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March 15, 2018


Barangay Captain
Barangay Poblacion
Municipality of Magallanes
Province of Sorsogon


Health institutes need to be well-equipped all-round the year in order to

provide different health related services to individuals. Various types of medical
equipment are required for a number of purposes including routine medical
examinations, diagnostic tests and medical treatment.
Drugs, medical supplies and equipment have a significant impact on the
quality of patient care and account for a high proportion of health care costs.
Health services need to make informed choices about what to buy in order to
meet priority health needs and avoid wasting limited resources.
In line with this, medical and office supplies are requested to be given to
improve the health service rendered for the people of Barangay Poblacion.
Attached herewith is the list of medical and office supplies.
Thank you.

Respectfully yours,

(dai ko aram designation mo, ilaag mo na sana)
pre natal bed cotrimoxazole suspension
thermometer lagundi tablet
weighing scale for baby lagundi syrup
electric fan vitamin B complex
cupoun bond multivitamins syrup
yellow pad carbocesteine syrup
correction tape cabocesteine drops
ballpen ambroxol syrup
pencil ambroxol drops
ruler pheneypropanolamine syrup
notebook ppp drops
alcohol elmers glue
paracetamol syrup
paracetamol drops
paracetamol 500mg tablet
cefalexin suspension
cefalexin drops
cefalexin 500mg capsules
amoxicillin suspension
amoxicillin drpos
amoxicillin 500mg capsules
cetirezine tablet
cetirizine syrup
cinnarize tablet
nebulizer machine
sabutamol nebule
salbutamol syrup
salbutamol tablet
cotrimoxazole 800mg tablet