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What is Guess and Check?

“Guess and Check” is a problem-solving strategy that students can use to solve
mathematical problems by guessing the answer and then checking that the guess fits the
conditions of the problem.

Step 1: How can you make it?

Introduce a problem to students that will require them to make and then check their guess
to solve the problem.

For Example:
Ben knows 100 baseball players by name. Ten are Red Sox. The rest are Blue Jays and
Diamondbacks. He knows the names of twice as many Diamondbacks as Blue Jays. How
many Blue Jays does he know by name?

Step 2: Understand the problem

 Finding the key pieces of information needed to find the answer
 Require reading the problem several times
 Putting the problem into their own words

“I know there are twice as many Diamondbacks as Blue Jays. There are 10 Red Sox. The
number of Blue Jays and Diamondbacks should equal 90.”

Step 3: Solve the Problem

Guess Blue Diamondbacks Red Total

Number Jays Sox
First 10 20 10 40
Second 20 40 10 70
Third 40 80 10 130
Fourth 30 60 10 100

Step 3: Check
 Read the problem again to be sure the question was answered.

 Check the math to be sure it is correct.

Guess and Check: Why is it important?
 A mathematician´s guess is called a “conjecture” and looking back to check the
answer and prove that it is valid, is called a “proof”
 One of the most powerful methods of solving differential equations, which are
equations involving an unknown function and its derivatives
 Builds a bridge between finding a concrete solution to the problem and creating a
more abstract equation to represent the problem
 Providing students a structure for employing the guess-and-check method for solving
word problems leads to an understanding of quantitative relationships and build a
bridge to algebra
 It can connect a conceptual understanding of word problems with a symbolic

 Arrange guesses
 Keep track of guess and other numbers in a table
 Use the results from previous guess to make a better next guess
 Guess and check is as much about developing mathematical reasoning and problem
solving as it is about finding a correct solution.

Prepared by:
(Group IV)
Macy Ann G. Ascaño
Salvacio A. Ordaniel
Ramiecis M. Martirez
Jessa T. Dalawis
Christopher Malacad
Cybelle Aranas