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Anglo Urdu Boys High School

1st Semester Exam Oct 2009

Std V-C/D/E Subject : - Computer Marks :- 50

Q 1 Fill in the blanks by choosing the correct word from the bracket (10)
[Column, Editing, Undo, Ctrl-x, Double Click, Number, Abacus,
Transistor, Clipart, Recycle bin]
1. Making changes to document is called ___________
2. ___________ Command reverses the last action.
3. A table is made up of rows and ___________
4. To start any program from the desktop place the pointer on that program
icon & ___________
5. The ___________ key on the keyboard is used for calculation
6. The short cut to cut some selected text is ___________
7. The ___________ was used in the third generation
8. ___________ is the first man-made computing device
9. The deleted file go to the ___________
10. Name given to gallery from which picture are inserted is ___________

Q 2 AState whether the following statements are true or false (5)

1. You cannot insert table in MS-Word.
2. The pointer can be placed on any icon on the desktop.
3. The print command appears in the view menu.
4. Page margin are blank spaces around the edge of the page.
5. The invention of transistor made the computer smaller.

Q2 B Match the following (5)

1. Charles Bebbage a. Multiplier Wheel.
2. Memory b. To process data
3. C.P.U. c. To store information
4. Hard Disk d. systematically
5. Leibnitz e. To store information
Analytical engine

Q3 A Answer in one Word. (5)
1. The computer that can be carried is a suitcase.
2. A computer that only one can use at a time.
3. The commonly used printer in school.
4. The action of pressing and releasing the mouse button.
5. The small blinking vertical line on the screen.

Q3 B Which keys will be used for following (5)

1. To type a symbol in upper case
2. To leave a space after a Word.
3. To move a cursor to next line.
4. To move the cursor toward a Word in the text
5. To type a symbol in upper case.

Q4 Draw the figures (any Four) (10)

1. Arrow key 2. Mouse
3 Monitor 4. Keyboard
5 Backspace

Q5 Answer the following question ( any Four ) (10)

1. List the different types of alignment option available in MS-Word.
2. List any five menus available on menu bar
3. What is monitor & what are its functions
4. What is an icon ?
5. What is punched chard ?
6. What is Napier’s bone ?

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