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༁ྃ༔ འོད་དཔག་ད་ི་བ་ཐབས་བ་ན་ར་ལམ་བགས་སོ༔

The Swift Path to Great Bliss

A Sādhana of Amitābha, Buddha of Limitless Light

I prostrate to Amitābha, the Buddha of Limitless Light!

འོད་དཔག་ད་ི་བ་ཐབས་༔ དང་པོ་བས་འོ་མས་བེད་༔
For this sādhana of Amitābha, first take refuge and generate bodhicitta, then practise the following visualization
and recitation:

chö nam tamché tongpé ngang
While experiencing the emptiness nature of all phenomena,

kun khyab tsewé nying jé gom
I meditate on all-pervasive loving compassion.

tongnyi nyingjé dé yi ngang
Within that state of emptiness and compassion

nang si dechen shying gi ü
All that appears and exists is the pure realm of great bliss. In its centre,

པད་་གདན་ལ་རང་ག་ ིཿ
pé dé den la rang rig hrih
Upon a lotus and moon disc seat, my own awareness is the syllable HRĪḤ.

dé lé ö trö dön nyi drup
From it light radiates out, accomplishing the twofold benefit―for myself and others.

yong gyur daknyi chomden dé
I am transformed into the Bhagavan, the transcendent accomplished conqueror,

ང་བ་མཐའ་ཡས་་མདོག་དམར༔ 1
nangwa tayé ku dok mar
Amitābha, Buddha of Limitless Light, red in colour,

zhyal chik chak nyi nyam shyak teng
With one face and two hands, resting in the mudrā of equanimity,

lhung zé düdtsi gangwa nam
Holding an alms-bowl filled with nectar.

shyap nyi mingyur kyil trung shyuk
His two legs are in the posture of immutability.

chö gö nam sum ku la dzé
His enlightened body wears the three dharma robes.

tsen dang pé ché yong su dzok
With major and minor marks, he is utterly perfect,

sangyé ku ngé daknyi chok
Supreme embodiment of the buddhas' five kāyas,

nang la rang shyin med pa yi
Appearing yet devoid of inherent nature.

གས་ཀར་་ེང་ ིཿ་དམར་པོ༔
tukkar da teng hrih marpo
At his heart, upon a moon disc, is a red syllable HRĪḤ,

ngak kyi yé su korwa lé
Encircled by the mantra in a clockwise direction,

ö trö deshek tamché kyang
Radiating light. All the sugatas, just as visualized,

བོམ་པ་་ར་ན་ངས་བིམ༔ 2
gompa tabur chen drang tim
Are invited and dissolve into the visualization.

dza hung bam ho

ngak lé ö trö dön nyi ché
Light radiates from the mantra, bringing twofold benefit―for self and others.

zuk nang dakpa ö pak mé
All forms that appear are pure as Amitābha;

dra drak nying po ngak kyi dra
All that resounds is in essence the sound of mantra;

tok tsok dakpa yeshe nga
All thoughts, all concepts are pure as the five wisdoms.

dewa chenpö ngang né da
In the state of great bliss, I recite the mantra:

ༀ་ཨ་་་ཝ་ཨ་་ི་ྂ་ ིཿ
om ami dewa ayu siddhi hung hrih

་་བ་གག་་བ་གས༔ མ་ག་གམ་ིས་དས་བ་འཐོབ༔
By reciting this eleven-syllable root mantra three hundred thousand times, you will attain accomplishments.

་ནས་་ང་་དགས་བཞག༔ ེས་་བོ་བས་ོན་ལམ་༔
Then rest, without visualising the appearance of the deity. Follow this with dedication and aspiration prayers.

་འར་ས་ན་འ་བ་༔ ི་མ་བ་ན་ཐར་ལམ་ན༔ ་ིར་ལ་ན་ཉམས་་ལོངས༔ ས་མ་ཡ༔

This practice will dispel untimely death in this life and lead you in future along the path of great bliss and
liberation. So, fortunate ones, take it to heart. Samaya.

This was deciphered from the yellow scrolls of Lerab Lingpa's treasure text by Gyalwang Thubten Gyatso.
Translated by Ane Ngawang Tsöndrü, 2015. Revised and edited for Lotsawa House.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 3.0 Unported License.

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