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FATE Aspects and Condition Examples

Condition Aspect Examples:

Physical Mental Social

Bleeding Absentminded Amazed

Broken Aware Astonished
Confused Confident Astounded
Cowering Disoriented Bowled over
Dazed Distracted Confounded
Dazzled Dazed Dumbfounded
Deafened Dizzy Dumbstruck
Disarmed Enraged Flabbergasted
Dropped weapon Escape Route Flummoxed
Entangled Hasty Floored
Fatigued Hesitant Helpful
Frightened Inattentive Nonplussed
Grabbed/Grappled Looking the wrong way Scandalized
Helpless Lost Speechless
Incorporeal Overconfident Talkative
Infected Scared Taken aback
Invisible Shaken up Thunderstruck
Nauseated Shocked
Numb Spotted
Panicked Staggered (These are for non-combat
Paralyzed Startled conflicts. Many of the mental
Petrified Stunned apply here also)
Pinned Stupefied
Poisoned Surprised
Prone Unaware
Tripped Up
Creature-Related Lasting Aspects:

Above It All (Drider…levitating) Mist-Shrouded (Dragon Horse)

At My Beak (Squid) Momentarily Paralyzed boost (Slime Crawler)
Berserk (Frost Giant) Part of Me is Already Dead (Viper)
Blinded (Dark Creeper) Pinned Under a Boulder (Frost Giant)
Burning Pain (Quickling) Podded (Moonflower)
By the Throat! (Cheetah) Poison Cloud (Green Dragon)
Can't Stand the Heat (Red Dragon) Pulled Under (Lizard Folk)
Chill of the Grave (Lich…from Cold Touch) Quickened (Flesh Golem)
Choked (Choker) Rimmed in Ice (White Dragon)
Constricted (Couatl) Rotting Disease (Mummy)
Corroded (Black Pudding) Russet Mold Infection (Vegepygmy)
Corroded (Ochre Jelly) Rusting (Rust Monster)
Darkness (Darkmantle) Skin Turning to Slime (Aboleth)
Dizzy (Grippli) Sleep Poison (Drow)
Engulfed (Giant Flytrap) Sleeping (Homonculus)
Enraged by Battle (Clay Golem) Sleepy (Grippli…boost)
Enveloped (Black Pudding) Slowed (Froghemoth)
Fear (Phase Tiger) Slowing Sepsis (Monitor Lizard)
Flush With Blood (Vampire) Spore Infection (Phicomid)
Fungal Rot (Slime Mold) Strengthened (Vampire)
Gotcha! (Cave Fisher) Stuck in My Mouth (Monitor Lizard)
Hallucinating (Basidirond) Stuck! (Mimic)
Held (Remorhaz) Subsumed (Gelatinous Cube)
Held Underwater (Dire Crocodile) Suffocating (Air Elemental)
I'm on Fire! (Fire Elemental) Swallowed (Dire Crocodile)
I'm Stuck on You (Boggard) Swallowed! (Behir)
In Front of Me (Catoblepas) They're On Me (Stirge)
In My Coils (Constrictor Snake) Trapped By Stone (Shaitan Genie)
In My Talons (Owl) Turned to Stone (Basilisk)
In My Zone of Fire (Chimera) Under My Spell (Harpy)
Infected by Lycanthropy (Werebadger) Underwater (Water Elemental)
Itchy (Goblin Dog) Unhealthy (Wraith)
It's In My Head (Yellow Musk Creeper) Vanished (Tiefling)
Knocked-Down (Werewolf) Violet Rot (Violet Fungus)
Life Drained (Wight) Weakened (Dark Stalker)
Locked On (Giant Moray Eel) Weakened Will (Lamia Matriarch)
Lost My Sword (Frost Giant) Webbed (Drider)
Mindless (Yellow Musk Creeper) You'll Be Dead in an Hour (Ettercap)
Compellable Scene Aspects and Consequences

Guards: Too quiet Below freezing

Alert Trapped Arctic cold
Bad-Tempered Under (gun) Fire Blazing sun
Drowsy Partly cloudy
Drunk Rural: Overcast
Happy Obscuring crops Gloomy
Naïve Muddy fields Misty
Sleepy No cover Foggy
Tense Growing wheat Humid
Corn maze Breezy
Visibility: Windy
Blinding Urban: Gale force winds
Dark Overwhelming stench Blowing debris
Foggy Packed crowds Sprinkling
Hazy Reflected glare Raining
Obscured Heavy traffic Heavy rain
Poorly-lit Excessively loud Torrential downpour
Shadowy Hailstorm
Smoky Airborne: Light flurries
Well-Lit Turbulent Snow cover
High winds Blizzard
Terrain: No winds Black Ice
Broken Cross winds Flooding
Cluttered Cloud cover Blowing dust
Cramped Raining Sun in your eyes
Fragile Freezing Thunderstorm
Low Ceiling Lightning storm
Overgrown Unsteady (footing, piloting) Dungeon:
Obscured Don't Look Down Uneven footing
Noisy (dry leaves) Tight formation Difficult to see
Rough Maze-like
Ruined Seaborne: Poorly lit
Slick Crashing waves Scattered old bones
Slippery Choppy seas Trickling water
Tangled Tossing and turning Collapsed Corridor
Uneven Red skies Unnatural Light
Rocking boat Ancient Runes
Situation: Circling sharks Flora growing through cracks
Alarmed Thick Fog Secret Passages
Alarm Ringing/Tripped Salt spray Littered with Traps
Broken Open Becalmed Dust-filled
Crowded Smooth waters Crumbling Stone
Collapsing Unending Stairway
Exposed to the elements Weather: Light From Outside
Gloomy Morning Terrible Odor
Locked Midday Sounds of Underground Lake
Near riot Evening Scurrying Creatures
Noisy (concert, machinery) Night Ancient Murals
Off-Balance Full Moon Endless Chasm
On fire Half Moon Walls Closing In
Poor-Quality New Moon Low Ceiling
Patrolled Scorching hot Busted Statues
Shoddy craftsmanship Hot and humid
Something's not right Chilly
Aspects on the scene:*

Alert (as in guards): Sharp-Eyed Guards; So Quiet You Could Hear a Pin Drop; No Gaps In Guard Rotation;
They've Doubled Their Personnel

Poorly-Lit: Vague Shapes Hidden In Fog; Sparsely Placed Torches; Dark Deals, Dark Shadows; Murder in
the Murk

Slippery: Ground Moves Underfoot; Can't Find Your Feet; Covered In Slick Ice

Noisy: Can't Hear Yourself Think; Constant Hum of Machinery; Loud Cheers and Angry Jeers; Jet Engines
All Around

Windy: Gale Force Winds; Gusts Howling Through Narrow Streets; Wind-Whipped and Bitter-Chilled

Aspects of advantage:*

Covered: Hidden Behind Ragged Chunks of Wall; All Exits Watched; Claimed the High Vantage Point

Blocked: Shield Wall Erected; A Punishing Gauntlet Awaits; None Shall Pass!

Shaken: Lost His Nerve; Broken Morale; Undermined Confidence; Can't Tell Which Way Is Up

Spotted: Caught Red Handed; Stuck Out In The Open; Painted by Laser Targeting; Center of the Bulls-Eye

Astonished: Rendered Speechless; Everything You Knew Was A Lie; Blind-Sided and Wide Open

Environmental Aspects

Aquatic: Wide open, Can’t see the bottom, Shimmering surface

Desert: Scorching sun, Mirages, Dry as a bone

Forest: Limited vision, Plant diversity, Uncharted lands

Grassland: Silhouette from afar, Pleasant weather, Grassy hills

Jungle: Giant trees, Thick lianas, Law of the jungle

Mountain: One heck of a drop!, Falling rocks, Narrow ledges

Polar: More snow than you can think of, Perpetual Night/Day, Lifeless wasteland

Savana: Tall dry grass, Seasonal rainfalls, Scattered tortuous trees

Swamp/Wetland: Putrid lands, I felt something moving!, Waist deep waters

Examples of Consequences:

Mild Moderate Severe

Addled (M) Confused (M) Bleeding to Death (P)
At a Loss for Words (M/S) Crisis of Confidence (M) Broken Bones (P)
Bad First Impression (S) Deep Cut (P) Compound Fracture (P)
Befuddled (M) Fatigued (P) Crippling Shame (M)
Black Eye (P) First Degree Burn (P) Despondent (M)
Bruised (P) Lame (P) Exhausted (P)
Cranky (M) Mauled (P) Forlorn (M)
Crackpot (S) Minor Scandal (S) Hamstrung (P)
Crestfallen (M/S) Mortified (S) Humiliated (S)
Embarrassed (S) Multiple Bruises (P) Hysterical (M/S)
Flustered (M/S) Off Your Game (M/S) Laughingstock (S)
Limping (P) Out of Breath (P) Nearly Gutted (P)
Out of Breath (P) Perplexed (M) Paranoid (M)
Scared (M) Rendered Speechless (M/S) Second Degree Burn (P)
Shaken (M/P/S) Terrified (M) Sullied Reputation (S)
Spooked (M) Twisted Ankle (P) Terrified (M)
Stumped (M) Writers Block (M) Trauma Induced Phobia (M)
Temporarily Blinded (P) Unhinged (M)
Uninspired (M)
Winded (P)
Woozy (P)
(M)=Mental (P)=Physical (S)=Social