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Data Analytics (A) CS-503,

B.Tech. 5th Semester

Assignment Questions


1. a) Explain the concept of population and sample with an illustration. What is the difference
between parameter and statistic?
b) Write the difference between Descriptive and Inferential Statistics.

2. Define:
a) Mode
b) Quartiles Deviation
c) Mean Deviation
d) Standard Deviation

3. a) The following regression equation were obtained from a correlation table:

𝑦 = 0.516𝑥 + 33.73 𝑥 = 0.512𝑦 + 32.52
Find the value of i) The correlation coefficient
ii) The Mean of x’s and
iii) The Mean of y’s
b) What do you mean by level of significance? Explain Type-I and Type-II error.

4. Ten percent of the tools produced in a manufacturing process turn out to defective. Find
probability that in a sample of 10 tools chosen at random, exactly two will be defective by using:
a) Binomial theorem
b) Poisson approximation

5. Nine patients to whom a certain drink was administered, registered the following increment in
blood pressure: 7, 3, -1, 4, -3, 5, 6, -4 & 1.
Show that the data do not indicate that the drink was responsible for these increments.
(Tabulated Value of Student’s t test is 1.515)

6. Conduct an ANOVA for the following data on yield of varieties of wheat after framing suitable
Variety of Wheat
1 6 5 5
2 7 5 4
3 3 3 3
4 8 7 4

1. Discuss in detail about the importance of the Big Data Platform in Modern Data Analytics
2. Compare Big Data with Conventional Data and indicate some of the importance of Big Data
3. Can Big Data Analytics be used as a Decision Making tool? Justify.
4. What is the role of Big Data in Cloud Computing?
5. Why Predictive analytics is essential in Big Data?
6. What is the role of Hadoop’s Parallel world in big data technologies?


1. What is MapReduce? How it Works.

2. Write the Steps for Connecting and Extracting data from Storage.
3. What is the Mapping process for Data to the programming framework?
4. Write Data transformation techniques for big data pre- Processing.
5. What is Integrated Data Store (IDS)? Explain.
6. What is the need of subdividing data in preparation for Hadoop MapReduce?