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Family Name: Given Name:

Adrian Camilo Cespedes Devia

Student ID: Course:

Leadership and management

Subject: Trainer’s name:

Advanced HR Management

Declaration: I certify that this assignment is entirely my own work. I have provided full
referencing to the work of others. The material in this paper has not been submitted before.


PLAGIARISM: You must compose your answers in your own words. Simply pasting text from
the Internet OR the APC workbook may result in a failing grade. It is better to write your own
thoughts in your own words – even if your English is not perfect – rather than copy word-for-
word the thoughts of someone else.

SUBMITTING IDENTICAL ANSWERS: You may discuss your assessments with other students,
but submitting identical answers to other students may result in a failing grade. Your answers
must be yours alone.

TUTORIALS: Tutorials are run every week to help you answer the assessments. The schedule
for tutorials will be announced during the first week of term. You are urged to attend the
tutorial that pertains to your online subject.
1. Research the planning requirements. Put your findings into a report.
Ensure that you describe:
• The direction, objectives and targets (2 marks)
• Emerging practices and trends (3 marks)
• Labour needs (2 marks)
• New technology (2 marks)
• Changes to industrial and legal requirements. (3 marks)

2. Develop a human resource strategic plan. Indicate how you will consult
with the relevant managers. (20 marks)

3. How will you implement the human resource strategic plan?

Consider how you will:
• Work with others (3 marks)
• Monitor the plan (3 marks)
• Review the plan (3 marks)
• Adapt the plan (3 marks)
• Evaluate performance (3 marks)