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To: ALQURA for Engineering and Design

Attn. Mr. Abdulrhaman

Subject: Hotel & Restaurant Staff Training Center Project

Date: 11 June 2014

Dear Sir,

Reference to our meeting dated 11 June 2014 at 5:30 pm held at your office in
Riyadiyah, I pleased to submit herewith my offer to you for the project mentioned in
the subject above. With this regard, kindly find the list of drawings below to be done
according to your requirements mentioned in our meeting.

List of Drawings:

General Arrangement Works:

1. General Site Layout
2. General Road and Parking Layout
3. General Site Levels and Coordinates
4. General Landscape Arrangement Layout
5. General Landscape Details

Standard Drawings:
1. Arch. Standard Details – Door Frame Sections
2. Arch. Standard Details – Door Cill Sections
3. Arch. Standard Details – Window Frame Sections
4. Arch. Standard Details – Window Cill Sections
5. Arch. Standard Details – Ceiling and Hangers
6. Arch. Standard Details – Roof Details
7. Arch. Standard Details – Parapet Wall Details
8. Arch. Standard Details – Expansion Joint Details
9. Arch. Standard Details – Stair Threads and Riser
10. Arch. Standard Details – Handrails and Railings
11. Arch. Standard Details – Wall and Slab Details

General Plans:
1. Ground Floor Plan
2. Roof Plan
3. Section A-A and Section B-B
4. Elevations – Sheet 1 of 2
5. Elevations – Sheet 2 of 2
6. Furnishing Furniture Equipment Layout (FFE)
7. Reflected Ceiling Plan
8. Schedule of Doors
9. Schedule of Windows
10. Finishing Schedule
11. Stair Layout, Sections and Details
12. Kitchen Layout, Elevations and Details
13. Toilet Layout and Elevations

Document Works:
1. Bill of Quantities (BOQ)
2. Design Specifications

The amount of offer for the above scope of works including architectural drawings,
details, bill of quantities and design specifications is 3,900 Libyan Dinar.

Terms of payment, downpayment of 20% to be paid to start the works. The 70% will
be paid by as per percentage of accomplishment and the remaining 10% will be paid
upon completion of all drawings with bill of materials and design specifications.

Please note that all designs, materials to be specified, format of documents (for BOQ
and Specifications) and design details shall be provide by your office. Nevertheless,
no more revision shall be made after the final approval of the owner.

If there's any unclear statement with this proposal, please don't hesitate to call or
send me an email.

Thank you very much and your kind approval with this offer will be highly

Thanks and Best Regards,

Edwin A. de Mesa
Architectural Engineer