain

2 tablespoons dandelion leaves

2 tablespoons alder
What you’ll do:
Place all herbs into a cheesecloth or muslin cloth or pouch. Make sure you tie
it tight. Hang over the faucet to let the water running into the bath begin
infusing the water with the herbs. Once the tub is filled to your liking, drop
the bag into the water while you relax and allow the essence to envelop you.
Stress Relief Bath
What you’ll need:
3 tablespoons lavender
3 tablespoons calamus
3 tablespoons valerian

What you’ll do:

Place all herbs into a cheesecloth or muslin cloth or pouch. Make sure you tie
it tight. Hang over the faucet to let the water running into the bath begin
infusing the water with the herbs. Once the tub is filled to your liking, drop
the bag into the water while you relax and allow the essence to envelop you.
Tonic Bath
What you’ll need:
2 tablespoon blackberry leaves
1 tablespoon comfrey
½ tablespoon alfalfa
½ tablespoon parsley

½ tablespoon orange peel

½ tablespoon jasmine
½ tablespoon rose petals
½ tablespoon orange blossoms
½ tablespoon lavender
½ tablespoon nettle
½ tablespoon dandelion
½ tablespoon daisy
What you’ll do:
Place all herbs into a cheesecloth or muslin cloth or pouch. Make sure you tie
it tight. Hang over the faucet to let the water running into the bath begin
infusing the water with the herbs. Once the tub is filled to your liking, drop
the bag into the water while you relax and allow the essence to envelop you.
Divination normally involves using one or several objects to find answers to
questions. It can be used to see events that aren’t perceivable to normal
people. Using interpretive tools can help Divine beings relay guidance
through your higher self or inner spirit. This practice is common among
Pagans, Witches, and Wiccans. Divination can take on many and some parts
might use various techniques, just about everybody has a favorite method for
finding answers.
The most favorite methods include using runes, pendulums, or tarot cards.
Candle gazing, gazing into the water, reading tea leaves, crystal ball or
crystal gazing are other popular methods. The list could continue.
All of these items can help strengthen your intuition. Just pick one that
speaks to you and begin practicing. It will seem hard at first, but just like
anything else in life, you have to stick with it and practice. The more these
tools get used, the easier it will be for you.
Think about divination tools as an exercise bike for your intuition. If you try
to get your body stronger, you can go to the gym and lift weights, take a spin
class, use a treadmill, etc. All of these were hard for you at first, but you
stuck with it and it became a lot easier and your body got stronger. If you
want to make your spiritual self or intuition stronger, divination tools could
help you a lot.
Just about anything could be used as a divination tool. Over the years almost
everything has been. You use these items to strengthen your intuition or
spirit. Don’t begin with tools you aren’t familiar with and don’t overwhelm
yourself. Save the harder methods for after you have developed some
Some people all divination fortune telling. If you have a mindset that it is just
trying to figure out future events before they will happen, you’ve got it all
wrong. The real value in divination is it lets you plan for and possibly prevent
specific outcomes. If the answers you receive are agreeable to you, you can
continue on the path you are traveling down. If it gives you a warning about
some trouble in the future, you can adjust your plan and be able to change
that outcome. By doing this, divination could give you Divine guidance that
lets you make choices that are better and gives you more control over your
Divination is learning to communicate with the Divine One and seeking their
wisdom. It is similar to talking with a wise elder who gives you Divine
guidance on whatever you would like to talk about. Your higher self or
intuition will constantly guide you to options that will be the best for you.
If it sees something negative ahead, this isn’t saying something bad will
definitely happen. Most of the time, it is just a clue to an action or thought
that might be causing a roadblock. It might be a problem that you haven’t
dealt with that you need to. Just pay attention to what it is telling you and use
that information to make choices for your life that are better for you. You can
use your intuition freely because this blessing is available to any and all who
want to use it and you can use it every day if you want to.
You might still have some questions about divination like:
Will I be working with demons?
What is the purpose of divination?
How will it work for me?
Is it evil?
How does it work?
Let’s discover what it means, do you need to be a psychic, how it works, and
other methods and tools you could use.

Let’s begin with some basics and clear up some misconceptions and then
we’ll figure out what it’s all about.

There are many ideas that are confusing and we can thank Hollywood and
Christians for starting all this silliness. There is a huge difference between
fortune telling and divination.
Divination is a lot more than telling someone’s fortune. If you look up the
definition of fortune telling it states: “finding out about the future before it
You can learn about future happenings by using different methods, but these
tools give you guidance about what path to take and which ones to avoid.
This isn’t what is valuable about divination.
Telling someone their fortune is just a side effect and it isn’t even important.
If you think about the real potential of divination, you are in direct contact
with Divine guidance.

If you are trying to find a way to play with demons, divination isn’t for you.
Using divination doesn’t have anything to do with devils, demons, or
anything evil. Using oracles has been given a bad name in the last hundred
years or so, but this has been nothing but a bad public relations campaign.
They have tried everything to make Pagans, Witches, and Wiccans look bad
and they will stop at nothing to get their opinion across. They have even
stooped low enough and began telling lies to accomplish their goals, too.
What’s been so amazing is that all their sick, twisted interpretations couldn’t
take root.

What is Divination?
The definition is in the name. The root word is “divine,” not demon, not evil,
just “divine.”
The way I interpret divination is: “Any action that attempts to solicit
information directly from the Divine, through the use of interpretive tools.”
Basically, it is using various tools and methods to hear what the Divine One
is trying to tell us. As stated earlier, it is like spending the afternoon with
your best friend drinking tea and talking, but it is even better than that. You
are getting wonderful advice about everything in your life, but you are
feeding the relationship to make it healthier and stronger.

This is why divination is great for anybody who wants to do it. It is also
useful to do it daily. You don’t have to be psychic, Wiccan, Pagan, or a
Witch to do it either. It’s a great spiritual practice to do to bring you closer to
the Divine One.
Seduction Spells
Love Potion
What you’ll need:
2 pinches cinnamon
2 cups milk
4 chamomile flower petals

4 cherries
2 ginseng leaves
2 apricots
2 apple slices
2 glasses or cups
What you’ll do:
Place the milk, chamomile flowers, cherries, ginseng leaves, apricots, and
apples into a blender and mix well. Pour into two cups. Give your partner one
and you take one. Each person puts in a pinch of cinnamon and give it a stir.
“Our love will never die. To you, I will never lie. Together we are one. Our
love shines brighter than our great sun. Lust and love will stay for thee. This
is our will, so mote it be!”
You and your love have to drink this potion down at one time.

Siren’s Seduction
What you’ll need:
Sandalwood oil, herb, or incense
Yellow candle
Green candle
Red candle
Clean mirror

Your voice
What you’ll do:
Light the incense or candle. Kneel in front of the mirror and while saying the
spell anoint the mirror in a four-point fashion with the oil. If you are burning
the herb or incense gently wave the smoke toward the mirror while saying:
“Darling won’t you come and play with my heart and won’t you stay? I’m
your love, and don’t you see how happy that us two could be? For near and
far, I attract them all short and fast or lean and tall. Man and woman of every
race of every leaning, every face overcome with willful desire only I can
quench their fire. Now with the siren’s chiming song bring my admirers,
never gone.”
While you are reciting, look lustfully and lovingly into the mirror visualizing
the person on the other side watching you as you recite this spell.
It will be better if you can have a playful singing voice while saying this
spell. The energy that you can put into it is what you get from the spell’s
outcome. It is fine to focus red energy into this spell, too.
Love Attraction
What you’ll need:
Small jar that can be made into a pendant
Pink candle
Rose quartz
Rose petals
What you’ll do:
Cast your circle with the element Air and light the pink candle.

Take the jar and fill it with the amount of chamomile, lavender, and rose
petals that you want. Add a couple of pieces of small rose quartz to the jar.
Seal the jar. Hold it against your forehead while saying:
“Goddesses bright, bring me love, as I might send away the loneliness. Allow
a love a new to find my heart, one who I will love, truly, unconditionally
without fear of disloyalty.”
Seal the jar permanently shut with the pink wax. String the cord for the
necklace and tie three knots near the jar that are even. It would be best to do
this on both sides.
Wear it whenever and wherever you wish. When you have it on, love should
find its way to you.

Attracting a Lover
What you will need:
A dying fire
Laurel leaves
What you’ll do:
Sit down in front of the dying fire and look into it. Clear your mind of
everything except your lover. Have a small basket of laurel leaves near you.
Keep gazing into the fire and place your left hand into the basket. Take a
handful of the laurel leaves and throw them into the fire. When they catch
fire, say:
“Laurel leaves that burn in the fire, draw unto me my heart’s desire.”
Wait until the flames dies down some and repeat this action. Do it a total of
three times.

Dark Flaming Lust

What you’ll need:
A lot of red candles
Sweet grass
What you’ll do:
Write the person’s name on it you are trying to attract. Set this to the side.
Make a salt ring. If you have a wand, follow this ring and cast a protection
spell. Light the candles around the circle and sit down inside it. Take the
sweet grass, sage, lavender, and bay and braid them together. You may use
string to hold it together if you need to. Light it and say:
“By herbs smoke, and my power, I banish dark spirits and cast this circle this
night and this hour!”
Set the braid to the side and leave it to smoke around you. Say:
“The darkest lust bound in this world shall converge on what it must will
burn ablaze passion unfurled.”
“By these red candles’ power, by the magic that is born this hour, I summon
the lust that may reside, oh deep down flowing hot inside my target who will
now feel the blackest, darkest passion, which will soon be real.”
Take a deep breath of the smoke wafting around you and say:
“By the night and by the day, by the moons and suns away, I summon all
those spirits of lust do my bidding you must by the element of fire and earth I
ask thee, his desire be unearthed.”
“Now in this night and this hour, I cast this spell with my power!”
Throw the paper with the name on it into the fire and say:
“Blessed by, spirits do what I ask of thee this rite is closed.”
Drawing a New Love
What you’ll need:
One-inch piece of rose quartz or jasper
Heather vervain
Few pinches of catnip
Five rose petals
Small drawstring bag
What you’ll do:
If you want love, the bag should be pink. If you are looking for passion, the
bag should be red.
When the moon is waxing, place all the ingredients into your bag. Consecrate
and charge the bag.
Keep it in your pocket or wear it around your neck. Make sure you have it at
all times.

Notice Me Spell
What you’ll need:
Belief in the spell
Belief in yourself
Your voice
What you’ll do:
Find a place where you won’t have any distractions and say:
“Notice me, notice me, this is my voice. Notice me, notice me, this is my
choice. Hear my name, hear my call, see my clothing, my hair and all. Notice
me, notice me, I’m thinking of you. Notice me, notice me, think of me too. I
ask not of you to fall for me, that is your own free will. All I ask is that you
see me, as seeing you makes time still. Notice me, notice me, this is my
voice. Notice me, notice me, this is my choice. Hear my name, hear my call,
see my clothing, my hair and all. Notice me, notice me, I’m thinking of you.
Notice me, notice me, think of me, too.”
Reverse Love Spell
Have you ever thought about ways to undo love spells? It might be one that
you cast or someone cast one on you. You might know someone who had one
cast on them, it doesn’t matter why, what is important is that you know ways
to undo a love spell. Be careful. A love spell can easily be done and be cast to
anyone; however, unwanted consequences may arise. Here are ways to undo
love spells.

Unbinding Spell
What you’ll need:
A picture of the person who the binding spell was done to
A jar
A mortar and pestle
1 white candle

3 cloves garlic
What you’ll do:
Take the candle and carve the rune for clarity in it. This looks like a lightning
bolt. Think of the letter S with points instead of curves.
Light the candle and begin meditating. Once your mind is clear, begin
visualizing the person who is affected so they can become free from the spell.
If you are trying to unbind yourself, then just visualize yourself not loving the
person and feeling free of the spell. Try your hardest and summon all your
powers mentally to create clarity and liberty in your mind. Any confusion
should begin disappearing, so you no longer feel tied to any spell or anyone
Now, say this verse 16 times:
“Free of this spell, when this candle is burnt. Free of this spell, so may I be.”
Once you have said this 16 times, mix all the elements into a bowl. Mince the
garlic, then add chamomile and water until they become fully immersed in
each other. Focus on the unbinding the spell. While doing so, past the picture
into the jar while candle is burning. After this, bury the jar outside.
Do this during the waning moon for best results.

Undoing a Love Spell

What you’ll need:
Wooden bowl
3 white candles
Sterilized needle
Salt water
What you’ll do:
Put the wooden bowl on your altar, place the candles around it in a triangle
position. Pour salt water in the bowl while lighting up the candles. Puncture
the center of your left hand and drop some of your blood into the water. Tell
this: “Let my blood and water come together and cleanse my body and mind
of any powerful spells.”
Draw a circle on the middle your body using your index finger and a bit of
water. Once it dries, the spell will start to unbind.

Spell to Undo Love Spells You Have Cast

What you’ll need:
Red thread
Yellow paper
Red cloth
Rosemary sprig
What you’ll do:
Cut out a yellow doll using a paper.

Write your initials on the paper doll. Put the paper doll on the red cloth. The
top of the doll should have a sprig of rosemary. Now, put cayenne pepper
onto the paper until it covers the whole surface.
Take the red thread and wind it around your finger three times, tie a knot after
taking it off your finger. Get a red cloth and put the knotted thread on it.
The unbind the spell, say the following three times while standing in front the
red cloth:
“Love spells work no more. Love breaks once and for all.”
After 5 mins, fold the cloth and bury it far away.
These spells will work slowly but will be effective in three days’ time. After
three days you should feel totally free from the binding effects that have been
put on you.
Love Spell Reversal Spell
What you’ll need:
One white candle
Myrrh oil
What you’ll do:
Pick a night when the moon is dark or waning, carve your name and your
lover’s name on the sides of the candle. Anoint the candle with oil and light it
while saying:

“I burn this candle as a token of the spell that binds our love. Let this magic
now be broken, by the power of the gods above. So mote it be.”
Allow the candle to burn completely out. Once it is done, the love spell with
be broken.

Breaking a Love Spell

What you’ll need:
Small knife or athame
Lime juice
Black candle
What you’ll do:
Use the pin and carve your name on top of the candle. Write to the person’s
name who cast a spell on you on the bottom half. Rub lime juice all over the

When it turns midnight, light the candle and let it burn for nine minutes.
Blow out the candle. Using the athame or knife cut the candle in half.
“The spell is broken.”
Take both pieces of the candle and throw them in garbage cans that are far
away from each other. Placing them miles apart is best. This spell will work
as soon as you throw the candles into the garbage bins.

Love Spell Reversal

What you’ll need:
White candle
Myrrh oil
What you’ll do:
Take the pin and carve the loved one’s name into the candle. Rub it with
myrrh oil. When the moon is waning, light the candle and say:
“I burn this candle as a token of the spell that binds our love. Let this magic
now be broken by the power of the Goddess above.”
Let the candle burn completely out. Once the wax has cooled, wrap it in
white silk and throw it into a river or the sea.

Break Up Spell
What you’ll need:
3 pieces of paper
Blue ink

An envelope
3 drops clove oil
3 blue candles
What you’ll do:
Get ready for the ritual as you normally would. For this ritual to work, you
have to perform it alone.
Take a shower but don’t use soap. Shower or wash your face seven times by
wiping your face from your chin all the way to the back of your head. Dry
carefully and wear only white. Take off all jewelry.

Light all the candles.

Write your name and the name of your loved one onto a piece of paper.
On the second piece of paper, write anyone who might be competing for your
loved one’s attention.
On the last piece of paper write down some wishes for your competitor like
hoping they find their true love, wishing them happiness with their partner,
hoping the fall in love. Send them positive things so they will pull away from
your loved one.
Make sure you only write positive things because when you send out
negative vibrations, they will come back to you three times worse.
Use the clove oil and drop one drop into each piece of paper.
Fold the paper and place them in the envelope. Put under your pillow or
mattress for seven nights.
On the eighth night, burn the envelope in a glass bowl and then spread the
ashes in nature.
Adoration Candle Spell
Candle Spell of Adoration
What you’ll need:
Rose essential oil
2 red candles
What you’ll do:

This spell works best if it is started on a Friday. This is the day that is
devoted to Aphrodite, the Greek Goddess. Do this to attract your lover:
Write your beloved’s name on one candle and yours on the other. If you don’t
know their name yet, just write “true love” or my beloved. Use a word that
brings positive magic. If you just write “handsome guy” or “beautiful
woman” you might get somebody gorgeous, but they might not be good for
you. Rub the candles with the rose oil and place each on at opposing ends of
the altar.
At seven o’clock every evening, light the candles and move them a bit closer
together. Carve a special word into your candle that means something to you.
You can carve the word “devoted” into your lover’s candle. Take some time
to meditate on this for a few minutes. Now, blow out the candles. Do this for
seven nights but write a different quality every time. On the last night, the
candles need to be standing against each other. Light them and allow them to
burn completely out.
If there is any wax remaining, scatter it while walking through a beautiful
place while wishing to bring good luck to other people who are looking for
Adoration Spell
What you’ll need:
Burgundy altar cloth
Three white candles

White rose
Important ring or necklace
What you’ll do:
Get your altar ready as you normally would. Place the burgundy altar cloth
on the altar. Summon Divine forces that you would like to be present.
Preferable a ruler and lady of the ancient pantheon like Osiris and Isis, Zeus
and Hera, Odin and Freya, and Jove and Juno. Don’t ever summon a divine
force that isn’t of your faith or that you don’t know anything about.
Give offerings and prayers to these being. The best would be myrrh and

Place the three candles in your hand and say the following while sending
burgundy and white light into the universe:
“Inside my eyes spark these feelings, admiration and unadulterated
dedication. Let all the individuals who see me as having a favorable opinion
of me and feel very much adored.”
Say this while holding each candle. Once this is done, hold the white rose and
“Blossom of elegance, climbed some white. The energy of adoration I look
for this night. White for clarifying, white so clear make me regarded by
everybody that draws near.”

Put the white rose in the middle of the candles.

Now, pick up the necklace or ring and hold it in your hand. Speak to the
Divine beings you conjured earlier and ask them will all your modesty and
grace to give you their favor of adoration. Once you are finished, put the
necklace or ring on top of the rose.

Now, light the candles and sit down. Feel all the energy coming from the
candles along with the adoration beating out from the rose filling you. Say
the following again:
“Inside my eyes spark these feelings admiration and unadulterated
dedication. Let all the individuals who see me previously respect me and feel
all around adored.”
Do this spell for three evenings at the same time each day.
Effigy Curse Spell
These spells should only be used to bring justice or even out a situation. Even
still, you shouldn’t do them by yourself. These spells can have a huge karmic
backlash on the person casting them. Revenge or curse spells are meant to
hurt others and this draws and attracts powers from evil deities from the outer
world. If you can’t focus well on a good deity and you really know what you
are doing, it may have drastic consequences.
If you do decide to do these spells by yourself, you have to get ready
extremely carefully. This is how:
First, you have to get rid of all the negative emotions that you have for the
person you want to harm. This isn’t easy and meditation will help you a lot.
While doing this, focus all your energy toward any deity that controls balance
or justice. It doesn’t matter if it is from another religion even though it would
be best if you could focus on the deity “The Marasa.” This will keep the
lesser evils away from you. Remember that casting a curse isn’t for
everybody and if you have problems, leave it to an experienced Wicca.
The best curses are normally performed on effigy dolls. These dolls act as the
perfect way for energy to be manipulated between this world and the other
realm. Any effigy spell will be very effective even if you are a beginner so
never take them lightly.

Easy Beginner’s Revenge Spell

What you’ll need:
Dried blackberry leaves
Black thread
Black cloth
Effigy doll
What you’ll do:

Place the effigy doll onto the cloth. Focus your mind and close your eyes.
Concentrate on your target person. When you have them clearly in your
mind, open your eyes. Take the needle and pierce the doll in this order: head,
left leg, right leg, left hand, right hand, and chest. Roll the doll up in the cloth
and wrap the black thread around it seven times. Find a spot close to the
woods to bury the doll. Bury it. Each evening for one week, come back to
this place and put some dried blackberry leaves on top.
This spell should take about one week to take effect. It takes care of many
areas of life like health, success, love, and luck. It depends on your abilities,
but your targeted person might lose any or all of it. Make sure that it is
completely necessary for you to bring justice to this person. Remember that
life will balance things out eventually.

Effigy Doll Spell

What you’ll need:
Candle, needle, whatever you want to cause them pain
Magic circle
Clear soul and mind
Your enemies’ fingernails, hair, etc.
Effigy doll
What you’ll do:
Take the doll and put in inside your circle. Chant the following while putting
their personal items onto the doll.

“I command you; I control you. I command you; I compel you. I command

you; I compel you. I command you; I compel you. Hear my voice! For what
my enemy has done to me, so shall my pain come to them. Hear my voice!
The pain you caused me I shall cause thee!”
Now take the candle, needle, etc. and inflict pain onto the doll. Repeat this as
This isn’t going to kill your enemy, but they will feel cold, hot, stinging, joint
pain, or whatever you inflicted on them.

Effigy Doll Healing Spell

What you’ll need:
White paper
2 small white buttons
Two handfuls dried beans of choice
Blue fabric
What you’ll do:
If you can’t sew well, you can buy a blue poppet at your local metaphysical
store. If you can read on.
Cut the blue fabric into two pieces that are shaped like a person. Sew it
around the edges but make sure you leave an opening. Make the stitches tight
and firm since you are going to fill them with beans instead of stuffing.
Take the paper and make a large X on it and place it inside the doll with the
beans. Sew it closed and put the two buttons for eyes.
Place the doll under your bed until your illness or sickness has gone.

Bewitched Effigy Doll

What you’ll need:
Red marker
White ribbon
Black ribbon
Red ribbon
What you’ll do:
Do this spell on a day right after a new moon. Wrap the doll in each ribbon
and say:
“Ribbons bind, body entwined, let your heart be linked to mine.”
Now, take the paper and marker and write you person’s name down. Light
the candle. Place the doll on the paper and say:
“For you I yearn, for me you burn.”

Blow out the candle and wrap the doll carefully in a piece of natural cloth.
Place it in a safe spot.
Do this spell for 13 days for it to become effective. Be careful. The main rule
to any spell is that you are completely sure that what you wish for is correct
for your moral compass. Any spell can have karmic backlash. Get ready for
this spell by taking time to meditate.

Courage Effigy Doll

What you’ll need:
Dried chili pepper
Sturdy nail
Heavy twine
3 sticks – six to eight inches long
What you’ll do:
You need real twigs or branches for this spell. If you have to, you can use
popsicle sticks or dowels if that is all you have.
Use twine to tie the sticks into an A shape. At the cross piece near the top try
to make a shape that kind of looks like a person. It should have two arms and
Tie the nail to one leg and the pepper to the other. Wrap the head and limbs
of this doll a few more times. Stand the doll in a prominent place in your
house where you can see it. When you see it, remember to stand tall when
making choices throughout your day.

Bewitched Effigy Doll Spell Two

What you’ll need:
White candle

Red pen
White ribbon
Black ribbon
Red ribbon
Items from your desired person
Similar items from you
An effigy doll representing your wanted partner
What you’ll do:
The doll you use can be made from fabric, clay, or way. A handmade doll is
more powerful than ones you buy in a store. When making the doll, add the
items from them like nail clippings, hair, pieces of clothing into the doll.
Don’t forget to add the same items from yourself, too. Carve or write their
name into the doll, too.

Do this spell the day after a new moon. Fix your altar as you normally would
and light the candle. Wrap each piece of ribbon around the doll. Knotting
where needed to keep it attached. Say:
“Ribbons bind and entwine, your heart linked to mine.”
Write your target’s name on the piece of paper and place it on the altar. Place
the doll on top of the paper and blow out the candle. Leave the doll where it
is overnight. One the following night, light the candle one more time and pick
the doll up.
Lightly run the doll’s feet near the flame of the candle, say:
“For you, I yearn. For me, you burn.”

Place the doll on the paper again. Leave the candle burning for one hour. The
person you desire will show interest in you and you will fall madly in love
with you. Once your spell is successful, wrap the doll and place it in a safe
spot to keep their attraction for you alive.
Effigy Love Spell
What you’ll need:
Red marker
Piece of paper
Effigy doll
What you’ll do:
On the piece of paper, write your name and the name of the person you want
on it. Take the honey and spread some on the paper and then roll it up. Take
the needle and prick your finger with it. Make sure you get some of your
blood on the needle. Take the needle and pierce the doll gently in the chest.
Now take the doll and the paper and bury them together. This spell should
happen after seven days or soon after. During this time, try to concentrate
your energy on the purest form of love.
Good Luck Moon Spell
Full Moon Easy Money Spell
What you’ll need:
Lighter or matches
Bay leaves

What you’ll do:

Take the bay leaves and write how much money you want on them with the
marker. Don’t use a pen as it will crack the leaf when you try to write on it.
Imagine the money approaching you within a specific amount of time during
a full moon. You have to imagine the specific time or you might attract the
amount of money in 50 years, which won’t be helpful at all. You can do this
on every full moon to bring you your needs for the month.
While imagining the time frame, burn the bay leaf and think about your spell.

Full Moon Love Spell

Try doing this spell on a Friday night before or after a full moon if you want
to add extra spice.
What you’ll need:
Jasmine oil
Light green or pink candle
What you’ll do:

Rub the candle with the jasmine oil.

Write a letter, using the pen and paper, to your partner as though you are
writing to them in the future. Write to them passionately, expressing how
much you value the relationship.
Once you’ve finished the letter, lay it on a table in front of you. Place the
candle in a holder and sit on top of the letter.
Flame the candle and tell this:
“This flame represents my burning desire; I summon the energies to draw to
me a magical love.”
Meditate on the feeling of love for as long as you need.
Once you are finished, seal it by folding the letter and drizzling with wax.
After this, let the candle burn completely on top of the letter.
Once the candle burns out, bury the wax and place the letter into a place
sacred for you.
After all this, you will need to forgo of the spell and start making gestures to
bring your love back into your life. Make some romantic signs toward them,
begin dating or make efforts to mix and socialize with your partner.
Full Moon Lady Luck Spell
Under the light of the full moon, say:
“Lady of luck come out tonight. Bless your light upon me as the light of the
moon shines above. In this light bless me with your luck until the moon is
next to be full.”

This spell can be used every full moon.

Triple Gemstone Good Luck Spell

What you’ll need:
Green candle
Piece of paper
Green pen
A peridot
An amethyst
An aventurine
Wooden box with lid
What you’ll do:
Cast the spell when the moon is full.

Get your altar ready and cast your circle. Sit in front of your altar and
meditate for a few moments. Put your hands on top of the box and say:
“By the powers of the Earth, by the powers of the Air, by the powers of the
Fire, by the powers of the Water, I empower this spell box. This will assist
me in my spells. So mote it be.”
Light the green candle. Take the paper and write about something good that
happened to you during your life. Roll up the paper and place it inside the
box. Focus on this event and imagine it. Pick up the gemstones individually
and say:
“Powers and energies send good luck my way.”

Put the gems in the box. Blow out the candle.

Repeat this spell for one week. Once the week is up, open the box for one
hour to release all the positive energy that has built up. Carry the gems with
you to bring good luck to you.
The Penny Good Luck Spell
What you’ll need:

A penny
What you’ll do:
This is the oldest and easiest spell out there. You just need a penny and you
are ready to do. Hold the penny in one of your hands and pull it into your
heart. This gesture captures all the positive energy that you desire. Place the
penny in the middle of your forehead and say the following as loud as you
possibly can:
“Penny for luck!”
Kiss the hand that is holding the penny and then leave the penny anywhere
you would like.
Walk away from the penny and never look back. You aren’t the only person
who will reap the rewards of this spell. You are passing luck to the person
who finds this penny,
This is a great spell for beginners. Always carry a penny with you to attract
positive energy so you can enjoy your day.

Wicca Good Luck Spell

What you’ll need:
Piece of paper
A pen
3 orange or gold candles
What you’ll do:
Draw your circle and light incense. Put the candles in a triangle shape within
your circle but don’t light them. Say the following:

“God and Goddess, Spirits and Guides, thank you for all that I have. I ask
you now for food luck (you can replace this part with exactly what you want
like happiness, reconcile with an enemy, money, etc.). Help me as I work to
achieve it. Please bring it to me when the time is right. So mote it be.”
Focus on exactly you want to achieve, whether it is love, money, wealth, or
happiness visualize these feeling deep inside your heart. While you are
focused on these, there will be an image or symbol that will pop into your
mind. Once you have it, draw this on the paper. Put the paper in the middle of
the candle triangle. While lighting the candles, say:
“Fire, ignite my dreams, for the highest good.”
Sit with the candles and imagine good luck coming into your life. When you
are ready, bury the paper and say:
“Earth, seal my dream, for the highest good.”

Basic Good Luck Spell

This easy spell is great for beginners. You don’t need any ingredients; you
just have to memorize the spell.
What you’ll do:
Get to a place where you are very comfortable. This can either be said out
loud or to yourself:
“By the Gods and Goddesses of luck, I summon thee to cast upon thee. I wish
for luck, I wish for fortune, so let mote be. I call upon the Gods and Goddess
of luck to cast fortune upon thee. So mote it be.”
Keep saying this spell until you feel luckier than normal. This spell only lasts
for one day. You can cast this spell anytime you feel you need some luck.

How to Handle Bad Luck

Finding out you’ve been jinxed isn’t fun because you get more frustrated at
everything bad that is happening in your life. Bad luck makes people lose
their will to survive so even though the word is comical and simple, it can
become a constant. Good luck spells can help you overcome your problems,
whether it is getting that promotion, love, money, or happiness. Understand
that they aren’t needed to counter-attack bad luck. There is an easier way.
Do you realize the being negative all the time will attract bad luck? If you
have a bad attitude, it is time to change that and begin looking at the bright
side even if things are going badly. When you are able to laugh at your own
misfortune, you will be amazed at how quickly you can turn your life around.
You can also make bad luck go away but giving yourself some positive
affirmations each morning when you get up. Rather than the normal “another
day, another dollar,” look at yourself in the mirror and say “you are going to
have a wonderful day today! You’ll be happy, you will get what you want,
and something wonderful is waiting for you!”

Then there is good karma. If you are nice to others, you will attract positive
energy from them. If you give money to people who are less fortunate than
you, you will get that money back two-fold. If you give attention and time to
people who need it, they will be there for you in your time of need to return
your gesture.
You don’t have to resort to magic and wonder if they are going to work or
not. In order to have a happy and successful life, you just have to learn to be
Candle Money Spell
These are great spells anytime you need some extra cash but haven’t been
able to make it happen. Some of these are great starter spells for anyone who
is new to magic. Give them a try to see what might happen. The main trick is
staying away from how this money will come into your life. If you begin
focusing on “how” you are telling the Universe that you don’t trust it or your
Patchouli and basil are associated with prosperity and money, along with the
colors gold and green. If you don’t have patchouli oil, olive oil is a great

Money Flow Candle Spell

What you’ll need:
Pinch basil, dried
One to two drops patchouli oil
Crystal tip or pin

Small heatproof plate or candle holder

Green or gold candle
What you’ll do:
Take the crystal or pin and draw a symbol of abundance or pentacle into the
middle of the candle. Rub the candle with oil and roll it in the basil, so the
herbs stick to the candle. Put the candle into the holder with the drawing
toward you.
Spend a few minutes getting yourself grounded and centered. Next, think
about how excited you feel when you get money unexpectedly and bring that
feeling to the surface. Imagine that you are standing in a stream flowing with
bright colored paper money and shiny coins. Once you are focused on the
image, say:
“With this fire, I summon Nature’s forces, money now flows to me from
hidden sources.”
Light the candle, once the wick catches, say the words: “So let it be.”

Place the candle in a place where it won’t get disturbed and let it burn
completely out.

Money Spell
For this spell, the white candle is you while the green candle represents the
wealth/money that you want. This is a basic spell that you can do any time,
but you should try to do it at the same time every day.
What you’ll need:
Favorite oil
White candle
Green candle
What you’ll do:

You need to rub the candles with the oil. While doing this, focus on what you
want to achieve and imagine the wealth you are about to receive.
Put the candles on the altar. Make sure they are nine inches apart. Where you
place them isn’t important. They just have to be nine inches apart.
While you light the candles, say:
“Money, money come to me, in abundance three times three. May I be
enriched in the best of ways, harming none on its way. This I accept, so mote
it be, bring me money three times three.”
Scoot the white candle one inch nearer to the green candle while chanting the

Once the chanting is over, snuff out the flames.

Do this spell for nine days, every day move the white candle closer to the
green one by one inch. You need to constantly imagine the money you want
every time you do the spell.
After you have finished the spell on the ninth day, once the candles have
touched, your spell is complete. You can let the candles burn completely out
on this day.
Double Your Money Spell
You can use this spell to double any money denomination. You need to have
money in your hand to be able to cast this spell.
What you’ll do:
Take your money (any denomination you want to double). The bigger the
money, the larger the reward. You could use more than one bill if you want.
Put the bills in an unused white envelope and seal it closed, Fold it in half.
Make the fold toward you and say:
“Powers that be, to me shall bring the means to double this sum. Hear me,
your spirits which sing, quickly and gently come.”
Repeat this daily for one week. While you chant, hold the envelope in front
of you and imaging the envelope getting heavier. Keep the envelope of notes
in your bedroom while you are working the spell.
Once you have received the money, open the envelope and either deposit or
spend it.
If you would like to cast this spell again, you have to use new bills and an

Full Moon Spell

Many spells can get a boost from the full moon, but some rituals were
designed to be done during a full moon to give the best benefits. You could
harness lunar power by using this spell.
What you’ll do:
During a full moon, full a cauldron half full of water.
Put a silver coin inside the cauldron.
Put the cauldron where the moonlight will shine on the water in the cauldron.
“Lovely Lady of the Moon, bring to me your wealth quite soon, fill my hands
with silver and gold, all you can, my purse can hold.”
Say this chant three times. When you have finished, pour the water onto the
ground and place the coin in your pocket, purse, or wallet.
Money Knot Spell
This is a simple but very powerful spell. You are going to need a green silk
thread that is 13 inches long.
Begin at one end of the thread and make nine knots that are spaced equally
apart. While you make each knot, say:
“By knot of one, my spell’s begun. By knot of two plenty fruitful work to do.
By knot of three, money comes to me. By know of four, opportunity knocks
at my door. By knot of five, my business thrives. By knot of six, this spell is
fixed. By knot of seven, success is given. By know of eight, increase is great.
By knot of nine, these things are mine.”
Keep this thread at home where you will see it often. You could hang it
somewhere you will see it daily.
Green Candle Spell
What you’ll need:
Favorite oil
Green pouch or cloth
Six coins (silver, copper, or gold)
Green candle
What you’ll do:
Get your altar ready. You could meditate for a few moments before starting
the spell to get yourself mentally energized.
Rub the candle with oil and put it on your altar. Put the coins in a circle
around the candle.
While placing the coins, imagine yourself with the money and project your
gratitude out into the Universe. Light the candle and say this three times:
“Money does flow, money will grow. My money does shine, this money is
now mine.”
Lay the cloth down and sprinkle with cinnamon. If you are using a pouch
sprinkle the cinnamon into the pouch.

Next either wrap the coins in the cloth or place them in the pouch. While
picking up the coins, say this three times:
“Bring me money three times three as I will it, so mote it be.”
If you used a cloth, bring the ends together and tie the ends together. Whether
you used a pouch or cloth, carry it with you all the time and imagine you
receiving the money that you desire.
Cold Cash Spell
This is a great ritual to draw money but remember since it is a cold spell, it
works slower. This is a good one to do if you have something you just need
to save some money for. Once you have gotten all the money you need, you
will keep it until you need to spend it.
What you’ll need:

Green or black handkerchief

Few pinches dried calendula
Few silver coins like dimes, nickels, or quarters.
What you’ll do:
Once nighttime falls, turn out your lights inside and spread out the
handkerchief in some light from the moon. If it is cloudy, you can use the
light from an outside light. You just need a light that is associated with night
instead of day.
Drop the dried calendula into the handkerchief. Place the coins on top and tie
the ends together tightly so the contents won’t fall out.
Hold the handkerchief in your hands tightly and say your intentions to save
money out loud. Tell the Universe that you want to keep the money in our
pocket and that you will keep it safe. Once you are finished, put it in the very
back of the freezer. Do not move or untie it until you have what you need.

Hot and Quick Spell

There might be times when unexpected circumstance or expenses come up
and you need money now. This spell can help you out. The candle and oil
listed can be bought online at many metaphysical shops.
What you’ll need:
Green candle or “Big Al Big Money” candle
Pinch of devil’s shoestring
Pinch of cayenne

Cinnamon stick
Few drops “Quick Money Oil”
What you’ll do:
Light the candle and put a small dish in front. When the candle is burning,
begin talking quickly about why you need money, and ways you will get it.
This helps bring confidence into the event. It also gets energy flowing.
Place the cinnamon stick, cayenne pepper, devil’s shoestring onto the plate in
front of you. Add some Quick Money oil. Keep talking about the amount of
money you need, when you need it, and what you will do to get it as quickly
as you can.
Concentrate and sit quietly with these thoughts going through your mind.
Allow yourself to be consumed with it. Sit still until the candle has burned by
at least a half inch. Blow out the candle and stand up. Do anything that can be
associated with making money right away. It might be getting dressed for
work or doing some paperwork. Once you’ve done that, you can clean up.
This is a hot ritual and it takes action.
Money Bath
At times you just need a bit more money. This spell puts you in the spotlight
for money luck. If something is listed in the ingredients list that you don’t
have, just check online and you should be able to find it fairly easily.
What you’ll need:
Prosperity Incense
Money Drawing Soap
Small handful of bayberry bark
What you will do:
Choose a day when it is quiet and you can have the bathroom to yourself for
some time. Scrub it until it is completely clean and fill the tub with water that
is hot enough for you to sit comfortably in. It is very important that it’s not
too hot, so keep it a bit cooler.
Light the Incense to get the mood set. Sprinkle in the bayberry bark.
Bayberry is a great way to bring money to you. It smells good, too. Get in the
water and relax. Just sit and allow the bayberry bark’s money luck soak into
your skin.
Once you feel ready, begin washing with the Money Drawing soap. Make
sure you lather well. Believe that you are literally washing away your old
luck and bringing new luck to yourself.
Once you feel ready, drain the tub. Take a shower under warm water to clean
yourself. Concentrate on everything you want and how you are going to bring
money into your life.
You might have money on your mind, but it doesn’t mean you are helpless.
Grab some supplies and watch how fast you can bring money to you.
Easy Money Spell
What you’ll need:
Green or gold candle
Favorite oil
Green or gold paper
Blue pen
Rub the candle with your oil to give it your energy. On the paper, write down
your wish for good fortune, prosperity, money, etc. You must concentrate on
your wish while writing.
Light the candle and take time to imagine that your wish has come true.
When you have taken the time to imagine all the details, fold the paper and
light it in the candle flame. Put the paper in a fireproof container or cauldron
and allow it to completely burn.
Let the candle burn completely out, too.

Prosperity and Wealth Spell

What you’ll need:
Green candle
Gold candle

Crystal point or pin

Money or favorite oil
Start this spell during a waning moon on Thursday. Rub the candle with the
oil and write the words “prosperity” or “money” in the candles.
Light each candle and hold onto them while your energy charges them. Close
your eyes concentrate and imagine that wealth is coming to you.
Say this three times:
“These candles will bring wealth to me in a way that does no one harm.”
Snuff the flames out. Light the candles every evening until they are totally
burned out.
Bad Luck Potion
Potion for Luck
You shouldn’t drink the following potion because mistletoe is poisonous.
Keep away from cats or other animals as this can make the extremely sick. If
you do drink it, do it in small quantities. Don’t drink the entire thing or you
will get extremely sick.

What you’ll need:

Small glass bowl
2 glass vials
3 ounces powdered home-grown catnip
5 ounce powdered Mistletoe
Favorite flavoring
What you’ll do:
Place the catnip and mistletoe into two different vials. Pour the water into the
glass bowl. Now, put the mistletoe into the water. Stir this constantly for five
Quit stirring and let this mixture sit for six minutes. Pour in the catnip.
Remember that the catnip needs to be grown at your home or this potion will
turn into an extremely strong love potion.
Stir constantly for five minutes. You can now add some flavoring if you like.
It won’t dilute any luck.
Allow to cool completely.
Why this potion works:
Catnip isn’t just an herb for cats. It grows wild in Europe and North America.
When you grow it at home, it will bring you luck. If you buy it, it will bring
very strong love.
Mistletoe isn’t just used during the holidays for kissing; it works better when
used for luck.

Potion for Bad Luck

This is a good potion to help you get revenge. Add some to the person’s food
and they will soon be struck with bad luck.
What you’ll need:
Mint leaves, lemon leaves, or rose petals
Food coloring
Spoonful of honey
1 cup water

Spoonful of sugar
What you’ll do:
Drink Method
Take a cup of water and add in the spoonful of honey and sugar. Use the
spoon and mix it together while saying:
“Give (the person’s name) bad luck. Give them trips and falls. Get the worse
luck of all.”
Put as much of the potion into their drink, food, anything they like eating and
have fun.
Spray Method
Put one cup of water into a spray bottle. Place either the three mint or lemon
leaves or you can use three rose petals along with your favorite perfume.
Shake the bottle for 30 seconds while saying:
“I give (the person’s name) bad luck. Make them have the worst of luck.
Give (person’s name) a day of embarrassment. So mote it be.”
Spray them with the potion.
Potion to Increase Luck
What you’ll need:
Saucepan or cauldron
2 cups water
Pinch sea salt
Pinch cinnamon
1 teaspoon activated charcoal
Pinch jezebel root powder
What you’ll do:

Pour the water into your saucepan or cauldron and allow it to boil.
Add in jezebel root and sea salt. Cover and turn the heat down but still
boiling. Let boil for five minutes.
Add in the cinnamon and charcoal and let simmer for ten minutes.
Remove from heat and allow to cool. Once cooled, carefully pour into a
Drink whenever needed. It will take about two to three hours before it begins

Potion for Love

What you’ll need:
Piece of white paper
Blue pen
Incense burner
1 teaspoon lemon balm oil
1 teaspoon ginger oil
1 teaspoon cinnamon oil
What you’ll do:
Put all of the oils above in the incense burner.
Take the piece of paper and write the name of your love on it with the blue
pen. Hold the paper over the incense and allow the smoke to enclose around
the paper. Imagine you being united with your love.

Getting Rid of Bad Luck

What you’ll need:

White candle
Fireproof container or cauldron
Black pen
10-inch piece of paper
What you’ll do:
Get your space ready as you normally do. Take the white piece of paper and
write the words “bad luck” on it. Underneath that write all the ways that bad
luck has hurt you. If you are just trying to keep safe, just write the words
“bad luck.”

After you have written all the bad things down, draw a big X over each one.
You are “Xing” them out of your life. Imagine them not ever happening to
you again and imagine yourself always safe from all harm.
Now, draw a big X over “bad luck” and know that your bad luck has ended.
Consecrate your candle to receive energies that will benefit you. Light your
candle and burn the paper. Drop it into the fireproof container or cauldron.
Fire Element: While the paper is burning, say:
“Dark night, blazing fire my luck gets better by the hour. I know that this
burden is fading by now; my life has begun straightening.”
Water Element: Once the fireproof container has cooled off, take about one-
third of the ash. Find some running water (a toilet will work great) and
sprinkle the ash into the water. Say:
“Pure water, running free take bad luck away from me. Take my bad luck
with the flow take my sorrows to where you go.”
Air Element: Take another one-third of the ash and throw it up into the air
“Winds of change on this dark night take this luck and make it right. In his
power, the air dissipates to me bad luck can no longer relate.”
Earth Element: Take the rest of the ash and bury it in your garden or a potted
plant, say:
“Earth transforms and Earthnegates my bad luck and do not hesitate. Take
this luck and transform it to its best the bad luck streak is now at rest.”
Feel you luck changing while saying: “And it harms none, so mote it be.

Thanks for making it through to the end of Wicca Book of Shadows. Let’s
hope it was informative and able to provide you with all of the tools you need
to achieve your goals whatever they may be.
This is only a starting point for your book of shadows. You can create your
own book of shadows, now, with the information in this book. The spells
here can be added to your book, and then as you learn to create your own,
you can add those as well. The most important thing is that you make it your
Finally, if you found this book useful in any way, a review on Amazon is
always appreciated!
Wicca Book of Herbal Spells

Book of Shadows with a Beginner’s

Guide for Practicing Witches or Wiccan
Spells with Natural Herbal Magic

Mary Patterson

First, I would like to thank and congratulate you for purchasing Wicca Book
of Herbal Spells. I hope you thoroughly enjoy the information within and that
they help you with your goals.
Throughout this book, you are going to learn all of the secrets of herbal
magic and how you can start using it. Herbal magic is not only fun, but
effective and is rooted in history.
First, we will go through all of the history of herbalism and what green
witchcraft is. This chapter will make sure that you understand the importance
of herbal magic and why it is a powerful form of magic.
Then you will find a chapter with an A to Z list of herbs and how you can use
them in spells. This is a very thorough list of herbs that every Wiccan needs
to know to be effective in their herbal magic practice.
Then we move into creating your witchy garden. If you plan on performing
herbal magic, you need to have your own garden. That way, you know where
all of the plants came from and you know how clean they are. Plus, this is a
great way to get your creative juices flowing.
Then you will find lots of spells to start using all of your herbs for. You will
also learn how to properly care for the herbs when you are getting them ready
for use in spells.
Lastly, you will find several tables to learn the magical correspondences of
herbs, trees, incense, colors, and planets. Everything is related and will have
an effect on your magic, so it is important to know to make sure your spells
are the most effective.

Enough with the introductions, let’s get into the stuff you really came here
Introduction to Herbal Spells

Since the plant kingdom developed long before human beings, it is fair to say
that herbs are the oldest tool for magic. Known since the beginning of times
to have beneficial properties for spiritual and physical wellbeing, many plants
have been incorporated into the practices of shamans, healers, and other
medicine people. This is where herbal magic finds its origins.
The Ancient Art of Herbalism
Through the years the healing properties of herbs and plants have not
changed. What was used as a healing plant five thousand years ago can still
heal today. Because people placed so much confidence in plants, physicians
and Witches of the old world were expected to know them. Plants provided a
person with healing powers, and they respected them. Healers would spend a
good portion of their time in the forest and fields gathering their medicines.
They wrote down everything they learned and passed it on to others.
The use of herbs by humans goes back at least 60,000 years. The history of
herbalism winds all over the world, which can make it a bit difficult to create
a conclusive timeline of events.
60,000+ BCE – Paleolithic
There is proof that our Paleolithic ancestors used herbs deliberately. There
were unearthed Neanderthals in Northern Iraq that were found to be laying on
soil covered with henbane, ephedra, yarrow, marshmallow pollen, grape
hyacinth, St. Barnaby’s thistle, and other herbs that are still used today.
Studies on their tooth plaque found that they chewed on or ate poplar,
chamomile, and yarrow.

30,000 BCE – First Recorded Shamanism Practice

Shamans of tribes were some of the first herbalists. Shamanism was practiced
during the Paleolithic era. Cave art showed shaman practices. Thousands of
years later, Shamanism was developed in Eurasia. Shamans are believed to
have a close connection with the Great Spirit, or can communicate with
guides or gods to help heal people.
3000 BCE – Traditional Chinese Medicine, Ayurveda, and Sumerian
The first recorded uses of medicinal plants were etched into tablets by the
Sumerians in Mesopotamia. During this time in China, the roots of their
traditional medicine began to grow, and in India, the practice of Ayurveda
was being shared.
3000-1500 BCE – Ancient Egypt Medical Theories
The Ancient Egyptians wrote the Ebers Papyrus during this time. This was a
collection of diverse and important medical texts that talked about over 850
different herbs and their uses along with information about dentistry,
psychiatry, and gynecology.
2800 BCE – The “Divine Husbandman,”
Shen Nung is said to be “the father of Chinese medicine” and is credited for
creating acupuncture. While there is a lot still unknown about him, he is
believed to have influence the Divine Husbandman’s Materia Medica. This is
one of the earliest Chinese medical texts and houses 365 medicinal remedies.
1200-1000 BCE – Atharvaveda
This was when the first transcribed information for Ayurvedic herbal
knowledge. The Atharvaveda is considered to be a part of the fourth Veda.
500 BCE – Witchcraft Condemned
While witchcraft practices had been labeled long before this, the Old
Testament introduced the idea of witchcraft in writing. While witches have
been sterotypes as being ugly women who work for the devil casts dark evil
spells, true witches were noted as being beautiful and creating effective
potions. There work contributed to the application of herbalism.
450 BCE – The Four Roots
The Greek philosopher, Empedocles, created the theory of “The Four Roots,”
which stayed as the medical dogma for 2000 years. Plato would then develop
them further into “The Four Elements.” Hippocrates them made them into
“The Four Humors.”
200 BCE – 100 CE – Huang Di Nei Jing
A famous text of Chinese medicine was created. This held the philosophical
and theoretical foundation of Chinese medicine.
40-90 CE – Pedanius Dioscorides
A Greek herbalist and physician, Pedanius, created a list of herbs and their
medicinal use. His text became the authority on medicinal plants.

200 CE – Galen
After Rome conquered Greece, classic Greek sciences fell off the map.
Roman medicine was mainly deity- and magic-based until Galen established
the science of anatomy.
200-1100 CE – The “Dark Ages”

After the work of Galen, herbalism fell into a dark age where the Holy
Roman Empire banned older Roman and Greek texts.
1400-1600 CE – Herbalism Boom
This was the time where herbal medicine became more widespread because
of the increase in literature and books.
1493-1541 CE – The Roots of Alchemy
Paracelsus was a big proponent of the alchemical movement of medicine. He
helped to create a connection between the spiritual and physical matters of
medicine. His approach is still used in modern science.
1545-1612 CE – John Gerard
John Gerard was the first herbalist to use North American plants in his
European herbalism.
1700s CE – Herbalism Thriving
Herbalism was the main form of medicine of the time and was consulted
more so than physicians. This was a form of affordable and accessible

1800s CE – Thomsonian Medicine

Samuel Thomson was a botanist and herbalist of the time who created a
strong influence over other herbalists and doctors, so much so, they referred
to themselves as “Thomsonians.”
1904 CE – Council of Medical Education
The American Medical Association formed the CME to standardize medical
education. This caused herbal and other forms of medical traditions to be
discredited. In turn, this forced Homeopathic and Eclectic colleges to close.
1910-1935 CE – Herbal Education Collapse
The North American herbal education collapsed because of the AMA. More
than half of American medical schools merged with universities. The forced
African American, women’s, physiomedicalist, and Eclectic colleges to close.
1950s- 2000 CE – Scientific Shift

Herbalism took a scientific shift in the late 20th century. They made an effort
to prove that their herbs did work. This became known as defensive
herbalists. During the 60s and 70, herbalism began to rise again. The
American Herbalists Guild was formed in the 1989.
2010+ CE – Herbalism Today
The herbal industry is booming today more than ever. In 2016, the global
herbal medicine market was around 71.9 billion dollars. There are not only
schools that teach about herbalism, but online platforms that can be reached
around the world.
The Power of Herbs
When it comes to magical symbolism, plants house the power of the four
elements. They start as seeds of the Earth, where they find the minerals to
sustain life. They work with the Fire of the sunlight, which helps them to
convert carbon dioxide into oxygen.
Air fosters plant life in the wind, which helps to stimulate the growth of
leaves and stems and scatters seeds around for the cycle to continue. Plants
also, of course, need Water to live. But it also plays an important part in the
regulation of the Earth’s water cycle by helping to purify the water, and
helping to take it from the soil to the atmosphere. This is the best way to see
the four elements work together.
But herbs are powerful in other ways as well. When used as medicines, they
don’t come with all the side effects that regular medicines have, and they
support internal balance.
Every spice or herb comes from a plant. They are created from the roots,
leaves, barks, seeds, fruits, or flowers of plants. They not only make food
taste amazing, but they can help to preserve them. Spices and herbs have
antiviral and antibacterial properties and they are full of trace minerals and B-
vitamins. They also contain disease-fighting antioxidants than veggies and
Herbs can also help people improve their spirituality. Herbs have a
consciousness. It is an extension of Earth consciousness, and they want to
help to protect, heal, and support us.
The power of herbs weaves throughout the body and works on our cells.
They can help us to rationally understand things so that we don’t make
decisions with our ego mind, and let intuition guide us.
Herbs give us the power to connect with the energies of the Earth. Herbs are
also very versatile when it comes to magic. Herbs can be burned to purify the
air and can be used to make incense and oils. Herbal magic is very practical,
and you most likely have most of the stuff you need already in your kitchen.

(Purple Magic Potion)

What is Green Witchcraft
You may have heard green witchcraft used interchangeably with a Hedge
Witch. Just to get rid of any confusion, these two are the same paths. There
are some similarities between them, but their core is very different. A Hedge
Witch focuses on receiving information from the spirits, the Green Witch
focuses on the physical realm and the Earth.
The Green Witch path is a path of Nature and growing things. Green Witches
have a very good understanding of herbalism and plant life, and they have
information and experiences when it comes to growing plants and using them
effectively once they are harvested. Most Green Witches hate buying plants
that have been harvested because they believe in the relationship between the
plant and the grower and the role it plays in achieving the best result. The
Green Witch is a witch that will always have a garden.
The Green Witch has a relationship with the Earth that goes deeper than what
they do with plants. Green Witches use other natural objects in their work.
Fossils, animal parts, crystals, and rocks will often find their way into their
magic. They will also use the weather to help. They work with the elements
or invoke the spirits of the elements during the rituals. There are some Green
Witches who will choose to honor Pan, or some with honor Gaia.
It would be wrong to say that all Green Witches work with the fey, but a lot
of them do. Fairies are seen as land spirits and offerings are made to them in
order to get their help in looking over their Earth. A Green Witch can choose
to create a relationship with these spirits where they live or work and my
leave them gifts of bright ribbon or honey to keep the good will of the fairy.
The environment is also important to Green Witches. This is true on a
personal as well as a large scale. They live where there are a lot of plants. If
at all possible, Green Witches will choose natural materials over man-made
things. They will try to limit their footprints. This brings them a connection to
traditional witches of old who grew their own produce and livestock.
Spells and Procedures
When you perform spells, you are spelling out the things that you need or
want. A spell can help to bring more magical vibrations to your endeavors, or
it can be used when you have exhausted all other possibilities. Every spell
has four parts: Conceive, Craft, Communicate, and Release. The last step is
knowing that it is possible so that you are open to receiving it.
Spells are focused and performed in a ritual setting. You are stating your
power as the co-creative artist in your life. This is a way to consciously work
with the Universe.
Spells are the most effective when performed with the deepest gratitude for
receiving. Give thanks for the things that you have and receive. Spells have
more to do with trust than control. It’s all about honing your mind and
opening your heart.
An Altar
Having an altar isn’t necessarily a necessity, but it tends to always be done.
An altar gives you energy, a focal point. And it gives you a beautiful space
for directional candles.

All you need is a nice cloth to lay over a flat surface. You can place candles
in the space for the four directions and one in the center. This is the simplest
form of an altar. Others tend to place symbolic items in the place of the
elements. For example:
North – gemstones, bone, pentagram, a plant, or small tree
West – river rock, salt, seashells, goblet, cup of water, or bowl
South – burning candle, orange flowers, or matches
East – wing, feather, sword, pen, or knife
You can also place any other relevant sacred items on your altar as well.
Some spells may have to be left out on the altar for many days or moon
cycles to complete
Spell work also requires symbolic thinking. You also have to make mature
choices when it comes to the decisions of the things you want, and bringing
childlike playfulness to the process. With herbal magic, we look at the
properties of plants and connect with them.
Spells work the best when they are done for yourself instead of for somebody
else, especially if you are new at magic. It hard enough knowing exactly what
you really want, much less trying to figure out what others want. Doing spells
for others can entangle you into situations that aren’t your own, unless you
have a lot of experience, and can bring complications that you don’t want.
Everything you do brings some type of consequence. Spell work can be
helpful in developing your personal sense of ethics, integrity, and honor.
Power should be used to serve, not rule. The best kind of magic is that which
is practiced with an open heart and an open hand.
You have to be able to place your absolute trust in something higher than
yourself. It doesn’t matter if this is a God, Goddess, both, Tao, Divine Power,
Life Force, Spirit, or the Universe.
You don’t have to have a group of people together to perform spells, either.
That can be done effectively alone.
Herbs and Their Uses

This chapter is your guide for the herbs and plants used in herbal magic.
Since there are millions of plants and herbs, this list should not be considered
as all inclusive, but it is a great start.
Acacia has a masculine energy and is aligned with the Sun and air. It is often
used in psychic power and protection spells. The dried gum of this herb is
often used as a base for incenses. When combined with sandalwood, it can
make a great mediation incense. The leaves can also be burned on charcoal to
help improve personal power. Acacia is also associated with Diana, Ra,
Astarte, and Osiris. It symbolizes the afterlife.

African Violet
African violet has a feminine nature and is connected to Venus and water. It
is often used in rituals related to protection and it can be used to improve the
spirituality of the home. The African violet is not an edible violet, so you
should not consume it.

Agapanthus is also known as the African Lily. It is associated with love and
Mars. It is sometimes used as an aphrodisiac, and can be used to aid in
fertility and carried by pregnant women to ensure a healthy fetus.
Medicinally, it can be used to induce labor because it contains oxytocic,
which causes the uterus to contract. It can also work as an expectorant. That
said, you should not internally take this plant unless you have professional
supervision. The leaves have a caustic sap that can irritate the skin and create
mouth ulcers. The roots are also toxic to animals and people.

Agrimony is masculine and is associated with Jupiter, Cancer, and air. It is
great for exploring a person’s true feelings and to balance the emotions. It is
commonly used in protection spells, create a psychic shield, to reduce
negativity influence of others, and banish negative spirits and energies. It can
also be helpful in reversing harmful spells that have been cast on you,
sending them back to the sender. It is nontoxic, and can be made into an
astringent. It can also be used as a digestive tonic to relieve colicky and
diarrhea pains.

Alder is associated with Fire, Water, Mars, and Moon. There is a balance
between actions and emotions with this plant. This is great when you have to
face the things you have been avoiding. It is not a good idea to cut down an
alder tree.

It is a feminine herb connected to the Earth element and ruled by Venus. It
brings prosperity. You should have some on you when you ask for money.
Keeping some in your home will protect you from unhappiness, poverty, and
hunger. Alfalfa strands can be woven into things to protect against poverty.

Allspice is connected to Fire and Mars. It is masculine and honors the
powerful and virile male archetypes. It is uplifting and can be used to
increase determination and energy. It is great for healing spells. It also smells
amazing to it can be used for incense.

They are masculine and connected to Air and Mercury. They are great for
fertility charms. Almond oil can be used as a massage oil. They are great for
luck and prosperity as well. They can also be used to help overcome
Aloe is feminine and connected to Water, Cancer, the Moon, and Venus. It
can be used to protect against misfortunes and accidents. It is also used in
beauty and love spells.

An Amaranth flower crown can be worn to speed up healing. Dried amaranth
can be used to call the dead. It is also used to heal broken hearts. It is also
often used during Pagan funeral ceremonies.

It is connected to the Sun, Fire, and Venus. It is great for protection, hex-
breaking, and general blessings. It is great for women’s defense. The roots
can ward off illness and evil. It can also be used as a gambling talisman for

Anise is connected to Air, Apollo, Jupiter, Mercury, and Gemini. It has a
masculine energy. It can be used to restore youth. It can get rid of bad
dreams, evil spirits, and clear intentions.

Apples are most commonly used for immortality, the afterlife, the soul,
wisdom, vanity, beauty, marriage, fertility, fidelity, and love. They are
feminine and ruled by Venus, Friday, and Taurus.

It is feminine and connected to Fire, although there are some who will argue
that it is connected to Air or Water. It is great for besom handles and wands.
The leaves can be used to have prophetic dreams and luck.
Basil is masculine and connected to Fire and Mars. It can help to protect
against insanity, brings money, peace, love, and happiness, and steadies the
mind. It brings luck during journeys. It can also be used as a peacemaker.

Bayberry is feminine and connected to Jupiter and Earth. It can be used to
bring in prosperity and luck.

Bay Laurel
It is associated with the Sun, so it is perfect to use during any Sun festival. It
is masculine and ruled by Leo and Fire. It can be used to cleanse a space,
person, or object before a spell or ritual. It improves psychic ability. It is
often used by healers and can protect against negative energy. It can protect
against misfortunes, and ensure that you will see your lover again.

This is a very poisonous plant and can kill you if taken internally. It is
feminine and connected to Saturn and Water. Every part of the plant contains
tropane alkaloids. As little as two berries can be lethal to adults, as can a
single leaf. It has been used to produce visions and astral projection.

It is masculine and connected to Jupiter and Fire. It can be used for protection
from hexes, misfortune, and negativity. It keeps unwanted energies away and
prevents nightmares.

Birch is most commonly used for purification, exorcisms, and protection. It
represents rebirth and renewal. It wards off the evil eye. Birch protects
against lightening.

Bistort is feminine and connected with the Earth element and Saturn. It can
be used for psychic powers, especially when used with frankincense. It is
great for fertility and money.

The different parts of a blackberry have different connections. The branches
are controlled by Fire and Aries, and are great for protection. The leaves are
connected to Water, and ruled by Venus and Scorpio. They can be used for
anything related to female fertility. The berries are feminine and connected to
the element Earth. They help with prosperity and an abundant harvest.

Black Cohosh
It is rules by Scorpio and Pluto and connected to Fire. It is often used for
potency, courage, and love. It can also ward off negative influences. Do not
confuse with blue cohosh, which is dangerous.

This is a popular hex-breaker. It can be used to help a marriage and promote
harmony with the extended family. It can also keep people from butting into
your marriage. It can also help with sexual potency.

Blue Cohosh
It is connected to Mars and Jupiter. It can be used to protect against evil. It
has also been used to stimulate contractions, but this is not recommended
because it is toxic. If you are pregnant, stay away from this herb.
Burdock is feminine and connected to Water and Venus. It is often used in
rituals to ward of negativity. It also helps with protection. It is great for
general healing.
Calendulas are also known as marigolds. They are connected to the Sun.
They symbolize constancy and love and are perfect to bless weddings. It is
often used is love potions. They also ward off negativity and evil. They are
great for consecration.

Cardamom is feminine and connected to Venus and Water. It is great for love
spells, eloquence, and charm. They also draw lust. It relaxes the body and
clears the mind.

Chamomile is connected to the Sun and water, and ruled Leo. It helps to
cleanse the throat chakra. It is often used in spells for purification, tranquility,
love, peace, and money. It can ward of unwanted energies. It can also be used
to remove spells that have been cast on you. It can also be used to release
feelings of anger, loss, or pain.

It is masculine and resonates with Jupiter and Fire. Chestnuts are great for
fertility and desire. They also encourage abundance. It can also center and
ground your energy, improve intuition, increase energy, and encourage

This flower is masculine and resonates with the Sun and Fire. They are often
used in burial rituals and are a great decoration for Samhain. The dried
flowers can be burned to house blessings.
Cinnamon is connected with the Sun and Fire. It is a common ingredient in
incense. It can be used to sanctify and area or object, to aid in healing, and
enhance the male libido. The oil is often used to anoint objects during
protection and blessing rituals. It can also be used in love, money, and
happiness spells. You can enhance its money drawing powers by using it with
ginger, nutmeg, cardamom, and cloves.

They are masculine and connected to Fire and Jupiter. They are often used to
attract prosperity and luck, keep friends close, and stop malicious gossip.
Cloves can stop rumors from being spread. It can also be used as an

These flowers are normally the first to appear, sometimes as early as
February. This is great for springtime rituals, like Beltane, Ostara, and
Imbolc. It is often used for money, tranquility, and love spells. It is connected
to Venus and Water.

It is connected to Water and Saturn, and is important to Hecate. It is used in
protection magic for travelers and protection against thieves. It can also be
used for luck when gambling. It can also help with love and healing.

Corn is connected to Fire and the Sun, and is feminine. It is a popular
offering during harvest rituals, shamanic rituals, and anything honoring
nature. It can be used in spells for abundance, prosperity, and luck.
It is feminine and connected to Mars and Water. It is active and passive. It
can be used for happiness and joy, increased affection in relationships, and
for love spells. It can also be used to send away an unwanted person.
Daisies are most commonly used in love magic. They are feminine and
connected to Venus and Water. They can be used as an offering to any
Goddess and are perfect for Midsummer or Beltane wreaths and decorations.

Damiana is connected to Jupiter, Venus, and Fire. It can help when you need
to alter your consciousness, and aids in divination and meditation. It is a great
addition to sex magic. It can help with lucid dreaming. It should only be used
between lovers to improve their sex life. It can also be used as a massage oil.
It is psychotropic, so you should use it wisely. High doses could be toxic. It
should be avoided during pregnancy and breastfeeding. Children should not
ingest. It can also cause tinnitus, vomiting, nausea, and indigestion, so stop or
lower your dose if you start experiencing these things.

Dandelions are masculine and connected to Sagittarius, Pisces, Air, and
Jupiter. It can improve psychic ability. Of course, they can be used for
It is connected to Mars and Scorpio. It helps with inner strength during tough
times. It draws prosperity and helps to protect against poverty.

Enchanter’s Nightshade
It is connected to Saturn. It can be used for transformation, shapeshifting,
hexing, enchantment, and binding. It is also great to be used with the law of
attraction. It balances energies. It has a subtle and gentle action. It is not

Evening Primrose
It is connected to the Moon. It should be used during moon ceremonies. It
can help with friendships, love, and beauty. It can also help in achieving your

Eyebright is masculine and connected to Leo, Sun, and Air. It can be used for
prophetic dreams. It can be used in spells to see things objectively and clearly
and avoid deception and cloudiness.
False Indigo (Blue)
It is feminine and connected to Venus. It is a protective herb. It can also be
used for protection of your pets, but make sure they don’t eat it because it is

It is connected to Mercury and Air. Fennel can help improve your eloquence
and confidence. It can strengthen the memory and mind. It can be used to
repel interference from unwanted people.

It is masculine and connected to Water and Venus. It can be used to protect
against accidents. It can also be used to break hexes. It can help to prevent
illnesses as well.

Fir is connected to the element Earth and Jupiter. It can be used to get rid of
negativity. It can aid in immortality, help to see things clearly, and take the
long view. It can be used for blessings. It is commonly used during winter

It is connected to Venus or Saturn, depending on the person you ask. It is
harmful, so it should not be consumed. It can be used in rituals for fairies, but
make sure the juices don’t not touch and never inhale the smoke if burned.
It is masculine and connected to Mars, Fire, and Aries. It can be used to send
away an unwanted lover. Poppets can be stuffed with garlic when intended
for negative magic. It can repel thieves and bring good luck. It is also an
aphrodisiac. It can also be used for strength, protection, invoking passion,
spell-breaking, and exorcism.

Ginger is connected to Fire. It is energetic and fiery and will add power to
any magic. It can be added to speed things up or help bring plans to fruition.
It can also be helpful in adding passion to relationships.

It is feminine and connected to Air and Venus. It is often used in spells for
prosperity, money, and luck. Goldenrod can also be used for dowsing. It can
also be used for divination, drawing love, and aiding in grieving. Goldenrod
isn’t toxic, but people do sometimes have allergic reactions.
Hawthorn is masculine and connected to Fire and Mars. Hawthorns are
sacred in many Pagan religions. The blossoms are called May flowers, and
often used for spring celebrations. The tree is sacred to fairies, so you have to
ask permission when taking sprigs or blooms, and definitely bring an offering
if you are going to cut down the tree. Hawthorn can prevent spirits from
entering, protect from lightening, and keeps out unfriendly spirits. It can also
be used for protection, chastity, fertility, health, marriage, and love.

It is often burned for wisdom. It is sacred to the Fey. It can be used for anti-
lightening, poetic inspiration, reconciliation, intelligence, fertility, wrath,
inspiration, marriage, knowledge, dowsing, divination, dreams, wisdom,
prosperity, protection, manifestation, and spirit contact.

It is feminine and connected to Water, Venus, and Gemini. It is often used for
new beginnings, enhancing physical beauty, self-discovery, and bringing a
peaceful resolution to problems. It will also attract friendly spirits. It can also
be used to attract rain and summon fairies into your garden.

It is connected to Fire and Sun. It represents devotion. It can be used to
encourage prophetic dreams. It’s also used in spells for wealth and banishing.

Holly leaves that don’t have prickles are masculine and the ones with
prickles, which are more common, are feminine. It is connected to Saturn and
Fire. It can be used for dream magic, luck, protection, beauty, physical
revenge, material gain, and consecration.

It is connected to Cancer and Mercury. There are some sources that connect it
to the element Earth and Venus. The flowers can be used to find a person’s
true worth. The vines can be used to bind lovers together. It can also be used
in money spells. It can attract wealth, luck, and love and dispel negative
influences. It can stimulate generosity, sweeten mood, encourage psychic
dreams, sharpen intuition, stimulate psychic powers, and clear the mind. It
can cause contact dermatitis, and if taken in large doses, can cause vomiting
and become toxic.

Hyssop is connected to Fire and Jupiter. It is masculine. It is mainly used for
protection and purification. It can be used for cleansing and protection. It can
get rid of negative energies and break curses and hexes. Hyssop is connected
to dragons, and burning it can help you interact with them. High amounts of
hyssop, when taken internally, can cause convulsions.
Indigo is connected to Saturn. True Indigo can be used when you are trying to
close a chapter in your life, rebounding, revenge, binding, and endings.
Joe Pye Weed
Joe Pye Weed is often used for spells of respect or love. It can also be used
for luck when gambling.

Juniper is connected to Saturn, Jupiter, and Fire. It can be used to ward off
unpleasantness. It can be used in anti-theft spells. It can also be used in love
spells and enhance male potency and interest. Pregnant women should never
use medicinal doses of juniper; it can cause a loss of pregnancy. The berries
are also toxic in high dose.
Kava Kava
It can be used as an aphrodisiac. It can be used to help with travel protection
and astral work.
Larkspur is feminine and connects with Water and Venus. It can be used for
protection. It is often used in rituals to honor soldiers and heroes. It can keep
away venomous creatures and unfriendly spirits.

Lavender is masculine and connected to Mercury, Virgo, and Air. It is a great
purification herb and can be used to make smudge sticks. It can also
encourage fertility, love, and sharpen the mind.

Lemons are connected with Water and Moon. They can be used to celebrate
lunar deities and for summertime rituals. It is cleansing and purifying. It can
even be used in love spells, keep away the evil eye or harmful spells.
It is masculine and connected to Fire and Mercury. It can be used for
prosperity and happiness. It keeps out demons. It can be used inside of a
poppet for sympathetic magic. The berries and roots can be used for fertility
and love. Mandrake is poisonous, so do not consume.

Maple is feminine and connected to Jupiter, the Moon, and Water. It is great
for staffs, wands, and maypoles. It can be used for spiritual healing, dealing
with changes, decision-making, travel, and moon magic.

It is ruled by Venus or Mercury and is connected to Air or Fire. It has also
been associated with Leo, Aries, and the Sun. The main reason there are a lot
of correspondences is because it tends to be confused with oregano.
Marjoram is great for decorations. It will draw in lovers. It can be used for
dream divination spells. It can help relieve grief and bring in joy. It can also
be used for protection.

It is feminine and connected to Libra, Venus, the moon, and water. It is a
cleansing and protective herb. It can be used to cleanse an area, and protect
against demons. It can also be used in sex magic, handfastings, fertility, and
love spells.

It is connected to Mars and Fire. It helps to promote strength and courage. It
is also great for protection. It can protect you from evil beings. It can also be
used in sympathetic spells.

The roots can be used in protective magic. It can irritate the eyes, so it is
often used in spells to keep things hidden from prying eyes. Make sure to use
gloves and not let the mayapple root touch your skin because it is a topical
poison. You can also use the dried fruit for similar things. It can also be use
for virility and fertility and prosperity.

It is connected to Air and Venus. It is strengthening and can aid in verbal and
psychic communication. It adds strength to the things you say. It is great for a
Winter Solstice celebration. It is also used for funeral rituals. It is a powerful
herb, and can be used to improve personal strength and create fortitude to
overcome difficulties. It is great for strength and courage. It can also break
streaks of bad luck, whether self-inflicted or caused by others. It can be used
to keep away trouble.

It is a masculine energy, but it has some feminine qualities as well. It is
connected with Air and the Sun. This often used for Yule and Midsummer
rituals. It is great used in spells for sexual potency, reconciliation,
forgiveness, luck, protection, and love. It can also be used to banish
unwanted spirits and other negative influences.

It is feminine and connected to Water and Saturn. It can be used in spells for
invisibility and protection. You can burn the roots for a ritual fire. Make sure
you don’t ingest the smoke when burning, or any part of the plant because it
is poisonous.
It is connected to Water, Venus, and Leo. It helps to promote inner
confidence and trust that the outcome is going to be the best for everything
involved. It is protective, especially when used to protect a pregnant woman
and the unborn child. It can be burned as an incense for astral projection.

It is connected to the moon and the element Earth. It is feminine. It can be use
to clear an area for protection or divination. You can also smoke mugwort, it
will only cause as much harm has smoking anything else would, and it won’t
kill you or cause any other health emergencies. It can be used for lucid
dreaming, astral projection, and other altered conscious states. It is closely
related to ragweed, so use caution if you have a ragweed allergy. It can also
be used for protection, especially related to travel.

It is ruled either by Saturn or Mercury, and connected to Fire. It is feminine.
Mullein stalks can be used as wicks in ritual candles. It protects against evil
magic and spirits.
Narcissus are also called daffodils. They are connected to Water and Venus.
It is a calming flower that helps with inner peace, self-love, hope, and inner
peace. They symbolize new beginnings, renewal, resurrection, and rebirth.
They are great for Spring rituals.

It is a male and connected to Scorpio, Mars, and Fire. It can be burned to
remove negativity and unwanted spirits. It can also be used to breaks curses
and for protection.

This is simply tobacco. It should be used with caution, and should not be
eaten or used by pregnant or breastfeeding women. Burning the leaf is often
used in smudging ceremonies. It can also be used as a substitute for other
nightshades in a spell. It can be used as an offering in sacrificial fire. All
species can be used as an offering for animal spirits, but keep it far, far away
from living animals.

It is masculine and connected to Pisces, Jupiter, and Air. It is often used in
Yule celebrations. It can be used to bring luck, good decisions, and legal
success. It can also help with clairvoyance and visions.
Oak is a big symbol of Midsummer. It can be used is spells for good luck,
potency, health, stability, fertility, strength, success, and money. The
different types of oak will provide slightly different properties in your work.
Red Oak is fiery. Brown Oak is grounding. White Oak is for strength and
solidity. The acorn represents fertility and creativity. You can use the acorns
to attract other people to you, as well as for wealth and prosperity. You can
plant acorns during the Dark Moon to attract prosperity. Since the oak
symbolizes immortality, acorns are often used during the Samhain season. It
is also great for protection.

It is masculine, and connected to Fire and the Sun. It is great for protection. It
can prevent lightening strikes. It can also be used to cleanse and bless an

Oregano is controlled by Venus and is connected to Air. It can be used for
letting go of loved ones, protection, health, luck, tranquility, and happiness. It
can also promote psychic dreams. It can also bring joy into rituals and life.
It is masculine and connected to Mercury and Air. It can help to
communicate with spirits. It can increase passion, vitality, and strength.

These are also known as Geraniums. This is feminine and connected to
Venus and Water. They can be used in spells for love, protection, health,
fertility, prosperity, and happiness.

It is feminine and control by Venus and the element Earth. It has been used in
midwifery. It can be used in protection during travel spells. It can help the
throat chakra and heal from an addiction. It can protect psychic energy.

Phlox that blooms early can be used for springtime celebrations. Early
blooming varieties can be used for Imbloc, Ostara, and Beltan rituals. It can
be used to encourage groups of people to work well together. It promotes
harmony and unity.

Pine represents immorality, inner strength, overcoming hardships, rebirth,
and strength during adversity. It connects with Fire. Pine cones are
masculine. They are often used during midwinter and Yule celebrations. Pine
promotes joyfulness and protects against negative energy.

It is feminine and connects with the element Earth and Venus. It is often used
for protection, healing, and strength. It can also be used to enhance the affect
of other herbs.

It is connected Uranus. It is often use for exorcisms. It is not recommended to
ever take pokeweed internally. It can also be used to break hexes and protect
against harmful influence and negativity. You can use the juice of the berry
to make magical ink.

It is connected to Jupiter. Poplar wood is great for making all-purpose wands.
Poplar is often used during Samhain, or ceremonies related to rebirth, death,
life cycles, and the underworld. It is great for any ceremony that involves
presenting an offering.

It is feminine and connects to the Moon and Water. They are great for rituals
involving offerings to the dead, especially those who died during battle. They
are great in spells for invisibility, luck, money, sleep, love, abundance,
agriculture, and fertility.
It is also known as Bitter Root. It is often used for controlling. It can also be
used to attract money.

Quince can help to protect against accidents, physical harm, and evil.
Quinces can also be used to ensure fidelity.
Rice is connected to the element Earth and the Sun. It is feminine. It can be
used in spells for security, wealth, rain, protection, fertility, prosperity,
money, blessing, and to find treasure.

Roses are feminine and connected to Water, Venus, and Taurus. Roses can
protect against the evil eye and can bring happiness and security in a
relationship. They are also used in love spells.

Rosemary is masculine and connected to Leo, Fire, and Sun. It is often used
for remembrance and fidelity spells. It can be used for purification, cleansing,
and blessings. It can enhance memory as well. It is often used in handfasting

It is connected to Fire and Saturn. It has long been used as a cleansing herb. It
can keep out evil spirits and pests. Rue is most often used for warding and
banishing purposes.
It is connected to the Sun, Leo, and Fire. It has long been associated with
rarity, power, and wealth. This is a perfect offering for any deity. It is great
spells used to bring strength, recognition, and wealth. It is also an

Sage is masculine and is connected to Jupiter and Air. It is a sacred plant to
the Native American and Shamanic belief systems and is often used for
smudging to purify the body, places, and objects. It is great when it comes to
granting wishes, protection, wisdom, longevity, and immortality.

Solomon’s Seal
It is connected to Water and Saturn. It can help in making tough decisions
and accepting change. It can be used to help break habits and helps to smooth
out transitions. It can seal a sacred promise or oath. It can also drive away
malicious spirits and negative vibrations.

It is masculine, and connected to Air and Mercury. It can fight against disease
and draw in love. It can improve male attractiveness, sexual skill, and virility.
It is used in a lot of male rites.

St. John’s Wort

It is connected to Leo and the Sun, as well as Midsummer’s Day. It is used a
lot in Midsummer rituals. It can also be used in rebirth and death rituals.

It is connected to the Sun and works with all solar deities. It can help with
confidence when in a leadership role. It can also bring positive energy.
It is feminine and connected to Venus and Water and Gemini. It is connected
to eternal youth and immortality. It can be used to honor all Gods and
Goddesses that are connected to rebirth and death. They can be used in spells
for longevity and charms.

It is feminine and connected to Venus and Water. It is often used in spells for
courage and strength. Thyme can help you keep a positive attitude when
trying to achieve goals. This can be used to cleanse an area. It can also be
used to prevent nightmares and have a restful sleep.

It is connected to Fire and Mars and is often used to break hexes and for
general protection.

Tomatoes are connected to Venus and are feminine. They help to protect
against negative influences. It can also inspire passion and love. They can
often be used when you don’t have an apple on hand for spells that call for
Unicorn Plant
This is a drawing plant, specifically for returning lost items. It can also be
used to bind things so that you don’t lose them. They are also great for
It is connected to Water and Jupiter. It is often used during Yule and Samhain
celebrations. It is great for spells that are trying to end guild or negative self-
talk and for developed self-acceptance. It can also be used in animal mage,
especially cat magic. It can also turn bad situations around.

It is connected to Water, Venus, and Gemini. It is feminine. It is also used
during Midsummer celebrations. It can also enhance the action of certain
herbs. It can also help with headaches. It can protect against evil magic and to
protect against damage from bad weather.

Violets are connected to nymphs. They are also connected to rebirth and
death. They are great for love spells. It can also be used for faithfulness,
healing, peace, wishes, and protection.
These are great for health. They are the connected to Jupiter. The wood
makes great wands. You can also use it for spells for motivation, creativity,
wealth, focus, healing, insight, abundance, and weather working.

Water Lily
It is connected to Water, Cancer, and the Moon. It can be used to reduce
sexual cravings.

Witch Hazel
The branches of witch hazel are often used for dowsing. It is connected to
Saturn. You can burn it to banish unwanted emotions and get rid of disease,
hexes, and general negativity.

Wolfsbane is connected to Fire and Saturn. It is often used to protect homes
and livestock. It is poisonous, so it should not be taken internally. Since it is
baneful, it can be used in sympathetic magic.

It is connected to Fire or Air and the planet mars. It can be used for
divination, astral projection, and visions. It can also protect against accidents.
It can also send harmful magic back to the sender. You should use this herb
cautiously because it can be very dangerous if ingested.
Xanthan Gum
This is most often used as a bonding agent when making incense.
It is connected to Water and Venus. It is often used for love spells and
divination. Yarrow used in some way on a wedding night can ensure lasting
love. It can also be used to protect pregnant women and have an easy labor.

It is connected to Saturn and Jupiter. It is a fairy plant and is associated with
rebirth and death. It is great to use in funeral wreathes. It is often used to
decorate with during Yule. It can be used to raise the dead.
It is a feminine energy and connected with the Earth element. It is often used
in spells for fertility and increase.
Keeping A Witchy Garden

A person who has chosen the path of a witch will eventual feel the need to
garden. Witchcraft is an Earth religion, so followers feel a rush when they get
to sink their hands into the dirt or watching a plant grow.
Unfortunately, there are some who find their self in an urban area, unable to
create an actual garden. Don’t fear, there is a way to create a garden. All you
will need are lots of containers. Whether you have a large yard that you can
fill with flowers and herbs, or if you have to garden in pots, you can still
create a witch garden to use for your work.
The Power of a Garden
No matter what type of a spiritual guide, pagan, healer, or witch you are,
having a garden of fresh herbs is a very important part of your practice.
Sooner or later you are going to feel a pull towards the dirt. Embracing the
magic of the Earth and growing herbs will serve many different purposes and
will allow you to create a bettering relationship with the Earth, which will
bring you greater spiritual power.
As you help tiny little seeds to grow into strong and robust plants, you will
create a pact of sharing energy, giving energy to the land, but also receiving
from these things. An herb garden also has a sensual delight to it. Your eyes
will be the first way you figure out how healthy your plants are. Your smell
and taste will let you know when they are at their peak and ready to be
harvested. Your hands are your toolbox which makes all of this possible. The
garden will become a sacred space, and can be a place to communicate with
things beyond the veil, relax to think about life, and to exchange energies.
Plant magic is about as real as it gets. You can’t fake a garden. Herbs are
knowledge. More so than any library, web page, or spell book. Your herbs
are going to speak to you, and if you open up to them, they will tell you more
secrets that you could ever dream possible.
When you grow your own herbs that are going to eventually find their way
into your spell work, it allows you to create a deep knowledge and
relationship with your plants from the moment they are seeds until they are
ready to be harvested. This adds a lot of focus and power to your work. When
you work in a magical garden allows you to build confidence and skills in
your personal path as well as demonstrate how powerful the outside forces
are. You will get to see the results of your decisions as well as the factors that
are beyond your control.
People often talk about how spirits work in guidance and initiation in
witchcraft and other magical work. Plant spirits also have the power to play
those roles if you open yourself to them, and the garden is an amazing place
for learning to communicate with the spirits. They learn about you and they
get to know you as you honor them by taking care of the plants. A witch’s
garden has more knowledge than their grimoire has, all you need is patience,
willing to learn, and be open to it.
A garden is where human culture and plant culture meets. Both sides have to
meet and work with each other. How does this work? If you like to place
your plants in rows, then you should make them far enough apart so that you
can easily walk between them and linger. This gives you a space to walk and
work with and learn from your plants.
If the path is too narrow, you won’t be able to feel comfortable. A gardens
success is partly due to the gardener’s attention. You can’t know if something
is bothering your plants if you can’t get out there every day and look at them
and feel them. It’s good for you magic to be there with the plants and soak up
the aura of them and open yourself up to listening to them. It helps your soul
as well.

You can bring your magic into your garden as well. If you like casting
circles, you can create a circular planting area that marks your circle. You can
also create an altar in your garden. It doesn’t even have to be something
obvious. Areas of privacy can be created through trellises or shrubs. If you
are up for it, you can create a nice sleeping area, so that at least one night
during the summer, you can sleep with your plants so that they can talk to
you while you sleep.
Whether you have a garden in your windowsill or you have several acres of
plants, whether private or open, a knot garden or half-wild, it is powerful and
productive and enough for you. Every garden gives you some sort of harvest,
be it lessons, flowers, fruit, veggies, or herbs.

Designing Your Garden
The first thing you need to do when it comes to creating your garden is
figuring out how you want it to look. The following are some helpful steps to
take in designing your garden.
1. Observe Nature
Before you can start creating your garden, you have to take some time to
learn from nature. Nature is powerful and calming. Find an undisturbed spot
of nature where you are able to observe the natural workings of the
environment. If in the woods, notice how the air feels under the canopy. It
will likely feel near-silent and alive. Pausing to connect with nature will feel
you with so much energy, and you want to take these into your garden.
2. Wildcraft and Forage
You can prepare for your garden by seeing what you already have available
in the wild. Think about what you already use and see if you can forage for
those things. If you don’t have experience foraging for edibles, stick to non-
edibles until you are able to take a class to learn how to forage for edibles. Go
to the library and see if you can find any books on local plants and read
through. This will help you learn more about what you have available.
3. Plant Herbs and Flowers
Once you have observed some things, you can plan out what plants you want
to grow. Starting with safe to eat herbs and flowers is a safe bet because they
are usually easier to grow, and safer. Some of the most common ones to start
with are parsley, thyme, basil, oregano, chives, rosemary, mint, and sage.
You can also buy packs of edible flower seeds.
4. Grow Witchy Plants
Before we go any further, I want to caution you to do your own research on
everything you plant in your garden. There are just as many poisonous plants
as there are safe edible plants. If you have never heard of it before, do
research. Even if you have, do some research to make sure it is safe to eat.
You can plant poisonous plants because they can be used in spells and have
great power, just make sure that you use proper caution for yourself, pets, and
When you are picking out your witchy plants, picks ones that you connect to,
use often, or are interested in. Common witchy plants that people plant are
hellebores, mandrake, henbane, nightshades, poppy, heather, foxglove,
monkshood, comfrey, calendula, yarrow, and nettle.
Make sure you research bloom and harvest times for the different plants you
are planting. This can help you to have pretty booms most of the year to keep
some visual interest. Keeping a journal is a good way to keep up with these
5. Align with the Moon
Once you have chosen what you are going to plant, you need to make a
garden calendar. Most will plant by the moon’s cycles. This means planting
during specific phases. This can be complicated or simple, but the simplest
way to do it is to plant or transplant flowering annuals during waxing moon.
Plants seeds who will need a strong root system, like perennials during the
waning moon.

6. Harvesting by Moonlight
In general, herbs should be collected first thing in the morning before the heat
and after the dew has dried. But if you want to add more witchy power, try
harvesting and preparing them by moonlight. If this isn’t something you can
do, you can leave your watering can out overnight. The moonlight will
charge the water.
7. Talk to your Plants
Most gardeners, witchy or not, will talk to their plants. They are living things
and want attention. They also talk back in their own way. Anything that helps
you to create a positive connection to nature is worth a shot.

8. Create a Meditation Space or Altar

Creating a wellness spot of your own in your garden will make you feel
amazing. This can be as simple as a pretty rock to sit on. You can use
screening plants to create a “nest.” With a little planning, you can create your
own nature spa.
9. Give Back
Once you have established your garden, give back to it by replenishing it
with plants, water, organic matter, and nutrients. Your garden thrives when it
is given proper attention and care.
10. Establish a Daily Ritual

Your gardening doesn’t stop once you plant your garden. Visit your garden
every day and commune with the plants. Make it a part of your daily ritual.
This could become your favorite part of the day.
Planting Tips
Planting is by no means easy. Some plants are easier to grow than others, and
when you want to add in witchiness, it can get complicated. But it doesn’t
have to be. First, I’ll share some regular gardening tips, and then I’ll share
some witchy tips.
If planting in pots that are porous, terra-cotta, soak the pot before
planting. The pot will remove the moister from the soil if you don’t.

Place coffee filter, newspaper, or screen over drainage hold to keep soil
from spilling out.
Start arranging the plants on top of the soil so that you can figure out
how you want them configured before creating any holes.
If you are working with pre-established plants, remove them from their
original pots one at a time.
Water the root ball of established plants before planting.
Water them one you have planted all of the plants in a single pot. Soak
them thoroughly with a gentle shower of water.

Don’t overcrowd. Make sure you space your plants apart in an

appropriate manner. Typically, this is ten to 15 inches apart. As a rule
of thumb, space them the distance of half their mature height. Vining
plants, like pumpkins, will need more room.

Add mulch to the tops of containers and beds. It slows the evaporation
of soil, suppresses weeds, and reduces soil temperature.

Gritty mulch discourages slugs.

Rocky mulch deters digging rodents.
Moon Gardening:
Gardening by the moon considers the four quarters that last around seven
days each. The first two are waxing where there is in an increase in light.
This takes the moon from new to full. The last two quarters are the waning
phase where there is decreasing light. This takes the moon from full to new.
During the new moon, the lunar gravity pulls water up, which causes seeds to
swell and burst. This, with the increased moonlight, makes for balanced root
and leaf growth. This is the best time for planting above ground bearing
annual plants.
During the second quarter, the gravitational pull lessens, but the moonlight is
still strong. This creates healthy leaf growth. It’s a good time to plant,
especially about two days before the full moon.
During the full moon, or third quarter, there is a high gravitational pull,
which creates more moisture in the soil, but with the decreasing moonlight, it
places the energy within the roots. This is best for plant root crops. This is
also a good time for planting perennials, or transplanting.

There is the least amount of gravitational pull during the fourth quarter. This
is a resting period. This time is best spent pruning, fertilizing, transplanting,
harvesting, and cultivating.
Natural Garden Care
If you want to keep your garden healthy and witchy, you’re not going to want
to use chemicals on it. There will be bugs, possibly diseases, that hit your
plant, and they are going to want some food. So let’s take a look at some
natural ways to care for your plants without turning to things that are going to
harm them, the environment, and you.
First off, you need compost. Composting unlocks the nutrients in the stuff
you place in your compost. Your compost pile should be made up of “greens”
and “browns.” The “greens” provide nitrogen. You can find greens from
green weeds, manure, and kitchen scraps. “Browns” create carbon, and come
from chopped leaves, crop residue, garden debris, hay, and straw. Make sure
you don’t add any meat, wax, oil, pet waste or litter, pest-infested or diseased
plants, or weeds with seed sets.
When creating a compost pile, make sure you have a square that is at least
three feet. You can either contain it in a bin or pen, or can simply leave it in a
heap. Alternate you layers of carbon and nitrogen materials. You can also add
a thin layer of soil between these layers. Turn the pile as you add new layers
and keep it barely moist to help with microbe action. If it is warm, you should
have a decent amount of compost in about two months. Don’t worry about
the smell. A properly maintained pile shouldn’t smell all that much. If it starts
to smell, add in dry carbon materials and turn it more often.
You can also grow your garden in raised beds. This helps to save on water
and compost. It also saves space because you don’t have to create rows. You
only have to make sure you don’t plant the seeds too close together. This will
create a canopy of foliage that will trap CO2 and soil moisture. Leaves will
shade to soil, to lower you weeding and watering needs as well. You should
make sure the bed is only about four feet across so that you can reach across
it comfortably.

Mulching will also help with water and weeding requirements. You can use
special mulch papers, color-free newspaper, woodchips, hay, straw, or
compost as a mulch. All will slowly decompose and feed your plants.
Watering your plant is a must, and typically the best time is in the morning.
Mornings are cooler, so there will be less water evaporation. Watering in the
evening can keep the plants damp overnight, which makes them more
vulnerable to bacteria and fungus.
Keep the water at the soil and roots instead of the greenery. Deep, infrequent
watering is normally the best because it encourages deep rooting. Make sure
you use water that is at or close to air temperature to avoid shocking the
No matter how diligent you are, you are also going to face weeds. The only
way to get rid of weeds is to pull them by hand. But, you can also do some
work to try to lower your risk of weeds, such as mulching.
Now, we have our plants well tended to, and they have lots of nutrients being
fed to them through compost and other means, but what happens with pests
find them. First off, make sure that your plants are getting the moisture,
nutrients, and light that they need. Make your garden a friendly place to
birds, lizards, toads, frogs, and even bats. These are natural predators and will
keep pest at bay. You should also protect beneficial insects, like ladybugs.
Here are some natural ways to get rid of the most common pests.
Use cucumber slices or peels to keep ants away. Most don’t like
Plant lots of mint. Ants don’t like mint either.
Diatomaceous Earth can be sprinkled on your plants and in the
soil. Its powder causes the exoskeletons to break down.
Cornmeal or grits can be sprinkled around. They take it come,
but aren’t able to digest the food and it kills them.
Mix five tablespoons of dish soap into four cups of water and
spray it on your plants. This dehydrates spider mites and aphids.
A pepper spray of two tablespoons of red pepper, six drops of
dish soap mixed into a gallon of water and sprayed on your
plants will keep aphids away, as well as spider mites and other
Planting pennyroyals, spearmint, and peppermint will keep
aphids and ants away.
You can place saucers out for snails and slugs. This traps them
and keeps them from munching on your plants.
These are just a few ways to keep your garden natural, healthy, and pest free.
Remember, don’t try to keep all “pests” away. Some of them are beneficial
and will help your garden.
Filling Your Home with Plants
As a green witch, or any type of witch, you will find it beneficial to have
plants inside your home as well. You don’t have to just keep a garden
outside. Plants are not only aesthetically pleasing, but can help clean and
purify the air.
Plants are able to provide more oxygen in your home, which in turn will
reduce carbon dioxide levels. This can be beneficial to everybody, especially
those with breathing problems. Plants also have the ability to reduce airborne
dust levels and some air pollutants, like nitrogen dioxide and benzene. They
will also increase the humidity levels. This is great during the winter when
the air becomes drier in your home.
Houseplants are also a great way for those who don’t have a yard to get
started with plant magic. No matter how small of a space you have, there are
plants out there that you can place in your home. The important thing is to
make sure that you give the plants what they need in regards to light, water,
and feeding, and any other special requirements. Most plants that you buy
will come with this information. If you have pets or children, you also need
to make sure they are safe for them or you keep them out of their reach.
Herbs are an all-around good choice for growing inside. Things like oregano,
thyme, mint, and basil do great when you have a sunny windowsill to place
them in. Most herbs are not toxic to pets, but there are some exceptions.
Things like chamomile, chives, eucalyptus, garlic, and mint are toxic to pets.
Please do your own research on the herbs that you choose to keep inside.
Aloe is another great plant to have inside, but it is another one that can harm
pets if they eat the green parts of the leaves. The gel inside won’t harm them.
Aloe is an already great plant, and is perfect to have in the kitchen in case
you get burned.

Succulent plants like cacti and hens and chicks are great indoor plants. As
long as they get a lot of sunlight, they will be happy. These are fairly safe to
pets, but they can still get pokes, which I’m sure doesn’t feel good.
Orchids, ivy, and ferns are also great options because they are fairly easy to
grow and bring healing and protection into your family. There are just some
suggestions as to houseplants. Pick whatever speaks to you and resonates
with you.

Creating Green Witch Magic

This is the part you have been waiting for. Here you will find lots of spells
that you can start making that uses the herbs that you have been tirelessly
growing and caring for. But first, we will go over the best way to prepare
your herbs for use.
Preparing the Herbs
Alright, so the first thing you will have to decide is if you are going to use
fresh or dried herbs in your work. There are some spells you will find that
specifically call for dried herbs, but ultimately it will be a personal choice.
Dried and fresh have the same power, and dried herbs will keep for quite a
while. It will also depend on the kind of magic. Pouches or charms do best
with dried because fresh will often mold and start smelling badly. When it
comes to altar decorations, you can use whichever.
It is quite simple to create your own dried herbs. Make sure you pick your
flowers early in the morning once the dew has evaporated. Get rid of any
damaged leaves. Large-leaved herbs, like mint and sage, should be removed
from their stalks. Feather herbs, like dill, should be left on their stalks for the
drying process.
To hang dry, tie the sprigs or branch into a small bunch. Don’t make them too
dense. Hang them in a dry place out of sunlight with the leaves hanging
downward. You can wrap them loosely in muslin to catch falling leaves.
They will need about a week to ten days, depending on the size and humidity.
You can also lay herbs out on a drying rack instead of tying them together.
Place them in a dry, dark space, turning them often. This will take about two
to three days.
Once dry, crumble the herbs up, discarding the stalks and ribs. Place them in
airtight glass containers. Make sure you label them with what they are and
when they were stored. They will lose their potency over time. Keeping them
stored in a dark cabinet is best.
You will now have dried herbs ready to use when you need them. Remember,
you don’t just have to use your fresh and dried herbs in your magic work.
Cooking with them is a great way to use them and still reap their amazing
Extracting the Herbs Energy
A common question people have when it comes to performing spell work or
rituals is what do they do with the herbs and other things? There isn’t an easy
answer to this. Everybody has their own methods of getting things ready for
use. The main thing is, you want to make sure you extract the item’s energy
so that it works for you. We’ll go over a few ways to do so, and you can
decide what works best for you.
Charging your herbs before your spells or rituals is easier to do than waiting
until you are ready to do your work. You want to align your herbs vibrations
with the goal you want to achieve.
The first thing that you need to do to get your herbs ready is to attune
yourself with the herb. Place the herbs in a bowl and gaze at them. Let your
vision go a bit hazy and feel the vibrations that the stems, flowers, or leaves
are emitting. You can lightly touch them and picture what you need. After a
couple of minutes, run your fingers through them, fully visualizing what your
goal is. Feel your fingertips becoming charged by the energy of the herb. It
can be helpful if your picture a blue line of energy running through your arm
and fingers as you do this visualization. You can also start to chant to the
herb if you want, just make sure it aligns with your goals. Once you feel that
the herb is full of power, you have finished extracting the energy, and they
are ready to use.
Now, if you are completely new to these types of things, connecting to the
herb may be hard. A great way to learn the energy of an herb is to wear them.
A great way to do this is to get a clear vial necklace and place some of the
herb inside the vial. Wear this for a few days and write down what you
experienced. How did it affect your life? Another option is to wrap it in some
muslin or cheesecloth and place it under your pillow and see what it does to
your dreams. By doing this, you will find it easier to extract their energy to
get them ready for spells and ritual work.
Blessing Your Creation
At the end of spell or ritual you perform, you want to make sure that you
close it and bless the creation. Now, many of these spells will tell you how to
do just that, but if not, we are going to go over the best way to close.
The first thing you need to do is to ground the power. There is normally
residual energy hanging around after a spell has been cast. This basically
means you feel energetic. Grounding will bring you back to normal levels,
kind of like cooling-down after you have exercised. An easy way to
accomplish this is to focus on how your weight feels, how your body presses
down into the floor, and picture all of the energy moving out into the Earth.
You can also use an athame to do this, and picture the energy flowing into it.
Another way to ground is to eat a small bite of food and drink. But you
should first make a small offering to the divine.
Next, you need to give thanks. If you invited a power or deity into your
circle, now is the best time to thank them and say goodbye. You can do this
through music, offerings, gestures, and chants, but most of the time all you
really need to do is express your sincere gratitude. If you didn’t invoke
something specific, a simple general expression of gratitude is enough.
Next, if you cast a circle, you have to close the circle. This can be done by
visualizing the energy of the circle returning to the places that it came from.
If you called the quarters, thank them and say goodbye. You can walk around
the circle again, maybe in the opposite direction, and picture the energy
returning to its rightful place. If you marked your circle with anything, gather
these things back up. Gather up all of your ritual tools and put them up. If
you have a special altar setup, you can take it down. Once you have closed
your circle and returned your ritual space back to its normal state, everything
is finished and your creation has been blessed.
Making Herbal Incense
Burning resins and herbs is a tradition that you can all over the world, and
has been around for generations. Besides the fact that they smell good,
incense is often used for healing, ceremonies, and for cleansing.
Ancient Egyptians used to burn offerings to Ra. The frequent references to
using incense in the Old Testament suggest that Jews have used it for awhile
now. Modern Hindus will burn camphor and incense before Krishna. The
Greeks would burn sweet incense as a sacrifice and prayer to certain Gods.
There is little evidence of incense used in Islamic traditions, and incense was
unknown in early Buddhism. However, its public and private use is starting
to spread among Chinese, Japanese, and Tibetan Buddhists. It had become an
established part of Christian rituals by the 14th century, and is still commonly
used in ceremonies like funerals, processions, and high mass. In Native
American customs, they often burn tobacco, cedar, uva-ursi, yerba santa,
sweet grass, and sage to purify the self and the environment before sending
prayers to the Great Spirit.
Besides using it in religion and other ceremonies, incense is also a great way
to evoke a mood or set an atmosphere. It is mentally stimulating.
Incense cones and sticks are sold in many different stores, but you can make
your own with your own herbs. This way you know where you incense came
from, and you can make sure that it is all sustainable and doesn’t hurt the
environment. This will bring you closer to your work, plants, and spells.
When it comes to making your own incense, it is going to likely be cone
incense. You will need three main items: aromatic botanical powders, water,
and some substance the glue your powers together. Some of the recipes will
use marshmallow root powder to hold everything together.
The aromatics are simply botanical powders, spices, or herbs that provide a
pleasant scent when burned. The smoke that comes off of herbs smells
different than the fresh or dried herb does. To see if you actually like the
scent, but a bit before you place it into an incense. You can make your own
powders by drying out your herbs and then placing them in a blender or
coffee grinder and grinding them to a fine powder
It also helps to have a base that burns easily. This can have a nice aroma or
no aroma at all. Some of the most common bases come from woody plants
like evergreen needles, vetiver, willow, sandalwood, cassia, and charcoal.
You can also add saltpeter to help it ignite easily and evenly.
When you start to come up with your own recipes, it’s a good idea to keep
your aromatic substances to be about two as much as the base. All of your
dry ingredients need to be in powder form. It should be about three parts
liquid to five parts dry mixture. You can form the dough you make into
cones, coils, cylinders, or rill them onto sticks. They all must dry out
completely, otherwise they won’t burn correctly. If you try burning one, and
it doesn’t burn right, then it is likely that it hadn’t dried completely.
Keep you incense stored in an airtight container to help preserve their scent
and color. You will also find loose incense instructions. These should be
mixed together and placed on smoldering charcoal.
When you start using incense, especially if you have never used it before,
make sure you listen to your body. Most people don’t experience anything
negative, but some people who have allergies, skin problems, or asthma may
experience problems. Headaches are a common occurrence.

Garden Incense
You will need:
1 tablespoon water
1 teaspoon marshmallow root powder
1 ½ teaspoons lavender powder
1 ½ teaspoons rosemary powder
1 tablespoon lemongrass powder

Mix all of the powders together until they are very well combined. Slowly
drop the water into the mixture, adding about five drops at a time. Use the
back of a spoon to mash everything together. You don’t necessarily stir. You
are more or less just smooshing the ingredients together. Continue to add a
few drops of water and mixing until it starts to look like a dry dough. You
want it to hold together and not crumble apart, but also not runny. When it is
all mixed together, pull out some and shape it into a cone. Place somewhere
flat and let it dry out for five to seven days. Simply light the tip when you
want to burn it.

Aromatic Incense
You will need:
½ teaspoon marshmallow root powder
1 teaspoon juniper berry powder
2 teaspoons rosemary powder
This works like the one before. Mix the powders together and then slowly
drop water into them, mashing them together until it forms a dry powder.
Form them into cones and let it dry completely before you try to burn them.

Tree Incense
You will need:
1 teaspoon marshmallow root powder
1 teaspoon juniper berry powder

2 teaspoon Douglas-fir needle powder

2 teaspoon cedar needle powder
Mix all of the powders together and start to slowly add in the water. Continue
adding water and mixing until it forms a dry dough. Form into cones and
allow them to sit out until completely dry.

Charcoal Incense
You will need:
2 tablespoon potassium nitrates
5 cups water
½ cup sandalwood powder
¼ cup tragacanth
6 cups charcoal
Grind up the charcoal into a powder and mix in the sandalwood and
tragacanth. In a different bowl, mix the potassium nitrate and water. Now stir
the water mixture into the charcoal mixture. Once everything is thoroughly
mix, press them into candy molds or mini muffin molds. You can also place
into rectangular pans and score them into bricks. Allow them to dry in an airy
area for at least two days. Burn as you would regular incense. This can also
be the charcoal that you burn loose incense on as well.

Rose and Lavender Incense

You will need:

¼ ounce sandalwood
¼ ounce patchouli
1 ounce rose petals
½ ounce cinnamon
1-ounce lavender
¼ ounce benzoin
This is a loose incense. Simply place all of the ingredients in a bowl and mix
them together. When you want to burn them, light one of the charcoal
briquettes from the last recipe and place the incense on top.

Lavender and Frankincense Incense

You will need:
½ ounce sandalwood
1-ounce rosemary
1-ounce lavender
¼ ounce ground cinnamon
¼ ounce frankincense
This is a loose incense. Simply mix all of the ingredients together in a bowl
until well combined. When ready to burn, light a charcoal briquette and place
the incense on top.

Yule Tide Incense

You will need:
¼ ounce whole cloves
½ ounce cedar leaf
½ ounce sassafras powder
½ ounce hemlock needles
1-ounce pine needles
This is a loose incense. Simply mix all of the ingredients together in a bowl
until well combined. When ready to burn, light a charcoal briquette and place
the incense on top.

Meditation Incense
You will need:

Tragacanth powder
¾ teaspoon potassium nitrate
½ cup + 3 tablespoon water
¼ cup + 2 tablespoon powdered charcoal
1 teaspoon musk oil
1 teaspoon jasmine oil
1 tablespoon curry powder
1 tablespoon benzoin
1 tablespoon musk rose
1 tablespoon cloves
5 tablespoons sandalwood
3 tablespoons cinnamon
Mix together the water and potassium nitrate. In a separate container, mix all
of the remaining ingredients together. Pour the wet into the dry. If it seems
too dry, add a bit more water. If it seems to wet, you can add more tragacanth
powder. Once combined, form into your incense cones or sticks and allow it
to dry completely before using.

Japanese Incense
You will need:
Tragacanth powder
½ teaspoon potassium nitrate
¾ cup water
1 ½ cups sandalwood powder
1 teaspoon cherry oil
6 tablespoons powdered star anise
Mix together the water and potassium nitrate. In a separate container, mix all
of the remaining ingredients together. Pour the wet into the dry. If it seems
too dry, add a bit more water. If it seems to wet, you can add more tragacanth
powder. Once combined, form into your incense cones or sticks and allow it
to dry completely before using.
Romantic Incense
You will need:
Tragacanth powder
½ teaspoon + pinch potassium nitrate
1 cup + 1 tablespoon water
1 cup + 1 tablespoon red sandalwood powder

2 tablespoons ground rose petals

¼ cup ground rosemary
¼ cup ground lavender
Mix together the water and potassium nitrate. In a separate container, mix all
of the remaining ingredients together. Pour the wet into the dry. If it seems
too dry, add a bit more water. If it seems to wet, you can add more tragacanth
powder. Once combined, form into your incense cones or sticks and allow it
to dry completely before using.

Tibetan Incense
You will need:
Tragacanth powder
1 teaspoon potassium nitrate
¾ cup water
1 cup + 1 tablespoon powdered cedar wood
2 tablespoons patchouli
2 tablespoons cinnamon
½ cup sandalwood
¼ cup juniper leaf
2 tablespoons frankincense
Mix together the water and potassium nitrate. In a separate container, mix all
of the remaining ingredients together. Pour the wet into the dry. If it seems
too dry, add a bit more water. If it seems to wet, you can add more tragacanth
powder. Once combined, form into your incense cones or sticks and allow it
to dry completely before using.
Restorative Elixirs
An elixir is simply a potion that is designed to bring about a change or they
are medical potions to bring about a change in health over a long period of
time. Elixirs can also create drawing magic, the ingredients made to attract
certain energies to the one who ingests the elixir and designed to bring
changes into the person’s spirit, mind, or body.
Elixirs most often contain a combination of herbs, usually in an alcohol base,
and they sometimes contain minerals. They can also be created with the
essences of herbs and crystals. There are some metals or stones that can be
powdered and added to elixirs to add the alchemical properties to concoction,
but keep in mind that this is a very dangerous practice because many of these
things are toxic to the body because we were not made to process stones. A
lot of modern witches will simply place a piece of metal or a stone in the
elixir for a certain amount of time, and then remove it before consumption.
Before you start to prepare you elixir, you will need to make some things
clear to yourself and the world. What exactly are looking to achieve from
your elixir? Make sure you understand any repercussions and consequences
that could result from the elixir. You never want to make something for the
purpose of harming another unless you are will to pay the price.
There is also a season for everything. Therefore, think about the most
appropriate time to create your elixir so that you get the most positive results.
Make sure that you observe your deity. Never forget to thank your God and
observe any type of ritual to your deity and spiritual path as you prepare your
While you are preparing your elixir, it is advisable that you stir it in a
clockwise manner. Your mind is the main prerequisite to any elixir working
for you. You must focus your attention on what your intention is and
visualize it coming true. Also, figure out what you will need for your
preparation in terms of procedure and ingredients. You also need to use more
natural tools to make your elixir, such as a wooden spoon instead of a metal
While you will find several elixir recipes here, some of the best elixirs that
you can create are the ones that you make from the heart.

Love Elixir
Your will need:
Spring water

Start by letting the herbs and flower dry thoroughly in the night under a full
moon. Place a pinch of each of the dried flowers and herbs and mix them
together in a bowl. Add in the fresh water and stir everything together,
clockwise. Stir in the cardamom and cinnamon. Then mix in the honey and
lemon. As you stir the potion together, say the name of the person you want
to attract out loud seven times. Pour into a glass bottle and make sure you put
it in a dark place. As you can see, none of the measurements are exact for this
one. Use how much your feel should be used. You can mix this into a cup of
tea or into bath water.

Meditation Elixir
You will need:
A clear quartz
An amethyst
A pint of spring water
A glass jar
Place everything in the decanter and place on a windowsill or outside in the
full moonlight overnight. Then refrigerate and drink as needed.

Protection Elixir
You will need:
Dried apple
Vanilla extract
Tree bark
Lay the tree bark in a pot. Add in a bit of vanilla extract and some dried
apples. Add in a pinch of rosemary. Cover with water and let it come to a
boil. Strain and enjoy as a tea.
Pain Elixir
You will need:
Glass jar
A lapis lazuli
An adventurine
½ pint vodka

½ pint spring water

Add all of the ingredients in your decanter and let it spend at least 12 hours in
full sunlight. Refrigerate the mixture and drink a cup whenever you need
your pain relieved. (Consume responsibly, it does contain alcohol)

Beauty Elixir
You will need:
Orange juice
1 cup water
1 teaspoon honey
Boil the chamomile in the water. Remove the chamomile and then mix the
honey and orange juice into the warm water. This makes enough for two
servings, so keep the second serving the refrigerator until you are ready for it.

Moon Goddess Elixir

You will need:
Glass jar
A moonstone
A pint of white wine
Mix everything together and let it spend a night in the full moon light.
Refrigerate and use when needed.

Strength Elixir
You will need:
Orange peel
White oak bark
Add the oak bark to a pot with the orange peels and mint. Add in two pinches
of cinnamon. Cover with water and bring to boil for a few minutes. Allow the
tea to cool slightly, strain it, and enjoy.

Energy Elixir
You will need:
A glass jar
A tiger’s eye
An agate
A pint of spring water
Mix everything together and refrigerate. Drink a glass when you need an
energy boost.
Spring Elixir
You will need:
Lavender essential oil

Heat the water up and mix in the lavender and vanilla. Pour this into a spray
bottle and then spray it on your clothes. This helps to bring a little spring into
the cold winter months.

Aphrodite Elixir
You will need:
A carnelian
½ pint spring water
½ pint rum or brandy
A glass jar
Mix everything together and let it spend 24 hours in sunlight and moonlight.
Place in the fridge and use when needed.

Power Elixir
You will need:
Red ribbon or yarn
A red marker
A sheet of white paper
A lemon
Vanilla extract
Ground allspice

Pure water
On the piece of paper, draw a large pentacle and lace the glass of water in the
center. Where it sits, add three drops of vanilla extra, a pinch of allspice, and
a pinch of ginger. Slice the lemon in half. Say:
“By this potion, I do ask, give me power for my task. Herbs and fruit and
color red, down this path, the spell is led.”
Squeeze the juice of the lemon into the glass and then wrap the red yarn
around the glass a couple of times and tie it in a know. Allow the glass to sit
there for a few a few minutes as you concentrate on your reason for
performing this spell. Allow your elixir to absorb this energy. Pick the glass
up with your right hand and drink some. You don’t have to drink all of it. A
little sip is fine.
Allow the elixir to remain where it is until the event has passed that you need
the extra power for. Then pour the rest of the water into the Earth.

Moon Goddess Elixir

You will need:
A glass jar
A moonstone
A pint of white wine
Mix everything together and let it sit in full moon light overnight. Place in the
fridge and drink when needed.

Third Eye Elixir

You will need:
A white feather
3 pieces of moonstone
Dried rosemary
Dried mugwort
Pure water
Place a small pot of water on the stove to get it hot. Add in a pinch of
rosemary and a teaspoon of dried mugwort. Allow this to come up to a
simmer and then carefully add in the moonstones, one at a time. Stir the
mixture clockwise three times. Touch the top of the water with your feather
and then touch it your forehead. Allow the water to continue to simmer for a
few more minutes, and then set it off the heat allow it to cool down.
Pour this into a cup and have couple of sips, making sure to leave the
moonstones in the glass, but not choking on them. This will help your third
eye to open and you will be more open to psychic experiences and
inspiration. Pregnant women should not drink this elixir because of the
Spell Bags
For each of the spell bag recipes in this section, you can create your own
ritual or act that you go through when you create the spell bags to infuse them
with the energy that you want. Before making them, just as with any spell
that uses herbs, you should have taken the time to infuse them with energy. A
simple way to add more to these spells is to have a candle that is the same
color as the bag, or another color that corresponds with the goal of the spell.
When you go to make your spell bag, set up your altar as you usually would
and cast your circle if you do this, and connect with your desired deity. Start
by lighting your candle, which can be anointed with corresponding oils or
you can carve a corresponding sigil in it. You can also light some
corresponding incense as well.
Once you have placed the items in your bag, wave your bag over the flame
and through the incense smoke, if using, to cleanse out any unwanted
energies. Hold the bag in your hands and imagine what you want the bag to
do for you. Really picture what the bag is going to bring. And feel the energy
flowing down your arms and into the bag, filling it with the energy and power
of your goal. Once you feel that your spell bag is sufficiently charged, lay the
bag next to the candle and allow the candle to burn out, filling the bag with
its power. Then you can take the bag and place it wherever you see fit.

House Protection Bag

Your home needs to be your refuge that repels all the junk in the outside
world. It needs to be your sanctuary where you can kick off your shoes, for us
of the female persuasion, take off the bra, and be comfortable. We have the
right to feel safe and peaceful. If you have recently moved into a new house
or just want to bless your house and get rid of the old energy, making and
placing some spell bags around can easily help you do this.
You can hang spell bags throughout your home on doorknobs or anywhere
you would like. You can leave them there for as long as you would like. Yes,
the herbs are going to settle some and the bags might wear a bit but the magic
and intention are still there. When you move, use fresh ones each time and
dispose of the old ones respectfully.
Sachets and pouches are easy to use. They can be purchased in large
quantities for small prices. If you are into saving the Earth, which you should
be, the muslin bags are affordable, too. Many cosmetic and jewelry
businesses use these bags so hooray for recycling.
If you have old tee shirts, sheets, fabrics of any kind lying around, you can
cut those up and have as many bags as you would like. Just place your herbs
in the center, gather up the fabric and tie it with a ribbon. Yes, it is that easy.
Magic can’t work if you don’t make a path for it. You can’t leave the door
open, windows unlocked and a trail of cookies leading right to the front door
without expecting somebody to show up. You have to take precautions but
understand that the Universe will be working with you.

What you are going to need:

Special Pouch or fabric
Gemstone or Special Rock
Large pinch rose petals
Large pinch sage
Large pinch rosemary
Large pinch dill
Large pinch lavender
The rock you use can be any rock or gemstone that speaks to you. While out
in nature collect any stones or rocks that resonate with you. These can be
used in later spells.
When using dill, it has a tendency to fall out of mesh bags. Use dill in muslin
pouches or fabric that isn’t too thin. You could always just put a fresh sprig
of dill above your door for protection.

Casting the Spell

You need to concentrate on feeling of security and peace. You could add the
stone and herbs in any order to the pouch.
Once done, either tie or draw it closed. Purple, blue, and red are great colors
for protection. If you don’t have those colors just use what you have.

Stand in front of the door that you are going to put your spell bag in. Hold the
bag in the palms of your hand and visualize roots growing from your feet,
through the floor, and going deep into the earth. Now visualize a gold light
moving up through these roots, into your body and out through your palms.
Watch as it infuses the spell bag.
Once you feel the bag has been charged, tie the bag on the inside door knob
with three knots.
While tying every knot, repeat the following:
First knot: “This house is safe.”
Second knot: “This house is protected.”
Third knot: “This house is secure.”
Now turn your palms to the bag and visualize a protective barrier going over
your whole house just like the house was built in a dome. Now repeat:
“With the energy of the earth, this house is safe. This house is protected. This
house is secure. So Mote it Be!”

Your house should feel cozy and warm. Remember that you have just tapped
into the energy of the Earth, so you need to filter your thoughts or make sure
you don’t unintentionally manifest something crazy at stating intentions. This
can be done by repeating:
“The power of the Earth flows through me for the good of all creatures. Only
good will manifest from this energy that is sacred.”

Summer Crafting

Do you need a bit of magic this summer? Native American’s call them
“medicine bags”, Voodoo priestess call them “gris-gris” but these spell bags
will bring magic to your life.
Growing up, my Grandmother referenced astrological charts and talked to
spirits through her pendulum. It didn’t take me long to become extremely
open minded about all this “hoo doo”. Spell bags weren’t Grandmother’s
forte, I came across a book about spell bags at a young and have been hooked
since then.
You can entertain your inner child by making some custom spell bags this
summer. I have done all the research for you from the contents to the bag,
prayers to empower your charms.
When picking a spell bag, you have to choose the right color that reflects the
purpose behind your spell. If you don’t have all the herbs or crystals, don’t
worry about it, using a couple from each category will be fine. The intention
behind your spell bag is the important part.
When selecting the material you want to use for your spell bag, you could
choose leather, felt, velvet, cotton, muslin, the list goes on. Velvet is a great
choice due to its rich texture when making spell bags to bring prosperity or
Next you need to select the color for your spell bag. The color you need all
depends on the purpose behind your bag:
White can be used for cleansing, purity, or spirituality.
Green can be used for financial matters.
Gold can be use for prosperity and wealth.
Purple can be used for psychic powers or protection.

Blue can be used for healing and spirituality.

Black can be used for revenge or to banish whatever needs to be
Red can be used for sex or passion.
Pink can be used for love.
Other colors you could use are:
Green draws fairies
White draws your spirit guide or angels.
Gold represents God.
Silver represents Goddess.
If you are making the spell bags you need to cut the material into squares.
Place two pieces together with the insides together. Slowly sew together three
sides leaving one open. While you are sewing your spell bag, focus your
thoughts on the intention. Imagine your intention coming true and know that
while you are sewing, your energy is getting put into the bag and out into the
Universe to the Divine.
Now, if you want, you can decorate your bag any way that you would like.
You can draw or paint symbols on the bag, you can write on the bat, sew
ribbons, sequins, beads, or other decorations that you feel need to be there.
The more thought and effort you put into decorating and working with the
bag, the more your energy will get infused into it. While decorating, visualize
the spell bag working for you.
Now, just add the ingredients from the spells listed to your spell bags. You
could spray the bag with some essential oils or perfumes to add an extra pow.

Sew the bag closed. If you want, you can even add a ribbon to the bag to
hang it by. You could carry the bag in your pocket, bag, or purse. You can
even give them away as presents.

Protection Spell Bag

What you’ll need:
Bag Color: Gold, Black or Red
Herbs: Mint, Cinnamon, Cedar, Betony
Gemstones: Malachite, Amber, Black tourmaline
Charm: Shell or piece of broom
Spell: “Minions of the dark now quit this place, for only light will I
Visualize protective energy going into the bag and creating a shield of light
embracing you while you place every item in the bag.

Luck Spell Bag

What you’ll need:
Bag Color: Green, Gold, or Silver
Herbs: Fenugreek, Ginger, Clover, Nutmeg
Gemstones: Tiger’s eye, Moss Agate, Sunstone
Charm: Moss – Irish and Spanish moss will bring luck. You could also
use a horseshoe figurine.
Prayer: “Fortune smile on me today, may all I need come my way.”

Visualize all your dreams and hopes coming effortlessly and easily to you
while you put every item into the bag.

Love Spell Bag

What you’ll need:
Bag Color: Pink or Red
Herbs: Cinnamon stick, Rose petals, Lavender
Gemstones: Pink kunzite, copper, rose quartz
Charm: Maple leaf or a triangle shaped object
Prayer: “By air, earth, fire, and sea. Bring love to me.”
Deeply concentrate on the type of love you want in your life while placing
every item into the bag.

Health Spell Bag

What you’ll need:
Bag Color: Blue or Yellow
Herbs: Thyme, St. John’s Wort, Peppermint
Gemstones: Sunstone or Amethyst
Charm: Toadstone or anything that symbolizes the sun.
Prayer: “Keep my mind and body strong and fit. Strengthen both my
heart and wit.”
Imagine yourself in perfect mental and physical health while placing every
item into the bag.
You can carry your spell bags in your pocket, place them on your altar or in a
prominent place so you remember your intention, or give it to a friend as a
gift. Just like crystals, spell bags can be placed in the light of the sun or moon
to be cleansed. Whether you are making your bags for health, love, luck, or
protections, have fun creating these spell bags.
A to Z Guide to Spell Bags
As you can see spell bags are quick and easy and wonderful magic to have in
our lives. They are little bags of potpourri trying to change the world.
Here are some recipes to make spell bags beginning with the letter A and
going all the way to Z. Let’s begin:

Autumn Blessings Spell Bag

What you’ll need:
Whole nutmeg
Dried orange peel
Dried apple peel
Sunflower seeds
Pine needles
Whole allspice
Small cinnamon sticks

Bag or sachet
Pencil or pen
Write down five blessings you are thankful for in your life. Tear them into
small pieces and put them into the bag along with the above herbs and spices.
Place the bag in a safe place to keep your blessings close and to attract more
Balanced Life Spell Bag
What you’ll need:
Muslin or burlap bag

Caraway seeds
Myrtle leaves
Besom bristles
Place all items into the bag and tie. Put in a safe place, your pillow, or carry
with you.

Courage Spell Bag

What you’ll need:
Green bag
Tea leaves
Crystallized ginger
Whole allspice
Place all items into your bag and put in a safe place, your pillow, or carry
with you.

Dreams Spell Bag

What you’ll need:

Purple bag
Jasmine flowers
Dried lavender flowers
Place all the materials into the bag and place in your pillow to have prophetic
dreams and restful sleep.

Energy Spell Bag

What you’ll need:
Red bag
Whole allspice
Broken cinnamon stick
Tangerine rind
Place all materials in the bag. Place in your purse, under your pillow or
anyplace safe to help you feel full of energy during the day.
Friendship Spell Bag
What you’ll need:
Yellow bag
Pineapple leaves

Dried orange peel

Dried lemon peel
Place all ingredients into the bag and place under your pillow, in your purse
or someplace safe to make and strengthen friendships.

Good Luck Spell Bag

What you’ll need:
Green bag

Place all the ingredients into the bag and place it under your pillow, in your
purse, or any place safe to bring you good luck.
House Protection Spell Bag
What you’ll need:
White bag
Cactus needles
Thyme sprigs

Rosemary sprigs
Place all the materials in the bag and place under your pillow, in your purse
or any place that is safe to protect your home. I tie mine onto my front door

Intuition and Psychic Ability Spell Bag

What you’ll need:
Purple bag
Apple seeds
Coffee beans
Place all materials into the bag and place under your pillow, in your purse, or
any place safe where it can strengthen your psychic and intuition abilities.
Joy Spell Bag
What you’ll need:
Orange bag
Cherry stem
Geranium flowers
Azalea flowers

Place all materials in the bag and place under your pillow, in your purse, or
any place safe to bring joy and happiness into your life.

Knowledge Spell Bag

What you’ll need:
White bag
Laurel leaves
Sage leaves

Oak leaves
Place all materials in the bag and place between pages of a book, textbook, or
dictionary to help gain knowledge and help with learning.

Long Lasting Love Spell Bag

What you’ll need:
Pink bag
Vanilla beans
Whole cardamom
Red rose petals
Place all materials in the bag and place under your pillow, in your purse or
any place safe where it can promote love and establish relationships.

Memory Spell Bag

What you’ll need:
Purple bag
Caraway seeds
Orchid petals or flowers
Statice flowers

Place all ingredients into the bag and place under your pillow, in your purse,
or any place safe to help give you a strong memory.

Nervousness Spell Bag

You will need:
White bag
Lime zest
Coconut fibers
Dried ylang ylang petals
Mix all of the ingredients into the bag and tie it up. Keep the bag on you
when you are going to be doing something that causes anxiety.

Opening Yourself Up to Love Spell Bag

You will need:
Red bag
Whole cardamom
Freeze-dried raspberries
Dried rose petals
Place all of the ingredients in your bag and tie it closed. Tuck it into your
pillow or someplace safe to keep you open to love.

Peace Spell Bag

You will need:
Lavender or blue bag
Dried violet flowers
Dried vervain flowers
Dried lavender
Mix all of the ingredients together in the bag and tie it closed. Place it in your
pillow, purse, pocket, or some place safe to bring your peace.

Quit a Bad Habit Spell Bag

You will need:
White or black bag
Pinch of cayenne
Cactus needles
Mix all of the ingredients in the bag and tie it closed. Keep the bag with you
to help you get rid of a bad habit.

Restful Sleep Spell Bag

You will need:
White bag
Jasmine flowers
Chamomile heads
Dried lavender
Mix all of the ingredients in the bag and tie it up. Tuck into your pillow to
help promote restful sleep and pleasant dreams.

Springtime Blessings Spell Bag

You will need:
Bag of any color
Pen or pencil
Assortment of dried sage, moss, dried clover, dried chamomile,
tarragon, thyme, dried rosebuds, and lavender
Write down at least five blessings in your life on the piece of paper and tear it
into small pieces and add them to the bag. Add in your choice of the above
herbs into the bag. Tie up the bag and them place it in some place that is safe
to keep your blessings close and to attract more blessings.

Travel Protection Spell Bag

You will need:
Bag of any color
Oak leaves
Chamomile heads
Quince seeds, fresh mugwort, comfrey, bergamot tea leaves – optional
Add the oak leaves and chamomile heads in a bag and ask the Goddess
Fortuna Redux, or any other Goddess of good fortune when traveling, for
protection and a watchful eye. If you are using the option herbs, mix them in
the bag as well. Keep the spell bag hanging from your rearview mirror,
tucked into your luggage, or you can carry it in your purse.

Union of Love Spell Bag

You will need:
White bag
Apple peel
Wine cork
White lily petals
Mix the ingredients together and place it into the bag. This should be used as
a part of a handfasting ceremony to make sure that the union is blessed with
happiness and love.

Vacuum Your Home to Purification Spell Bag

You will need:
Bag of any color
Juniper sprigs
Bay leaves
Rosemary sprigs
Sage leaves
Mix all of the herbs together and place into the bag. Tie the bag up and then
place it in your vacuum. This can be in the bag or next to the filter. This will
help to purify your home every time you vacuum and it will also give you a
magical scent as you do so.

Wisdom Spell Bag

You will need:
Blue bag

Sage leaves
A peach pit, cleaned
Sunflower petals
Mix all of the ingredients together inside of your bag and tie it shut. Place the
bag in your purse or your pillow to provide you with more wisdom.
To Be With Child Spell Bag
You will need:
Green bag
Eggshell fragments
Pussy willow buds
Daffodil petals

Mix all of your charged herbs together in the bag and the tie closed. Place
this under your pillow or between your mattress and box springs to help
promote fertility and increase your chances of becoming pregnant.

Youthfulness Spell Bag

You will need:
Green bag
Lettuce leaves
Apple stems
Dried witch hazel flowers or leaves
Once your herbs are ready to be used, place them inside of you bag and tie
the bag closed. Keep this bag on your or in with your beauty supplies to help
promote and prolong your beauty and youthfulness.

Zest for Life Spell Bag

You will need:
Orange bag
Azalea flowers
Watermelon seeds
Tangerine peel
Add all of the ingredients to your bag. Tie the bag closed and carry this with
you to help promote vitality and a zest for life.
Garden Spell Bags
Sometimes you may feel the need to create spells bags specifically for your
garden. Maybe you want to protect it from the harm of creatures, or you want
to make sure that everything grows beautifully. These are the spells bags you

Harnessing the Elements

This is not a spell bag, but instead, helps bring the power of the elements to
your garden to make sure it grows to its maximum power.
You will need:
A brown or green candle
A compass
A piece of aventurine or jet crystal (Earth)
A piece of lapis lazuli or jade (Water)
A piece of clear quartz or amethyst (Air)

A piece of tiger eye or garnet (Fire)

Stand in the middle of your garden and locate the cardinal directions. You
then bury the stones in each spot.
Earth to the North
Water to the West
Air to the East
Fire to the South
When you bury each stone, say “By the four powers, my garden flowers.”
After you have placed the stones, set the candle in the middle of your garden.
For safety reasons, make sure that there isn’t anything flammable nearby. Say
the words from earlier, four more times and picture a healthy circle glowing
all around your garden. Allow the candle to burn for a bit and then blow it
out. Make sure you properly care for your plants for the rest of the growing
season, and your garden will definitely be amazing.

Garden Safety
You will need:
A pull-string bag made of a natural material, or a glass bottle
An acorn
A clear quartz
Lightning-struck wood (optional)
Pine cone
A yellow candle
Gather the items you need, and try to get a bag that is either red or gold. Light
the candle and fill your bag with all of the items from above. Pass the bag
through the smoke of the candle, make sure you don’t put it too close to the
flame. You don’t want it to catch on fire, this is just to clear out any
unwanted energies.
Place the bag or bottle in your hands and picture power of safety and
protection flowing into the bag. Really picture all of this energy flowing into
your arms and into the bag. As you do this, picture your garden being
protected from any harm. This could be bag weather, bugs, wildlife, anything
that could harm the plants. See this outcome completely. This is extremely
Now, lay the bag or bottle beside the candle and let the candle burn out,
infusing its power into the bag. Once the bag is charged, bury it or hang it in
your garden to keep it safe.

Garden Growth
You will need:
A green natural bag or glass bottle
A green candle
Three or four-leaf clover
Dried daffodil
Dried thyme
Coriander seeds
Gather your items. Light your candle and then begin to fill your bag with the
other items. Wave your bag over the candle to clear out any unwanted
energies that may be attached to the item.
Hold the bag in your hands focus your intention of filling the bag with power.
Imagine the energy your want your plants to grow with flowing into the bag
through your arms and hands. As you do this, picture how you want your
plants to look when it is time to harvest them. Really imagine how they are
going to look. Once you feel your bag is fully charged, lay it beside you
candle and let the candle burn down, filling the bag with its energy.

Once your bag is charged, hang it in your garden or bury it in the soil.
Dream Pillow
Dream pillows are a wonderful way to influence and enhance dreams. You
might want to consider using a dream pillow if any of the following apply to
You are trying to have lucid dreams and need help
You have nightmares of bad dreams often
You just want to have vivid, wonderful dreams
You have problems remembering your dreams.
To make a dream pillow, you have to sew a small pillow. This just needs to
be about one fourth of the size of your normal pillow. This best fabric would
be cotton or muslin that isn’t tightly woven. If you have problems finding
material, you can always cut up on old pillowcase.
Thread and needle
A silver charm shaped like the moon
As many of the following herbs that you can find or that you
Cloves – helps with lucid dreams
Jasmine – for erotic or romantic dreams
Hops – for deep sleep and relaxation
Anise – protects against nightmares
Rose petals – for positive dreams and loving energy
Burdock – for protection against nightmares and positive,
vivid dreams
Peppermint – for vivid dreams and relaxation
Wild asparagus root – for astral work and dreaming
Mugwort – helps astral travel and lucid dreaming and to
enhance dreams
Lavender – to relax and soothe
Chamomile – for good dreams and relaxation
Rosemary – prevents against bad dreams; a little goes a
long way.
Mullein – protects against nightmares
Lemon Balm – reduces insomnia and anxiety; relieves
stress and headaches
Cedar – protects against bad dreams
Catnip – helps restful sleep; great for small children and
Calendula – helps with restful sleep
Most herbs can be found in grocery stores or online. You need to be sure the
herbs are dried.
Before you begin sewing your pillow, make sure all the items you are using
have been cleansed. If you don’t have a way to do this, you can just burn sage
or other cleansing incense and pass it over the items. Visualize a bright white
light covering the objects to remove all negative vibrations from them.
Make sure you charge your dream pillow with whatever your intent while
you sew it. You can do this inside a sacred circle if you would like. You need
to clear your mind and focus your intention like getting a deeper sleep,
having positive dreams, lucid dreams, etc. Don’t focus on how frequently
you’ve had nightmares but focus on the desired outcome just like it has
already happened. The herbs will absorb your intent.
Don’t overstuff your pillow or the herbs won’t be able to breathe. Put the
silver charm in the center of the herbs.
When you have finished making your pillow, you can place it under your
head inside your normal pillowcase if this feels comfortable for you or put it
beside your head on your pillow. The smell of the herbs along with their
energy will influence your sleep as it brings your desired intent.
A dream pillow makes great gifts, too. If you would like to make it pretty and
you need some ideas, you can google images of dream pillows to get some
inspiration. Get creative with the shape, fabrics, add some lace, and if you are
handy at embroidering, you can personalize the pillow, too.
Quick Tips:
Dream pillows can help you go to sleep naturally just place a dream
pillow inside your normal pillowcase.

If you are using a dream pillow to help your baby sleep, you need to
place this pillow under the crib sheet to stay away from a possible
choking hazard.
The herbs inside the pillow will keep their scent for years. You can
store them in a plastic bag when you aren’t using them to keep their
scent stronger.
Organic herbs and flowers are best for dream pillows.
There are some herbs you need to stay away from when making a
dream pillow because they could make you have headaches, or
frightening dreams: vetiver, tansy, sage leaves, Russian tarragon, bay
laurel leaves, and Artemisia.

Pleasant Dreams Pillow

What you’ll need:
2 tablespoons mint

1/3 cup catnip

1/3 cup lavender
1/3 cup chamomile
½ cup rose petals
1 cup mugwort
This will make about three cups of herbs and this is enough to make about
five pillows.
Cut the fabric. Make sure to prewash the fabric to get rid of any smells or
dyes that might be in the fabric. Cut the fabric in a five inch by 12-inch
Fold the fabric in half. Put the right sides together so you have a piece of
fabric that is five inches by six inches. Stitch up two sides. Don’t sew the
folded side and leave one end open. Turn the pillow right side out and put
about a cotton ball size amount of fiberfill into the bottom of the pillow.
Now it’s time to add the herbs. Use a funnel, add ½ cup of the herb mixture
and more fiberfill to the top. Carefully sew the open end closed using a
running stitch. Your dream pillow is ready to use or give as a gift.
Peaceful Dreams Pillow
What you’ll need:
Pinch of rosemary
1-part cedar tops
1-part hop flowers

1-part mugwort
1-part chamomile
1-part rose petals
1-part lavender flowers
Remember that all herbs and flowers need to be dried. Combine the above
ingredients in a glass or wooden bowl with a wooden spoon. Fill small
pillows with mixture but don’t overfill. The pillow needs to be unnoticeable
when put inside a pillow case.

Prophetic Dream Pillow

What you’ll need:
½ part thyme
½ part mugwort
1-part calendula
2 parts lavender
You can use a drawstring bag or make a small pillow just leave one side
open. Fill the pillow with the above ingredients and stitch the pillow closed.
You can enchant your pillow by repeating the following:

“Herbs of rest and herbs of dreams, help me grasp what is unseen. Tangled in
the web of sleep, release for me what I do seek.”
You could also drink a cup of tea made with mugwort, lemon balm, and
chamomile in equal parts to help create psychic dreaming.

Sweet Dreams Pillow

What you’ll need:
½ part rosemary
1-part mullein
1-part rose petal
1-part hops
2 parts chamomile
2 parts lavender
Combine all the herbs and put inside a pillow or drawstring bag. You can
either place the pillow under your head or inside your pillowcase. If this isn’t
comfortable, you can place it beside your head on your pillow. If you like
crafting things, you can put a drawstring bad inside a stuffed animal and
allow your child hold it as they drift off to sleep. Put a drawstring bag under
your child’s pillow. When you tuck you child into bed, just give the bag a
squeeze to release the magical scent.
Make A Broom
The witch’s broom or besom is a common and humble household object. It
started being associated with witches when people began believing that a
witch could conceal their wands in the bristles of the brooms. They also
thought the witch used them to fly to their Sabbaths and nightly meetings.
People thought that witches rubbed an ointment on the broom handle that
either made them levitate or made the witch hallucinate to give her the
sensation of flying once she mounted it. Even though the besom isn’t used to
fly on anymore, it is still very important in witchcraft and ritual magic. All
witches know that the besom can be used to energy sweep and cleaning, there
is a lot more power to the broom that is usually overlooked.
This day and age most brooms are produced in a factory and thus they don’t
have the magic and personality that used to go into crafting besoms. You can
make your own magical broom using whatever tree you would like or you
can get one from a besom maker if you are lucky enough to find one. Due to
the besoms being made by hand each one will be different, each one was
made by hand, and each one is unique.
When you find objects for your craft, use the following advice: find objects
that “wink” at you. Look for a “twinkle” or “wink” from the object in
question. If you decide to buy your broom, make sure to look for a twinkle
before you purchase one. If you would rather make your own broom, keep
Making Your Besom
There are several ways you can make your own besom. You can begin from
scratch, start by finding a handle and then create everything else from there.
You could acquire a besom and then make it yours. If you are committed to
making your besom completely from scratch, begin by choosing a tree you
can bond with and one that is accessible to you. You could choose more than
just one tree if you want different parts of the broom to be from different
woods. When doing this, it lets you bring in your craft and the qualities of a
specific tree and to introduce energies that will serve you. Once you have
picked your tree, pick an occasion like Samhain, a birthday, full moon, or
whatever when you take what you need from your tree to start crafting your

Once that occasion comes around, ask the tree for permission to take a twig
and branch. Honor the tree by leaving an offering for the tree such as water or
fruit. You need to activate these during your ceremony. You can do this
during the same occasion or another occasion by blessing the twigs and
branch by smudging them. You need to adhere the twigs by using a rope,
ribbon, or other smaller twigs to the branch. If you have a handle, you just
need to take some twigs from the tree and bind the twigs onto the handle as
stated above.
It doesn’t matter whether you had a handle, began from scratch, or you
bought a besom, you have to make it yours. You can do this by painting or
carving symbols onto the handle. You could tie ribbons on it in your colors,
add feather, flowers, bells, whatever speaks to you. If you know your spirit
animal, you can use objects from it to increase the energy of your besom. To
finish the crafting ritual, blow on your besom gently, start at the bristles and
move to the handle so that it will carry and protect you. Romanian lore states
that you can anoint the besom by going to a cemetery and sweeping with it at
the entrance.
Now that you have created your besom, you can use it during any cleansing
ritual. You can use it to cleanse your home by moving through each room and
sweeping away negative energy. Be sure the bristles never touch the floor
while doing this. If you would like to protect your home from unwanted
visitors spiritual and physical, sprinkle salt at the doors and then sweep the
salt outside. Your besom can be used to cleanse your ritual space before and
after you have made your circle. It can also be used to close your circle. It can
be used to remove sleep paralysis and night terrors along with preventing
nightmares. To do this you just need to put your besom under your bed each
night for protection.

You could also make a besom for another witch as a rite of passage. This is
very endearing and you don’t have to just do it for a witch in your own
coven. You can craft a broom for any witch and offer to honor her craft,
maturation, and the continuity of their lineage.
Bristle Cleansing Spell
The besom’s bristles can be used to repel negative energy, illness, or evil
forces. Use your besom to sweep the air through your home each New Moon,
or to cleanse your ritual space before and after you do any magic workings.
You can use a bristle if you feel like you’ve been unlucky, jinxed, or if you
have a cloud of negative energy around you.
Once it becomes dusk, take a twig of thyme, a needle, and a bristle from your
broom and hold all these in your left hand. Take your right hand and hold up
your hair. Now spin counter clockwise three times and repeat:
“Evil eye look away, return from whence you came or with this broom I’ll
sweep you, with my hair I’ll whip you, with the needle I’ll prick you, with
thyme I will burn you.”
Once you’ve done this, take a strand of hair, the twig, thyme, and broom
bristle and burn them. Now smudge yourself and smudge your entire house.
You should feel better. Whatever was bothering you should have been

If there are ever times that you feel like you have negative energy
surrounding you and you want to remove it, this ritual should work well for
you. If you honestly believe in your besom’s power, there isn’t any reason
why it won’t.
Balms and Perfumes
There isn’t any need to go out and buy expensive healing ointments and
salves. You can make some of them in your own kitchen. The following
recipes might seem a bit daunting but once you’ve done a couple, you will
see they are fairly easy.

Pain Salve
What you’ll need:
15 to 20 drops Roman chamomile essential oil
One ounce beeswax
One cup olive oil
One part dried calendula
One part dried meadowsweet
Using a double boiler; put all ingredients into the top pot or bowl except
beeswax. Bring the water in the bottom pot to a boil. Once boiling, turn the
stove down and simmer to allow the oils and herbs to infuse for at least an
hour. Make sure you don’t get water into the herbal infusion.
When the infusion is made, take off the heat and place to the side. Put three
layers of cheesecloth on top of a bowl or funnel. Pour the oils over the
cheesecloth to keep the oil and herbs separated. When you have completely
drained the oil, gather the cheesecloth with dry hands that are clean and
squeeze all the oil out.
Put the shaved beeswax into a pan on low heat, pour the infused oils you just
made over top and allow to melt together. When the oil and beeswax have
combined, pour into jars. Put into the refrigerator for 15 minutes to see how
solid your salve will get. If you use less beeswax, you will have creamier
salve. Using more beeswax will make a harder salve.

Winter Healing Salve

What you’ll need:
15 to 20 drops grapefruit oil
One ounce beeswax
One part dried rose
Two parts dried calendula

One part lavender

One cup coconut oil
Using a double boiler; put all ingredients into the top pot or bowl except
beeswax. Bring the water in the bottom pot to a boil. Once boiling, turn the
stove down and simmer to allow the oils and herbs to infuse for at least an
hour. Make sure you don’t get water into the herbal infusion.
When the infusion is made, take off the heat and place to the side. Put three
layers of cheesecloth on top of a bowl or funnel. Pour the oils over the
cheesecloth to keep the oil and herbs separated. When you have completely
drained the oil, gather the cheesecloth with dry hands that are clean and
squeeze all the oil out.
Put the shaved beeswax into a pan on low heat, pour the infused oils you just
made over top and allow to melt together. When the oil and beeswax have
combined, pour into jars. Put into the refrigerator for 15 minutes to see how
solid your salve will get. If you use less beeswax, you will have creamier
salve. Using more beeswax will make a harder salve.

Dandelion Salve
What you’ll need:
70 dandelion blooms
16 ounces olive oil
2 ounces coconut oil
2 ounces beeswax
Lay the dandelion blooms out onto a kitchen towel inside an old but clean
cardboard box and allow them to sit for two days to dry out. Dandelions have
high water content so to get a cleaner salve, you need to let them dry out.
After two days, place them into a pint canning jar, pack them in there, they
will fit. Pour the olive oil over top of the dandelions. Make sure the
dandelions are totally covered. Put the lid on the jar.
Place a small pot with a few inches of water onto the stove, put the jar of
dandelions into the water and turn the stove eye on. When the water is hot but
not boiling, turn off the stove and allow the jar to sit until it is completely
cooled. Let this sit for two days to let the dandelions infuse into the oil.
When you are ready to make the salve, strain the blooms from the oil. Just
place a fine mesh sieve over a bowl and pour oil into sieve. Press down on
the blooms to get all that goodness out.
Put the coconut oil and beeswax into a glass measuring cup. Place a pan with
a few inches of water in it onto the stove. Place the measuring cup into the
pan and melt the oils.
When oils have melted, carefully add in the dandelion oil. If the wax begins
to harden, just turn up the heat until it melts again.
Take the glass out of the water carefully and pour into whatever container
you will be storing it in. Let the salve completely cool. This salve is fairly
firm. Once you put some into your hands, it will soften and melt into your

Sun Goddess Perfume

What you’ll need:
Ylang-Ylang Oil
Lemon Verbena Oil

Cinnamon Oil
Place equal parts of each oil into a bottle, shake well, and enjoy.

Isis Perfume
What you’ll need:
Blue Lotus Oil
Rose Oil
Place equal parts of each oil into a bottle, shake well, and enjoy.

Gaia Perfume
What you’ll need:

Rose Oil
Patchouli Oil
Musk Oil
Blend equal parts of each oil into a bottle, shake well, and enjoy.

Moon Priest Cologne

What you’ll need:
3 ¾ fluid ounce distilled water
¼ fluid ounce mineral spirits
½ fluid ounce myrrh or camphor oil
2 fluid ounce coriander oil
1 fluid ounce lime or lemon verbena oil
Place all the oils into a bottle; add in the water and mineral spirits. Shake
well. If you want a darker perfume, add more myrrh. If you want a “spicier”,
lighter oil, add more camphor. Every perfume will act differently on
everyone’s skin. You might need to experiment to figure out your balance.
Moon Priestess Perfume
What you’ll need:
4 fluid ounces mineral spirits
1 drop lemon verbena oil

3 drops rose oil

1 drop Queen of the Night Oil
Place the three oils into a bottle. Add in the mineral spirits. Shake well. If this
is too strong for you, you can turn it into cologne by adding in another fluid
ounce of mineral spirits and three fluid ounces of distilled water.

Comfrey Lavender Salve

What you’ll need:
10 drops lavender oil
4 tablespoons beeswax
¼ cup coconut oil
¾ cup comfrey-infused oil
Combine the coconut and comfrey oils. Warm the wax and oils together until
the wax has completely melted. Pour into a clean jar. Once it has cooled just
a bit, add in the lavender oil. Stir well. Seal jar and place store in cool dry
place. This can be used anytime you get a scratch or cut. It can be used to
soften your feet and hands after a long day of working in the garden.
Comfrey is a great healing plant when used with lavender, this duo will
restore your skin and spirit.
Easy Salve
What you’ll need:
1/3 cup dried calendula
1/3 cup dried lemon balm
2 cups olive oil
Mix all ingredients together and put in the top half of a double boiler. Bring
water in bottom pot to a simmer. Allow to simmer for two hours. Remember
to replace water in the bottom pot if it starts getting low. Once two hours is
over, carefully strain out herbs.
In a separate bowl melt two teaspoons beeswax and one teaspoon cocoa
butter in the microwave. Carefully add infused oil and stir well. Allow to
cool. If you want this to be an antibacterial salve, add in some thyme or tea
tree oil while cooling. Put in containers of choice. Don’t forget to date and
label your containers.

Medicated Salve
What you’ll need:

1 cup olive oil

4 tablespoons dried grated ginger
½ cup dried peppermint leaves
2 tablespoons beeswax
Place all ingredients into double boiler and bring to simmer. Allow to simmer
for three hours. Carefully strain herbs and place pan back over low heat. Add
in the beeswax. Once melted, take off heat and stir. Pour into containers of
choice and let cool completely.

Anti-Itch Salve
What you’ll need:
2 tablespoons marshmallow root
2 tablespoons comfrey root

2 tablespoons thyme
¼ cup dried calendula
¼ cup dried chamomile
½ cup dried chickweed
Place all ingredients into a pot and cover with olive oil. Heat oil until warm
but not boiling; don’t let it get above 200. Let this warm for three hours.
Strain carefully. Add in two ounces beeswax and two ounces cocoa butter,
heat until melted, stir well and pour into containers of choice. You can test by
dropping a bit onto a plate and see if it gets to the consistency you want. If
not, add in more beeswax a bit at a time and retest until it gets to the
consistency you would like.

Smooth Feet Salve

What you’ll need:
10 drops narouli oil
10 drops eucalyptus oil
10 drops peppermint oil
½ ounce menthol crystals
1 ounce cocoa butter
½ ounce beeswax
3 tablespoons candelilla wax

3 ounces olive oil

2 ounces jojoba
10 ounces coconut oil
Place the last six ingredients into a pot and melt together. Take off heat and
add in menthol crystals, place back over heat until crystals are melted if need
be. Take off heat and allow to cool before adding in the essential oils. If you
don’t let them cool a bit, the essential oils will evaporate. Pour into containers
of choice.
If you haven’t used menthol crystals before, they are very powerful. Please
wear a mask when using. You never want to have your face over the bowl
when you are mixing them in.

Healing Balm
What you’ll need:
2 ounces beeswax
2 ounces coconut oil
3 ounces sunflower oil
1 part dried peppermint
1 part dried lavender
Place lavender and peppermint into sunflower oil and warm for 45 minutes.
Carefully strain. Melt coconut oil in microwave add beeswax and melt
together. Add in sunflower oil and mix well. Once mixture has cools add in
two teaspoons essential oil of choice. Pour into container of choice.
Peppermint gives a cooling sensation while lavender heals topically.
Garden Stepping Stones
Stepping stones are a wonderful way to personalize any garden. They can be
used as a path or walkway in the yard. They make great keepsakes and gifts.
They are interesting elements to have in the garden. Make one special by
using mementos, herbs, footprints or handprints.
You can purchase a kit at your local craft store, you can save money by
finding the supplies individually. You can usually make a whole set of stones
for the price on one whole kit.

You make stepping stones by mixing some concrete, decorating it, pouring it
in a mold, and letting it dry. There isn’t anything simpler. Here is what you
are going to need:
1. Molds: you can buy these at any craft shop especially if you like odd
shapes. If you just want squares, circles, or rectangles, there are cheap
options. Used cereal boxes, old baking tins, cake pans, are all good
options. Just know that a cereal box can only be used once.
2. Concrete that sets up quickly: You have some options for where to buy
this. If you are making a lot of stones for large gardens, you would be
better off going to a home supple store to get a four or eight-pound
bag. If you’ll make only a few, you can find “stepping stone concrete”
at a craft store.
3. Paint mixer and bucket: You are going to need a container to mix the
concrete in. You could use an old bowl or bucket. I find gallon sized
plastic ice cream buckets work great. Just make sure you throw it away
after you are finished. You can use paint mixing sticks or an old
wooden spoon to stir it up.
4. Drop cloth, old newspapers, rubber gloves: These just make clean up a
lot easier.
5. Petroleum jelly or nonstick cooking spray: This gets used to line the
mold. Once the concrete has hardened, your stepping stone will just
slide out easily.
6. Embellishments and mix-ins: If you are going to personalize your
stones, you will want to add colorful and interesting embellishments. If
you are working with small children, you need to offer them a lot of
options. Some possibilities might include sparkles, sea glass, plants,
dried flowers, dice or tiles from old board games, small toys, marbles,
or broken pieces of pottery. Just use things you find around the house.
Making the Stones
Begin by putting some newspaper or drop cloths on the ground.
Spray your mold with cooking spray or petroleum jelly.
Mix up the concrete as per the instructions. Just guess about the amount you
will need.
Pour the mixed concrete into your molds.
Add your decorations to the top of the concrete. You could also make
impressions by placing an object onto the concrete and then remove it. An
option is to wait until the concrete begins to set and then have a child place
their foot or hand onto the drying concrete and push down to make an
impression. You can make other impressions with shells, leaves, or other

Let the stone dry for at least two days. Take it out of the mold and put it
where you would like it to be.
Tables and Appendices

We have already covered everything listed below. These are here to help you
find a specific herb, color, planet, incense, tree, etc. that you might need in a
hurry to finish a spell, binding, ritual, etc.
Planetary Rules
You might have wondered how it feels to have a planet influence you. Every
sign gets influenced by a planet and that planet’s energy can affect you each
day of your life. You can also be influenced by other planers to certain
degrees. Your main planet will be the biggest influence on you.
Mars: Aries (March 21 – April 19) – the planet of passion, fiery
energy, determination, rules the military, gets things done, releases
strength, power, and self expression, extremely ambitious, very
competitive, pushes to be the best, fearless, courageous, very assertive,
governs sexual energy and sexuality, if the energy is used carelessly, it
can cause injury or accidents, Mars has a masculine energy.
Venus: Taurus (April 20 – May 20) and Libra (September 23 –
October 22) – wants us to use its energy to relate and attract to others ,
nurture understanding, be social, enhances the love of opera, writing,
literature, music, creativity, art, and everything beautiful, culture,
charm, beauty, elegance, dignity, stimulates the senses, inspires
acquisitions, luxury, makes us sensitive, appreciative of drink and
food, it is a sensual, sensitive, and feeling planet, it has a feminine
energy and exudes yin.
Mercury: Gemini (May 21 – June 20) and Virgo (August 23 –
September 22) – the communication planet, people under this sign love
to talk, enhances thoughts, helps expressions and reasoning, witty,
adaptable, quick thinking, quick acting, opinion, opportunity, reason,
objective, understanding, flits from one thing to something else, lots of
energy, always looks for answers, multifaceted that works on many
levels at once, gaining knowledge, writing, speaking, telephone,
computers, self expression, its energy is neutral, it embodies the gender
of the holder of the sign.

The Moon: Cancer (June 21 – July 22) – rules the emotions, and tides,
affects changes and mood swings, the way we act toward others, has a
yin energy, has female energy, it governs childbirth, pregnancy, and
fertility, affects emotions daily, it has a feminine energy.
The Sun: Leo (July 23 – August 22) – gives life, represents the spirit,
self, and ego, nurtures a person’s power, stirs a creative spark, male
energy and children are ruled by the sun, affects our health and well
being, rules success, higher office, achievement, air of power. Exudes
an active, forceful, and masculine energy.
Pluto: Scorpio (October 23 – November 21) – the power planet, its
energy is overwhelming and hits with a bang, it rules regeneration,
rebirth, and transformation, reproduction, waste, death, destruction,
obsession, viruses, coercion, governs the underworld, subversion,
crime, and dictatorship, rules secrets and challenges, atomic power,
affects how masses behave, stimulates emotions. It has a feminine
energy and the last transcendental planet.
Jupiter: Sagittarius (November 22 – December 21) – it encourages new
ideas, the thinker, the intellect, the higher learning, philosophy,
religion, psychic awareness, spirituality, the searcher, long distance
travel, good food and good fortune, encourages well being and growth,
makes sure you are going down the right path, ensures prosperity,
success, and opportunities, people governed by this sign have a
tendency to gain weight, but controls it easily, loves leisure time,
games, and beautiful things. Jupiter has masculine energy and is yang.
Saturn: Capricorn (December 22 – January 19) – the karma planet,
teaches to overcome, patience, responsibility, harsh disciplinarian,
helps conquer, governs old age, is a stern teacher, understands time
passing, helps embrace the authority and honor that happens as we age.
It has a masculine energy.
Uranus: Aquarius (January 20 – February 18) – the rebellious planet, it
rules computers, inventions, new technologies, isn’t traditional, looks
for new things, it influences free will, autonomy, and independence,
rules creativity, altruistic pursuits, freedom, unusual behaviors, rules
natural disasters. It isn’t female or male and has both yin and yang
energy. It has a profound influence. It is the first transcendental planet.
Neptune: Pisces (February 19 – March 20) – the illusion planet, it rules
the Earth’s oceans, it is spiritual, mysterious, and a dreamer, enhances
writing, poetry, creativity, music, and dance, enchantment, rules
glamour, beauty, theatre, fashion, television, movie making, and
enchantment, influences sleep patterns and dreams. It is a feminine
energy and is a yin. It is the second transcendental planet.
Using colors can give a boost to your spells. Here is a list of the most
commonly used colors within magic. If any color means something different
to you personally, they work them to your own powers.
Qualities: intense emotions, strength, courage, and passion.
Magical properties: willpower, health, physical energy, and love.

Qualities: stimulation, vitality, attraction, and energy.
Magical properties: power, encouragement, adapts to sudden
Qualities: knowledge, imagination, inspiration, intellect.
Magical properties: study, divination, confidence,
Qualities: balance, renewal, wealth, growth, abundance.
Magical properties: good luck, health, fertility, employment,
Qualities: patience, protection, wisdom, truth, peace.
Magical properties: understanding, harmony of the home,
psychic ability, healing.
Qualities: idealism, peace, devotion, wisdom, spirituality
Magical properties: balances sensitivity, enhances nurturing
qualities, divination.
Qualities: purity, illumination, innocence, peace.
Magical properties: understanding, spiritual growth, establishes
order, clarity, cleansing.

Qualities: protection, stability, force, dignity.
Magical properties: enlightenment, transformation, releases and
banishes negative energies.
Qualities: memory, intelligence, psychic ability, wisdom
Magical properties: wards off negativity, meditation, psychic
development, spiritual development.
Qualities: intuition, understanding, self-realization, inner
Magical properties: divination, good fortune, finances, ambition,
health, success.
Qualities: strength, grounding, solidity, endurance.
Magical properties: companion animals, home, material gain,
concentration, balance.
Qualities: reserve, neutrality, contemplation, stability
Magical properties: reaching compromises, binding negative
influences, complex decision making
Qualities: expressiveness, insight, fluidity, emotion.
Magical properties: mastering oneself, spiritual healing, clarity of
purpose, and meditation.

Qualities: spiritual healing, companionship, friendship, affection.
Magical properties: children’s magic, partnerships, spiritual
awakening, romance.
Knowing the meanings of specific fragrances and the magical properties of
incense will keep your mind focused on reaching your goals. Burning incense
helps people keep their attention on their magic working and the purpose of
the ritual.
African Violet: Spirituality, protection
Allspice: Attracts money and good luck.
Amber: Healing, happiness, comfort, and love.
Angelica: Meditation, stability, understanding, insight, integration,
harmony, and protection.
Anise: Emotional balance.
Basil: Protection, prosperity, love, and clarity.
Bergamot: Assertiveness, motivation, courage, strength, balance,
confidence, alertness, concentration, protection, joy, uplift spirits,
prosperity, money.
Cardamom: Motivation, enthusiasm, courage, confidence,
concentration, and clarity.
Cedar: Healing, prevents nightmares, attracts love, strengthens psychic
powers, and purification.
Chamomile: Inner and spiritual peace, calm, peace, and harmony.
Cinnamon: strengthen psychic, business success, prosperity, wealth,
attracts money, and protection.
Clove: Improves memory, lessens fears, protection, exorcism,
divination, prosperity, wealth, business success, intellectual
stimulation, pain relief. Prevents gossip, attracts money, purifies sacred
spaces, and dispels negativity.

Cypress: Concentration, willpower, vitality, confidence, self-assurance,

eases stress, healing, comfort, and strength.
Damiana: Psychic visions
Dragon’s blood: restores male potency, attracts love, purification,
courage, exorcisms, and dispels negativity.
Eucalyptus: Protection, purification, and healing.
Frankincense: Attracts good luck, protection, courage, creates psychic
visions, astral strength, exorcism, protects against evil, purifies magic
spaces, spirituality, and dispels negativity.
Ginger: Magical power, love, lust, and wealth.
Ginseng: Protects against all evils, keeps wicked spirits away.
Heather: Rain magic, conjure helpful spirits.
Jasmine: Astral projection, wisdom, purification, induce prophetic
dreams, attracts money and love.

Juniper: Healing, protection, calming, exorcism, breaking curses,

increases psychic powers.
Lavender: Relaxation, happiness, healing, cleansing, induces sleep,
attracts love.
Lemon: Purification, love, healing, mental clarity.
Lilac: Attract harmony, increases psychic powers.
Mace: increases psychic powers.
Mesquite: Increases magical powers of other incenses.
Mint: Protective powers, healing vibrations, attracts money, conjure
helpful spirits, exorcism, increases sexual drive.
Myrrh: Banishes evil, exorcism, healing, consecration, purification.
Nutmeg: Attracts prosperity, increases psychic powers, aids in
Orange: Money, luck, love, divination

Patchouli: Promotes fertility, sensuality, mastery, growth, love, attracts

Peppermint: Healing, exorcism, mental stimulant, energy
Pine: Breaks hexes and sends back to owner, healing, cleansing,
strength, grounding, attracts money, exorcism, banishes negative
energies, purification.
Rose: Attracts love, healing, fertility, house blessings, induces
prophetic dreams, increases courage.
Rosemary: Promotes pleasant dreams, restful sleep, attracts fairies,
lessens depression, preserves youth, prevents nightmares, helps with
healing, purifies.
Sage: Purifies sacred ritual tools and spaces, protects against all evils,
promotes wisdom, heals the soul, mind, and body, attracts money,
Sandalwood: Promotes spiritual awareness, conjures helpful spirits,
exorcises evil ghosts and demons.
Sweetgrass: Conjures helpful spirits before casting spells.
Thyme: Attracts good health, helps heal, purifies magical spaces before

Vanilla: Improves the mind’s powers, increases sexual desires, and

attracts love.
Vetiver: Love, peace, money, protects against thieves and black magic,
exorcism, and break curses.
Violet: Healing, protection, love, luck, wisdom.
Yarrow: Exorcism, courage.
Ylang ylang: Euphoria, harmony, and love.
Here’s hoping this list of resins, barks, flowers, roots, and herbs will help you
understand all their magical properties and ways you can use them.
Acacia: Protection, spiritual and psychic enhancement, friendship,
platonic love, and money.
Acorn: Used for personal power, wisdom, protection, and good luck.
African Violet: Can be used for healing, protection, and spirituality.
Agrimony: Helps you overcome inner blockages and fear. It can also
dispel negative emotions. It can be used to reverse spells.
Alfalfa: Used to ward off hunger, helps with prosperity and money.
Allspice: Used to obtain treasure, healing, luck, and money.
Almond: Used for prosperity, fruitfulness, money, and wisdom.
Aloe: Used for luck and protection.
Amaranth: Used for healing broken hearts, summoning spirits, healing,
protects from invisibility and bullets.

Anemone: Used for protection and healing.

Angelica: This herb is very powerful. It can create a barrier against
negative energy and will attract positive energy. Use in exorcisms and
Anise: Can be used to stimulate psychic ability, find happiness, and
ward off the evil eye.
Arrow Root: Used in healing and purification.
Azalea: Used for first love, light and gaiety spirits, and happiness. This
plant is poisonous so please don’t consume.

Basil: Used for protection, sympathy, wealth, exorcism, and love.

Bay Laurel: Used in clearing confusion, blessing businesses and
homes, and purification.
Bayberry: Used for stress relief, healing, luck, and good fortune.
Belladonna: Used to forget past loves and healing.

Benzoin: Used to overcome depression, relieves anxiety and stress,

lessens irritability, dispels anger, soothes tension, prosperity, and
Bergamot: Used to promote sleep, stopping interference, improves
memory, protections from illness and evil, prosperity, and money.
Bistort: Used for psychic powers, clairvoyance, divination, and
Black Cohosh: Used in potency, protection, courage, and love.
Blackberry: Used for money, protection, and healing.
Black Pepper: Used as protection from evil, exorcism, and to banish
Blessed Thistle: Used for breaking hexes, protects against evil and
negativity, and purification.
Bloodroot: Used for purification, protection, and love.
Blue Cohosh: Used to drive away evil, breaking love, drawing money,
purification, and empowerment.
Blue Violet: Used to protect from evil, good fortune, inspiration, and
Buckeye: Used to attract wealth and money, good luck, and divination.
Carry one wrapped in a dollar for a constant increase in money.

Burdock: Used as a cleaner when you feel very negative about yourself
or others.
Cactus: Used for protection, banishing, and chastity.
Calendula: Used for spiritual and psychic powers, legal matters, and
Camphor: Used for divination, psychic awareness, and dreams.
Cardamom: Used for fidelity, love, and lust.
Catnip: Used for any ritual that involves cat deities or cats.
Cat’s Claws: Used for money drawing, shamanic journeys, and vision
Cat-tail: Used for lust.
Cayenne: Used when dealing with divorce or separations, cleanses and
purifies, gets rid of negativity.
Chamomile: Used to reduce stress, healing, and love.

Chrysanthemum: Used for protection.

Cilantro: Used as a protection for gardeners. Helps to be in tune with
your soul and brings peace into the home.
Cinnamon: Used for prosperity, strength, luck, love, power,
protections, healing, success, and spirituality.
Clove: Used for protection, money, love, and exorcisms.
Clover: Used for success, love, money, protection, and fidelity.
Coconut: Used for purification, protection, and chastity.
Coffee: Used to overcome internal blockages, dispel negative thoughts,
and nightmares.
Coltsfoot: Used for love, prosperity, and wealth.
Comfrey: Used for safety while traveling.
Corn: Used for good luck, divination, and protection.

Coxcomb: Used for protection.

Cumin: Used for exorcism, protection, and fidelity.
Curry: Used for protection.
Cyclamen: Used for protection, lust, happiness, and fertility.
Daffodil: Used for fertility, luck, and love.
Daisy: Used for innocence, luck, and love.
Damiana: Used to attract love, sex magic, and lust.
Dandelion Leaf: Used to defeat negativity, purification, healing, and
summoning spirits.

Dill: Used for lust, luck, protection, and money.

Dragon’s Blood: Used for purification, energy, and protection.
Echinacea: Used to add strength to herb mixes, sachets, and charms.
Eucalyptus: Used for healing and protection.
Evening Primrose: Used to attract fairies and love.
Eyebright: Used to increase positive outlooks, encourages rationality,
improves memory, increases psychic ability.
Fennel Seed: Used to prevent curses, to help virility, vitality, and

Fenugreek: Used for fertility and to draw money.

Feverfew: Used to protect against the flu and colds and accidents.
Foxglove: Used to speak to one s in the Underworld, immortality,
visions, protects the garden and home.
Frankincense Resin: Used for purification, cleansing, and successful
Garlic: Used to purify objects and spaces, repels vampires, exorcism,
protection, and healing.
Ginger: Used to find new experiences and adventure. Helps promote
success, prosperity, confidence, sexuality, and sensuality.
Ginseng: Used for lust, healing, protection, beauty, and love.
Goldenrod: Used for divination and money.
Hawthorn: Used for rebirth, fishing magic, fairy magic, fertility, and

Heather: Used for immortality, luck, and protection.

Heliotrope: Used for protection, prosperity, gaiety, and cheerfulness.
Hibiscus: Used for dreams, divination, lust and love.
Hollyhock: Used to get new possessions, increase the flow of money,
or to have success.
Honey. Used to attract solar magic.
Honeysuckle: Used for quick abundance, success, and drawing money.
Hops: Used to produce sleep and relaxation.
Hyacinth: Used for peaceful sleep and peace of mind, attracts good
fortune, luck, and love.
Hyssop: Used for purification and cleansing.
Indigo Weed: Used for protection.
Iris: Used to attract faith, courage, and wisdom.

Irish Moss: Used as a good luck charm.

Juniper: Used for love, healthy energy, and good health.
Kava Kava: Used for travel protection, astral work, visions, potions,
and aphrodisiac.
Knotweed: Used for cursing, health, and binding spells.
Kola Nut: Used for calming, removes depression, and peace.
Larkspur: Used for protection and health
Lavender: Used for peace, purification, sleep, healing, protection, and
Lemon: Used to remove blockages, purification, spiritual openings,
and cleansing.
Lilac: Used for a spiritual aid, good luck, memory, and wisdom.
Lily: Used for prosperity, happiness, marriage, rebirth, renewal, and
Mace: Used to promote self discipline, focus, and concentration; great
when meditating or studying.
Mandrake: Used to exorcise evil, fertility, prosperity, and protection.
Marjoram: Used to dispel negativity, purification, and cleansing.
Marshmallow Root: Used for psychic powers and protection.
Mint: Used for vitality, communication, and energy.
Mistletoe: Used to protect against negative magic and spells, prevents
misfortune and illnesses, creativity, and fertility. Use with caution as
this plant is poisonous.
Monkshood: Used to protect against evil, and invisibility.

Morning Glory: Used to attract things or people, banishing, and

Motherwort: Used for counter magic, success, building confidence,
helping egos.
Mugwort: Used to cure madness and disease, prevent backache,
increases fertility and lust.
Mullein: Used to protect against invoking spirits, cursing, courage,
sorcery, and nightmares.
Musk: Used for desirability and self esteem.

Mustard Seed: Used for endurance, faith, and courage.

Myrrh: Used in healings, meditation, and spiritual openings.
Myrtle: Used for money, peace, youth, fertility, and love.
Narcissus: Used for peace of mind, tranquility, promotes harmony, and
calms vibrations.
Neroli: Used to overcome emotional blockages, confidence, happiness,
and joy.
Nettle: Used for being able to handle emergencies, strengthening
willpower, and dispelling fear and darkness.

Nutmeg: Used to break hexes, protection, bring luck, attracts

prosperity and money.
Olive: Used for money, peace, marriage, and fidelity.
Onion: Used for protection, endurance, stability, and prosperity.
Orange: Used to attract happiness and abundance in marriage and love.

Oregano: Used for added energy, vitality, strength, and joy.

Palo Santo: Used for curse breaking and protection.
Paprika: Used to add energy to spells.
Parsley: Used to protect and calm the home.
Patchouli: Used for fertility, draws money, and love.
Pennyroyal: Used to bring tranquility and peace.
Pine: Used for growth, grounding, strength, success, prosperity, new
beginnings, and clean breaks.
Poke Root: Used to break curses and hexes and to find lost objects.
Poppy: Used for abundance, love, prosperity, and fertility.
Pumpkin: Used for lunar magic.
Quassia: Used for love.
Quince: Used to protect against evil, luck, happiness, and love.
Rice: Used for protection, money, fertility, and rain.
Rose: Used for lasting relationships, domestic happiness and peace,
close friendship, and divine love.
Rosemary: Used to remove negativity, prevent nightmares, improves
memory, lust, love, good health.

Rue: Used as protection against evil eye, mental powers, health, and
Saffron: Used for strength, lust, wind raising, happiness, healing, love,
and aphrodisiac.
Sage: Used to help deal with loss and grief and self purification.
Sandalwood: Used for exorcism, healing, and protection.
Sassafras: Used to overcome addictions, money, and health.
Skullcap: Used for peace and relaxation.
Solomon’s Seal Root: Used for cleansing and protection.
Saint John’s Wort: Used to prevent fevers and colds. Protects against
witchcraft. Use with caution can be poisonous.
Sunflower: Used for wishes, wisdom, power, protection, and energy.
Tansy: Used for keep evil away, longevity, immortality, invisibility,
and health.

Thyme: Used for affection and loyalty.

Toadflax: Used for breaking hexes and protection.
Toadstool: Used for rain magic.
Tobacco: Used for banishing, personal strength, confidence, and peace.
Tomato: Used for love spells
True Unicorn: Used for protection against malevolent and evil magic,
uncrossing, and breaking hexes.
Uva Ursi: Used to increase psychic and intuitive powers.
Valerian: Used for harmony, love, reconciliation, and dream magic.
Vanilla Bean: Used to restore lost energy, passion, lust, and love.
Vetiver: Used for attraction, love, prosperity, and money.
Vervain: Used for sleep, healing, peace, youth, money, purification,
and protection.

Violet: Used to promote tranquility and peace, stimulates creativity,

draws visions and dreams, and calms the nerves.
Witch Hazel: used for protection and chastity.
Wolfsbane: Used to wash ritual spaces and tools. Protects against
werevolves and vampires.
Wormwood: Used for protection, stops violent acts, wars, and anger.
Xanthan Gum: Used as a bonding agent.
Yarrow Flower: Used to draw love, divination, weddings,
handfastings, and healing.
Yellow Dock: Used for money, healing, and fertility.
Yerba Mate: Used for lust, love, and fidelity.
Yerba Santa: Used for protection, psychic powers, healing and beauty.
Yew: Used to break hexes, immortality, protects against evil, and
raises the dead.
Ylang Ylang: Used for persuasiveness and increases sexual attraction.
Yohimbe Bark: Used for fertility, virility, lust, and love.
Yucca: Used for purification, protection, and transmutation.
The Magic of Trees
It’s amazing all the magical capabilities that is found in wood. Let’s look at
different types of trees and their magical abilities.
This tree has masculine energy. This is sacred to Celtic Astrology between
March 18 and April 14. Druids connected the alder tree to the animal fox.
Bran, a Celtic Deity, says the Alder tree is sacred.
Alder wands can be used for rituals dealing with spiritual growth, supervision
skills, bravery, self confidence, journeys, and charisma. It can also be used to
shield yourself while astral traveling to stop any unwanted intrusions from
another realm.

This tree has feminine energy. The apple tree is a symbol of joy, plenty,
peace, and fertility. This tree is sacred to Venus and Rhiannon, the Celtic
Goddess. Apples are the staple food for the fairies and elves.
An apple wand is great for any witch when they are working in fairy magic.
Apples help aid you to grow your skills that are used during love magic.
Apple wood promotes harmony and peace, promotes visions, and magic of
the Divine and light.
Both effeminate male and female energy are present in Ash Astrology
between February 18 and March 17. Ash is aligned to the element Earth. Ash
is also a sacred tree in the Celtic Astrology. Greeks have aligned this tree to
Mercury and Neptune. The Druids aligned this tree to an adder. The Nordic
holds this tree as being sacred to Odin, Yggdrasil, who is the Nordic Tree
god. He is thought to be the father of trees. Welsh align this tree to Gwydion,
who is one of their gods.
Ash is great to promote brain power. It promotes curiosity, and aids in
wisdom, intelligence, and communication. You can use ash to get rid of
mental blockages and help promote understanding and the use of words. Ash
is the wood for scholars, poets, and writers. Ash promotes health and spiritual
love. It can protect against changes that aren’t wanted. Ash can bring balance
back to your mind. Some say that you can rub a wart onto the bark of an ash
tree and the bark will absorb the wart. Ash can be used to protect you from
drowning, healing, sea power, and magical effectiveness. Ash is used for
working with well and cave magic, weather magic, justice, enhances arts and
crafts skills, horse magic, and finding special roots.
Aprhodite, the Greek Goddess, and Arianrhod, the Queen of Heaven and
Celtic Goddess of the Stars hold basswood sacred. Some align this tree to the
Celtic Tree of Life. Basswood is associated with the Air element.
Basswood can be used for enchantments, healing, attraction, love,
enlightenment, star magic, and creative endeavors.
This tree has male energy. Since it makes nuts people relate it to the Oak tree.
Apollo, a Greek God, and Obraash, an Evlish God hold this tree sacred. Celts
use the nuts from this tree to feed their sacred swine. Nordics say tablets that
are made from Beech wood were the very first rune writing tables. These are
magically strong when working with Nordic runes.

Beech can be used in divination. It can help with skin inflammation and
reduces swelling. It can help balance mental health. The key elements for this
wood are victory, desire, and aspiration. This wood can be used when
working with magical research, old wisdom, and ancestors. Beech is the
wood for summer solstice.
This tree has female energy. Birch is found in Celtic Astrology between
December 24 and January 20. This tree can establish itself in a cleared forest.
It is a symbol of establishments and new beginnings. It is in line with the
element water. The Druids aligned this tree to the white stag.
Birch can be used during cleansing rituals. It is a symbol of diligence,
renewal, and rebirth. It can be sued to help calm the emotions. Its bark can
help heal burns and wounds. Several European communities have used and
some still use twigs from this tree to expel evil spirits. Some people will use
birch rods to drive out old spirits from the old year. This tree is controlled by
the Moon. It can influence protection, healing, Lunar spells, and birth. Birch
has always been linked to new beginnings and youth. Use it for any ritual that
signifies the beginning of any endeavor.
Persephone, the Greek Goddess used the cedar tree while she was detained in
the Underworld. Sezh, the Celtic Goddess uses this tree to watch over the
realms of trees, herbs, and fertility. It was used by King Solomon, to build the
temple of Jerusalem.
Cedar can cleanse negative energies out of places. It can be used to make
sacred places. It is related to preservation, protection, and longevity. It can be
used to summon spirits during invocations and rituals.

This tree has both masculine and feminine energy. It is associated with the
element Earth.
Wands made from cherry trees are very grounded and centered. Its energy
will be very solid, unwavering, and well grounded. Cherry can help you focus
and stabilize yourself during rituals. Cherry can be used to overcome
obstacles, insight, and intuitive. This is a great choice for mediums to help
with love magic, healing, and divination. Cherry is used to amplify spells,
detection spells, unification of groups and covens, eroticism, hunting magic,
and working with familiars and animals.
This tree has feminine energy. Elder is associated with the Celtic Astrology
between November 25 and December 23. It was said to be used during
Christ’s crucifixion. Raven, Beaa, and Cailleach Goddesses hold this tree
sacred. Some people think this tree isn’t lucky because of its association with
Christ’s crucifixion. It might have just been one of those rumors the church
started to stop people from believing things they don’t want them to believe.
Elder can be used during Fairy magic, healing, change, imagination, evil
protections, magical arts, and banishments.

This tree has feminine energy. Many people refer this tree as being the home
to fairies. It can ward lightening away. It has the elements of air and water.
It can be used in magic for invocating Goddesses, rebirth, passage through
death, horticulture, fertility, and endurance.

This tree has masculine energy. Hawthorn is sacred to Celtic Astrology
between May 13 and June 9. Olwen, the Celtic summer flower maiden finds
this tree sacred. It is associated to the owl. It is also sacred to Vashaan, the
windlord and Aquarius. It is usually planted around the parameters of a house
to be used as protection. Fairies ive in the Hawthorn hedges especially if it is
near oak or ash. It has the element air.
Hawthorn can open insight, helps develop self confidence, gives psychic
protection, used to make charms, encourages creativity, detects magic from
other realms, banishes evil spirits, can be used when working with weather,
helps develop patience, purification, conceals magic, chastity, fairy magic,
and male potency.
This tree has feminine energy. This tree is sacred to Celtic Astrology between
August 5 and September 1. It has the elements water, air, and fire. The Celtic
Sea God, Manannan-Mac considers this wood sacred. Druids associate this
tree with Salmon. Aphrodite, the Greek Goddess and Danu, the Celtic
Goddess consider this tree sacred.
Using hazel can give you optimism, magical knowledge, and artistic ability.
Using hazel can also promote creativity and love and allows you to move
beyond your existence. Hazel brings change, promotes creative expression,
all types of art, and eloquence. Ancient Celts used this wood when making
wands. It can be used in spells for wrath, inspiration, navigation, intelligence,
creativity, and wisdom.
This tree has masculine energy. Apollo, the Greek God and Lugh, the Celtic
God hold this tree sacred. Hickory is related to the oak and their properties
You can use hickory to seek direction, wholeness, general acquisitions, and
abundance. It can help you develop presence and leadership skills.

Honey Locust
Fairies love this tree due to its thorns that protects their clearings.
It is helps with bindings and protection. You can use this when working in
the fairy realm. Some people use this wood for spells that help with physical
appearance and beauty.
This tree has feminine energy. It is sacred to Celtic Astrology between July 8
and August 4. Odin’s spear was created from Holly. Mars, the Roman God
rules this tree. It has the element earth.
This tree can be used to help sleep, protection, transfer of power, logic,
strength, and purity. Many people believe a man that carries holly berries and
leaves will be irresistible to women. It can be used to ease grief from losing a
loved one. It has the properties of beauty, physical revenge, material advance,
and the sacred.
This tree has masculine energy. Persephone holds this wood sacred. Druids
relate this tree to the butterfly. The fairy bride, Guinevere rules this tree.
It has the properties of spiritual growth, optimism, strength, and
determination. Ivy can protect against angry elementals and wayward spirits,
helps you succeed in business and any endeavors.
This is the favorite tree of nymphs. Where you find lilacs, you might just find
Pan. Gemini, the Greek Twins hold this tree sacred. It has the element air.
Lilac is great for dealing with passion, love, and romance. It is great when
using magic for mental concentration, communication, and intellect. It can
enhance sexual pleasure. Lilac can give you protection when traveling. When
doing illusion magic, lilac is useful during divining.
This tree has both masculine and feminine energies. Virgo and Libra hold this
tree sacred. It has the elements water and spirit. This tree has a sacred animal
and it’s the great horned owl.
Some countries use Maple for healing. Maple is great for people who travel a
lot. It can enhance communication, getting knowledge, and intellectual
pursuits. When doing spells concerning abundance, binding, beauty, and art
need to use this wood. Gypsies think that maple trees bring gold and eating
their seeds will bring love.
This tree has masculine energy that is very strong. This tree is sacred to the
Celtic Astrology between June 10 and July 7. The Wren is this tree’s animal.
It has the elements spirit, water, and earth. This tree is the most powers and
sacred to the Druids. This is the best wood to use when doing spells that work
with counter spells and time. Dagda, the Irish God, holds this tree sacred.
It has the properties of protection, knowledge, and truth. Oak wands can
bring long life and vitality. To the ancient Celts, oak is the provider, protector
and kind of the trees. It can be used for healing and grounding since it has a
strong connection to earth. The oak helps to center your mind. It allows it to
focus on whatever task you need to do and to ignore distractions. Oak can
help promote intuition and observation. Oak can inspire strength, prosperity,
leadership skills, presence, and bravery.
Osage Orange
This tree has masculine energy. It has the elements of fire, earth, and spirit.
This tree was named after the Osage tribe that lived in the Great Plains
This wood has the ability to resist rot and repel pests. It is recommended that
this be used when dealing with animal guides, spirit guides, and astral
healing. This wood can help when pursuing passions and goals.

This tree has masculine energy. Plato used Silver Fir and Black Poplar to
help with divination. It has the elements of fire, water, and spirit. Venus
powers this tree.
Poplar has a lot of diverse energy. It can be used for most types of magical
workings. Since this tree has a lot of diversity and this makes it useful for
evocation and banishment rituals. It is strongest when used with divinations,
rebirth, and hope.
The early settlers and Native Americans thought sassafras could cure all
ailments. The bark from the root was thought to cure everything from malaria
to headaches, colds, stomach problems, liver problems, and fever. A wand
made from this tree is thought to increase hunger. The wood is still used
today to make furniture. It was once used to make beds and flooring. People
thought its fragrance would keep insects and bedbugs away.
Early settlers thought that sassafras beds would keep evil spirits away and
help them sleep better. It can help with digestive problems. If you bury
money near a sassafras tree, it is thought to bring you prosperity.
This tree has both feminine and masculine energies. This is sacred to Celtic
Astrology between September 2 and September 29. The Swan is the animal
for this tree. The Irish Mythology gods, Tuatha De Danaan consider this tree
to be sacred.
This tree encourages authority, sacred knowledge, rebirth, excitement, joy
spells, fairy work, and spiritual initiation.
Walnut (Black)
This tree has both masculine and feminine energies present. It has the
elements spirit and earth. The Gods Vishnu, Thor, Jupiter, Zeus, and Bashaan
hold this tree sacred.
Walnut can be used for motivation, powers of the breath and wind, keeping
lightening at bay, working with the weather, astral travel, and teleportation.
This tree has feminine energy. This is sacred to Celtic Astrology between
April 15 and May 12. It has the elements of spirit and water. The hare is this
tree’s animal. Omulan, Rhiannon, Arianrhod, Ceridwen, Astarte, Hecate, and
Diana all hold this tree as being very sacred.

Wands made from willow can help deal with the will, change, rebirth, and
death. This is a very emotional tree. Willows can give energy to the elderly
and sick. Some people believe that burning willow can help guide and sooth
the souls of people who are newly deceased. Willow is the essence of magic.
Willow will realign itself to the will of a person who shared its energy. The
stronger will you have, the more effective it will be. Willow is great for
healing. It is also good for any ritual involving emotion and love. It can help
strengthen the third eye and works great for divination.

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beginnings as early medicine to what it has become today, herbal magic is a
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