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Ms. Stelvin Sebastian

Phone: 9744205821

Email id: ​

College: Nirmala College of Pharmacy, Muvattupuzha

Academic record
2014 – 2019 Pharm D Nirmala college of Pharmacy
First year 72%
Second year 70%
Third year 69%
Fourth year 70%
2011 -2013 12​th​ standard, State GHSS ,Manjapara 91%

1999 -2011 10​th​ standard, State Anitha vidyalaya , Thanipuzha 96%

Seminars attended

• Indian Pharmaceutical Association (IPA) – Community Pharmacy Divisions (CPD)

Convention for Practicing Pharmacists by IPA – Kerala State Branch on 12​th October
• “8​th National Pharmaceutical Scientific Seminar” and Continuing Education Program
by Pharmacy Council of the State of Kerala on 8​th​ December 2014
• International seminar on “Advancing Pharmacy Practice, Education and Research
Impact on Health Care” and “Alzheimer’s” A Clinical Out Look at Mahatma Gandhi
University Regional Institute of Medical Sciences and Research on 12​th​ January 2015
• “Perspectives of Pharmacy Profession” Module 1, Community Pharmacy & Trade at
Nirmala college of Pharmacy on 1​st​ October 2015
• “Pharmaceutical Education in Professional Perspective” at Nirmala college of
Pharmacy, on 10​th​ & 11​th​ March 2016
• “Novel Approaches to Drug Design and Molecular Modelling” at Nirmala college of
Pharmacy on 5​th​ November 2016
• Drug Design and Optimization of Drug Delivery Systems” at Nirmala college of
Pharmacy, on 9​th​ November 2017
• “11​th MNVG Adenoid National Pharmaceutical Scientific Seminar” by Pharmacy
Council of the State of Kerala, on 14​th​ November 2017

• Participated in the Basket Ball competition under KUHAS

• Done certified course in Fundamental health research from indian council for
medical research
• Doing diploma in nutrition and health education from indira gandhi university
• Project on prospective study on antibotic use pattern and multidrug resistant ecoli
transmission from poultry to human

Regularity, Punctuality and good listener

Area of Interest

• Clinical Research
• Onco pharmacist
• Data analysis
• Pharmacovigilance

Personal Profile

• Date of birth : 19​th ​May 1995

• Sex : Male
• Permanent address : Madan (H) Manjapara P O , Manjapara
• Nationality : Indian
• Marital status : Single
• Languages known : English, Malayalam
• Hobbies : Singing , Playing and listening to music


• Prof. Dr.Manju maria mathew

Principal of Nirmala college of Pharmacy

• Ms.Antriya Annie Tom, Associate Professor

Department of Pharmacy Practice
Nirmala college of Pharmacy
Email id:

I hereby declare that the above-mentioned information is true to the best of my knowledge
and belief.

25/05/2019 Stelvin Sebastian