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ACT #1

NARRATOR: In a beautiful palace, surrounded by a beautiful garden, there

lived the most wonderful parents with their only daughter. One day, Ella’s
mother said,

MOTHER: Oh, look at our beautiful daughter!.

FATHER: She looks just like you. Her hair is like gold, and her eyes like a
blue lake.

MOTHER: She is more than just beautiful, I can tell. She is beautiful in the
inside too. She has a pure heart.

NARRATOR: Ella grew older, but her heart stayed pure and good, just as
her Mother said. The parents of Ella were so full of joy.

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ACT #2

ELLA: Mother! Father! (Running toward them) Look at this pretty flower.

FAHTER: Oh Ella, that is so beautiful.

MOTHER: (Smile) Ella, let me tell you a secret.

ELLA: What is it, Mother?

MOTHER: The fairies painted them. (Both laugh)

ELLA: Really! But that is just from stories?

MOTHER: Oh yes, but I believe them never the less, very much so. Fairies
paint nature, and each and every person has a fairy watching over them.
(Both smile and laugh) They are called Fairy Godmothers, and we both
have one watching us now.

(Mother, Father, and Ella laugh together.)

NARRATOR: But one day the Ella’s mother got gravely ill.

FAHTER: Ella? May you please come here? Your mother wishes to talk
with you.

ELLA: Yes, Father. Is there a problem?

MOTHER: Ella, I have to leave you very soon. I am so sorry.

ELLA: Oh Mother, no!

MOTHER: I am so sorry, but I am very ill. (Ella starts crying.) Ella, Ella,
please, listen to me, always remember what I taught you, be kind and stay
strong, okay? Promise me.

ELLA: (holding back tears) Yes, Mother, I promise. I will be kind and will
stay strong, always, no matter what. No matter what! (hugs Mother)

MOTHER: Good Ella. Very good.

NARRATOR: And then Ella’s mother died shortly after. Her father was
grieving so, but Cinderella’s pure heart always kept positive.
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NARRATOR: After a few years Ella’s Father married a new woman, cruel
and proud, who had two ugly daughters whose names were Anastasia and

ELLA: Oh hello, madam, my father had been awaiting your coming for so
long. Please make yourself at home.

STEPMOTHER: Oh yes, we will. Right daughters? Thank your host.

ANASTASIA & DRIZELLA : (mockingly) Thank you so much for inviting us.
We really enjoy your company. (both sigh)

FATHER: My lady, welcome to our home. I hope that even with all our
grief…… please just make yourself and your daughters at home. Great
apologies though, I am leaving on a business trip tomorrow morning.

STEPMOTHER: That is fine.

ACT #3

NARRATOR: One day, the King suffered a terrible accident and died. And
so, little Ella knew that she would have to stay kind and be strong.

JOE: (knocks on door) (Cinderella answers) Excuse me, Miss Ella, you see,
I really don't know how to tell you, but, I worked as a business partner with
your father. And while on the road, he took ill. He passed on…….. In his
last moments, he kept speaking of you….. and your mother. And told me to
give you this, a flower. He said it would remind you of everything you, your
mother, and himself did when you were young in the fields in your garden.
I am terribly sorry.

CINDERELLA: Thank you, sir. (holding back tears) I know how your journey
back must have been very hard. (Ella closes door slowly) (and starts

(2 months later)

STEPMOTHER: Little girl, come here! I see that you are having a good
time! Very well, beautiful, this is over now! I have suffered much loss in
my life, and you show no apparent recollection of the losses that I have
suffered. I need help around your old room of a house, everything is very
expensive, now that your father is no longer alive to be working, so I have
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decided that from now on you will serve me, Drizella and Anastasia, my
very lovely daughters. Go inside the house and put on a maid dress, and
start cleaning every chimney, all of them are very dirty. When you finish,
come to me again. You need to do more things! Go now, get to work!

CINDERELLA: What? I want to help you in anyway that I can. I will do as

you say.

NARRATOR: So Ella cleaned every chimney in the palace, and when she
finished she went back to her stepmother.

STEPMOTHER: Good, good, so you have finished. I see what you have
been doing, you even have ash in your nose!

DRIZELLA: Ha, ha, ha, ha this is funny, Ella! Cinderella, Cinderella, that is
what we will call you now. Cinder-Ella. hahaha

ANASTASIA: Cinder-ella, ha, ha, ha, ha.

STEPMOTHER: Shhh, quiet!. Cinderella, is a perfect name for a maid. Since

today is the prince`s ball, you are going to iron our dresses. We have been
invited, and you too, but don`t dream about going, you have a lot of things
to do. You need to polish all the silverware, comb our hair, and help us get
dressed…. quick…. Anastasia and Drizella you have to look very pretty.
They say that the prince is looking for a wife… you… Cinderella… get to

CINDERELLA: Yes, ma’am.

NARRATOR: The little princess ironed the dresses, and then she helped
them get dressed.

STEPMOTHER: Cinderella, give me my necklace!… No, not that one, the

one that has diamonds, I look better with it…. Perfect!

CINDERELLA: Yes, ma’am.

ANASTASIA: Cinderella, bring me my shoes and comb my hair!

DRIZELLA: Cinderella, bring me my hat!

STEPMOTHER: Cinderella, bring me my purse, the white one, not the blue
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CINDERELLA: Yes, ma’am.

STEPMOTHER: Hurry up, we can`t be late for the ball.

CINDERELLA: Here`s your mirror, Anastasia. And here`s your purse


ANASTASIA: Get my perfume! It is in a box in the attic!

DRIZELLA: Get mine, too!

CINDERELLA: Okay, perfume. Which box? This one? (opens an old

trunk) AHH! This was my mother’s dress. I thought it was lost. Now I can
go to the ball, too.

DRIZELLA: What’s taking so long??!!!

CINDERELLA: I’m sorry, I'm coming. (walks in wearing mother’s dress)

Here is your perfume.

DRIZELLA & ANASTASIA: What are you wearing?

CINDERELLA: It cost you nothing. It was my mother’s dress. I found it

while looking in the attic for your perfume.

STEPMOTHER: Wait. Wait. I guess you can go to the ball. Oh no, but your
dress has a rip. (Pulls at dress)

CINDERELLA: How could you do that? The dress was my mother’s.

ANASTASIA: Now I guess you can’t go.

DRIZELLA: Bye Bye (all laugh)

ACT #4

NARRATOR: They quickly left in a beautiful pink carriage without her, and
Cinderella sat down on the floor watching them leave, crying sadly.

CINDERELLA: Oh, I wish I could go, too.

NARRATOR: Then, she heard a sweet voice.

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FAIRY GODMOTHER: Good evening.

CINDERELLA: Who are you?

FAIRY GODMOTHER: You really don't know? Ever remember what your
mother told you about fairies?

CINDERELLA: Wait, how do you know about my mother?

FARIY GODMOTHER: Oh, trust me sweetheart. I have known your mother

since before you were born.


FAIRY GODMOTHER: Oh yes, I am your Fairy Godmother, and I have come

today because I think that you may need my help.

CINDERELLA: Oh, Fairy Godmother. My mother told me I had you. I mean I

had a Fairy Godmother.

FAIRY GODMOTHER: I know, I was there. You have gotten so tall since
then. I can`t stand seeing you so sad and so unfairly treated. Let`s see
what my magic wand can do today! Magic wand, I want the most beautiful
dress in the world. Oh, and a pair of glass slippers.

NARRATOR: Suddenly a white sparkling dust covered Cinderella from head

to toe, and when it disappeared, she looked wonderful.

CINDERELLA: Oh, Fairy Godmother, what a beautiful dress! And how lovely
the glass slippers! Thank you.

FAIRY GODMOTHER: Now, you are ready for the ball. But there is one
thing you must know. The magic will last only till the last stroke of
midnight. At twelve o´clock everything will disappear, except for the glass
slippers, which I give to you, so you must be at home by that time.

CINDERELLA: Oh, I will remember. That is more than enough time. Thank
you so much.

FAIRY GODMOTHER: Now, go to the ball, and have fun. And remember… at
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NARRATOR: And the Fairy Godmother disappeared.

ACT #5

(Prince walking down hallway, Prince’s Right Hand Man following him)

PRINCE’S RIGHT HAND MAN: Your highness, I really must insist.

PRINCE: What is it?

PRINCE’S RIGHT HAND MAN: You see, Your Highness, it is about the ball.

PRINCE: What about it?

PRINCE’S RIGHT HAND MAN: You see, your father, the king, told me, his
condition is worsening very rapidly. He won’t be able to attend the ball

PRINCE: What? (looking sad) I don't understand, he said just last week
that he was getting better.

PRINCE’S RIGHT HAND MAN: Well apparently, Your Highness, this is

according to the physician, his infection, if you can call it that, for no one
knows what it is, is spreading through his body. I regret to say that, he is
not expected to live through the night.

PRINCE: No! It can’t be! (looking saddened) (staring in the distance)

PRINCE’S RIGHT HAND MAN: Your Highness? Your Highness?!

PRINCE: Oh! yes?

PRINCE’S RIGHT HAND MAN: He told me he arranged for a princess to

come to be your wife. Her name is Princess Celina. Since your father
doesn't have much time and your mother, well . . .

PRINCE: I know! I understand. Tell my father I comply.

PRINCE’S RIGHT HAND MAN: Yes, Your Highness. My greatest apologies.

But I was instructed to introduce you to Princess Celina.
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PRINCE: Thank you!

(walks across the room)

PRINCE’S RIGHT HAND MAN: Princess Celina, greetings!


PRINCE’S RIGHT HAND MAN: This is the host of this party, the prince.

PRINCE: Thank you! (to right hand man) How were your travels here
Princess Celina?

PRINCESS CELINA: My boat ride from across the sea was enjoyable.
Thank you! How is your evening, Your Highness?

PRINCE: Quite pleasant, my Lady. May I have this dance?

PRINCESS CELINA: Of course. (start waltz) It is very kind of your father,

the king, to invite me to your ball, Your Highness.

PRINCE: It is a pleasure to have you here. You are more than welcome.

NARRATOR: Then Cinderella walked into the ball. When she arrived at the
palace, she entered the ball room, and everybody turned around to look at

PRINCE: (starts staring at Cinderella) (to Celina) Please excuse me.

PRINCESS CELINA: Oh course, Your Highness.

MAIDEN 1: Who is she?

MAIDEN 2: I don`t know.

MAIDEN 3: She is really taking over the party.

MADIEN 1: The prince can't keep his eyes off her.

MADIEN 2: Well, whatever, we don't even have a chance. I don't care.

MADIEN 3: We still have a chance with those sharp looking men over
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MADIEN 1: You’re right. Let’s go. (all walk off screen flirting)

NARRATOR: The prince looked at her, astonished by her beauty, outwardly

and in heart, and immediately he fell in love with her. Then he asked her to

PRINCE: Would you like to dance?

CINDERELLA: Me? Your Highness? Forgive me, but I'm just a…

PRINCE: ….beauty. Will you dance with me?

CINDERELLA: Oh, yes, your highness.

NARRATOR: While they were dancing, her Stepmother and Stepsisters kept
looking at the couple.

STEPMOTHER: Who is she?

DRIZELLA: I have never seen her before.

ANASTASIA: Look at him! He looks happy!

ACT #6 (Walk in gardens)

PRINCE: So, maiden, where are you from?

CINDERELLA: My home is tucked in a group of trees right outside the

palace grounds.

PRINCE: Oh lovely, and your parents?

CINDERELLA: They both passed away…… But it is okay, though, because

I always remember what my mother told me. She told me to always be kind
and strong. (Ella looks sad.)

PRINCE: I’m sorry, but now I think it is only fair for you to know something
about myself.


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PRINCE: Well, I live at the palace, my mother died when I was just a boy
and my father, well, let me say, doesn't have much time.

CINDERELLA: Oh, I am so sorry for you.

PRINCE: My father wants me to get married, and he arranged the ball to

find me a “Princess.”

CINDERELLA: Does that please you, Your Highness?

PRINCE: Not as much as I would have liked… Arranged marriages, you

know. Some royal princess from a far off land.

CINDERELLA: I wish you the best, Prince.

PRINCE: Thank you for the dance.

CINDERELLA: You are welcome, Your Highness.


CINDERELLA: I must go.

PRINCE: But you have just arrived.

CINDERELLA: Good bye! I am so sorry. I must go! I had a lovely time.

Thank you so much!

(Cinderella starts running.)

PRINCE: No! Stop! Please. I don't even know your name yet.

NARRATOR: While Cinderella was still running, the magic disappeared, and
her dress turned to rags and the coach, horses, coachman, and groom
disappeared. The prince followed her, until he lost her.

PRINCE: I lost her! How will I see her again if I don`t even know her name?

(Prince sees slipper on floor)

PRINCE: What is this? Oh, it`s one of her glass slippers. I will look for her
throughout the kingdom. I’m sorry, Father, but this is the woman I love.
Excuse me, sir!
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PRINCE’S RIGHT HAND MAN: Yes, Your Highness?

PRINCE: Please take this slipper and get my horse ready to ride tomorrow
morning. I need to find my queen.

PRINCE’S RIGHT HAND MAN: Yes, Your Highness. But what about Princess

PRINCE: Please give her my most formal apologies. Let her father know
how sorry I am.

ACT #7
(The next day)

PRINCESS CELINA: What happened at the ball last night, Your Highness?
You seemed to have disappeared.

PRINCE: Oh great apologies, My Lady. I don't really know how to explain…..

PRINCESS CELINA: No need to, Your Highness. I can only guess what you
must have been thinking. Our parents planned this.

PRINCE: No, that is not what I meant….

PRINCESS CELINA: I respect you. I truly believe that marriage should be

for true love of a Gentleman and Lady. I saw you with that girl; I know you
will both be happy.

PRINCE: Oh, thank you for understanding. I hope our kingdoms can be firm
allies. You are more than welcome to stay at the palace as long as you like.

PRINCESS CELINA: Thank You, Your Highness. Best wishes to you.

PRINCE: I hope that someday you too will find true love.

PRINCESS CELINA: Thank you. (bow and leave)


PRINCE’S RIGHT HAND MAN: It is the first house, Your Highness.

(Prince knocks on door.)
(Door opens.)
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MAIDEN 1: It is the prince! The prince is here, sisters! The prince is here at
our house!!

MAIDEN 2: What does he want? (Both scream)

MAIDEN 3: Wait! Wait! I know! He is here for me!

MAIDEN 1: No way! I think the prince must have changed his mind. He
wants to marry… ME.

(Prince and Right Hand Man look at each other with shock.)

MAIDEN 2: OKAY! OKAY! I’m the prince. (Clears throat) (Talks in deep
voice) “You are so beautiful. Will you marry me?”

MAIDENS: “Yes” Yay! (start dancing)

MAIDEN 3: No, he is here for me! Why doesn't anyone get that?

PRINCE’S RIGHT HAND MAN: Excuse me, ladies. Ladies?

BOTH MAIDENS: LA la la la la (keep dancing)


MAIDEN 1: Oops.

MAIDEN 2: We are truly sorry.

MAIDEN 3: What did you want?


(Maidens sigh in love)

Prince’s Right Hand Man: (Clears throat) The prince found a glass slipper
left at the ball from the maiden he intends to marry. So we are checking
every home to find her and return the slipper.

MAIDEN 1: WHAT?! That slipper is mine!

MAIDEN 2: No, Prince! Don't trust her. It is mine!

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(Maidens push and shove)

PRINCE’S RIGHT HAND MAN: (whispers to prince) Let’s just let them try on
the slipper and get it over with.

PRINCE: (whispers to Right Hand Man) Well said. (To Maidens) May we try
the slipper on you, ladies? One at a time?


(Maiden 1 struggles to get foot inside shoe.)

MAIDEN 1: I thought for sure it was mine.

(Maiden 2 struggles to get foot inside)

MAIDEN 2: But my prince….

MAIDEN 3: My turn!!!

(slipper doesn't fit)

PRINCE’S RIGHT HAND MAN: I’m sorry ladies, but we must be on our way.


PRINCE: Sorry. Good Day.

(Prince’s Right Hand Man and prince laugh to each other about girls.)

(Approach another house)

PRINCE’S RIGHT HAND MAN: I really hope this house is not as bad as the

PRINCE: So true.

(Knock on door) (Door Opens)

PRINCE: Are there any young maidens in this house?

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STEPMOTHER: Yes, my two daughters. Should I call them?

PRINCE: Yes, madam, please do.

STEPMOTHER: Anastasia! Drizella! Come down here.

DRIZELLA: Ohhh, is that the prince? I think he came for me.


STEPMOTHER: Girls, girls. I think the prince has something you to tell

PRINCE: Well, we are trying this glass slipper on every girl in the land to try
to find my missing princess.

DRIZELLA: Oh, I am the missing princess. Try me first.

ANASTASIA: No, she is not.

(shoe was not close to fitting)

ANASTASIA: See, I told you she wasn't the missing princess. I am.
(Shoe doesn't fit her either.)

PRINCE’S RIGHT HAND MAN: I’m sorry ladies. Well, I really think we must
be on our way. Thank you!

PRINCE: Wait! Who is that over there?

STEPMOTHER: Oh that, oh her, she is just our servant. (laughing to self)

Yes, nothing more than a servant.

PRINCE’S RIGHT HAND MAN: Come here, young girl, and try on this

DRIZELLA: But… ELLA can`t… she didn’t even go to the ball.

ANASTASIA: Besides, she is our maid. The prince would not want her.

PRINCE’S RIGHT HAND MAN: Come here, girl, try it on.

NARRATOR: Then Cinderella tried on the shoe, which fit her perfectly.
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PRINCE: It is you, then! Ella? Is that your name?

CINDERELLA: Yes it is, Your Highness.

PRINCE: You will be my bride! Let`s go to my palace.

CINDERELLA: Oh, yes, Your Highness. Thank you so much.

PRINCE: We must make wedding preparations and invite the whole

kingdom. It will be the greatest spectacle of the year. Come now, please.

CINDERELLA: Wait, please, I must do something first. (Cinderella walks up

to stepmother and stepsisters) I forgive you.

NARRATOR: They went to the palace where they got married, and were
happy for many, many, many years.


Author: Brothers Grimm

Adapted by K I D S I N C O
Edited by Sophia Johnson
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