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State Legal Admission Authority (SSLA) is an authorised authority for

assessing the skill requirements of the legal occupations. The applicant

must evaluate his/her assessing skills with regards to the relevant
national assessment authority.
The Department of Justice for each state offers various services to the
public. The services provided by this Department extend from assessing
qualifications to implementing programs in order to reduce crime in the
nation. Below is some of the services provided by The Department of

· Advising and providing services to the victim of a crime, such as

· Providing legal services;
· Monitoring adult offenders;
· Monitoring Juveniles on bail and their securities; and
· Supervising community Justice centers, courts and tribunals.

The Legal Profession Admission Board (LPAB) is a unit within the above
mentioned department associated with the admission of lawyers and
legal practitioners.

LPAB roles and responsbilities:

The Board and Committee members are required to undertake the
following duties:
· Managing the enrollment and registration of lawyers and public
· Assessing migration skills;
· Administering the Law examinations, which take place at Law
schools (Diploma in Law);
· Taking steps as to completion of applications for admission as a
legal practitioner;
· evaluating the legal skill and experience of an overseas applicant;
· Accommodating law degree courses or legal practice training in
the state;
· Supplying certificates, diplomas and academic records in legal
field, and last but not least; and
· Providing information in relation to application forms and above
mentioned services.

The list of occupations assessed by SLAA can be found below:

ANZSCO Assessing
Number Occupation
Code Authority
1 Barrister 271111 SLAA
2 Solicitor 271311 SLAA

Skill Assessment Procedure for migration:

Overseas professionals that choose to pursue their career in Australia

and migrate are needed to have their qualification and skills assessed
with Australian standards. Applicants must meet the requirements and
provide the required documents.

Are you a registered professional in You are not quali
You are qualified to practice in Australia.
Australia? Aus

Have you received your qualification You are requir

from an accredited University/College in You are not required to be assessed. qualification and s
Australia or New Zealand? relevant

Documents required:

· Certificate or a degree, in original

language and a certified copy of an official
English translation, if applicable.
· Certified copy of your
· Official transcript, in original
language and a certified copy of an official
Are you required to be submitted for English translation, if applicable.
assessment? · Evidence of supervised teaching
· Evidence of membership, in the
relevant association, if applicable.
· Evidence of employment, from
graduation to presernt.
· Evidence of registration/ license, if
· Assessment form, and
· Evidence of English proficiency**.

** English proficiency, applicant who has acquired his/her qualification

from a non-English speaking country, is required to sit for IELTS
examination. It is essential to achieve a minimum score of 7 in each of
the four components (Reading, Writing, Speaking and Listening).
The English proficiency test required for assessment is IELTs, however,
other English examinations like TOFEL iBT may also be accepted by
the relevant authority.

Below is the table of score comparison between English Proficiency


Listening Speaking Reading Writing

9.0 30 9.0 30 9.0 30 9.0 30
8.5 29 8.5 28-29 8.5 29 8.5 30
8.0 28 8.0 26-27 8.0 29 8.0 30
7.5 27 7.5 24-25 7.5 27-28 7.5 29
7.0 24-26 7.0 23 7.0 24-26 7.0 27-28
6.5 20-23 6.5 20-22 6.5 19-23 6.5 24-26
6.0 12-19 6.0 18-19 6.0 13-18 6.0 21-23
5.5 7-11 5.5 16-17 5.5 8-12 5.5 18-20
5.0 4-6 5.0 14-15 5.0 4-7 5.0 14-17
4.5 3 4.5 12-13 4.5 3 4.5 12-13
<=4 0-2 <=4 0-11 <=4 0-2 <=4 0-11

Assessment of overseas qualification is a complex and time consuming

procedure. It may take up to 8 weeks for the process to take place. After
completion of the assessment a Letter of Assessment is received by
the applicant. The received qualification is useful to assist: