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V/VO No.

Pa7ITJ/C&P1ContractiTC/7482/11-12 PIV11 01 Unloacliri Arm


Scope of Work

The scope of work under this contract for "Preventive Maintenance Inspection of LNG
Unloading Arms" at Petronet LNG Ltd., includes, but not limited to the following:

· Visual Inspection of all Components.

· Check Overall Geometry of the Arm(s).
· Check Arm(s) for Proper Operation.
· Check the Balance Condition.
· Visual Inspection of the Swivels for Leaks and Abnormal Wear.
· On Swivel Joints, Ball Plugs can be removed to Visually Check Ball Races for Evidence of
Leakage, Corrosion or Excessive Wear and Condition of Grease.
· Inspect Pantograph and Drive Wire Ropes for Damage and Wear.
· Inspect Couplers, Valves and Emergency Release Systems.
· Inspect the Hydraulic Drive System for Proper Operation, Leaks, Damaged Lines and Hoses.
This Includes the Hydraulic Cylinders, the Hydraulic Power Unit and All associated Control
· Inspect the Alarm System for Proper Range and Operation.
· Inspect the Electrical Control System for Proper Operation and to insure the System is in
compliance with the specified standards.
· Test the Emergency Release Sequences (ESD 1 & ESD 2).

PLL's Scope shall include:

1. PLL shall provide all necessary manpower, tools & tackles, scaffolding material and other
required resources to complete the job,

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